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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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raising the stakes for november. >> republicans in congress currently are willfully event pr preventing the supreme court from being staffed and functioning like our founders intended. >> that tie is a result of the standoff between the president and republicans over when to fill the seat of the late antonin scalia. republicans refusing to consider obama's nominee, saying it will be the next president's job. today a clear illustration of just how crucial that empty seat is. sgl the sit-out is over. only for now. >> when we come back here on july 5th, we are going to continue to push, to pull, to stand up and if necessary, to sit down once again. >> the sit-in, i should have said. democrats in the house
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threatening to stage another one of them after their unprecedented 25-hour demonstration overnight ended just this afternoon. democrats say they want action on gun control. the question, are they any closer to getting it after this sit-in. rounding out the agenda, it really is personal. new polling shows an astonishing number of americans now look at those who disagree with them politically not just as opponents, but as threats to the country. just how deeply divided we have become. our most important number of the day is a sobering one. you have to see it to believe it. that's coming up. we begin with our top story. the supreme court delivering a 4-4 split decision today on president obama's immigration actions. that leaves the president unable to enforce his plan that would shield up to five million undocumented immigrants from deportation. the president today aiming his frustration squarely at republicans.
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>> today, the supreme court was unable to reach a decision. this is part of the consequence of the republican failure so far to get a fair hearing to mr. garland, my nominee to the supreme court. it is heartbreaking for the millions of immigrants who made their lives here, who raised families here, who hoped for the opportunity to work, pay taxes, serve in our military and more fully contribute to this country we all love in an open way. the court's inability to reach a decision in this case is a very clear reminder of why it's so important for the supreme court to have a full bench. >> that's the president today. our own pete williams is at the supreme court. pete, take people through this normally nine votes on the supreme court. you got that vacancy. it's a 4-4 tie and i guess in this case, the tie does not go in favor of the administration.
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>> reporter: no tie for trhe runner here. that's not true at the supreme court. basically a tie vote means nothing really happened. it's as though the decision never was issued, the case never came here, nothing changes. so the lower court block on the president's immigration program that's been in effect now for over a year remains in place and the case is still in the lower courts working its way through, cranking its way through. the future of this policy is a political one, not a legal one. the president will be long out of office by the time this issue ever gets back into the courts of appeal and it's up to the next president to decide whether to pursue it as hillary clinton says she would, or abandon it as donald trump said he would. >> all right. pete williams outside the supreme court, thanks for that. breaking news to tell you about from capitol hill. it's a flicker, looks like maybe just a flicker for right now but a flicker of life for gun control this afternoon. this coming after that
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unprecedented 25-hour sit-in that house democrats staged overnight. these were some shocking images from the floor of the house late last night. democrats camped out there, taking turns at a makeshift podium. they were filming themselves because the c-span cameras were actually turned off. they actually interrupted with chants and shouts and songs when republicans tried to conduct official business at one point last night. there were protesters, too, in the house gallery. they got involved. they were shouting, too. long-time reporters on capitol hill saying they can't remember ever seeing anything like this before. the democrats just this afternoon wrapping up that protest but maybe it's just temporary. they say that when congress returns from vacation after the fourth of july, the sit-in may start all over again. >> well, we will be meeting to determine how we go forward. we cannot stop until we get a
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bill. this isn't about politics. it's not about elections. it's not about campaigns. it's about the safety of the american people. we want this off the table. stay tuned. >> so that's on the house side. meanwhile, the senate, that is still in session right now, the senate did hold a vote within the last few hours. now, there's a potential bipartisan compromise in the senate on the so-called terror loophole. it's crafted by republican susan collins from maine. there was a motion to kill that compromise but the motion, it failed. so that compromise plan, it is still alive, barely. this is the only piece of gun control legislation right now with any possibility of becoming law in the foreseeable future. there are a lot of details here. we want to show you what the compromise is all about and why it's not just pro gun conservatives who have objections to it. let's take a quick look. the terror loophole, this is people who are on these federal terror watch lists being able to
