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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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point this afternoon. all of those unfolding while on capitol hill. family members of others lost of horrific mass shooting of this country over the lack meaningful of grun control. >> i must profess, i don't know all these things -- i don't know all of our nation gun laws point by point but i do know that unspeakable grief that accompanies the death of a loved one killed by gun violence is something that stays in our heart. >> emotional plea and breaking at this hour, new reporting on msnbc news an damaging trust issue between donald trump and the nra. republican leaders on capitol hill are still trying to defend
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near presumptive nominee. >> he's a different kind of candidate. this is a kind kind of a year. i am going to be myself and speak up in defense of our principles and defense of not only our party principles but our country's principles. we start with president obama and vice president touching down in orlando just a few moments ago. lets get right to chris jansing is covering the white house and is now in orlando with president obama. you also covered a number of these as well. these horrific mass shootings in the country. we have seen the president do this and you correct me if i am wrong, 14 or 13 times he's been there to add this consular chief. what can we expect to hear from president and vice president as well. >> these are things that in the personal sense of when he talk to the first responders and survivors and when he talks to the family members of the 49 people who were killed here.
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all of that happens off camera. it is something he's all too familiar with. it is something that of course, joe biden understanding all too personally with the death of his son beau biden. it is a loss that he certainly feels deeply. so this is private moment. this is a time not for politics but for prayers and reflections and supporting people. i think you saw that when you saw the president getting off the plane with republican senator marco rubio who has tough things to say about the president when he's running for the white house. you saw the republican governor here who supports donald trump waiting there to meet him in the past, we have seen the president go to big events where there is been memorial service where there is a church and other large venues that'll not be the case today when he makes his remarks. i think you can get a sense and
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we put together some of the times he spoke in the past of what we might hear today. take a listen. >> earlier today a number of people were shot in tucson, arizona, whas a country we have been through this too many times whether it is an elementary school in newton or a shopping mall in oregon or a temple in wisconsin. now, it is a time for mourn ing and healing. lets be clear at some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen. this massacre is a further reminder of someone getting their hands on weapons shooting people in schools or a house of worship or a movie theater or in
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a nightclub. every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. that was in that room when the president made those comments. obviously, another difficult day, there will be tears and hugs. it comes in a time where we are getting announcement of the first funeral. the city will give burrell plots for free. two more on saturday. obviously, the president and vice president entering the city and talk to people of wounds that's very fresh and deep, craig. >> chris, we have been showing some of the families arriving at the amway arena there in
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orlando. these families are going to be private meetings. president obama is not only meeting with the families, he will be meeting with the survivors and first responders as well. the law enforcement personnel and the surgeons and doctors who did so very much in the minutes and hours and days after that hit horrific attack to save lives. chris jansing is in orlando with the president and the vice president as well. all of this is happening while we learn about new details o f the orlando shooter including a facebook post he made ahead of the massacre. earlier today, he talked about the difficulties of tracking these lone wolves terrorists of john brennan. >> we have not been able to uncover these lone wolves. that inspiration could lead someone embarking on this path
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of destruction and starts to acquire the capability and expertise carrying out an attack without triggering any of those signature that we may see trying to deploy opportunities here. john brennan a short time ago. lets get to our justice correspondence, spepete willia " is joining us here. >> fepete, was he posting to facebook inside the club? >> yes, during the pause and when he was in the restroom. it appears that he called 911 in there and call a television producer and called a friend and send facebook posts. there were confusions of these posts, the one talking about
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vengeance, that one the fbi did send but they believe there is evidence somebody tried to hack into the account after the sh t shooting to make the posts sent before the shooting. th that one was sent by him. he was busy to send this isis inspired message. authorities do know that he was a consumer of isis propaganda but also al-qaeda propaganda. he supported for all kinds of different terrorist organizations, going back to at least of three years. in terms of investigation, authorities are interested in his wife and what her action may have been and in action in failing to anyone. one question that risen is did she fear that he would beat her
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or abuse her because shall ha-- nod said she fears abuse. they say he's a controlling person and she did feel intimidated by him, craig. >> pete williams, thanks, senate democrats claiming a small victory on the gun control front. chris murphy, republicans who controlled the senate have now agreed on at least a vote for gun control amendment favored by democrats today, mitch mcconnell saying democrats are still treating bashtrea treating bars about the filibuster. >> yesterday, the fbi director came to deliver a critical briefing in orlando and explained what needed to prevent
