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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 16, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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a lot of breaking news this afternoon. that's going to do it for me for this hour. i'll see you back here tomorrow. up next my colleague steve kornacki picks up. >> all right. and a good afternoon to you. i'm steve kornacki and topping our agenda at this hour. president obama is in orlando meeting with victims' families of this weekend's mass shooting.
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the president arriving early this afternoon with one of his most vocal police call opponents, former republican presidential candidate florida senator marco rubio. he flew down to florida with the president and the two of them greeted as they got off the plane on the tarmac by vice president joe biden and by florida governor rick scott. we're going to have a live report from the ground in just a minute and also on the agenda, there will be votes. senator chris murphy's 15-hour filibuster, now he and his fellow democrats are claiming victory with republicans agreeing to hold votes on gun control. >> if we had not stopped the senate from doing business as usual last night, the heroism of chris murphy followed by 40 democratic colleagues, if that had not happened, we would not be stopping business as usual to put these two very important terrorist gun safety pieces of amendments on the floor for a vote.
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>> still up in the air though, which proposals will actually get votes and whether they could actually pass the republican-controlled senate, and even if they do that, whether they could then get through an even more conservative republican-controlled house, so still a lot of question marks on this one. also this afternoon, democrats looking at donald trump's response to orlando and seeing political opportunity. another democratic luminary, former cia chief leon panetta, the latest to join the pile-on. >> and reckless kind of behavior i've ever seen in a major presidential candidate. >> but as he takes heat from democrats is trump getting ready to break with the nra and with many republicans on the issue of guns? a new report says the nra was blind-sided by trump's latest statement. we'll tell what you he's saying and what it could mean, but we're going to begin this hour
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with president obama in orlando. the president has been meeting privately with families of the victims acting once again as the consolener chief after this tragedy. nbc's chris jansing is live there. she's been covering this story all week so the president meeting as we said behind closed doors with families of these victims, chris. what do we know about what he's been saying and what he's been hearing from them? >> so much of these meetings, i know, from covering these in the past, steve, are really about listening. these families want the president to know and the vice president as well who the person was that they have lost, what they have lost and so much of it is about him asking questions about who they are, but it's also a promise that he has made and he'll continue to make to the families that the country stands behind them. they have felt this. we know that this community of orlando, particularly the lbgt community as well as the
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hispanic community who were so affected by this, have definitely come together, donations that have poured in and these meetings are very emotional and for joe biden who lost his son bo it's very personal. i can remember one time when the president came out to leave to go to speak at the scene of one of these tragedies. earlier in the day he had been at sasha's dance recital and he has said you cannot meet with a parent and not feel this as a parent, not as president of the united states but as a parent and this is the tenth time he's had to travel to a location where there's been a mass shooting, and it's so dramatic when you look through the list starting with ft. hood in 2009 and tucson and aurora, colorado, new town, the washington navy yard, charleston, rosenberg, sberndio, san bernardino, at least 14 times he's come out after a shooting to talk about what's happened.
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here's a sample of what we've heard from the president in the past. >> earlier today a number of people were shot in tucson, arizona. what americans do at times of tragedy is to come together. as a country we have been through this too many times whether it's an elementary school in newton or a shopping mall in oregon or a temple in wisconsin. now is the time for mourning and for healing, but let's be clear. at some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. this massacre is, there, a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school or in a house of worship or a movie theater or in a nightclub.
