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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  June 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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live video footage from the house floor. democrats are continuing their sit in demanding action on gun control. they're pushing house leadership to hold a series of votes on stricter gun control measures. paul ryan calling it a publicity stunt. we're going to cover that sit in throughout the night. thapgs for being with us this hour. all in with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on all in. >> there comes a time when you have to make a little noise. >> a historic protest in the house to break the nra grip on congress. >> now is the time to get in the way. >> republicans cut the cameras, democrats move to periscope. >> this microphone doesn't belong to the nra. >> tonight what the democrats want and what they're willing to do to get it. then. >> americans, americans, the
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people that we love. americans. america first. make our country great again. americans. >> trump's full frontal assault on hillary clinton. and the clinton response. >> the clinton foundation helps poor people around the world get access to life saving aids medicine. donald trump uses poor people around the world to produce his suites. tonight elizabeth warren announcement fueling vp speculation and promises promises. >> i'm a good person. i give money to charity. >> "the washington post" with another incredible investigation into donald trump's promises to charities when all in starts right now. good evening. i'm chris hayes you are looking live via periscope the phone app at congressman john lewis and some colleagues speaking on the house floor at this moment on a
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kraz day. we show you the actual live feed from the house of representatives because that has been cut off. there are no cameras there now. there are just cell phones. i'm going to explain why that is the cause because at this hour republicans are preparing to hold a vote to roll back an obama administration rule mandating that investment advisors act in the best interests of their clients, a rule opposed by the financial industry and that's far from the vote that the democrats have been demanding all day sitting down on the floor of the house of representatives. since this morning they have been holding a historic sit in attempting to force the house republican leadership to hold a vote on gun safety legislation. that protest began this morning when john lewis asked his democratic colleagues to join him on the floor and vowed to occupy the house chamber for as
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long as it takes. >> the time for silence and patience is long gone. we're calling on the leadership of the house to bring common sense gun control legislation to the house floor. give us a vote. let us vote. we came here to do our job. we came here to work. >> we have to occupy the floor of the house in today's action. >> rise up democrats, rise up americans. this cannot stand. we will occupy this floor. we will no longer be denied a right to vote. >> the republican presiding over the house that represents responded by recessing until noon. he banged his gavel and demanded order as democrats chanted no bill no break demanding the house not go into recess until the households a gun safety vote
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and then the chamber was suspended again. >> the chair finding the house is currently not in a state of order due to the presence of members in the well who are not recognized. the chair would ask members to please leave the well so the house may proceed with business and decorum. clause 12a of rule 1 the house stands in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> this is when things got interesting. with the house technically in recess the cameras broadcasting the proceedings were cut off despite the sit in. so democrats started broadcasting the scene themselves over periscope and other social media even though doing so is a violation of rules. as the house made speeches in front of gun safety laws c span began to carry the sit in live not from their own cameras but
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using those same social media feeds. >> this microphone doesn't belong to the nra and it doesn't belong to the gun manufacturers. this microphone that they've cut off belongs to the american people. >> the sit in quickly attracted a success of democratic senator including elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. both of them got extremely worm welcomes. the president himself tweeted thanks for leading on gun violence where we need it most and hillary clinton tweeted that house republicans may have cut the cameras but they can't cut off our voices. we somewhere to act on gun violence. republicans decried the sit in for blocking important work which included bills to rename at least seven post offices. >> well, i think it's sad day when you have members of congress blocking the important legislative work that we do here by sitting on the floor as
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though it's some kind of sit in, a peace sit in or whatever they're trying to do with that. i think that's disgraceful. >> paul ryan dismissed the democrats demands. >> this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. this bill was already defeated in the united states senate. number three, we are not going to take away a citizens due process rights. we're not going to take away a citizen's constitutional rights and this is not a way to try to bring up legislation. >> joining me by phone is congressman from maryland. what is the plan. you have been there for almost nine hours. what happens now? >> well, the plan is to sit on the floor of the house, stand on the floor of the house, as you can see pa lowsy is speaking after john lewis and we have the same demand now as we've had all day which is do the will of the
