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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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still ahead, donald trump live in pennsylvania talking trade and taking on hillary clinton. i'm peter alexander here today in washington. my colleague, thomas roberts, picks up from msnbc headquarters in new york right now. >> peter, thank you. i am thomas roberts. let's get to work because the long-awaited full benghazi report is out and reaction has
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been fast and furious by republicans, the white house, the state department and hillary clinton. we have moments ago the obama administration clarifying one of the key arguments from that report. a delay caused by diplomatic conversations about libya kept a u.s. military response from rapidly reaching americans under attack. >> i'm not going to get into the back and forth because frankly republicans have already doern that. republicans in the house intelligence committee have concluded that those charges are not true. questions have been raised about that assertion by the benghazi committee's lead investigator. >> committee republicans allege the death of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans could have been prevented if not for political considerations around the 2012 election. >> nothing shows the contrast between what was happening in benghazi and what was happening in washington than that two-hour
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sivits white house meeting. there is new information on what happened in benghazi and this information should fundamentally change the way you view what happened in benghazi. >> you look at every step of this and i am convinced as sure as i'm standing here it happened because of political concerns this administration had. >> it's been known for some time that the security was inadequate but what we didn't know until this investigation was that the state department made a conscious decision to keep the benghazi compound off the radar and not provide it the security it needed. >> reporter: is hillary clinton's leadership morally reprehensible. >> yes. >> reporter: it is? >> absolutely. >> all right, so take a look at what's taking place here. that is the site in pennsylvania, donald trump, the gop presumptive nominee, is on the campaign trail and this will be his first time giving reaction to the freshly released benghazi report.
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we know trump has been harshly critical of hillary clinton's response as secretary of state from that 2012 attack. we're covering all angles of this unfolding story. luke russert was in the heating press conference with the committee's republicans and kasie hunt is on the road with the clinton campaign in colorado. lo luke, what new information came out in this report and how has the reaction been coming in? what are people saying. >> well, the reaction i think cuts on what team you're on. democrats have long said this is a partisan witch-hunt, they reinforced that in the report they released yesterday. republicans say this is pretty much verifying all the questions they had which were that the obama administration actively tried to cover up aa mess ahead of a 2012 election because they wanted libya to be the crown jewel of their middle east and arab world policy, muslim world policy. sort of saying that we can illicit real change without having boots on the ground.
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as far as any real new information, there's not a new smoking gun, per se. there are interesting tidbits about how the military response was delayed. this idea of whether or not the marines going forward should be in civilian clothes or in their actual uniforms. per this report they switched gear four times on a flight while they were waiting to go there. and in an ironic twist, the forces that helped the u.s. personnel over there turned out to be qaddafi loyalist which is is ironic considering the u.s. led to effort to topple qaddafi in libya. so that's another piece. but as far as what's different from the other seven committee investigations that went forward? there is not anything there that implicates any one single official. it's this idea, i think, that we've seen throughout government in a lot of different capacities that there is bureaucratic issues, especially getting the message from the top to the bottom. there are questions about how that would look to the libyans if we were to move in there
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without permission and what that meant and did that lead to the deaths of four americans? this will be relitigated back and forth for quite a while on both sides but i think the real issue that's worth pointing out is this you could argue for republicans already accomplished what it -- what they wanted it to and that was when i think it's fair to say because of this committee they were able to figure out that secretary clinton had a private e-mail server. so when we look back at this in history, that's it. that reinforced all these questions about hillary clinton's trustworthiness. they'll never admit to that because that's too political but the honest answer is this has always been political. this was done by boehner to throw red meat at the base at the time. he was originally reluctant to do it. it came out today two weeks before the conventions. the house majority leader when he was trying to become speaker slipped up and said it was because of this hillary clinton's poll numbers went down so i think it's hard to say anything would change. both sides will believe what
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they want to believe and we march forward into a heated election year. >> two different points. first, does the state department deploy the military? would they be responsible for any slow response? secondly, to that point about how this has been politicized, we're 56 days away from the election and at first the white house response was it was a youtube video about a cartoon about mohammed that a mob reacted to and the facility that was being used for the ambassador came under attack. so it was politicized, some would say, first from the left. so let's talk about the two things. deployment from state yes, or no, can they do it? also the fact that did the obama administration lead people astray at first about the youtube video? >> so, thomas, in actuality, when there is deployment it comes from d.o.d., it comes from the military. in this case per this report obama and panetta ordered that to go forward. it's unclear what the delay was.
