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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> i feel a big guilt. i have lost over 10 to 15 friends. when i call them friends, because i'm there performing they're always there supporting my career, my show. we always -- every time i go to orlando. if we don't go to have dinner, we go to the pool, we just do something together. for me to lose so many friends and not even 15 friends, i lost 49 fans that are there with me i feel guilt because i want to be gone and don't have too many victims to leave this world. it's something i carry and carry in my heart and always asking god, why? why me? why did i need to be in that door to run out before? if i would never decide to take those suitcases to my car, i would not be here. >> here you are, jasmine.
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thank you so much for joining me. we will see you this weekend performing at new york pride and we wish you the best. >> thank you so much. >> that will wrap up our coverage today. my colleague, kristen welker, picks things up. xxx i'm kristen welker. we begin live from washington beginning with breaking news from the trump campaign. he fired corey lewandowski that shocked many in the campaign. lewandowski had been with trump since the very beginning. sources say paul manafort will replace lewandowski as campaign manager. ali got the first interview with lewandowski right outside his apartment. >> reporter: were you surprised this morning when this happened? >> i don't know it's so much a surprise. i want to say how honored i am to be part of this team and a privilege to be part of the team. i now have the privilege of
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going back and spending time with my family the most important thing. i will continue to support donald trump in any endeavor he has. if i can play a role in this campaign whether formal or informal, that would be an honor to have and it's been an honor to be part of this campaign in the beginning has been great. >> the decision to oust lewandowski was reportedly trump's and reportedly told him in a direct meeting this morning and i asked if his campaign advisor was caught off guard? >> it was. but we all have the same goal, to get mr. trump into the white house and defeat hillary clinton. this was what needed to be done. >> a significant shake-up is a big move for the trump campaign that could have huge implications just a month out from the convention. all this as brand new poll numbers show hillary clinton leading donald trump by seven points nationally and on such a
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big day for the presumptive gop nomin nominee, we have all the reporters and katy tur who has been with the trump campaign from the beginning and outside the trump campaign headquarters and i know you just spoke with his son. tell us what he was saying. >> reporter: i'm hearing from multiple sources this firing came at 9:30 this morning. it was done on the phone and corey lewandowski had no idea it was coming, sources telling me everything had just dom a head in recent days, the pivot that wasn't happening with donald trump going to the general election necessitating this changeover, needing to get somebody with more presidential experience in charge of this campaign, that is why corey lewandowski was ousted. it's now why i'm told paul manafort is taking the lead role in this campaign. while manafort has been technically in charge of strategy since april 7th,
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multiple sources telling me the problems were corey lewandowski, behind the scenes, was trying to usurp that power, blocking hi hires, making it more difficult for the campaign to have a good and positive relationship with the rnc, multiple sources saying lewandowski was adamantly against hiring more people for the campaign, hiring communication staff, rapid response person and somebody to counter the hillary clinton machine or team to counter the hillary clinton machine especially in communications and worrying it would end up losing some of his own power. on the face of it publicly, the campaign and both the family are saying this split was amicable despite the fact he was led out of trump tower this morning by security. take a listen to what donald trump, jr. told me about it just a moment ago. >> reporter: according to people that told me this, he was taken away, he was escorted out of the building by security. that seems like not an amicable
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split. >> there's protocols in place. i don't care if you're an intern or this, that's what happens. you've seen what's happened. you've seen him and us. we've had a great relationship with corey and been a friend and mentor us to in many ways as we are learning politics as well. i'm glad we were able to end on a very good note and able to end it. i will be a delegate in new york at the convention and he will be leading the new hampshire delegates and sure we will have a good relationship as well. >> reporter: corey lewandowski will be a new hampshire digelege and says he still supports donald trump and leaving the door open for a possible job opportunity with the trump administration or down the line with the trump campaign and both donald trump, jr. saying they would be open to that and corey lewandowski saying they would be open to that. sources behind the scene say part of the reason is that happened today is this family was pushing back hard and telling their father it was time for lewandowski to go.
