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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  June 26, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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very special, it's considered one of the most beautiful buildings in all of golf. on the bottom you have dining and golfers will stop and they will go and get something to eat. i don't know if you will get the chance but if you do you should try to get to see the suites because they are two of the most beautiful suites you will ever see. from morning to night it's packed. >> we have something really surprising, new results from a brand new nbc news "wall street journal" poll released an hour ago. hillary clinton has a 5 point advantage over donald trump among registered voters, that's a slight bump from her 3 point lead over trump last month. no real surprises there. but take a look at this. when you expand that match up to a four way race that include libertarian gary johnson and the green party's jill stein clinton's lead evaporates to one point which is well within the poll's margin of error.
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gary johnson in particular appears to be taking voters away from clinton, the democrat, not trump the republican. what are we to make of these numbers? mark murray is here to sort it out. what in the underlying cross tabs of this poll explains why it looks like gary johnson is taking away voters from hillary clinton rather than donald trump? >> joy, it really has to go with the bernie sanders supporters in our poll and it shows that 63% of bernie sanders voters are backing hillary clinton in the donald trump versus clinton matchup, but you end up having 14% of bernie sanders supporters going to jill stein, almost double digits to gary johnson, almost another double digits to donald trump. so you kind of factor that in and around the margin of error and you get the results that we currently see. i would have just a little bit of a caveat on that four-way match up. on the one hand jill stein at least right now won't be on many of the ballots across the country and also we've seen
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sometimes in the past third party candidates sometimes at this stage of a race outperform their actual results on election day, particularly when you start getting to the debates, the actual engagement. i really would caution everyone to focus more on the head to head numbers, the 5 point hillary clinton lead, more than the 1 point lead among the four candidates overall. >> i think it's really important and that's why we wanted to have you on to explain this a little bit because i think people will be surprised by that four way matchup. do you see that bernie sanders support for trump for stein for gary johnson as affirmative support for those candidates or just a statement of sort of negative attitudes toward hillary clinton? >> you know, joy, i think that a lot of times looking back in the 2008 campaign between hillary clinton and barack obama, that time heals a lot of wounds. that what something looks like a month after a campaign is very different from what you end up seeing four and five months later. so i just think that we have to continue to track these voters, i think it's going to be
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important. you can make the argument looking at our poll that if you end up having bernie sanders voters completely on board so you basically move that 63% up to a higher level, you know, in the high 70s or so then hillary clinton's lead expands from currently 5 points over donald trump to about 6 or 7. so that does matter in a big race, it matters when you kind of look ahead and just tracking these bernie sanders supporters over time, not where they are right now, but where they might end up being come october and november i think is going to be very revealing. >> very important. thank you so much. mark murray, appreciate you being here. i want to bring in my guest washington missouri opinion writer jonathan capehart, joan walsh, robert george and from washington, d.c. ejdion. let's bring the panel in on those numbers. the caveats that we just heard from mark murray are important because even in the head to head poll you see hillary clinton well under 50%, donald trump well under 50%. there is a lot of undecided and
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unhappy people. >> unhappy, yeah, grumpy. yeah, i mean, i think it's to be expected. it's good news that she has widened her lead but there is still a significant portion of bernie supporters who are waiting for him to endorse her or who are waiting for signals who have not made up their mind and who find it -- who are continuing to use the -- when they talk to a pollster use that option of gary johnson or jill stein to be a protest vote. and i agree with mark, as we get closer to nova lot of those people are going to peel off. senator sanders has not endorsed her yet or appeared with her yet, all the things that happened -- we can compare it to '08 and our puma friends the people who said they would never support barack obama but within days of his clinching she had conceded, she was already campaigning with him at this point three weeks after, you know, he clinched the nomination. it's a little bit worrisome for
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democrats. >> he was shepherding those voters over for barack obama. >> she was working hard to do that and senator sanders is not. >> ej, mark pointed out that the voters that are sanders voters that are not going to hillary clinton in that four-way matchup they are evenly split between going to jill stein, gary johnson and donald trump, these candidates who have nothing in common with each other, one is a socialist, one is a libertarian and one is donald trump. what does that tell you about the sanders supporter? what does it tell you about his voters? >> i think what it tells you is that they haven't all rallied yet to hillary clinton but as you know there's another poll out today from the "washington post" abc and let it be said both these polls have a good reputation, it shows clinton up by 12 and in that survey what's interesting is that whereas 20% of sanders people in may were saying they were for trump, that's down to 8%. i think what we can say is there is a rallying effect, but usually you look at a
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libertarian and you say that candidate is going to take more out of the republican than out of the democrat. and i think so what's happening here when you combine those two is there are a lot of voters there who don't particularly like either trump or sanders and at this point in the campaign are prepared to say either gary johnson or jill stein as a kind of protest against the two candidates. mark, i appreciate it, is a very careful analysis. as it gets closer their share in the polls may well drop especially if they don't get into the debates, but the clinton campaign is going to have to keep a careful eye on that because clearly a significant share of her vote is anti-trump and if the anti-trump vote splits badly in some key states like michigan or pennsylvania, we saw what happens in the republican primaries, trump can probably hold about 40%, he can win if the anti-trump vote is split, he
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loses if it isn't. >> yeah, and i think that's a really important point, too, because the other issue, though, i think is what happens to the disaffected voter that e.j. was just talking about, the person who is unhappy with both candidates, who doesn't necessarily want donald trump but doesn't like hillary clinton, either. are the disaffected voters who don't turn out more likely to be white or non-white voters in your view, e.j.? >> i think the disaffected voters i haven't looked at the poll, i think the bulk of them will be white voters. you know, that the hillary clinton has built up a pretty solid level of support among african-americans, an enormous level of support among latinos and so my hunch is those are going to be white voters. and bernie will have some sway with those voters. i think that jill stein percentage in your poll in particular says that there are people on the left and who are disaffected with hillary and she needs to rally those voters.
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>> i think that's the point in coming back to the stable and jonathan, if you look at the difference between what donald trump -- who is donald trump leading with, with white voters 39/47, with men he's up 48/38, independents 40/30. that's not that different from how barack obama performed. hillary clinton is pretty much where he is. when you go to voters of color 87 to 5 hillary clinton is up, with latino voters donald trump underperforming mitt romney by 5 points, 18 to 34 year olds she's up 53/30 and with women she's up 52/35. even if the polls look really close, she's performing at barack obama levels or better. >> right. and when it comes to women, let's keep in mind that in all those numbers we cannot forget that there is a big african-american push that's pushing those numbers. especially with women. i bet you it's black women who are pushing her over the edge
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with women. with donald trump and the numbers on latinos, yes, he's underperforming mitt romney, mitt romney got 27% last go around, but if you look at the polling that came out i believe it was from voto latino where they had a sliding scale of what a republican nominee, leave aside donald trump, a republican nominee would have to do at a minimum the republican nominee in 2016 would have to get 41% of the latino vote. he is nowhere near that. >> that's right. >> donald trump -- so if they had even a more respectable nominee, that nominee would still have a hard way to go. >> robert. >> joy, could i just throw in two cents here real quick. i looked up the "wall street journal" -- or nbc "wall street journal" poll at this time in 2012. barack obama was up by 3. so, you know, on the one -- that actually proved fairly accurate to the final result, what we were looking at right now. >> absolutely.
