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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tribute in orlando. >> none of us will stand by idly and watch while people are targeted for hate and violence. and we are here to lift you up and share our support. >> an amazing show of support. look at that. 50,000 people gathserring to remember those lost in the shooting. and then the showdown over guns. the senate voting today on competing gun control measures. >> i've had enough of though ongoing slaughter of innocence and i've had enough of inaction in this body. >> forces lining up against pligsss willing politicians. will it change anything. and the dramatic 911 calls from the moment that toddler was attacked by an alligator near disney world. what disney is doing now to keep its guests safe. we begin with the very latest in the investigation into orlando. and two developments that we're watching for you this morning.
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that massive candlelight vigil over the weekend in orlando. and then these new transcripts to come out. the conversations between the gunman and police that happened while inside pulse nightclub. and the massacre was unfolding. the transcripts are expected to be released any time and the fbi will be holding a press conference near the pulse nightclub coming up at 11:00 a.m. to discuss what has been released. and we're covering this from all angles. gabe gutierrez and ari melber join me. loretta lynch broke some news yesterday about these. there are portions that are going to be redacted. >> anything that involves allegiance to isis or what the u.s. government views as propaganda related to what the shooter wanted to put on record, they'll just not release it. they'll not have it re-aired. we in the news media are well aware of that balance between what information is relevant to an investigation and not simply playing entire isis videos or
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isis allegiances. that's that back and forth. we have a little sound from loretta lynch talking to chuck about it. let's listen to that. >> these are the calls with the orlando pd negotiating team who were trying to ascertain who he was, where he was, why he was doing this all the while the rescue operations were continuing. >> including the hostage negotiation part of this? >> it will be primarily this partial transcript of his calls with the hostage negotiators. >> and so, thomas, that's the kind of call where again presumptively 911 calls are usually open to the public but they can hold back any part they need to for an ongoing investigation. it will give us more texture about what it was like at that time. perhaps even what authorities were learning in those crucial hours during, of course, the unfolding massacre. >> is this being filtered, do you think, in a legal opinion because of playing into the hands of isis propaganda? >> exactly. the main point the u.s.
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government wants to do here is show they're not hiding anything. in a situation like this where the assailant is dead, there isn't in that sense an ongoing prosecution to him. although still questions about his wife. they are obviously not going to release anything. the only other reason according to the attorney general would be the propaganda reason. if he was using that call, turning what is supposed to be, let's just state the obvious, a call for emergency responders, right, to go to an emergency scene. here it's not someone else as a good samaritan phoning in. it's the actual murderer phoning in. they don't want to amplify anything he was saying along those lines. >> is this part of the investigation as we've covered so many times before about these types of mass shooting situations, trying to learn the details of whether isis inspired or isis directed? >> i think we're unlikely to learn a lot of that out of the call although everyone is very interested in what is on this call. we'll know more when we get it. but baseod what we've been told
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by authorities with pete williams and nbc news have learned. it's not that there's a smoking gun on the call but this investigation is in the proper stance or foot, these calls tend to come out in some edited or redacted form. we may glean some insights into what it felt like, into what authorities knew or the details and timings as those calls came in and anything else that omar mateen was saying. perhaps not about isis but the state of the room, the state of his mind-set. anything like that in snips or bits would be interesting in terms of just understanding what happened. >> all right. the fbi holding this press conference at 11:00 a.m. we'll have that for everybody on msnbc. ari, thank you. i want to go to gabe gutierrez. he was there as this outpouring of support came last night in orlando. 50,000 people gathering a week after the shooting. a solemn remembrance of the 49 lost.
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and, gabe, let's talk about this. it was a beautiful showing of support. and i believe even at one point a rainbow showed up over this crowd that was out to stand together and remember the 49 lost. >> yeah, that's right. good morning. a poignant moment when that rainbow peeked out from the clouds after a pop-up rain storm that had happened earlier in the afternoon. and you're right. this was a massive vigil. the largest one yet. an estimated 50,000 people gathered to remember those 49 lives lost as well as the more than 50 people who were injured. at last check, at least 21 people are still hospitalized. four of them in critical condition and throughout the weekend, we had several funerals that happened. at least five of them on saturday. a few more on sunday. we spoke with one man, a father, who had to say good-bye to his son on father's day. simply just incredibly tragic mood here in orlando.