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this had been building for months, chris. i'm told specifically ivanka was leading the charge to get him removed. she was unhappy even before lewandowski was accused of assaulting a reporter. after that, they were pushing hard but the thing is donald trump was winning the primaries and the candidate saw no reason to change things midstream. it's been a bad couple weeks in the campaign, sliding in the polls and outspent on tv and facing potential revolt within the republican party, a convention coup and time to change it and put somebody like paul manafort in charge who is better able to change donald trump's messaging and more strategy and depth to his campaign he had been lacking so far. >> katy tur, great interview and reporting as always. i want to turn to kasie hunt at a conference where vice president joe biden just comm t commented on donald trump without mentioning him by name,
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important to point out. what were your takeaways this afternoon and any word yet from the clinton campaign on the big shake-up within the trump campaign? >> reporter: hi, christie. i have to keep my voice down again because this conference is still going. senator lindsey graham on stage behind me along with senator jack reed. vice president joe biden spe speaking here today at this conference and laying out really a robust defense of president barack obama's foreign policy over the course of the last eight years and offering his own defense of it. while he didn't mention donald trump by name, he did criticize his policies implicitly. one the ban on muslims donald trump has called for. >> willing the politics of fear and intolerance, like proposing to ban muslims from entering the united states, profiling muslim-americans, slantering
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entire religious communities as implicit in terrorism calls into question america's status as the greatest democracy in the history of the world and in the process alienating 1.5 million musl muslims. the vast vast majority of whom at home and abroad are peace lo loving. it doesn't make a situation better. it makes it worse. it plays in at the very narrative of the extremists. >> he also talked a little bit about how america shouldn't build a law, an aleutian to another one of donald trump's policies. and democrats getting on the same page in this campaign focusing on the same sets of issues, vice president joe biden, president barack obama, hillary clinton as the candidate, real synthesis from the white house to brooklyn. on the other point whether the
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white house commented on corey lewandowski, we haven't had any official response but tweeting trump is dominating another news cycle and the sky has not fa fallen. he has talked quite a bit how trump's ability to dominate the news cycle won't be a huge problem for hillary clinton in the end. >> great point, kacie, before let you go i want to ask you about lindsey graham who took sharp aim at donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump does not seem to be popular across both sides of the aisle where a lot of foreign policy talent has come into the ob administration and lindsey graham has been a critic for donald trump and won't vote for him and not sure who he will vote for and write somebody in. he took the stage here and unexpectedly went after trump
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saying a few minutes ago his foreign policy has been all over the map after he offered this critique. take a look. >> what trump is doing, he's declaring war on our allies. you look what we do in japan and southkorea, the best deal in the world. they have a footprint to stand up for our values and alliance and bulwark against china. >> reporter: that sounds an awful lot like what hillary clinton had to sane her national security speech in san diego where the seahawks about in her view donald trump was essenti essentially setting the stainge for a potential nuclear war and saying good things about hillary clinton saying she could fix sequestration. >> kasie hunt being an expert
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whisp whisperer. appreciate it. i want to bring in former analyst and communications advisor for the ted cruz campaign. thanks for being here. let's talk about what this means. you know about campaign shake p shake-ups, why is this happening now and will it have a real impact, just weeks before the convention. >> pretty unusual you fire your campaign manager weeks before the convention. the machiavellian empire came to a head and corey lewandowski lost and paul manafort won and the way paul did it, got to the family and ivanka trump became the lead critic of corey lewandowski. ivanka is the one person donald trump seems to consistently listen to. game-set-match. >> this is not just about one person. let's look at some of the fig e figures which tell the broader story here. as of the last federal elections commission filing trump had just 2$2.4 million on hand compared o $30 million for hillary clinton. hillary clinton, up with more than $20 million in ads along
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with super pacs in key battleground states. donald trump spending zero. then you heard katie mentioning the polls, down in some of the polls. what is the root problem and is it too late to fix them? >> the root problem is donald trump has failed all along to build a campaign. i don't think that's a campaign manager problem. we heard in the report corey lewandowski was blocking hires. he may well have been blocking hires paul manafort wanted to amass power on his side. that would be legitimate. it tells you there's a lot of energy spent internally on the campaign that seems to be not very well organized. look, families are always going to get involved in campaigns to some degree. it's never really a good idea particular you have one as the sons said in the report they were learning from corey lewandowski because they really didn't know about politics and now they're running a national