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buy guns. both parties saying they want to stop terrorists from being able to buy guns. what this compromise would do is it would take anybody who's on the no fly list or a second list of people who are subject to enhanced screenings at airports when they try to fly, saying anyone on that list cannot buy a gun. that's what this bill would do. now, one of the objections to that bill is that a lot of people, that people first of all can be added to these lists without knowing why they're on the list. they are not told by the government hey, this is why we are adding you, here's your chance to contest it. they don't know why they're on there. they don't really have a fair chance to contest it. so what opponents of this bill and of what this compromise are saying is you need due process protection. so what this bill would do, it does not force the government to go to court initially to prove you belong on the list. it says hey, if you're on the list, you're denied a gun, you got to go to court and you got to try to prove you shouldn't be there. so opponents are saying that that is not -- that is not due
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process. nbc's luke russert has been our warrior on capitol hill covering the wild past 48 hours in congress. he joins us now. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, the latest i think is two-fold. in the senate, the collins compromise is alive but faces a very difficult path because with the 52 votes that it got, two democrat senators missed it, there are still about six short. that would be six republican votes short to get to 60. on the house, nancy pelosi told me in the clip you just played that they plan to continue the fight they put forward on the house floor yesterday and early this morning pertaining to gun control, whether that looks like civil disobedience, we will see. but as far as any legislation moving forward in the house, it remains to be seen. speaker ryan was deeply upset with how the democrats acted on the floor, said that it would cause bad precedent for the future. the minority party would do
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something like that. it did not show necessarily i think any indication that the majority party would allow the minority party to move these amendments to a bill, preferring to kill them off in committee if they are brought back up again. so as far as seeing some sort of bipartisan gun control legislation, it's on life support, with the collins proposal. there is something being talked about in the house between representative moulton of massachusetts, corbello of florida. he's in a unique position because his season has been redistricted away. he's a man without a country. he can do more deals than one ordinarily could. but that is still coming together and there's no guarantee it could get an up or down vote. republicans, by the way, you talk about how much the democrats galvanized around their supporters last night in that protest and fund-raised off it, republicans also galvanized their base, too, saying we are protecting your due process
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rights and speaker ryan stood up to the big bad democrats. so stalemate is fair to say. but the public attention is perhaps more focused on this than we have ever seen, showing you the no bill, no break campaign took up on social media last night. >> luke russert on capitol hill, as he has been for as long as this has been going on. great reporting. thanks a lot. house speaker paul ryan responding to that sit-in from house democrats, calling the whole thing a fund-raising stunt. take a listen. >> we are not going to allow stunts like this to stop us from carrying out the people's business. why do i call this a stunt? well, because it is one. they're trying to get on tv. they are sending out fund-raising solicitations like this one. >> let me bring in democratic congressman adam schiff from california. he joins me now. part of the sit-in.
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let me ask you this. you were there for 25 hours. we are hearing you guys might go back. what is the demand, the specific demand going to be? we know you want action on gun control somehow, but specifically, what is it you want? >> well, quite contrary to what the speaker was saying about interfering with the house's business, the problem is the house isn't doing business. it isn't taking up important measures to the american people and we resorted to this extreme remedy, this essentially filibuster of the house, to demand a vote on very common sense gun safety legislation like the idea that if you're on the no fly list, if you are too dangerous to be on an american plane, you are too dangerous to go and buy an assault weapon with an extended ammunition clip, there ought to be the same treatment for people in terms of getting access to deadly weapons as being able to fly on an american aircraft. so that's what we're trying to get a vote on. we would also like to get a vote on universal background checks.