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it seems to have been a delay about diplomatic questions about whether or not the libyans would be welcoming u.s. forces going in. republicans say that has no bearing, we have to save american lives. the security apparatus that comes under intense scrutiny from republicans and democrats is the bureau of diplomatic security under the state department. they both agree that the things in place were both completely inefficient and didn't work by any means, they had to have much better security and was inadequate. to answer your second point, there are a lot of questions in this report raised about susan rice going on the sunday shows after this happening saying it was a youtube video when there are clearly folks within the administration that say this was a terrorist attack. that has been litigated back and forth but, again, it cuts on where do you fall because there was, obviously, this outrage regarding the video over there. however this was apparently militia than just a response to
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the video and a protest. so is there anything that change what is the committee has done? i don't see it. >> luke russert reporting on capitol hill for us. luke, thank you very much. we want to go to kasie hunt. kasie is following the clinton campaign and the secretary responded to this report. she discounted it basically. does the campaign feel they need to explain the report's new detail details? >> the clinton campaign this doesn't include anything new. we know our colleague andrea mitchell has carefully outlined and luke walked through the new facts we've learned from this report but the reality is the report hadn't reassigned blame from what happened and incriminate anyone beyond what we know so the clinton campaign's argument is that this report was fundamentally political. hillary clinton is out here in denver trying to talk about something entirely different from this benghazi report. she's unveiling a new tech
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policy. she was here at a startup incubator chatting with young entrepreneurs so that's what she's trying to focus on. clearly those of us in the room were trying to press her on benghazi. take a look at her response. >> i understand that after more than two years and $7 million spent by the benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds it had to today reported the found nothing. so while this unfortunately took on a partisan tinge, i want us to stay focused on what i've always wanted us to stay focused on and that is the important work of diplomacy and development. >> the reality here is that they've handled this benghazi report with a combination of hard work and a little bit of luck, the luck being kevin mccarthy stumbling into that politization of this as an issue, the hard work being the preparation she put into the testimony and afterwards trey
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gowdy saying at that point they hadn't learned anything new from her, thomas. >> kasie hunt on the road in colorado with the clinton campaign, thanks so much. joining me now is richard haass, the president of the council on foreign relations. good to have you with me. you have worked with the state department as deputy director of policy and planning but when we talk about what was taking place in libya and the fact that it was on the calendar for secretary clinton to travel there about a month after ambassador stevens' arrival, does the risk management of what was taking place in libya match up with the strategic purpose of what we were doing there? >> no, and thomas i haven't had a chance to read the 800-page report but the principle finding seems to be the mismatch between on one hand the activity, difference and vulnerability of our diplomats on the ground and the arrangements made either by the bureau of diplomatic security at state or anything that cia or the department of
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defense were doing. the fact that essentially again there was a fundamental mismatch between the two, that to me is the real lesson. by the time the crisis happened it was essentially to late to respond to a tactical crisis but we never should have allowed our people to get into such a situation in the first place. >> meanwhile, this accountability to address the death of four americans, one being that of ambassador chris steven and sean smith and the two specials ops forces assign to him as protection, it seems to be lost in the politics going back and forth between the left and right. does this report help us in the future from ever being faced with a controversy and something so tragic of ever happening again or is this just basic political theater of finger pointing? >> you've just heard from kasie hunt and luke russert on the politics. i think the one beneficial thing of the report is it does again
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send the message that if you are going to put american diplomats or personnel of any type into a potentially vulnerable situation you ought to at the same time ask yourself the question what will you do if the situation on the ground unravels quickly. do you have arrangements in base that that could be introduced? the bigger problem and what's not in the report at all are fundamental questions about u.s./libya policy. should the united states have intervened in the first place? should we have done more after the intervention? for the foreign policy lessons of this, it's not even touched by the report. >> richard haass, great to have you on today. thank you, sir. richard being the president of the council on foreign relations. thank you. this hour as we told you about donald trump will be laying out his trade policy agenda in republican friendly territory of pennsylvania. but he will probably also give a reaction to this new report that's been released by the republicans, getting on the record about what it seems to