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campaign. the problem with families, you have lots of decisions that are made for emotional reasons, for reasons other than winning a presidential campaign because remember the family has lots of interests in the trump empire that have nothing to do with n running the race. we don't know what all the agendas are. this is definitely a real problem. as they say, they have not hired what i would consider a full communications team. they have missed opportunity after opportunity to react to very simple low hanging fruit in the news cycle, like the jobs report, ig report, hillary clinton's critique of his foreign policy. it may be -- i'm not sure, it may be too late to be building a campaign at this point. >> you talk about missed opportunities. what i hear more and more from my gop sources is donald trump had seven weeks to himself, basically, to dominate this news cycle, to provide a vision from where he wants to take this
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country. instead, what we saw were more controversial comments, yet corey lewandowski's whole mantra is let trump be trump. if donald trump tries to shift at this point, does he not risk losing the one thing that got him to this point and is that not his chief concern effectively? >> the part about that, i think corey is right actually, let trump be trump except the thing with trump, he called himself a perfo performer, he says, when he called up wayne newton, i'm performing for him. that's interesting language to use i'm a politician speaking on the stage and for him it's a performance. the reason that's significant is because donald trump relies on the audience to satisfy him in some way. he loves when they cheer. when he reads a speech and they don't cheer, he doesn't like that. a good campaign would have figured how to give donald trump what he needs as a performer so he doesn't get the reaction of what he has to defend for three
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days and comes at his own and his opponent's expense. the money difference i've been asking for months is a huge problem. >> is there any chance this party will be united by the time they get to the convention? >> very unlikely. >> rick tyler, great insights. thanks for being here in the studio, appreciate it. still to come, the united states of trump, how you can find out who supports him and why. stay with us. life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids my name is roger zapata and si'm a usaa member for life.y usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see y 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them.
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and we have some breaking news to tell you about at this hour. the fbi has just reissued the call transcripts from the orlando shooting without any redacti redactions. our own pete williams will have the very latest on that coming up in just a bit. as we continue to follow the news of corey lewandowski being
12:19 pm
ousted from the trump campaign, our digital team will look how he got to where he got today. the united states of trump is the first of a three-part series you can find on and uses interviews anthropology data to examine trump's success and reveals who's supporting trump and why. for more now let's turn to msnbc political reporter, benjy sarlg. thanks for your great reporting today. >> thank you. >> let's start with this big shake-up within the trump campaign before we get to rep t reporting. what are you hearing and what might be different under paul manafort? >> corey lewandowski was really an important part of the angel and devil on donald trump's shoulder. he was the one arguing the campaign should not try to change donald trump much, all allowed to say what he wants or not worry about whether it's offending someone or having an effect on the polls and there was word he was perhaps holding
12:20 pm
up some of the hiring. trump has been very slow to staff up his campaign and part of that because lewandowski didn't want his influence cu curbed. it's possible paul manafort, the top aide now remaining there, will scale up quicker. >> let me talk more about the united states of trump. you looked at trump based on individual counties. what can you tell us? what are the big takeaways you found? >> the big thing that stood out when we look at counties that supported donald trump, the first half on in this primaries they tend to have a few standout characteristics. if a county was place incomes had stagnated the last decade, trump tended to do extremely well. a place where a lot of people did not have a bachelor's degree or high school degree, trump sended to do extremely well. on the flip side, counties extremely well off, midland
12:21 pm
county, texas, the site of an oil boom the last ten years, trump dill poor d poorly and th started doing better in upscale counties but extremely striking how this was early in the race. check this out, the digital feature of united states of trump. coming up next, the gunman behind the deadliest mass sho shooting in history stopped to call police and confess to the crime. more after a quick break with pete williams. stay with us. what are you doing? getting faster. huh? detecting threats faster, responding faster, recovering faster. when your security's built in not just bolted on, and you protect the data and not just the perimeter, you get faster. wow, speed kills.
