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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  June 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at ." this sunday, are we seeing the rebirth of the dump trump movement? sinking poll numbers, and comments like this linking president obama to isis. >> he doesn't get it or he gets it better than anyone understands one or the other. >> i'm not going to be commenting on the presidential candidate today. >> the last thing i would do is tell anybody to do something that's contrary to their conscience. plus trump reacts to ryan.
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a one-on-one with donald trump from the campaign trail. and could the horrorf orlando change the natnal dete on guns? attorney general loretta lynch is here on that this morning and the latest on what the shooter told hostage negotiators during the siege. and joining me for insight and this sunday, are we seeing the rebirth of the dump trump movement? sinking poll numbers, and comments like this, linking president obama to isis. >> he doesn't get it or he gets it better than anyone understands, one or the other. >> i'm not going to be commenting on the presidential candidate today. >> the last thing i would do is tell anybody to do something that's contrary to their conscience. plus trump reacts to ryan. a one-on-one with donald trump from the campaign trail. and could the horror of orlando change the national debate on guns? attorney general loretta lynch is here on that this morning and the latest on what the shooter told hostage negotiators during the siege. and joining me for insight and analysis, mark halperin, again ifill. and jose diaz-ballart. welcome to sunday, it's "meet the press." >> narrator: from nbc news in washington, this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. good sunday morning and happy father's day to all fathers out there. like a cancelled tv show back for reruns the dump trump movement has
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sprung back to life. why? just look at what's happened in the past week. in the wake of orlando, trump's congratulatory tweeting. and suggestion that president obama maybe in league with isis are criticized. item two, survey monkey poll among other polls is showing a sharp trend towards hillary clinton. with clinton leading trump seven points in our poll. item three, right now while trump is campaigning in states that haven't voted democratic in at least a generation, hillary clinton is up on the air with a $23 million advertising blitz in swing states. but don't worry, trump says, he hasn't started the general election campaign. and paul ryan essentially is giving fellow republicans a permission slip to vote their conscience and run away from trump if they have to. trump reacted strongly top ryan and our followup conversation with him is coming up in a few minutes. this is inspiring talk among
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jittery republicans about another last-ditch effort to keep trump from becoming the official nominee. >> a couple of guys were badly defeated and they are trying to organize maybe a little delegate revolt. i had smr opposition from republican party than the democrats. it's crazy. >> the wake of the orlando massacre, trump stepped up on the call for a temporary ban for muslims. >> they are pouring in and we don't know what we are doing. >> he doesn't get it or he gets it better than anyone understands. it is one or the other. >> according to one poll 70% of americans view trump unfavorably.
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>> republicans are responding with a deafening silence. >> i won't comment. >> i don't want to comment to run out the clock here. >> welcome to our world. >> could a stop trump effort turn in to a convention coup if so how. >> if polling starts dropping for the republican candidate, that could cause the general panic amongst all of the elected officials not named donald trump. >> already, dozens of delegates are organizing an effort to replay trump at the convention. a rules committee member bound to ted cruz circled a conscience clause she plans to introduce. >> the delegates have only had the free will to unbind themselves. i say it is -- we have the kryptonite and the power to unbind but we were told it is a
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hunk of glass. >> other option a vote to unbind the delegates or require a super majority to win the nomination on the first ballot. for delegates looking to stop trump, the alternative is unclear. no challenger has stepped up. >> who are they going to pick? i beat everybody. i don't mean beat. i beat the hell out of them. >> well earlier this week i sat down with the speaker of the house paul ryan and talked about his dilemma. keep the party united or reject the candidate of the values he does not share. >> first of all, i have a certain responsibility not just as congressman paul ryan but as speaker of the house. imagine the speaker of the house not supporting the newly elected nominee of our party. therefore, i'm creating a chasm in our party that splits us in half which helps deny us the white house and strong majority in congress. last thing i want to see happen
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is another democratic white house. i don't want to see hillary clinton win as president. i want to see a strong majority in the house and senate and i think the way to achieve those goal is to have a more unified party. you know me chuck, if something is done and said that i don't agree with that i think puts a bad label on conservativism, i will speak out on it and i hope i don't have to. >> you made a case party over country. >> no i did. i know hillary clinton won't agree with anything we want to do. she will put a bad judge on the supreme court or the conservative reforms. i have spoken to our nominee about our ajen dark conservative principles and the policies in place to safe the country and we have more common ground than any other thing and that's why i'm voting for our nominee. >> how did he reassure you? why do you trust him? you have asked him to tone