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these are issues broadly supported by 80%, maybe 90% of the american people, and the speaker and majority currently won't let the business of the country, the priorities of the country, even get a vote. >> let me ask you this, in terms of this being a response to what happened in orlando. we know the shooter for awhile had been on this fbi -- this sort of large fbi watch list. he was taken off of it at the time that he purchased his gun, he was not on this list. so there's a lot of questions about whether any of this legislation being talked about right now would have even dealt with this situation. what we do know is that he had an assault weapon. how come you guys are not pushing right now for an assault weapons ban? >> well, we are pushing for a few things that would have a direct impact on the orlando case. indeed, part of this package that susan collins is working on in the senate as well as part of an effort i'm doing in the house is to make sure that people that were on the watch list, even when they're taken off, that the fbi can have a flag in the
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system where they get notified when that person goes to buy a gun. i have to think that here, those bureau agents that ran that initial investigation to ground in 2013 and 2014, had they known that this guy was going to gun shops to buy body armor, that he was going to gun shops to buy an assault weapon, extended clips, they would have wanted to reopen that investigation. so that's part of the senate proposal. it's something i'm also urging the administration to do on their own if we can't get this through the congress. >> there is this concept of the idea of not allowing terrorists to buy weapons. there is bipartisan consent, when you listen to people from both sides of the aisle talk about this. where the breakdown seems to be is over this issue of due process. this is not necessarily a left, right, democrat, republican breakdown. the aclu is against all of these bills that have come forward in congress to use the no fly list, this no fly, no buy idea you're
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talking about. one reason they say is people are added to this list in secret. american citizens don't have a chance to defend themselves when they are added to the list and they have serious concerns that the government applies the watch lists in an arbitrary or discriminatory fashion, particularly against american muslim, arab and south asian communities. they're saying look, you put something like this on the books, you will be targeting very specific minority communities in an unfair way. what do you say to that? >> for the aclu, this is very much about due process. they are consistent about that. but for the republicans, this is a fig leaf. their concern for due process doesn't extend to due process for suspected terrorists who want to board a flight. >> congressman, can you address the concern of the aclu? you can dispute whether the republicans are doing this in good faith or not. but this has been put out there. why is this not a valid concern? >> listen, i think it's a valid point. i think the due process concerns can and should be met and i think the senate legislation attempts to do that so that people have a way if they are
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somehow improperly because of name confusion or otherwise put on a watch list, they have a workable efficient mechanism to get off the watch list. i fully concur with that. but what i don't concur with is using this issue as a way to hide the true agenda and i think it's very significant that the republicans here that claim to have a sudden interest in due process for a suspected terrorist, don't show any interest in due process for troifr terrorists when they go to court. it's only around guns. why is that? the real common denominator has three initials, the nra. they run petrified of the nra. that's what this is all about. >> congressman schiff, thank you. appreciate it. breaking this hour, out of florida, a devastating development on the search for that family on a boat missing off the gulf of mexico. the u.s. coast guard has found a second body about four miles from where the first one was
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found yesterday. authorities still waiting to confirm the identity of this second victim as they continue to search for survivors. ace kimberly and his three teenaged children were last heard from sunday afternoon when they reported in trouble in six-foot seas. the family confirms the body of 17-year-old rebecca kimberly was found wednesday. today, search teams also located the mast of the family sailboat. here's a picture of that boat taken on saturday. search teams still holding on to hope after spotting what they believe was a rescue flare overnight. so far, crews have covered about 20,000 miles of the florida coast. still to come, great britain votes on leaving the eu. the european union. polls closing across the pond just about 45 minutes from now. this is a major development with global implications. we will head to london to find out what is going on there, what can we expect when the result starts coming in. plus the police officer who faced the most severe charges in the death of freddie gray,
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i think we all kind of belong together and wi can't se us getting better being apart. >> people have to think for themselves, what's going to be better for us. it's safer to leave. it's safer to leave the european union. we can trade with the whole world. we can keep money for ourselves instead of giving it to europe who don't give it back. >> should they stay or go? all of europe, all of the world
1:20 pm
really holding its breath right now as british residents cast ballots in a historic referendum. it is taking place as we speak. going to determine if britain remains a part of the european union or if it bolts, if it leaves. that would make it the first country to break away from the eu, if the vote to leave or what people are calling brexit, if that triumphs, it could still be years before britain is on its own. let's go overseas to wilfred frost for the latest on this very close vote. so set the stakes for us here. what happens if britain says we're done with this? >> reporter: quite a lot would happen. as you say, we are just 40 minutes left until polls close here in the united kingdom for what is the biggest vote for a generation here in britain. as you rightly say, the question on the polling cards today, should britain vote to stay or leave the european union.