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[ park rides, music and crooooh!unds ] [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. we have more now on the breaking news with the orlando sho shooting. the fbi released the call transcripts without any redacti redactions. partial transcripts were released earlier but without any
12:25 pm
information including who the shooter declares allegiance to was omitted. pete, what can you tell us about this and what's the significance? >> much of the information was omitted. i must say, i don't get the excitement about all of this because we already knew what was in the redactions, i don't know if we have the words up here, in the original release by the fbi, where he said twice that he w t wanted to pledge allegiance to abu bakr al baghdadi of the islamic state, both times he said that, that was left out. that's it. that was left out of here and the reason the fbi did it wasthy did not want to reamplify his propaganda. there was concern expressed by at least two people in congress they thought this was a mistake not to put it in there and now the fbi has put it in there. the news here is the timeline of events.
12:26 pm
this is really an extraordinary amount of detail about what police were doing from the time the first shots were fired until omar martine was kill-- mateen three hours later and gives us detail minute by minute of what was happening. we also learned during three calls with the orlando police department we had not heard about earlier, mateen claimed he had an explosive vest and there were explosives in his van and people inside the club called to say mateen had claimed he was going to put explosive vests on four people as they came out. you heard police talk earlier about their fears about explosi explosives. that's the reason we now learn and as we know, no explosives were found. we learn an additional detail here the police managed to pull an air conditioner unit out of the wall in one part of the pulse nightclub and that allowed additional people to come out through that and he was finally
12:27 pm
shot just outside the pulse nightclub when he came out of one of the holes police punched in the wall to let people out. >> update as you and i talked about this earlier but so much focus on omar mateen's wife. a lot of folks want to know if she will be charged. >> sure. that's the big question. they're still questioning her and other members of the family. i'm told we shouldn't expect charges against anyone. they didn't mention any names. i would be very surprised if there are any criminal charges filed within the next several days. >> pete williams, thank you so much. i want to bring in luke russert on capitol hill tracking the gun vote in the u.s. senate due to start in about two hours from now. break this down. they are considering four different pieces of legislation and my understanding very little chance any of these bills pass. >> reporter: that's right, chris.
12:28 pm
i think that point is very important off the bat. these are mostly symbolic votes and similar to other votes taken after mass shooting atrocities in the united states. they will be paired together for today, two republican and two democratic. chris murphy, the senator from connecticut who let the filibuster last week, he's pu pushing to close the gun show loophole for private serials and should have to do background checks and emphasis on stricter background checks on new gun sales. that went down with newtown and will go down today. you should not be able to purchase a firearm if you are on the patch watchlist. that went down after san bernardino. it is expected to go down today.
12:29 pm
they say there's not enough due process if there is a mistake for a judge to have a view of i and the burden of proof is too difficult and that plays into the republican proposal from senator cornyn from texas, s saying, look, we agree the terrorists should not be able to get these guns and should be done in court for a judicial review. democrats don't like that and doesn't give enough time. another bill put forward by chuck grassley in iowa to try to steer more money into mental health screening and instant background check system but gun advocates say that amendment would weaken the laws on exi existing books for a variety of reason es. all that being said, the things to watch for are two, where do the vulnerable blue state and purple states go, kelly ayottes and mark kirks of illinois, ron johnson of wisconsin and patrick toomey of pennsylvania, and if
12:30 pm
both republicans and democrats agree if you're on the terrorist watchlist you should not be able to purchase a weapon, is there room for compromise in the future? senator collins of maine has reached out to allies and like-minded republican senators to find out a way to mesh the john cornyn and feinstein proposal to say there should be judicial review if you're on the terrorist watchlist and are f g flagged, you may not have needed to be on that and you should also be flagged if you're in fact a terrorist. there is room to work there and the will. congress is gone for the summer july 15th and not much gets done ahead of the november election. reed and mcconnell, this issue benefits both their bases and do they want to strike a compromise because neither one wants to feel it too much before the election in november.