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american people, at least have a vote on the no fly no buy provision and universal criminal background checks and end the practice of following each massacre only by a moment of silence. it's time to take action and that's what we're going to be here and be here overnight it looks like in order to continue to put pressure on the republicans to have those votes. >> republicans are saying they're going to call votes shortly. it could be happening very shortly, including on a provision of a regulation of hedge fund advisors that the financial industry opposes. is that going to force your hand to essentially break the sit in? >> my guess is that there could be a vote on that but that doesn't end the sit in. in other words, you're right, in the middle of all this the republicans instead of trying to deal with the carnage that's going on around the country have
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decided to try to reverse an obama administration rule to protect investors to make sure the people who are advising them on the investments have the best interests of the client in mind, something really radical. but we're going to continue with what we're doing through the night and keep going until we get some kind of resolution. whether or not this breaks the vote on the veeto override remains to be seen this. >> they can try to force you to vote to uphold this important piece of financial regulation at least from your and the president's perspective but they're going back to it? >> that's right. this will continue until we get some kind of commitment to hold a vote on these really important measures for the american public. as i said and my colleagues have
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been saying all day and the american public has been saying they are absolutely fed up with congress doing nothing and it was absolutely disrespectful of speaker ryan and to the american public to dismiss this when in fact their failure to hold a vote year after year has been dismissive to the american public. so it's time for them to take a stand. let's have a vote in the light of day or at night, but with the mikes on. >> are you able to leave? >> are we able to leave? look, we're not going to vacate the floor of the house. there will be people on the floor of the house throughout the night. we have to decide whether to do it in shifts but this is -- this was a bit of a spontaneous
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effort that has grown over the day and as you saw john lewis has been helping lead the charge and this is unfortunately what has been necessary to get the attention of the republican leadership. and now the ball is in their court. >> all right. i'm going to let you return to the floor. i don't think i've ever conducted an interview on the floor of the house but thank you for taking the time. joining us now is the congresswoman democrat from connecticut. two bills that democrats are calling a vote for and i want to focus on the no fly no buy. you saw house speaker paul ryan say this is an issue of due process. my understanding is about 650,000 americans on some form of no fly lewis including congressman john lewis himself
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said he had been stopped by tsa when trying to board airplanes. how is it okay to use this list to deny people their purchase of a weapon? >> well, this is an incredibly important and historic day. if we have a lousy watch list, if the fbi isn't keeping a good terrorist watch list, we should address that issue, but right now the thought that we are going to such great lengths to protect the american people from the risk of home grown terrorism right here and someone who is on the terrorist watch list because of their violent tendencies and because of the videos they watch and perhaps travel to syria or iraq that that person can go legally can go into any gun store in america, go online and buy weapons he or she wants, that makes no sense. that's not upholding our duty to protect the american people. if that watch list is no good,
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then we fix the list, but the thought that we would not try to keep those guns out of the hands of dangerous people, including would be terrorists, makes absolutely no sense. >> what about passports? there have been talk about including passports in that legislation if someone is a would be terrorist so they could travel to a place like syria. >> let's be clear. i was elected 3 1/2 years ago and in that time representing newton where those murders happened a few weeks after my election, we have not been allowed one single hearing, much less a vote. nothing in the house of representatives in any way, shape or form to address this gun violence epidemic in america. so here we have last week another 49 americans gunned down in a matter of hours in a
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nightclub. it has just got to stop and we need to have actual discussion, debate and votes on the floor of the house of representatives. that's what we're engaged in today. the civil disowe bead answer of members of congress whose entire electorates are being denied the opportunity to vote on legislation is what we were elected to come here to do. >> all right. thank you very much for your time. i appreciate it. >> thanks. i'm joined by the democratic senator from wisconsin. she was in the house earlier today. senator, you're in the same state of wisconsin as speaker paul ryan. what do you say to i would imagine if he were here or other colleagues, look, this is the way it works, go win enough house seats to control the house of representatives and you guys can call whatever votes you want to call whenever you want to call them. >> i would call on my friend and my former colleague in the
