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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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"andrea mitchell reports" from cincinnati. and remember follow online on facebook, twitter, peter alexander is up next, right here on msnbc. andrea, thank you, and hello i am peter alexander. today we are following two big breaking news stories with historic implications for this country. [ applause ] the u.s. supreme court dealing a decisive 5-3 blow to a texas law that's forced abortion providers to close their clinics. plus -- >> she fights for us. she fights for us and we will fight for hillary clinton. >> progressive champion elizabeth warren taking the stage side by side with hillary clinton for the first time today. the massachusetts senator firing up the crowd with a full throated endorsement of the country's first female
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presumptive democratic nominee. is her pitch a step closer to a clinton-warren ticket? we dive into that question today. but we begin with that breaking supreme court news out of washington. texas's controversial hb2 law. it required abortion clinics to meet strict hospital-like standards and demanded that doctors working at those clinics have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. since the law was passed bablg in 2013, half of the state's abortion clinics have been forced to close. the ruling is a major victory for abortion rights advocates. >> what this means is we can now challenge these, not only in in court, but work to repeal them state by state. again, there's just no way to overstate what an important victory this was. and i think it really underscored the court's decision showed how much women have suffered in the state of texas under this law. this has been a law that was never supported by the people of texas, it was wrongly passed. and it's really wonderful to
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have this victory today by the supreme court. >> that was cecil richards, the president of planned parenthood just a few moments ago. pete williams has the details for us today. pete, i want to start with what's been called the most important abortion decision in perhaps 25 years. break down what it means and what these implications are not just in texas, but ultimately nationally. >> reporter: no question about the importance of it, peter. what the supreme court is these provisions in the texas law were not medically necessary. they did not improve the standard of care for women and in fact, justice ruth ginsburg probably made it worse by forcing many women to seek illegal means. and so the supreme court said since they weren't medically necessary and since they were a big imposition on the availability of abortion with fewer clinics, the court said that means fewer doctors, longer waiting times, harder to get an appointment, the totality is they're unconstitutional these laws, provisions, buzz they are
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an undue burden. that's the phrase used here for a woman's righting to cluz. the nationwide implications are that there were 12 states that had laws similar to these that were some parts on hold, some parts in effect, now they are all in big trouble. today's rules doesn't automatically wipe them off the books, but it certainly leads the way to court challenges that will probably get them struck down and stepping back even further, peter. this sort of ends a strategic movement that the people opposed to abortion have been using for a while remember early on it was restrictions that applied to patients themselves. waiting periods, counselling, what period during the pregnancy these would be available. having gotten really nowhere with those, the next strategy was to try to go after the clinics. that's not working, so today the people who are opposed to abortion say they are going to have to refrench here and think again. they have other theories that they're pursuing in the courts, but this is a big setback for
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them. >> pete williams, thank you very much. and for those joining us right now, you may remember sandra fluke who back in 2012 became the target of conservative attacks after she spoke out in favor of contraception coverage at a house committee hearing. fluke is a women's health advocate, former candidate for california state senate, and if i'm not mistaken, you're now officially an attorney. thanks for being us with. >> thank you so much. >> so abortion rights advocates scored obviously what's viewed widely as a big victory today. where does the fight for reproductive rights go from here? >> well, i'm so glad you asked because this is a huge victory for the women of texas and so many states that were really suffering under these trapped laws. but we have an ongoing fight in many states, especially around a affordability. this is about making the right to reproductive access a reality in practice, not just on paper. and if you can't afford to exercise this right, it's really not as meaningful to you. so for women who are in the
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military, women who receive medicaid, and even women who live in states where they can't afford or are not allowed to buy insurance that covers abortion on their state exchanges, they have major barriers to access. and that's our next fight. >> if this decision had gone the other way, just to break it down, it would have provided a potential rallying cry obviously for supporters of hillary clinton who herself tweeted today, scotus's is a victory for women in texas and across america. it should be right not just on paper, but in reality. is there some concern that this decision in effect could make some voters on the left, particularly young women voters, complaisant about an issue if they believe its been cot if ied or safe? >> no, this just reinforces how important the supreme court is and we know that the next president may end up appointing another supreme court justice. so -- >> or perhaps more than one. >> that's right.