1:21 pm
the lead campaigner on the leave side is david cameron. issues on the agenda from the economy to sovereignty to immigration. the campaigning has been fierce. the results should become clear in and around the early hours of friday morning here in the uk. at the moment, remain is in the lead. it is favored. but this vote overall has been far closer than anybody expected, including the man who delivered the referendum in the first place, prime minister david cameron. he is certainly feeling the pressure. he maintains that if he does lose this vote and britain votes to leave, that he doesn't have to resign. however, the pressure would likely be overwhelming in that instance and even a slight win and he still might face some pressure but a vote of 55 or higher for remain, he should probably be all right. certainly financial markets also focused on this. the issue of a brexit, the main mover of markets around the world in recent weeks.
1:22 pm
the results early tomorrow morning. the polls close in just 40 minutes time. >> high stakes, anticipation. not just what's going to happen to the eu, what's going to happen to that government in britain. wilfred frost, thanks for that. we may not know the results of this vote for hours, but we can do our own reading of the tea leaves by taking a look where? the betting markets. gambling is legal in britain. people bet on elections all the time. for the latest on that we turn to cal perry. this is actually a pretty reliable indicator of how things are going. these are people who are thinking with their heads and not their hearts. what are they saying? >> in lieu of no exit polls, where's the smart money. the money right now is on remaining. that the british public will vote to remain in the eu. you heard there from mr. frost that there's a lot of pressure on david cameron, will he leave or not. again, you can take bets on that. right now, the chance of leaving, 5:1.
1:23 pm
you bet a dollar, you win five back. if you bet that they will remain in the european union, have yyo to bet $8 to win $1 back. the chance they will remain, far outlasting the chance that the u.k. will leave the european union. >> like you bet on the cavs, you are probably betting on britain leaving the eu. long odds. >> long shot. exactly. >> that's what betting markets are saying. thanks for that. turning now to baltimore. the police officer who drove the van with freddie gray inside has been acquitted on all charges including second degree murder. depraved heart murder. so far, three officers have been tried, none of them have been convicted in gray's death last april. msnbc's tremaine lee is outside the courthouse in baltimore. so officer caesar goodson was acquitted today. he faced the most serious charges. what's the response on the streets in baltimore? >> reporter: i tell you what, we have heard time and again about this rough ride that gray's
1:24 pm
family and a whole bunch of activists and organizers in the community believe that freddie gray received, when he was handcuffed and unbelted. but judge barry williams said today while prosecutors presented to the world that freddie gray indeed died from a rough ride, he said the state had provided very little to no evidence that a rough ride actually took place. that goodson intended to hurt freddie gray, or that he knew at any point that he needed serious medical help. talking to folks outside of the courtroom, there was a little bit of frustration and anger, but this verdict was not surprising for so many. while others said it felt like a gut punch. i talked to one woman whose brother actually died while in police custody and she said being black in this city and engaging with the criminal justice system is almost like being in an abusive relationship. there's a honeymoon period. you get hit. things get better. you get hit again. then you realize at some point things will never change. that's how so many in this community feel at this point.
