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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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secretary of defense. the comforting of the chief. president obama will arrive in orlandos to meet with victims and families of the post night massacre. >> i refuse to give up. we refuse to give up. >> good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell in washington where senator democrats are trying to win key concessions closing gun law loopholes. it started just over 24 hours ago led by connecticut chris murphy and corey booker, can they break the hole that the nra has had for years. fresh off that marathon is corey booker, joining us now.
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thank you very much, you have not had much rest at all. we hard from mitch o' connell today and the senate majority leader saying this was a campaign talkathon, does that mean there is no agreement yet? >> we knew it is not going to be easy and we'll have to take ground and not giving or conceiving anything. during that filibuster, we started getting treaties from republican leadership that they're allowed with a votes. if we had not stop the senate from doing business as usual, the heroine of chris murphy, that would not have happened, putting these two important terrorists gun safety amendments on the floor for a vote. >> what ises t the state right closing the loopholes and
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getting background check and some kind of action on people who are on the terror watch list, who were on the no flight list. >> we are going to have the vote on the senate which is our first step and we'll have the weekend to build up support for americans. republicans and democrats overwhelmingly support this gun owners over 80% supporting our measures. it is a matter of the republicans who are seeking to block this to understand that they're not in step of their own contin constituents. we are hoping we can win this vote sometimes next week. >> senator booker, the nra, says this is a matter of a due process. it goes back all tl way back to the fight of the brady bill back in the early '90s.
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that sounds like an excuse, tell me what your view is? >> democrats believe you are right, there should be a process which accidentally putting on this list and you have a way to grieve that. the feinstein's amendment putting them as professphecy fo people toll get off. if that person cannot be on the plane, why should they be allowed to go on a gun show filled with assault rifles doing the kind of heinous things that you saw. >> if we don't do anything about this, i fear, i fear that these kinds of tragedies will continue to happen with agonizing routine
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and regularity. >> just to respond again of senator mcconnell claiming this is all part of the political campaign, is this 2016 politics or a broader motivation. >> i don't know about elections but this is a campaign. yes, there are democrats who believe about it. we need safe policies in washington. why does it sound so dirty and bad. we are elected in the country to make america safer. this is something right or left, we have to agree. it could be your church or playground or family school and do the kind of mass murder we
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saw in orlando and san bernardino. this is not going to free the rights of the overwhelming majority. t every law abided citizens will not infringe your right. this is about saying our enemies have said exploit this hoop loophole. hey, if you are in america and you are radicalized and inspired by us, exploit this loophole so you can get guns and do what's in san bernardino and orlando, that's got to stop >> are you seeing from other boost aids and battleground state senators who are up for reelection and some are compromising with the election >> the fact that this gives us a vote shows that he's not locking the doors because he has the power to do that.
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he must be feeling some pressure. there is a lot of republicans and those in cycles are going to have a hard time explaining it to their constituents. w so all these folks who are preaching, tough on terrorism and a war on terrorism for them to allow our enemy to exploit this loophole and taunting us and saying there is a loophole in america, i would like you to go out and exploit it. they have to answer to the constituents that another tragedy like this does not happen in florida or california. all of us are vulnerable and all of us should see this is something that is leaving us exposed onto evil and we got to shut it down. >> and just to check whether in the last days since people got
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you this, whether or not you know any vetting taking place of a u.s. potential running mate. >> i am hearing much more from folks like you, flattering like that, i am not being vetted. i hear from hillary clinton going out and be a surrogate for them, i look forward to working very hard into the future. >> nobody has asked you for your tax returns or any of your personal data? >> the only time i get asked from my personal data is my credit card number when i am trying to buy lunch. >> we are not going to ask you that on the air. thank you, senator booker, i know you have been up all night and we appreciate your time today. >> thank you very much. what are the chances of a compromised gun laws that both houses would both pass. nbc's luke russert is joining me
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now. >> is that a possible compromise? >> reporter: it is a possibility. we are still unclear of what exactly these amendments will look like and will it be the feinstein bill that's presented after tsan bernardino in decembr that was nicknamed -- and you are not able to purchase weapons. the constitutional is concerned of that. if you are on that list by mistake, you should have due process and a judicial review and having your second amendment infringed upon. that's what john cornyn is trying to work out. he had a proposal back in december that failed and democrats said the burning of truth was too high for the department of justice and it was a three day delay of the terrorists waiting out those three days. i think when you look at the entire spectrum of the gun laws and put forth by democrats, we