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terrorist attack in the future. senate republicans the in attendance and answer this question, a significant purpose for democrats, skipped the briefing all together for a campaign talk and thought out here on the senate floor. >> the fact that mitch mcconnell gave us a vote shows that he's not locking the door, he must be feeling some pressure and i know that there are a lot of republicans especially those what are in skill who are having a hard time explaining to their constituents. >> ted cruz speaking on the senate floor about the same filibuster. >> but, yesterday, we saw a political show on the senate floor. democrats after democrats standing for hours incense, not isis or radical islamists,
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incense of americans have the right to keep their guns. i think the american people find it ridiculous then response to it of an isis terror attack. the democrats going in on high dungeon that we got to restrict the second amendment right of law. this is not a gun control issue. this is a terrorism issue. and it is noing lething less fo political gain ship of taking away from the bill of rights of law-abiding citizens. >> again, ted cruz just a few moments ago on the senate floor against that 15 hours. director of the communication and the coalition to stop gun
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violence, let me bring you and start here of what senator cruz has said. this is not a gun control, in a terrorism issue. >> this is as shooter who had a long history violence and domestic abuse and investigated by the fbi for terrorist connections and have told of the two people he's going to commit mass murders. again, despite all these red flags and background, we cannot have mass shooters like this with all the red flags in the world continuing to pass background checks. >> i want to talk about the aspect of those reforms. democrats are saying the fbi should have the authorities to block unsales. republicans are saying this violates americans' due process
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of the american constitutions. >> mateen had been digging off the watch list, how would reclosing the so called terror gap, how would it stop him? >> the truth is, it might. certainly, a mechanism could be created where someone is in the watch list, you can pin it on the fbi. the two reforms are in a dui cushion right now that applied directly to the tragedy is the assault weapon ban. >> this is a shooter who had no military police expertise and with that assault style rifle was able to shoot more than 100 people in a short period of time. another policy that would apply here at the state level is gun violence and restraining order and law enforcement to petition a judge to temporarily cease-fire arms from someone in crisis like omar mateen. >> what about the high capacity
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of magazine restrictions. >> that's apart of the band and apart of the original law, that's very much on the table here. >> really quickly, it would seem as when it comes to matter of public policies whether it is same-sex marriage or abortions, lawmakers have been opening to the idea that these are changing their minds. why are so many lawmakers not willing to change their minds? >> well, i know that question is strange to me, it is as if you have not been paying attention in the last 24 hours. the tweet of the donald trump not knowing of the week is nothing sort of remarkable. he's moving the nra on this issue right now and considering that the bills are going to be voted on early next week are not the republican versions of the these bills. they are the democrats of the version of these bills. the filibuster worked.
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this is one of the most remarkable and hopeful movement for gun violence and activists and particularly of victims of survivors o f gun violence that we have ever seen >> we got to go. >> trump has moved his party or on the nra on the gun issues. >> there is no way anyone showing me the nra before yesterday ever shorting the concept of the sales to people on the terrorist watch list, that's brand new. their statement says they would be delayed during the investigation. the good thing is voting on feinstein's bill. so if we can pass this bill early next week, we are going to save some lives. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> tensions building between the trump campaign and the national committee over his campaign of his usual strategies.
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donald trump on a course with his party. the establishments won't line up behind him and he's threatening to go alone. ? our leaders have to get tougher. this is too tough to do it alone. i think i am going to be forced to and be quiet, just be quiet, don't talk. after being asked about trump's harsh words in atlanta yesterday, paul ryan said this. you cannot make this up
10:19 am
sometimes. i will just say we are representing a separate but quality environment. >> a lawsuit of a restaurant deal going bad. in dallas, trump is holding a rally later tonight. donald trump is in washington today, katy watt. >> reporter: so he's here at the -- jose andreas is supposed to open his restaurant in trump's dc owe hehotel. he did not do that because of trump's statements. this is days 365 of his candidacy, it is a year anniversary. he's now facining the controver that he started in day one. >> as you indicated katy, it is
10:20 am
been one year since the candidate launched. >> reporter: we have been hearing there is tensions between the party and donald trump campaign. now there are tensions between the campaign and the party. the party wanting them to staff up and growing their operation to start getting the candidates on message, that's not happening. there is some frustration there and there is trust issue. the rnc is not necessarily believing donald trump is the nominee that he long promised himself to be. also, the fact that they don't have a full communication team in place yet and no rapid response. donald trump fundamentally does not believe the politics as
10:21 am
usual. he does not believe he's going to run his campaign like a normal campaign according to sources within the campaign. this is why. he thinks because he's running so small and leanly, he's won the primaries. he does not think he will have to do that as he continues onto the general election despite what everyone around him maybe saying. craig. >> nbc's katy tur in dallas texas for us this afternoon. >> reporter: breaking news right now, the british member parliament targeted, she has died. we'll go there for the latest. we continue to keep a close eye on orlando. president obama is meeting with family members of those killed in the shooting as well as first responders who helped save lives. new ways toe takecare o home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh...