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house, paul ryan as speaker, to hold a vote on this incredibly important issue. too often in washington we just agree to disagree and walk away. agreeing to disagree in this circumstance is a failure of leadership when the american people, including the people of wisconsin, overwhelmingly want action. moments of silence, thoughts and prayers are not enough. it is time to act and after a filibuster in the senate last week led to votes and now active work on a bipartisan compromise in the senate on a no fly no buy that i hope will get a vote later this week, we need the same to happen in the house. the one thing i wanted to comment on having heard paul ryan's quote earlier is that we
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all regard the second amendment as a constitutional right that we embrace but it's not consistent with due process and second amendment supporters, a vast majority believe that we still need to move forward and make sure that we have universal background checks and close that terror gap. >> to your mind, is the refusal to hold a vote on this political fear on the part of the republican leadership, meaning do they think they will take heat for voting down these pieces of legislation? >> well, the nra is extremely powerful. i'm watching what's been happening in the united states senate over the past several days as we finally have republicans and democrats working together led by republican susan collins from
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maine. this doesn't go as far as the measure we voted on monday night that went down, but it is still a strong desire to make progress in the wake of these horrific massacres in the united states. so we have this bipartisan effort and the nra and other groups are just creating all sorts of pressure and we have to listen to the american people. that's who we have to listen to. that's who sent us here to do their work. again, if we just reach the point where we agree to disagree, we have failed the american people and failed to deliver on our commitment to make this country a safer place. >> all right. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. still to come, we will of course be monitoring this as it unfolds on the house floor.
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we have access to what's happening right now. democratic house members are continuing to talk. they will be doing that. we will keep an eye on this situation because we are hearing some word republicans are going to try to come in and essentially call the order for a vote which will be a fairly interesting and dramatic moment in terms of how that plays out. we're going to keep our eyes on that. meanwhile still to come considering how often donald trump brings up his charitable donations it's proving hard to track those down. i'll talk with a reporter who tried that and it may surprise you. how trump transforms fiction into fact. that speech and clinton's response after this two minute break. ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back:
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our partnership with habitat for humanity at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. two days after firing his campaign manager and vowing to get his campaign back on track donald trump tried to show a
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more presidential side with a speech this morning attacking hillary clinton. the evidence for trump's transformation he didn't mention crooked hillary and he acknowledged peaceful muslims threatened by violence instead of pushing that muslim/americans are harboring terrorists actively. the speech was a full of lies about clinton and her records starting with the charge that she used the state department to line her pockets. >> she's been taking plenty of money out for herself. hillary clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft. she ran the state department like her own personal hedge fund doing favors for regimes and many others and really many many others in exchange for cash. >> just to be clear, there's no evidence clinton ever engaged in
5:21 pm
the behavior he is saying, theft for cash or exchange for cash when she was secretary of state. much less that she stole or embezeled money. then there was the deleted e-mails from clinton's private server. >> while we may not know what's in those deleted e-mails, our enemies probably know every single one of them. so they probably now have a blackmail file over someone who wants to be the president of the united states. this fact alone disqualifies her from the presidency. >> you see what happened there. you notice what starts out as a likelihood, our enemies probably have a blackmail file on clinton then turns into a fact by the next sentence. this fact alone. something trump appears to have made up about as accurate about his view of the role and the role hillary clinton played in
5:22 pm
it as secretary of state. >> her decision spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched. in four years secretary clinton managed to almost single handedly destabilize the entire middle east. >> trump's foreign policy argument was undercut somewhat today when the national security adviser to two presidents and a man who was correct about the iraq war in opposing it publicly endorsed hillary clinton. for her part clinton hit back at trump defending her family's work at the clinton foundation against trump's charges of corruption. >> the clinton foundation helps poor people around the world get access to life saving aids medicine. donald trump uses poor people around the world to produce his line of suits and ties.
