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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 21, 2016 1:00pm-1:25pm PDT

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bought more than 1 million firearms so far this year. more than any other state. we are also tracking a major shift in american gun culture. being armed for protection is now the top reason americans say they own guns. as opposed to for sporting or hunting purposes. those numbers jumng from 26% to 48% just over the last 14 years. almost doubling there. while fire wraarm sales are up, number of households with at least one gun is now at less than a third, that is down from a high of 50% back in the year 1977. msnbc's tony dokoupil is at a gun shop and shooting range just outside louisville, in crestwood, kentucky. so, tony, i know you've been talking to gun owners there all day. gun culture in places like where you are right now is so essential to this debate we see in politics. this debate we see in congress. we see those statistics about the reforms that people want, but the voters, the politicians are most afraid of, it seems, are the sorts of people you're
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running into at a gun shop and a shooting range. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, steve. the people who come to shops like this, this is open range in crestwood, kentucky, the reason they are here, the reason they are buying guns, it's changing and changing substantially. i want to take you back to 1999. people in 1999 were buying a lot of handguns like this and the reason they were telling pew researchers were saying, hunting, sports, hobbyist, collecting. pew asked the very same question, why do you own a gun, the number one reason is now protection. instead of only handguns, in addition to handguns, people are buying assault rifles like ones you see on the wall on back there. it's a personal safety question. and on that point of personal safety, i think that's also why you see a large majority of gun owners supporting what some would call common sense reforms. that is expanded background checks and a limit on people on the terror watch list from being able to walk into a shop like this and buy weapons. as things currently stand, gun
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shop owners like barry law is here. >> and a gun owner, too. >> and a gun owner as well. you currently could do a background check on somebody, discover that they are not approved by the fbi to own a firearm. >> correct. >> reporter: and they can walk right out that door and buy one on the secondary market. how do you feel about that? >> well, it really irritates us because we do our best. we're the ones that enforce the laws on the books, right? you come to buy a gun, we're enforcing the loe inine ining t. we're the good guys. >> reporter: additionally with the senate failing to act on monday, somebody on the terror watch list can walk in here and buy an assault rifle you have on the back wall and walk out and do who knows what. how do you as somebody who sells weapons feel about the loophole? >> again, if there's a consistency as far as how they're doing these lists, i would feel much more comfortable disallowing anybody that has any violent tendencies whatsoever. >> reporter: what people in the general public don't necessarily understand, if there is a risk, if there are people out there with violent tendencies, why not
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err on the safe side, close the loopholes right away? >> because of basic freedoms in america. we want to make sure everybody has basic freedoms in america. that's what we are as americans. when draconian laws come down the pike, it might sound good. i don't want to live my life by a sound bite. >> reporter: thank you very much. a good sound bite to end on. steve, it comes down to trust. a lot of the gun owners i spoke to don't trust the federal government to apply these laws evenly so people have access to guns while the wrong people do not. back to you. >> all right. tony dokoupil in crestwood, kentucky. thanks for that, tony. and coming up, the most important number of the day from staffing to fund-raising, cash on hand. how the campaigns are stacking -- we've never seen a gap like the one we're about to show you. stay tuned.
