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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we spoke to one gop floor operative, they don't know if they'll gavel in at noon. this might be a sit-in that stops congress for a prolonged period. >> john lewis still bears the scars of the civil rights struggle and being bite ten to within an inch of his life. we'll stay on to it including "andrea mitchell reports" which begins right now. >> full frontal assault against hillary clinton. >> she simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office. from the bottom of my soul, i know this to be true. her leadership style, volcanic, impulsive, disdainful and disdainful of the rules said for everyone else hasn't changed one
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bit. >> hillary taking the hill. democrats close ranks around their presumptive nominee as clinton comes back to capitol hill after winning those primaries. >> she really inspired the members of congress and everybody is united, looking forward to winning in november. breaking news, house democrats staging a sit-in at this hour as we've been reporting on the house floor, right now demanding action on gun control. >> now is the time for us to find a way to dramatize it, to make it real. we have to ak pie the floor of the house until there's action. >> coming up, we'll talk to republican senator jeff flake, one of the co-sponsors of the senate bill compromising on gun control.
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good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump moments ago launching a barrage of domestic and foreign policy attacks against hillary clinton and her decades-long record of public service. >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. hillary clinton's message is old and tired. clinton has opened the pandora's box of radical islam. the hillary clinton foreign policy has cost america thousands of lives and trillions and trillions of dollars. she sold out our workers and our country for beijing. she gets rich making you poor. she thinks it's all about her. i know it's all about you. she should not be president under any circumstances. [ cheers and applause ] >> nbc's hallie jackson covering the trump campaign, and joining me now from new york from the
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speech. hallie, we've been doing a lot of fact checking, a lot of issues out there, a lot of charges. take it from the top because you were behind the scenes on the strategy of the speech. >> reporter: right. lengths start with a couple of quick claims that were made. there's a number we're looking at. we'll be publishing it on of where donald trump erred. he talked about, for instance, clinton's private server has been hacked. the campaign says that's not the case, although there was a hacker who alleged to have gotten into one of the servers. >> hallie, let me just interrupt just to say the oig and officials tell us it was not hacked, that there was routine phishing. >> that's part of the investigation that's been happening for weeks and months, andrea. you're right. i want to touch base on a couple of other things. you talk about clinton pulling in refugees, wanting to allow refugees into the country
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without proper screening that is not in place. in fact, as you know from your time at the white house and the state department, there are screening procedures in place for refugees. as we knew from the strategy, from sources behind the scenes, he was wanting to talk about what happened with the book "clinton cash," following a little of the blueprint when it comes to the clinton foundation. those are areas where you're seeing pushback from clinton's team as well. donald trump trying to put together an outline, an argument that hillary clinton is simply not for the american people. you heard that line in his speech. he said it's not "i'm with her," the hash tag her followers are pushing, it's "i'm with you" meaning the american people. he's trying to portray her z one of the more corrupt people, hitting her on allegation of corruption to run for the office of presidency. the speech in the room obviously well received from the
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hundred-plus audience members, all supporters of donald trump, family members, republicans from new york, business associates of trump. the rest of the room packed with press in the back and people were watching, people were responding. you saw some of his top staffers here, paul manifort along with steven miller who we understand had a hand in crafting this speech which hit clinton on these five main themes. his children were in the front run, ivanka, eric, tiffany, leading the charge for some of the standing ovations you saw. for trump, the strategy is to not just go after clinton, but turn the page for what has been a very difficult few days for his campaign and a difficult several weeks as well. the question is, as we've been talking about, will it stick? what happens in the next 24 hours to maybe a week to show that he has, in fact, tried to stay on script and tried to stay on message. >> hallie, thanks so much. you've got a lot to go through
