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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this... what's she gonna like six months from now? who do we have on aerial karate? steve. steve. steve. and alexis. uh, no. just steve. just steve. just steve. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple. good day everyone. it is 3:00 p.m. on the east coast and high noon out west. in this hour, brexit backlash. new fallout following the vote to leave the european union, calls for a second vote on the issue, but can it be done? donald trump remaining defiant, calling out hillary clinton and barak obama for their response. and is it a sign of what is to
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come at home in november. and officials on both coasts dealing with the wrath of mother nature. nearly two dozen killed by mother nature in west virginia and a search for survivors as crews battle a deadly blaze that exploded overnight with no end in sight. we begin in the united kingdom where voter remorse is gaining steam. over 2 million are petitioning for a second reverend rum vote, 20 times the number need for parliament to debate the issues. ramifications were felt. markets crashed losing more than $2 trillion in a single day. scotland called for a vote of independence in order to stay in the union. the shock was expressed across as an uncertain future awaits.
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matt bradley joins us now from london. let's talk now about what you are learning about this notion of a possible second referendum. is that something possible or something that politicians are going to consider? >> they are going to have to consider it or discuss it because they already have the required signatures required to go up for a discussion. that does not mean they will have to vote on it or take action. they could take five or ten minutes or several days. it does not mean it is going to go anywhere. >> let me ask you about the reaction with what people on the streets have been saying. what has been the sentiment about voters remorse? are people waking up saying what
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have we done? >> yeah. the problem here is that everyone here in london, they are feeling grim. they are feeling angry. they are feeling emotional about how this vote went. if you look at the map it goes to show that london is not britain. london is just an island in the greater island of great britain. it is obvious that london is separate from the rest of the country. especially the noshl wherth whet of people feel left out from markets they feel only benefit the wealthy and rural areas where people are less educated and less inclined to vote for groups like the european union. now they have seen the incredible immediate ramifications of this.
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the toppling pound. the $2 trillion loss on the stock market and now a lot of buyers remorse going into this. >> all right. matt, thank you very much for that update. calls from france and italy to leave the eu as well is causing more concerns, so much so that the french president held a series of emergency meetings warning to keep the eu together. britain's vote hit close to home after the dow jones lost 610 points on friday. joining me now, ron, a lot of people will be looking at this. when we talk about the markets and the issue of uncertainty, there is always a window. in an election, maybe three or four days. now we are entering a period of
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prolonged uncertainty. >> it is unpredictibility. the fact that we do not know how long this process takes or if five other european countries will follow suit. we don't know if this petition circulating over the weekend will reverse the course of a nonbinding referendum and particle will vote to stay in the union. if that is the case markets could rebound quickly. if the other way, markets could take a long time. >> a lot of folks will be won r wondering what the impact will be in the united states. recently the fed chair said they were likely to raise interest rates this summer. do you think what we saw over the past 24 hours will have an affect on the feds making that
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decision? >> they may stay the decision to increase interest rates. the issue of the unpredictibility is the biggest thing. it would be a two-year negotiation process for the uk to get out of the european union. it is a drawn out process by definition but could be drawn out more if they do a second vote or anything like that. i think the priority of the fed, she talked about the need for economic stability. it might delay the decision to increase interest rates. >> i think the fed is out of the game for the remainder of the year if not longer. if you look at the financial marke markets, they are pricing an increase in 2018. >> is there a silver lining for american citizens?
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it would be cheaper for americans if they wanted to travel to london. take away the globalization. let's be selfish americans. any benefit for us? >> in the short run with the british pound as weak as it was in 1985, it is cheaper to go to london. mortgage rates have come down if you are locking in or buying. and oil prices fell. that could bring gasoline prices down as well. those are the short-term benefits. >> ron, if you couldn't afford a house a week ago you can't afford it today. the fact that interest rates dropped are only going to affect a handful of people. i agree with you about the travel. there is not a lot of things here for people in the united states. there has been a whole notion of
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tribalism and protectionism. this is the note mr. trump is sounding as well. there are negatives here. but what happened in the uk allowed us to think about what happens here. there are industries like fashion that are going to be in the uk and hurt us as well. fashion as an example is a global industry. >> let me ask you about the issue of tribalism. in countries like the united kingdom, scotland and northern ireland saying we did not sign up to leave the eu. scotland a couple of months ago. do you see it in territories like scotland could break away from the united kingdom because they want to stay a part of the european union? >> they had their vote a while ago and it was not rejected by a
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large margin. one of the reasons scotland did not want to stay in the u ks because of the membership in the european union. people are talking about ireland uniting. we might be looking at a new global map. i think good sense may prevail. >> any advice for people in their 401(k)s? what should folks be doing? >> you never panic in a panic. if you have a disciplined process, you continue with it. we could see further down side in the u.s. stock market but not the time you pull your money out. it might lead to a recession in the long run but you continue to save and build up that nest egg. >> stick it out.