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robert. >> just quickly, george w. bush in 2004 got about 41, 42% of the latino vote so that was possible. in fact, in the primaries people were looking at jeb bush as saying as somebody who could get that vote as well. >> yeah. >> that's not something that joan said earlier on, as good as these numbers look for mrs. clinton right now, there should be a little bit of concern that with the exception of this abc "washington post" polishes' been under 50% in almost all of these polls, even though trump has come up a little bit, then he's plunged, then he's come up, she's kept under 50. that's a little bit problematic going into the fall because this is still somewhat of a frustrated change electorate out there and trump could get some of those people who right now are still saying that they are undecided. >> not in the abc polls. >> that's the first one where she's jumped above 50%. i would still say, robert, the
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optimism for her has to be that she has not consolidated her base yet. she has not consolidated the party. she still has a candidate, an opponent, who is basically to some extent still campaigning against her, travel around, making a big deal -- >> there's no grand exit yet. >> no. one other thing to robert's point that we also have to remember, we have a historical trend that hillary clinton is walking head long into and that is a party in power for two terms in the white house rarely gets a third term. >> sure. >> we have to keep that in mind. the last time it happened it was reagan, reagan, bush and that was the first time in lord knows how many generations. >> where was ronald reagan's approval rating at this time during his term? it was over 50%. barack obama right now with a 56% approval rating in that abc "washington post" poll. he's over 50% even in gallop which tends to skew a little
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conservative. as long as his numbers are over 50% hillary clinton is running as the avatar of barack obama. >> hillary clinton's hero for the next several months will be george h.w. bush. she and barack obama have worked out a pretty good arrangement the way ronald reagan and george h.w. bush did. she can be a little independent on certain things where that will help her but she will clearly embrace the president overall and that's where she needs to be. >> nd and the difference is she and barack obama actually like each other. that was not the case with bush and reagan. coming up, from brexit to will exit, i swear i will explain that next. men.
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what do you think conservatives who don't agree with trump should do at this point in the race? >> make sure he loses.
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grit their teeth for four years and win the white house. >> conservative columnist george will is not only acting for the republican party to separate from his it's o presumptive nominee he is separating himself. he says he has officially left the party and changed hits voter registration in maryland to unaffiliated. will says one of the key factors in his decision was house speaker paul ryan's endorsement of donald trump. he said a president trump with no opposition from congress would be worse than a hillary clinton presidency with a republican led congress. back with me are george will and -- robert george and e.j. dionne. robert, your thoughts. >> well, george will is a man of principle, i can certainly understand that. a number of us, myself included, were frustrated with speaker ryan who on the one hand says that trump made a racist statement about judge curiel but
7:18 am
says he is still endorsing him. when you talk about the speaker of the house he is not just an individual member but heading the institution, that's kind of frustrating. given how much george will as you said has been an intellectual giant on the conservative side, i can certainly understand where he's coming from. >> let's listen to paul ryan. this is from june 16th. this is ryan explaining his trump so-so support. >> we're going to agree to disagree on some things. that's just the way things work. mitt romney and i didn't agree on everything. what we do agree on is we don't want another democrat in the white house, i can tell you that. >> e.j., that is what george will and other never trump people are annoyed by. this idea that there's some equivalency between donald trump who is the most sort of odd candidate that the republican party has had since the democrats had george wallace and saying it's just the same as disagreeing with mitt romney.
7:19 am
>> i think that five, 10, 20 years from now we're still going to remember which conservatives went along with trump and which didn't and i think when you take george will who i have known for many years, i love him on every issue related to baseball, i have disagreements with him on other matters, he is a brilliant baseball writer and mind. i think that trump offends him on a moral level, on a philosophical level and on an aesthetic level as well. i think especially will has become more and more libertarian over the last 10, 20 years and he looks at trump and he sees a potential strong man, an unkooth brutal strong man and he just does not think that such a man should leave a constitutional republic. i think his switch in registration was just not to protest against trump but to
7:20 am
protest against all the republicans who are going along with trump when will thinks it is a moral obligation in this particular election for conservatives to stand up and say no. >> it's interesting that paul ryan falls back on mitt romney. mitt romney's father, george romney, took a stand even at the contention against the idea of barry goldwater to the bitter end. this idea that you capitulate just because it's your party it does seem feckless on the part of republicans that are going along. >> i think there are some republicans who have a legitimate philosophical view as problematic as donald trump is the makeup of the supreme court is a major -- >> what makes them think that donald trump would appoint anyone other than his sister or anyone he thinks at the moment is appropriate? >> i think their view is that trump there might be some problematic nominations coming from trump, but you kwo say that -- let's just say that there's two or three openings coming up.
7:21 am
with trump they can negotiate to get somebody that's acceptable to the broad party whereas hillary clinton is going to be appointing somebody who is completely opposed by almost the entire party. so that's -- i think that's -- that's a part of the thing that's driving this. >> except that hillary clinton is a candidate who is not very much different than barack obama who just appointed merrick garland. this mythology of what democrats do and what they actually do it doesn't match up to the hysteria that you have on the right. >> well, the thing is i think, though, on a -- for a number of these cases even somebody has mirror rick garland who is a fine jurist he is still going to be significantly to the left obviously from an antonin scalia. when you've got a court that's currently, you know, 4-4 and by the end of the next president's first term you could have three new judges, that's a major ideological -- even if you got incremental liberal judges that
7:22 am
you're suggesting. >> do we have then a party who is willing to put a strong man in the white house, somebody's whose twitter response to to george will is he is one of the most overrated pundits, the childishness of the responses, the spontaneity of the way he behaves, talking about his golf course when he is supposed to be campaigning for presidency. is that where the republican party is right now? >> i think robert is right, that the supreme court is what republicans are leaning on. i think for some it's real, but for others it's just an excuse to go along because they are afraid of alienating the donald trump voters who will be for those on the ballot this year very important to their own reelection, but if you have a president whom you have legitimate worries about whether he would even go along with the supreme court decision, you know, you really can have no
7:23 am
confidence at all in what donald trump would do as president and a lot of his answers to a lot of questions suggest an authoritarian streak that show no real concern with what the constitution says, not to mention a certain childishness or a reaction to brexit that is based primarily on how much money he's going to make at his own private golf club in scotland. that was a remarkable moment about how he draws no distinction between public interest and private interest. >> absolutely. and then les we go out -- let's not forget, robert, that he is also the guy who said that the idea of sexual assault son campus is a fiction that is used to op press men. he was on the opposite sight of -- he himself has been unoffended by a lot of things that americans find disturbing. what is it about donald trump that he seems to object to?