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every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> and, of course, he is talking about the 20 first graders who lost their lives in the terrible massacre at sandy hook in newtown. we've seen him get emotional before and seen him get angry before. i think we saw just a couple of days ago when he was talking about the response of trump. he got angry and we saw some combination again and we saw that service in charleston after that massacre there in that bible study and it was kind of, you know, a part eulogy and part preacher and on the other half it was definitely a political call to action and we wouldn't be surprised to see both of those here, of the comfortner chief and the commander in chief, the leader of this country works has said multiple times that one of the great
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frustrations of his presidency is he's not gotten more accomplished in the wake of these mass killings. >> steve. >> chris jansing on the ground there in orlando, chris, thanks for that. so the president dealing with the families of those victims today and while that happens investigators have begun investigating the facebook shooter's account trying to find more information for omar mateen's motives. justice correspondent pete williams joins us now. they are going through social med media. >> they know now when he was inside the club after the club during this pause at about 2:30 in the morning on sunday he called 911 and talked about isis and the boston marathon bombers and other terrorists that he supported and called a local television station and now it appears he sent some messages to facebook supporting isis, too, and all of that pretty september and doesn't shed a lot of new
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life. there was a question about whether he was the poster on this because fbi analysts first detected they were trying to first hack into this facebook account and now we're confident that the messages sent at 2:30 were sent by him. going through the devices themselves, they found some pictures of other people and they are trying to figure out who those other people are. don't know if they are friends or colleagues or what and until they can identify them they won't know what the significance of those photographs is. in terms of possible charges we're told by many federal officials not to expect anything for the next couple of days. they keep telling us the same thing. there's no rush. they don't believe anyone else was involved in these shootings. no need to round somebody up because they are no danger to the community. they want to continue to take their time and question people as much as they can, and finally
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on mateen's wife, the one who has told authorities that she went with him when he bought some ammunition, that she took him to look at the pulse nightclub well aware that he was casing it and hoping she could talk him out of it. one question here is why didn't she say something if she had these concerns, especially the night. shooting when he feared he was going to carry out a terror attack, and one question is did she fear that she would be abused because his first wife says one of the main reasons she divorced him is because he was abusive and what we're told is she's not brought that up in the questioning. what she indicated was that mateen was a controlling, manipulative and not that she felt in danger of being abuse federal she report it had so it's still a mystery of why she didn't say anything. if that is indeed the case and they are still trying to verify what she's told them. >> all right. pete williams in washington. thanks for that. meanwhile, the politics of orlando, the politics. orlando fallout.
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senator john mccain of arizona in a difficult re-election race in his home state making headlines saying that he thought the attack could be tracked to decisions made by barack obama. in fact saying at one point today the president is directly responsible, john mccain's words directly responsible for this. let's play what mccain said earlier today to the associated press. >> barack obama is directly responsible for this because when he pulled everybody out of iraq al qaeda went to syria and became isis and -- and isis is what it is today thanks to barack obama's failures, utter failures by pulling everybody out of iraq thinking that conflicts end just because you leave so the responsibility for it lies with the president president obama and his failed policies. >> how is he directly responsible? >> directly responsible because he pulled everybody out of iraq and i predicted at the time that isis would go unchecked and
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there would be attacks on the united states of america. it's a matter of record. so he is directly responsible. >> those words you hear john mccain repeat, directly responsible and many democrats condemning him for saying that. mccain trying to clarify his statement on twitter this afternoon and then again this afternoon in an interview with our own hallie jackson and let's play what he said a few minutes ago. >> i believe the fact of what i said and meant was that the president's actions by pulling everybody out of iraq which then led to al qaeda moving to syria and the birth of isis and the president's failure to address the threat of isis has led to attacks on the united states of america that i've predicted. the director of national intelligence has predicted and we predict more attacks on the united states of america. if the president had not pulled everybody out of iraq you never would have seen the rise of isis so he bears responsibility. >> so are you -- i want to be
