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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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new york. we begin with the latest on the orlando nightclub shooting. we're learning new details about communications made by gunman omar mateen during the rampage. a source close to the gunman's wife tells nbc news that mateen and his wife, noor, exchanged text messages during the shooting. she texted him where are you? he responded, quote, do you see what's happening? she replied no. he then texts i love you, babe. according to a federal law enforcement official, mateen's wife repeatedly tried calling him on his cell phone after they exchanged text messages. today new information is emerging about the gunman's past, including reports that he was preoccupied with violence as early as the third grade. a man m ayman mohyeldin joins us from port st. lucie, florida. we've learned at least one witness believes that he saw mateen with a radio potentially
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listening to the scanner traffic from police. >> reporter: yeah, that is one of the important pieces of information that is coming out from these eyewitnesss. so many of these survivors are going to provide critical detail to investigators as they continue to piece together the timeline of what happened inside there. as you mentioned, this survivor, who we interviewed, said that he believed that the shooter, omar mateen, had with him a radio that allowed him to listen in on police scanners. now, that would be very critical because a lot of eyewitnesses believe that there may have been other police officers inside the building during the time of the shooting, but it seems according to miguel that this was a result of having -- that omar mateen had the scanner on him and that's why they were able to hear the police communications. but in addition to that, we're also getting for the first time a glimpse of the context of how omar mateen's wife is describing some of the things that have been leveled against her, particularly in the media. these things that she accompanied him to a gun store
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to buy ammunition, that she had driven by the pulse nightclub with him to case the location out. that in fact is not what we are being told by a source close to noor. what she is telling us is that in fact they went to a walmart. when they entered the walmart, he went off to buy ammunition, she went off to buy clothes for her son. ultimately she candidaasked him the ak in addition and he said he needed practice on the range. she's been very cooperative with the fbi, handed over her electronic devices. in terms of the question about whether or not she drove him to case the nightclub out, she says that is not accurate. what happened is one night as they were driving back home from orlando, he was driving the car and drove by pulse nightclub. she wasn't even aware that he may be casing that location out. she was aware that they had taken a different route, so she is trying now to say that she's a person who was not aware of this past or this tendency or this inclination to go out and commit this act.
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so that is something that is now coming out from her camp. as you mentioned, there is also omar mateen's past that we're continuing to learn more about and the fact that as far back as a young child he had an aggressive past that was noted by teachers not just in elementary school but in high school as well where he got into an altercation that was ultimately reported on. tamron. we're following more breaking news, this surrounding one of the biggest doping scandals in sports history. sources tell nbc news that the russian track and field team will be banned from the summer olympics in rio over allegations of doping. keir simmons joins us now from vienna. keir, i know your sources have given you some information on what may play out here. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. senior sources within the international athletics community telling me that russia's track and field team will be banned from competing through the olympic games period, if you like.
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just to explain how this works, the athletics body, the iaaf, decides whether the track and field team can compete and then, of course, the international olympics committee will run the games, they have to in some senses ratify that decision. they can overturn it, but that would be pretty unprecedented. i'm told that the decision is likely to be complex and that may be that they are trying here to find ways to try to help individual russian track and field athletes to compete if it can be proven that they are clean, that they haven't tested positive for doping. but that is going to be incredibly difficult to do in a short period of time. next week the international olympic committee meets. that will be on their agenda, is there a way to help athletes still get to the games even if the team, the russian track and field team itself, isn't able to go. is not allowed to go. we wait to hear the detail. as i say, just in the last few
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minutes this meeting has broken up. they have been meeting throughout the day discussing this. an official announcement is expected within the next hour. >> thank you very much, keir. to politics now, just over six weeks until the republican convention and there are new questions this morning about donald trump's campaign strategy. "the new york times" reports trump is angling away from battleground states and focusing on fund-raising instead in heavily republican states like texas and georgia. that as presumptive democratic nominee announces upcoming campaign events in the battleground states of north carolina, ohio, virginia and colorado. the "times" reports mr. trump has informed people raising money for his campaign that he is not interested in traveling to states for donor events unless there is a rally scheduled as well. well, he did have a rally in dallas last night, where he downplayed his recent slide in the polls, including our own nbc news/survey monkey weekly tracking poll which shows trump
