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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> he was her inspiration. he was her inspiration. positive all the time. he would help people all the time. you have no idea how much people at work appreciate him and love him because he was always helping someone. >> that was from our time on the girl earlier this weekend. simon, the youngest of four, was the main bread winner for his family. he was originally from wednesday w -- venezuela. simon's partner was also murdered at pulse nightclub on sunday. the couple just recently purchased their first home together. praim and vice president joe biden currently in orlando right now. meeting with the families of victims and the survivors and first responders.
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kate snow picks things up next. we are awaiting a news conference in orlando, florida, expected any moment now. it may be a news conference. it may be one-on-one interviews. good afternoon. i'm kate snow. two themes for democrats today, standing in solidarity and standing opposed. the president is meeting privately with the families and his democratic allies are hard at work back at the capitol. it took a 15-hour filibuster last night, but democrats appear to have gotten what they wanted. they're expected to vote on gun control amendments. remember, the orlando gunman legally purchased a semi-automatic weapon before the shooting. despite what donald trump has said and other republican support for measures aimed at preventing people on watch lists
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from obtaining weapons, vote counters say it's unlikely the house will follow the senate's lead. for the moment, the president and vice president are focused on consoling families, meeting with first responders and doctors. as soon as we have more video coming in or any comments, we'll bring all of that to you. we also have reporters on the ground in orlando. we begin with chris jansing. the president's been on the ground for several hours now. do we have any sense for what's happening behind those closed doors? >> reporter: i think we do. i think obviously he is here as a consoler in chief. but i can tell you having talked to people who have been in those rooms before, including the parents of people who have been killed in previous mass shootings, much of it is just really listening. much of it, if you're a parent who's lost a child, someone who
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has lost a family member, you want the president to know, you want everyone to know who that person was, what was lost. and so sometimes a lot of the conversation is just about who was that person. sometimes the conversation will turn depending on the person to something political, wanting to know what is done, wanting to know what is going on in the investigation, asking about, for example, issues of gun control. sometimes it's just about hugging and crying. and of course you have joe biden there and joe biden lost a son, beau, so he understands what it is to be a parent and to lose a child. i remember after newtown, kate, when the president came out into the briefing room. he said when one of these happens, the first reaction is not as a president, it's as a parent. and of course in newtown, that was a reaction everyone felt, imagine what it would be to lose a child.
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for him, these are very personal moments. they're moments to say essentially to people, i understand -- i stand with you, your country stands with you. we've seen it so much here. the one orlando fund now up around $5 million. we've seen it in smaller ways with people making small donations. florists offering to send flowers to families, to funeral homes. now these funerals are being planned and just this show of support is really what the president and vice president's visit is all about, kate? >> i hear you. i still get teary when i think about covering new town. can you just clarify for us, chris. we got conflicting information about whether there might be a press conference happening this afternoon. >> reporter: well, we are told that's what's going to be happening down the street is that the mayor and potentially some other officials are going to be there.
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we are not expecting the president to hold a press conference, although he is going to be making a statement which is closed press. that means -- that is not closed press. that is for the pool which is that small group of reporters who travel with the president. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say, if past is prologue. you have a sense that he has often used these opportunities for a combination of things. one is obviously to console, but often there is the anger that is borne of especially today so viscerally so closely to speaking to those family members, understanding what has been lost. and we even remember in charleston, remember when he spontaneously broke out and started singing "amazing grace" and people joined him. i would not expect that today, but we will hear his comments. these are things he tends to write very much himself, that tend to come from the heart, and
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tend to be a combination of things. down the street from us, we are told at least officially -- and again, this is officially because we wouldn't necessarily get a heads up that this is the mayor of orlando and some other officials, kate. >> we're also getting new information today about the investigation surrounding the orlando shooter, omar mateen. homeland security scare jeh johnson was on "morning joe" earlier. >> in this case, the shooter was interviewed multiple times. he was investigated. there was a follow-up interview. and the fbi made the judgment based upon what they knew at the time that they should dedicate their resources to other active investigations. >> did they need more -- >> i won't second guess the fbi on this. because i know how aggressive they are when it comes to their counterterrorism efforts. >> let's turn to ayman following