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but at that vigil yesterday, people gathered to really try to bounce back as a community. and the focus was not on the killer but the victims and this community. there were several speakers there including city leaders and others who memorialize these victims. the victims' names were read aloud and people held candles honoring those victims. thomas, again, the largest vigil so far. funerals continue this week as this community really tries to honor those who were killed. >> must be some small sense of help to the families to see that support, that show of strength and compassion from strangers showing up to remember the loved ones. gabe, we still have certain folks that were injured in the nightclub remaining in the hospital. do you have an update on them? >> that's right. at least 21 people are still remain in the hospital. four of them are in critical
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condition. several more surgeries are expected throughout the day. so certainly besides the 49 people who lost their lives, there's still very active effort right now from surgeons really trying to make sure that death toll does not rise. >> the recovery effort to keep them -- return to health remains there actively. in orlando, gabe, thanks. the raging debate over gun control comes to a head today in d.c. as the senate will hold votes on four gun control amendments. democrats led this epic filibuster to get these procedural votes. will any of them get through? luke russert joins me now. talk about the legislation and the chances of any of this passing. >> hey there, thomas. the chances are slim to none because these four proposals being put forward are essentially regurgitated from what we've seen over the last few years on capitol hill after newtown and the san bernardino terrorist attacks.
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let's talk through them a little bit and give you an example of what they are and why they're more likely than not to go down today. the democrats are going to come out of the gate with two. the one will be by chris murphy of connecticut. he is, of course, the senator who led that filibuster. he wants to see the gun show loophole closed as well as stricter oversight of gun sales done over the internet. now this is a variation of what was put forward in 2013 after newtown by senators manchin and toomey. there were newtown families in the gl rgallery watching the vo. shows you how strong the nra was opposed to this saying it hurt private gun sellers. another proposal put forward by dianne feinstein of california, the one that's getting a lot of attention called no fly, no buy. if you were on the terrorist watchlist you should not be able to get a gun. this is something that has gotten a lot of popularity in the past on the democratic side. however, republicans say there's not enough done regarding due
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process concerns. if someone is on that list by mistake that their second amendment rights are being infringed upon. this went down after san bernardino. it's expected to go down today. on the republican side, senator grassley of iowa will put forward a bill that will up money for he federal instant back ground check system and put more money into mental health accounts. democrats say, one aide said this is lipstick on a pig. doesn't do enough. that won't get any democratic votes. and lastly, john cornyn of texas will put forward his proposal of the no fly, no buy which is, we agree terrorists should not be able to get -- those on the watch list should not be able to get weapons but you can't have the government unilaterally saying no, no, no. there needs to be judicial review. a 72-hour review period, the department of justice to try to stop a sale. the attorney general has said that's not enough time and democrats agree saying the burden of proof is too high on them that a terrorist could simply wait out that time
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period. different ideas moving forward. they are all expected to go down. what i can report is there is some movement from a bipartisan group of senators on can we do something with no fly, no buy that bridges this divide. doj says we need more than three days. republicans want to start at three days. can you maybe give them 50 days to review someone on that watch list, go back five years retroactively. and if they were to pass something like that, it would have flagged the killer in orlando because he was on and off the list in the last five years. a lot of moving parts but most votes will be symbolic. >> business in >> nbc's luke russert on capitol hill. we've got families of the children killed at sandy hook elementary waging their own fight, suing the company that made the semiautomatic rifle used in the 2012 massacre. this morning a judge in bridgeport, connecticut, is hearing arguments on whether to dismiss that lawsuit. now attorneys for remington say the company is shielded from
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lawsuits like this but the families argue their case should be allowed because of a loophole that permits lawsuits against companies that know their weapons are likely to be used to harm others. we shift gears into a were brighter note. the nba finals in game seven that few would have believed possible, unless, of course, you live in cleveland. >> trying to stay with curry. catches. one dribbles. puts up a three. won't go. rebound tip. final seconds. it's over! it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again. >> cleveland rocks. this historic upset after the cavs battle back from being down three games to one to dethrone the reigning golden state warriors. also the team that had won the most games in the season. it's the first championship for cleveland in more than 50 years. congratulations to them. up next, for the first time we're hearing the 911 calls from the tragic gator attack at