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trails clinton now by 12 points. >> when i poll, i do fine. but when i run, i do much better. in other words, people say i'm not going to say who i'm voting for. don't be embarrassed. i'm not going to say who i'm voting for. and then they get in and i do much better. it's like an amazing effect. >> amid all this, a number of companies are now dropping their sponsorship of the republican convention. jpmorgan chase, wells fargo, ups, motorola, walgreens and ford all told bloomberg news this week they won't sponsor this year's convention after helping fund the 2012 convention. now, none of the companies commented on whether their decision to pull out was because of the presumptive republican nominee. nbc's peter alexander is covering the trump campaign for us and joins us now in studio. peter, have we heard any more from the trump campaign about this idea of not focusing in on key battleground states? >> they feel strongly right now that their finance and fund-raising has been tremendously successful. as many as $6 million raised in
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dallas last night. trump is going to be in texas for two more fund-raisers today. the bottom line about that, the challenge here right now in these months where they really need to be planting flag in those midwest states where white working class voters seem to embrace some of trump's message like wisconsin, michigan, ohio and some other rust belt states, instead the campaign is in places like texas and elsewhere, places, where frankly, they are already red states, places they should win. nonetheless, donald trump has had an unconventional campaign. he feels strongly that he's able to garner media attention no matter where he is right now. a lot of supporters of mitt romney right now say you'd rather be in those places getting the media attention where you really need it come this fall. in terms of the fund-raising, what's different between a primary election, where donald trump loaned his campaign about $43 million, was not receiving broad donations. in a general election, you need a lot more money for things like polling, for television and for organization.
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the get out the vote efforts that really ensure you're able to get the numbers you need to try to win the white house, tamron. >> but if his focus, peter, is on raising money, there's a report that apparently there were meetings set up and that donald trump did not attend or reach out to the donors as he'd assured the rnc that he would. >> reporter: reince priebus, who was traveling with donald trump yesterday tweeted about this specifically. he said reports of discord are purification. that discord being reported is between the rnc and donald trump. trump has been brushing off as nbc has been reporting advice that's been coming from the rnc in terms of his messaging. they have in effect now been overseeing infrastructure, which is significant, because it's something the campaign normally takes over. so donald trump, who is disinclined to try to raise money on behalf of his own campaign, a lot of people are worried that he's not doing that efficiently, effectively and aggressively enough, especially right now, even as hillary clinton has just dropped a $17
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million ad buy in eight critical battleground states, the very states that trump needs to try to win to be successful this fall. >> peter, thank you. let me fwling conservative talk show radio host steve days. thanks for joining us. how do you describe the climate right now on this eve that the rnc is taking over the quicken loans center starting to set up for the convention? >> tamron, this is the biggest face palm since the storm troopers fell for these aren't the droids you're looking for. this thing is imploding. at this point i would be mildly surprised if he came out of cleveland as the nominee. >> what are the options, steve, at this point? >> a wise man once said something about necessity being the mother of invention. each convention writes its own rules. a majority of those delegates are not going to be people that are supportive of donald trump. and i think those delegates are going to have to stand up and save the country from this and
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save the party of lincoln and reagan from this. if they walk out of cleveland with trump as the nominee, this is going to be an annihilation. it's going to be an annihilation all over the country and it won't just be mr. trump that's annihilated, it's down ballot republicans, a lot of the gains that republicans have made in the last few elections. right now we have the fewest democrats nationally in the legislative branch in 86 years. you will see a massive reversal of those numbers in november if they come out of cleveland with trump as their nominee. >> but who will lead this charge? you heard paul ryan, and he's going to talk with chuck todd on "meet the press" saying that he is supporting the party, supporting donald trump. there have been a few republicans, including the governor of maryland, who's come out and said he won't support, but where's the spine of those who will challenge him in a leadership position? >> i think the delegates have to take the leadership. i think we have donald trump because republican party leadership has failed the rank