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today. thank you. michael caputo served as an adviser for the trump campaign in cleveland. he resigned on monday hours after sending this tweet, in response to the firing of campaign manager corey lewandowski. why don't you take us behind the scenes as to why you stepped down from the campaign. >> well, as you know, andrea, we've known each other for 25 years, ever since we both worked on the house side. the kind of thing i did on monday, that unforced error is something you can't have in a national election. i was elated at the news and i did something a little bit too -- let's say -- exuberant. i realized immediately upon doing it that i had pretty much done donald trump a disservice, someone i have a lot of respect for, someone i had known for years. i did the right thing as a
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political operative and i stepped down. >> what role, if any, are you going to play? i presume you still support mr. trump? >> oh, i support mr. trump completely. i supported him when i tried to recruit him for governor of new york state. i've supported him since back then when he said he preferred to run for president. i'm behind him 100%. he deserves a much better campaign than he's had. i believe the changes he made on monday have created the most po positive, most optimistic moment in the trump campaign since the terrible loss in wisconsin. i think people on capitol hill, the folks watching the campaign very closely are about to see the kind of campaign that donald trump really deserves. >> what about the fact that he's at such a fund raising disadvantage, the fact that hillary clinton has 30 times the amount of money cash on hand that he has. a national candidate having a million or $2 million in the
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bank. >> well, look at the contrast between the candidates. you have one candidate who has been raising money from special interests and even from her foundation standpoint, from foreign governments while serving as our primary foreign secretary and the state department. >> that has been affirmatively proved. just to say, there's never been, even from my own interviews with the author of "clinton cash," the quid pro quo has never been established. that said, i interrupted you. >> of course. i think it doesn't -- it hasn't been completely litigated yet. i think we'll see more of the possibility of a quid pro quo. my point is she's been raising money to run for office and supplant her lifestyle all her adult life. donald trump ran a campaign that he self-funded through the republican primary and came in at a very low spending level with a remarkable win. he's getting started a little late in raising money, but i know from working inside the campaign that there's a lot of
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pent-up interest in funding donald trump. while this slow start might be revealing a little bit of a mechanical lag, things are going to turn around very quickly. >> does he need to be better staffed and more careful about the charges he is lobbing. he's been fact checked. a lot of what he just said is flatly not true. some of it, there's a kernel of truth and he expands upon it. does he have an obligation to the american people to be more precise as he goes forward if he's going to be the republican nominee? >> i think you'll see more and more precision in his speeches as we go forward. you'll see more and more of the teleprompter coming out front. just because david brock's, hillary clinton pac sends you corrections to donald trump doesn't mean he's always on the up and up either. we'll all be fact checked through this process. i look forward to fact checking hillary clinton, too, and i hope you'll pay just as much attention to her. >> in fact, we do and will.
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thanks for being with us today. we have breaking news. nbc's luke russert just outside the house chamber. luke, you're talking to senator chris murphy. >> reporter: we're here live with senator chris murphy. he obviously led the filibuster last week regarding wanting to see legislation pertaining to gun control. very unusual that the house floor is actually, to some degree, i guess this is a house version of a filibuster, staging a sit-in on the floor. why are you as a senator coming over to join this? >> i think this is reflective of a public mood that has had enough of the gun lobby standing in the way of common sense legislation that in this case would stop terrorists from getting guns. public polling tells us 90% of americans want to stop terrorists from getting guns. i've never seen this bod gi be so out of step with america. these are exceptional moments between the filibuster last week and the sit-in today.
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we're trying to rise up and represent the vast majority of americans who are scared and want to take action to protect them. >> you're a former house member. how unusual is this? you never see the house floor essentially taken over by one party where you have a civil rights icon john lewis literally sitting on the house floor, sweeting out pictures? >> this is an extraordinary tactic, but this is an extraordinary moment. i've had diehard republicans from my state of connecticut telling me that they supported the filibuster, that they want action. this isn't a controversial issue anywhere except for here. so, yes, it's an exceptional time, and we need exceptional moments like this. >> you got the two votes on the senate floor. the house so far has shown no indication they will move forward, the gop leadership even allowing for a vote. do you think this can muster up a real possibility that a vote can happen on the no-fly no-buy?
