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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 17, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that does it for us tonight. we have to go back into a time machine to be on time. "with all due respect" starts eight seconds late. i'm mark halperin. >> and i'm mark halperin. with "with all due respect" monday through thursday, this is a special freaky friday edition of with "with all due respect." >> mark and i will be here all
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night. this week in politics was so big league, no single anchor could do the job. our guest host is three guest hosts tonight. margaret, welcome. >> i'm mark halperin. thank you. >> we'll talk about a trio of republican who is had to deal with donald j. trump, billionaire, this week. paul ryan had a capitol hill press conference yesterday where he said he has no plans to unendorse donald trump. many reported that as ryan closing the door on walking back his endorsement. he carefully chose his words were meant to deliberately keep that door ajar. when asked about trump in an interview with nbc news that will air on sunday, ryan told his fellow house republicans to run for the hills if they want to. >> you think it is that members
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in the house republican conference follow your conscience. don't do it. >> the last thing i would do is tell somebody something that's contrary to their conscience. this is a strange situation. it's a unique nominee. i feel as a responsibility as the speaker of the house that i should not be leading some casm in the middle of our party. i'm not going to tell somebody to go against their conscience. >> what are the implications of the speaker's words to chuck todd? >> it's really incredible. a vote of conscience is we think about it is a vote on abortion, not a vote on whether to support the nominee. >> of your own party. >> what he's doing is freeing everybody. he's saying if trump becomes a bridge too far, detach from him and try to save the senate and at least the house.
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it's a stunning -- it has really stunning implications. >> it opens the door for anybody that the speaker will be unhappy. i think it opens the door for the speaker doing the same thing. the this movement to try to change the rules at the convention is to allow delegates to vote their conscience. paul ryan using that word is like a dog whistle to say if you think voting for trump at the convention or supporting trump in the fall is not in your interest, the party's interest, the country's interest, be my guest. >> that's absolutely right. the party, the convention structure that's being rolled out will follow. because paul ryan is largely in control of this process, we're going to see a lot of piece offense this come together in the next couple of days. >> again, chuck's interview with speaker ryan this sunday on "meet the press."
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interesting to see how people react to what ryan has said. that brings us to our next big republican who had to deal with trump this week, george w. bush. the new york times is reporting that the former president is doing a round of fund raising for embattled senate candidates. we're hearing trump's polling free fall is having an effect on candidates. what are the implications of w getting involved this this way? >> it's really interesting. a sort of one very basic level, it's great for george w. bush because he spent a fair amount of time in exile kind of partly of his own doing waiting for his legacy and reputation to settle in a better way than when he left office. this is allowing him to come in and avenge what happened to his brother jeb and solidify a name for himself if he's able to help these republicans who are in
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trouble, but it does sort of create a situation where he's appealing to the middle, to the old guard, to the center, to the establishment. if there's enough trump supporters who are turned off by some of these folks and don't want to vote for them in their own party, that could be a problem. george w. bush being the cross party appeal to the independent voters and maybe some democrats in the states. it's really interesting. >> in some ways it could help trump as a bank shot. when he speaks at these events, the symbolism it creates is here is two republican parties. there's the bush establishment and the trump wing. these candidates will be, at this point, more drawn to bush than the trump. i think it's the kind of thing, although donald trump said this is fine with him, i think it's the kind of thing that shows more division. bush is, along with mitt romney, the most prominent people who say they're not going to show up at the convention in cleveland.
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i don't think that division is good for the party, but it does get one of their best fund-raisers back on the field. it does take some pressure off of trump to have to worry ant raising money for the senate candidates. they're all, given the political situation, are desperate to raise as much as they can. bush still has a pretty strong network in all these states where he's trying to help the candidates. >> trump is not dying to raise money for himself. to that extent, it does what it does further the division. >> one last big republican who got entangled with trump this week is one of those senate incumbents. john mccain told reports that president obama is directly responsible for the mass shooting in orlando because of policies that allowed the rise of the islamic state. when that remark was compared by some to the rhetoric of trump from his campaign, mccain walked it back. he put out a statement that said i did not mean to imply that the president was personally
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responsible. i was referring to president obama's national security decisions, not the president himself. that walk back didn't stop the story from reverberating today back in arizona. here is what the senator woke up to this morning on local tv. >> senator john mccain is clarifying some comments he made about the orlando mass shooting blaming president obama. >> 4:32 this morning, senator mccain walking back the comments he made. >> senator mccain is backtracking on a bold statement. >> back peddling from statements he made yesterday. he's facing criticism for blaming the orlando attack on president obama. >> his likely democrat challenger said today we saw john mccain cross a dangerous line. >> what lessons can we learn ant the current and future state of the party from john mccain's situation with this walk back? >> we've seen this before to some extent.