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and file, failed the country. and so i think you're going to see the grassroots. at this point i'd be shocked if there was not an attempt by delegates to toss trump overboard in cleveland. now, i'm not as confident that it would be successful, but there will be something. too many delegates are talking. too many delegates are coming to me. too many delegates are talking to each other. it is clear that they do not want trump as their nominee. >> what are the delegates that are coming to you saying? >> we've been conned. this is a scam. we essentially nominated a lifelong democrat who has found a way to run on the worst race baiting, most divisive language possible so that we actually nominate somebody that confirms every liberal stereotype about conservatives to our own detriment. other than that, they think he's swell. >> listen, there's a new wrinkle for those delegates and for you opposed to donald trump. "the daily beast" is now reporting that donald trump bragged to the press in 1984 that he made a fortune, his tax
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returns say he made zero income. it was a big year for him at the time. he was celebrating the opening of trump tower, closing a casino hotel deal that was booming. he was angling to topple the nfl with the u.s. football league, the generals, that he was part of and he put himself at nearly a daily figure in the new york news in the gossip pages, so he was the man about town bragging about his income but his tax return said he made zero. >> i think that if you're going to be a conservative that's going to ask barack obama where's the birth certificate, where are your college records and the sorts of questions that were asked about his transparency or lack thereof, as the case may be eight years ago, you have a real credibility problem if you stand up and now say i'm going to vote for a guy who won't release his records, won't release his financial records, won't tell us how wealthy he really is, what he's done with that wealth. and i think that's the biggest problem, tamron, with the trump candidacy all along. in order to become attached to it and support it, you
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essentially have to sacrifice if you're a conservative almost every last scintilla of integrity you have left and i'm just not going to do that. >> so you are from iowa. he did not do well in iowa. at this point -- >> we did our job in iowa, tamron. >> you did your job as you wanted it to play out in iowa. nevertheless, steve, you're looking at his rallies in texas last night, it was around 4,000. he claimed 20,000, that was not the case. he also said there were thousands waiting outside. there were not thousands waiting outside at this point. the rank and file, the every day man and woman who supported trump during this primary, are you seeing a change in tone from some of them that you speak with on the radio as opposed to the leadership that we see daily panicking on camera in some cases? >> the biggest change i see is his cult-like mob on social media seems rather quiet these days. and it's interesting to hear the clip you played before i came on of donald trump saying, well,
8:14 am
people don't report they're going to vote for me in the polls. that polls that told us all year in the past 12 months that he was going to be the nominee are suddenly now all wrong? you cannot have it both ways. people waited, tamron, for the trump implosion. this is it. it's happening right now. now it's up to the delegates to not come out of cleveland with an imploded candidate. >> to your point about the implosion, it was predicted many times over. what do you believe in the past week was the key moment for -- or at least that people are telling you, not your personal opinion but from the radio, those voices that call you, what are they saying was the key moment this week? >> you know, you come out of the tragedy in orlando and your first inclination is to make it all about you and how right you are. one of the things we conservatives love to do is count how many times obama uses first person pronouns in every speech. and here is trump coming out of a national tragedy, one of the worst in the history of the country, and your initial response is, boy, people are congratulating me right and left
8:15 am
about how right i am. i think what's happened here, tamron, is he's always been this candidate but he didn't have little marco, lyin' ted, low energy jeb, he doesn't have those guys to play off of now. he can't turn it into a reality show now and now people are getting the full monte. it's just all by himself as the frog in the boiling water and you're seeing what is happening. >> all right, steve deace, national radio show host based out of iowa, thank you very much. great pleasure having you on. >> thank you. sos athe debate over new gun control measures intensifies on capitol hill, senator john mccain has sparked new controversy with remarks he made about president obama. >> barack obama is directly responsible for it, because when he pulled everybody out of iraq -- >> what senator mccain is saying now. and as the potentially record-breaking heat wave settles over much of the western part of our country, the weather is being blamed now for the death of a toddler who was trapped in a hot car in texas.
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the senate will take rare action this monday when it votes on four gun control measures brought forth by both democrats and republicans. it comes just days after senate democrats stage a roughly 15-hour filibuster on the floor in the wake of the mass shooting in orlando. now republican senator john mccain is taking heat for his comments about the gun debate. he echoed donald trump yesterday, blaming president obama for the massacre. >> barack obama is directly responsible for it, because when he pulled everybody out of iraq, al qaeda went to syria and became isis.