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breaking news right now from the united kingdom where a british lawmaker has died. he was shot and stabbed. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: good afternoon craig, this is a killing that has stunned the britains. guns are far less common than in the u.s. the last political killing was a generation ago. this young female and popular lawmaker is dead after being shot and stabbed in a broad daylight by a man who's now under arrest. it happens as cox was holing a me meeting. there was a scuffle between two men and a man in a white baseball cap and suddenly pulled a gun and targeted the politician and wrestling with her. he had a knife lunging at her and he shot her three times. she died around an hour later. she was 41 and a new labor.
10:26 am
her background was in charity work. she previously worked for international charity like save the children. nothing in her background suggesting any motive of the attack. police say they don't know the motive and they are working for anyone else. >> bill neally thank you. right now, vice president and president obama is paying respects to the families of orlando. along with marco rubio making the trip there on air force one. also, checking in at disney world where questions are being raised why there were no warning sign about alligators at the resort where the toddler was dragged to death. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
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right now president obama's motorcade is in orlando. we saw the president deplaning air force one roughly 35 minutes or so ago with vice president joe biden and also a florida senator, marco rubio is with him as well. we are told that the president will be joining families of the survi survivors and victims as well and first responders and doctors and surgeons who spent many, many hours since sunday morning saving lives there in orlando, florida. of course, at this point, we know that 103 people were shot
10:31 am
just after 2:00 a.m. at the pulse nightclub there. this is where we are told president obama touched down 43 hours. the president maybe making some comments this afternoon after the private meeting. again, you can see some of his advance teams heading in the amway center. we'll keep a close eye on what's happening there. meanwhile, this marks one year, one year since donald trump decided to run for president of the united states while tensions continue to build between trump and the rnc. hillary clinton has her odds today on the air way. they included florida and ohio and carolina. the ads are part of a $7 million and marking the presumptive
10:32 am
nominee's first significant attempt to define donald trump with ads. kristin welker is joining me now. are they ready for a fight in the swing states. >> that's right, we are learning that brandon davis the political director of sciu is the chief of staff fof tof the dnc. important to stand out, this is procedure and trump is bringing in his own people as well to the rnc to oversees those operations. it comes after a big debate on whether or not wasserman schultz should be replaced. secretary clinton is not ruling that out. that's a story that we are watching closely. in terms of this new ad lis, th is her first big ads. it tells us quite a bit. some of the ads will hit trump hard.
10:33 am
most of them are bios of secretary clinton reintroduciin people to secretary clinton that increasing her ratings. take a look at the ads just today >> through the year, there is challenges and setbacks, my friend hillary, one thing has never changed. helping children has been apart of her life and i approve this message, i am hillary clinton. >> telling political that he plan to vote for secretary clinton. >> he does not appear to be a republican or learning about the issues. i am going to vote for clinton. this is the highest rating who
10:34 am
came out and said this. significant that he comes from a national security background. this is something that the trump campaign is clearly going to be taking a note of as they retool their general election strategy. today, she's on the campaign trail. >> kristin, thank you. we are following breaking news right now on the egyptair crash. nbc news has learned that the cockpit voice recorder has been recovered. this happens after a day after the wreckage that was found in the mediterranean. tom, what kind of time line are we looking at here of what all those things are. >> they'll take this cockpit voice recorder and they'll take that to a lab in cairo or paris and listen to it and try care l carefully to document everything, they can get an initial read on that of the 24
10:35 am
hours, they'll want to double check it. they are still listening on the data recorder and they need to find that box which is sitting two miles down beneath the surface of the mediterranean, here is what's important. we know that the cockpit's voice recorder box was damaged. they were able to retrieve the memory unit from the box. the question is what condition is flight data recorder here. you hear everything the pilot says to each other and sound inside the cockpit. did it pick some kind of explosion or is the pilot talking about the problem. it will have the data of more than 1,000 piece of data on a performance of the plane and the mechanical and the electric, you name it, all of that. hopefully, that data is retrievable. even if it is sitting in salt water, they can still retrieve
10:36 am