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are hearing something along the line and of what's coming out of new newtown and pennsylvania closing the holoopholes, that's not goi to go anywhere because of the nra. i do think there is a possibility of considerations i had with lawmakers that some compromise between feinstein and cornyn is possible. there are a lot of options out the there. instead of three days maybe it is a fifty day review period for if someone is on the terrorist watch list -- it could be a possibility. remember anything comes out of the senate has to come out of the house. if they have any problem with the senate bill, they'll move onto the house. >> luke russert. >> thank you very much, we are
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following a terrible breaking news out of the uk, a british lawmaker newly elected is in critical condition after being shot and staff. joe cox was attending an open meeting with constituents, he has been arrested but it is not clear if he was attacker. cox was selected of the house of common in last year. she represents the northern part of england. she's married with two young children. she's been a vocal supporter of britain, both sides of that debate over british memberships and the u.s. suspended campaign today. in the past she's very active. coming up, how can the u.s. defend lone wolf terrorist bike the orlando shooter. we'll ask the cia director next right here on msnbc on "andrea mitchell reports".
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these so called lone wolves are the ones that operate on terrorist organizations. it is exceptionally a challenging issue and the tragic attack in orlando, we have not been able to uncover any direct link between that individual of the team and the organization. that inspiration could lead someone to embark on this path of destruction. >> cia, director john brennan, testifying today of the threat of homeland. secretary defense of president obama and chief of staff of president bill clinton is joinijoi joining me now from california,
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thanks very much and good to see you again. >> nice to be with you andrea. >> you see the testify of the lone wolf attacker of what we have seen in orlando of the latest sample of san bernardino and another of those inspired, isis is setting out directives now. don't come to syria or iraq. do it in your own home base and it is more effective and go after soft targets. how do we protect the homeland against that? >> well, as john brennan pointed out it is one of the biggest challenges we face. the effort to go after a lone wolf, a person decides to self radicalized because of inspiration either something from social media or something else that person has been exposed to and being able to determine when that person becomes self radicalized is the
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toughest challenge that the intelligence of law enforcement community faces. the key is obviously, trying to get the american people as vigilant as possible about individuals in their community that indicate recharacteristics similar to what we saw of the individual in orlando that indicates he had a tendency to talk about the attack and seems to be the individual who's thinking about that. those kind of individuals should be reported to law enforcement so we can take step to hopefully prevent the long wolf attack. >> i want to point out, we'll talk to pete williams about this later. he's confirmed from the fbi that mateen while he was holding people hostages and shooting inside nightclub and posted to his facebook account. he sent that out around the same time as he made that 911 call
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also and swearing allegiance to e is isis. again, as director brennan testified the reality is that we are probably looking at additional isis attack in this country. the reason for that is that we are continue to put additional pressure on isis both in syria and in iraq. as we increase military pressure against isis, they are going to do everything possible to try to inspire these kinds of individual attacks elsewhere. so i think we have to be prepared in this country to recognize that what happen in san bernardino and orlando could very well happen in other communities throughout the country. >> we are in the middle of a political campaign and i wanted to get your reaction to what donald trump said this week which seems to suggest somehow
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the president of the united states was complacent in looking the other way. this is trump on the air with savannah guthrie today. >> he does not get it or he gets it better than anybody understands. what do you mean by that? >> well, there is a lot of people thinks that may that he not want to get it or know about it. i just happen to think he does not think he does not know what he's doing. he does not want to get it or see what's happening. >> now, i know you have endorsed hillary clinton but if you can take a step back, if that's possible, react to donald trump's suggestions of the president of the united states. >> well, it have to tell you of 50 years of public life, i have never experienced a major party candidate making the accusations
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and raisiing what donald trump raised. life experience, when this country has been attacked, this country comes together and un y unifies and build al consensus about how we protect ourselves in the future. what trump is doing is the exact opposite. he's not only accusing the president of the united states of treason and collaborating with the enemy. what he's saying about restricting muslims from coming into this country and doing surveillance on muslim mosques is aiding and abetting the economy. it is the most irresponsible and reckless kind of behavior that i have seen in a major presidential candidate.