12:31 pm
>> we were talking about the votes on the other side of your screen. i want to follow up quickly, you talk about the cornyn compromise, underscoring there is very little chance these bills will make it through, based on my conversations, if anything leaks by, it would be that one. is that the one you're watch in? >> it would because of so much similarity to feinstein bill, if you're on this watchlist you should not be able to get a gun. democrats have a serious problem because the doj said a three-day review period part of that bill is not enough time. they need more time. pat toomey of pennsylvania put forward increase that up to 50 days and room to maneuver and work. maybe you put democrats don't look like they weren't for this in a political ad. they believe this is a good political issue and want to double down on it.
12:32 pm
>> luke russert with all the politics and intricacies. i think it will be a late night for you, my friend. appreciate your reporting. >> you, too. >> in cleveland the city celebrates its first national sports title in over 50 years and the national republican convention just four weeks away, are they ready for the next wave of big crowds? we'll explore that next. hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters we doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off.
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rebound tip taken by speights in the final seconds, it's over, it's over. cleveland is a champion once again. the nba champions. >> what an incredible moment. hometown hero, lebron james and cavaliers handed the city of cleveland its first championship in 52 years. james was voted unanimous mvp after leading the team back from a 3-1 deficit defeating the golden state warriors in a
12:36 pm
dramatic game seven. while they were celebrating in the locker room, an estimated 30,000 fans poured out to celebrate their incredible win. now, they have less than a month to celebrate the next win, talking about the rnc convention. this has put them several weeks behind moving into the quicken loans arena. blake, what can you tell us? >> good afternoon. normally, conventions like six to eight weeks to convert this arena into a convention hall. this week, they are only getting four weeks because cavs went so much further than anticipated. they just got the keys to the arena on friday and work has already been done. a time lapse video in the first 24 hours, already pulled up the basketball court and building the stage donald trump will speak on four weeks from this week. as that is going on inside, outside, road construction,
12:37 pm
bea beautification projects for the city of cleveland. the mayor tells me it's a good old-fashioned spit shine. >> these moments come and go and why you have to make the most of them and do it in a way that it has lasting effect. just like the rnc, the convention, we wanted not only for it to be a successful convention inside the hall, but we want people to come, enjoy themselves. we want the world to spotlight cleveland in the most positive light. >> reporter: that interview with the mayor happening minutes ago. security a major concern this year more than most because donald trump is expected to bring out a lot of protesters. the mayor believes the city is ready. here and philadelphia where the democratic convention is take placing, they each received $50 million in grant money to plan for security. in cleveland, a lot of that money is being used on riot gear
12:38 pm
for these officers and bringing in officers from surrounding communities to beef up the manpower to be ready for this convention. >> a race against the clock. blake mccoy, thank you for that report. we want to shift to florida where orlando police released the first dramatic 911 calls that came in after a 2-year-old boy was dragged under by an alligator at a walt disney world resort. >> 911, what's your location and emergency? >> please come to the grand flur fluridian, please. someone drowned in the seven a seas lagoon. lake. >> during the -- at the what? >> someone drown eded at the la >> in the pool? >> no. lake. >> you said they drowned there? >> someone drowned there. i just say in the pool. >> so tough to listen to that.