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there's some time when he's really his worst enemy, and i would say this is the time. it's been awful to watch the last several weeks, the positions he feels he's been forced into. the president was hoping he would accompany him on this asia trip to vietnam. he felt like he couldn't do that because of the election. even his walk back, it's not really a walk back, it's a halfway, sort of awkward walk back. john mccain, 2008, nominee for his party is now really in a lot of trouble. trump has him in a really uncomfortable position because he disagrees with so much that donald trump is doing, and yet he can't help himself from getting halfway there sometimes. trump is dragging him down with that part of the vote he really needs. >> there's not doubt that there's a lot of errors. mccain says stuff like this all the time. this highlights for mccain and a lot of other people that not
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only do they need to comment on what trump said but the press is on high alert for controversial statements, saying things like what trump says. that means they will lose news cycles. when they make mistakes, they have to figure out do you walk it back or apologize. it's an uncomfort situation. i don't think he will be the last person to have to deal with that dynamic. >> back peddling is not the headline you want. >> mccain cannot like the dynamic he sees in front of him. all right. trump clearly not getting any lifelines from those three republicans we just talked about. ryan, bush 43 or mccain. is there anything on the republican party that if they decided they wanted to help stop this trump slide, besides trump himself or the people working for him, is there anything that could turn the narrative around? >> the key is what you said, if
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they wanted to. there's women, there's his ppans and women hispanics. he's come out and do something like judge curiel or following the mass shooting in orlando. i think governors from key states, potentially, especially female governors are his best hope at this point. >> our colleagues wrote a piece of that on about trump's appeal reaching out to governors trying to get support from republican governors thinking they can trump, in some way, pun intended, members of congress. there was a movement afoot about a week and a half ago to get people and the party to come out and say stop criticizining trum stop dividing. this is our nominee. that movement, as best i can tell, is dead. no one wants to go out and be for trump with the exception of people like reince priebus who
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must be. they are worried they will have to repudiate something and scolding other republicans for not being full throated in their support. >> just an absolute free fall over the last week, week and a half or so. it's not a good situation. he can only save him from himself. >> if trump could cap any one person on the shoulder and say you need to come out for me full throated, who do you think would be the most helpful leaving aside the fact a lot of people don't want to do it. >> right. besides paul ryan. >> i'm really stuck. >> very tough situation. we bring in another guest. we'll look at the week that was through our patented prism of
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a few days ago we used the three ds to describe donald. katiu tour is here to lend a hand. i want to start with the dissension. nbc news and politico reported there's tension now between the republican national committee and the trump campaign. afterthose reports the chairm after those reports the chairman sent out this tweet. today the rnc that former party chairman, haley barber will head
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up the organization committee next month. the national committee woman from utah, which is one of trump's worst states during the nomination season and polls suggest he's in the a fight with clinton will chair the rules committee. as you understand it, what is the state of play between the republican party and the trump campaign. is there dissension above the norm or at the norm? >> that reince tweet was interesting. didn't it sound like donald trump with the exclamation point and the cadence. that's a showing of support from the chairman to his nominee. behind the scene, hallie jackson and i have been reporting that we have six different sources that has described deteriorating trust between the to sides and tension that has been building. each one thinking the other is only out for themselves.