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>> yes. >> appreciate your insights. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> well, the world is falling apart. those words from donald trump after a blistering attack on president obama and hillary clinton on their views on the brexit vote. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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the world is falling apart. the world under this leadership is falling apart. these people don't know what they're doing. >> donald trump sounding the alarm in the wake of the economic fallout in the wake of the brexit vote. the last stop on his overseas
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tour. katie, good to have you with us. not a surprise, we heard trump criticize president obama and hillary clinton for not seeing the brexit vote coming. will this play into his message back at his rallies? >> it could. donald trump has been hitting a few things on the campaign trail. trade, immigration and a sense of nationalism. three of the same themes the head of the levers campaign hit over here in the uk appealing to voters that wanted a sense of national pride and independence from the eu and that decisions were made locally and not abroad. and fears about immigration and not just the refugees. we know the uk had a stronger border system than europe.
12:15 pm
they were concerned about immigrants coming over and working in the uk. there has been a recession and a jobs crisis and they were concerned about immigrants coming over and taking jobs from uk voters. this is the same sort of thing donald trump says, immigrants coming over from mexico and taking jobs from mexicans and talks about a trojan horse among the refugees. he can say my message was vindicated by the voters in uk bringing it home to say i was right about this. and that will appeal to somebody that thinks donald trump will go out and change things in washington. it is the same thing here in the uk that they are feeling in the uk. there is one thing here that can
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make or break donald trump. the u ks more diverse. if they come out in big numbers, and so far they have not shown any significant support for donald trump. if they come out in big numbers it is hard to see how trump can win in the electoral college. >> has he spoken to you in general about what has happened in the brexit? i understand you had a chance to speak to him earlier today. >> i talked to him yesterday and today. he took us on what can only be described as a bizarre press conference tour literally leading reporters on a slow speed chase across his course and through the dunes and every
12:17 pm
situation we asked him about brexit and how he would respond to the global financial crisis that seems to be emerging from this. voters that say they are worried about their own retirement savings. donald trump dismissed those concerns and instead attacked president obama. >> we have a president that does not understand what he is doing. she called brexit wrong. she shouldn't have called it at all. she called it totally wrong. he said to the uk you are going to get to the back of the line. and that is the problem. >> donald trump is praising brexit here in scotland and
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scotland is one of the places that voted to stay in the european union. >> thank you very much for that. though the economic fallout was immediate, it is remaining to see how it will impact the 2016 presidential race here in the united states. good to have all three of you with us. there is a lot of similarities in terms of what we are seeing, what motivated the vote in brexit, the anti-elitist message and anti-globalization message, the question though is are those themes and ideas going to play out similarly here come november or are we talking about a
12:19 pm
different political landscape? >> it is a different political landsca landscape. the themes are similar but there is something that hasn't been mentioned. the brexit vote, people just wanted more independence and the rejection of the status quo. u.s. american elections are personal. people have known hillary clinton similar to donald trump. it is a personal decision. people are not deciding for a grand idea. i think that will play a factor. >> victoria, there is a question, hillary clinton wanted the united kingdom to remain part of the eu. do you think when donald trump comes back this is something he can go after her on. her judgment in terms of what the uk wanted or was going to get proved to be correct? >> well, obviously donald trump
12:20 pm
was proving correct by the outcome of the brexit vote but it does not equate with a trump win in november. clinton has made very strong points this week. also saying let's talk about the economy more general here in the country. do we want donald trump at the helm of the economy? do we trust him? this is a man that bankrupted a couple of companies. she is sewing seeds of doubt. those issues here in the united states. >> i wanted to ask you about donald trump and his so called muslim ban. today saying his ban would not apply to scotland but only those from terrorism heavy countries. it is not a policy shift.