8:20 am
and isis is what it is today thanks to barack obama's failures, utter failures by pulling everybody out of iraq thinking that conflicts end just because we leave. so the responsibility for it lies with president barack obama and his failed policies. >> mccain later said he misspoke saying he was blaming the president's actions, not the president himself. here's what he said to our own hallie jackson. >> if the president had not pulled everybody out of iraq, you would have never seen the rise of isis, so he bears responsibility. >> so are you -- i want to be clear, are you back tracking on your statement that he is directly responsible? >> i am not backtracking on anything. i am saying that the president of the united states' actions, actions were responsible because of the full withdrawal of troops from iraq which led to al qaeda going to syria, which len led to isis and our failure to have a strategy to destroy isis has led to the attacks on the united
8:21 am
states and europe. that was predicted by me and the director of national intelligence, among others. >> nbc's luke russert joins us now on capitol hill. it has been an incredible few days there, luke. you've watched it all play out since sunday. now you have this rare action coming up monday. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. gun control obviously has been an issue here on capitol hill since the san bernardino tattacs last year. there was a movement to go toward on legislation for those on the terrorist watch list as well as strengthen the background check loopholes. they are going after that after the filibuster of senator chris murphy. we're a graphic of what the democratic proposals will be. there's an amendment to strengthen background checks and close the gun show loophole as well as have more stringent checks for internet background sales. this is something that
8:22 am
originally came out of newtown, a bipartisan deal with joe manchin and pat toomey. also no fly, no buy. if you're on the terrorist watch list, you shouldn't be able to purchase a weapon. these were both put forward after the san bernardino attacks and both put down in the senate. republicans say, okay, we realize that the tide is turning against how easy it is for terrorists or those on the terrorist watch list to get a gun. they have their own ideas. chuck grassley of iowa, he would like to see a strengthening of our mental health system in the united states as well as put more money into the instant background check system. john cornyn of texas, the number two republican, goes i agree with the basic concept of the feinstein idea, but there are hundreds of thousands of people on this list, not everybody who's actually should be on it. there should be due process for those on the list who are flagged. they should get a court hearing or have their case heard before
8:23 am
a judge. democrats say the burden of proof is much too high and would backlog doj trying to stop these purchases. i will say this, tamron, i think that the background checks regarding gun shows and the internet sales, that went down after newtown when 20 first graders were slaughtered. there's no chance the nra will let that pass this time around. they're too strong with the republicans here in congress. however, this no fly, no buy bill. there is, if you look at those two proposals, there is room for compromise. there have been ideas, perhaps, okay, if you've been on this list in the past five years, like the killer was in orlando, you can still be flagged. that's something that has bipartisan support. something like that could go forward. figuring out maybe a week review period, maybe democrats would go for that. the compromise ability is there if they want it in the senate. who knows what would happen in the house. but the nra does support that cornyn amendment and realize this is a problem. i think if they want to work,
8:24 am
they can. democrats feel this is a political issue to their leverage, so it depends whether or not they want to move forward on it and not take away a talking point ahead of november, tamron. >> thank you very much, luke. as the nation continues to mourn the lives lost during the orlando shooting, today marks one year since the charleston church massacre. up next, we'll take you to south carolina for the ceremony being held for the nine lives lost. defiance is in our bones. our citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d. defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d. hmmmmm....... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
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welcome back. governor nikki haley speaking right now in south carolina as the nation mourns the mass shooting in orlando. the memorial service you see right now is under way in charleston to honor those killed in another mass shooting, of course, that happened one year ago today. that is where nine african-american church goers were in the middle of bible study at the ame church, mother emanuel, when the gunman, 21-year-old dylann roof, who now
8:28 am
faces the death penalty turned his weapon on them. the service is being held in the same arena with president obama passionately eulogized reverend pinckney who was leading the study group that night. it's one of several special events taking place the next few days. ron maott is there and joins us now. ron, i was there for the primaries in south carolina. just driving by that building, your heart is pulled by what happened inside there and those lives lost there. i can't imagine being there today, a year later. >> reporter: it's a very somber reflective day down here, tamron. it's a beautiful, beautiful church. houses of worship are places we think should be safe places and obviously that was not the place a year ago today when this young man allegedly walked into the church, down into the basement where they were having a bible study focusing on the gospel of mark, chapter 4 that night, and they welcomed him in. he sat there for a good hour they say and then got up and started shooting. nine people lost their lives. there's a local florist who came