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disney world. we have that coming up. first, a check of your weather and this epic heat wave in the west that's now turned deadly. at least four people passing in arizona. meteorologist bill karins is here with the latest on that. bill, this is the first official day of summer? >> 6:34 east coast time is when we'll hit the summer solstice. we've been in this epic heat wave since last week. 26 million people, excessive heat warnings. and today just like yesterday. very close to the temperatures we set yesterday. two spots hit 120 yesterday. one of them yuma, arizona. today in yuma, about 116. phoenix about 115. so the oppressive heat still right over the top of us. what was stunning about the people that died is most of them were in their 20s out hiking even with water. in the next couple of days, not a lot changes. the other breaking news is tropical storm danielle formed. it's in the gulf of mexico. it's heading into mexico. it will not get any stronger. and for the ohio valley back
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into areas of western new york and pennsylvania, watch out for severe thunderstorms today. we'll be watching some strong storms and damaging winds later on this afternoon. the rest of the country just plain old hot from st. louis to washington, d.c. we'll have more coming up with thomas roberts on msnbc live after this. ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone] this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is t only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating inary symptoms of bph,
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more now on the breaking news surrounding the alligator attack at disney last week. we're getting our first chance to hear the 911 calls placed in the moments after 2-year-old lane graves was grabbed by a gator in front of his parents and later found dead. kerry sanders joins me now with more on this. he is in lake buena vista, florida. the 911 calls are revealing what? >> well, the first call is a call that comes in and then it drops. it's believed to be a call that was made from the lifeguard station which is by the adjacent
6:17 am
swimming pool. then a second call comes in. and as you listen to the call, we'll listen to a portion of it here, you'll understand the caller doesn't realize there's been a gator attack. but what the caller does believe is that there's been a drowning. let's listen to a portion of that now. >> someone drowned in the seven seas lagoon lake. >> at the pool? >> no, lake. >> in the lake? >> yes. >> you said they drowned there? >> someone drowned. just play in the pool. please come to the grand floridian. >> so 2-year-old lane graves sadly was pulled from the area, the police say, about one foot from the shoreline just splashing about on the water next to his father by this alligator. it took some time for the authorities to find his body. the medical examiner saying that he drowned and suffered severe trauma. today his family has released a
6:18 am
statement. they are back in nebraska. the husband, the wife, the 4-year-old daughter. and matthew and melissa graves releasing in a statement that melissa and i continue to deal with the loss of our beloved boy, lane, and are overwhelmed with the support and love we have received from family and friends in our community as well as around the country. we understand the public's interest, but we move forward this week and we ask for and appreciate the privacy we need to lay our son to rest. neither melissa, myself or anyone from the family will be speaking publicly. we simply cannot at this time. and that is completely understandable. there will be a wake for lane today and a funeral is planned for tomorrow. thomas? >> so heartbreaking. kerry sanders reporting in lake buena vista, florida. thanks so much. we shift our attention shortly back to politics and the dump trump movement. is it really picking up steam? 1,000 people allegedly join a
6:19 am
joint conference call overnight to do just that, dump trump. they are gop delegates. but do they have the leverage to block him at the convention? we talk to one of the movement leaders next. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it fls to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor
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learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit we're going to go into a great victory. it would be nice if the republicans stuck together. i think i win either way. i can win one way or another. >> with them or without them? >> i do believe that. >> donald trump confident he can win with or without the support of the republican establishment. but just last night an anti-trump group hosted a conference call. it says roughly 1,000 people joined. and their goal, oust trump at the convention by passing a rule change to allow delegates bound to trump to vote for the candidate of their choice allowing someone else to rise up and snatch the nomination. paul ryan had this for republicans on "meet the press."