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things down and reconsider some things and then you hear so and so did reassure you in private that he would possibly back off the muslim ban. and then he goes right on with it. and then some. he essentially accused the president of treason. >> i don't read everything he says every day. i'm a little busy. but i know hillary clinton will take the country in the wrong direction and make a once generational court that will be a bad one. i believe from his speaking and public pronouncings we have more common ground than not. there are things he has said they don't agree with and policies he is pursuing that i don't agree. in the legislative branch a separate but equal branch of government we will litigate those things in the future. >> you have a point where if he runs this way and loses he is
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standing for the republican party suddenly you not only lose the white house you have to explain your support for him and why the party went to him and it was a disaster. >> he won the election. the voters picked him. he beat ted cruz and marco rubio and jeb bush and everybody else in ohio and wisconsin and all the rest of the country and -- he won the election, the voters voted for him. that's the point, he won the delegates. that's a choice they made. this isn't a top down party where a handful of people pick our nominee in the president. the voters pick him, that's the choice they made. what can i control? that's not something i can control. as speaker of the house, what i can control is, can i help add substance to this conversation? can i bring ideas to the table?
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can i lead the house republicans to take our contest principles and apply them to the problems of the day to give people solutions that improve their lives and try and inject some substance into this conversation. bring an agenda to the country. here's what i worry about. i don't worry about what donald trump says and does, i worry about what i can do to make this a better country, to improve things, to make this campaign more about substance and ideas. we're trying to add some substance to this conversation so that people know where we're trying to go to get this country fixed. >> when you said you had a duty as speaker of the house, are you implying that congressman paul ryan, ways and means paul ryan-- >> i am the speaker of the house, that's my response. i'm not going to go into the hypotheticals.
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i'm not going to try to disunify our party and override the republican voters of america, can we add ideas, can we bring substance to this conversation? what i want to do is give the country a clear choice. >> you think you're going to get that election? >> i think we here in the house can offer principles and solutions, and that's what we can control and that's what we're going to continue to doing. >> you do have a role at the convention as convention chairman. you had doubts about whether to support trump, you took a month to make that decision, shouldn't delegates if they're having second thoughts about it, have an opportunity to express second thoughts about it and let the will of the convention decide?
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>> that's not my place to decide. because of this role i have which i feel has very important responsibilities is to call balls and strikes and just to play it by the rule. so it is not my job to tell delegates what to do or what not to do. they have their roles, they make their decisions. i see my role now given that he's got the plurality, but the last thing i'm going to do is weigh in and tell delegates what to do. >> so if they decide to change the rules, which they can two, you're comfortable with however -- >> you're asking the wrong person, you should ask the party, you should ask the delegates. reince priebus. >> but if you have an opinion -- >> my opinion is not relevant here, i'm not going to tell the delegates how they should do their jobs because i am chair of the convention. >> there's a ton of prominent republican who is say they're
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not going to do it. the governors of maryland and massachusetts, do you think it is that members in the house republican conference, follow your conscience, if you don't want to support him, don't do it? >> the last thing i would do is tell somebody to do something against their conscience. this sh a very strange situation, a very unique nominee. but i feel institutionally as speaker of the house to create a chasm in the republican party. i'm not going to tell somebody to go against their conscience, what i think i can control is to help unify us around ideas, around principles and to give the country a better agenda, a better way, solutions, that's what's in my control. and all these things that you're asking me about are things out of my control that i can't spend my time worrying about. >> what can he do to make you
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more comfortable supporting donald trump? >> i have said this a lot, run a campaign that we can all be proud of, run a -- i believe that if we want to be successful and i don't like identity politics, let the left play identity politics, that's their currency. as conservatives, according to our principles, we believe in unifying people, we believe in aspiration, we believe in making a better path forward. that's the kind of optimistic, inclusive, tone, tempo type of campaign. i think it works and wins is the right thing to do. >> why hasn't he done it yet? >> you have to ask him that question.