7:24 am
>> i think i have to agree with e.j., it's a combination of things. george will has a broad consistent you may disagree with it a consistent conservative philosophy. donald trump has jumped arounded on multiple positions over the last 20, 25 years. i think the bore i wishness and vulgarity that comes out of trump i think is offensive from george will who is very much intellectual. i think a number of these things -- and the authoritarian aspect is also troubling as well. you take all of those together and george will has to go and so if there's no will there may be no way in the gop anymore. >> i was going to repeat -- you trumped me. >> there you go. he's been called a tory conservative, it's appropriate that he's going with brexit right now. >> we have to go. >> brexit and trump-it.
7:25 am
>> we will be back for more of this later in the program. coming up, my thoughts on what hillary clinton should do first if she becomes the commander in chief. that's next. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. on monday the supreme court handed a win to the police ruling that cops can stop you and search you unconstitutionally and still use any evidence of taint in that illegal search against you if you have an outstanding arrest warrant. the decision was 5-3 and triggered a blistering dissent from justice sotomayor who wrote this case tells everyone white and black, guilty and innocent that an officer can verify your legal status at any time. it says that your body is subject to invasion while courts excuse the violation of your rights. it implies that you are not a citizen of a democracy but the subject of a state just waiting to be cataloged. that brings us to this week's
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edition of what should she do first? if hillary clinton becomes president she should, she must do everything she can to get more justices like sotomayor on to the supreme court. justices who will fight for your fundamental constitutional rights including that little old fourth amendment that guarantees you freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. whoever she might pick the supreme court is in dire need of a ninth justice. tomorrow the court will rule on whether texas's abortion rules are unconstitutional. if the justices tie the lower court's restriction it would stand. at no time has it been more clear that the highest court in the land needs a full bench. into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better.
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a country. can you expand on that? >> ur country, our infrastructure is broken. whether it's buildings or whatever it may be, it's not so different, just a lot bigger >> donald trump is back in the u.s. this morning after wrapping up his world wind business trip to scotland. with another memorable moment not to mention dinner with true pert murdoch, owner of fox news who has often been critical of trump even as he has urged the party to unite behind her presumptive nominee. according to his campaign trump's proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. would apply only to those from countries that support terrorism. questions remain on the specifics. >> you said countries linked to terrorism will be blocked in terms of immigration. would a muslim coming from scotland or great britain, have you tweaked your policy on that. >> wouldn't bother me. >> robert -- >> #not all muslims.
7:34 am
>> how does he determine how this is going to work? >> i have no idea. >> he is like why did you -- >> look, you know, i'm a republican who is not a trump supporter so i have no idea. i mean, i didn't know what his whole idea of trying to keep all muslims out in the first place which was just impossible. when you say from places that sponsor terror or are connected to terror, like would a muslim from northern ireland be considered -- because you have the ira active there. i mean, it's -- i mean, it's complicated. >> it's complicated. here is the question that i do have for you, robert, as we've designated you to answer for all republicans. >> #knots all republicans. >> how do you think his base will react to this? do you think they will see this as a pivot for the public, that he doesn't mean it and he does mean the thing that they like which is that he's going to ban all the muslims? >> i think most of them have
7:35 am
been with him and they're still going to go with him. if you go on twitter some are saying, well, this is what he meant all along. i mean, you might get a handful saying, oh, well, he's doing this because he has to wink wink for the media and the general electorate. >> yeah. >> and some are going to say forget it. but that's a very small portion. >> let's look at a little bit of the polling on this. we know there is a lot of support among the republican base for this idea of a muslim ban, a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. the latest polling, a 50% support. these were pennsylvania voters most of them trump supporters and their thoughts on the idea of banning muslims from the u.s. take a listen. >> doesn't want muslims per se that are terrorists in the country then i'm glad he is saying it because i don't want them in there, either. i don't want terroristes in our
7:36 am
country. >> for that voter when they now hear him backing off of it what do you expect to happen, joan? >> i think she will be fine with it. i think trump voters trust trump. he changes his positions, but they think that he knows what he's talking about so he is now narrowed it down to what the threat would really be even though he hasn't said what the countries are, saudi arabia sent us the 9/11 hijackers. >> that's correct. 15 of them. >> 15 of 19. you know, muslims from france or belgium, i'm not saying they should be excluded but we've seen terror there. he has no idea what he's doing. i think his voters will say he is taking a reasonable approach to this. i don't see a lot of them freaking out and saying, oh, no, he's not going far enough. >> who sent dylann roof and adam lanza. >> there's that. >> whether he's backing off the muslim ban or shading it a bit or winking and nodding, he still said it. >> right. >> he still said something that is fundamentally unamerican, that is fundamentally against who we are as a country.
7:37 am
the fact that he was willing to throw it out there on the table and the fact that he is trying to shade it down to the point of maybe people will forget i actually say it, he cannot be allowed to let -- to do what he's trying to do. i mean, i'm like robert here, it's just so astounding to me that we are actually talking about a candidate for president of the united states who has a proposal not just the muslim ban, the other thing that's also disappeared is the wall. >> right. that's going. >> he is not talking about the wall anymore but it's still there and there are going to be people if he is elected there will be people that will demand that he do it. >> we talked about the etch a sketch with mitt romney, there is such a thing as you tube, twitter. these things are forever. my question is for the media. will the media be so enamored of the idea of a horse race and keeping it close that this pivot gets built into the way we talk about donald trump. oh, we can't talk any more about him wanting to ban all muslims because he has since revised
7:38 am
that, therefore, we talk to him about a guy who isn't do that. or even on the wall that we become the etch a sketch. >> since we are all in the media i'd like to stand up a little bit for our profession. it's not like the media has not shown the fact that donald trump has a history of flip-flopping on supposedly core issues, we said this before, going back 20 years. he's pro choice, he's pro life, he was against the iraq war, he was for the iraq war. so, i mean, this -- now these small so-called pivots are actually pretty small compared to what he's been doing for the last couple of decades. >> and then do we have -- but at the same time you do get this language built in that has to sort of revise his positions when you talk about them. >> you do. you know, look, we both know that there will be and there already are reporters out there who are itching for a horse race and who have all along extended donald trump more sympathy, more tolerance than he probably deserves for whatever their reasons are. we have set a very low bar for
7:39 am
this man to perform better, to be presidential, when he read off the teleprompter last week before he took off for scotland which is completely insane to hawk his businesses. but when he read off the teleprompter you saw a little bit of a turn. >> and we also have an issue, to, muslims in this country as a constituency don't have a lot of backup that's going on. there is this absolute terror that is stricken in the minds of americans when there is an attack that's related somehow back to isis that doesn't seem to exist when you have a dylann roof go into a church and slaughter people or adam lanza go into a school and slaughter little kids. you have a different triggered reaction. >> when adam lanza did what he did i wrote a piece that said he is a terrorist and let's call him a domestic christian terrorist. i mine, we have to -- if we're going to -- >> dylann roof -- >> i'm sorry, dylann roof. thank you, robert. if we are going to single out every muslim who ends up
7:40 am
shooting some place up as some radical terrorist then we have to talk about the radical terrorists who are also homegrown american terrorists but who aren't muslim but more christian. >> right. >> we have to talk about these things. it's not to say that all christians are terrorist st, all muslims aren't terrorists. if we are going to have one conversation we have to have the other. if we're going to focus on omar mateen we have to focus on dylann roof. >> the planned parenthood killer in colorado springs. >> not to mention the fact that you have to think twice when you go into a movie theater about there potentially being a shooter in there, terrifying for americans in there just as much as what happened in orlando. jonathan, joan and robert and e.j. will all be back later. the latest verdict in the freddie gray case and the police reform in america is next. iple , does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene,
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we have allowed our criminal justice system to get out of
7:44 am
balance and these recent tragedies should galvanize us to come together as a nation to find our balance again. >> we have to give great respect, far greater than we are right now, to our really fantastic police. >> we've heard two very different visions for police reform from our presumptive presidential nominees. this week we got a reminder of the potential consequences of those competing visions when the verdict came down in baltimore. not guilty on all charges against officer cesar goodson the driver of the van in which freddie gray was fatally injured last april. goodson was facing seven counts, including the most serious of all the charges against the six officers indicted in gray's death. judge barry williams presided over the case after goodson waived his right to a jury trial. he said that the state failed to prove that his allegedly reckless driving and failure to give aid to gray were the direct
7:45 am
cause of his gray's injuries. one officer's trial ended up in a hung jury and another was acquitted also by judge williams. it marks a rare aggressive attempt by an elected prosecutor in this case marilyn mows by to hold police officers accountable. this kind of prosecution almost never happens. there are three nor officers to go in the trial of the freddie gray case. it's clear that the question of how the criminal justice system responds when a person dies in the custody of police remains open and a matter for politics. after the break i will talk to reverend william barber about who gets to call themselves evangelicals. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
7:46 am
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7:48 am
evangelical politics often seems inn sprabl from conservative positions like limiting abortion rights.