6:23 am
>> the last thing i would do is tell anyone to do anything contrary to their conscience. i feel that i should not be leading some chasm in the middle of our party. >> joining s ining us is steve . he was one of the leaders on the conference call last night. good to have you with me. you heard speaker ryan right there about being able to follow their conscience. he has endorsed donald trump. is that ultimately what you're trying to do with free the delegates? >> yes, it is. i think that was a permission slip from paul ryan for the delegates to be freed up to vote their conscience. and donald trump said he can win without the republican party. then let him step up to the plate and do that. he can win without the republican party. he should be a man and try and we should nominate a candidate suited to beat hillary clinton and that's not donald trump. i can predict after the words from donald trump day in day out and the effort i'm seeing in the movement that's growing that donald trump will not be the nominee of the republican party. >> but donald trump has played
6:24 am
by the rules. and he has been able to create his own movement that has put him in this position to secure the gop nomination with the number of delegates needed. why do you feel you can go against the will of the people who have voted for him? >> donald trump will squeal about how he got 14 million votes. but i'd like to remind everyone there are over 45 million republicans in the country and the delegates at the convention represent all of those republicans, not just donald trump's minority. >> but a majority of them in whatever state they come from, they are bound to the person that won their district. primarily those cases that then elevate to the state level. those of those places are where donald trump won. why would you go against the established republican saystem o throw a wrench into your nominating process? >> because the delegates are there for a reason. we have a convention for a person. it's not a coronation of donald trump. it's for the purpose of the delegates representing what's in the best interest of the
6:25 am
platform of the republican party and nominate the person best suited to defeat hillary clinton. a lot has happened since the primary took place back in january, february and march. donald trump has shown what he's made of. and circumstances have changed drastically. it's readily apparent that donald trump will go down to a resounding defeat and take the republican party with him. he doesn't seem to care. he doesn't care about the damage it looks like he's doing down ballot right now and says it when he says i don't need the republican party. if he doesn't need the republican party, we don't need him. delegates have the right and moral obligation. >> what are your odds? it's no small task. 57 of the 112 rules committee members have to vote in favor. then a majority of more than 2,400 delegates at the convention have to vote for it. is this an uphill climb? >> the republican party is a party of individuals. 57 individuals have to step up to the plate. and then go in front of the convention delegates. tale have to vote. and they have to vote to bind
6:26 am
themselves. i don't see the republican delegate saying we want to bound to donald trump. they want to vote their conscience. under the law they're not bound to anything yet. no rules have been passed. even though states have their rules, the state rules don't trump the national party rules. every one of these delegates is open to vote for whoever they care for. >> thank you, steve. you have an uphill battle ahead of you. good luck. appreciate your time. coming up, we're waiting on the fbi to release the conversations between the orlando gunman and police. conversations that happened inside pulse nightclub. florida senator bill nelson will join me with his insight into that investigation and more about what happened to florida, the families that are left still reeling. that's next on msnbc. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder.
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[phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. welcome back. it's a top headlines to start your day out. we start in washington, d.c. this is where the senate is expected to vote on this evening
6:30 am
the four gun reform proposals. it's unlikely they'll hit the 60-vote threshold to move forward. and in iran, state media is reporting the country's intelligence ministry foiled one of the biggest terrorist plots against tehran and other holy sites. according to the iran news agency, they stopped a number of bombings across the country. and hillary clinton became a grandmother for the second time. yes, we see on saturday chelsea and her husband mark welcoming a son aidan. secretary clinton tweeted out this photo saying what a joy being with our new grandson. they have a granddaughter and a grandson now. and in cleveland, fans are celebrating the city's first professional sports victory since 1964. last night, the cavs beat the golden state warriors in game seven of the nba finals. lebron james, yes, was named the mvp of that series. congratulations to them. more now as we take you back to orlando and the investigation
6:31 am
as we wait for these new transcripts of conversations between the gunman and hostage negotiators during the night of the shooting rampage inside of pulse nightclub. i want to bring in florida democratic senator bill nelson. i saw you on the scene in the hours after this attack. i'm sure you've been briefed about what these conversations are. we're waiting to find out for ourselves exactly the conversations had. but do you know whether or not the shooter was attached to radical islam? yes or no. >> i think he was inspired by isis. i think it will be a combination of that and a hate crime, as well as some mental instability. >> and senator, when you say inspired by isis, is this because of a digital footprint that has been revealed, about what he was looking at, that they have a propaganda videos that he was influenced by? is there no direct connection?