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>> it worked in the senate. our process not only led to votes, but to a compromised proposal that may pass the united states senate. none of that would have happened if we hadn't engaged in that exercise in civil disobedience. maybe the same thing can happen here. the only option is to try. you cannot stand down at a moment of power feril for this country. i'm going to tell them what they're doing is really meaningful. >> andrea, there you see it, a senator going to the house floor showing his support, nothing something you see every day. of course, you don't see a house floor sit-in every day regarding any issue. john lewis, the one who spearheaded this saying, quote, we have to occupy the floor. now is the time for action so we'll see how long this goes on. >> just to give you an idea, luke, and thanks for all that heads-up work there, the last time i saw a cross-house travels
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back and forth it was the house women, the women of the house going over to the senate and taking over a senate lunch, a senate policy lunch to protest the upcoming vote on clarence thomas in 1991, to be exact. thank you very much for that. congresswoman darren bass, a democrat from california joins me from just off the floor. she's on the floor. i know you don't have live pictures. it's not an area where cameras are permitted. tell me where you are right now and what you're zmoing. >> i'm sitting in the member's lounge. i just stepped off the floor because we're not allowed to have conversations on the floor. what is happening now, there's probably about 80 members of the democratic caucus who are on the floor speaking, even though the microphones are off, we're still speaking and talking about the need for the republicans to bring a bill vanned a vote. we plan to be there until they do that. that's what's happening right now. >> why are the cameras turned off? is that because the leadership
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is saying the house is not officially in session? >> absolutely, because they called a recess. you might have seen, there is video circulating of the speeches and what is happening on the floor right now. if you haven't gotten it, we will definitely send it to you. >> we've got some still photos and we're assembling the video now. i know john lewis, your esteemed colleague and to all of us an icon of the civil rights marchs and of selma is one of those leading this protest, the ooirn any of him being a man in his 70s, elected and a member of congress and having to sit in on the floor of the house just to get a vote on guns? >> i think it's a shame. we know what all the polling says. there's absolutely no reason for this. i think we will be here until they decide to take up the vote. it's a shame you need to go to extraordinary measures like this. but you might have known, we spent several days attempting to bring this up and they would not
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even allow our assistant leader, representative cliburn to speak. they kept shutting him down. if you are constantly shut down, if your voice cannot be heard, it's time to take extraordinary measures. that's exactly what's happening on the house floor right now. >> it's always been the case that the house rules committee decides what gets on the floor and that's under the thumb of the speaker of the house. is this the process that you're trying to overturn? >> right. well, it's the process that we're trying to influence. what i was referring to was representative cliburn simply won wanted to raise a question last week and speaker ryan shut him down on a couple of ouk cases and wouldn't even allow him to ask the questions on the floor. we have tried every traditional method of raising this issue and calling for a vote. again, if you're constantly shut down, you have to look for other ways to make your voice heard. >> we saw our own luke russert
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interviewing senator chris murphy who led the filibuster on the senate side and was at least rewarded with four votes, two on their proposals, all voted down. now there's the possibility of this compromise that is being offered by senator collins. is there an equivalent on the house side that you're willing to consider? >> well, there's actually several bills, but there isn't an equivalent in terms of a bipartisan commitment or support for a bill. but, you know, we do have several measures that we have introduced. but what happens to them after they're introduced is up to the leadership, and clearly their position as of right now is they don't want anything to move. but the idea that they are okay with people who are on the terrorist list having access to guns when they consistently say after the shooting in florida, the only thing they wanted to talk about was terrorism, you would certainly think if you're going to talk about terrorism, the first thing you want to do
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is make sure terrorists don't have access to weapons of mass destruction. what happened in orlando was certainly that. >> one final question, congresswoman, you've been up there for a number of years. how profound is the influence of the nra on members? >> i think the nra's influence is very pro found. a lot of times people think of it as an individual campaign contribution. that's not the issue. the issue is the fact that with a lot of members, if they do not have an a from the nra, they're concerned about the nra running campaigns against them, supporting their opponents or running independent expenditure campaigns against them. that's the fear. the nra gives all of us a letter grade every year. >> understood. karen bass, thank you for your invaluable eyewitness reporting. we appreciate that, from the protest, historic protest on the floor of the house by democratic members demanding some kind of vote on gun control.