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>> do you think he can do that? >> he can, it's whether he chooses to two so or not. >> can the speaker of the house tell the republican party that they have a hall pass to -- donald trump was eager to respond. my colleague hallie jackson caught up with donald trump just before his rally in las vegas. >> what we can do as a party is unify. i want to see speaker ryan focusing on the budget, we need to get the budget down to where it should be. otherwise i have no view on it. >> reporter: does it bother you that the head of the republican party isn't telling people -- >> you see the crowds i'm getting, you saw last night in houston, you see today in nevada, i think we're going to do very, very well. >> you told me recently that your campaign really hasn't started yet. >> we start pretty much after the convention. >> reporter: why wait? >> i have raised a lot of money for the party, we're doing very
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well. millions of dollars just this week. >> not as much as hillary clinton. >> i don't think we need as much. she's selling herself to wall street and the wall street fat cats are putting up a lot of money former. i don't want that kind of money. i don't need that money, frankly, this is like a commercial, but it's tougher than a normal commercial. look, we're going to raise a lot of money, i have raised a lot of money this weekend, i'm raising it for the republican party. if you look at ryan, he'll say we have done an amazing job in a very short period of time. we're going to have a great convention, and we're going to go on to a great cam pain. i think i'm a different kind of candidate, paul ryan said that, i'm a different kind of a candidate. i think i can win either way. i can win one way or the other >> reporter: with them or without them? >> i think i can, because i obviously won the primaries. i'm an outsider and i won the primaries. i do believe we can win either
11:16 am
way, but it would be nice if we stuck together. >> reporter: you talk about republicans, your critics say within your own party, your campaign is not organized well enough, it doesn't have the money and it doesn't have the infrastructure in the battle ground states, what are you doing to reassure people in your own party that you can win? >> if my campaign were short of money, i would just put up my own money. >> reporter: how much? >> i would put up what i need to win. i would put up my own money. i wouldn't be that generous with it. people have to put up money, people have to endorse and people have to come through. the one thing we're not doing, i have had so many endorsements, darrell issa called me yesterday. so many people have endorsed me. we have so many great endorsements. nobody ever talks about that.