12:21 pm
but do you expect him to move on this issue given how controversial it has been here at home. is this finding wiggle room and modifying it to make sure he is not being anti-muslim. >> i think it is donald trump being savvy by doubling down on something a lot of things that americans think about. on the surface donald trump is probably right. we should have some type of a ban on terrorists out there that come from muslim countries. is that called profiling or stereotyping all muslims because they come from iraq or pakistan. you have to stereotype and profile and that is not what we stand for. but to everyones point donald
12:22 pm
trump is striking a chord here. one person out there probably patting themselves on the back. that is bernie sanders. bernie sanders message is similar to donald trump and similar to the uk, about national pride, jobs abouting overseas and people living paycheck to paycheck that see their jobs going overseas. that is the message here. something hillary clinton needs to be very, very sensitive to. >> i wanted to ask you about this. donald trump is saying take our country back. that is how he is describing the brexit vote. i am not sure it is the same message. >> you are exactly right. i said it over and over again.
12:23 pm
it is similar with respect to nationalistic pride and making sure the jobs stay here at home as opposed to going overseas. when you look at the brexit voting, they said they are sick and tired of european immigrants coming into the united kingdom and taking their jobs with the exception of scotland because scotland has a high oil industry and need those jobs in scotland but not in england. >> we could talk about this for hours but we have run out of time. thank you all three for joining us this afternoon. wild weather on both coasts. in west virginia a state of emergency, flooding has claimed at least 23 lives and on the west coast a deadly wildfire
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learn more at aczone. prescription treatment. proven results. search and rescue efforts continue in west virginia where 23 people have been killed and a number unaccounted for following two days of devastating floods. national weather service calling it a once in a thousand year event. >> some people slept in their cars with their animals and children with them. there are some that haven't been able to return to their homes at all to see what's there. >> overnight 500 people were rescued after national guard troops built a temporary road to rescue shoppers who were trapped in a mall for more than 24 hours. >> fwogood afternoon.
12:28 pm
this road behind me has completely collapses. most of them have been evacuated but some of them are choosing to remain inside saying the conditions inside are better than they are under the 44 counties still under the state of emergency. there are 34,000 homes across the state without power. where is your house now? >> i have no idea. >> you don't know where your house is? >> no. i have been finding parts down the road. some of it is right there. i haven't found the upstairs portion. >> you haven't found the roof of your home? >> it's gone. >> do you have your things? >> what i got on. i couldn't believe it. i have never seen anything like this. i lived around here my entire life. we have gotten harder rain before and the water never got
12:29 pm
to these levels. >> just to give you context, this is the deadliest flash flood the country have seen in 18 years. the sun is out. welcome news for those crews continuing their efforts. >> meanwhile in southern california an explosive wildfire continues to burn as conditions remain hot, dry and rugged. the fire engulfed 100 homes and another 1,500 are at risk. south lake, california with the latest effort to combat the growing inferno. >> so much destruction out here. once an rv now completely destroyed. the streets over there, they have been spared. this is basically the edge of where the devastation begins.
12:30 pm
i want to show you how far it stretches. all the way over to the mountains, block after block of damage and destroyed homes. it is very difficult for those coming home today. >> i don't care if our place went up but the memories, the antiques that cannot be replaced. things that are hundreds of years old that will never come back. >> emergency crews are going from house to house sifting through the rubble and the debris. we know of at least two fatalities, husband and wife, elderly couple unable to escape the flames. those are the only two fatalities but the number could climb. >> all right. thanks for that gadi.