1:25 pm
this is the third trial, the third failed attempt by the state's attorney to successfully prosecute any officers involved in freddie gray's death. people here are upset. they are frustrated. most of all, they are hurt. >> the reaction in baltimore to that verdict. thanks for that. coming up, donald trump taking his first trip overseas since becoming the presumptive republican nominee for president. but back here at home, there are some republicans who are saying it is still not too late to stop donald trump. they have got a new ad. they are pressing delegates to the republican convention hard. we will talk to a former u.s. senator who says he is working full-time to encourage delegates to dump trump. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
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welcome back. here are the headlines at the half hour. more than 25 hours later, house democrats finally ending their sit-in at the capitol. they say they were protesting the lack of action on gun
1:29 pm
control. they didn't succeed in getting republicans to hold votes on any of the controversial gun bills they want to bring up but the leader of the protest, georgia congressman john lewis, declaring victory anyway, saying they got their point across to the american people. the supreme court today issuing two major decisions. the first, a 4-3 vote to uphold affirmative action in college admissions. the second one, a split 4-4 vote on a challenge to president obama's immigration policy. the president's policy aiming to shield up to five million people from deportation following that vote, obama saying people who have been living in the u.s. for awhile and are otherwise law-abiding citizens will remain low priorities for deportation. he did say the decision quote, takes us further from where the country we aspire to be. msnbc's jose diaz-balart just spoke to hillary clinton on the phone and got her reaction to today's decision. >> last february in las vegas,
1:30 pm
secretary, you told me if you become president, immigration reform would be a top priority in your first 100 days. how does this change your strategy, or does it? >> it doesn't. i'm going to be introducing comprehensive immigration reform in those first 100 days and i'm going to be doing everything i can using whatever tools i have as president to remove the fear from families and to stop the raids and the round-ups. we are going to get to comprehensive immigration reform when i am president. >> also this hour, two bodies and a sailboat mast have been recovered in a search for a man and his three teenaged children who have been missing since sunday, when their boat disappeared off the west coast of florida. this morning, the coast guard spotted what it thinks may have been a flare in the search area. officials also located birth certificates, gps equipment, a wallet and some other personal items. the beaches at disney world are open again, this just over a
1:31 pm
week after an alligator snatched and drowned 2-year-old lane graves. he was near the water's edge at the seven seas lagoon at the grand floridian resort hotel. resort employees will staff the beaches and the beaches will remain closed at night. to politics now and donald trump. trump traveling to scotland today, this his first international trip since becoming the presumptive republican candidate for president. this visit not for campaign purposes, he says, but for business. trump planning to check in on two of his golf courses in scotland. critics within his own party worry the trip is a distraction from the serious campaigning trump needs to pursue as he started to slide in the polls lately. republican senator john thune telling the associated press i'm not sure what the purpose of the trip is, adding trump would return soon. trump's son eric dismissing those concerns this week. he said it's a brief but important visit and that he will come back on the campaign trail.
1:32 pm
nbc's katy tur is in scotland following the trump campaign. so a brief but important trip. what is so important about this trip for donald trump that it's more important than campaigning for president? >> reporter: well, that's what many republicans are wondering right now. what is the presumptive nominee doing leaving the country, leaving the campaign trail, to go overseas and not to meet with foreign leaders. it's pretty normal for candidates to come overseas to boost their foreign policy credentials, to meet with foreign leaders. we saw president obama do that in 2008 when he was running. mitt romney did that to some success and some less than success in 2012 when he came over. donald trump is just coming over to go to his two golf courses. he will be doing a ribbon cutting in turnberry tomorrow, reopening it after renovations, making gop operatives worry he's more in it for his brand than he is for the campaign. this will be on saturday when we go to aberdeen, it will be the
1:33 pm
tenth donald trump property we visited on the campaign trail as reporters. some are wondering if this is all and they have been wondering for some time, if this is all one big advertisement for trump. this certainly does not alleviate any of those concerns, especially considering that donald trump is facing a really steep hill when it comes to fund-raising. he doesn't have a robust staff in battleground states. right now, he's losing to hillary clinton in the polls. >> all righ katy tur. by the way, that is a course that's hosted the british open a number of times. last year in the wake of some of those controversial comments trump made, the organizers of the british open said they are for the time being not going to give any more british opens to trump there. thanks for that report. back here in the united states, as the campaign heats up, a super pac that had backed ted cruz in the republican presidential race now intensifying its push to pull off a coup at the republican
1:34 pm
convention this summer. courageous conservatives have a new ad out today in iowa on the radio, aiming at convincing members of the rnc rules committee to change the rules to let bound delegates vote their conscience at the republican convention next month. >> we elect delegates to nominate presidential candidates, not as rubber stamps, but as real people to make real decisions in the best interests of our party and our conservative values. normally, our delegates would ratify the primary winner but this is one of those times when the delegates need to be free to vote their conscience. >> former u.s. senator gordon humphrey said he will work full-time to support the stop trump efforts. he's making good on that promise. he joins us now. senator, let's start with the basics here. we all watched these primaries and causes play out. candidates got delegates in them. trump got over that magic number, 1237, we talked about so many times. he's now well over it.