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and we'll continue to follow all this breaking news on the house floor where the democrats are having their sit-in, demanding that vote. this is what happened right before the house was called into recess just moments ago. >> the chair finds that the house is currently not in a state of order due to the presence of members in the well who are not recognized. the chair would ask members to please leave the well so the house may proceed with business and decorum. [ shouting ] >> clause 12-a of rule one, the house stands in recess subject to the call of the chair.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. she believes she's entitled to the office. her campaign slogan is "i'm with her." you know what my response is to that? i'm with you, the american people.
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she thinks it's all about her. i know it's all about you. >> this morning donald trump hammering hillary clinton with a long list of charges, many of them from long discredited books and websites, others more fact based. joining me now, former republican governor of new jersey, former head of the epa, christie todd whitman. >> good to be with you. >> here you are, the presumptive nominee giving a major speech hammering the presumptive democratic nominee. what do you think of the reboot of donald trump's campaign since corey liewandowski was fired ths week? >> the whole thing -- as far as i'm concerned, he's a master salesman, he's tapped into the anger and frustration of the american people which is only be fueled by this reluctance to do what 90% of the american people
9:23 am
want, which is taking control of gun control. the charges he leveled could well be turned back on him. actually in many ways, when you read the stories about how he has, in fact, almost making money off the campaign, certainly not losing anything. you can turn these back on him and he's playing a game on the american people. it's a very dangerous game. i think he's playing into people's fears. he's raising emotions that you just don't tamp down again very easily without any substance to back it up. >> governor, why are so few republicans who are in elective office willing to come out? you see ambivalence on the part surely of paul ryan. he and others are refusing to take a stand against some of the more unsupported charges, if i can put it kindly. >> well, the peer is always you're going to lose your office. that's what's motivating so many people.
9:24 am
we've now gotten to a point where partisan politics is more important than policy. maybe it's time we looked at term limits. maybe it's time we took this more seriously, that we, the american voter, actually used our ballot box ability to impose term limits on those that are unwilling to do it. once that job is what you have, that's what you care about, that's all you care about, then you get very scared about doing anything that's going to cause any kind of problem around that, and you're not willing to stand up, not willing to stand up to the party, not willing to stand up to some of the big donors who are behind donald trump, although i don't think many of them are going to be that anxious to fund him himself which seems to be what's happening, he and the children and all his businesses. it's one of those things, it's much easier for me being out of office. now, would there be repercussions should donald trump be elected? probably, as far as my business is concerned, i expect that.
9:25 am
fortunately i have very strong partners who feel very strongly that what's right for the nation is right for the nation. sometimes you just have to stand up and say those things. >> thank you very much, governor christine todd whitman. we appreciate you being with us. hillary clinton meanwhile on the hill meeting with house democrats. now she will be campaigning with elizabeth warren in cincinnati next week, on monday. joining me from capitol hill is congressman hjavier bucera, reported to be on the list for vp. can you tell us about this meeting and the kind of questions she was asked? >> thanks, andrea. thanks for having me on. it was a great meeting. people were excited. we had been in meeting for over an hour. when she came in there, you just heard this roar come out, hilly, hilla
9:26 am
hillary. people want to see us get to november the 8th. they want to see the two nominees go at it because we believe there are such great consequences to this election. and i feel we feel very good about where hillary clinton will take us as the next president. people were ready. >> one of the things that was happening while you were in the meeting with her was that donald trump was just hammering her. let me play a little bit of that spee speech. >> hillary clinton wants to bring in people who believe women should be enslaved and gays put to death. maybe her motivation lies among the more than 1,000 foreign donations hillary failed to disclose while at the state department. hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states.