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several. >> so how important is this? in real terms, you're an attorney, you know the details of this debate, how crucial is this election when it comes to the supreme court? given the fact that be it's not just a vacant seat right now, but the potential that there may be another retiree, clarence thomas' name is floated, may be additional seats up for grab. >> we have the possibility of ensuring and codifying women's rights to reproductive rights for a generation. that's why it's so critical that we get this election right and that we send hillary clinton, who has been a champion for women's reproductive rights, and not donald trump who actually flirted with the idea of women being incarcerated and punished for abortions. he can't be in the white house. it has to be secretary clinton. >> you campaign heavily back in 2012. have you been contacted by the campaign? do you intended to campaign on her behalf or with her? >> i intend to do everything in my power to elect the first
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woman president of the united states. >> we appreciate it, thank you very much for your time. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> the other big story we are watching right here today, hillary clinton and elizabeth warren, this duo in cincinnati, ohio. hitting the campaign trail together for their first time. the clinton campaign trying to demonstrate party unity in a critical swing state that president obama just snuck by with barely two percentage point victory back in 2012. prior to the speech, donald trump took aim today at senator warren, one of his frequent and favorite targets, writing, quote, crooked hillary is wheeling out one of the least productive senators in the u.s. senate. goofy elizabeth warren who lied on heritage. trump of course has used that nickname for warren before. today she was ready with her response. >> donald trump says he'll make america great again. it's right there. no, it's stamped on the front of his goofy hat. you want to see goofy, look at
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him in that hat. what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs? to lose their homes? to lose their life savings? i'll tell you who kind of a man. a small, insecure, money-grubber who fights for no one but himself. [ applause ] >> and i must say, i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. >> you can see those lines that the women are returning to more and more on the campaign trail, right there two new polls today show clinton with a clear lead, this is the nbc/wall street journal poll that shows her ahead by five points. meanwhile, the washington post, abc news, have clinton up by 12 points. a swing of 14 points in just a month's time. the reason for this discrepancy, primarily the washington post poll forming a larger share of the electorate.
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nbc news poll shows this is dead even if third party candidates are measured as well. which is to say we've got a long way still to go and we to want get right to kristin welker, she is in cincinnati today. she is following the clinton campaign, kristin, you covered this campaign from the start. there was what appeared to be a unique energy in that room that we don't always see clinton aechbts. the kind of energy that people said bernie sanders always had, but clinton badly needs. >> you nailed it, peter, that's exactly right. it was electric inside that room. this event was aimed at rallying the base, that is exactly what it did. senator elizabeth warren touched on a lot of the notes that we've heard senator bernie sanders touch on throughout this race. railed against wall street, railed against the fact that the system is broken for the middle class and of course she took an donald trump very aggressively. as you pointed out, even using some of his own words against him and to attack him. this was also an audition of sorts to see what the chemistry
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would be like between these two women, these two very powerful politicians. and by all accounts today, it not only energized the audience, but energize secretary clinton. she is on secretary clinton's short list to be vp. one reason why she might not be picked because there have been policy differences in the past between these two. but that was nowhere to be found today. i can tell you that, we do think though peter that kim kaine who of course is virginia senator and former governor is probably at the top of that list, but secretary clinton hasn't made her choice yet, and she's got to be looking very closely at what happened in that room today. now, this all comes as a little bit of good news is coming in for the clinton campaign in terms of unifying the party, according to a recent abc news/washington post poll, among sanders voters, 81% are support clinton, only 8% say they're planning to back donald trump. if you're the clinton campaign, you've got to like those