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the latest on the gunman's family. what are we learning at this hour? >> reporter: well, there was an important part of the timeline while the gunman was inside the pulse nightclub as we mentioned and reported in the past. he made several calls to 911. he also made a call to a local reporter. the fbi has been analyzing his media, cell phone, laptops they've taken from various homes. one point that they've been able now to verify is that in fact omar mateen did post on facebook a sentence or a comment in support of isis. in essence, he expressed solidarity with the organization in return for what the united states was doing as a result of its drone strikes. that was a post that the fbi wanted to in fact verify was made by omar mateen himself because there was some concern that his account had been or was the subject of a attempted hack shortly after the shooting concluded. so they wanted to verify that in
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fact that was him that made that post. today, law enforcement officials are telling us that they are now with a certain degree of confidence belief omar mateen did in fact make that post on facebook saying that he was now i guess carrying out this attack as a result of his sympathy or support for isis. that was an important part. in addition to that, we've also learned, and this is something according to one employee at a gun store not too far away from where we are, an employee at that gun store told stephanie gosk, omar mateen came to that gun store to try and buy body arrest more along with some ammuniti ammunition. we're trying to verify that account with the begin store owner himself. the employee did say he felt uncomfortable. he did not sell him that body armor. we're getting these pieces of timeline leading up over the
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past several weeks, how he acquired his weapons, what other pieces of ammunition was he trying to acquire. and then during those critical minutes and hours at the pulse nightclub, all of these pieces are still falling into place. one important development as well is that the wife of omar mateen who has been the subject of so much scrutiny and -- about what she nigh and when she knew it. we can say she's no longer here in the area. we've been staking this house outside of omar mateen's father for the path several days. we now believe she in fact has moved away from this particular location, or at least this part of florida. we believe she may be somewhere on the west coast. that too is a significant development. >> ayman, thanks so much. on the senate floor this afternoon, impassioned debate over gun control. a filibuster lasted 15 hours
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into the early hours of this morning when senate republicans agreed to allow votes on two prose pose walls. banning people on the terrorist watch lists from buying guns and expanding background checks, prompting this from texas senator ted cruz. >> yesterday, we saw a political show on the senate floor. democrat after democrat standing for hours incensed not at isis, incensed not at radical islamic terrorism, incensed that americans have a right to keep and bear arms. this is political distraction. this is political gamesmanship. and i think the american people find it ridiculous that in response to an isis terror attack, the democrats go on high dungeon that we've got to restrict the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. this is not a gun control issue.
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this is a terrorism issue. >> nbc's luke russert is following all of it on capitol hill. where do things stand? i feel like it's hour by hour at 3:10 eastern time. >> reporter: we do know there are going to be votes on those amendments you mentioned next week. those are the old mansion too my proposals that first came out of new town, connecticut, close the loophole as well as internet sale of firearms. that will probably go nowhere in the new york senate. it was voted down where new town families were in the chamber and republicans still voted it down. the other one has more of a potential possibly to move in the next few weeks. this idea if you're on the terrorist watch list, you cannot purchase a gun. republicans have had a lot of questions about due process, whether or not you should get a judicial review if you are on
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that list by mistake, what the timing would be. these are questions where there is an appetite on the republican side to say, we agree if you're on the terrorist watch list you shouldn't be able to get a gun, but we want to way if you're there by mistake that uses the judicial system and the courts. democrats have said the burden of proof is often too high for the government, allows the terrorist to get away. they think they can work out something here in the next few weeks. because it would be beneficial for both parties and a lot of republican senators from blue states facing tough reelection battles. anything that comes out of the senate must go through the republican-controlled house. if the nra has a problem with it, that's where they could kill it. this is what paul ryan had to say. take a listen. >> if a person is on a terror watch list, the law enforcement supposed to be notified whether they're trying to buy a gun or
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not. that's the way it's supposed to work right now. as the fbi director told us the other day, if we do this wrong like the president is proposing, we could blow our ongoing terrorist investigations. let's not take our eye off the ball here. this is a person radicalized by islamic radical terrorists. he claimed it was by isis. we need to make sure we're focusing on the real issue here which is terrorism. >> reporter: kate, they have passed bills in the house about strengthening vetting of those coming into the country, looking out for terrorist activities around the country. but you see right there ryan not necessarily embracing that no-fly, no-buy proposal being put forward in the senate saying there could be issues with there with due process and the constitution. even if it were to come out of the senate, faces an uphill battle in the house. >> it is going to be an interesting weekend. thanks so much. this morning on "morning