6:32 am
do we think this was completely a lone wolf from the information you've been briefed on? >> i think he was a lone wolf. and this is isis' modus operandi. they say don't come to syria. stay in america. do something that is dramatic and that kills a lot of people. do it on your own. then you're one of our isis brothers. >> we know that loretta lynch said yesterday on "meet the press" the justice department will redact certain parts of these conversations. do you think in the public interest that it is proper to filter what the american public deserved to know about what went down that night? >> i don't know until i see the transcript, but if it has anything to do with any of our sources of information, of course, we have to protect that. >> and we know the activity, as
6:33 am
we're waiting on that, the fbi giving a press conference coming up at 11:00 a.m. but i want to move on to what's taking place where you are today in washington, d.c., and the vote that's going to happen in the senate. the four difference ones on potential legislation. do you think that there really is a chance? we had luke russert talking before there's not an opportunity for this to be fruitful. what do you say? >> for us to get 14 republican senators who are under the gun, literally with the nra, i think is going to be a stretch. to get 60 votes to break off the filibuster. but i'll tell you, there's another bill that's coming. instead of going after the u.s. persons about 5,000 that dianne feinstein has in her bill, that would be on the terrorist watch list, lindsey graham and susan collins are going after a subset
6:34 am
of that, about 800 u.s. persons on the no-fly list. and if ours is defeated by not getting 14 republican senators to join us, then i think we may be able to wrangle some senators that are up for re-election that are feeling the heat because, clearly, 80% or 90% of their constituencies are telling them that, if you are on the no-fly list, why in the world would you want them to be able to buy a gun? >> it seems like common sense but when you mention those up for re-election, moving any direction in positive toward gun reform then opens up people to the argument that they're willing to start stripping away access to second amendment rights and that also makes them fearful to keep their positions as elected members of congress. i want to ask you about the
6:35 am
executive director of the nra. chris cox said this on nbc about the nra getting involved in elections. >> i'm confident that at the end of the day, the american people are going to understand we have a god-given right to defend ourselves, firearms are an effective way doofg that and the politicians that want to divert attention and suggest we're somehow to blame will pay a price for it. >> so, sir, in this political culture that we live in, and the advances of technology and society, is there not a way where gun rights and gun control can live in the same environment? do they have to be mutually exclusive? >> of course there's a way that both can live. and that is common sense. for example, we have a right of free speech. but you can't yell fire in a crowded theater. so, too, in second amendment rights, and i grew up on a
6:36 am
ranch. i've had guns all my life. i hunt all my life. but there's no sense in if i were on the no-fly list, if i can't get on an airplane because they suspect me of being a terrorist, why in the world should i be able to buy a gun? so there are limits and that is what the constitution is. it's a living, breathing document that shifts with the times and the new technologies. and that's what the nra is missing. >> sir, we shall see how the vote goes. senator bill nelson of florida, thanks for your time. vice president joe biden is expected to hit the presumptive gop nominee donald trump on his foreign policy coming up this afternoon in a speech at the center for the -- the center for a new american security in washington, d.c. in his prepped remarks released
6:37 am
by the white house last night, vice president biden never names trump but says ideas trump has proposed such as building a wall and banning muslims are dangerous to u.s. foreign policy. the vice president says slandering entire religious communities as complicit in terrorism calls into question america's status as the greatest democracy in the history of the world and will only make the problem worse. coming up, i'm going to speak live with a top gun lobbyist, larry pratt, head of gun owners of america. could he back any of the gun control bills that are expected to go before congress today for a vote? we'll ask him after this. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneurs of the week. omar and camille brown knew nothing about the restaurant business when they opened their daytona beach-based kale cafe. they knew a little more when they opened their second store. they want to keep growing but they need help. we're giving them a "your
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and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't have to set records. but i'm still going for my personal best. and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. breaking news from the supreme court. it's about a case out of connecticut and the assault weapons ban in that state. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins me with more on this. let's explain the background of the case and how the court came down earlier. >> so, thomas, this is the
6:41 am
supreme court declining to take up a challenge to an assault weapons ban in connecticut that would ban the manufacture, possession and sale and so forth of exactly the same kind of weapons used a week ago in the orlando shooting. the law in connecticut was passed in 2013, just a short time after the sandy hook massacre. and the government there said that these assault weapons, which is the term they use in their law, are used disproportionately in mass shootings, in crimes. and that the lower courts upheld the ban and said they were particularly deadly and their ban would be constitutional. the challengers here, several connecticut citizens and some gun rights groups said that all you would accomplish by banning these weapons you might reduce the number of crimes committed by these guns. but you'd simply have fewer constitutionally protected guns, and they also said these weapons are among the most popular in the nation.
6:42 am
but today the supreme court declined to hear the case as is the court's usual custom. it was a simple one line, unsigned order. and, thomas, ever since the supreme court said in its landmark ruling in 2008 there's a second amendment right that individuals have to have a gun at home for self-defense, the court has repeatedly declined to take any challenges to local gun restrictions. just last december, the supreme court declined to take up a challenge to a similar assault weapons ban in the chicago suburb of highland park, illinois. so this is -- this means there will be no challenge heard to this law. the law remains on the books, thomas. >> pete williams at the supreme court there in washington, d.c. thank you for that update. back to politics now. and donald trump this morning clarifying comments he made suggesting patrons at the pulse nightclub should have been armed. first, here's what he had to say on friday. >> if some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, and this son of a.