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>> and he's also suggesting that, secretary of defense, he suggested that soldiers in iraq somehow stolen money. now, it is unclear whether he's talking about the u.s. or iraqis soldiers and his campaign try todd clarify afterwards that he's talking about iraqis soldiers. the iraqis had nothing to do with the distribution of cash to iraqis families who were injured of their forces there. can you clarify if there were gross stealing of money of tax dollars by any soldiers of iraqis? >> i am certainly not aware of anything like that. it goes to show that i think mr. trump will say or do anything
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about anything and saying ridiculous things in order to help browse feelings in this country and divide americans one from another, create doubt and suspicion and divide us at a critical time when frankly we ought to be coming together, coming together on this investigation and coming together on law enforcement. coming together to limit gun s n being provided to terrorist and coming together to take this fight to isis in the middle east. that's what we want to be talking about how can we bring this country together in order to protect ourselves in the future. the issue is what do we do to prevent another attack. the issue is not how do we divide one american from another in doubt and in division and anger and frustration. the force that i think can
9:22 am
weaken this country further. >> and i should just point out also for our viewers that you started in politics as a republican, you were in the nixon administration and you are now ahead in the institute of the ira which brings democrats on a regular basis. >> that's right, andrea, i began as an assistant from the republican senator in california, he was a progressive republican and at a time when there is a lot of progressive republicans in the congress, one of my greatest regrets that i keep on telling our students about is that what we are seeing in washington right now is a tremendous amount of dysfunctions between the republicans and democrats. they find themselves unable to confront these issues to work
9:23 am
together. my tradition of the republicans and democrats can work together and can help solve the problem facing this country. what we are seeing today is divided partisan relationship in washington which i think is hurting this country. it is weakening this country and making us even more vulnerable to the kind of attacks we are seeing. >> and, just finally, the political is reporting, republicans of colin powell state department and the republicans are breaking rants to endorse hillary clinton. donald trump will not be nominated by his party. >> well, you never know, i work with a lot of responsible republicans throughout my career.
9:24 am
good people who are committed to this country and committed to our security. and, i am sure they have serious doubts about the ability of donald trump to be president of the united states, to be our commandeering chief. so we'll see and i think every time donald trump makes a kind of statement he has made this past week, of taking light of the serious attack of this country, i think there will be huge question marks raised in the mindingss of republicans whr or not they want somebody like donald trump to lead the republican party in the election. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good to see you. we have terrible news from great britain. it has just been confirmed that lawmaker joe cox has died after being shot and stabbed today. the 41 years old leaves behind a
9:25 am
husband and two young children. before being elected just last year. cox spent years from workin working -- our thoughts are with her and her family and with the british people. we'll be right back.
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spencer cox is apologizing on monday of the massacre in orlando. joining me now is lieutenant governor, what inspired you to make that speech? >> well, andrea, i was asked by my friend in the lgbt community to come and to speak of that event. i think i may have been the only republican there. i didn't have much time to prepare and i didn't want to be a political speech, i just want to share what was in my heart and that's what came out. >> and are you hoping inspired more souls searching among others who may have not been sympathetic to lgbt people in the past in the wake of orlando.