11:17 am
>> delegates a the convention trying to overthrow you? >> i don't believe that t. i think they can't do illegally. i worked for one year and we won all of those delegates, almost 1,600, 1,500 to 1,600. remember they said the most we would get is 1,200, we would be short of the magic number and i got to 1,600. i competed along with a lot of establishment people, i beat them all and now a couple of them would like to come in through the backdoor. it's awfully hard when i win, what did i win? 37 or 38 states, i win 38 states and somebody else won none and they're going to be the nominee? i don't think so. coming up, could this dump trump movement actually succeed? we're going to get in to that after the break. and orlando and the renewed debate over guns in america. we're going to hear more from paul ryan on this issue. and we'll hear from loretta lynch about what the orlando shooter told hostage negotiators during those last few hours of
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welcome back. our panel is here. katy tur of nbc news who covers the trump campaign with us. mark halpren msnbc and nbc colleague. mark how real is the dump trump
11:20 am
movement? >> it is less likely to happen than to happen. but it's real, because you've got now an attitude within the republican party, at the highest levels that this would be better for the party, one top strategist said that there's a meteorite headed towards planet earth, they'll do what they have to do. the key for them is to not let something seen as led by mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. their hope is it catches on. they are willing to go -- >> it looks organic and grassroots and the delegates can trump voters more easily than people in washington. trump talks about it as being illegal. it is not. if the delegates decide to do this, they can. there is a chance in trump is down in the polls and hurts senate and house candidates and not build infrastructure, there is a strong chance they will do
11:21 am
it. >> >> it was interesting who reince priebus appointed, nicholson, a ted cruz delegate long time member of the utah congressman. utah not a fan of donald trump. and ron kaufman. you have known heim him a long time. i look at them and think maybe they are preparing for something. >> i don't know how you can believe they can make it seem organic. if you want to lead a movement you have to have leaders of the movement. i don't think we have leaders in this congress. i think want to not answer as we saw mitch mcconnell do. i think from the grassroots people will do what the leadership wants has never proven to be true. the republican party is acting like the democratic party usually acts which is disorganized. it is what they pray for every
11:22 am
night that something will suddenly happen but donald trump has a point. how do you do this? how do you go to cleveland and say the primaries didn't matter? and find somebody else? that's the big flaw in this whole idea. >> this reminds me of the come comb over. >> where are you going with this. >> the person with the combover thinks that you think it looks natural and it is really that way. but when you look at the person you are thinking that is a big combover. this thing about it being organic is a big combover. everybody will see it and you can what say what you wish if it is coming from organized groups it's a combover. >> wow. >> katie, you know trump as well as anybody at this table. weird way he would relish a fight like this. >> he's benefitted every time he's looked like more of an
11:23 am
outsider. for him to embrace the party is not on message for how he's going about this campaign. he clearly feels uncomfortable with it. that's why you are seeing so much stress when it comes to donald trump raising money and going to donor meetings and the word behind the scenes he's having a hard time saying please give me money. it is anti-to his outsider message. this would work for him. the problem is he looks like he's sputtering right now. he looks like a candidate who once had a control of his idea his message is now on the defensive, is backtracking and a lot of his supporters are saying -- i've talked to a number of them that decided not to support him any longer, which is surprising die-hard people in it said it is too much. more so than the president comments the judge comments seem to be hurting him greatly among a certain contingent of his supporters. >> you mentioned his lack of control of the campaign.
11:24 am
i want to put up quick money numbers in the tv advertising disparity we are seeing in the month of june. people say it is only june it isn't only june. it is a big moment. hillary clinton $23 million, throw in the super pac, $20 million. double that money. nobody is up for trump stuff except one super pac. look at the disparity romney and obama. the gap was eight million and everybody is like we can't have that again. >> two problems, one is that it is harder to run -- it takes more money to run against hillary clinton as barack obama found out than against than hillary clinton to run against hillary clinton he's not good at asking for money. the guy who introduced him trashed him on nafta and immigration and this is a trump supporter.
11:25 am
still wrote the check but they are not going to stick around. >> has a benefit of raising more money more quickly than romney in 2012 because the rules have been laxed. >> there's a comparable disparity. clinton last month had 700 people. what do you think it is now. >> grown since then. trump is smaller, trump is unconventional and proven to do things in a different way. this is undermining the confidence. >> before i let you go, i want to play a new clinton super pac add that hits trump and this is what he is dealing with the next four weeks. >> i'm good at war. i love war in a certain way, including with nukes, including nukes. i want to be unpredictable. i'm not going to tell you what i'm going to do. i know more about isis than the generals believe me. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
11:26 am
again unresponded to through the 4th of july and maybe longer. >> this is stuff the american people have heard about him over and over again and he won consistently over and over again saying that and a lot worse. over and over again he says things and everybody says is unacceptable. >> this is why i find saying he will implode in this general election a little bit scary. ultimately in august september, october, november, december january, february people were saying donald trump couldn't possibly win the nomination. i think it's not a good idea to make bold predictions. >> it's simple. he needs to do something different to convince republicans, grassroots and elites he can come back. he's behind in the polls, whatever raise more money, put ads on tv campaign on a different message and then he can come back. >> we have applied conventional
11:27 am
measures to trump throughout the campaign and his argument is no. >> a new jury we shall see. tomorrow we di bay through first in a three-part digital series. the feature about the rise of donald trump and there's through visualization of the campaign and people that support him. trust me on this the first part of the united states of trump is what we are calling it. the digital team conducted interviews crunched data behind it on who they are, where they live and why they like him. it isn't necessarily because he wants to build a wall. check it out at nbc when we come back, how hillary clinton growing lead in the polls could turn in to a election day rout and why republicans in the house and senate are worrying they could go down with the trump ship. it is about republican voter enthusiasm. that's next.