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numbers. again, secretary clinton still has work to do in terms of unifying the party. senator sanders still in this race. i think what was significant about today, they almost moved beyond senator sanders. elizabeth warren making the point that whether she becomes secretary clinton's vp pick or whether just continues to serve as one of her top attack dogs, she can help to rally the base and progressives, peter. >> as you're speaking, new e-mail blasted out by donald trump's campaign, i'm on that list, i'll read it to you right now, it reads, sell out warren, of course to senator elizabeth warren, as clinton tries to salvage support among the bernie sanders support of the wing, trump writes, senator elizabeth wayne has become a turncoat for the causes she supportedly supports. this seems to be a candidate, or not a candidate, this seems to be a supporter of clinton who throughout has really effectively right at donald trump. he was attacking her before she even took the stage today. >> right. and between like that clearly
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aimed at trying to woo some of those sanders supporters who say they're not ready to support secretary clinton, but it's a tough sell, not only because of the numbers that i just talked about, peter, but because of some of the controversial comments that donald trump has made quite frankly. the commentings he has made about muslims, mexicans, about women, and you heard elizabeth warren and hillary clinton really hit a number of those points today. that's their strategy to try to make sure that senator sanders supporters comes over to the clinton camp, peter. >> kristin welker, always time for business as well. congratulations on your engagement over the weekend. there's the real breaking news. >> thank you peter, really appreciate it, thank you. >> that's going to bring us to the microsoft polls question, we're asking should hillary clinton choose senator elizabeth warren as her running mate. the pulse is live right now. we want your thoughts. log on to pulse.msnbc to cast your vote. and coming up right here, the trump campaign hits the reset button as clinton holds on
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to her lead in that new round of national polls. except in the lonestar state. texas republicans, they don't favor trump, but they plan to vote for him anyway. we'll explain. again, we're keeping a close eye on wall street today as the fallout from britain's historic vote to exit the eu continues to weigh down on global markets. there you see it, down 250 points. we're back after this short break. my cousin's wedding is coming soon. ♪ i like the bride more than the groom. ♪ turquoise dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no ones got moves like uncle joe. ♪ when it's go book on for instant rewards li gift cards, plus savin of up to 20%. book direct at choicehotels.m i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®.
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no, what you're trying to do is compare an 800 -- a person, organization in brooklyn of mrs. clintons with an integrated system of the rnc and the trump campaign, which doesn't appear
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on a report. we have thousands of people in the battleground states, political organizers who are now in place. >> donald trump's campaign manager, paul manafort speaking to chuck todd here on sunday. the trump campaign is besieged by bad polls and criticism for taking the business of trump's empire more seriously than the business of running his presidential campaign. nbc's halle jackson covers the campaign for us, she is outside trump tower with the latest, halle, you just got off the phone with donald trump himself with harsh language about elizabeth warren, what did he tell you? >> reporter: couple of highlights here, i want to read you a few quotes in which donald trump said elizabeth warren acted in a racist manner. called her a fraud and again reupped that nickname that many find offensive, pocahontas adding that he believes that nickname is an insult to pocahontas himself. he hopes that elizabeth warren is selected at hillary clinton's
10:18 am
presidential running mate. indicating his campaign is ready to turn both barrels on warren if that is the case. trump telling me that his campaign has ready, essentially in the can comments that warren has made about hillary clinton in the past, things that democrats will find devastating. elizabeth warren is a total fraud. talked about claims that she exaggerated her native american heritage saying she made up her heritage which i think is racist. he said i think she's a racist actually because what she did is racist. when pressed, she's been unable to approve she's native american and yet use that to advance her career. i hope she is the one chosen by crooked hillary. he also earlier called her a fraud essentially. so some very harsh words from donald trump going after elizabeth warren. just hours after that speech in which she appeared with hillary clinton on stage as you and kristin have been talking about. we talked about this idea that trump is now supposed to be in this new phase of his campaign, right? trump 2.0 and he said to me,
10:19 am
hey, i'm doing what i'm doing, indicating that it worked for him in the primaries, and so he is not particularly prone to change his tone or temperament now. we kbpt to hear from trump tomorrow, peter, in pennsylvania in what is expected to be a policy speech focussing on the economy. and we expect more information about that later on today. peter. >> halle, that's a lot of interesting information. what's striking in the comments you shared, and donald trump who you just hung up the phone calling elizabeth warren is racist and a fraud. also talking about that he's not ready for this next stage as he goes forward with the general election, but also saying he's confident in what he's done in the primary. the first stage so far. but it was because he was changing stages so to speak that he fired his campaign manager just a couple of days ago. little bit of a mixed message in that regard. does donald trump have any concerns, i guess more broadly about getting back into a fight about who's quote unquote racist or not. given the attacks that he fell