5:23 pm
>> i'm joined by the editor and chief of national. we've now seen the scene probably a dozen to two dozen times in which the republicans, donald trump does something like remotely not incredibly offensive or wild cardish like he did the speech and he read off a prompter and he didn't say anything like extremely offensive and everyone's like here it is, here is presidential donald trump, we've been through this 20 times. there's something almost sad about willing him to change when you know he won't change. >> i feel like rumors of donald trump's professionism is exaggerated. you can't take the trump out of trump. it's possible some of these shakeups will make a shift, but this was a major address. the fact that he read it off a teleprompter and he didn't throw
5:24 pm
in the curious nonsense is not anything new. he's given speeches like this before where he reads carefully. he gave a speech like this at an evangelical conference a week or two back when it was clear he was being deliberate about how he spoke. when gets in front of a rally crowd we're likely to see the same donald that we've been seeing and i imagine democrats are probably pretty excited about when that happens. >> in this case you have stuff that was written down and we uncounter this all the time there are things that you want to say but then you have to check to see if they're true before you can say them and you whittle back claims. you want to say he's a liar and a cheat and then you have to say well actually what he said was untrue and this money was never accounted for. donald trump could do that, right? he could present a speech that is essentially passes fact check
5:25 pm
on hillary clinton that's a negative speech, he chose not to do that. >> you know, he can't resist the line. she treats it like her own personal hedge fund. taking cash like she was walking out of the state department with suitcases full of cash. he can't help himself. he has to say these things. the record of the clinton foundation is different as secretary clinton pointed out today. i've traveled around the world with president clinton because i've been working on a book about his post-presidency. they have provided aids medication as she mentioned to probably almost 12 million people now which has helped to stop the spread of the aids virus which we feared at one time would effect 100 million
5:26 pm
people. if you go to africa and ask people about the clinton foundation they'll tell you they've helped them access drugs and medication. they've almost wiped out ma lar rea. they've helped farmers get fertilizer and raise their incomes. they've done a lot of good, especially in africa, but all over the world. so the stuff that trump is saying is just absurd when he talks about foreign donations, the great bulk of the foreign donations, started after president clinton began his aids initiative in 2002 and 2003 and they came from allied governments of ours. this is long before she entered the state department. they knew president clinton, the leaders of those countries and they thought we will help to buy aids medication because it's a threat to the future of the world. it would be great if people started to pay attention to what actually happened here rather than the stuff that trump is
5:27 pm
pulling out of somewhere. >> it strikes me that there's two things happening here that makes sense politically for donald trump. first of all, you could tell republicans want him to shut up about the judge and his fraud lawsuit and which religions are to be banned from being able to enter the country and just attack hillary clinton every day. all you have do to unite the republican party is just attack hillary clinton, talk about hillary clinton every day. he seems so obsessed with himself that he's unable to do that but this seems to me like the thing that's the smartest thing for him do between now and cleveland. >> he met with evangelical leaders yesterday in new york. very important for him and a chance to reach out to them and the host of leading evangelicals i've been talking to over this campaign one thing i hear over and over is we don't really like trump that much, we're worried about him, we don't know him, however we loathe hillary clinton with an energizing
5:28 pm
passion and the fact that trump is finally going after clinton i can tell you fills them with joy. he shaped the narrative a bit. americanism versus globalism and it's going to be tough for clinton to push back for that because the work that the clinton foundation did wasn't in the united states. she was more worried about other countries than she was about factories in wisconsin. it's a challenge for her. >> first of all, it was her husband's foundation and during all those years he was running the foundation, not hillary. secondly, they have done a lot of work in this country. they've cut carbon emissio in this county. they've done work on jobs in this country. they have a separate cgi manaama that is focussed on american
5:29 pm
jobs and innovation. i don't know that americans -- evangelicals were among the driving forces behind doing something about aids in africa when george bush was president. >> that's true. >> they pushed george bush to start pep far which has spent more taxpayers money than the clinton foundation on that problem. >> and the best legacy of the bush administration. >> that's correct. it was a very important thing. president bush and president clinton worked on it closely together when bush was president. evangelicals to their great credit at that point believed that was an important thing to work on. if they're going to say now that we shouldn't have done anything about that, i that would be hypocrite cal. >> thank you both. we'll go back to the house floor where democrats are continuing their sit in. senator elizabeth warren just brought donuts. congressional made a target run to buy sleeping bags for