9:27 am
>> i don't know where to start on that. let me ask you to take a shot at it. >> if you don't know where to start, andrea, i don't know where to start other than say, look, this guy is pompous. this guy has made it clear that he doesn't know facts and policy. he has demonstrated more and more every day that he's unfit to be the next commander in chief to lead this country. so what does he resort to? the playground attacks that you would see when some kid didn't win the game, and now he's throwing all these accusations that have no basis in fact. look, that's donald trump. it works for a time. maybe it worked well when there were 17 candidates running for president on the republican side. it's now one-on-one. he's going to face far more heat. donald trump has to come out and explain himself and certainly try to support all his accusations with some facts. maybe he should start by first revealing his tax returns which he's unwilling to do. why? because, andrea, you want to see
9:28 am
some real fire? let's see donald trump's tax returns. all that moec she's pushing out there, you'll see real fire when you see those tax returns, whether donald trump even pays taxes, whether he makes contributions, whether donald trump really is as rich as he says he is. i think all that will come out. he thinks he can get away without having to disclose his taxes. >> we know elizabeth warren, congressman, is going to be campaigning with hillary clinton on monday. does this strike you as a tryout of her role as an attacker, attack dog, if you will, which is traditionally the role of a running mate? >> well, elizabeth warren has been a warrior for a long time, so this is nothing new. secretary clinton now has her at her side working with her. i think what you'll see is vintage elizabeth warren doing what she does so well, put you to a test and make you try to meet that standard. in this case i think donald
9:29 am
trump is going to have a very tough time because elizabeth warren knows how to martial facts, not just innuendo and rumors and accusations. >> are you comfortable in that role, and when are you going to get your tryout? >> i'm going to be doing what i've been doing for quite some time. i'm going to work on be hall of secretary clinton and my colleagues in the congress. we're not only sensing we have an opportunity to elect hillary clinton as our next president, we believe there's a chance to elect a congress that actually wants to work with the president of the united states to get things done rather than be asleep at the wheel, let this mindset of obstruction, create this really harmful culture of dysfunction that we see now. we have colleagues on the floor of the house protesting the fact that house republican leaders won't allow us to have a vote to try to keep guns away from people who shouldn't be buying them. this culture of dysfunction is that republicans are ignoring in congress the calls, the shouts by people in orlando, in newtown
9:30 am
to do something. >> let me also ask you now that hillary clinton as the nominee has cracked the glass ceiling, an historic candidacy, how important would it be to have a running mate who is hispanic? >> as we saw with barack obama, it's so important for the country to show that its functioning in the 21st century, that it gets it, it tells young people they'll have a future, it will tell older folks we'll respect all the work they did to build our great country. one of the ways you do that is by who you put forward as your leader. the fact that barack obama became president eight years ago proves that this country gets it. the fact that today our presumptive nominee on the democratic side is hillary clinton, it shows that the democratic party gets it. if hillary clinton should make the decision to pick someone who is latino to be her running mate, it fur's just a further sign that in this country we get it and we have people who are
9:31 am
capable. at the end of the day, andrea, the decision by secretary clinton on who should be her running mate will be one she gets to make. i'm certain what she'll do is she'll pick who she believes is the most qualified and prepared person to be her running mate. >> how do you answer the question about your credentials on foreign policy to be commander in chief? >> andrea, i will continue to do my work. i don't know what the vetting process is doing where i am -- >> i'm just asking about your backgrou background. >> i feel very good about my service to the american people, my close to 24 years now in congress, my work as deputy attorney general when i was in the state government. i feel very good about where i am as a member of congress. i look forward to working with president clinton as a member of congress if i have that opportunity or in any other capacity. i just want to be on the field. i'll run the ball, i'll tackle,
9:32 am
i'll block. i'll do whatever i can to be on the field to make a difference for this country. you're looking at a guy who had a father who couldn't walk into restaurants when he was a young man because of the signs that said no dogs or mexicans allowed. i feel privileged to be a leader in this country. i'm so proud that my country has given me, the son of immigrants, the chance to be where i am today. i will take it as far as i can. >> it's a very, very useful reminder. just one final question. have they asked you to turn over personal data? >> no, i have not been asked to turn over any personal data. >> thank you, congressman. we'll continue to monitor the action from the house floor where democrats are holding an historic sit-in demanding action on gun laws. we'll be right back. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16,
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the department of justice is determined to corporate working to even sure that the american people know that their health care system works for them and for them alone. >> the attorney general loretta lynch announcing a national crackdown on medicare fraud, stemming from a series of health care fraud arrests. nbc justice correspondent pete williams joining me with more. >> this is the largest of these. the justice department and hhs have been doing these, coordinated takedowns, arrests of people accused of committing health care fraud. this is the biggest in terms of numbers of people arrested and dollar amounts involved. it's 301 people including 61 licensed health care professionals, doctors, nurses and others. it's in 31 states.