10:20 am
victim to because of his comments about the judge in california who, frankly because of his mexican heritage donald trump has criticized for weeks? >> reporter: seemed to be unconcerned here given that this was something that trump brought up himself. when asked to respond to those attack against him by both elizabeth warren and hillary clinton today, he indicated that he hasn't seen the speech live but was informed of a couple of quotes from warren and then responded. as you heard, saying that he believes that what she had done was racist. trump also said he believes, and this is something he said in the past, peter, his campaign hasn't really started yet, in his words, he believes his campaign will really get its start in earnest after the convention which is still three weeks away. that is in striking contrast to hillary clinton, the democrat, obviously peter as they have turned toward the general election for weeks now. and trump himself, even though he will say that he believes his campaign hasn't really started yet, what you are seeing infrastructure wise at his campaign is a real push to make sure that he gets on some solid
10:21 am
ground prior to the convention. particularly when it comes to organization, when it comes to staffing, and when it comes to fundraising. >> how long its been since trump was in places like pennsylvania and ohio, he heads to those places tomorrow. hillary clinton there for the third or fourth time i think in the last several weeks. today trump hasn't been to ohio since the primary. halle jackson with the breaking news only here on msnbc. halle, thank you. elise jordan is a republican strategist. steve mcman is a democratic strategist. elise, let's get to what you heard from donald trump, the conversation with halle jackson just moments ago, attacking elizabeth warren as a racist and as a fraud. i want your take on that. and how you think the fact that be he's calling can up reporters about a surrogate in effect right now for the democratic presumptive nominee, how that plays? >> well, you see from the trump campaign from the higher ups, paul manafort who had run presidential campaigns in the
10:22 am
past and speempbs are experienced in game trying to get donald trump to be more disciplined. donald trump is clearly rejecting that wholeheartedly. getting on the phone with halle jackson just then and calling elizabeth warren a racist, which is exactly what he doesn't need to be doing right now. he doesn't need -- donald trump does not need to talk about race. and pretty notably in the state that donald trump released about elizabeth warren on the campaign trail, there was no mention of race. he didn't call elizabeth warren pocahontas and he needs to be more disciplined. and right now, you just aren't seeing that. and i do not think that donald trump is going to change one bit. >> i think that's striking as you're saying that, we received only moments -- basically the exact same time that donald trump was calling our reporter in front of his building, he was putting out a more disciplined press release statement out to most of the world, right, and makes a phone call and the phone call obviously with language like racist and fraud. obviously donald trump in effect anything that his team and sort of crafted for him to be focussed on today. steve, to you more broadly, what
10:23 am
does it say to democrats to the vp would be that elizabeth warren perhaps more than anybody maybe more than hillary clinton herself consistently sort of gets under donald trump's skin. this is a person that he has attacked preempively and reactively throughout the course of this campaign? >> yeah, i known it's clear that she obviously has something that donald trump doesn't like, and she -- she gets his goad every single time and he reacts. what he did today is a classic example, his campaign puts out a statement, which i'm sure was hyperbolic, which was within the bounds of a normal campaign, and donald trump calls and makes these ridiculous statements and steps on his own story. his outburst, you know, she called him, elizabeth warren today, called him a thin-skinned bully. and he proves it every single time he has an outburst and he may end up doing more to get elizabeth warren included on the ticket than anything elizabeth warren is doing. remember, his strategy in the
10:24 am
general election is to try to get bernie sanders voters over, he'd be well-advised to remember before there was a bernie sanders, there was elizabeth warren. she was bernie before bernie. attacking her isn't going to work. >> we put up the new poll numbers from today, donald trump trailing in the nbc poll, the washington post poll as well, but what does it say to democrats that in many of these critical, these crucial swing states right now places like colorado, florida, north carolina, wisconsin, the race is effectively within the margin of error and trump as you yourself indicated has had an awful series of weeks. >> i think what it says, we live in a polarized country and battleground states are battleground states. if you look at where donald trump is in those polls and you look at the opportunity for him to grow compared to where secretary clinton is, the opportunity to grow is clearly on secretary clinton's side, and if if you look at which way those states have gone, almost all of them in the last six presidential elections, hillary clinton comes into it with an