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one thing donald trump had counted on was the enthusiasm among republicans that fuelled his primary victories would carry over to the general election but we may be seeing a reverse effect an enthusiasm gap that suddenly favors democrats. bad news for trump, but it could mean bad news for republicans up and down the ballot. let me explain. an nbc "washington post" poll shows 65% of republicans view trump favorably, a third of republicans who don't have good feelings about their own nominee. compare it to what democrats think of their nominee. hillary clinton's numbers aren't great, 75/25. one fourth unfavorable is not great but better than trump's. the problem isn't just how a party sees trump but how republicans see the party itself. a bloomberg politics poll shows 28% of republicans have an unfavorable view of their own party. on the other side of the aisle, 4% of democrats feel the same way about their party.
11:31 am
why is this significant? because it remains republicans maybe less enthusiastic about voting in the fall and that gap doesn't hurt just trump but could hurt republicans up and down the poll p. a poll showed 78% of republicans will vote in november, 9 point drop in march. so party leaders have reason to worry their voters might stay home. if that happens, two to three point republican advantage in senate race x could be a two to three point loss on election day in that senate race. while the gop's house majority seems insurmountable right now, an election raid or tsunami would put the house in play. guess how those happen? one party simply doesn't show up to the polls. that's what republicans have to fear. when we come back, renewed
11:32 am
debate on guns. loretta lynch will join me on that issue and what the killer was telling hostage negotiators in the time during that siege. that's all coming up. ♪jake reese, “day to feel alive”♪ ♪jake reese, “day to feel alive”♪ think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power,
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and try regenerist micro-sculpting eyeswirl. it instantly hydrates to plump and lift. welcome back. bigotry, terrorism, guns these are some of the topics we were addressing on this show last year at this same time. because of the tragic shooting in charleston south carolina last year. now we are having the conversation again in the wake of the orlando massacre where 49 people were killed. at issue with the access to guns, the killer who had previously been interviewed by the fbi and on the terrorist list in the past used a semiautomatic rifle he bought days before. and there is conversation on whether those on the watch list should be able to purchase a gun. i spoke to paul ryan on thursday and he seemed open to new legislation. >> we want to make sure we get
11:35 am
it right. the question is if someone is on a terror watch list are the authorities notified as to whether a person on that list is trying to purchase a gun or not. that is the procedure right now. the question can is can we make sure it works the way it is supposed to work? point two, you don't want to deny a person their constitutional rights without due process. we have to concern ourselves with constitution and rights. we don't want to deny a person their due process rights. point theeree, the fbi is saying be careful how you do this so you do not undermine or blow terrorist investigations. we can't be clumsy and rush to judgment and do something that harms our ability to do investigations. we have to get it right. we will take a deep breath and make sure it is done correctly so the policy of making sure the authorities know and have time to respond to if a person who's on a terrorist watch list is
11:36 am
trying to buy a gunther notified. that we want to make sure we get right. there could be up to four votes on this issue in the senate tomorrow. attorney general lynch supports one of those measures and she is joining me now. welcome to "meet the press." >> thank you. >> i want to get to the gun discussion in a minute. let's go to the actual investigation in orlando right now and get any updates this morning. first, let me talk about the shooter's wife. are charges going to be brought against her? is she helping in the investigation or will she have charges brought against her? >> where we are in this investigation is talking to everyone who had any contact with this killer. that of course includes his family members. it is too early to say right now. we're not making predictions or announcements on further charges. we are learningmotivations, actions and thoughts in the days 'weeks leading up to the attack. >> is she cooperating?