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the rnc trying to get donald trump and his team to hire more people. that's not happening. they still don't have a communications team in place. usually the campaigns will match the rnc if not take the lead. donald trump and his team, essentially, just relying on the rnc to bolster them instead of finding way to work together and build out an effective plan. >> as the convention approaches take over the building but there's a lot of decisions to be made. as i understand it, there's a lot of decisions left to be made and the friction over those things is growing pretty high as well. there's some people at the rnc who went everything to be
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friendly, but as you just said, not everybody thinks it's so friendly. the next d is data. that's more national polling that continues to suggest donald trump is in trouble. many commentators are pointing out that the bragger in chief is taking to denouncing the polls as he did last night in dallas. how big a problem is it for trump that he can no longer go to his rallies and talk about how he's winning? >> we'll have to see. he did say in atlanta that he tau talked about these phony polls which is day a number of bad polls came out. it's an uncharacteristic self-awareness from the candidate that does seem to point to him actually realizing that something needs to be done. i think that's why we saw a more
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moderated speech from him in dallas last night. this is an issue and the campaign knows it's an issue. donald trump seems to be saying he doesn't believe that he's going to be doing poorly when it comes to august, september. remember they feel like they're the underdogs regardless of how they did in the primaries. >> the poublic polling gets the attention. there's two separate sets of data that's a problem for republicans. one is unfavorability rating. the other thing is the private data. all these senate races, all these house candidates are going into the field. they're finding trump is hurting them. while the trump campaign, obvious lir obviously, has other things to
3:19 pm
focus on. they're saying is this really going to be our fate to have to deal with this problem. can trump turn it around? maybe. they're increasingly pessimistic that he can and if he doesn't, they can survive trump having the kind of numbers he has now if they can carry into the fall with the clinton advertising just now beginning. >> lastly, the donor class. trump in texas continuing on a fund raising tour. he was in houston today. he went to georgia, north carolina and texas. next week he will be here in gotham city with some big names. trump seems to be doing a lot of fund raising. has he solved his donor problem? >> he hasn't yet. we are told that last night from a few sources he have able to raise about $6 million. that's a good haul for one night.
3:20 pm
i believe mitt romney only raised about $3.4 million. he's so far behind where mitt romney was back in 2012. he's so far behind where hillary clinton was. mitt romney was raising about $100 million a month at one point for this election. hillary clinton already raising tons of money right now. the campaign, donald trump's campaign has a steep, steep hill to climb. what they have on their side is a change the in the rules. now individual donors can give about as three times as much as they were able to give in 2012. $90,000 as opposed to 32,000. he only needs to rely on a smaller amount of people to give a large amount of money. >> that rule change will help with hard dollars. there's two areas where trump could be raising big money where i don't see any indication he is. one is, they still haven't designated a super pac they consider to be their go to super pac and the other is small dollars.
3:21 pm
>> it's off message for him. >> they're going to have to do it. if they don't, they will leave a lot of money on the table. the other thing is small dollars which is on message. bernie sanders showed you can raise a ton of money on the internet by asking. trump has grass roots support. why they're not out there raising big money and bragging about it. that's an area right on message where they can raise a lot more. >> i think that the problem, mark, the idea he's going to go out and bless a super pac goes counter to everything he said during the primary. i think it's counter to donald trump as a businessman. he doesn't like to go out and ask for money in that way. when it comes to smaller donor, they relied on them in the primaries. why are they not touting how much money they're making. it makes you wonder, are they making that much. >> thank you very much. up next, we'll bring in our last
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3:25 pm
together we face in the next five months is to make certain that donald trump is defeated and defeated badly. i personally intend to begin my role in that process in a very short period of time. defeating donald trump cannot be our only goal. we must continue our grass roots effort to create the america that we know we can become. we must take that energy into the democratic national convention on july 25th in philadelphia where we will have more than 1900 delegates. >> msnbc political correspondent kacie hunt. he's got a legacy regardless of what he ends up doing in philadelphia. let's talk about policy.
3:26 pm
what kind of impact do you think he's had and having on the democratic party on policy? >> he spent a lot of this race complaining that we didn't focus enough on. he demonstrated there's an appetite in the country that millions of people wanted to come out and support a lot of these reforms that he has been pushing forward on economic policy. for example, minimum wage, health care, single payer health care for all. free college tuition. these generated ridicule from people inside the clinton campaign who said these are all pipe dreams. he says he doesn't know how to pay for it. clearly, people were responding to that. the second big thing a huge part of his stump speech and very much motivating for a lot of these especially young supporters was campaign finance reform and this ability of people to buy into his campaign in small amounts, and he was arguing that was a fundamental
3:27 pm
policy change, in his view, could really reshape the entire political system as it currently exists. >> what about the political legacy? what did he do that was different for the party? >> i think that the top line is actually on this issue of finance reform. it's a policy priority that could be addressed with legislation. he wants to do that. he proved, by the campaign he ran, to mount a presidential campaign. he out raised hillary clinton without tapping big donors. covering fund raisers is a big part of being out on the road with a candidate. we never went to fund raisers hardly with bernie sanders. i think that was a significant political change. >> big legacy. thank you very much. we'll be right back. a surprise for you. it's red lobster's new lobster and shrimp summerfest! with the lobster and shrimp... love in so many new dishes, you're gonna wanna try... ...every last one.