7:49 am
but does it have to be. earlier this week i spoke with reverend william barber about what it truly means to be an evangelist and how we define morality. >> reverend barb, thank you for being here. i appriate having you. so it's been a momentous -- a very big week news-wise and it started with donald trump meeting with a group of evangelical leaders, some of whom came out and expressed support for him afterwards, others expressing a.m. by lens, but some leaders getting on board with the donald trump campaign. what do you make of that? >> thank you so much, joy. it's problematic because i'm an evangelical and that term has been prostituted and purchased ever since the moral majority was formed primarily around the election of ronald reagan. there is no theological
7:50 am
connection to say evangelicalism is simply about abortion, prayer in school, where you stand on homosexuality and guns and taxes. evangelicalism in the bible is connected with how you deal with policies that affect the poor, the least of these, the hurting. for people to continue to suggest that they are evangelical when they are actually promoting a limited view of theology is actually a form of theological malpractice. that is one of the reasons why sister simone, reverend dr. tracey black man and myself since april having on what's called the srevival and we have developed a higher ground moral declaration, calling on people to sign it, so we can get to candidates on both sides of the aisle. already nearly a thousand clergy
7:51 am
have signed on to this. we have to have a moral reset in this country and we have to challenge the perverted use of the term evangelicalism. sometimes they say white evangelicalism which really has no theological or biblical basis. >> to your point that moral code where it stands on the issue of guns. we've seen guns become a threshold issue for conservatives, including conservative christians. we saw this week a group of democratic members of congress, members of the house supported by some members of the united states senate actually hold a sit in led by john lewis in which they sat down on the floor of the house and held that for 25 hours demanding a vote on gun reform. what do you make of that civil rights action and marrying civil rights to this issue of gun reform? >> well, that's closer to true evangelicalism and in that sense dr. king was an evangelical because he stood up for justice and love and mercy and nonviolence. so, you know, since the 1968 and
7:52 am
into the 80s there's been this attempt to no longer talk about civil rights as moral issues but to talk about where you stand on homosexual, prayer in the school and abortion as moral issues. that was deliberate to change the framework. for one to say you are a christian and then to be pro gun and pro violence is an an hit sis to what jesus taught. if you want to talk about an evangelical skip tour. those who rob the poor of their rights and make women and children their prey. jesus talked about the poor, broken hearted, sick, blind and all of the people who were unaccepted. that's who he came to preach good news to. to challenge the world as it is. i'm real concerned about how we keep having folk claim to be christian in the public square and they have such a limited moral view. there are 2,500 scriptures in
7:53 am
the bible that deal with love, mercy, how you treat strangers, immigrants. there are only two or three or four scriptures that primarily support the things these person who call themselves evangelicals lift up, but they seem to major in what the scriptures minor in and minor in what the scriptures major in. i was glad to see the people on the floor. i texted my own congressman butter field, we need to do more of that around voting rights, around healthcare and it bothers me to see people prostituting the word evangelical as a theological -- i say i am a theological evangelical conservative bibl cyst. it bothers me to see them say this is the christian point of view. we need to challenge that is correct we need to challenge is hard. i'm calling on media to challenge that because you will not find any real underpinning thee logically or biblically for what is being imposed as
7:54 am
christianity or evangelicalism. >> you talked about your congressman butterfield, senator thom tillis said that he would have had those democrats arrested. >> the business of the house is more important than the antics that we see going on there, if it were my chamber it would be cleared and people would be arrest fd that's what's necessary to get us back to the task at hand. >> he i can't, and he claims -- he claims he is another one that claims he supports, you know, the so-called evangelical position, put his hand on the bible, swore to uphold the constitution, but what did he do when he was a speaker of the house? he cut healthcare. how can you cut healthcare if you believe in jesus everywhere he went he set up free health clinics. he hurt the poor, he cut unemployment, cut public education, went after civil rights and he did arrest -- he had over 900 people arrested in north carolina and guess what the judge threw out almost every case because he was actually wrong. so he probably would have arrested them. instead of allowing the very
7:55 am
bible that he puts his hand on to arrest the conscience. if that would happen then he would not be anti-black women serving as judges in our state. he would not be anti the poor and anti the sick. we are in a real moral crisis which is why again we are on this 22 state revival tour across this country, the four of us, along with others, my jewish friends and quaker friends because it is time for persons who know true theology and theology on behalf of the poor and the least of these to no longer just stay in our sanctuary but to reenter the public square. this notion of the religious right, the so-called christian white evangelicalism has for too long tried to dominate the public square and it has perverted so much of the deep truth and values of the gospel and it's time to challenge it. >> reverend dr. william barber, thank you so much. the president of the naacp of north carolina on a 22-state
7:56 am
tour attempting to change the meaning of evangelicalism and in his words mount a moral revival. thank you for being here. we really appreciate it. >> thank you so much. god bless you. so much more "am joy" coming up. hillary clinton smacks down trump's european vacation and marco rubio's timid entrance into the race for his own senate seat. you don't want to miss any of that. stay with us. (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights.