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clear. >> you want to be clear. >> are you backtracking on your initial statement? >> i'm not backtracking on anything. >> these comments from mccain underscoring the debate that's been set off in the political world after the orlando attacks on what would lead this attack to happen in the first place. what can be done to prevent one in the future? quite a debate about the motives of this shooter and what the appropriate response is. that is something that "time" magazine's mike sheer wrote about, listing the names of the dead on the cover, quite an emotional cover and michael sheer from "time" magazine, washington bureau chief for them, joins us now. perfect time to have you on now because john mccain is saying, look, the decisions made in terms of middle east policy and decisions made in terms of how this country fights isis lead to what we saw in orlando. that's just one slice of what we're hearing. politicians with different perspectives on whether it's terrorism or guns or gay rights,
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all weighing in on that basically saying this validates what i've been saying. >> at the top of your show you had president obama saying when tragedies like this happened the country comes together and it hasn't happened this time and it's kind of remarkable the degree to which the awful attack has split the country in so many ways, donald trump's outbursts and the renewal of the call for the muslim ban and the implication that the president made that he was hiding something. the fact that the election is becoming something on who we are as a country. the identity of the united states. i think what mccain just did there is a part of that. he's in a very difficult re-election fight. he's got a state that actually likes donald trump, a person he doesn't particularly like. he's trying to find ways to play this inflammatory game and he says directly and means indirectly. he's describing an indirect relationship and i'm sure tomorrow some democrat is going to come out and say, no, the
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reason that isis is in syria is directly the result of george bush invading iraq in 2002 or 2003. this is sort of the trap we're caught in right new and i think that's a dangerous time for the country, you know. these attacks will continue. everyone says that. they are awful. they can't be stopped, but the country has a pretty good record of when these attacks happen of unifying ourselves and dealing with them and so far at least the last four or five days we haven't shown the opportunity do that. >> you can see it. i was following the reaction on social media when news of this broke sunday morning, sunday afternoon. it was still unclear exactly what had played out. obviously not much was known about the gunman then, but it was striking whether it was people on the left who wanted to push gun control, immediately latching on to it and saying this proves our point. we need to do "x" on this and whether it was people on right who was pushing the idea of a more aggressive confrontation with what they call radical
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islam saying this proves our pain. the degree to which so many political forces in this country immediately latched on to this, i think it can muddy the waters for people in trying to understand the very basic facts about what we know about this shooter and what we know about his motives and what we know about what happened. at a basic level try to take the politics of it aside. what do we know about this shooter and what his motives were right now? >> look, there's not going to be a single answer, and one of the things that we've had in this -- in this debate over the last few days is everybody is searching for the one thing. was this a hate crime? was this about easy access to guns? was there,about radical islam? the answer, and we don't know exactly what the full story is yet. probably won't know for many days, but answer is almost certainly going to involve all of those things, including a number of other things. i mean this, guy is someone who abused his wife and a guy whoes ex-wife said he had a very domineering father and very difficult relationship with his father. he was obviously emotionally a troubled person so mental health plays into it, but it's not
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going to fit into a simple political story line, so to go out and say this is just about guns or just about radical islam is sort of missing the forest for one or two trees. you know, what we know in most of these mass shooting instances is that the story is actually very complicated and the genius, and it's a strange word to use in this situation, but the genius of the jihadi strategy right now is to prey upon our most disturbed, our most unhealthy home-grown people right now. those are the recruits they are after, and they are able to recruit them without directly contacting them. they are sending messages online through other forms of media into this country in a way to attract people who feel disassociated with society, who feel wrong and power less and for a number of reasons they then become attracted to it. >> michael sheer with "time" magazine and the issue that we
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showed you a couple minutes ago, that will be on newsstands tomorrow. >> thank you. democrats playing offense right now. the senate moving forward to vote on two gun control appropriate salts after the orlando massacre. more on that after the break. >> this country is rising up and demanding that the united states takes -- congress takes action to address the epidemic of gun violence in this nation and we're doing it in part because of the courage of survivors and victims of gun violence who all across america are demanding action. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... s, ge makes powerful machines. bull be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing theway t. (interrupting) you can'pick it up, can you? go ahead. he cit's okay thou!ammer. you're going to change the world.