10:25 am
advantage, and finally if you look at the fact that hillary clinton is running a campaign in those six states and donald trump is running a rolling carnival show where he's the lead carnival barker, i think the race is going to set until a way that is very helpful for democrats this fall. >> elise, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell had trouble answering a question about whether trump was qualified to be president. we don't need to play that byte, in effect he said, it's up to the voters to decide. but two-thirds of voters told the washington post that trump isn't qualified. whereas more than 60% think clinton is qualified. this is obviously a real challenge for donald trump, but what's striking is how many trump folks, people that don't like trump are still going to vote for him because they like clinton yet. >> this is the conundrum of this election, there are two hugely unpopular candidates and people are voting against them. it's unfortunate that neither party has putting forward the nominee that will really gavelize and inspire american
10:26 am
voters. >> does it matter who the vp is for either one of these two? >> i think with donald trump especially this does matter. republicans want to see someone who they think is sane and not mentally ill and has some political experience. so i do think that he could help his chances if he appointened someone who is seen as a level actor. >> elise jordan is our republican strategist on that panel today. steve mcman, to both of you, thank you guys very much. coming up we're going to take you to wall street again where the brexit hangover still looming large for american investors. and what the british prime minister david cameron told his country men and women today about the possibility of a second referendum. sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over0 years straight. over ten years?
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mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the tra. be happy. it's glad. it's clear that markets are volatile, there are some companies considering their own investments, and we know this is going to be far from plain sailing. however we should take confidence from the fact that britain is ready to confront what the future holds for us
10:30 am
from a position of strength. as a result of our long-term plan, we have today one of the strongest major advanced economies in the world. >> that was outgoing prime minister david cameron urging calm after the controversial vote for britain to leave the european union. earlier today secretary john kerry spoke on america's role in helping ease the transition after the brexit vote. >> i am absolutely convinced, president obama is absolutely convinced that we will be able to work through this in a sensible, thoughtful way that takes the best strengths of the eu, the best strengths of the marketplace, the best interests of our national security. >> here in the u.s., the carnage on wall street continues. the dow jones is now down as you can see about 230 points. this after it plunged more than 600 on friday. at least $2 trillion was wiped off global equity markets, that day alone, the biggest daily
10:31 am
loss ever, trumping the lehman brothers bankruptcy during the 2008 financial crisis. and joining me now from the floor of the new york stock exchange, olivia sterns. olivia, give us a sense of how the u.s. is handling the markets today, where things stand. >> peter, we are off now by about 237 points right now, but that is about 100 points and we were doing it below a couple hours ago. we were pairing early losses and still extending the declines. interesting you bring up lehman brothers and wiped more equity back then than in 2008. peter costa, peter alexander was making the point that we lost more value in equity globally on friday than we did in september 2008 when lehman went bankrupt. put this sell-off in perspective, is it 2008, august 2012 when the u.s. got downgraded, what does it feel like? >> it doesn't feel like either one of them. i used to work for williams,
10:32 am
that is one of my history about me, but no, it doesn't feel like that at all. it just feels that there's a lot of uncertainty as far as the foreign, you know, what's going on in europe. i think that will work out. i think that we are looking at a lot of opportunities to get back in the market. you also look at a market that was fairly pretty highly priced and there was -- >> right, it was bought up -- >> it was bought up prior. >> what the fear factor down here? nervous, uncertain, but still selling? >> i think they're nervous because they think that there is the potential of having this spread a little bit. maybe france, maybe italy might decide to have a referendum. i think that would concern people down here. i don't think they are selling because they have to, i think they're just selling because of the way the market is reacted and what's happening overseas. today is definitely a follow through overnight. what's going to happen tomorrow? >> how much -- do you think that is the bottom or how much lower do you think we're going to go? >> i think there's a potential to go down further.