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joe" senator joe mansion was a guest. he said the problem with getting anything passed in congress what what he called the firewall the nra has. this afternoon, the nra tweeted in response to that saying no one believes terrorists should have guns, but we can fight terrorism and protect law-abiding americans 5th amendment rights. translate that back and forth for us. >> you just played the sound of paul ryan saying, hey, under current law, you do get a notification to federal authorities when you try to buy a gun. that's true. just so people understand what we're talking about on the law here. what's different is whether you actually want to prevent them automatically from getting the gun. if we contrast that to the no-fly list, when people who are suspected terrorists try to get on the plane, the federal authorities aren't just notified. the suspect the terrorist is
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prevented from boarding the plane. that's the idea that if they get on the plane, they could be a big threat. the 9/11 hijackers had box cutters. so the real legal question here is, do you want that level of control over the no-buy list. is that a good security idea or not. and then to due process, basically that's the question of how would that work and are those rights sort of taken first, the way they are on the no-fly list and then the burden is on that person to try to get on the plane or go to a court and say i don't belong on this list. classic civil liberties debate. what we're hearing from folks who support this, if you change that balance to the government and put the security first, you will have less people getting whatever the benefit is, whether that's getting on the plane or getting the gun. that's going to be stopped straight away. >> it is going to be a fascin e fascinating debate on capitol
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one day after the san bernardino mass shooting, congress had the opportunity to take meaningful action to make our nation safer. but instead, a majority of senators voted in lockstep with the gun lobby against a common sense measure that would have prevented people on a federal terrorism watch list from purchasing guns. >> that was tina mines whose father was killed in san bernardino. she joined other families, other
12:20 pm
victims' families up on capitol hill today demanding congress pass new gun legislation. the lack of movement on any new gun legislation has left a lot of people wondering if the gun lobby have too much power in congress. how many donations are made to lawmakers from gun rights groups? >> the nra outspending gun lobbies by $100 million. you're going to have to get to your congressman. take a look at this. in 2014, this is the midterm elections, the nra public action committee spent more than $20 million. these are the top ten senators that have taken the most money from the nra. i'm going to highlight senator john mccain there. we just heard that sound about common sense legislation, all ten voted against that 2015 measure. it looks like it's the same slide. it's not. john mccain has taken more money
12:21 pm
since 1999 than any other senator. how does this compare to anti-gun or gun control measures? well, there is no comparison. take a look here at the nra and how they have spent. and take a look at groups like every town trying to get sensible gun control measures in place. new town happened right here. that's when we say a major uptick in public action committees. yo presumptive nominees have not taken a lot of money by any side. they obviously have to report that number by the quarter. at the heart of the gun debate is access to so-called assault weapons like the ar-15. in all, this style of rifle has been used in at least ten recent mass shootings including orlando
12:22 pm
and san bernardino. one of our producers made a list of at least 17 different kinds of weapons all based on the original ar-15. now, the family of the creator of the ar-15 is speaking out saying that he never intended this weapon for civilian use. we spoke with the family members. what are they saying? >> well, their father died in 1997. and after 1997, the federal assault weapons ban was lifted and these begins really proliferated and those mass shootings took off. they say he would be horrified. here's the statement they issued to me yesterday. this is the first time they've ever commented as a family on these mass shootings on the uneasy family legacy. they say our fair designed the ar-15 and subsequent m-16 as a military weapon to give our soldiers an advantage over the
12:23 pm
ak-47. we do think he would have been horrified and sickened as anyone by these events. they went onto tell me, civilians using it for sports, hunting, that the inconvenieven himself, he saw it purely as a tactical military weapon and he never took a dime, they say, for civilian sales. they stop short of making a policy prescription or issuing a legal opinion. you can be sure that these comments are going to be used by people like hillary clinton and president obama, both of which have called this a weapon of war. >> it made our producer think of a comment from robert oppenheimer. he said, now i am become death, the destroyer of worlds. he had regrets about how his work was used. >> it's possible that regret would be too far in the case of
12:24 pm
gene stoner, but it's certainly the right context. it was servicing our military for decades. versions of it are still in service today. law enforcement uses it. then there's also this civilian side category. it's very troubling for the family and everyone else. >> thank you so much. coming up, some of isis' deadliest attacks coming during ramadan, the holiest month of the islamic calendar. with two weeks left, is there fear of more planned attacks?
12:25 pm
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i am concerned about the growth of libya as another area that could serve as a basis for isil to carry out attacks in inside of europe and in other locations. that is very concerning, particularly since libya is right across from europe and the mediterranean with refugees flows that are going there.