9:37 am
the government says these people were responsible for almost a billion dollars of fraud against medicare and medicaid, a total of $900 million. 60 of these roughly 300 people are accused of defrauding what is now the fastest growing part of medicare, medicare part d, the prescription drug coverage. they say these people were stealing doctor ids to get prescription drugs, even stealing patient ids. in some cases patients were allowing their names to be used to write phony prescriptions. most of this fraud, andrea, is either overbilling for treatments that weren't necessary or for treatments never provided, like physical therapy, occupational therapy, home health care, durable medical devices, the traditional kind of fraud. in every way that say it's up and the government's effort to try to combat it are up, too. >> thank you, pete williams from the newsroom. donald trump is selling
9:38 am
himself as someone who builds businesses and creates jobs. the latest, of course, being his speech today. hillary clinton is calling him out on how he ran his businesses in atlantic city, new jersey. >> so when his casino and hotel went bankrupt because of how badly he mismanaged them, he still walked away with millions while everybody else paid the price. >> joining me now, two "new york times" reporters who investigated trump's atlantic city deals for an article . charles baggley and russ bunener join me. this is very complicated. you took a deep dive. charles, what are the takeaways? >> we wanted to get away from the rhetoric and look at this as a business. what you'll find is he loaded up these companies with debt. he went through a tremendous
9:39 am
number of managers, a constant turnover and they were failures as a business, in part because of the heavy debt load, over a billion dollars. and then the casinos themselves were competing with one another. >> so let's understand because he says he's the king of debt, he brags that he understands debt. he did a post yesterday against hillary clinton accusing him of not understanding debt and wanting to overburden the national debt. how, if you look at atlantic city, is this a microcosm of the way he does business? >> it's very simple. at the taj mahal casino, he had over a billion in debt on the casino. you were never going to get enough gamblers in there to pay your debt service, let alone all your other costs. so for 20 years this was a casino that just limped along.
9:40 am
sometimes it did okay. a lot of times it did terrible. >> russ, he has said that atlantic city fueled a lot of growth for him. what about the vendors and others who many people, including yourself, found were holding the bag? >> a lot of the vendors didn't do so well, especially in the first bankruptcy, the first time the casinos went bankrupt. a lot of people who helped build the taj were stiffed, just got 30 cents on the dollar. the people who took the big hits later on were investors, bondholders and stock shareholders after he took the company public. they were, many of them, just completely wiped out. >> to either of you, he says he knows how to make money and he is going to run america that way, he's going to make america rich is what he said today. from what you know and the way he operated his businesses, how
9:41 am
credible is that? >> that's one of the things these are an emblem of, the departure from how he represented his business dealings and what he said he'll be for the country. there was an absence of benevolence or fiduciary responsible to his investors and how he ran these things. there was a large focus on him. he acknowledges that now and seems quite proud. he bought high, mortgaged even higher and ran the companies that their revenue never kept pace with his competitors which is a testament to his business acumen. ultimately he may have been the only person who did well after a 25-year history there. >> the shareholders lost money, the bondholders lost money and the vendors didn't get paid. that's the legacy. >> what were the ripple effects for the community? >> well, a lot of companies -- these were small businesses. so you don't pay a $100,000 bill, it puts them out of business. others were crippled, and over
9:42 am
the years they just had a policy of not to work for the casinos or whatever. others got paid. but there was a lot of people -- i talked to a minister in the atlantic city area, and he had joined the parish right at the height of donald's troubles there. and it was a pretty devastating effect. >> charles baggley and russ butte en from "the new york times," thank you for bringing that to us today. >> thank you, andruw drea. coming up, more on the historic sit-in happening right now on the house floor. democrats in congress demanding a vote on gun violence. joining me next, republican senator jeff flake, a co-sponsor of a new bipartisan senate compromise bill on guns. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the