it but they need to find it fast. >> the first recorder we have. we are on top of this, tom costello. thank you. >> fire liwildlife officials ar searching for the alligator that dragged the two years old boy's death, the body of lane graves that was found. >> look closely, that's the video posted online. this is days before the attack. it appears to show the alligator in the same lagoon where that toddler was attacked. n nbc's sarah is joining me now. a lot of questions are being raised this afternoon whether the park did enough from stopping this to happening. what are you hearing on the ground here? >> reporter: could this have
10:37 am
been prevented and what needs to be done in the future from presenti preventing it to happen again. >> reviewing this incident and including signs. i warned about swimming but it did not warn of alligators. disney released the statement in part of we devastated by the loss of the toddler. the family were vacationing here at disney from nebraska. tl t the two years old waiting only a foot in the water with his father. despite the horror of this situation. alligators attack on humans are a rare, for example, since 2010 there is been 41 unprovoked attack on people. last year there were two fata s
10:38 am
attacks in florida. the when upeapon used by om mateen. it was invented by the man named eugene stoner. now, that infamous assault weapon is invented. we got new reaction of the deadly stabbing shooting in the united kingdom today. 41-year-old cox is killed. >> she was young and courageous and hard working and a star and mother and wife, jo cox. hmmmmmm.....
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president obama is meeting with families of the victims of the wake of the deadly massacre there. as you can see he's given a t-shirt, that's a orlando united t-shirt. i saw a number of those, the night of the vigil there just a few nights ago. president obama you can see on the tarmac there and florida, marco rubio is with us republican rick scott. a rare scene in that. you don't always see the two of them together at events like this that came on separate planes and discucustomary. they are in the amway center, we saw the motorcade arriving. in the wake of the tragic shooting in orlando, many have asking why automatic assault weapons like this rifle used by omar mateen, why these things
10:43 am
are available for anyone with the permit to buy. the semi automatic rifle, they have been used to the same devastating consequence. 14 dead in san bernardino and 20 dead in sandy hook. the family of the guy invented this weapon horrified of the weapon he created using as a death machine. tony -- >> 1977 is the year that inve inventinven inventor eugene tony died. his family has not spoken out. our father, eugene stoner
10:44 am
designed this m 16 as a military weapon to give our soldiers an advantage. he died long before any massacres occurred. we do think he would be sickened more than anyone. he's an average shooter and outdoor man never own the ar 15. while they are stop short of policy prescription, you can be sure that president obama and hillary clinton reinstatement of this band, that is weapon of war, should not be in civilian's hands. evidently, the inventor himself would agree with that. >> tony doup l. >> now, a senior advocate for gun safety, colin, always good to see you, although it would be nice to have the conversation
10:45 am
regardless of circumstances. nearly ten years now since the tragedy of virginia tech, in that time, you are seeing more and more mass shootings. there are 8 million ar-15 rifles in the u.s. after hearing what tony shared with us o f that report there, what's your reaction to them. >> i think it is a powerful statement, the creator of the f-15 did not intended for civilian use. you know where i just came from congress, the conversation was abo about what can we do keeping all types of guns from people who we know is dangerous. closing the terrorist gaps and requiring background checks of gun sales is at the center of conversation right now. you have been to the hill a number of times after mass shooting in this country, do you get the sense of this at this
10:46 am
time? >> we have been flooding congress with tens of thousands of phone calls, but you can see the filibuster that happened yesterday and the energy in that building that want something to be done. apparently, there will be votes happening next weekend. the american public needs to hold the elected officials accountable and keep pressing on them until they are actually doing. we cannot sit and watch mass shootings unfold again and again without doing anything. this is beyond time to act. >> we talking about a vote in the upper chamber. lets be honest here, the likelihood of passing is not high. even if it does, it will go by the house and controlled by republicans, what gives you hope? >> the you heard mike thomason says the votes are there for background checks. i think he's right. i won't cosponsor this but we'll
10:47 am
push for a vote for it. we have to have their backs when it comes to election. the american public wants this and we'll support them if they do it and they'll not lose to the nra and that there will be people keeping them to their seats for and standing up. i want to play something from chris murphy, he said this to my colleague, andrea mitchell, the last hour. >> we are going to unleash a series of advocacies. i challenge republicans especially especialthose who ar elections voting against terrorists from getting guns. >> lets talk about this new flight risk. st with mateen, it would not stop him >> the point is what this goes
10:48 am