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money to win the primaries. $55 million. now, that's a lot of money by even any standard. i may do that again in the general election. >> you just said -- >> i have -- excuse me, matt, i have a lot of cash and may do it again in the general election. >> that was donald trump this morning on "today" show talking about how he's going to pay for the general election campaign against hillary clinton. look, you have heard, we have seen how unusual the donald trump campaign has been for the past year, but there is nothing more unusual than the number we're about to show you. it's our most important number of the day. look at all those question marks. there's a lot of mystery. let me end the mystery and show you the number over here at the big board and the number is, let me take a deep breath here, 42,461,785.99. that's the difference in the amount of money each one of these candidates has in their
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bank accounts to run for president right now. hillary clinton, these are the new reports, we're going through the numbers in the last 24 hours. hillary clinton's campaign has over $42 million on hand. cash on hand. donald trump's campaign barely over a million dollars. look at that gap both candidates basically through the primaries now, basically looking at the general election. that kind of gap we've never seen something like that heading into a general election before. how stark is that trump number of just over $1 million cash on hand? check this out. bernie sanders, he's still actively a candidate, technically, but hillary clinton's the presumptive nominee. bernie sanders, about nine times as much as donald trump has. ted cruz, remember, he dropped out a long time ago. he's got more money than donald trump. ben carson, remember when ben carson dropped out? feels like that was years ago. ben carson still has more money on hand in this campaign account than donald trump has. more details we got from these new financial reports we're all going through now. get a sense of the kind of
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operation these two candidates have. donald trump's campaign, looks like they got about 70 staffers here working for donald trump. hillary clinton's campaign, multiply that number by ten. about 700 staffers for hillary clinton's campaign. so some huge, huge differences in terms of the money these campaigns have. in terms of the kind of infrastructure they have, and you would look the another these numbers in any election and say, you can't possibly run for president, compete, yet alone win with the kind of disparity donald trump is facing. that's what all the rules say about every election before now, but, again, we have to say, this is donald trump. he has broken all of the rules for the past year. all of the rules that said somebody who says and does the things he does should never be the major party nominee of the republican party. he got through, he won the republican nomination without spending that much money, without having the kind of campaign organization people said you had to have. can he do it again in the general election? there's a lot of reasons to doubt it.
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he's done it once, though. he'll have to do it again. but, again,s right now, more than $41 million, the difference in cash on hand. that's huge. still to come, donald trump meets behind closed doors with some of the most influential conservative christians in the country. his polls among evangelicals lagging behind what past republican nominees ran. we're going to break down trump's meeting. some controversy coming out of that. we're going to talk about that ahead. >> no one was here today because they're saying we support donald trump. they were here today to hear from donald trump. >> i do feel more comfortable with him. this is why he needs to do this and need to do this more. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok.
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starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. hillary in terms of religion, she's been in the public eye for years and years and yet there's no -- there's nothing out there. there's, like, nothing out there. it's going to be an extension of obama, but it's going to be worse because with obama, you had your guard up. with hillary, you don't. and it's going to be worse. >> donald trump meeting today with evangelical leaders here in new york city. those comments captured via twitter. of course, we weren't in that meeting. it was behind closed doors. officially. we don't know what trump said before he made those comments. what is clear, though, is that trump seems to be painting his likely opponent, hillary clinton, as the wrong choice for evangelicals. that's a key demographic when you're a republican running for president. they make up more than a third of the electorate. nbc reporting today that those evangelical leaders left that
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meeting feeling lukewarm about trump. calling him a palatable alternative to hillary clinton but not a champion of their faith. david brodie is the chief political correspondent at the christian broadcasting network. he was in that meeting. he joins me now. david, let me just set this up. we got one recent poll here from bloomberg. evangelical voters, trump versus clinton. it's got trump up 54%-36%. not the margin you want if you're a republican. you're usually looking for the high 70s there if you're a republican, so there's a problem for trump, did he do anything to fix it today? >> he did, steve. i think it was a pretty big moment. i was inside the room. there were two standing ovations. one when he took the stage, and one when he left which, of course, is the more important ovation and, indeed, there was a second one. so, look, the folks i was talking -- you mentioned nbc reporting lukewarm. the folks i'm talking to, and i talked to folks that were for ted cruz before they were ever
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potentially for donald trump. these are ted cruz folks. they said, look, he marched the ball down the field a little bit today and moved the needle. and so they seem to be more engaged after this meeting than they were coming in. and so they saw a different side of donald trump is what they're telling me and we'll see what happens. yes, is there work to be done? sure. that work got under way today and i think it was a pretty significant day for donald trump. >> you say they liked what they heard. they saw a different side of him. tell me more about that. what did they hear, what did they see? >> a lot of things transpired. first of all, it was about an hour and a half he was in there, close to an hour and 45 minutes or so. that's a long time for really any presidential candidate yet alone donald trump. in front of 900 evangelicals. let's dial it back for a moment here. if you think about it, donald trump is showing up in front of 900 evangelicals when this is not his bread and butter, obviously business and all of that, free trade and all that. when you're dealing with evangelicals, the fact that he just showed up is a victory.