12:28 pm
so this is a growing challenge. the number of isil fighters far exceeds what al qaeda had at its height. >> giving a stark warning to the senate intelligence committee about isis' growing capabilities around the world. some of their most deadly attacks have come in the month of june. new comments just coming in this history from senator john mccain who told the associated press that president obama is quote, directly responsible for the orlando shooting because obama allowed the growth of isis under his presidency. richard angle joins us live from istanbul. what's the reality check on the ground? how much growth has there been? >> reporter: i've heard that argument from senator mccain and others who support him that this administration saw isis growing
12:29 pm
and didn't take it seriously enough. it goes back to those comments that isis was the jv team that the administration thought, well, it didn't want to get more involved in the middle east and now isis has ballooned into an organization that the cia director said far exceeded al qaeda at its height. to say, however, that the president is directly responsible for orlando seems like it's going a little bit too far. i mean, directly responsible for the attack was the man who burst into that club and started gunning people down. there has been this consistent complaint that the administration didn't take the isis threat seriously, and if you look at the comments that came from the cia director today, they were very frank and very bliunt, if you will. not only that isis is bigger and more dangerous than al qaeda ever was, but that the group isis is in the process of trying
12:30 pm
to move its people around in order to stage more attacks. and we have some reporting on that. we're going to be reporting on it tonight on "nightly news," that isis is actually in the midst of trying to reposition some of its fighters and stage them potentially for new violence. >> authorities here have said, as you know, that they don't see any direction coming from isis to omar mateen in orlando, but that perhaps he was inspired. what do you hear over there? what do you hear from overseas sources, that he was just inspired by isis? >> reporter: that he was inspired by isis, that he probably didn't have any direct command and control relationship with the organization which is head quartered in iraq and syria and also has a major base, 5,000 to 8 thoir,000 fighters accordi the cia in libya.
12:31 pm
there are several layers of isis attacks, several different ways of operating. there is the command and control attack like the ones we saw in paris and brussels, where a team, a sleeper cell is activated and carries out a coordinated complex attack like they did in france and belgium with direction directly coming from the isis command. that's one level of attack and those attacks have been very effective and very troubling. then there is the kind of attack we saw in orlando or san bernardino where people operating on their own authority, by with guidance from isis, loose guidance from isis, that guidance being don't contact us, don't come to iraq and syria, just do attacks any way you can with any weapons you can find. that also counts as an isis attack, but it is different because it is not directly ordered or even has the -- isis
12:32 pm
foreknowledge of the attack. it is just the kind of attack that isis is calling up. by for the organization, it still counts and they've been claiming both of those attacks -- claiming credit for both of them. >> richard in istanbul today. thanks so much. after the break, reports of tensions rising between the trump campaign and the rnc with just a month to go until the republican national convention. first, we need a little laughter. eighth grader jack from the chicago area he had fun giving the commencement speech at his middle school graduation impersonating some of our presidential candidates. take a look. >> thomas is such a great school. it's been fantastic. they've given us the skills we need to get through fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade.
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what's in your wallet? so ladies and gentlemen, i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. >> there it was, one year ago exactly. this afternoon donald trump launched his candidacy. joining me now, the reporter who has been with it since day one, doing an amazing job covering the campaign. katy tur joins us. you've been reporting today about disagreement between the trump camp and the rnc. >> reporter: yeah. we've been talking to sources on both side, in both the party and in the campaign.
12:37 pm
and there's a growing distrust right there. both sides feeling that the other is only in it for themselves, not in it to help the other out. and this is what we've been seeing on capitol hill certainly as well with a lot of republican leaders over there and regular senators and congressmen refusing to come out and become donald trump as he has become more extreme in his rhetoric. the past few weeks have been telling for a lot of republicans. they feel like they've been burned in the path by donald trump. the reality is, he has not been changing. he's continued on with these more outrageous comments suggesting that president obama has sympathies towards terrorists. also saying that judge curiel can't be impartial because he's mexican when in reality the judge was born in indiana.