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our next guest is a
3:31 pm
republican strategist and mitt romney's 2012 deputy campaign manager and has done work for the anti-trump pac. >> there's fair amount of chatter of some delegates trying to overcome the obstacles to getting rules changes to keep donald trump from being the nominee. from a rules perspective, not a pr perspective, what's your sense of how possible that is? >> i think it's really possible. the rules are made at this convention. really everything that happens up until then is a guideline more than anything. there is a real possibility, according to a lot of experts that have really paid close attention to this. people who have been touting this for years that there really is no such thing as bound delegat delegates. once the delegates get there
3:32 pm
they can vote to change the rules and determine whether or not they want people to be bound by what happened in their home states or not. i do think this is a process that will have to originate with delegates and not with washington. >> so, today, as we mentioned earlier, the republican national committee announced that the national committee woman from utah will head the rules committee. haley barber will play a role at the convention of managing the floor when paul ryan is not doing it. based on your knowledge or tea leave reading, what do you think of those two decisions? >> both are people that have been around for a long time, know the process, know what goes on at a convention. i think there's been some concern that a lot of folks that trump is involving are people that haven't been engaged in any real way in such a long time that they did need have some people that have expertise and experience that's a little more current. both of those folks are people
3:33 pm
that have been involved the last several conventions in some way. i think it does bring some, sort of bolster, what the rnc needs to keep control of the convention. >> i take your point this is more likely to be effective if it's organic and grass roots from the delegates. most republicans say this movement to change the rules to try to stop donald trump will not happen unless mitch mcconnell and paul ryan get behind it. whether you agree with it or not, if mitch mcconnell said make your best case why i should risk going against the will of the voters, what's your best case to mitch mcconnell? >> i do think this is something that would have to be organic and come from the delegate ons the floor and maybe it would have the blessing of people like
3:34 pm
mit mitch mcconnell. donald trump did win these pray mirr -- primaries. usually i love being right. i take no pleasure in being right. this is what we predicted in the spring would happen. he would be a disaster for our party. he would not change. he is sort of johnny one note. only knows how to be one way. it's proving to be disasterous for our party. the delegates and the leaders will start to talk in earnest about what we do come cleveland. >> wasn't that long ago that hillary clinton was having bad weeks. michael dukakis was up 17 points. are you ruling out the fact that trump could perform better and come back and win this or not? >> i think the difference
3:35 pm
between donald trump and any of these other candidates is they have been proven to listen to sound advice and counsel. when they have been down, they revamped their strategy and decided to go another way. donald trump is 70 years old. i don't think he will wholesale change his personality. he only knows how to campaign in a way that appeals to a certain segment of the population and those are not the voters that we need to get over the top. he clearly has his supporters locked in. they're not going to go anywhere. you've seen the high disapproval ratings he has. 55% of american voters said they would never vote for trump. we've never seen anything like this. it will be really devastating down ballot. >> who are the second and third most likely presidential nominees at this point? >> wow. that's a really tough thing. if my money is on donald trump
3:36 pm
continuing to be the nominee, even though i think it's going to be a very, very tough thing for our party, i think several of the candidates that ran this year would be plausible options. certainly somebody like jn kasich, ted cruz, marco rubio. these were all people that sort of finished strong, second, third and fourth places. any of these candidates i think would be stronger candidates in a general election and had they won, i would have been happy to rally around any of the other candidates. donald trump is a unique bird. we have a weak opposition in hillary clinton. the most vulnerable candidate in several decades. we managed to nominate the one guy that can underperform her. any of those candidates would be stronger. >> the only way someone is the nominee is with a fair amount of chaos in cleveland.