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7:59 am
the platform that will come out of the democratic convention will be by far the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party. that platform doesn't mean anything unless we make certain that those ideas are incorporated into public policy. >> welcome back. bernie sanders won some significant victories in the draft of the democratic party's national platform which was
8:00 am
finalized yesterday in st. louis. he got the dems to officially back a $15 minimum wage, an end to the death penalty, a tough stance on the billing banks with a glass-steagall act plus an expansion of social security. sanders was not able to get planning badge in the platform opposing the tpp trade deal, also no freeze on fracking or a carbon tax to address climate change. the platform committee went along with the clinton camp's language on the israel palestinian conflict saying the goal should be a two state solution but not the stronger language that the sanders campaign proposed. universal healthcare was defeated and the flam form does call for the repeal of the hyde amendment which prevents federal funding for being used for abortions. this platform is in no way binding on the presidential nominee, it's more of a statement of the party's priorities. that hasn't stopped a back and forth fight on what is in the
8:01 am
platform and what is not. let's bring back jonathan capeha capehart, joan walsh, e.j. dionne and nira tanden, a member of the platform committee and clinton spokesperson. elijah cummings wasn't feeling well so he wasn't able to be with us. we also did ask for keith ellis or another member of the platform committee for bernie sanders. just letting the treaters know that's what happened. >> nira, i saw you involved in some of the back and forth on twitter about what's in the platform and what's not. on the $15 an hour minimum wage we had a bit of a back and forth between l.j. williams and nina turner on what is in the
8:02 am
platform. >> it's very clear in the platform, it says that we should have a $15 minimum wage. that is the goal of the democratic party. we should address tip wages, address indexing. these are all within the platform itself and i think that's really an important achievement. just to step back, there are, you know -- congressman allison, congresswoman lee have also issued statements saying this is the most progressive platform ever, you know, and i think that is a really important statement because, you know, we are trying to unify the party and the reality here is that senator sanders -- i worked directly with senator sanders' delegates or members on the committee and a whole host of issues to address wall street's power and other issues and i think we really did work well together in making this document the most progressive document ever. >> and, karen, one of the other
8:03 am
things that you saw back and forth between people who support bernie sanders and people who support hillary clinton were on questions about tpp and on fracking. why in your view were those voted down? does that mean that democrats are trying to leave themselves wiggle room to pivot back to supporting both fracking and the tpp? >> well, what i can tell you [ inaudible ] 12 or 13 hours just in the markup itself. there was a bigger conversation that took place in st. louis but that actually represents only part of the process. i think as neera was talking about, a lot of back and forth over the last few weeks, a lot of late nights, early mornings on all of these issues and i know -- i mean, you know, we had carol browner former epa secretary, she is a member of the platform committee. so i will just say to those specific issues, you know, remember that this is about a give and take.
8:04 am
this is about a back and forth and, you know, what i think was most important is both secretary clinton and senator sanders oppose tpp. there were some in the room who felt uncomfortable putting out -- doing a statement given how important tpp is to the president and that it didn't reflect saying no tpp didn't reflect all of the views in the party. i think we have to keep in mind that that's part of what this process is about. obviously we want it to be the most progressive document, we want it to be a strong statement of values, which as you said in your intro we're talking hyde amendment, we're saying abolish the death penalty, we're talking about jobs and wages and, you know, how we treat native american tribes. so very important issues here, but it's a give and take and the job this have platform committee is to try to represent a broad range of views within the party. >> can i just say one quick word
8:05 am
about tpp. if you actually look at the discussion on friday about this, it is abundantly clear that the concern here expressed by people who voted this down was not their view of tpp itself, which everyone said -- and everyone acknowledged hillary's position is to oppose it, the members who voted against this were, you know -- agree that it should be voted for. the issue very clearly here was placing language in the platform which in essence repudiates the president's position. there were a number of people who felt uncomfortable doing that. i agreed in the platform with warren gunnel's assessment of tpp and other trade deals. that was not what was at issue with this. this was -- the concern here was about essentially embarrassing the president which we didn't want to do. >> nebrasera, what about on fracking, what is the
8:06 am
explanation there? >> i have to say the reality of this document is that we tried to do a lot of work on climate, we have very bold language about climate in here. the issue on fracking is that the platform really represents hillary's position on this issue, which is to make fracking very difficult, you knew, but leave it to states, but most states under the mechanisms she said wouldn't actually go forward with fracking. the reality of this is also that the platform in some regards is going to represent hillary clinton's position more than senator sanders' position. i think that is reasonable given that she won the primary process. but, you know, this is not a winner take all assessment. so on glass-steagall and a whole range of issues, financial transaction tax we have really strong language there on a whole range of issues. we tried to unify where we could unify. >> we have three great journalists on, e.j. is here, jonathan and joan, i will throw
8:07 am
it out to them if they have a question or comment. >> i was going to agree with something that senator sanders said that the clip that you showed and he said that the platform doesn't mean anything unless it is backed up by public policy and that is exactly right and that requires, then, senator sanders to take that political revolution he has been talking about this entire campaign, he has 13 million votes or however many votes he got during this primary season, take that political revolution and put them to work. take that platform and all those things -- collateral $15 minimum wage and get them to make that the law of the land. that's the hard work. >> and e.j., do you have a question or a comment? >> two things. one, i think it shows the power of economic issues this year, that two big shifts on social issues, the language on the hyde amendment which will make some pro life democrats unhappy and opposition to the death penalty which when you go back to the '92 campaign bill clinton ran on
8:08 am
support for the death penalty. we're barely talking about that. i think what it shows is the party has moved as a whole, including hillary clinton, in a more progressive direction. what we haven't talked about much is the plank on israel and palestine and i think i would like to ask karen and neera, i think that's a no-go place for hillary clinton and that they don't want a floor fight on this because the clintons over many years have done very well across the board with american jewish voters, whether they were more dovish or more hawkish on israel. i'm curious will there be a floor fight on that particular plank? >> neera, why don't you take that one. >> yeah, so i just want to acknowledge that the language in the platform itself -- and we do have a little bit of an issue which is people who just looked at the amendments and weren't able to really see what the language is in the platform itself. the platform language
8:09 am
acknowledges in several places how the palestinians are -- how it's important that we have a two-state solution for the dignity interests of the palestinians and it is important that we state our support for israel, but that in our policies the policies we take actually help both israel and the palestinians and the language is not the same as it's been in the past. having said that there really is a balanced approach on this issue and that's what we were working to maintain in the platform process. , you know, i hope we don't have a floor fight on it because i think this is strong language. >> joan walsh. >> i wanted to note the tpp issue is complicated but as i believe, neera, language was added to reflect that many democrats are opposed to the tpp. what didn't go into the document is a call for there to be no lame duck vote, to put everybody on the record against the tpp.