12:39 pm
kerry, when you listen to that tape, it seems like the caller wasn't aware an alligator was involved in this at the time. >> reporter: clearly, it sounds like the person who makes the phone call and we believe, according to disney officials, it was actually somebody who worked at the swimming pool area they thought it was simply a drowning. it happened in the evening and it was dark and sadly a time alligators typically hunt prey. from the swimming pool area to the lake, it would have been hard to understand visually what was going on. she called into the reidy creek fire department, where the recorded phone call was about the emergency she thought was simply a drowning. there was one other phone call that came in. that call that came in from what we believe was the lifeguard back at the swimming pool again well over 100 yards back and that person may have called and laid their phone down knowing the 911 call would necessitate a
12:40 pm
response by the fire department. meantime, we take a look at the area here today, about an hour ago around the area where the 2-year-old toddler was attacked by the alligator, you can see they've now put up a string of fencing there, which is a temporary barrier. they'll be building something different. the idea is to tell people do not enter the water here and you can see the signs there that warn of the dangers of alliga r alligators, kristen. >> obviously, the family still morning and how is the community holding up there, disney community in particular after having dealt with something so horrific. >> it's very clear from the people i've spoken to who work here, i chatted at some of the employees there, they're heartbroken. this just doesn't happen. the fact that it did happen tears at everybody. they try to promote this as the
12:41 pm
happiest day on earth, we meanwhile the family is in nebraska holding a wake and tomorrow planning a funeral. >> devastating. thank you. today is the first official day of summer. hale officials aren't taking it easy as fears are growing of a zika outbreak in the u.s. after the virus was already linked to birth defects and three babies born here in more than 700 travel related cases. developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyesevery time you drive.
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born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thankou america for a century of trust for the privilege of flying higher and higher, togher. ♪ growing it's the first official day of summer but the travel industry has been disrupted by the zika threat issuing warnings in several countries along with the caribbean. traveling to see how the travel industry is handling the outbreak, tony joins me from miami. what did you find? >> reporter: hi, kristen. the cancellations are mounting
12:45 pm
in tropical regions. there is a health concern that zika could scare off tourists and hurt the $67 billion tremendous trade. they say the only real epidemic isn't zika but fear. >> said, danny, we're heading to this canal. a lot of mosquitos breed there. some may be carrying zika. are you worried? >> no. i'm laughing. not true, nothing happening. >> reporter: i will put on mosquito spray, though. you sure you don't want any? >> sure. >> reporter: coming from the sta states, i look at that, i think mosquitos are coming out, i'm worried i will get zika, you don't feel to be bothered at all. >> i'm not afraid. normal, relaxed. >> zero cases?
12:46 pm
>> zero cases. >> right next to the canal. >> is zika hurting the economy? [ speaking foreign language ] >> we're definitely concerned that maybe it might affect our business. we've had three cancellations. >> reporter: what would you say to americans who are watching this that might be considering a trip to puerto rico? >> i don't think it's any more concern than being in the sta states, you wear bug spray and maybe wear long sleeves. >> protect yourself. >> protect yourself. >> you're able to enjoy the island. >> kristen, we reached out to the cdc. they admitted they can't be sure of the total number of zika cases in puerto rico and the projected number that come to the united states but they stand by particularly for pregnant
12:47 pm
women and their partners, time to watch out whether economic losses or not. >> thank you. seems like bug spray definitely key in those areas. thanks for that report. appreciate it. coming up, we're hours away for the senate voting on gun legislation. vice president biden fresh off his visit to orlando urged this. take a look. >> on monday and beyond, make yourself impossible to ignore. you know by stepping up, your action has the potential to create a domino effect. have the courage to do it. we've done it before, we can do it again. finish this, please help us finish this. let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuac let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad!
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because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
12:50 pm
>> i deeply believe that these weapons of war don't belong on the streets and i've tried now three times. the question comes how deeply
12:51 pm
embedded r are memb embedded are members of the senate and house to the national rifle association? because you will never be able to meet what the national association wants and won't akmoo achieve anything. >> that was senator dianne feinste feinstein. these votes come after senator chris murphy's 15-hour filibuster and the wake of the worst mass shooting. joining me now is msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber. ari, what are we watching and what can we expect? >> we can expect this showdown to happen here. we know they stayed up for the fill buster from senator chris murphy. his proposal is that gun show loophole issue trying to make sure the background checks that function and the rest of the gun
12:52 pm
market will be applied. the gun shows, here he is talking about it today on msnbc. >> what we're asking for is not terribly radical. if you're on the terrorist watch list you probably shouldn't be a weapon and it's pretty amazing there are potentially going to be 50 some odd republicans today that will vote against that. >> senator chuck grassley, the ranking member of judiciary has a counterproposal that allows republicans to be for something, this would bulk of the sharing of mental health records, an issue that's been important. the other big show is the no-buy list itself. senator feinstein has the proposal to say if you are on the terror watch list you shouldn't be able to buy a gun full stop. in the same way if you're on the terror watch list and you want to get on a plane, you are not allowed on the plane, full stop. the republican proposal goes more towards what we've been talking about for folks who have been talking about this. the due process rights the. idea of what about people who might end up erroneously on the list but should still have due process to the right to a gun.