9:30 am
>> let me be clear, i don't know if i am hoping to do anything, i am hoping to lift a group of people who are struggling and sad at the time and i want to make sure that this is not about me. it is about these beautiful 49 people who are not with us anymore, tragically and devastating. if nothing else if there is anything positive coming out of this, i hope that people will re-examine, it is so true and we are so divided as a country and that's what disturb me the most. usually when tragedies happen, we come together more quickly together and social media and elsewhere. that's not helpful for anyone or anything. this is a time for us to really reach out to love one another and i think we can do more of that and i think it is pretty sad that a speech by lieutenant governor in utah is getting this
9:31 am
much attention just by saying that we should love each other. how low is the bar right now in our country? >> well, is that is partly because of the response to orlando to the tragedy by the presumptive nominee, the republican party? >> well, i think there is no question. i mean that politics surrounding the presumptive nominee party right now are so toxic that's t tearing our country apart. this is not a new thing. it is growing and increasing for many years now. one of the things had been cleared to me now is that people are tired of it. that's the crazy part of the response. i never expected this, but, people we call them the silent majority or whatever, reaching out. thank you for finally giving voice to my feeling and i think a lot of people feel that way. >> thank you, governor cox. thank you for being with us today from utah. >> you are very welcome.
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>> coming up, president obama is landing any minute now in florida to meet the families and vi victims of the massacre. we'll go there live next right here on "andrea mitchell reports" msnbc. ♪ try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp, you'll be surprised it doesn't crunch. hidden valley cucumber ranch. just one of our delicious ranch flavors. every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb
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where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. vice president biden and president obama arrived in orlando. they'll meet with the families and victims killed in the massacre. this has been a routine for president obama. >> the group that is trying to prevent gun violence. >> we now belong to a lousy club and a lousy stinkin' club. and as we rush to gun policy, we
9:36 am
were in the same place where we were >> joining me now is nbc's chris jansing in orlando and pete williams with new information of the investigation. first, what are we expecting from the president and vice president today, chris? >> reporter: tragically is a way to put it. at least fourteen times by nbc count within 48 hours after these mass shootings and the president has to make a statement, he's travel to the place that's hurting so deeply, we saw it. we saw it about a year ago tomorrow, the horrible shooting in charleston, he went there to a church and gave a eulogy, a moving eulogy, it will be a smaller footprint today. he will speak one on one with the family members who want to and the survivor is. the first responders and doctor and people affected by this and it comes at a time obviously, when there is a lot of rhetoric
9:37 am
out there. my experience having covered many of these, andrea, the whole idea to send a message is you are not alone matters to the people on the ground and most of the folks here will tell you, it matters to them very deeply, i hope the vice president and vice president are coming here today in the midts of their mourning. >> in the midst of the horror. he was posting isis related threat. >> he was calling 911 and three separate messages during the pause when he was forced to the restroom by the police response. first, the fbi thought it found evidence that someone hacked into the site and could not figure out which were actually his post and which were done by
9:38 am
hackers. now, thanksgiving day satisey'r ones from isis was not posted by him. agents found photographs on his cell phone and they're trying to figure out who these people are. they don't know if they are friends or colleagues or co-workers or relatives. they're trying to figure out who they are. until they know who they are, they won't know the significance of it. >> thanks so much, pete and chris jansing in florida. chris murphy is joining us after 15 hours filibuster on the senate floor. you don't want to miss that right here on "andrea mitchell reports."