12:38 pm
the tensions bubbling up. the rnc frustrated that the trump campaign isn't hiring like they said they would. there's not a lot of staff there. communications team hasn't been added to in the way they said it would be. there's not a lot of staff in states across this country. right now, there are a number of swing states that donald trump says he's going to win, but the staff in those states is solely the rnc staff. telling me usually it's the campaign matching the rnc or going above and beyond. right now, the campaign is completely reliant on the rnc. the trump campaign issued a statement saying they have a great relationship with the rnc and reince priebus tweeted. >> we're getting word that president obama has left the location where he was meeting with families, and he is just now arriving -- he's in a
12:39 pm
motorcade expected to arrive in the next couple of minutes at the phillips center for the performing arts in orlando. as you know, the president's schedule today has been kept very close to the vest, it's very private. we know he's met with families. he'll be meeting at some point today with doctors, first responders, those involved in the attack over the weekend in orlando. you're looking at a live picture. looks like that's where we're awaiting the president's motorcade. we're also awaiting any remarks the president may make which will be taped and turned around and fed to the news outlets. we will bring those to you as soon as we have them. the clinton campaign kicking off its first battleground advertising blitz since election day. the ad buy covers eight swing states including colorado, florida, ohio, and virginia. get ready for lots of ads in those states.
12:40 pm
kristen? >> reporter: well, that's right. a lot of ads in those key battleground states. and right now, secretary clinton basically has those air waves to herself. donald trump not up with ads there. the strategy, some of the ads are going to be hitting donald trump. but a lot of them, in fact most of them, kate, are expected to really be focused on reintroducing voters to secretary clinton. two just released today that look back at her record and essentially paint all of the work that she's done as first lady, senator, secretary of state. this is critical because her unfavorables still fairly high at 55%. not as high as donald trump. he gets about 70%. so that's the strategy on that front. it comes as secretary clinton is picks up key endorsements today from the aflcio, oprah winfrey. and then the former deputy secretary of state of george w. bush coming out and saying he plans to vote for secretary
12:41 pm
clinton, essentially telling politico earlier today that he doesn't think that donald trump is really a republican and that he's not interested in learning about these various different policies that he's been talking about. that's something that you can expect the clinton campaign to tout. they have been sort of releasing lists of republicans who are saying that they're not backing trump or who have been critical of trump. secretary clinton off the campaign trail today, kate. meanwhile, senator sanders hasn't dropped identify the race yet. he's planning to have an online discussion with grassroots sip porters this evening. we'll see what he has to say later tonight. >> kristen welker, thank you so much. watch the video here. that is the president and the vice president walking towards the philips center for performing arts in downtown orlando. we understand the president is set to lay a wreath outside a small memorial there at the
12:42 pm
performing arts center. i don't know if we'll be able to see him do that, by that's what he's doing to pay his respects to those lost over the weekend. we're going to continue to follow the president's movements in orlando. we'll take a quick break and be right back. with cative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today -
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. i have to tell you, the press is so dishonest and so unfair. one of these dishonest press. they're the most dishonest human being in the world. these newspapers and the media are totally dishonest people. we just took the press credentials away from the dishonest "washington post." >> so here's the question this afternoon. is donald trump on a mission to make media great again? new reporting from "vanity fair" suggests the presumptive republican nominee could be mulling the launch of his own channel and media outlet. the article says it would be built on the audience that has supported him thus far.
12:46 pm
adding to trump is, quote, examining the opportunity presented by the aaudience suppg him. trump spokesperson has adamantly denied. they printed a response, quote, there is absolutely no truth to this whatsoever. this hasn't been uttered, not even thought about. conferring with trump, she issued a subsequent statement, while it is true that mr. trump garners exceptionally high ratings, there are absolutely no discussions regarding a venture of this nature. a further statement, again, there is no truth to this. i reiterated that it is not true and added that he is focused on relationi in-- running for president. lot of disclaimers we had to get out of the way there. but you did talk to sources. tell me what you learned.
12:47 pm
and these are from people close to the trump campaign or who? >> these are people who've had discussions with him about this possibility. there's no question that that's happened. the other thing -- so, the story is true and the idea of whether or not they are having discussions with a partner or whether it's something that they're actively engaging with potential financial partners is a different question because that -- it would be impossible for him to do something like this while he's running. >> so your reporting, there are conversations ongoing about creating what? a new fox news channel? what are we talking about? >> well, we're talking about a cable channel. my sources are pointing out that the oprah network was -- own was a model for something like this and that it wouldn't just be one thing. it could be a variety of things. a mini media conglomerate. this is something that, you
12:48 pm
know, it represents in some ways a complete collapse between media and politics and the idea that trump has so far exhibited, as hope herself said, he gets huge ratings and it's been the major thing bedevilling the news organizations that cover him because people are sort of addicted to him in a certain way. >> based on one source, you write, quote, even old fox news didn't have the right read on what the base is and we do. so the idea is that they tap into this group of people who support donald trump in a way that no other media source has been able to? >> right. and that's sort of undeniably true. he was such a surprise in this campaign, no one really took him seriously. you can call that his supporters or his audience. >> is it about money? do the people you talk to say that this is about building his brand and finding way to make another stream of revenue?