5:30 pm
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card i said to some of you earlier today maybe our foremothers and forefathers came to this great land in different ships. >> yes. >> we're all in the same boat now. >> that was john lewis speaking on the house floor. he called together this sit in on the house floor unprecedented essentially. the last time something like this happened was in 2008 when
5:32 pm
republicans refused to leave the chamber demanding a vote on opening up areas to drilling. let's listen in as a member of the house democratic leader from baltimore addresses his colleagues. >> ladies and gentlemen, enough is enough. enough is enough. when i thought about what was happening here today, i said this is a significant moment, but we cannot let this moment just go by. >> no. >> ryan is sitting in his office right now depending on us to leave this floor. >> yes. >> i'm telling you, he is. he's just going to wait us out, but john is right. we have got to say this is not about us. >> no. >> this is bigger than us. this is about generations -- [ applause ]
5:33 pm
>> when we think about what happened in orlando, ladies and i gentlemen, the question is whether we are accepting a new sense of normal. >> no, no. >> that should not be normal for people to be enjoying their lives on a sunday morning and the next thing they know they're blown away. that can never be normal and we should not allow it to be normal. [ applause ] >> and so for generations yet unborn, somebody said a little bit earlier, you know, every two years we come here and we swear that we are going to uphold the constitution of the united states of america. we throw our hands up and we also say we're going to protect
5:34 pm
the citizens of this great country. >> yes. >> ladies and gentlemen, it would be legislative malpractice for us not to deal with these issues. [ applause ] >> no fly -- >> no buy. >> no fly -- >> no buy. >> that was elijah cummings. an impassioned speech, he has lost family members to gun violence and represents a district that has seen extremely high rates of gun violence so he knows the issue inside and out. we are hearing reports they are bringing in sleeping bags and the house leadership is thinking about how to break this up. they don't want to call in arms and arrest members from the other party so what happens next? we're hearing they may try to
5:35 pm
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donald trump likes to boast about his charitable giving and he has claims the proceeds from certain business ventures going to charity. several outlets lately have investigated these claims and they're not finding a lot of supporting evidence. when trump launched his campaign book last year in response to a
5:39 pm
question about his book proceeds he claimed this. >> i'm giving them away. i'm giving the profits of my book i'm giving them away including the vets. >> but eight months later it's unclear if any of the profits have been donated. trump has made similar claims about trump university, that's the enterprise that's being sued for fraud. none of trump's proceeds from trump university have gone to charity and only a few hundred dollars related to trump vodka have been accounted for. his representatives have been unwilling to provide more information or confirm this. false claims could trigger laws governing business practices and then there are claims he has given millions of dollars away.
5:40 pm
"the washington post" reporter that shamed donald trump into giving money to veterans groups is trying to find out which organizations donald trump has given money to. the question was before his $1 million vet to gifts in may when was the last time donald trump gave his own money to charity. he talked to outlets that seemed like the most likely resip ents of those gifts. i imagine you went to the trump campaign and said will you let me know where the contributions have gone to, right? >> that's right. trump has a charitable foundation but he hasn't given that foundation any money since 2008. >> he has a foundation which if you're sitting down and saying where should i give money, the number one choice would be your own foundation, but he hasn't done that since 2008 any money. >> as far as we can tell, yes.
5:41 pm
>> he hasn't given that foundation money. they won't tell you where his charitable money flows to, correct. >> that's right, gifts outside the foundation, but there's no way to know how much. >> obviously he won't release his tax returns so you started to do what? >> so i made a list of all the charts charities that had some kind of connection to trump, charities he's given money from the foundation and charities that he's mentioned about and mentioned in his corporate by ogfy. i have called these charities to try to figure out have you gotten a personal donation from donald trump. >> what is the answer. >> the only donation that i can find between 2008 when he last gave money to the foundation and this may when he gave that $1 million donation to veterans i can find one charitable donation from donald trump and i'm not sure that was true.