11:37 am
>> we are talking to a number of people that includes family members, people who knew him and of this individual. we are asking them to come forward. she is in that of course but we are not making predictions or having discussions about anyone's status right now. >> you are going to orlando this week. are you going to announce any new parts of the investigation? >> i will be going to on tuesday to continue my briefings in the case. what we are announcing tomorrow is the fbi is releasing a partial transcript of the killer's calls with law enforcement from inside the club. these are the calls with the orlando pd negotiating team who were trying to ascertain who he was, where he was, why he was doing this. all the while the rescue operations were continuing. that come out tomorrow and i will be headed to orlando on tuesday. >> including the hostage negotiation part of this? >> yes, it will be primarily a partial transcript of his calls with the hostage negotiators. >> you say "partial."
11:38 am
what's being left out? >> we are not going to further proclaim this individual's pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda. >> we are not going to hear him talk about those things. >> we will hear some of those things but not make his assertions of allegiance. this will not be audio. it will be a printed transcript but it will capture the back an forth between him and the negotiators. we're trying to get as much information about the investigation out as possible. as you know because the killer is dead we have more leeway there. we will produce that information tomorrow. >> let's talk about the fbi angle. obviously they investigated him, interviewed him up to thee times before this took place. found -- they didn't think he was a serious potential terrorist threat. i know director comey said they are going to look and see what may have been missed. >> yes. >> is it bigger than what the fbi may have missed? is the fbi not able to do
11:39 am
behavioral study? like the fbi's job is to investigate facts and to make connections, but behavioral is harder to do. that's why when we get information about individuals like mateen, several years ago from co-workers that we open investigations and we in fact take the time and interview individuals like that. and i can assure you, had the information developed of his plans, that investigation would have stayed open. >> let's go to the gun issue here, you support -- the justice department came out and endorsed senator feinstein's version of this that would make it so that anybody on these terror watch lists couldn't buy a gun and there wouldn't be any loophole, wouldn't be a small waiting period, it would be a pretty long waiting period. but director comey is a little concerned about this legislation, here's what he said about it a year ago.
11:40 am
>> it hasn't been adjudicated in every case that someone is a terrorist that we're investigating. so we don't want to obviously blow our investigation. >> this is the concern of speaker ryan on this, he seems to be open to at least looking at the legislation. is this a concern of yours? >> we're extremely grateful that in crafting this legislation, congress took into account those concerns that the director expressed more than a year ago. and that we in law enforcement all have. obviously we want to be able to have the tools we need to stop individuals from obtaining guns who should not have them. but we also need to have a process, consistent with the law, to protect ongoing investigations and protect sensitive matters. and this amendment does give the department of justice both of those tools. >> let me ask you quickly on the e-mail investigation with hillary clinton. ultimately when the fbi concludes their investigation, it will be up to you perhaps to decide whether this goes forward with the prosecution or not. there's going to be a lot of skepticism that this decision falls on you a political
11:41 am
appointee. have you thought got finding a special counsel or somebody else to handle this to make it as clean as you possibly can? >> career prosecutors and agents, clear from politics, they follow the facts, they follow the law and they'll come to a conclusion and we'll follow the facts and the law as we do in every case. >> so this is not up to you, this decision? >> we don't talk about how we're going to deal with the internal workers of the justice department. but this will be handled like any other matter? >> so there's no any concern in your mind that you need to excuse yourself from this? and when we come back, we're going to dive into the gun debate, the political side of it with our panel. but as we go to break, a look
11:42 am
here at one of the many memorial services this week, too many of them, frankly, of the people killed in orlando last week. >> loving, caring, compassionate, these are just a few words to describe christopher andrew lioenonin. ♪ ♪ why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postalervice priority: you it's more than a network. it's how y stay connected. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner
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♪ ♪ those are just some of the beautiful makeshift memorials in orlando, one week after the those are just some of the beautiful makeshift memorials in orlando, one week after the attack. we're back with the panel. well, is the gun debate changed this week or not gwen? >> a year ago, charleston, we is since seen san bernardino. not long ago we saw newtown, we have seen this over and over again, aurora, schools, bars, it doesn't matter, nothing has actually changed. we always say there is going to be a turning point. the conversation this week is about terror watch lists and no fly and not being able to buy a gun if you're on the no-fly list. that doesn't mean that will change something like this and the conversations about gun show loopholes, something which the nra has never budged even half an inch. donald trump says he's going to meet with the nra, i hasn't happened yet.