12:31 pm
the 2016 candidates returning to the trail where the race stands and the strategies right after the break. stay with us. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. as donald trump returns to the trail his campaign will have to play catch up. despite polls this week showing trump tied or losing to hillary in some key states. as the campaign continues to hammer trump's response to the brexit vote. donald trump opening a golf resort in scotland with the clinton campaign taking advantage of it. what moves are they making? >> first of all, they are using this moment to try to highlight
12:35 pm
the experience gap between second clinton and donald trump and his response to this brexit vote, the fact that he indicated the market instability could help his business. they are using those types of comments to criticize him and argue what they have been arguing for weeks now which is that he is not fit to be president. secretary clinton spending more than $10 million in pennsylvania a lone. a lot of the ads are positive in nature aimed at reintroducing secretary clinton to voters and her record on getting health care for kids passed when she was first lady and this is all unfolding as the search for vp
12:36 pm
heats up. take a listen to a little of this exchange. >> are you qualified to be commander in chief? >> nobody should ever say they are ready for that responsibility because it is so huge. >> all of the potential contenders being very careful with their answers including elizabeth warren. she could help to energize progressives, all of those that support senator sanders. the big news is that secretary clinton will campaign with elizabeth warren and folks will be watching that closely to see what their chemistry is like. >> thank you very much. you have been following the clinton campaign for us. turning now to britain's
12:37 pm
historic vote to leave the european union. the demographics that drove the exit include older voters, without college degree, blue collar workers, lower economic areas and those without a passport indicating they do not travel frequently. i want to get your reaction to some of these demographics that we put up on the screen. does that surprise you at all given the way the vote turned out? >> no. people were voting against their interests because they were stampeded and afraid. the campaign was based on fear and anger. emotions the leave campaign knew how to tap into. the remain campaign did not have
12:38 pm
a expense to. the same way trump does it. not by offering answers or solutions but by lying. they lied all the time during the leave campaign. that has come out how much they lied about all things from the amount of money britain put into the european union. all types of things that were important to the folks that voted to leave. >> i wanted to get your take on some analysis that without the union, they could be stronger and in some way consolidate
12:39 pm
germany's role in the union. do you see that as a possible scenario? >> that is a possibility. but it depends on several countries. it would be 27 members. a lot of things require a unanimous vote. a lot of the countries that are in are not all that comfortable being in. put aside the country of france. that is a core member. sweden. denmark. they are not comfortable. greece has a lot of grievances about the european union after the austerity of the last few years. it will be hard to pull them all together. >> can there be an opportunity for the union to reform itself or will they go about it the same way they have. it lost the uk. it could potentially lose the other countries that you listed. >> france is the biggest threat.
12:40 pm
france is a freel problem. she is go to campaign against europe. that is her core campaign. we will see what happens. but yes, the european union. the bureaucracy need to reform. everybody says that they are on board with that, whether it is actually going to happen is doubtful. >> i know this is a question that has been asked a lot. is there any way the referendum and the responses of the referendum can be undone? >> well, yes. the consequence of the referendum hasn't been done yet. somebody in the british government has to say we are
12:41 pm
invoking article 50 saying we are going to withdraw. when cameron announced his resignation he said that shouldn't happen for three months. the other governments are saying that is not going to satisfy anybody. but it could drag out for months or years and some theme have theorized we could forget the whole thing or there could be a new referendum. 2 million people signed a petition saying let's have another vote. saying we didn't know what we were voting for. this was a protest vote. >> the word of the day is uncertainty. i think that word will stay with us for the next several months. pleasure to have you with us, sir. >> thank you. >> basketball diplomacy 2.0.
12:42 pm
so long dennis rodman. shaquille o'neal shamed as the first ever sports envoy to cuba. holding basketball clinics and visiting historic and cultural sites in havana. the latest move to normalize relations. speaking of the president, he kicked off the weekend by making an historic move in honor of the lgbt community.