5:42 pm
there was a $5,000 to $10,000 donation from 2008. it may be a bookkeeping error, it may be real. >> what charity was this to in the police athletic league of new york city. >> why do you can it's an error. >> donald trump's foundation gave to the them and in other years they miss count foundation gifts from personal gifts. >> this individual claims he's worth $10 billion and he's given millions of dollars to charity. he has a foundation he's given no personal money to. you've called 128 organizations and charities and there's only one donation from this man who is worth $10 billion so he says that you can account for in the amount of $5,000 a few years ago that might have been a bookkeeper error. >> that's right. you've seen trump -- he's made
5:43 pm
promises to give the proceeds of this or that to charity over the years but if you look at his foundation you can see he hasn't given that money through the foundation. his out has been i give privately. i give off the books but i haven't found it. >> this is key. there's some legal exposure here when you have a business and you say from this business the proceeds of this will be donated to charity that's not just an informal pledge, there might be legal obligations to carry through on it or you've violated the law. >> that's possible. they look for very strict language. trump if you look at his promises now when he says i'm going to give to charity it's never i'm going to give this amount to this cause it's just this charity and that makes it hard to check to see what he gave and if he lived up to his promises. >> thank you for making the time. >> thank you. up next house democrats continuing at this hour to occupy the house floor. they've been there for nine
5:44 pm
hours. republicans hatching a plan to disrupt the sit in very shortly with a vote that they think would paint democrats into a corner, house leadership on the democratic side saying they will not bite. we'll go there live after the break. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. we have a rule in the house, senator, please don't sit there. >> i'm sorry. oh, sorry. sorry. i don't understand. >> don't get in the way there. elizabeth warren is arriving with some donuts for her colleagues holding this sit in on the house floor streaming it through periscope unaware she was sitting in fronts of a cell
5:48 pm
phone because the cameras are now shut down. joining me now is luke. my understanding is you have sources who told you who the republican plan is to do with this essentially civil disobeyed answer of a sort that is occupying the house chamber. >> reporter: there are no plans to leave the house tonight and this is going to set a terrible precedent if the minority party is allowed to hijack the house floor and do whatever they want, the business of the house is to go forward. so the plan is to gavel in at around 9:30 p.m. of which then the lights will go up completely and the c-span cameras will go back on and they plan to conduct a vote of a fiduciary rule which i'm sure you can explain off the top of your head and then the democrats say they're going to stay in the well and continue their protest.
5:49 pm
so the video is going to be extraordinary because in theory you could literally see republican members stepping over democrats on the floor to conduct the vote and then they're going to gavel out. this is unprecedented because this doesn't happen in the house. the filibuster is a tool in the senate. in the house the majority party writes the rules and do what they want. that's why the speaker is so powerful. if you want to go around them you have to file a discharge betissue wib petition. the democrats are frustrated to take a house in the vote on any type of gun control amendment which is the no fly no buy or enhanced background checks they felt they needed to do this and enlisted the help of john lewis who is well versed in this and here they are starting at 1125 many a and i can tell you i've never seen anything like this.
5:50 pm
my colleagues have never seen anything like this on the house side and the way in which the public has been engaged on this with the #nobillnobreak is remarkable. the fact that a periscope stream is being carried is historic. >> stay right there. we'll keep checking back with you. thank you for that. that's very useful. it's worthwhile explaining what the fiduciary role is for those folks watching at home. here's what it is. you have an investment advisor. the department of labor issued a regulation saying that investment advisor has to act in your best interests in the best interests of the client which would seem a natural thing for them to do but until now they didn't have to. they could sell you high priced things and take a huge cut. this regulation was signed into law -- administered by the department of labor and wall street hates it. how is this going to be broken,
5:51 pm
this sit in over gun violence, by paul ryan gaveling to order a vote to overturn investor protection on behalf of the big banks who hate the rule. no one else cares about it. no one else is up in arms about it. there's no republican revolution against the fiduciary rule. the banks don't like it. this is apparently the piece of legislation they're going to call to a vote instead of gun safety legislation. stick around, more to come. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm...