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welcome back, everybody. i want to show you live pictures of what's going to happen in pennsylvania. donald trump will be at the podium set to take the stage a few moments a way, giving a speech on trade and likely talking about his rival hillary clinton and the details that have been released from the full benghazi report. our new nbc survey monkey poll shows them in a tight race in pennsylvania and ohio, two very
11:17 am
important states for the general election. nbc's hallie jackson is there at that rally and we'll have robert costa join the conversation as well. robert being the national political reporter for the "washington post." let's break this down for folks what the expectation is of trump on trade and the issue of globalism from his campaign. >> he's going to go after globalization, thomas. he's going to portray it as something that has hurt workers here in the united states. he's going to talk about action steps he plans to implement if he becomes president, specifically on trade policy. so, for example, trade violations against china in front of the world trade organization, labelling china a currency manipulator. these are moves the campaign believes will play as overtures to companies here in the united states who feel exploited by chinese trade practices. it's also a way, i'm told, by a senior aide familiar with the crafting of this speech to drive a wedge, the campaign believes, between hillary clinton and union workers. blue-collar working class
11:18 am
voters, the very people trump needs in places like pennsylvania in order to have a shot at beating hillary clinton come the fall. polling shows he is fairly neck in neck with her in pennsylvania according to the new q poll out last week. he then heads to ohio, his first stop in the key battleground in eight weeks since he became the presumptive republican nominee. for context, hillary clinton has been in ohio three times in the last three weeks. it's interesting when you look at the stage behind me, it's different staging than what we've seen from trump before. normally he has big rallies forhe gives a policy speech typically they've been at formal stages or podiums. this is something that's a different flavor for trump. you talk to folks who have been invited by the campaign supporters who say they wholeheartedly support his message. people who live in pennsylvania like this one, in towns like this one, monessen which has been decimated by the recession. it's tougher to find manufacturing work. it's tell country here.
11:19 am
this is a republican-leaning county. voted for mitt romney in 2012 over president obama by a margin of 20 points or so. >> robert costa, why do you think this is resonating, trump's message, with the middle-class? blue-collar workers, last time we had am press conference it was donald trump in scotland, we were chasing him from hole to hole at his golf resort. he is a profiteer of globalism. >> he is. and we see across the political spectrum of a focus on trade. we saw it with senator sanders campaign in the democratic party and donald trump has seized on the issue on the republican side. as hallie was mentioning, there's an angst about recession? many parts of this country and trump is running an untraditional campaign in economic policy for the gop. not running as a supply-side tax cutter but as a populist,
11:20 am
someone who's going to renegotiate trade deals, that's something he believes will resonate with voters who may not be traditional republican voters. >> we see donald trump has taken the stage there. we'll go ahead and listen in, trump at his pennsylvania rally. >> i want to thank rick santorum from being here. i really appreciate it and i have to say all of the amazing workers, gabe said they're the most important. the amazing workers. [ applause ] and i know you've been through some very, very tough times, but we're going to make it better and we're going to make it better fast, okay? just watch. so today i'm going to talk about how to make america wealthy again. have to do it.
11:21 am
we're 30 miles from steel city pittsburgh played a central role in building our nation. the legacy of the steel workers live in the bridges and skyscrapers. but our workers' loyalty was repaid -- you know it better than anybody -- with total betrayal. our politicians have aggressively pursued a policy of globalization, moving our jobs, our wealth and our factories to mexico and overseas. globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very, very wealthy. i used to be one of them. [ applause ] hate to say it, but i used to be one. but it's left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache. when subsidized foreign steel is
11:22 am
dumped into our markets, threatening our factories, the politicians have proven, folks, have proven, they do nothing. for years they watched on the sidelines as our jobs vanished and our communities were plunged into depression level unemployment. many of these areas have still never recovered and never will unless i become president. [ cheers and applause ] then they're going recover fast. our politicians took away from the people their means of making a living and supporting their families. skilled craftsmen and trades people and factory workers have seen the jobs they love shipped thousands and thousands of miles away. many pennsylvania towns once thriving and humming are now in a state of total disrepair.