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this is the plague that is upon us, and that's why we had
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that filibuster last night. we have got to get the senate to a position where it will vote and don't be a chicken. put your name on the line and your vote. >> senator, esonce the national media leaves and all the cameras are diverted how do we in central florida move on past this? >> that's why the two senators from connecticut started that yesterday before noon because they had made a promise to the sandy hook families that they would get action and they waited for four years and still don't have action. >> well, democrats are calling it a win. their 15-hour filibuster to force action on gun control has produced a commitment from majority leader mitch mcconnell to hold votes next week but there's a lot of fine print on this one and a lot to be hand
1:22 pm
out. it's far from clear how much of a win this is going to prove to be for the democrats. the heart of the debate right now is over the so-called terror loophole and it's currently possible for people on the federal terror watch list to buy guns. the orlando shooter, in fact, on one point had been on the list and the fbi removed his name back in 2014. democrats right now want a vote on their plan to close that loophole and that's where things get very complicated. let's take a look on the screen to explain. the issue is republicans and democrats both have plans to close the terror loophole. democrats want an outright ban for anybody on the list. probably heard of the no-fly list, if you're on the no-fly list you're on the federal terror watch list and lots of people are, too. hundreds of thousands of people, probably close to 1 million people. the democrats, dianne feinstein
1:23 pm
from california say if your name is on that list you don't buy a gun period and what republicans are saying, john cornin' from texas has been their leader on this. he said there's due process issues here because there's no due process involved when it comes to being put on that list. names can just be added. you don't know if your name has been added, a judge doesn't hear it and you don't have a chance to defend yourself and your name ends up on it and republicans are saying you have a second amendment as a right as a citizen in this country to have a gun you need due process is that right is going to be refused so their plan says anybody on that list, there's a $72 hour waiting period if they try to buy a gun and in that 72-hour waiting period the feds, the attorney general basically need to prove in a court that this person is a threat and should be denied a gun so that's going to add a wrinkle on top of what the democrats are looking for. if there's no compromise here between now and whenever these votes take place, if there's a vet on this bill and a vote on
1:24 pm
that bill then probably nothing is going to pass because you'll have no republicans voting for this. probably have some defections on this one so the question here really seems to be can they come up with some kind of compromise before there's a vote next week. nbc's luke russert, of course, has been following all of the details on this on capitol hill and joins us now to shed some light on exactly what's going on. we're just putting out the basic differences there between what the democrats and republicans have been looking for, and that question of compromise, is there any way to reconcile the differences that we just showed. >> that was a masterful explainer, steve, and that's why they pay you the big bucks. that's dead on what's going on right here and the reason that this is so complicated because you have all these different things that are being discussed. there's also ideas that say, okay, instead of the three-day waiting person that john cornin' suggested doj would need to
1:25 pm
provide clear cut evidence, what if we extend that to perhaps 50 days, have a 50-day waiting period. what if someone like the shooter in orlando on the terror watch list a few years ago and taken off it, what if we make the terror watch list retroactive for five years, whoever was on that list for five years, even if they are now off, they try to get a gun, they will be flagged. these are the ideas that are being discussed right now between republicans and democrats, but on those votes you mentioned next week those i believe will be accept rat party line votes. you might have a few defections as you mention and as far as getting a concrete proposal on this no fly no buy idea you're still a long way off of that. the other wrinkle that i'll throw in there is anything that comes from the senate, steve, has to go through the house and the nra is extremely strong in the senate. they are even stronger in the house, so if something were to come out of the senate that they did not like it's very likely
1:26 pm
they would be able to kill it in committee on the house side and that's where the question lies. ryan today said okay, i understand this is an issue but we want the focus more to be on terrorism, not necessarily guns. ted cruz say this on the senate floor today. i believe we have the audio. take a listen. yesterday we saw a political show on the senate floor. democrat after democrat standing for hours incensed not at radicalis lick terrorism, incensed that americans have a right to keep and bear arms. this is political distraction. this is political gamesmanship. and i think the american people found it ridiculous that in response to an isis terror attack the democrats go on high dungeon that weave got to restrict the second amount
1:27 pm
rights of law-abiding citizens. this is not a gun control issue. this is a terrorism issue. >> and, steve, i can tell you that cruz's views reflect a lot of those of house republicans where he has had a very strong relationship so there's a possibility for something to get done but the devil really will be in the details to use an expression that is often overused here on capitol hill. we'll see. a very, very difficult issue because of the strength of that gun lobby. >> nbc's luke russert on capitol hill. luke, thanks as always for that. >> reporter: take care, buddy. >> when we come back, we mentioned president obama today meeting with the families of victims in orlando. the president also speaking out publicly. we are turning around the tape of what the president said. as soon as we have that right after this break, we'll bring it to you. hmmmmm...