1:35 pm
the rules of the state party say those are his delegates at the convention. what are you aiming to do here? tell us what the plan is. >> well, that's true. i'm a delegate as well. each delegate is perfectly free to vote his or her conscience on the first ballot. that's the main point i want to make. those who want to know more should go to contrary to public perception, including among many delegates, state law and state party rules cannot bind delegates. they are not in a straightjacket. it's rather like congress. the voters cast their vote in the primaries or congressional election to elect a representative who is then expected to exercise his or her best judgment. in my judgment, donald trump is a dangerous sociopath, unfit to be president and i'm working to persuade delegates that they have every right and indeed, the responsibility to vote their
1:36 pm
best judgment on the first ballot that no party rule and no state law can bind them and the supreme court has said so many times. it's not just me. go to to learn all the facts. >> so that's your interpretation of the rules, but let's stipulate, let's take that for a moment and say that's the case, what you're saying. donald trump still got the most votes of any candidate in this primary, the most votes in republican primary history, won the most states by far over his opponents. how can the delegates deny him the nomination when republican voters pretty overwhelmingly chose him? >> well, let's take a hypothetical case. supposing between the last primary and the nominating convention, the presumptive nominee commits a crime. are the delegates in a straight straightjacket or can they reject that candidate and choose someone more fit for the office?
1:37 pm
the point is -- >> you're saying something very very serious would have to happen. a crime would be very very serious. what has donald trump done differently in the last month that he want doing the whole campaign? >> indeed. that's a hypothetical case but it makes the point the delegates are not in straightjackets. they have every right and responsibility to exercise their judgments. i think by now, a great many of the trump delegates who are in the majority, you're right, they have the upper hand at the moment, but i think a goodly number of them by now are developing second thoughts and certainly most of the delegates of kasich, rubio and bush and the others are prepared to support a rules change if necessary but in fact, no rules change is necessary. i think they are prepared themselves to vote on the first ballot to exercise their best judgment and i think some of the trump people will as well. so it's a tough proposition. you're right. the odds are becoming better
1:38 pm
every day. >> very quickly, too, this was the issue in the primary. you had people saying we never want donald trump to be the republican nominee. they could never settle on an alternative. who's the alternative? >> i think that's less important than stopping trump on the first ballot. if that can be accomplished which is our goal, then the delegates will be free to debate which candidate among those who ran or perhaps among some who didn't even run, like paul ryan, for example, the delegates will then have the opportunity to exercise their mature judgment on which candidate best represents the party and would best serve as president and commander in chief. certainly that isn't donald trump. >> gordon humphrey, former u.s. senator from new hampshire, thanks for the time. >> thank you. before donald trump left for scotland today, he sat down for a one-on-one interview with nbc's lester holt. it was inside trump tower. among the topics, hillary clinton's e-mail server. here's a little of that conversation. >> you also made the claim that
1:39 pm
her e-mail, personal e-mail server had been hacked, probably by foreign governments, suggesting that -- >> you don't know that it hasn't been. >> wait a minute. suggesting that she would be compromised as president. what evidence do you have? >> first of all she shouldn't have had a personal server. okay? she shouldn't have had it. what she did was illegal. it's illegal. it might not be judged that way because the system is rigged. i think i read that and heard it -- >> where? >> somebody also gave me that information. i will report back to you. >> you can catch lester's full interview with donald trump tonight only on "nbc nightly news."