11:23 am
this wave of globalization has wiped out totally, totally, our middle-class. it doesn't have to be this way. we can turn it around and we can turn it around fast. [ cheers and applause ] but if we're going to deliver real change, we're going to have to reject the campaign of fear and intimidation being pursued by powerful corporations, media elites and political dynasties. the people who rigged the system for their benefit will do anything and say anything to keep things exactly the way they are. the people who rigged the system are suprting hillary clinton because they know as long as she is in charge nothing's going to change. the inner cities will remain
11:24 am
poor, the factories will remain closed, the borders will remain open. the special interests will remain firmly in control, hillary clinton and her friends in global finance want to scare america into thinking small and they want to scare american people out of voting for the better future and you have a great future, folks, you have a great future. these people have given her tens of millions of dollars. my campaign has the absolute opposite message. i want you to emergency a much better life and a life where you can believe in the american dream again. right now you can't do that. [ applause ] i want you to imagine how much
11:25 am
better our future can be if we declare independence from the elites who led us from one financial and foreign policy disaster to another. our friends in britain recently voted to take back control of their economy, politics and borders. [ cheers and applause ] i was on the right side of that issue as you know with the people. i was there, i said it was going to happen, i felt it. [ applause ] while hillary, as always, stood with the elites and both she and president obama predicted that one and many others totally wrong. now it's time for the american people to take back their future. take it back. [ applause ]
11:26 am
that's the choice we face. we can either give into hillary clinton's campaign of fear or we can choose to believe again in america. [ applause ] very sadly, we lost our way when we stopped believing in our country. america became the world's dominant economy by becoming the world's dominant producer. you know that from right here right in this plant. [ applause ] the wealth is created, shared broadly, creating the biggest middle-class the world has ever known. but then america changed its policy from promoting development in america, in, in, in america to promoting development in other nations.
11:27 am
that's what's happening and that's what's happened. we allowed foreign countries to subsidize their goods, devalue their currencies, violate their agreements and cheat in every way imaginable and our politicians did nothing about it. trillions of our dollars and millions of our jobs float oversea as a result. i have visited cities and towns across this country where a third or even half of manufacturing jobs have been wiped out in the last 20 years. today we import nearly $800 billion more in goods than we export. can't continue to do that. this is not some natural disaster, it's a political and politician made disaster, very simple, and it can be corrected and we can correct it fast when
11:28 am
we have people with the right thinking right up here it's the consequence -- [ applause ] it is the consequence of a leadership class that worships globalism over americanness. this is a direct affront to our founding fathers who america wanted to be strong, they wanted this country to be strong and they wanted it to be independent and they wanted it to be free. our founding fathers understood trade much better than our current politicians, believe me. george washington said that the promotion of domestic manufacturing will be among the first consequences to flow from
11:29 am
an energetic government. alexander hamilton spoke frequently of the expediency of encouraging manufacturing in, in, in the united states [ applause ] and listen to this. the first republican president, abraham lincoln, warned that the abandonment of the protective policy by the american government will produce want and ruin among our people. he understand it much better than our current politicians. that's why he was abraham lincoln, i guess. [ applause ]
11:30 am
our original constitution didn't even have an income tax. instead it had tariffs emphasizing taxation of foreign not domestic production yet today, 24 years after the revolution we've turned things completely upside down, we tax and regulate and restrict our companies to death and then we allow foreign countries that cheat to export their goods to us, tax free. how stupid is this? how could it happen? how stupid is this? [ applause ] as a result we have become more dependent on foreign countries than ever before. ladies and gentlemen, it's time to declare our economic independence once again. that means [ cheers and applause ]
11:31 am
that means voting for donald trump [ cheers and applause ] i'll do it, no doubt about it, not even a little doubt. it also means reversing two of the worst legacies of the clinton years. america has lost nearly one-third of its manufacturing jobs since 1997 even as the country has increased its population -- think of this -- by 50 million people. at the center of this catastrophe are two trade deals pushed by bill and hillary clinton. first, the north american free trade agreement or the disaster called nafta. second, china's entry into the world trade organization. nafta was the worst trade deal in the history, like the history of this country and china's
11:32 am
entrance into the world trade organization has enabled the greatest job theft in the history of our country. it was bill clinton who signed nafta. people don't remember. in 1993. and hillary clinton who supported it and the havoc that it wreaked after he left office was unbelievable. it was also bill clinton who lobbied for china's disastrous entry into the world trade organization and hillary clinton who backed that terrible, terrible agreement. then as secretary of state, hillary clinton stood by idly while china cheated on its currency, added another trillion dollars to our trade deficits and stole hundreds of billions of dollars in our intellectual
11:33 am
property. [ applause ] and i've been talking about china for many years. and you know what? nobody listened but they're listening now that i can tell you [ applause ] the city of pittsburgh and the state of pennsylvania have lost one-third of their manufacturing jobs since the clintons put china into the wto. 50,000 factories across america have shut their doors in that time and this factory, because of your great owners, abe and gloria, it's hanging in, hanging in but they just told me it's not easy. almost half of our entire manufacturing trade deficit in goods with the world is a result and it's the result of trade
11:34 am
with china. it was also hillary clinton as secretary of state who shoved us into a job-killing deal with south korea. as reported by the economic policy institute in may, this deal doubled our trade deficit with south korea and destroyed nearly 100,000 american jobs. as bernie sanders said, hillary clinton voted for virtually every trade agreement that has cost the workers of this country millions, millions of jobs. [ applause ] trade reform and the negotiation of great trade deals is the quickest way to bring our jobs back to our country. [ applause ]
11:35 am
to understand why trade reform creates job and it creates a lot of it, we need to understand how all nations grow and prosper. massive trade deficits subtract directly from our gross domestic product. in 1 from 1947 to 2001, our gross domestic product grew at a rate of 3.35%. however, since 2002, the year after we fully opened our markets to chinese imports that gdp growth rate has been cut in half. what does this mean for americans? not good. for every 1% of gdp growth we fail to generate in any given year, we also fail to create over 1 million jobs. what a waste.