12:49 pm
>> it's more about the idea -- i don't think these are -- they haven't gotten into the revenue analysis of something like this. he's a businessman and the idea behind it is that they have tapped into something that no one else recognized. and every election cycle creates any media star. normally that's someone in the media who rises to a greater level of prominence because of the way they covered a given campaign. trump is sort of cutting out the middle man here. he would own his own platform and be his own sort of media outlet. i think that that's fitting for the media moment, but it's also something indicative of the kind of campaign he's run so far. >> contributing editor with "vanity fair" thanks so much. we're going to take a quick break here to talk about breaking news. senator john mccain had made a statement, this is a tweet, that's just come out to try to clarify what he said. we told you that he had said
12:50 pm
that barack obama is directly responsible for what happened in orlando. this is what he's saying now. to clarify, i was referring to president obama's national security decisions that have led to the rise of isil, not to the. again, this is senator mccain clarifying what he said earlier. we do have the sound -- i'm sorry? okay. our producers are telling me we do have the sound of what senator mccain said initially. let's take a step back. people are talking to me in my ear. this is what he said to try to clarify his initial comments made to the associated press and now he's clarifying husband comments and this is when he told our colleague hallie jackson. >> i believe the fact of what i said and meant was that the president's actions by pulling everybody out of iraq which led then to al qaeda moving to syria, which meant the birth of isis and the president's failure to address the threat of isis
12:51 pm
has led to attacks on the united states of america which i have predicted, the director of national intelligence has predicted and we predict more attacks on the united states of america. if the president had not pulled everybody out of iraq, you would never have seen the rise of isis so he bears responsibility. >> you want to be clear. >> are you backtracking? >> i'm in the backtracking on anything. >> that's john mccain talking to our hallie jackson. just to quote the -- the initial quote from john mccain to the associated press was, quote, barack obama is directly responsible for it because when he pulled everybody out of iraq, al qaeda went to syria and became isis and isis is what it is today thanks to barack obama's failures, utter failures, by pulling everybody out of iraq thinking that conflicts end just because we leave, so the responsibility for it lies with president obama barack obama and his failed policies. that the initial comment to the associated press that john
12:52 pm
mccain is now clarifying. when we come back we'll head back to london to see what happened to a british mental of parliament shot and stabbed to death before a meeting with swents. g hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app?
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one man is in custody in connection with a member of the british parliament who was shot and stabbed to death this morning just after she met with constituents. nbc's bill neely is in london with the very latest. bill? >> reporter: good afternoon, kate. this is a killing that has stunned britain, where guns are far less common than in the u.s. and where the last political killing was a generation ago. a young female and very popular law enforcement jill cox is dead after being shot and stabbed in broad daylight on the street of a north of england by a man who is now under arrest. it happened as the mp was holding a meeting in her constituency near leeds in yorkshire. eyewitnesses say there was a scuffle between two men and then
12:56 pm
a man in a white baseball cap suddenly pulled a gun from his bag and targeted the politician. first of all, wrestling with her, one said he was wielding a knife and lunging at her, and then he shot her again and again, three times at least. it appears he used a hunting knife and what's described as an old-fashioned gun. she died around an hour later. jo cox was 41 years old and a new labor mp with a background in charity work. she was, in fact, an advisers to the bill and melinda gates foundation, and she previously worked for international charities like oxfam and save the children and had herself two young children. so far there is nothing in her background that would suggest any motive for this attack. a 52-year-old man has been arrested. police say they don't know the motive and aren't looking for anyone else. back to you, kate. >> bill neely, thank you. we're awaiting comments from president obama understanding those may be coming in soon from orlando. we'll take a quick break and be
12:57 pm
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a lot of breaking news this afternoon. that's going to do it for me for this hour. i'll see you back here tomorrow. up next my colleague steve kornacki picks up. >> all right. and a good afternoon to you. i'm steve kornacki and topping our agenda at this hour. president obama is in orlando meeting withvi


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