12:53 pm
so it would notify the government and give them three days to stop the sale but as i said, it's hard to amount a terror prosecution and conviction or something that would meet those requirements in three days so people see that as an alternative without teeth. >> all right, ari melber, thank you for breaking that down. appreciate it. coming up next, they're fed up with politics so they're living as far away from it as they possibly can. that's when we come right back. >> time for your business entrepreneurs of the week. omar and camille brown knew nothing about the restaurant business when they opened their daytona beach based kale cafe. they knew a little more when they opened their second store. they want to keep growing but they need help so we're giving them a your business makeover. for more, batch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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12:57 pm
places like this in montana, ride one of these things to get home to be off the grid, away from civilization we all live in day to day, particularly the politics. for the last ten years, hank canner has called this mountain top in the bitter root valley home. he has his own water well and he and his wife survive on food they hunt and grow. >> who wants to sign up? >> reporter: when you hear the names donald trump, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, what do you think? >> i think about one person with zero experience and i hear of others -- two others who are career. >> reporter: to live closer to his new grandchildren, hank put his house on the market with the help of theresa mondale. a real estate agent specializing in off grid homes like the one hank lives in and smaller one, too. >> just because you're off grid or self-sufficient or growing your own food doesn't mean you have to live in a shack. >> you live in a log cabin up here? >> yes.
12:58 pm
>> you have quite a commute. >> six and a half miles from the nearest paved road. >> reporter: grant deacon and his wife carrie live an off grid life far different in hank's in their 700 square foot cabin. but the reasons for choosing the life-style are strikingly similar. even if their politics are different. >> when it comes to the government or what have you, i personally believe that we do need change. you know, the way things are going, it's not getting better, it's getting worse, so i'm all for change and if it happens to be trump then that's all right with me. but we're not controlled by nothing up here. >> reporter: doesn't mean freedom from rules, it means freedom from noise. if i were to actually be quiet, you'd hear nothing but wind and birds. i guess on national television on the nightly news nobody ever gets to be quiet so let's listen for a second. [ birds chirping ] so that's why. >> that's why we're here. >> reporter: jacob soboroff, nbc
12:59 pm
news, darby, montana. >> incredible sounds, fascinating story from jacob soboroff. that does it for this hour. i'm kristen welker, steve kornacki picks up coverage from here. have a great day, everyone. and continuing msnbc coverage right now. i'm steve kornacki. we are 141 days away from election day and topping our agenda at this hour, the shakeup in trump world. campaign manager corey lewandowski is out fired amid sagging poll numbers in panic from top republicans about that campaign's direction. >> i want to say how honored i am to be part of this team. it's been such a privilege to be part of the team. i now have the privilege of going back and spending time with my family which is the most important thing. >> the apparent impetus for lewandowski's ouster, trump's family. his daughter ivanka, we have learned, confronting her father, urging him to pull the trigger. the question now, is this a sign
1:00 pm
the trump campaign is changing direction? or is it a smokescreen? our trump campaign insider katy tur has fresh details on just what went down today and what it means. a that is straight ahead. also on our agenda, the democratic tag team. hillary clinton is taking her shots, barack obama is, too, and now it's vice president joe biden joining the pile on against donald trump. >> there are 1.4 billion muslims in the world. some of the rhetoric i'm hearing sounds designed to radicalize all 1.4 billion. >> biden playing the attack dog role as vice president and speaking of attack dogs, elizabeth warren has made waves recently, tearing into donald trump now. a lot of democrats want her to run on their ticket with clinton but a report today says one powerful group is scrambling to shut that talk down. would wall street scotch an el


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