11:36 am
and what a sad, saturday thing. america's job creation deficit is well over 20 million jobs and that's just about the number of jobs our country needs right now to put america back to work at decent wages. wages are very low because there's no competition they're going go up because we're going to thrive again as a country. [ applause ] the transpacific partnership is the greatest danger yet. the pea pea pea, as it's known, would be the death blow for american manufacturing. it would give up all of our
11:37 am
economic leverage to an international commission that would put the interests of foreign countries above our own. it would further open our markets to aggressive currency cheaters. cheaters, that's what they are, cheaters. they're not playing by the rules. they're cheating. it would allow them to ship cheap subsidized goods into united states markets while allowing foreign countries to continue putting up barriers in front of our exports, which is what they do. it's very hard to export to their countries, they make it very difficult. we on the other hand, come on in, everybody, come on in. bad leadership. the tpp would lower tariffs while leaving in police the foreign practices that keep american cars from being sold
11:38 am
overseas. that's not all, mark my words. china will enter the tpp through the back door at a later date. they are watching, they are studying, they're not in it now but they'll be in it. if it's good, they'll be there. by the way, if it's not good, they'll pass. same way, always is. not only will the tpp undermine our economy but it will undermight be mine our independence, that's what's happening. the tpp creates a new international commission that makes decisions the american people are no longer given the right to veto. these commissions are great for hillary's wall street funders who can spend vast amounts of money to influence the people on the commissions and the outcomes.
11:39 am
it should be no surprise, then, that hillary clinton, according to bloomberg, took a leading part in drafting the transpacific partnership. please remember that. especially in november. [ applause ] she praised or pushed the tpp on 45 separate occasions. and even called it "the gold standard." hillary clinton was totally for the tpp just a short while ago, but when she saw my stance, which is totally against, she was shamed into saying she would be against it, too. and i will tell you, it was the same shame that she had recently where she was sort of forced into saying "radical islamic terrorism" which she didn't want to say but she was shamed into
11:40 am
that one. [ cheers and applause ] but have no doubt that he will immediately approval it if it's put before her. and that is guaranteed. guaranteed. she will do this just as she's betrayed american workers for wall street and throughout her career, her whole career she has betrayed the american worker. she's trying to put on a good front now. she will betray you again, her career and her husband have signed so many disasters and never, ever forget nafta. never, ever forget it. you know what it's done and i know what it's done and in touring i've seen the devastation it's left behind here's how it would go. she would make a small token change, declare the tpp pact fixed and ram it through and you
11:41 am
will suffer. that's why hillary is now only saying she has problems with tpp in its current form. you know what that means? that means they'll make a it wille two-word change and she'll fix it and feel great. but she says in its current form. she can rush to embrace it again and she will at the earliest opportunity. if the media doesn't believe me, i have a challenge for you and hillary, ask hillary if she's willing to withdraw from the tpp her first day in office and unconditionally rule out its passage in any form. [ applause ] there is no way to fix tpp. we need bilateral trade deals. we do not need to enter into another massive international
11:42 am
agreement that ties us up and binds us down like tpp does. [ applause ] a trump administration will change our failed trade policies and i mean quickly. [ applause ] here are seven steps i would pursue right away to bring back our jobs. number one, i am going to withdraw the united states from the transpacific partnership which has not yet been ratified. [ applause ] i'm going appoint the toughest and smartest -- and i know them all -- trade negotiators to fight on behalf of american
11:43 am
workers. [ cheers and applause ] i'm going direct the secretary of commerce to identify every violation of trade agreements a foreign country is using to harm you, the american worker. will then direct all appropriate agencies to use every tool under american and international law to end these abuses and abuse is the right word. [ cheers and applause ] number four, i'm going to tell our nafta partners that i intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a
11:44 am
better deal by a lot, not just a little, by a lot for our workers. [ cheers and applause ] if they don't agree to a renegotiation, which they might not because they're so used to having their own way. not with trump they won't have their own way. [ applause ] then ill submit under article 2205 of the nafta agreement that america intends to withdraw from the deal. [ cheers and applause ] number five, i'm going to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator, which should have been done years ago.