8:29 am
by. this is now for the second time here over the past year to put r ribbons back up on this fence. she said as long as the church will allow her to do that, this will be her way to honor those nine people who were lost. one of the people who was lost is the mother of a woman named sharon risher, a hospital chaplain. she lost not only her mother but she lost two cousins a year ago today. she was up in washington after that democratic filibuster there on the senate floor to talk about gun control. listen to what she had to say. >> i plead with you, i plead with you with everything that i have in my heart, i ask everyone to join me in this war to disarm hate. >> reporter: so obviously this was yet another discussion about guns. they had this discussion right after charleston last year. we're having this discussion again with orlando. as you remember, tamron,
8:30 am
president obama came here to charleston to eulogize these nine people who were lost. he was also in orlando yesterday to meet with families who have lost victims in that shooting. gun control clearly a debate that this country hasn't quite got its arms around and can make some agreement on trying to make it a little safer on the streets of this country, tamron. >> thank you very much, ron. coming up, a fifth of the u.s. population is facing a potential record-breaking heat wave with some areas expecting temperatures as high as 120 degrees. it's already being blamed now for the death of a toddler and it's triggering a fire emergency in some states. as president obama continues to defend his strategy to combat isis, he's now facing strong criticism from members of his own party over syria. what dozens of state department officials are now calling for. that's coming up next. d there'so restarit. (jon bon jovi) with directv there is. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time ♪ ♪ so let's restart the show that started at nine ♪ ♪ and while we're at it, let's give you back your 'do ♪
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, cool. ♪ke reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ state department officials are sounding off against the obama administration. according to "the new york times," 51 u.s. diplomats signed an internal memo that is sharply
8:34 am
critical of the president's handling of the civil war in syria. it calls for military strikes against the government of president bashar al assad. this after assad repeatedly violated a cease-fire put in place in february. just a few hours ago, secretary of state john kerry responded to that memo saying that it is an important comment on the situation in syria. >> i have not had a chance to see it, but i agree with the process. it's a great process. it gives people a chance to express their views, and we will deal -- we will process it now. >> the significant thing is the 50 number. >> i think it's an important statement and i respect the process very, very much and i will probably meet with people or have a chance to talk when we get back. >> nbc's richard engle is following this from istanbul. richard, explain why the secretary said this is an important part of the process and noted the number of diplomats who signed this.
8:35 am
>> reporter: well, i think he's talking about the internal state department process. what happened is there is a long-standing tradition in the state department for what's called a dissent channel, and if you have a dissenting point of view, you don't agree with current policy, you can file your complaint, you can file a dissenting view. it's not that unusual. what's unusual in this case is that so many people signed it at once. there was a collective action among mostly midlevel employees at the state department, and those -- their opinions were leaked out. it was leaked to several prominent newspapers in the united states. so, yes, kerry says it's an important part of the process and that he wants to listen to these dissenting views, which is why there is this dissent channel to begin with. but clearly there is a lot of frustration that more than 50 people got together at once to register their collective
8:36 am
opposing opinion and then decided that it needed to be leaked to the media so that it would get more attention. >> and let's get an update on the climate of what's playing out in syria. obviously the president famously had that line in the sand. john mccain has been critical of the president as well as even some within his own party here. what are the options on the table right now, richard? >> reporter: well, it's one about strategy, and i think what you're seeing, the reason these state department officials came forward is about taking a moral position. there was an attempt a long time ago, an attempt that's now pretty much dead, to arm the opposition, to stand up to bashar al assad and to try and force the syrian government to make concessions. instead, what we've seen recently is the government of assad making gains, the government of assad backed very
8:37 am
openly by the -- by russian forces, and washington apparently appeasing both assad and moscow while focusing narrowly on the fight against isis. and i think it is this -- this atrocity that is taking place in sear why in their opinion that they are trying to speak out against. over 400,000 people have been killed in syria in the last five years and i think the state department officials wanted to say that they don't agree with the current policy of looking the other way it seems as assad and moscow kill so many. >> it's incredible. richard, let's get an update on fallujah. we know that iraqi forces made its way into the center of fallujah, pushing back isis. "the new york times" says that they face very little resistance. >> reporter: that is one of the surprising things so far. they had been facing a lot of resistance and then today suddenly iraqi forces were reporting that they were advancing quite quickly.