10:33 am
if we close below 2,000. that's a signal for people, maybe to get out. there might be another second round of selling. that happens, you know, tomorrow or thursday. big buying opportunity then because i do think -- >> thank you so much. and that's an interesting point, peter, that 2000 level, we're flirting with it. it's also technically important because there's so much algorithm fund trading going on, when you hit the key levels, they trigger even further selling. maybe not the bottom here is the message from wall street today. >> olivia sterns, thank you very much. and the absence of a bipartisan version, house democrats just unleashed their own 344-page benghazi report. we have been diving into its contents that includes al surprising number of references to one republican in particular. who? that's next.
10:34 am
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hero breaking news today. democrats on the house benghazi panel released their own report on the 2012 terror attack in libya that claimed the lives of four americans during hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. for deep dive on the reports findings, we want to get right to luke russert, you back here in the building are browsing through all 344 pages of this report, but break down some of what we've already been able to learn from it. >> reporter: yeah, hey there, peter. we should add that this came around noon today, and it was expected that both sides were going to release their reports some time before the convention. and the democrats say the reason why the republicans are doing that is politically motivated, they want to tarnish her ahead of the convention and democrats are trying to refouk a lot of that. in terms of what's in this report, the democrats claim that there is nothing really new here. that this has been investigated seven times by various congressional committees and the
10:38 am
findings match up with what's been seen on capitol hill. they said about the defense department and could they have scrambled? the defense department could not have done anything differently on the night of the attack to saift live of the four brave americans killed in benghazi. then say the fault does not necessarily lie with secretary clinton personally, but with the inadequate security measures put forward by the bureau of diplomatic security. the state department security measures were woefulfully inadequate as a result of decisions made by officials in the borough of diplomatic security. she never denied any request in benghazi. the republicans so far have responded to this, peter, they said that this is another example of rehash talking points. that the democrats have gone out of their way to mention hillary clinton in that this report. they do not talk hillary clinton as much. they claim throughout the entirety of this investigation, and one last thing that republicans have pointed out, is that donald trump's name is
10:39 am
mentioned 23 times in this report by the democrats, they say that the democrats are the ones making this a political discussion between the two nominees. peter. >> donald trump not even a politician at the time in 2012 when this took place. luke russert on the hill with us. thank you very much. today the update on your responses to today's microsoft polls question. here's what we're asking, should hillary clinton choose senator elizabeth warren as her running mate? a lot more folks saying she should. here are our results. apparently you agree. 89% say yes. so just 11% right now say no. the pulse is live. we hope you'll keep weighing in. head to to cast your vote right now. up next here live on msnbc, the devastation in west virginia where the threat of even more flash flooding still in effect. that state's governor touring the damage this afternoon. this right now a live picture of him speaking in one of the destroyed areas courtesy of
10:40 am
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welcome back. it is one of the deadliest flash floods in this nation's history. in west virginia, at least 23 people have died since thursday after torrential rain resulted in historic flooding across that state. officials now worry that the death toll could rise. rescue crews are going door to door, they are searching for a number of unaccounted residents. and just as the water has begun receding, more rain is in the forecast. the governor is holding a news conference right now. let's take a listen. >> the people of west virginia helping west virginia, the people from around the country and we're so grateful for everything the people's doing for us and offered to do for us. so any further questions? >> governor, you said a lot of people hurting here obviously -- >> we do. >> a lot of people underinsured or no insurance to flood. what do you say to give them about the future going forward when there's so much