5:52 pm
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5:55 pm
if all we can do is a couple of bills can save one life, it's worth this today. >> yes, it is. >> it's worth it tomorrow and it's worth it the next day as long as you are here, i will be here. >> all right. >> thank you for your commitment and thank you for standing by us. >> at this hour house democrats are 9 1/2 hours into a pretty extraordinary action. they have essentially in a sit in. they are the minority party. the reason you're watching that odd camera shot is that the house cameras are not on which means c-span doesn't have their cameras on. instead we have periscope which is in violation of house rules. the democrats are doing this because they say it's anti-democratic for republican leadership not to call a vote on
5:56 pm
gun legislation particularly in the wake of 49 murdered in orlando. joining me is the seniority editor. what is your read on why now for this action. there are so many things that have been obstructed in the house. my first thought was immigration reform when you had a bill from the senate. what is it about this moment in terms of the commitment of members, their frustration with their minority status, why now? >> first and foremost the terrorist attack in orlando earlier this month marked the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history and it renewed concerns among a majority of americans that the nation's gun laws are not as tough as they can be and there is vast majorities of americans who support trying to prevent terrorists, those on the watch list from accessing firearms. you can talk about whether this is meaningful reform that they would achieve. i don't think democrats are
5:57 pm
operating under the illusion these reforms will pass the republican controlled congress but they want this issue on the ballot in november. they been trying to counter the weight of the nraen and this is prime opportunity to show this is a political contentious issue that republicans do not want to take up because they are accepting donations from the nra even though 90% of americans are for background checks and americans want to close the terror loophole. >> on the politics what's striking is that it does seem republicans don't want to vote it and what's striking about the senate is they did that thing you do when your scared of a vote and you come up with an alternative as owe posed to voting no because the republicans needed something to vote for not against. >> what's going to happen if they have this vote is that there will be ads about how
5:58 pm
representative jones voted to allow terrorists to buy guns which is a tough thing to defend. >> i thought it was understand that you had senator murphy's filibuster in the senate and mitch mcconnell decided they can have the votes. it was a matter of hours that republicans caved and agreed to do that. i think it was a calculation they could survive taking those votes and they will say i voted for this good alternative. i would expect them to end up in the same place in the house. i don't think it's going to be tenable to go to november without taking votes on the gun issue and they can take the things off the shelf they were doing in the senate. i think that's where we're likely to land but i think house republicans don't want to end courage democrats to use this tactic over and over again. >> that and if the shoe were on the other foot i can guarantee you nancy pelosi would be having none of it. >> you had house republicans
5:59 pm
staging fake sessions in the house chamber trying -- >> she turned the lights out on them. >> when the shoe is on the other foot, the house is run with an iron fist by the speaker. there's less power. >> i think there's two bills here and i think they should both get votes, one is a good bill, the background loophole. universal background checks seem to be great, this argument for some gun sales i think is bad. i want to say about the watch list. we're using the shorthand potential terrorists to describe people on the watch list and i understand why you wouldn't want them to buy a gun. we saw the horror in orlando. there's a lot of other things if you use the potential terror list you might not want a person doing like teaching job. no one on the list can have a job as a teacher.
6:00 pm
that's an effective ad too. it would be garbage as policy. i would urge the democrats to keep the eye on the ball with universal background checks whatever the politics of the moment are although i doubt they are listening to me because they are there on the house floor and they are fired up. we're going to see what happens next. thank you so much. that is all in. we'll be following the developments all night. rachel maddow starts now. my latest proud moment in i am proud to work with chris hayes is when you just ripped off an angry top of your head completely accurate detailed summery of the fiduciary rule of a way of explaining what was going to happen next this this fight. you are a special kind of cat chris hayes. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. congressman john lewis is going


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