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running wrapping your arms around a 6 years old boy and accepting death as a trade for just a tiny, little itty bitty piece of mind for a little boy. >> a chilling reminder from connecticut senator, chris murphy speaking of the tragedy in newtown demanding action from gun control legislation. senator chris murphy is joining me now. >> what are you hearing because of senator is accusing of this filibuster. >> this actually was an old fashion filibuster. i decided and a lot of my colleagues thold a proceedings on the under lying bill until we
9:43 am
got an agreement that we would move forward on votes. two important measures, one to stop terrorists from getting weapons and one putting them on lists prohibited to buy firearms and background checks, something we are fighting for for a long time. we did not get that agreement until about 10 hours of our filibuster. the question is, well, is that going to matter? over the course of this week, we'll unleash a series of advocacies and maybe we'll convince on background checks where they are doug ug in a lit bit more. >> preventing terrorists and those on the fly list of getting guns. we have to get that past early next week >> what about this due process argument of the nra? >> it is ridiculous. there is not been a single
9:44 am
republican coming on the floor to protest the lack of due process for individuals. we all accept that's an important protection that individuals are suspected of being connected to terrorists should not fly a plane. they should not buy firearm that we know capable of killing 50 people. the proposal has due process in it and has a mean to grieve your inclusion on that list. that's not an issue. the nra does not want any of this to happen because they are dead set against anything that would make this country safer at the expense of the gun industry. >> what about the argument of the assault weapon ban during ten years of diane feinstein's legislation did not prevent this kind kind of attack >> andrea, it did. >> mass shootings of assault
9:45 am
weapons dramatically increased. there is a clear story of what happened between 1994 and 2004 and whatever there after. we have been averaging one active shooter incident every single month. prior to 2008 we were averaging only one in two months. there is been a dramatic increase. these terrorist group isis are telling there would be recruits buying these kinds of weapons at gun shows without backgrounds and checks. >> we know that. why on earth would we be in the business of selling weapons to our enemies by continue to allow individuals who are associated with these terrorist groups to be able to buy these military style weapons. >> and more than forty years of new town, how do you explain of the fact that there is no action. your colleague and others from
9:46 am
connecticut. why no action all this time? >> i guess it is a question for those who had been blocking it. i under estimated how powerful the nra was, i admit that when we lost the vote of 2013. we have more people coming to the polls elevating this issue when they vote. 90% of the americans public support background checks, they don't necessarily vote that way. i had enough of this, i had enough of in action and i had to do what i could. yesterday was standing on my feet for 15 hours. we did really activate millions of people across the country yesterday. we had 10,000 phone calls into our little office alone yesterday. hopefullil hopefully, what we did is of a positive vote beginning next week >> senator murphy, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and coming up, hillary clinton making a surprising comment about the democratic
9:47 am
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mr. trump yesterday said this, addressing leaders like yourself, "be quiet, just don't talk." what's your reaction to that and how do you have any confidence of this guy? >> you cannot make these things up sometimes. >> paul ryan does not know what to do about it at all. that was paul ryan this morning getting his daily dose on donald trump. five months until the general election. joining me now is senior politic and jean cummings, we are expecting my moment of the president will be touching down in orlando with the vice president for a private meetings with the families and survivors.
9:51 am
>> sam, you interview hillary clinton the morning after her big summit with bernie sanders, what's your take away? sanders is not planning to endorse her with his online chat. >> so as long as she ignores the possibility of friction, the friction will go away. to a center extent, it is working. maybe a lot of it is donald trump stumping all over the place and the polls. you know i think she feels comfortable of where she sits right now. she likes the idea where she can dictate the narrative on this. she came out of the orlando massacre looking a bit presidential according to these polls. she's increasingly comfortable in this election campaign. >> she was not the person who supported or endorsed wasserman
9:52 am
schultz as the committee chair. that was one of the public demands coming when bernie sanders was speaking publicly on the day of this summit. he says we want to change in leadership. of the big argument why he's make thing that command >> he wants to roll so it is hillary clinton. it is possible. it is not unusual to have a change at either party once you get the nominee because a nominee comes in. >> it is after the convention. >> that's true. >> yes, she could become a sacrificial land as hillary clinton try to unify the party. when we look at this, what we should keep in mind is that bernie sanders had been where bernie sanders was. it took her four days before he finally came around and endorse