6:43 am
[ muted [ comes out and starts shooting and one of those people happened to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight. >> but over the weekend, top nra leaders said they do not believe clubgoers should carry guns. and trump tweeted this earlier this morning. when i said that if, within the orlando club, you had some people with guns, i was obviously talking about additional guards or employees. there was an off-duty police officer there report eedly exchanged fire with the gunman that night at pulse. i want to bring in the executive director of gun owners of america. the supreme court declining to consider the assault weapons ban out of connecticut. this was instituted, dannel malloy signing that into law after the tragedy that happened in their state with newtown. do you agree with how the supreme court is reacting to the challenge in connecticut?
6:44 am
>> well, we're sorry that the connecticut law has to stand, but under the circumstances with the even split right now on the supreme court, had they taken it up and there'd been that even split, the law would have stood with the affirmation of a supreme court decision. i think it's better that we just wait and hopefully get another suitable replacement for justice scalia. we can wait that long, hopefully. so it wasn't the best news in the world but it certainly wasn't the worst. >> we were watching these different statements, suggestions from donald trump, managing now to unite these two opposing groups. we have the nra and gun control advocates both saying the pulse patrons should not have been armed. what do you say? do you think that more people armed in a public space are better off than what we just witnessed last sunday early morning in orlando? >> well, we know very clearly
6:45 am
that since 1950, of all the mass murders that have occurred in our country, only two were not perpetrated in a gun-free zone. or we can say it this way. gun-free zones are murder magnets. and so we've got to simply say no to these gun-free zones. >> this wasn't a gun-free zone. >> yes, it was. >> there was an armed guard. >> no, he wasn't armed and -- >> an off-duty police officer -- >> that doesn't make him armed. he was working as a security -- >> he exchanged fire with the shooter. >> it didn't do any good, did it? >> once the bad guy gets through the security, everybody inside is a sitting duck. and that's the problem with gun-free zones. they simply are an invitation for what happened in orlando. we've got to get rid of these. the congress is not -- >> you are saying gun-free zones for people that might have a concealed permit. this obviously did have an off-duty police officer who was
6:46 am
armed on location. >> florida law prohibits people with a concealed carry permit from being in a bar. it was a gun-free zone. it was one more gun-free zone where lots of people were killed. and we've got to put a stop to that. it's not even being talked about in congress to the shame of the republican leadership there. >> well, we just look over the last year, what took place in orlando and going all the way back to what happened in charleston. we had nine different u.s. attacks, separate mass killings. 111 wounded people and 101 deaths. the majority of people coming out of orlando just from a week ago. one of the weapons that's was used there is the sig sauer mcx. a lot of people have talked about this as being an ar-15 type assault rifle. it's not part of that family but it's been described as being
6:47 am
originally designed for our military -- u.s. special forces and a military gun that's now being promoted and sold as some type of sporting rifle. do you think that there is a common sense way for americans that want access to gun rights and access to firearms to also coincide with americans that would prefer to know that they are safe in public spaces without assault-style weapons sold freely? >> feeling safe in a public place and being safe are two different things. a law that says that it's gun-free may make some people feel safe. it certainly, from our history, doesn't make them safe. all but two of our mass murders have been perpetrated in just places like the orlando shooting spree location. we've got to put a stop to gun-free zones. >> so you think that, and just that's not my question.