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rise up americans. this cannot stand! we will occupy this floor. we will no longer be denied a right to vote. i yield to our majority whip and leader. >> we sit down -- >> the joo's time expires. pursuant to 12-a, the chair declares the house in recess until the hour of 12:00 noon. >> what you just saw was the cutting off of the democratic leader, steny hoyer, by the presiding officer, republican, shutting down the cameras because c-span is there by invitation of the house leaders and has to shut down the cameras when the leadership says so. that forces the recess after stage that sit-in so it can't be seen, except for the video we pirated out. joining me now, arizona senator
9:47 am
jeff flake, co-sponsoring a new bipartisan compromise proposal on gun control with senator collins of maine. thank you very much for being with us, senator. i think in your years on the house side, i don't think you've seen this kind of protest, but you can see how the anger is boiling over and it does mirror the filibuster that you saw by your colleagues last week. >> i saw a lot of things in the house, but never a sit-in on the house floor, no. >> it does express frustration by many, especially after orlando. nothing happened after newtown more than four years ago. you're co-sponsoring a bill that the democratic leader chuck schumer had some positives and too negatives. they think it's too cumbersome, doesn't allow enough time for background checks, 14 days, that it's not workable but it is a start in the right direction. >> i would disagree with that. i think it's workable and i
9:48 am
think it's something we can accomplish. nothing gets by in the senate unless it's bipartisan. that's why this bill, this amendment has a chance and we brought in republicans and democrats. we want to actually pass something, not just have some legislation that's used as a cajole to beat the other party with. that's what we've seen in the past and it's time to do something else. >> do you have any commitment from mitch mcconnell that he'll actually allow this to go through, or is this another effort by some of the republicans who wanted some action but won't muster the votes you need to cut off debate and go to the floor for a vote? >> there's no guarantee we'll have the votes to invoke cloture, but we are going to get a vote. i commend the republican leader for committing to that. so we're working on language right now. we're working with both sides
9:49 am
trying to find -- we've submitted something already, but we can make some technical changes which we're doing. we hope to be able to get it on the floor and pass it. this is something that can pass. >> what is the nra doing behind the scenes? >> i haven't seen what they've done behind the scenes. i know they did come out and object to it. but i don't know what they're doing behind the scenes. >> do you feel in any way politically threatened by the nra in that they often run candidates against someone who goes up against them? >> well, they sometimes do. i think in this case i think they should support this. they said they don't want a terrorist with a gun and that due process protections are important. that's what this is all about. there are due process protections. we're talking about a smaller list here. this is a narrow list of those that are not allowed to fly and those who we require additional
9:50 am
screening for. this is about 2,700 individuals that we don't allow to fly with your family members, but we allow to purchase a gun. i think most americans think that's wrong. and as long as we protect second amendment protections with due process, this is something we can do and we should do. >> one of the questions that has been raised by critics is that classified information would have to be shared and part of that due process would require releasing some of the information that the justice department has. >> we have dealt -- we've worked with the justice department and we're still working with them, but we do have minimization procedures there that will protect classified information. that is important. we want to make sure they can continue with the investigations and operations that they have. we believe we've dealt with in this bill, if there's some changes we need to make, we'll make them. >> thank you very much senator
9:51 am
flake. and as we've been seeking, senator dick durbin is on the house side. this is an unusual crossover. let's listen to the democratic leader. >> makes no sense at all. that's what the house democrats are trying to demonstrate on the floor. >> do you think you guys in the senate will be able to get a vote, no fly no buy, enhanced background checks. maxine waters said she'll stay there until hell freezes over. >> we didn't know until it started whether mitch mrk connell would give us a vote. we got a vote last monday night. it didn't come through as we hoped which is no surprise. it did trigger the next step. susan collins with a bipartisan amendment which i'm supporting and harry reid is supporting, it started with members saying enough is enough. >> zwref flake just said on andrea mitchell's show, the expectation that mcconnell will
9:52 am