3:37 pm
people talk about paul ryan or a ryan rubio ticket but there would be chaos. the ones loyal to trump would go crazy. is there way for to it play out where the convention is a huge mess and bad for the party? >> i think if something like that were to happen, of course the convention would be chaotic. the question is do the delegates decide they are willing to go down with the ship or stand up and try to prevent that. like i said, i don't think that today that's very likely to happen. i do think if there's a couple more weeks like this last week, i do think the environment could be created where people sort of say enough is enough. the bottom line is, he's better than hillary is not a compelling message for a general election. i think that people are beginning to realize that that's the only thing they can say that in any way resembles a reason, a
3:38 pm
compelling reason for republicans to support trump. it's just people are starting to get very frustrated with it. >> i don't know you've thought long and hard at various stages about what the best out come would be. given you're pretty confident that trump will be the nominee, how would you like things to play out in the best interest of the party and the country is this. >> i think that candidates that allow some distance between them and trump are the senator candidates come fall. i think candidates that embrace him too closely are embracing a ticking time bomb. in terms of doing what we can to hold on to the senate with very, very strong candidates in portman and ayotte and others across the country, providing some level of arms length distance, so they aren't responsible for everything he says, and we try to hold on
3:39 pm
these down ballot seats. that may be the best we can hope for. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. up next, more on the trials and tribulations for the down ballot republicans running with donald trump. if you're watching us in washington, d.c., you can listen to us on bloomberg 99.1 fm. we'll be right back.
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3:41 pm
coming to us now from the
3:42 pm
city of the diamondbacks, dan who covers john mccain closely. what's your take on how john mccain behaved in the last 48 hours talking about psident obama and how much is that in the shadow of donald trump and his re-election? >> i think it does have a lot to do with his re-election. mccain is a delicate position. he's got a big part of the arizona republican party who views him as too liberal. on the one hand he likes to look tough against president obama and i've noticed one of the ways he does that is he takes on obama hard on national security and foreign policy issues. that's what he was doing here. i think he went too far. i think he probably did misspeak a bit. i don't think he probably would have gone into that conversation with reporters intended to personally blame president obama for orlando. i've heard him make variations
3:43 pm
on that same argument many, many, many times in the past that he blames obama's policies in iraq for the rise of isis. >> he says stuff like that all the time. he felt compelled to take it back. let me bring in our colleague from the new york times. carl, you're a long time mccain watcher. you've heard him say, as dan pointed out, plenty of stuff about president obama that he doesn't take back. why is the context here different? >> i think, to me, obviously, people are pretty on edge in washington over this trump thing, as we call it. i think he came to a quick realization he needed to take that back. john mccain is in a tough race and he'll need democrats to win. he can't rely on those democrats if he going to go trash the president like that. i think that was part of his calculation and he knew he had gone too far. he had a sense of self. he likes to say these things and
3:44 pm
be provocative but he also knows he has to get out of it. >> just how tough a contest does he have against a congresswoman who has been aggressive in criticizing mccain all across the board including these latest comments. >> he's got a formidable opponent. i think the atmosphere in the battlefield is just terrible for mccain with trump at the top of the ticket and he's got, we have late republican primary. our primary isn't until august 30th. he's got to watch what he says about trump until he gets through the primary. it's a frustrating position for him. he's kind of stuck in the middle. he kind of lucked out in his primary. there are a couple of republican conservative congressmen that the groups like freedom works and the club for growth are
3:45 pm
really trying to push into the race. they both decided not to do so. he does have some primary opponents but he probably can make it through the primary okay. that would have been a different story had an incumbent house member run against him probably. he's kind of just biding his time hoping to get through this next couple of months until he gets through the primary. >> carl, in the ring of potentially vulnerable republican senate seats, the arizona seat is one. the missouri seat is one that people who worried about the trump effect have. >> north carolina. >> then there's florida where every indication i have, and i think you do too that senator rubio is going to run. what i heard from two republican sources is senator rubio is thinking about announce and denounce and how does he sequence that. he wants to not run having embraced trump the way he did. you need at some point in the early phases to make it clear
3:46 pm
you're not with trump. what are you hearing about that? >> i think he'll have to do something like that. it's going to be a really tricky run for rubio. i don't think he's a shoo-in. he'll have a tough race. this might be good for senator mccain. the democrats will pour a ton of money into florida. i talked to harry reid this week. i'm not happy. we're going to have to spend a lot of money in florida. i'm going to spend a lot of money in florida. that might shift some of the resources they would use against mccain. i think that senator rubio will have a tough time. one thing i wanted to say about mccain, senator mccain on his comments, what they did there is they fed this narrative that the democrats are trying to create. this is not the same old john mccain that you used to know, the maverick, the straight talk express. he's changed. those kind of comments and his position on garland, i think are really helping the democrats. a lot of great senate races in this cycle to take a look at. >> yeah. dan, arizona has been a very
3:47 pm
good state for donald trump. he has a lot of support there. immigration is an issue. it's a hot button in this state. it's been perceived in the last couple of weeks he's in trouble and the national numbers are bad. what are arizona republicans beyond john mccain saying about the trump candidacy? >> i think they're pretty uneasy about trump at the top of the ticket. i think gradually they are starting to come around. i don't think governor doug dousey will attend one of the events that donald trump has in phoenix. he's coming on saturday. i think the they're coming around. part of the argument is he's not a great conservative but he's preferable to hillary clinton. there's some exceptions like senator jeff flake who has not endor endorsed.