8:10 am
and i think that as senator sanders continues to protest this and to push for stronger language, again, to me it kind of underscores this issue that he has with president obama and that he has had a tin ear all along and it's hurt him with african-americans in the campaign that he just doesn't get the extent to which this man is popular with democrats, all democrats, white democrats as well as african-americans and that it's really quite reasonable that the party does not want to insult their outgoing popular president at a convention in july. >> right. >> i mean, you've won mostly everything. if you told me -- i was on vacation -- if you told me i would come back and bernie sanders would have won $15 minimum wage, death penalty ban, financial transaction tax, strengthen glass-steagall, a beginning of the way to single payer with public option, opting into medicare as possibilities i would have thought that they would be campaigning tomorrow together. >> yeah. >> i'm shocked by --
8:11 am
>> on the barack obama issue you did have cornell west on that platform committee, he was not exactly a fan of president obama. i want to play you bernie sanders he was on cnn this morning talking about the platform. let's take a listen. >> we lost some very important fights, we are going to take that fight to orlando where the entire committee meets in two weeks and if we don't succeed there we're serge going to take it to the floor of the democratic convention. >> what do you expect these specific fights to be if sanders does make good on that and go to orlando to continue this fight? >> well, i guess what i would just is they may try to raise some of the amendments again on some of these issues, but remember this will be -- in orlando it's 187 people on a full platform committee who will vote and again, i guess what i want to just reiterate a reminder that we are talking about -- this committee is made up of folks that senator sanders appointed, folks that our campaign suggested and then also the dnc.
8:12 am
again, i think, you know, people have been working very hard together in a good faith effort, but again, to represent the full range of views in the democratic party while still affirming some very strong views about where we stand. i mean, you know, one of the issues, for example, that has not really been mentioned previously in platforms is talking about criminal justice reform and mass incarceration. i mean, i guess -- you know, can i tell you exactly where? no, i can't, but what i would tell you is i have every confidence that people are going to keep working very hard to try to find, you know, common ground or as elijah cummings would say higher ground but i think everybody also takes a real responsibility that this is about representing our party and all of our views. >> neera, i want to pull you -- some of the comments that i'm seeing on my twitter feed. people still debating over that $15 an hour proposal, one tweeter saying that keith ellison's strong language on $15
8:13 am
an hour was voted down. can you drill down to the specifics. is this a platform item that says we progress to a $15 minimum wage in some places it's 12, some places it's 13 depending on the state or is it an explicit support for a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour? >> we actually tried to avoid getting into one person's legislation or another person's legislation as we went through this. that was an issue that the committee didn't really want to do. so we say it is our goal -- we want a $15 minimum wage. we don't say it should happen 20 years from now. it says that it is a goal that the democratic party stands behind a $15 minimum wage. it doesn't say it should happen in some states or other states. that's the expressed goal is $15. >> and, neera, when will the full platform be released so the public can read it? >> i wish it was released already. this is an issue for the democratic national committee.
8:14 am
if it were up to me it would have been released, you know, before my twitter feed lit up. that's for sure. so that we could have clarified some of these facts for everyone. >> and i will just note that the sanders campaign released a statement saying there is no definitive language in the document that says $15 an hour. this does appear this is still a matter in dispute. >> go ahead, quickly neera -- i'm sorry, neera then karen. >> karen. no, i defer to karen. >> i would just note that there is language that very specifically acknowledges, a, that the current minimum wage is a starvation wage which is language you hear a lot from senator sanders and that, you know, again, the belief in $15 an hour that it should be raised an index that all workers should have the right to form and join a union, by the way, that's very important and to end subam for tip workers and people with disabilities. i think that's a pretty strong platform when we talk about
8:15 am
increasing minimum wage and increasing income. >> i will give e.j. the final word on this. as a matter of history have you ever seen a situation where the losing side in a democratic primary has this much power and authority over the platform? >> i think that the clinton people did make probably more concessions and, you know, on some of these issues they weren't so much concessions but moved in bernie's direction than you have in the past. i think that ted kennedy had a lot of influence on the discussion in 1980 against jimmy carter. bernie sanders said he wants floor fights. of the real question will be how many floor fights does he need and want and what issues will they be about because i think realistically there will be a lot of discussions between the sanders and clinton people over narrowing the range of fights you're going to have on that floor because by then i think they will be together in general in saying beating donald trump is the central issue here.
8:16 am
>> i think it's really interesting that it was either in '84 or '88 jesse jackson mounted some real fights -- >> he had a real influence. >> the palestinian issue was a sticking point. thank you so much. always great to see you. neera and karen thank you both. jonathan and joan will be back. and karen thank you very much for as well. hillary for america has a new ad that takes a big bring at donald trump. that's next.
8:17 am
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8:18 am
8:19 am
enormous shock waves from britain's historic vote to leave the european union. global markets are plummeting. >> every president is tested by world events, but donald trump thinks about how his golf resort can profit from them. >> when the pound goes down more
8:20 am
people are coming to turnberry. >> stocks tank and the world. >> brand new sprinkler system. >> he is talking about his new sprinkler system. >> in a volatile world the last thing we need is a a volatile president. >> robert, is that an effective ad? >> maybe. no, it's -- it's an okay -- it's an okay ad. i just -- it just doesn't -- it doesn't -- i don't know, it doesn't seem to hit emotionally for me. i think there have been better ads from both hillary and priorities u.s.a. and so forth. >> what is the strongest argument against donald trump is this guy is worrying about his golf course when he should be worrying about his money. that's what that ad is basically saying. >> i know it's what it's saying, i'm not sure if it really hits. it kind of gives you a chuckle or an eye roll and trying to be dismissive of him, but i don't think it hits as hard as they
8:21 am
think it might. >> but i think it's part of what the clinton campaign has been doing for weeks now and it's this slow sort of subconscious campaign to make people understand that this is -- this is a race not just about the bombast and everything that you see on the surface, but it's also about calm, steady leadership at a time when everything seems to be going to hell. no one knew or thought in a million years that we would be worried about the stability of the united kingdom. now you're looking at arne american election that's coming a few months down the road. if america cannot be once again -- not the shining city on the hill, but the stability in the world, that's what i think that ad is -- >> but the 3:00 a.m. ad didn't work against barack obama. it sort of made the same case. >> i agree with robert in the sense i like it all along until the tag line we don't need volatility. that's not their strongest
8:22 am
point. that ad is doing -- that ad should have gone back to when he said, you know, he hopes that there is a real estate crash because he's going to get rich. trump university. >> the world is falling apart and it's all about him. that would have been a better tag line. >> exactly. he is a con artist. i really do think that that is one of their strongest lines of attack and that she was pursuing that very well and this fits into it. to switch it back to foreign policy and volatility seems like a missed opportunity. >> it also raised the question of who the hillary clinton campaign thinks the swing voters are. who do they think are still out there. trump voters are going to be trump voters. he has already said he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and it wouldn't make a difference to his supporters. who do the clinton folks think that the swing voters are. >> white women. >> national security what they care most about? >> where are the white women at? >> oh, my god. >> robert george wins the day.