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1:43 pm
as say the republicans are or trump is when he tries to throw people out of his rallies and do those kind of things. >> some voters weighing in on the election there. you have all been listening to the candidates, to their supporters this year. if it feels a little bit more intense this year, the rhetoric, a little bit more heated, if the insults are a little bit more pronounced, there's a reason for that. it takes us to our most important number of the day. today it's not a number, it's a word. the word is disgust. disgust is what a new survey shows many americans feel about people who disagree with them politically. some shocking numbers here. let's go inside them. check this out. this is a new pew research poll. almost half of republicans say they view democratic policies as a threat to the country. not just something they disagree with, as a threat to the country. this is not just republicans thinking this about democrats, because 41% of democrats say they view the policies of
1:44 pm
republicans again, not just something they disagree with, something they consider a threat to the country. you want to see how intense this disagreement is getting these days? look at this. ask people why are you a republican. 55% say they vote republican, they tend to vote republican, only because they don't like the other party. they think democratic policies are awful. 51% of people who generally vote democratic say the main reason they are doing that is not because they like what the democrats stand for, not because they like what the democrats are doing, it's because they don't like the republicans. each of these parties, their members defining themselves against each other. this is a trend by the way. look at this. you go back 20 years, 22 years. in 1994, only 21% of republicans had an unfavorable view of democrats. now that number's exploded. it's nearly 60%. democrats a generation ago, 17%. very small number. had an unfavorable view of republicans. again, that number has exploded.
1:45 pm
55%. this has been increasing, it's been intensifying. people looking at people they disagree with politically, not just as people. they have an honest disagreement with who want the best for the country, but people whose policies they believe are a threat to the country. when you hear the insults flying around, all the intense rhetoric, that's why it's our most important word of the day. disgust. more than ever, that's what americans feel about people who disagree with them. it's a depressing reality of the 2016 campaign. straight ahead, the sit-in now officially over. we were able to watch it all play out thanks to live streaming video. would it have even lasted 25 hours if it weren't for all the cell phone cameras? we look at the power of social media after this. trolling for a gig with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works.
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who do we have on aerial karate? steve. steve. steve. and alexis. uh, no. just steve. just steve. just steve. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple. i'm sitting down, i'm sitting in. i'm standing up. >> congressman john lewis there from georgia, part of that 25-hour sit-in on the house floor that democrats staged. the reason that video quality wasn't too great there, the reason you might have had trouble hearing that, because democrats may have pioneered something we will probably see a lot in positivelitics.
1:50 pm
officially, the c-span cameras that cover congress, that we turn to when something important happens on the house floor, they were off. usually in politics if you can't get on tv you probably don't exist. the democrats found a way around that last night. the answer for them was social media and more specifically, something called periscope. cal perry is here, our social media guru. i just gave you that title. periscope, what is it? >> i love that c-span had to go to black to start trending on twitter for the first time. let me show you elizabeth warren showing her confusion about what is periscope. take a look at this. >> i don't understand. >> wave to america. >> hi, america. >> let's go through some of the basic steps. periscope has ten million users, more than 200 million broadcasts. it's broadcast more than 350,000
1:51 pm
hours of streamed video, this is key, in more than 25 languages. that's why we saw stuff coming out of egypt, out of libya. very important moments. let's go to how last night played out. first, your twitter reverb will show you the usage throughout the night. we saw more than 2500 tweets a minute. we saw more than 1.4 million views on periscope as well as we should say facebook live as well was used by 19 members of congress, 19 members of the senate also using facebook live which was three million. here's how it played out on twitter. c-span saying we lost our cameras, cameras go down, they started directing people towards periscope. periscope tweeted shortly after this, the options of how you could watch it and they did, a number of options through variety of representatives of congress of their feeds. it wasn't just one. it was multiple angles going on on the floor which allowed it to
1:52 pm
stay up all night. we were periscoping this live. no, it has crashed. it's not working. luckily, it worked for the democrats last night. i think this was the most important political moment in the united states when it comes to social media. i have never seen social media used like this before. >> it's grainy and unreliable, it crashes sometimes but if you can't get on tv you got an alternative. take out your phone, start broadcasting. i tried it a couple times last year mostly by accident. the reviews were mixed. cal perry, thanks for joining us. here's susan lee with a cnbc market wrap. >> rally on wall street with the dow gaining 230 points, the best day for the dow since march 1st, three months ago. the s&p up 28. the nasdaq rising 77 points. financials led the markets. it looks like the uk will stay in the european union. that's the latest from cnbc, first in business worldwide. being stolen. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us.