12:43 pm
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a historic move by president obama designating the first ever national moment of the lgbt movement. the bar located in greenwich village was the focal community
12:46 pm
for lgbt rights after riots broke out in response to a police raid, a site of support unlike anything of support, complete strangers standing up to supporters in support of their fellow gay new yorkers and stonewall remains the backdrop. hundreds gathered outside calling for peace in the wake of the orlando nightclub shooting. president obama said gay rights have come a long way but not far enough. >> there is still work to do. the lgbt community still faces real violence and hate. we have to keep pushing for equality and acceptance and tolerance. but this is an arc of progress and it can be traced back to stonewall. >> stonewall's new designation
12:47 pm
comes with the negotiable annual pride march tomorrow. martin, always a pleasure to see you. the backdrop of this year's pride parade in new york different than last years. on the heels of marriage quality. this year on the heels of the hate crime. what changed in your mind? why is it so important to be there? >> i was go to skip it. orlando made it a priority with me. i think we have to show ourselves. it is just important to be there and to lend that spirit, especially with stonewall. >> what is the message in terms of what we have seen in the last two weeks? you are saying you wanted to be there physically. what is the message coming out of the pride march tomorrow? >> that stonewall is a part of
12:48 pm
the past but not completely erased. we still face terrible challenges. these challenges are becoming global. >> let me play you this sound mayor de blasio talking about the pride march. >> we are the birthplace of the lgbt civil rights movement, stonewall 1969. we celebrate pride and we do it with particular passion. this year we have an obligation to our nation in the wake of orlando to show what pride and inclusion looks like. >> your thoughts on that? >> yes. that is what we have to do. that is what we have to display. but this is a thing that, to me stonewall is a verb and not a
12:49 pm
noun. it represents action. i think these tragedies sometimes reinforce our sense of what we have to do and how we have to feel and be to each other. >> what hasn't changed since 1969 that needs to change? >> hate. but it has changed. there is less hate. but hate has become more inte e intensi intensive. the rifles are the weapons of hate. i don't think we feared that then. we feared individual attacks but nothing like this. >> the lgbt community has been effective in lobbying for their rights and civil rights for the community. could they take on in the wake of the orlando shooting, could they take on the gun lobby and this issue of guns in the united states? has this become an important issue for the lgbt community? >> it is. if any group could find a way to
12:50 pm
put pressure on it they could do it. but it is not an easy thing to do. guns are part of our culture and heritage and a thing we have to change as we change ourselves and the world around us. >> in. enjoy the parade tomorrow. it's a great celebration. >> thank you. >> for complete coverage of the pride events including how the rainbow flag came to be a symbol of the community log on. ously, . but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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. with the summer travel season there are growing concerns of an outbreak. the virus spread to nearly 50 countries and territories in south america and the crib yaen. zika has been linked to birth defects in four babies in the united states and 800 travel related cases of the virus have been confirmed.
12:54 pm
i know you recently travelled to puerto rico and i have to admit i was watching that piece early and i was surprised because of the way it's being projected here by health officials. >> the cdc is very concerned about zika for pregnant women and their partners and that's a concern. but for an epidemic if you go and the epidemic of the american outbreak you don't see it impacting this and it doesn't cause a problem if most people's lives. and mosquito repellant on you. you will be laughed at by them on the street so take a look at this. >> a lot of mosquitos breed there. some of them may be carrying zika. are you worried. >> i'm not worried. there's nothing happening. >> i'm going to put on some
12:55 pm
mosquito spray. >> mosquitos coming out and you don seem to get bothered by it all. >> i know i'm more relaxed. >> right next to the canal. >> and we're definitely concerned that maybe it might effect our business and we had three cancellations. >> i don't think it's any more concern than being in the states and you wear bug spray and you
12:56 pm
maybe wear long sleeves and protect yourself and you're able to enjoy the island. >> so the take away i think there is that if you were outside of that very narrow population of pregnant women and people seeking to become pregnant and their partners the zika concern is not as wild as it may appear if you're watching news on a daily basis orpiking up the occasional headline. the health advisory is very narrow, very tailored. if you get out side of that group it's having a real negative impact on these communities that need it. the only thing they have going for them is tourism and tour riffle is falling away every single quarter. >> i can see that as well. let's talk about rio in terms of the risk that athlete there is are facing. same scenario or a different climate there in terms of a different environment that zika is currently expanding in. >> well if you listen to the organizers of the rio games the risk is going to be effectively
12:57 pm
zero come august. they had zero cases of zika among that group. they're also benefitting from the fact that the temperature is cooling, it's their winter and their risk will be zero. >> thank you for that. that does it for this hour. my colleague picks up our coverage right after the break. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't.
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because no one kills germs better than clorox. hmmmmm....... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. it is 4:00 p.m. in the east and the european union calls for a quick divorce from the u.k. polling it's vote to leave the eu. >> so she calle


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