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welcome back. here are the headlines at the half hour. president obama is in orlando paying respects to the survivors and the families of the victims
1:31 pm
from sunday's mass shooting there. the president expected to give public comments any more now. back in washington meanwhile, opening statements began on the senate floor. over two gun control amendments banning those on the terror watch list from buying guns and expanding background check and internet sales. a vote could come soon. news today of the zika virus has now been linked to six birth defects in the united states. cdc officials said today that three of the babies were born and three were lost to miscarriages or aborted because of the birth defects. all of the women were infected during travel outside of the united states and overseas now where the cockpit voice recorder from egyptair flight 804 was recovered a day after wreckage from that plane was discovered. the voice recorder could prove vital in terms of trying to figure out what brought that plane down in the mediterranean sea last month. 66 people were aboard and all of
1:32 pm
them were killed in that tragedy and scary news out of the united king tom, tragic news where a british lawmaker died after being shot and dad. jo cox was attending an open meeting with her constituents when an attack happened. an arrest has been made. it's unclear if the 52-year-old man is actually the attacker. former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords, of course, a victim of gun violence herself back in 2011. she offered her condolences on twitter calling cox courageous and a rising star. and we are going to start this half hour with trump in the state of his campaign that's officially one year old. one year since donald trump came down the escalator and announced his candidacy. it is a tough day for him. you heard from former secretary of defense leon panetta said to him about andrea mitchell earlier in the show saying that trump's actions are, quote, the
1:33 pm
most irresponsible and reckless kind of behavior he's cbs in a major presidential candidate. panta, an outspoken democrat, not a huge surprise he's attacking donald trump but this could be his surprise and richard armitage, the deputy secretary of state under republican president george w. bush and secretary of defense under ronald reagan, he says he'll vote for hillary clinton instead of donald trump. katy tur is with the trump campaign exactly one year after it began, so katy, donald trump taking a lot of heat this week obviously. we have a couple of examples of it there and we're talking about gun control and trump making a bit of news at the same time suggesting he might try to pull the nra and the republican party towards the middle on that issue. yeah, and he's siding more with senate democrats saying people on the no fly list or terror watch list should not be able to buy guns. there's 800,000 or so folks on
1:34 pm
the terror watch list according to officials. 60,000 on the no-fly list. 2% of those according to the fbi are american citizens or permanent residents or the gop in general or the nra has said they don't believe that 2% should automatically have their rights taken away from them when it comes to the second amendment, don't believe there's due process and they say that you can protect against terror and keep guns out of the terrorist hands without taking them away from potentially innocent americans. donald trump sitting with everyone saying anyone on that list should not be able to buy a gun and tweeting out that he'll be meeting with the nra presumably to discuss that and the other day he met with chris cox who is a lobbyist and he's come up there and it's unblogosphere right now where that meeting stands. the nra tweeting all day where
1:35 pm
they stand on the issue and not seeming to give any room there when it comes to what donald trump says should happen. >> nbc's katy tur in dallas covering the trump campaign. meanwhile, trump's presumptive opponent hillary clinton, her campaign kicking off her first advertising blist in the battlegrou battleground states today plopping down 7 million in eight swing states including colorado, florida, ohio and virginia. let's turn to nbc's kristen welker who is following the clinton campaign. the clinton campaign comes with a good couple of weeks, his comments on trump university and his comments in the wake of orlando providing quite a bit of backlash, an opportunity the clinton campaign seems to have opened up a significant early
1:36 pm
lead. >> reporter: that's what they are hoping for and why they have gone up in the critical battleground states spending more than $7 million. in terms of what voters there will see. they will see some ads touting what the clinton campaign thinks are her key accomplishments going back to her days as first lady, this is to sort of reintroduce her to voters and help increase her favorability ratings. right now her favor ability rate russia at about 55%. donald trump's unfavorability ratings at 70%, even higher than secretary clinton's. still they say that there is work to do on that point. take a look at one of the adds released today. >> for hillary it's all been about kids and when millions couldn't get health care this first lady worked with democrats and republicans to fix it creating the children's health insurance program. >> show that every child gets