1:53 pm
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news in the veep stakes to tell you about today. it comes to us from the commonwealth of virginia. tim kaine rising to the top of hillary clinton's list for the number two spot on her ticket, at least according to a report in politico today. politico saying kaine is viewed as a safe and attractive option by the clinton team, at least for right now. of course, we will probably get a lot of reports like this over the next few weeks but why would he be suddenly getting so much attention? it has to do with the state he represents. you can see here, virginia, 13 electoral votes. obviously not an insignificant number there. but this is -- this has become, really, the premier swing sate
1:57 pm
state in the country. four years ago, barack obama won nationally by four points, a little bit closer in virginia, a three-point victory for obama over romney. this is one of those states, there aren't too many left on the map. they call it a swing state. the other thing for democrats is this is a swing state that only recently became a swing state. if you go back '92, '96, 2000, 2004, you can see republicans were winning virginia. they basically were winning this thing from the 1960s on. but barack obama broke through in 2008, won a close race there over john mccain in '08, won it again in '12. this is a state that's become new to the democratic column. it is one they very much want to hold on to. so if hillary clinton is looking to hold on to it to make it three straight in virginia, tim kaine, he could probably do worse than to pick somebody from virginia. so right now, he's at or near the top of that list. jackie kucinich joins us now.
1:58 pm
she knows all about the veep stakes. again, take these with a grain of salt because we will get a lot of reports like this. but he does make a lot of sense from a strategic standpoint for the clinton campaign. >> certainly. first of all, he has executive experience. he was elected governor of virginia before he was the senator from virginia. he was very popular there. not only that, he's fluent in spanish. he was a catholic missionary when he was at harvard law school and spent some time in honduras, so he has that going for him as well. one of the things that might give liberals pause with him, he is pro-life. so that might give that portion of the democratic party some pause. that said, he really is the safest choice. also, the executive experience but he does the first do no harm test. he wouldn't hurt her. he might not help her but he's definitely a possibility. >> how about the name there when you take these polls, when you
1:59 pm
ask democrats who their favorite candidate would be, elizabeth warren comes in at the top of the lists but there are reasons to doubt hillary clinton will turn to her. >> they don't have a personal relationship, first of all. elizabeth warren and hillary have had a contentious relationship at times, most recently a couple months ago, but back in the day, elizabeth warren wrote in one of her books she didn't think hillary was terribly authentic. they do have a past and she has been an agitator. also, there is a question of whether the american public is ready for two women on the ticket. that is an open question. so she is for progressives the dream candidate but may not be the most practical solution for hillary clinton. let's not forget, hillary clinton would already be making history by being the first woman. she doesn't need elizabeth warren to be an additive to that. >> still more than a month to go before the democratic convention. that's the story today.
2:00 pm
my prediction, we will see a lot more stories about a lot of other people between now and then. thanks for being here. appreciate that. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki. "mtp daily" starts right now. good evening. i'm kristen welker in washington, in for chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily." it has been an incredibly busy news day. two major supreme court rulings, one blocking the president's immigration action. coming up, we talk to the attorney general of texas, the state at the center of both of those rulings. plus, an unprecedented day of news on capitol hill. the dramatic conclusion of a 24-plus hour gun reform sit-in on the house floor while in the senate, a bipartisan compromise bill on guns passes the first test. all this as polls a


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