or do is giving doj the ability to block the sale. it is really about doj authorities to block sales of the terrorists. the important thinks is doj needs the authority that they are investigating that could have interjected in the series of events led up to orlando shooting. >> colin, every time for gun safety, thank you. >> when the news of what happened at the pulse nightclub, song writer, brandon shea put their grieves into words and put those words into music. here is a portion of it as we remember the victims of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. ♪
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it's a matter of the republicans who are seeking to block this to understand that they are not in step with their own constituencies. so we're going to try to ramp up the pressure, and as people deliberate whether they're going to vote yes or no, we want them to hear from the american public. and we're hoping we can win this vote on the senate floor when it comes some time early next week. >> new jersey senator corey booker there talking to our own andrea mitchell last hour. we've been talking about the gun laws and policymakers, but the gun lobby holds a lot of power in washington, d.c. and their money seems to be influencing what reforms congress can pass. msnbc's kal perry has been
10:53 am
following the paper trail so to speak. you've got new details. >> i want to show you first the cover of today's "boston globe," make it stop. how are we going to make it stop? you're going to have to talk to your congressman, it's going to have to be about some local legislation. $20 million spent by the nra super pac in just the 2014 midterm election. so gives you an idea of the kind of figures we're talking about. here are the top ten members of the senate who have taken money from the nra. i will highlight very quickly senator mccain and show you why in a second. as i flip to this next slide it's going to look like the same but it's not, all ten of these members voted against the 2015 measure that would have stopped people on the no-fly list from being able to buy guns. i mentioned to you senator mccain, this is going back to 1989, he's taken more than $7 million from pro gun groups. here are the two others that have taken the most as well. as we look at the difference of spending, this is the pro-gun lobby here. and this is groups like every
10:54 am
town of whom you just interviewed a member of. what happened in 2012 that really shot this up? newtown, the newtown shooting right here. this is just unreleased data from 2016. that's why it's so low. here are your two presumptive nominees, again, we'll find out more from the quarterly data about how much money they take. right now they only have to report every quarter, we'll find out in about a month, greg. >> that was eye popping. cal perry, thank you. president obama again scheduled to speak from the -- scheduled to speak to the nation from the site of another mass shooting. again, the worst in america's history. president obama on the ground there with vice president joe biden in orlando, florida. he's meeting with families, survivors and victims as well. we'll continue to watch this. this is msnbc. i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. yeah. uh oh. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me.
10:55 am
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eighth graders at thomas middle school near chicago were asked to write graduation speeches for an english
10:58 am
assignment. in the end there were three finalists, but we think you'll agree that jack was the winner. he delivers his in a style of the presidential candidates. this is his impression of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> thank you, president obama. [ laughter ] i'd like to start off by thanking the great hard working teachers of thomas middle school. [ cheers and applause ] and i know that senator sanders agrees with me. [ laughter ] yes, i do agree, mrs. secretary. and hello. thank you for allowing me to speak to you today. [ laughter ] let me start with the lunches. they are delicious.
10:59 am
things like pizza and tacos and chips your chips, you name it. and some of the best cinnamon rolls i've ever tasted. i do have one improvement for them though, we need to make them free. [ laughter ] >> jack, you'll be seeing more i assure you later today the real bernie sanders will be speaking directly to his supporters in a live online video message. he's expected to talk about how his political revolution can help reform the democratic party and its leadership. sanders, keep in mind at this point, has not conceded to hillary clinton. he's also not yet endorsed her. meanwhile, today, one of the most influential women in america, she's weighed in on the presidential race while promoting her new tv show tv legend and philanthropist oprah winfrey announced she's supporting hillary clinton. >> it's a seminole moment for
11:00 am
women. what that says is there is no ceiling. >> you for her? >> i'm with her. >> this comes nearly nine years after winfrey first appeared with then-senator barack obama on the campaign trail in late 2007. this video from williams-brice stadium. it drew one of the largest crowds of the campaign season. her endorsement of obama in that race a pivotal moment for the young senator. much more ahead here on msnbc. i'm craig melvin. chuck todd will have an exclusive with house speaker paul ryan this sunday on "meet the press." hi everybody. i'm thomas roberts live here at msnbc headquarters in new york. we begin with breaking news out of florida. president obama in orlando this hour along with vice president joe biden. as we speak they're meeting privately with victims, families and


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