10:44 am
uncertainty? >> this event because we didn't get the personal declaration, i think that we will be able to help those people with the -- jimmy, with the -- individual assistance that they can get. as al said, getting the documentation, the pictures and so forth, so of the furniture, fixtures whatever it may be or damage to your home, make sure you document that because you should be eligible for the personal assistance for the federal government. that's 75, 25 max with the state of west virginia. >> that's the west virginia governor, earl ray tomlin holding this news conference. you heard my colleague asking questions about the governor right now as we broke in for that news. again 23 people have now died as a result of the historic flooding taking place there. another breaking news story we've been watching, this was frightening, moments for passengers on board a singapore
10:45 am
airlines flight. here was the scene. imagine looking out the window and seeing that. it was just moments after the boeing 777 made an emergency landing in singapore. the flames literally engulfed the right wing after one of the engines caught fire. the airline says the plane, which had 222 passengers and 19 crew members on board en route to milan turned back two hours into the flight because of an engine oil warning message. passengers were kept on the plane while crews doused it with water and foam. remarkab remarkably, despite that, nobody was injured. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live.
10:46 am
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the republican convention now exactly three weeks away. and politico's latest headlines signals more troubles for donald trump after reaching out to 50 prominent republicans, politico revealed that hardly anyone wants to speak at that convention in cleveland and few
10:49 am
even had plans to attend. this as the so-called donald trump trump movement doubles down for a fight on the convention floor. they held a conference call last night hashing out plans to hire new staff targeting delegates. the goal is to persuade delegates from opposing sides, well basically to try to change convention rules aimed at stopping trump. one of the people to join in this group is steve dees, she's author of the book "rules for patriots" how conservatives can win again. thanks for being up. before i ask about this effort in cleveland, i want to talk about what donald trump did within the last hour here on nbc. he called one of our reporters in front of the building and just a short time after hillary clinton's event with elizabeth warren in ohio, only moments after he put out a well-crafted press release, attacking elizabeth warren as a sell-out. he referred to her as a racist and as a fraud. is that an effective strategy to go about doing this?
10:50 am
attacking a surrogate for the democratic presumptive nominee? is this a good way to go forward? >> you know one of the tried and truisms about elections is that when they're about personalities, democrats tend to win. and personalities democrats tend to win and about issues republicans tend to win. right now it's all about personalities. that's donald trump's fault because he. doesn't have the brains and quick whit or courage of conviction to talk about issues. he has to reverse to name calling. i remember hillary's first anti-trump speech a couple weeks ago. she laid out that trump is nuts and can't talk serious policy. his response tofs come out with she looked bad and used a teleprompter affirming all her attacks against him. it's a terrible strategy, but reality show is the only speed donald trump has. >> what is the simple advice you give donald trump right now. clearly, you're one of the people that is working to oust donald trump, but is there anything he could do given the fact that remains a long shot to
10:51 am
satisfy people like yourself within the party? >> i think donald trump ought to show us his alpha male. he controls the rnc now. why doesn't he go ahead and say we're going to unbound those dill gaits. i'm going to go for the ultimate sale close, the biggest reality show tv stage with every camera watching because if i can't wichb a majority of 2500 delegates in cleveland, hard to make the case of 130 million voters in november. so i think he should stop hiding behind the size of his shrinking crowds and show us that he really is the leader that everybody in this party has been looking for. unbound the delegates, call our bluff and let's have it out in cleveland. >> why should donald trump do that? he won 14 million vote, he won 38 states, why is there any value for him for doing that? isn't this effort by this group,
10:52 am