3:48 pm
>> flake is really leading the charge there. >> carl, of all the washington republicans with standing here, who do you think is both most uneasy about trump and active l strategizing about what to do about it? >> mitch mck mcconnell. he said he's supporting the nominee but he's also bashing trump. he thinks it's in his interest to kind of play it the way he is and be out there saying i'm okay with trump. as soon as he decides it's not in his interest, he's going to not be okay with trump and cut his incumbents loose. paul ryan is having a heck of time with this. he's not for him. he's for. he's kind of for him.
3:49 pm
i've got my eye on mitch mcconnell. >> i do too. if the trend line keeps going on these senate races in new hampshire, ohio, north carolina and missouri, if the trend line keeps going the way it is, i think mcconnel will have to come up with a new strategy. >> i think he was quoted by jonathan martin earlier this year that they dropped him like a hot rock. i know he would. he's not going to sit by and easily lose the majority. i think they have some real problems hanging onto their majority. he'll make a move if he has to. >> john, you're a great student of mccain's body language. do you think he's worried about losing this race or being cautious? >> i think he's worried. he always runs like he could lose. he is doing that. maybe that's something that may
3:50 pm
wind up saving mccain in the end is the fact he took this serious from the very start even before trump. >> what kind of candidate skills does congresswoman kirkpatrick have? she's not well known yet statewide, i don't think. slepts a large rule arizona district. several indian communities in her district. she's got to get herself known a little bit more where most of the voters are. she's a three-term house member. she was elected. she got defeated in 2010 and been reelected two more times since then. she supported the affordable care act which is a mccain issue. >> that's what mccain is after her on and she's after him on building the fence. i talked to senator flake about this recently. he thinks that mccain has a big enough brand of his own that he can kind of overcome this. he thinks he'll be okay.
3:51 pm
everyone knows this will be john mccain's toughest race. some people think arizona is in place. that's not going to be good for him. he's going to have to keep his composure. he recognizes that. >> easier said than done when talking about john mccain. thank you both. have great weekend. up next, it's a debate that's been raging for months. we're going to parse out donald trump's words slobble by slobble, when we come back. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes thaanyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber.
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finally, an issue that's dividing america in a bigly way or is it a big league way. if you don't know what i'm talking about, let's get you caught up. >> trump gives a speech and says. >> someday i believe that be will proven out bigly. >> twitter says lol. a man who says that is running
3:55 pm
for the highest office. i can never tell if he's saying bigly or big league. >> big league. >> we're going to start big league. >> sounds like big league. >> i would be helping out israel big league. >> wait, that's sounds like bigly. people on tv agree. >> bigly, not a word. >> bigly. that's not a word. >> you hit me, i'll hit you back bigly. >> people on tv disagree. >> it's big league. >> big league. >> big league. big league. >> big league. >> all right. it's true that we may never know, but let's turn now to our bigly big league decision desk. they've been up all night into today trying to get to the bottom of this. i know you've been working the phones. what are you finding? >> the bigly, one word, trump has not said big league. you would hear the g at the end. i've got a great example of a radio interview. this came in.
3:56 pm
take a listen. >> absolutely there's an assault on christianity. we're going to reverse it bigly. >> i didn't hear a g. >> you're finding bigly. >> clearly big league. trump has a well known habit of dropping his gs. just ask lying ted. listen to this. >> she wants to raise your taxes big league. big league. >> what is the trump campaign saying? >> it is big league. >> you're going to take her word. she says the rnc has a great relationship with the trump campaign. >> all right. trowbridge says big league. the decision desk will stay on it. we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor abo your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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thanks to our trio of co-hosts today. companies are opting out of republican convention. it's having an impact on the democrats as well. thanks for watching. we'll be back here next week. coming up, hardball with chris matthews. conscience of a conservative. let's play hardball. i'm chris matthews in washington. donald trump ends the week down in the polls, out matched in fund raising and coming under intense criticism for comments he's made since the shooting in orlando. speaker paul ryan told my colleague, chuck todd, republicans should vote their conscience and he called the


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