8:23 am
>> it's national security -- i'm going to save you from yourself -- it's national security, but it's also economics and what the clinton campaign is doing, what we do in the news, jumping on the news, everybody is talking brexit and what it means. the presumptive republican nominee for the president of the united states has no care or concern about what's happening to great britain, to the eu and the implications that it was about to have on americans and then what it did have later in the day when the stock market dropped. >> let's go back a couple weeks ago to the orlando shooting. what was the first tweet out of trump's mouth is it says, well, congratulations to everybody telling me that i got it right on islamic terrorism. it comes back to him. >> but he is in a cult of personality. for people who like donald trump they love that because it is all about him. let me throw a counter proposal out. there is a possibility of peeling away working class trump
8:24 am
voters. you guys tell me what you think. that the real knock on donald trump is that he's actually making a fool out of you. that he thinks you're stupid. when he had the chance to employ white working class voters to build trump tower he drud them over. when he had the chance to create jobs and employment for small businesses he screwed them over, took their money and wouldn't pay them. when it comes to scotland he doesn't care this is going to hurt your 401(k). he's taking well off reporters on a tour of his beautiful golf course. >> it's all a business opportunity to him at your expense. >> i think the most effective ad i've seen so far is the priorities u.s.a. one which shows him mocking the reporter with disabilities and they run that ad and then they bring it in with a couple that has the same disability and that's the hit. he's mocking all these people and these are the people who actually deal with this on a daily basis. if they can keep making that
8:25 am
comparison i think the clinton people have a powerful argument. >> i hate to bring everything back to scandal but the faux donald trump that was in that show, that's how he was taken down, when he was caught on tape mocking the people who like limb. >> i think you can do a lot of that. i don't think they're doing enough of that yet to be honest. >> it's coming. >> i mean, he's such a target rich environment for just obscene things that there are many times i wake up and i think this can't possibly be real. this person cannot possibly be doing this for real. i am waiting for after the election if it goes the way it looks like it's going at least right now where he comes out and says watch the reality show running for president and then -- >> to that point let's look at his tweet upon returning to the united states. this is what he sent last night after coming back from his vacation. just landed in new york. a one night stay in scotland,
8:26 am
turnberry came out magnificently, my son eric did a great job under budget. what does this have to do with the fact that the brexit is about to destroy the global economy and he wants to be the president. >> nothing. >> but all the subsequent tweets after this it was like the old unrestrained donald trump was back. crooked hillary, lying hillary, all of that came back. the other thing put this observation out on the table, he gave that teleprompter speech where everyone was like, oh, look, he walked on his own, he walked on his own. but i watched, as he read the speech i read -- as he was telepromptering the speech i read the actual text because the campaign put it out. he reads from the teleprompter but he can't help himself. he ad-libbed after every paragraph. every paragraph. >> that i'm less -- that i'm less concerned with. bill clinton was notorious for ad-libbing off of teleprompters, too. >> his convention speech, but it
8:27 am
was substance. >> i mean, how he is on the teleprompter is ironic given how much criticism he gave to the president on teleprompters. >> isn't the real problem when you can get paul ryan's staff about writing a speech for a day he can pull that off but at the end of the day you cannot restrain someone who is as impulsive and compulsive about donald trump and he would be that way as president. isn't that what the ad should say. >> that's exactly what the ad should say. trump is going to trump and that's what's going to appeal to his base because they don't want him to sound like the average -- the average politician even though it's driving the republicans um the wall. >> that is working. >> i believe what you meant was trump going trump. >> we're still going to let them come back. after the break the only question that really actually matters, how will the brexit
8:28 am
vote affect my "game of thrones"? that's what's next. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. i want my blood sugar i to stay in so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c.
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you are afraid. good. you are in the great game now. and the great game is terrifyin terrifying. >> now, if you remember anything like me you enjoy ending your week each string sunday with a dose of hbo's hit series "game of thrones." today we will be do you think into the season finale. just how much more vengeful victory will snatch out of the jaws of defeat. a girl has no spoilers. of course, this episode airs a week after real life political turmoil sparking fear and confusion in the real life united kingdom. since british voters chose to leave the european union they face many uncertainties. prime minister david cameron announced his resignation, the value of the pound has tanked and global markets are in turmoil.
8:32 am
in nearly every industry faces damaging uncertainty in the face of uk's exit including the t vchlts and film industry. it could endanger funding programs and business relationship that the industry depends on. a lot of fd people were worried about "game of thrones" and hbo told fans the game will continue. we will see more of our favorite characters next season. well, the ones that are still alive anyway. and hopefully beyond because they are in the great game now and winter is coming. up next, marco rubio jumps into the senate race and his opponent gets mired in controversy. are things looking up for marco. don't go away. (war drums beating)
8:33 am
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who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. you were pretty tough on the senate. why would you want to go back? 17% public approval rating. >> that's a good question. for me it came down to it wasn't my plan to run again, but i
8:36 am
think it came down to whether or not you just give up on it. do you give up or do you say i'm going to take one more crack at hoping that this place gets better. i'm frustrated as you said i'm not alone. >> marco rubio on face the nation this morning. he's finally made it official, he is running for reelection after saying for months that he definitely would not. the washingtonian reports marco rubio asked ted cruz and make lee to put out statements urging them to ran. both said no out of respect for santos. rubio has a 7 point lead over patrick murphy the front runner for the democratic nomination. murphy was accused of exaggerating his background as a cpa and small business owner. joining me now anarigan logan.
8:37 am
marco rubio has had a lot of bad weeks, it's been a rough go for him in his presidential bid but he got a good turn on that story with patrick murphy. >> it's marco rubio has proven that in politics it's better to be lucky than it is to be good. when he announced i guess it was last week late in the week he was savaged quickly by the leading newspapers in the states, the tampa bay times and miami harold but that seemed to be wiped out quickly. then the foer that you were referring to down by a local reporter here basically blew up the patrick murphy campaign because it went to the one issue, joy, that marco rubio suffers from and that's a credibility problem. it helped out rubio in an unexpected way the timer of that report that in essence showed that patrick murphy had been embellishing or exaggerating his
8:38 am
past as a small business owner and cpa. very damaging the report that i know that campaign right now is trying in crisis mode to get their heads out of that. >> that story helps him. the senate wonders whether marco rubio getting back in has more to do with future ambitions an present ones. i want to have you answer to the question that is on many people's minds about whether he would be interested in being donald trump's running mate. >> there was a poll that has you as the most popular choice for vice president. >> it's too late for that. i'm running for the united states senate from florida and you can't run for two offices at once. >> even if you were asked to not run for -- >> no that's not for me a viable option. >> i mean, anna, he didn't say i would never want to be the vice presidential running mate of that person who i said was dangerous, donald trump, he said it's not technically viable because i'm running for senate.
8:39 am
if i wrong to be cynical about that answer? >> yes, absolutely. marco rubio is an tunist, he knowthat donald trump is way behind in the polls and to be his vp means to not have a job next year. so marco rubio is in january of next year he no longer has a job he wants to keep his job and the poll numbers at the point in time in history looks good for him. however, he does have a tough opponent in the primary. he has a cuban american whose uncle was parts of the bay of pigs invasion, died in the invasion and is hitting the miami market hard on spanish radio and tv and is willing to put 15 to $20 million of his own money into this campaign. now, let's remember that marco rubio lost 66 of the 67 counties in the state of florida. the only one he won was miami dade county, his loyal cuban american base and now here is this cuban american running against him in the primary who is going to give him a run for his money.