1:37 pm
the health care that child deserves to have. >> that's the kind of leader that she is and the kind of president she'll be. >> so secretary clinton focuses on the general election and senator senators hasn't jumped out of the race. has a video conference with supporters this evening and in a release he wants to talk about the ongoing revolution so it's an indication of what he wants to say. >> kristen welker in washington. >> you saw the upper left-hand corner of the screen. we're keeping an eye on the airport in orlando. you might have seen the president and vice president, changing a handshake at the foot of the staircase and the president boarding air force one and the vice president met him in orlando earlier today staying on the ground. it looks like the president is getting set to return to washington, d.c. meeting with victims of that
1:38 pm
massacre at the nightclub and meeting with families of those victims a public motoring. we are working to turn around tape of exactly what the president said, all within the last few years as soon as we have the tape of the president's first remarks. we'll bring it to you, the president now back on board air force one and heading back to washington, d.c. very soon. we'll bring in karen tumulty, a political correspondent for "washington post." talk about the fallout of what's happening in orlando and how the candidates have responded. i was struck by one of the five or six polls out there this week but one of them measured the public's reaction of the response to the hillary clinton, barack obama and donald trump to omero and for hillary clinton and for the president it was a
1:39 pm
little bit more positive than negative but for donald trump it was overwhelmingly negative. politically this has not been a good week for him. >> he's been veering all over the place, and the fact is when you have just about every leader of your own party denouncing it you on some questions that are really basically at the core of the commander in chief test, it's really not a good place for a nominee in waiting to be, and in terms of the other issue playing out right now. the gun control debate in congress, donald trump suggesting, whether on trump or elsewhere, shifting his position on gun control and trying to bring the republican party more to the middle on this. is that a route for him to regain his footing? >> it would certainly help in
1:40 pm
some swing states. a lot of people would view this idea that you shouldn't be able to get a gun if you're on the no-fly list as a pretty sensible position and he also has the knowledge the chances of this actually passing the congress are really pretty slim for all. reasons that -- that luke outline outlined. >> luke said what it comes down to is the nra, the national rifle associate, that's the single most powerful lobbying force on capitol hill. where does the nra get that power from? >> you know where it gets its power? you've seen a lot of, for instance, msnbc looking at campaign contributions. that's not at all where its power comes from. what's much more important is the amount of money it will spend against a candidate in the house district and rural districts. the last thing a candidate wants to do is get on the wrong side of the nra because they have a
1:41 pm
very passionate constituency. a lot of these people are single-issue voters and the nra has a very deep and solid connection with these people, not only politically but culturally. >> could you see a scenario -- the question seems to always be asked after these tragedies, i know this was really highlighted by new town where they said there's 20 dead children and that doesn't provoke a significant policy change what could possibly bring that about. could you see any difference in this case where the nra might be more open to compromise that would free up more republicans to take a different position on this? >> no, not as somebody who has covered this issue through columbine, through the whole series of horrific shootings in the '90s. since the assault weapons ban passed there hasn't been much done and, you know, for many, many years the democrats were on defense about this. bill clinton's personal theory, you know, was gun control was one of the reasons al gore lost
1:42 pm
some important states that the democrats should have hung on to in 2,000. you know, only after new town have democrats even felt that it is safe to talk about this issue and republicans buy and large are still a long way away from there. >> you don't have to go back that far in time to find democrats who wanted nothing to do with this issue either. karen tumulty from the "washington post," appreciate your time. again, we're waiting to play for you those first public comments from the president after his meeting with survivors and with families of the victims of that nightclub master in orlando. the president moments ago boarding air force one and set to return to washington. you see him talking to his vice president there, joe biden. joe biden sticking around in orlando for a little while longer working to turn that tape around of the president's remarks as soon as we have it. until we do that we'll squeeze in a quick break. stay with us.