there's no alternative. so isn't this just a pipe dream? >> because he can't unify his own party. we're looking at 2012 but worse. with a candidate capable of winning independent voters because the democratic nominee is so dislike d but can't turn out his own base and loses in a wave against the other side. this is exactly what we saw in 2012. i'm hearing the skewed polling lies from apoll gists on the right i heard four years ago when the polls turned out to be correct. you can't win with just your base, but you can't win it without it either. polls for trump in the fall will get worse. i know lots of republicans that will only vote for him because he's not hillary clinton. but if we get down to mid-u to late october and trailing 8 points, it's dpoing to happen is more people are going to find their courage of conviction and say why cast a vote if he's
10:53 am
going to lose any way. that's what we're looking for in the fall. >> never shy about his opinions. thank you for being here. >> thank you. the other breaking news. former governor bob mcdonnell saw his conviction unanimously thrown out today by the high court. mcdonnell issued a statement moments ago expressing, quote, heartfelt gratitude to the supreme court. once considered a rising star of the gop, he was found guilty of bribery in 2014, but this an 8-0 decision, those charges were just vacated. mcdonnell now completely off the hook. he could be retried once again. this just into msnbc. the s&p has now lowered great britain's rate on the heels of the brexit photo. leaders meeting today in berlin
10:54 am
as secretary of state john kerry calls for calm in the wake of britain's vote to exit the eu. we'll talk about the ramifications of all of this up knicks. the dow down just shy of 300 points. (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection that locks away odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every ho, every cat. there's a tidy cats r that. afdave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid ripsnd tears. be happy, it's glad. live with breaking news on msnbc following that story the fallout from the brexit continuing. the s&p, as we just reported, lowering the uk's credit raiding from a aaa to aa. there's where things stand. 300 points down. joining us from paris is contributor and world news editor for "the daily beast" that's crihristopher dicky. i want to get your take now. the s&p's downgrade from aaa to aa. this is not a surprise to folks, but talk about the state of affairs right now. it seems like this is going to be a compiling of one item after another that really has an impact on the global as a result
10:58 am
of that referendum last week. >> peter, you're exactly right about that. this is all about the unpredictability of the situation. markets don't like things to be this crazy. it's clear now that the people who are pushing the brexit, the leave vote, didn't have any idea what they were doing. they were lying to the people and putting forth scare tactics. they were trying to overcome economic arguments and questions. we talk about immigrants and basically thinly vailed racist arguments. all that took place now that we have brexit. now we hear from the leaders of that campaign we don't know if we're going to invoke it.
10:59 am
sop the fact is nobody knows what's happening right now. it's a situation that's completely out of control. >> in simple terms, we have been reporting on this petition online with 4 million signatures right now. compare that to roughly 18 million people in the uk who voted to leave. but is there any chance this petition is trying to get a second referendum. is this a possibility or hollow talk right now. >> i think for the moment it's more hot air than a possibility, but it is a possibility. lots of things are possible. it would have to go through parliament. parliament would have to approve this and may have the incentive to do that. it's not clear they will be able to. >> christopher, thank you. we appreciate it very much. don't miss form er prime
11:00 am
minister tony blair only on "morning joe," that is tomorrow right here on msnbc. that's the news for this hour. i'm peter alexander. thomas roberts picks things up right now. >> good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts live from our headquarters in new york and rallying for hillary clinton just moments away from her second appearance of the day. she's carrying momentum from her highly anticipated campaign appearance rlier with senator elizabeth warren. >> here we have it, the pair of clinton and the hard hitting massachusetts fire brand of elizabeth warren joining forces to deliver a one-two punch against the presumptive gop nominee. >> what kind of a man does that? what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs, to lose their homes, to lose their life savings. i'll tell you what kind of a man. a small, insecure mogr


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