6:48 am
my question is basically about people having access to being able to purchase a firearm. >> the kind of gun -- >> there are people buying military-designed offshoot weaponry right now, and can have a clip of up to 30, can have a glock handgun like the shooter did in orlando. should americans have free access for a firearm to protect their home? explain to us why a hunter needs a sig sauer mcx. >> the second amendment is not about hunting. it's about protecting the right of the people to keep and bear arms that are able to enable them to resist tyranny. that was the experience in the 18th century. the british government tried to disarm the american people. they resisted that. it happened in athens, tennessee, in 1947. and it's gone this way for a long time. the second amendment is very useful in keeping a balance between the government and the people. that's what it was intended to
6:49 am
do. >> so do you think that all americans should have access to consume and purchase the same style of weapons as our american military? >> well, actually, we make a distinction. the american military uses fully automatic firearms. the firearm that was used in orlando was a semiautomatic that has been available for probably 50 years on the american market. so we've got to be careful that we don't conflate things that are not the same at all. the american military uses a firearm that can be purchased in the united states, but it's very difficult, it's highly restricted. some states ban them altogether. and we're not talking about those kinds of guns. we're talking about what's been on the market since the 1950s. >> the ar-15, those style assault rifles, yes. the sig sauer mcx was only introduced in january of 2015. >> but it's not substantially --
6:50 am
it's not substantially difference from the ar-15. it's a semiautomatic. it accepts a large box magazine. nothing revolutionary about that. >> i just want to make sure we're getting all the details out there about the type of weapon that was used so there's nothing -- >> the detail that -- >> the type of weapon that was used in orlando so there's nothing con flated about the type of weapon that was used in orlando. >> what is relevant is that it was another murder magnet. another gun-free zone. that's what we've got to put a stop to. >> i would dare you to say that to the families that lost a loved one. >> i would have a chance to explain to them that it was the politicians that set their families up for this. coming up, the bizarre death of one of hollywood's rising stars run over by his own car. new details about what happened as the tributes are pouring in around the globe. cy seeing you . uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too.
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we have breaking news considering the donald trump campaign. reports confirming that campaign
6:54 am
manager for donald trump, corey lewandowski, has left the campaign. lewandowski has been a fixture of the small team that has surrounded donald trump since he announced over a year ago that he would be running for president. lewandowski has been embattled at times earlier in the spring living through the situation of being accused by a breitbart reporter of approaching and assaulting her, by grabbing her away from the gop presumptive nominee when she was asking a question. he was arrested and that charge was later dismissed against him. i believe it was simple assault was how it was categorized. but that was never moved forward in terms of process in the state of florida. again, the breaking news is that corey lewandowski has left the trump campaign. his twitter handle @clewandowski still describes him as donald trump campaign manager but he hasn't tweeted in over a day.
6:55 am
our reporters have been on the scene and speaking with our sources. our hallie jackson and katy tur both saying they have separate sources that have confirmed he has left the campaign. we're back with more after this. life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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welcome back. the breaking news we just got moments ago about the donald trump campaign firing its campaign manager in corey lewandowski. hallie jackson, one of the first people to help confirm this news for the network. hallie, this is kind of a big surprise for a man who has been a part of a very embattled campaign and trump has always stood by him. >> and from the very beginning of this campaign as well, thomas. i can tell you that myself, my colleague katy tur now have multiple sources confirming that corey lewandowski is out as campaign manager. when you talk about this being a surprise, it certainly is. just as recently as this weekend lewandowski was with trump at his rally, at his rallies in texas, in las vegas as well. so the news that he is out is
6:59 am
surprising even to some within his own campaign. nbc news spoke with one advisor moments ago who was surprised to hear this news, who had learned about it from "the new york times," which first reported word of lewandowski's departure from the campaign. remember, lewandowski has been there from the beginning. there has been a power struggle, however, within the campaign since chief strategist paul manafort came on board a couple of months ago so perhaps this now a sign that manafort's camp has won out as donald trump looks to shift towards the general election ahead of the convention, thomas. >> it is a big development for the trump campaign. and again, we are now just weeks away from the convention coming up in cleveland for donald trump and the republican party. hallie jackson, thanks for scrambling for me, i appreciate it. thanks to all of you at home. i'm thomas roberts. i appreciate your time. coming up right now with more news on "msnbc live," jose diaz-balart. >> thomas, thank you. it's another supreme court decision day. we are expecting decisions on
7:00 am
three landmark cases before the court session ends. we're live outside the court to bring you those if they happen today. also within the hour the court did decline to review connecticut's ban on assault weapons. the justices left in place a lower court ruling that upheld laws that were passed in response to the sandy hook shooting involving a semiautomatic weapon. good morning, we're also following fast-moving developments this morning in orlando. within the next hour the department of justice is expected to release transcripts of the shooter's 911 calls made during the deadly rampage inside the pulse nightclub. attorney general loretta lynch is expected to visit orlando tomorrow. ayman mohyeldin is following the investigation in orlando. ayman, good morning. what are we expecting to hear in these calls? >> reporter: well, we're expecting to hear from senior members of the investigative team, the fbi investigative team that is here on the scene that continues its forensic analysis of the pulse nightclub. they're going to brief reporters in about an hour's time to give us an update on the


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