8:40 am
>> he has a lot of money, he is a big time real estate developer. before i play you another piece of sound do voters in florida ticket split? if marco rubio were to get back carlos and get the nomination but hillary clinton were to win the state of florida in november, is there a ticket splitting behavior that you have seen that maybe he could still win his seat? >> i haven't, but this is such a strange election. we are seeing evidence of ticket splitting the phenomenon taking place in other states in terms of polling but we haven't yet seen that with rubio now back on the ballot, his decision hasn't given the pollsters enough time to include in in there. he will eitheren the beneficiary of. >> what people see as -- or at least used to see as marco rubio benefit to the republican party is his ability to move the party on immigration and also to help the party with latino voters. i want to play you marco rubio
8:41 am
talking about an issue that is a sensitive one for him which is immigration and deportation. he has been on both sides of that issue. this is him talking about trump's views on deportation. take a listen. >> but you can't round up and deport 11, 10, 9 million people. the american people wouldn't stand for it once they saw what it would take to make that happen. that's why i argue for piecemeal step by step approach that begins with endorsement and leads to the confidence we need from the american people to do something reasonable but responsible about people facing these circumstances. >> is that him pivoting back to supporting immigration reto recall? what would be the consequences with republican voters? >> with republican voters in the top part of the state -- remember, florida has north florida and south florida. in south florida that plays well. in north florida that does not play well. the trump hard line against the immigrants plays well in the republican primary. so he's trying to play to his base here, but the reality is that the other 66 counties that did not support him like trump's
8:42 am
ideas on immigration. >> let me play you marco rubio talking about donald trump's idea of a muslim ban which he has been flip-flopping on and get your response on the other side. >> it's just that's not a real proposal, it's not -- it's not something that's going to happen. >> he thinks he has executive authority to do that if he did would senator rubio do something to undo that? >> sure. i think it's bad policy for the country to say you are going to have a religious exclusion, i think you've heard from multiple leaders in our party say that. by the way, i believe or i would hope that we would have the opportunity to encourage him if he is elected president in a different direction. >> i mean, i have listened to the callers, the conservative callers on your show who have very strong feelings in favor of a muslim ban. when marco rubio pivots back to being not as conservative sounding marco rubio what does that do to his base of support in the state? >> it's sunday so we will wait and see what marco rubio says on monday. he has a bt had a of going back
8:43 am
and forth on all of the major key issues. anytime there is any sign of a political push back he does that. look, the truth is he has a credibility problem. right now marco rubio's word to the voters of florida has as much value as a trump's steaks franchise has. very little. people don't take him at his word. i think you've seen that in the aftermath of his broken pledge to run. the local newspapers, the statewide newspapers suggest marco rubio has a credibility problem. joy, unless he fixes that i think it's impossible for him to consolidate that base because the base just doesn't know where he stands. >> proving why you guys are two of our favorites. thank you guys both very much. i'm sure you will be getting callings from marco rubio's office as soon as you get off. much more after the break. you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes
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republican senate leader mitch mcconnell sounding less than enthusiastic about donald trump this morning. back with me jonathan capehart, joan walsh and robert george.
8:51 am
mitch mcconnell couldn't say that donald trump is qualified to be president. >> a big problem when the senate majority leader in your party cannot say that your nominee is qualified to be president. >> i mean, it is -- this is a horrible problem. >> he could have just said he's over 35 years old -- >> this is particularly problematic given that it was mitch mcconnell literally within an hour after antonin scalia died saying we are not going to appoint -- >> we won't even talk to merrick garland. >> we are not going to talk to any nominee until the next president. >> how much do you think they will seat garland out of fear for hillary clinton.
8:52 am
it's not going to happen. i think it's partly because hillary clinton like the dynamic isn't going to work but also i
8:53 am
focus on my know on elizabeth warren. she on my know no on elizabeth warren. she has more power as a sitting member of the senate than she ever would as vice president of the united states. if she were to be on the ticket, she would have to subsume everything she believes in to the person at the top of the ticket. she could be in the senate or something like that and have more power pushing and cajoling the president of the united states and legislation. >> i've been saying elizabeth warren for weeks now. and her -- the enthusiasm that she goes after donald trump, that's something that you want in a vice presidential running mate. i think she and hillary clinton could cut a deal that even as vice president she has a -- >> some autonomy. given what we just saw on this big platform fight, do you think
8:54 am
that within clinton world there is a concern that elizabeth warren on the ticket pulls the ticket too far to the left? >> yes. i think that's exactly it. right now hillary clinton by herself is getting a lot of republican eyes saying, wow, i never thought in a million years i could do this, but i could vote for her. adding elizabeth warren might make her unpalatable to a lot of republicans. brings it too far to the left. >> she helps get some of the bernie voters, not all, and lets clinton go out to the white working class. >> with the exception of barack obama, i don't think anybody has been hated by republicans over the last 20 years other than hillary clinton. the fact that she's already getting those republicans, i don't think elizabeth warren being added on -- the aclu has
8:55 am
filed suit in cleveland and philadelphia over some of the security restrictions the city has made for the conventions. in cleveland right now, the aclu and cleveland are actually settling because a judge gave an initial -- >> what security restriction dos they object to? >> in cleveland in particular they've created this like huge event zone. basically it's 3.5 square miles around downtown cleveland where people cannot bring in certain objects. some of them make sense, like rope and something. you literally cannot bring in a soap box. you cannot go in and stand up on your soap box and protest. so that's one of the sillier ones. anyway, looks like they're getting close to a settlement in cleveland, but philadelphia is a little bit better but they've also filed some suit there. >> this gives you an opportunity
8:56 am
to revive my previous question. which convention will be more insane? the cleveland convention or the philadelphia convention where it looks like there will be a fight with sanders supporters? >> cleveland without a doubt. you've got delegates going against delegates and obviously you've got the people who want to protest trump in general and trump's people. there's already been violent clashes between those groups. >> cleveland because even cleveland doesn't know what cleveland is going to look like when cleveland happens. >> lucky those zones include no guns. >> i think cleveland too because of the kind of clashes we've seen outside of trump rallies. there will be big anti/pro, whatever demonstrations in philadelphia. >> the correct answer is the headline next week will be hillary clinton goes nuclear on donald trump. i think the clinton campaign is going to throw two barrels at donald trump next week. i think they're going to hit him
8:57 am
hard on everything from his scottish vacay to just being donald trump. thank you all for watching. we'll be back next saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern. alex witt is up next. little miss muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds
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kidney problems, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for more information, visit i'm alex witt here in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it is high noon in the east. here is what's happening. we begin with politics. two new polls just out. a new nbc "wall street journal" post shows hillary clinton with a five-point lead over trump. his slight lead over clinton last month has plunged. clinton now leads that poll by 12 points. both polls were conducted aft


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