8:38 am
and the iraqi offensive is kind of a classic pinser movement. you have iraqi troops, federal police and counterterrorism forces moving up into fallujah from the south. you have shiite militias, which are backed by iran, in blocking positions to the north of the city and you have tribal sunni fighters in their positions to the west, leaving the isis fighters who are still inside fallujah effectively surrounded. iraqi forces even today were expressing quite a bit of surprise that as they were moving to the center of the city, moving up from the south, they weren't meeting as much resistance as they had been in recent days and they were able to reach the mayor's office, raise an iraqi flag, and they hope that in perhaps days, perhaps less than that, perhaps more than that, but in a matter of days, generally speaking, they hope to liberate the rest of the city. >> all right, richard, thank you very much. live in istanbul, turkey, for
8:39 am
us. up next, one prominent conservative writer says the republican party should win a, quote, darwin award for backing donald trump. this as house speaker paul ryan says he has no plans to take back his endorsement of the party's presumptive nominee. the first read is up next. what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the allowerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night.
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all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? welcome back. developing news right now, potential record-shattering heat wave is impacting parts of the southwest and plains states today. highs expected to hit nearly 120 degrees in some areas. nearly 70 million people under some type of heat warning or advisory. that will go through the middle of next week. the searing heat is blamed now for the death of a 3-year-old boy in houston. police say he crawled into the back seat of his family's vehicle, possibly to get a toy. the rear doors had the child safety lock engaged, trapping
8:43 am
that child inside. scorching temperatures are also making it difficult for firefighters battling wildfires in three different states. gadi schwartz is live in california where authorities have issued mandatory evacuations for some people nearby. how many people impacted by that evacuation, gadi? >> reporter: good morning, tamron. we just got an update from the fire officials out here. they say that there are about 270 homes that have been evacuated. they have been evacuated from areas that are known historically for their ranches. there's a lot of ranches in these gullies. let me show you what i'm talking about. way up there you actually see fire crews up on the hill. they're working on a spot we saw flare up just a little while ago. a lot of this area is also seeing a lot of back burning, fires being set by firefighters to build a protective zone. you see this gully here and this is indicative of this area. you've got a lot of ranches nestled back in these gullies, a
8:44 am
lot of historic ranches that have been around for almost a century. a lot of this area hasn't burned in over 50 years. so the vegetation down here very dense. a lot of fuel for those fires to burn. i also want to show you this. you see right here, this is the 101 freeway, a main artery in california. and then right in the middle of that freeway, there's this median. that median is full of dry grass. one of the things that we saw yesterday that was pretty alarming was about 7:00 or 8:00, fire came all the way down, hit the median and the median caught on fire as embers started to rain into that dry area that you're seeing. helicopters came in and started making drops on the median. traffic came to a stand still. again, this is the 101, a very well traveled road in california. so people stopped in the middle of the freeway and they were not allowed to pass for the rest of the night. closed until just a couple of hours ago, but it's reopened now.
8:45 am
tamron. >> all right, gadi, thank you very much. now to this morning's first read bringing the top news from our political team. speaker paul ryan telling his republican rank and file to, quote, follow their conscience when it comes to donald trump. a top conservative says that the gop should win a, quote, darwin award for backing trump. and hillary clinton's ad blitz in battleground states now up to $17 million. let's bring in msnbc news senior political editor, mark murray. so, mark, here we are. let's hit it up and go through the headlines. so paul ryan, interesting advice for the rank and file, especially when you think about -- let's go back to senator marco rubio right before he dropped out of the race, that news conference where he appeared to be near tears discussing how he would explain to his children backing donald trump at the time. now he is backing trump. >> yeah, tamron. i find all of paul ryan's statements about donald trump to be extraordinary. you have to remember that paul ryan is the republican house
8:46 am
speaker, one of the most high ranking if not the most high ranking republican in all the land. and for him to be able to say to his members, you know what, use your conscience if you want to support donald trump or not. as we know, paul ryan has endorsed donald trump, although it came very reluctantly. this is hardly any kind of big endorsement when you basically say do what you want to be able to do. we are nearing a point where it might actually be every republican for himself or herself. and again, these are just not ordinary times when you have these types of calls from party leadership. >> but being that divided going into the convention, your front-runner -- your presumptive nominee now down double digits, historic lows within your own party of how people view him. as i mentioned, you've got conservative writers from steve d deace on the radio to the writer who said the gop should win the darwin award for backing trump, it's extraordinary. it does make you wonder when steve deace says he's spoken to
8:47 am
delegates who have in their minds concocted some some kind of plan. >> body language does matter in politics and so does the unity factor. in 2014 in the midterm election cycle when democrats got creamed by republicans, democrats were the ones that were divided. allison lundgren grimes wouldn't say he voted for barack obama, she avoided saying that. the party was divided at that time. similarly, you look back to the 2000 presidential election where al gore was distancing himself from bill clinton. of course al gore got more in the popular vote but ended up losing the white house so the unity factor does matter. >> lastly, we know the money on the ground matters, the messaging matters. hillary clinton, $17 million in battleground states at a time where donald trump has chosen not to focus on key battleground states. >> yeah. tamron, we're getting word from our ad tracking sources it
8:48 am
actually could be even higher than $17 million. more orders keep coming in. also do note that the clinton super pac is on the air in those same battleground states as well. it turns out hillary clinton is owning the air waves. there are no republicans or really very little that's going on from donald trump or his super pac and it remains to be seen how long she'll own those air waves all to herself. >> all right, mark, thank you very much. great pleasure having you on this morning for the first read. coming up, the new alert from the cdc on the zika virus, as officials say three more babies have been born in this country with birth defects linked to the virus.