allow it forward. we've seen so many bipartisan compromises come out of the senate and go to die in a house committee? >> in a world of tweets and facebook and all the other social media, it's up to the american people to make this happen. we know the nra is coming out in force. if the people who want gun safety in america want to see an end to these mass murders and killing, if they'll step up, stand up and speak up, it can make a difference not only in the senate, but in the house. >> thank you, take care. >> luke russert watching that live, thank you for bringing that to us, that update. it looks like the collins bill, the collins-flake bill is going to move forward. >> looks like it's going to move forward in the senate. i think what was just confirmed, they're tinkering, figuring out the language. more likely than not, that will get a lot of republican votes in the senate. i was pushing with durbin here and i'll push it with house democratic leaders, what can get
9:53 am
to the house floor? so many things come out of the senate and then they languish and die. what house democrats are trying to do is force a vote on any type of gun legislation on the house floor. they've had great difficulty getting ryan or mccarthy or the leadership to move anything like that. they said it's the committee's jurisdiction. they're trying to force a vote. it remains to be scene if they'll get that. maxine waters, it's very important to say, sitting on the house floor and said she's prepared to stay there until hell freezes over. what sort of olive branch ryan or mccarthy could offer to house democrats in the form of a vote will be interesting to see. this could go on indefinitely until house democrats feel they've made their point. >> as you've been pointing out, we've never seen anything like this. the house does not have the equivalent of the senate filibuster. you've been so busy there that bill clinton retweeted a tweet from john lewis on the house
9:54 am
floor who tweeted the time is always right to do right, our time is now. #goodtrouble, #nomoresilence. byrne wen bin tweeted that saying this is leadership. >> i think the point you're bringing up is so important. this sun precedented on the house floor. remember in the house the party in charge runs the floor. if they want to do what they want to do, they can. they never really give up the power, never give up the gavel. for democrats to do this, with the cameras not running, with the microphones off and essentially all the reporting coming out through us reporters in twitter, we're going back before c-span, andrea. that just shows you the degree to how unusual this is in current times. a lot of veteran members i have spoken to said they had never heard of anything like this. once the idea was formulated within the house democratic leadership and john lewis said
9:55 am
this is a great idea, let's move on it, they decided to do it. i'm fascinated to see what the coverage will be. it's very rare you have members tweeting pictures of themselves in the house floor when there's no other messages out there and the message is getting out and circulated by so many people. bill clinton, you just mentioned, is one of them. >> it was also heard at the white house, we have a little bit of what josh earnest had to say. hang with me a second. we're going to play that. >> i think they're showing the kind of frustration and even anger that people around the country have about the inability of the republican-led congress to take common sense steps that would protect the american people. i think they're resorting to what even they would acknowledge is an extraordinary step to
9:56 am
change the status quo in the house of representatives that prevents even consideration of common sense gun safety legislation. >> and luke, you just mentioned that this goes back to before c-span. we should point out that our colleagues, our friends at c-span i'm sure would be very happy, eager to show what's going on, but they have a rule where they have to follow and put up that slate because their cameras are turned off. they are there at the deference of the house leaders who are republicans. luke, we're out of time for our show. i know you'll be standing by to report as we go forward. we'll be back in a few moments to wrap it all up. stay with us. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times.
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♪ that does it for this busy edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online, on facebook and twitter. stay tuned later today for kate snow's interview with the surgeon general on opioid abuse. craig melvin picks up our coverage, right here, right now
10:00 am
on msnbc. >> rise up democrats. rise up americans. this cannot stand! >> i'm craig melvin right now here at msnbc live. the raging debate over gun control has come to a head on the house floor. it happened just moments ago. house democrats sitting down on the job led by john lewis of georgia, congressman lewis of georgia, no strange tore sit-ins, of course, demanding that house republicans not recess until they allow a vote on common sense gun reform. their rallying cry "no bill, no break." >> i wondered what would bring this body to take action, what would finally make congress do what is right, what is just, what the people of this country have been demanding and what is long overdue. we have


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