11:45 am
it will be interesting to see how that goes. >> in this case it would have made a difference. if you're on a terrorist list, a no-fly list, you couldn't have bought the weapons he bought. just a few days before. >> when was he flying, ever? >> do you do nothing or do you do something and hope that that something makes a difference? if it's going to be, we're only going to do things that encompass everything or we don't do anything, then i agree with you, if you have someone that is being investigated and can be prohibited from going to a place and two days later buying a weapon. >> but he wasn't on any of these lists. >> at one time he was. if you go three years deep in that list or something. it does seem as if democrats, you know, republicans, when they have used terrorism they have gotten legislation passed, using the fear of terrorism as a way to get some controversial legislation passed and democrats decided for the first time to merge terrorism and guns
11:46 am
together and run with it. and it did change the rhetoric of the republicans. >> add a third element. the lgbt community which is now looking at gun control. if this is going to happen, it's because the democrats are on the precipice of -- nra still dominates the house, you saw the interview with paul ryan. the house is going to budges. i can't imagine legislation passing this year. if hillary clinton wins with coat tails and brings in a clear mandate for a lot of provisions that have never been talked about. >> you just brought up the gay community and guns, an interesting story about the next movement among gay political activists may be guns. >> what i found fascinating is that there was another call in the "washington post" talking about the same thing, talking about one-third of americans
11:47 am
talking about knowing someone who was a victim of gun violence. if there are more folks who know someone who has been a victim of this, suddenly is legislation could change, in more of a rapid way than the fight for equality among gays and lesbians. >> it would require a complete change of focus. it's always been a civil rights activism on the part of the lgbt community. i'm not sure that guns qualify in this case. obviously there's grief and there's anger. but i'm not certain. >> let's talk about something that was brought up in the loretta lynch conversation. if the conversation is guns and terrorism, she says there's going to be a partial transcript. and it's one of those things as i was thinking boy, i think some on the right -- she doesn't
11:48 am
want to reveal how much she talked about other groups that's going to bother some that say we need to hear sflefrg republicans will say you need to hear everything because they want to hear how radicalized this guy was. >> what's wrong with hearing everything, by the way? what's wrong with it? >> this seems to be a terrorism and gun fear. we seem to not think we can have both conversations. >> and a hate crime. >> it is on party lines. republicans believe it is a terrorism issue and democrats believe it will be is a gun control issue. >> she will be under a lot of pressure. >> some people think there is a manipulation, the administration doesn't want the public to know how much perhaps or there will be this oh, my god you should really hear what he said about isis. >> obvious think there's a national security interest and investigative interest and she will have to explain it better than today.