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brian williams here in new york. we're coming out of a commercial break because the two-minute warning has arrived telling us that we're about to be able to see the president's remarks. these were taped as the president and vice president came out of the meeting with 49 families, 49 groups of loved ones, one for each of the deceased inside the pulse nightclub. they also met with first responders. they met with the owners and surviving employees of the pulse nightclub. the president and vice president came out and laid bureaucrats at the memorial in the central part
1:45 pm
of orlando this. was at the amway center outside, open-air plaza and closed down two to security, of course, and then the president stepped forward to a pre-selected television camera. his remarks on tape were driven by motorcade, out to the airport in orlando where air force one and air force two now take off in order to take the president and vice president retrospectively back to washington. this is the tenth time that the president has traveled following a mass casualty event in the united states to meet with loved ones. as we've mentioned it's the 14th mass casualty event that's caused him to go on national television. today was a role he's had far too much experience in. here now is the president.
1:46 pm
>> furr days ago this community was shaken by an evil and hateful act. today we are reminded of what is good, that there's compassion and empathy and decency and most of all there is love. that's the orlando that we've seen in recent days, and that is the america that we have seen. this afternoon the vice president and i had the opportunity to meet with many of the families here. as you might imagine, their grief is beyond description. through their pain and through their tears they told us about the joy that their loved ones had brought to their lives. they talked about their sons or
1:47 pm
their daughters, so many young people in their 20s and 30s. so many students who were focused on the future. one young woman was just 18 years old. another said her father was a happy girl with so many teams. there were siblings there talking about their brothers and their sisters and how they were role models that they looked up to. there were husbands and wives who had taken a solemn vow, fathers and mothers who gave their full heart to their children. >> these families could be our families. in fact, they are our family. they are part of the american
1:48 pm
family. today the president and i told them on the behalf of the american people that our hearts are broken, too, and that we stand with you and that we are here for you and that we are remembering those who you loved so deeply. as a nation we've also been inspired by the courage of those who risk their lives and cared for others. partners whose lost moments were spent shielding each other and the mother who gave their life to save their son and the former marine whose quick thinking saved dozens of lives. joe and i had the chance to thank mayor dyer, chief mina, sheriff demings, all who responded in heroic ways the
1:49 pm
outstanding police and first respo responders who were able to through their professionalism and quick response were able to rescue so many people. we owe a tremendous debt to all the doctors and nurses who have worked day and night to treat the injured, save lives and prevent even morage risch. as one of the doctors here said after the worst of humanity here reared its ugly head, the best of humanity came roaring back. let me give that quote more precisely. after the worst of humanity reared its evil head the best of humanity came roaring back.
1:50 pm
now, if we're honest with ourselves, if in fact we want to show the best of our humanity, then we're all going have to work together at every level of government across political lines to do more to stop killers who want to terrorize us. we'll continue to be relentless against terrorist groups like isis and isil. we are going to destroy them and disrupt their networks, and their financing and the flow of fighters in and out of war theaters. we're going to disrupt their propaganda that poisons so many more minds around the world. we're going to do all that. our resolve is clear.