8:49 am
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back, health officials are expecting a local sized outbreak of the zika virus. this had three more babies born in the u.s. with birth defected
8:52 am
linked to the virus. none of those cases appeared to be contracting in the u.s. tom costello has more for us. >> good morning, no cases of women being affected by the zika virus inside the continental united states. women who contracted zika out of the country. >> three babies have been born in the u.s. with birth defects linked to the zika virus. another three baby lost to miscarriage and abortion. both residents and visitors have been diagnosed with zika. another 189 cases reported in territories mostly in puerto rico. with summer heating up concerns of zika carrying mosquitos can arrive in the u.s. land.
8:53 am
around your home, dump the standing water, all of it. >> birth baths and flower pots, buckets of water, those are going to be the perfect breathing sites for these mosquitos. >> yeah, this morning, the cdc says zika is spreading rapidly in puerto rico and the coming months, thousands of pregnant women are at risks of the zika with hou with hundreds of children being born with birth defects. a new blood denationation is in effect on the mainland but so far only houston is using that. >> do we know the time line when other cities might. >> they'll try to roll out in the coming weeks because the conservatives especially in the gulf coast and in those areas where you have inner city poverty and people may not have any screens on their windows,
8:54 am
those are the people who are most at risk of having those kinds of infections. >> tom, thank you very much, we'll be right back. 2% back at grocery stores an. and 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's thexcitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. funeral service for the voice singer grimmie, she will be laid to rest tonight at a private service, her hometown is in new jersey. while signing autographs, she was killed of the attack. itv news had identified the man killing jo cox. she was shot and stabbed after a public meeting with her constituents. investigators are searching for a motive. the suspect had ties to -- disney world will add signs
8:58 am
to the resort following the tragic death of the two years old lain gravne graves. disney closed all of its beaches. the company will also conduct a review of their process and protocols. that does it for this hour, msnbc live, i am tamron hall, hope you will have a great weekend. coming up, my colleague, kristin welker is in for andrea mitchell tonight. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," new details of how far back his anger may have gone. >> as early as third grade teachers were concerned of omar mateen of overly abusive and aggressive and much talk about sex and violent. >> investigators searching for answers of the murder of the
8:59 am
british parliament. the nation stop to remember jo cox. >> her values and service served the community and the values she lived by, those are the values we need to redoubles in our lives. >> the massacre of the mother emanuel church of the nine victims of that mass shooting. >> when evil walks inside our sanctuary, takes a seat and listens to the words of god and then perceives to violent levi late our refuge. one may ask the question where is god. and god will be there when evil is wrong to justice.
9:00 am
>> good day, i am kristen k welker. new investigation of the orlando massacre. the text messages exchange between the gunman and his wife during the actual shooting. nbc's miguel is joining me now with the later, pete williams, i want to start with you with the text messages of what it reveals of the latest investigation. >> well, it reveals that authorities are going through the electronic devices left behind by omar mateen, his phone and someone damaged by water. they're able to get a great deal of information off of text messages. we have quotation marks on them. i am not sure if these are actually verbatim quotes. according to authorities, the substance of what they say to each other. according to


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