11:49 am
>> fbi director koemcomey, is he okay in this. >> they made the case and have been working hard over the years to watch. in the end you can't arrest someone who hasn't done anything. that's the problem with terrorism. it's not always predictable. you can't tell who the next lone wolf will be. >> i'm fascinating, i thought "politico" did a great thing with the idea the secret service is better at doing behavioral profiling because they have to do it all the time when there are so many threats to the president. >> i don't know if you were going to step in every time somebody says something questionable or stupid. >> we still have civil liberties in this country. >> comey is the most respected figure. but they need more and better researches. >> what more could they have done in this case? i talked to to -- the guy was incredibly passionate about how hillary is going to take away
11:50 am
our guns and the president responded toe to toe making the case about if -- i was in the situation room today and he said i still can't get congress to move on this issue. >> every time there is a terror act. the fear is there. >> let's take a quick pause. end game segment. washington's favorite parlor game. veep stakes. who may run with donald trump. and do the candidates he wants wangt want to run with him? we'll be right back. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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11:53 am
is on the short list. he said there are some good options for him, referring to trump, the question is are there people for whom he is a good option? thune is supposedly one of those people that trump would like to run with. >> corker was on the list and he did not have kind remarks for him. he is asking people still as recently as this week their opinion. he is asking everybody who should i pick who would be good? he's hearing a lot of names but there are names of people like condoleeza rice, that won't do it. >> in the same way he released a supreme court nominee list to satisfy conservatives, this vp nominee, they know it has to be a conservative. >> is it going to be someone that aleve yatesit alleviates concerns on the hill and at the rnc.
11:54 am
i have spoke to sources and they have no idea who he will pick. they have circled the wagons in terms of who is topping the list. corker was high on the list but he is saying he is discouraged by the campaign. it's not a good sign. it seems the list is narrowing down to a small list of people newt gingrich, jeff sessions. >> who have been campaigning. >> and scott brown. it's not the more establishment figures of the party. >> whoubt a woman. >> mary fallon in the mix. >> i'm told he doesn't want to, naming a woman would make it look like he was pandering and he doesn't want to look like a panderers. >> in this unusual electoral season isn't it odd you are thinking there aren't a lot of people willing to take the number two slot of one of the main -- >> he must pick a conservative.
11:55 am
also the people at the top of the party said they must pick somebody unambiguously qualified and some of the people you said i don't think -- >> trump will not pick somebody who is not loyal. >> we love to do this but i was struck by a story in the salt lake city tribune. apparently he met with a guy who is the head of the republican party in utah and he said we have a plan t. he said what is that how do the ballot races and protect themselves. this is a guy that spoke face to face with trump. >> one guy that everybody thought would be on the running mate list is marco rubio. now we are wondering, will he run for the senate mr. miami, what do you think. >> i think he will run and i think he has been mowing it over and i think he has come to the realization that florida is the
11:56 am
place he could win and he's not running as a republican in florida in the senate it will probably go democrat. >> high risk. >> if he loses it's a bad thing. he can probably win unless trump is atop the ticket. trump could beat him twice. that's -- >> and strategist game it out, close to the top of the list not to do it is every day he will be asked about donald trump, is that the way he wants to have his career potentially end. they are confident if the does it do it he can win but it will be tough and nothing makes it more difficult than trump. >> he needs a platform and being a corner office at a lobbying firm isn't quite the -- >> the the republicans need that seat and he's their best option. >> if anyone can overperform trump by four or five points it is marco rubio. >> that's all for today. happy father's day.
11:57 am
a heavy father's day for folks in orlando and those victims, but do the best you can. we will be back next week because if it is sunday, it's "meet the press." good day, everyone. thank you for being with me. it is 3:00 p.m. on the east coast, high noon out west. one week after the deadliest mass shooting orlando comes together to pay tribute to the victims. we may know soon what was said in the 911 calls. and an isis media outlet released a video in response to the shooting. the significance of the video in just a moment. elsewhere, trump taking a break from the campaign trail after a day of huge rallies in
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