1:51 pm
but given the fact that the last two terrorist attacks on our soil, orlando and san bernardino were home grown, carried out it appears not by external plotters, not by vast networks or sophisticated sells but by deranged individuals warped by the hateful propaganda that they had seen over the internet then we're going to have to do more to prevent these kinds of events from occurring. it's going to take more than just our military. it's going to require more than just our intelligence teams. as good as they are, as dedicated as they are, as focused as they are, if you have lone wolf attacks like this hatched in the minds of a
1:52 pm
disturbed person then we're going to have to take different kinds of steps in order to prevent something looic this from happening. those who were killed and injured here were gunned down by a single killer with a powerful assault weapon. the motives of this killer may have been different than the mass shooters in aurora or new ton, but the instruments of death were so similar and now another 49 innocent people are dead. another 53 are injured. some are still fighting for their lives.
1:53 pm
some will have wounds that will last a lifetime. we can't anticipate or catcher single deranged person that may wish to do harm to his neighbors or friends or co-workers or strangers, but we can do something about the amount of damage that they do. unfortunately, our politics have conspired to make it as easy as possible for a terrorist or just a disturbed individual like those in aurora and new town, to buy extraordinarily powerful weapons and they can do so legally. so today once gagain as has bee
1:54 pm
true many times before i held and hugged grieving family members and parents and they asked why does this keep happening. and they pleaded that we do more to stop the carnage. they don't care about the politics. neither do i. neither does joe. and neither should any parent out here. i was thinking about their kids being not in the wrong place but in places where kids are supposed to be. this debate needs to change. it's outgrown the old political
1:55 pm
steal mates. the notion that the answer to this tragedy would be to make sure that more people in a nightclub are similarly armed to the killer defies common sense. those who defend the easy accessibility of assault weapons should meet these families and explain why that makes sense. they should meet with some of the new town families, some of whom joe saw yesterday whose children would now be finishing fifth grade on why it is that we think -- that's not the meaning of liberty.
1:56 pm
i'm pleased the senate will hold hearings on stopping terrorists from buying assault weapons and i hope senators who do the right thing and those who voted no on background checks after new town have a change of heart and then i hope the house does the right thing and ends the plague of violence and weapons of war that they inflict on so many young lives. i've said this before. we will not be able to stop every tragedy. we can't wipe away evil and hatred from every heart in this world, but we can stop some tragedies. we can save some lives. we are reduce the impact of a terrorist attack if we're smart.
1:57 pm
and if we don't act we will continue seeing more massacres like this because we'll be choosing to allow them to happen. we will have said that we don't care enough to do something about it. here in orlando we're remind ed in the only of our obligations as a country to be resolute against terrorism. we're reminded not only of the need for us to implement smarter policies to present mass shootings. we're also reminded of what unites us as americans and that what unites us is far stronger
1:58 pm
than the hate and the terror of those who target us. >> where so many people here who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, the pulse nightclub is a place to sing and dance and most importantly to be who you truly are, including for so many people whose families are originally from puerto rico and sunday morning that sanctuary was violated in the worst way imaginable, so whatever the motivations of the killer, whatever influences led them down the path of violence and terror and whatever propaganda he was consuming from isil and al qaeda, this was an act of terrorism but it was also an act of hate. this was an attack on the lbgt community. americans were targeted because we're a country that has learned
1:59 pm
to welcome everyone, no matter who you are or who you love and hatred towards people because of sexual orientation regardless of where it comes from. that's a betrayal of what's best in us. joe and i were talking on the way over here. you can't break up the world into us and them and denigrate and express hatred towards group because of the color of their skin or their faith or their sexual orientation. and not feed something very
2:00 pm
dangerous in this world. so if there was ever a moment for all of us to reflect and reaffirm our most basic beliefs that everybody counts and everybody has dignity, now is the time. it's a good time for all of us to retreat on how we treat each other and insist on respect and quality for every human being. we have to end discrimination and violence against poem in the lbgt community, other and around the world where they are routinely prosecuted. we have to challenge the oppression of women, wherever it occurred, here or overseas. it's


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