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the fact there were no major gaffes at all really in the room today is another victory for donald trump. and what they heard, a lot about religious liberty, they heard about israel, they heard about religious freedom rights, gay rights and talked about how the supreme court is going to decide that and that's why judges are so important. even talked -- it was interesting, steve, you know, i've covered him for now nine months or so or ever since he glided down that gold escalator. and one of the things that he's always -- he really hasn't talked about at all is look at this coach kennedy, the high school coach that prayed and got fired because he was praying with his team in the middle of the field. he actually, donald trump talked about that today saying that is just ridiculous and he shouldn't be doing that -- that should not be happening. in addition, he talked about the johnson amendment, the 1954 irs provision basically saying that tax exempt status of churches and all of that, they are not allowed to endorse political candidates or any of that. he says we got to revoke that.
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he talked about that. there were quite a few during the conversation. >> you mentioned a long meeting and we know frutrump's speaking style. can be very extemporaneous, very free willing. this is not -- tdoes not come t us with a lot of context but getting a lot of attention. the quote here we played, donald trump, there was a brief video that came out where he seemed to be talking about hillary clinton's religion. saying we don't know anything about hillary in terms of religion. she's been in the public eye for years. there's nothing out there, there's nothing out there. we do know she's a, you know, pretty devout methodist. she talks about it, writes about it a lot. you were there. can you provide a little bit more context about what he was saying? >> reporter: yeah, there really wasn't much to that at all. as a matter of fact, i'm not quite sure why that's getting the play it's getting. maybe you're in 140 characters or less, i guess, you know, folks will go with something along those lines. that was not any part of the focus at all in that room. it's interesting to hear that.
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you know, i looked down at my notes and, indeed, there were themes in that room and especially as it relates to evangelicals and what he was telling evangelicals saying if you don't band together, then you've got a problem because you have the power, but unless you ban together, you're not going to have the power. that was really his theme to evangelicals that they are a force in this country but they got to stick together. that was a big theme. this whole thing about hillary clinton and religion, if anything, it was just a line in the middle of an hour and 45 minutes. it really was not much to it. >> all right. david brody, thanks for the inside report. i appreciate the time. >> thanks, steve. all right. here's meg with a cnbc market wrap. >> hey, steve. that's right. the markets closing in the green. the dow gains 28 points. s&p up 6. the nasdaq rising 7 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneurs of the
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today, 2-year-old lane graves is going to be buried in his hometown in any nebraska. he's the toldddler who died las week when an alligator attacked him. graves who was with his father at the time of the attack was in a foot of water at the seven seas lagoon when an alligator snatched him and dragged him in. the boy's body was recovered the next day. he died as a result of drowning and traumatic injuries sustained. disney added fences around its lakes and lagoons with signs warning alligators and snakes may be in the water. also news to tell you this afternoon out of politics, longtime democratic congressman chaka fattah from pennsylvania
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convicted today on federal corruption charges. he had been charged with bribery, racketeering and money laundering among other charges in a multiyear criminal scheme. fattah scheduled to be sentenced on october 4th. he could face 20 years in prison on bribery charges, alone. all of this stems from what feds say was a scheme to repay debts on his 2007 mayoral bid in philadelphia. that is going to do it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki. "mpt daily" starts right now. if it's tuesday, for trump, the changes to his campaign cosmetic or it the start of a real course correction? one day after firing his top aide, in the midst of a serious cash crunch, can the billionaire businessman turn on a dime? it's "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening, i'm peter alexander in again today for my
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friend, chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily." struggling trump campaign trying to hit the reset button as hillary clinton unleashes a barrage of attacks on trump's campaign manager. after firing corey lewandowski the trump campaign was hit with a harsh reality check disclosing they have a paltry $1.3 million in the bank at the end of may. now compar


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