9:53 am
president obama. she knows that sanders sneaking staffs some space. tonight, he got to talk to supporter and hurdierding them the path where they're fwoigoin go. come november, that does not matter. >> the chair of the host committee of the former dnc chair and close to hillary clinton. he says bernie sanders has done a terrific job and he should be congratulated that some of the reforms he's demanding like the end of super delegates and open primaries. those are likely to happen. >> he said if he wants -- he said the obvious, if he wants a primetime speech, he has to endorse hillary clinton before the convention. the longer senator sanders votes, the less he will have. people will gravitate towards
9:54 am
hillary clinton. i am curious why wasserman schultz has this demand. here is a guy that has numeration policies. he's doing it already today. if that's what he demanded, it is a weird end to a revolution. >> the president is getting off air force one right now coming down of the steps. the vice president were on the tarm tarmac. the vice president and other g dignitaries are waiting to brief him. this is one of those moments where marco rubio, look at that coming down the step s with the president. marco rubio has worked out with his very close friend who was going to run for that seat, what was to be an open seat and
9:55 am
thinking again of running. you got marco rubio and the vice president with the president. rick scott and the republican governor, i mean that's what you want. you want the unity and a moment of grief. the national tragedy and it is not what we have had in the 2016 campaign but it is what the vice president really want to project. >> it is a contrast of what we had in the couple days with donald trump, literally insinuating that president obama might have been sympathetic to isis and attackers. rub r rubio's situation is different here. it is enjoyable to see members of different parties getting together like this. this is the 18th or 19th times that president obama has gone to one of these events. it is an incredible burden that this president has to bear during his presidency. >> we saw bill nelson as well.
9:56 am
>> the president has become increasingly frustrated and angry at the nra and the failure four and a half years after new new newtown not to have any change. perhaps, more so because rob port man and mark keuchal are moving on this and the tweet that trump sent out suggesting that he may support some kind of legislation like this. >> the fact is from talking to chris murphy and corey booker who led the filibuster, there is still a big gap of the language due process with trump and the nra are both using is according
9:57 am
to chris murphy is in the feinstein bill. they claim and put up by the nra and it is unclear what side of this -- >> if donald trump comes out that he likes what's known as the john cornyn bill, the fbi has to determine a three day period that the person would commit an act of terror, that's not really much budging from donald trump. the negotiations are trying to figure out how long a period would authorities get to resue a suspected terrorist before permitting the right to fire. when we interviewed hillary clinton yesterday, i asked about trump's tweet and she said welcome to the cons. >> we should clarify our reporting yesterday on this. he does not know about the cornyn bill. he may now. when he sent that tweet out, it was not necessarily aimed at a particular piece of it. >> he said i will be meeting with the nra and not acknowledging he had already met
9:58 am
with them before. >> he met with them and never brought up the issue. >> biden as you know the vice president was with the newtown family and they were screening about the tragedy and saying they belong to a lousy club which is the club of the hideous victims of gun violence. >> i was there when he spoke. it was deeply moving. it was tough to actually sit there and listen to him 20 minutes as he talked about what it is like to get up in the morning. remarks o f the courage of the newtown families turning it into advocacies and making it good for other families out there. >> the president and vice president is going to meet with families and survivors, a large number of them who are hispanics
9:59 am
and puerto rico. this was a safe space and a place where they could go, latin night at the club pulse. we have seen some of extraordinary stories. this will be a private moment and there will be public moments from the president today. thank you, jean cummings. that does it for us. follow us on facebook and twitter. my colleague craig melvin picks it up right now on msnbc. at this hour, we continue to follow the breaking news out of orlando florida. air force one just touched down in the city of the site of the worse mass shooting in the u.s. history. a live look there, vice president and president obama making the visit, the motorcade is in loop. they are set to meet with survivors and families. we are expecting president obama to be making statement at some
10:00 am
point this afternoon. all of those unfolding while on capitol hill. family members of others lost of horrific mass shooting of this country over the lack meaningful of grun control. >> i must profess, i don't know all these things -- i don't know all of our nation gun laws point by point but i do know that unspeakable grief that accompanies the death of a loved one killed by gun violence is something that stays in our heart. >> emotional plea and breaking at this hour, new reporting on msnbc news an damaging trust issue between donald trump and the nra. republican leaders on capitol hill are still trying to defend nearsu


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