11:45 am
[ applause ] any country that devalues their currency in order to take unfair advantage of the united states -- which is many countries -- will be met with sharp sharply and that includes tariffs and taxes. number six, i'm going to instruct the u.s. trade representative to bring trade cases against china both in this country and at the wto. [ applause ] china's unfair subsidy behavior is prohibited by the terms of its entrance to the wto and i intend to enforce those rules and regulations and basically i intend to enforce the agreements from all countries, including china. [ applause ]
11:46 am
seven, if china does not stop its illegal activity, including its theft of american trade secretsly use every lawful president -- hey, look, this is very easy, this is so easy, i love saying this. [ laughter ] i will use every lawful presidential power to remedy trade dispute, including the application of tariffs consistent with section 201 and 301 of the trade act of 1974 and section 232 of the trade expansion act of 1962. and when they say "trade expansion" they're talking about other countries, they're not talking about us because there is no expansion. they get the expansion, we get the joblessness, that's the way it works. not gonna happen anymore.
11:47 am
president reagan deployed similar trade measures when motorcycle and semiconductor imports threatened u.s. industry. i remember. his tariff on japanese motorcycles was 45% and his tariff to shield america's semiconductor industry was 100%. and this had a big impact, folks, a big impact. hillary clinton and her campaign of fear will try to spread the lie that these actions will start a trade war. we already have a trade war and we're losing badly, badly. [ applause ] she has it completely backwards. hillary clinton unleashed a trade war against the american worker when she supported one terrible deal after another from nafta to china to south korea it doesn't matter, no matter where
11:48 am
she went the american worker was hurt and you will be hurt worse than ever before if she becomes president president of the united states. that i can tell you. [ cheers and applause ] a trump administration will get a fair deal for the american people and the american worker. the era of economic sur render will finally be over. it will be over. you're not going to see it anymore. although i can't guarantee it because after me they'll probably start doing it again but we will have four and maybe eight great, great, great productive years and we'll never go back and we'll make sure we never go back. [ cheers and applause ] . [ crowd chanting "donald
11:49 am
trump" ] thank you, thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it. a new era of prosperity will finally begin. america will be independent once more. independent once more. doesn't that sound great? [ cheers and applause ] under a trump presidency, the american worker will finally have a president who will protect them and fight for them. we will stand up to trade cheating. cheating. cheaters, that's what they are. cheaters. we will stand up to trade cheating. anywhere and everywhere it threatens the american job. [ applause ] we will make america the best place in the world to start a business. we'll hire workers and open
11:50 am
factories and we'll get rid of these horrible regulations that make it impossible to do business in this country. this will also include massive tax reform to lift the crushing burdens on american workers and businesses. we will also get rid of all of these rules and all of these problems and all of the bureaucracy which are destroying, absolutely destroying our job creation capacity. which we used to be the best in the world and now we're getting close to the bottom, folks. we're getting close to the bottom. [ applause ] many people think that these regulations are an even greater impediment than the fact that we are one of the highest taxed nations in the world. we're also going to fully capture america's tremendous energy capacity.
11:51 am
this will create for our workers -- and this's what we want, for our workers -- growth for our economy and begin reducing our budget deficits which are massive. yearly budget deficits, massive, trade deficits we don't even want to talk about it. budget deficits are massive. hillary clinton wants to shut down energy production and shut down the mines and she wants to shut down and she said it just recently she wants to shut down the miners. i want to do exactly the opposite. [ applause ] a trump administration will also ensure that we start using american steel for american infrastructure. [ cheers and applause ] and aluminum.
11:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] just like the american steel from pennsylvania that built the empire state building that's what we're going do. it built the empire state building. will be american steel that will fortify america's crumbling bridges. american steel. it will be american steel that sends our skyscrapers soaring, soaring into the sky, beautiful site, more beautiful with american steel. it will be american steel that rebuilds our inner cities. it will be american hands that remake this country and it will be american energy mined from american resources that powers this country. [ cheers and applause ]
11:53 am
it will be american workers who are hired to do the job. nobody else. american workers. [ applause ] we are going to put american steel and aluminum back into the backbone of our country. [ applause ] this alone will create massive numbers of jobs. high-paying jobs, good job, not the jobs we have today which everybody agrees are bad jobs. we're going to create massive numbers of good jobs. on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy we are going to put america first again. [ cheers and applause ] we are going to make america wealthy again.
11:54 am
[ cheers and applause ] we are going to reject hillary clinton's policy of fear and her policy of absolute nonsense because it's not working and it's grossly incompetent and we can't take it any longer and we're not going to take it any longer. [ cheers and applause ] . we are going embrace the possibilities of change, but real change not obama change. real change. it's time to believe n the future. it's time to believe in each other. it's time to believe in america again, this is how we are going to make america great again for all americans. for all americans.
11:55 am
[ applause ] we're going to make america great again for everyone. greater than ever before and i promise you if i become president we are going to be working again, we are going to have great jobs again, you're going to be so happy, you're going to be proud of your president. you're going to be proud, proud, proud of our country once again, thank you very much. appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, thank you very much. appreciate it, thank you. thank you very much. all right, so we've been watching donald trump here giving his speech, a rally in mononecessary seine, pennsylvania, he'll be traveling to ohio later today. the speech was entitled "declaring america's economic independence." and this was basically donald trump talking about the unrest some americans feel about free trade, specifically tpp. he said we should be able to believe in the american dream again. one of his other lines was how to make america wealthy again. we do know that donald trump, one of the conflicts as a
11:56 am
businessman, has been the fact that some of his products have been made overseas in low-wage countries like china or bangladesh. there is also trump product that is made here in the u.s. but a lot of people, especially the hillary clinton campaign, has drawn a distinction about how trump has used globalization to profit and now he's giving this harsh rebuke of what it means to be more isolation it when it comes to american jobs. so joining me is hillary clinton's deputy communications director christina shocky. i know you were listening to this. let's talk about tpp because he went down the line on what tpp means. hillary clinton did support that in 2012 in its infancy, it wasn't finalized until after she left the obama administration, signed in 2015. donald trump says he would support it as president. where does she sand? >> she has been very clear where she stands, thomas. she waited until the details were finalized in that trade agreement and she has a very
11:57 am
strict standard by which she judges every trade agreement. would it create american jobs? would it raise wages here and would it protect our national security in in the end when she saw the final details she decided it didn't meet the criteria. >> what do you think challenged the judgment about that more, bernie sanders or donald trump? this. >> she's been very clear where she stands on this and i have to say listening to this speech it was just astounding to me that he would give a speech about protectioning american workers when he's the king of outsourcing. as you said, let's look at his own record. he owned american businesses, he had the opportunity to hire american workers and he chose not to. he chose to outsource those jobs because it was better for his bottom line. so i listen to a speech like that and i'm astounded, it was full of hick pocksy and misstatements and outright lies. >> certain facts of what products that trump has put his name on and we know that hillary clinton referenced this in a speech the other day about the ties in china, the suits in
11:58 am
mexico, furniture in turkey, picture frames in india and bar ware, who knew, slovenia. but there are trump products, bedding, comforters made in the usa clone called success by trump in the u.s., also spring water that's bottled here. when it comes to the other big news, i'm surprised donald trump didn't bring this up, the full benghazi report that's been released, hillary clinton remarked on this. one of her lines was "it's time to move on." >> yes. >> do you think there is more explanation that needs to come from secretary clinton to combat any narrative that's been drafted in an 800-page report about the limeline of what happened at that compound in benghazi? >> no, i don't, thomas, this was the eighth congressional investigation. they spent two years looking into the tragic events that happened in benghazi and spent $7 million in taxpayer money and
11:59 am
at the end this committee ended the way it began which was a partisan effort. kevin mccarthy had a moment of unintentional truth last september when he said the committee was formed to undermine her poll numbers and her her campaign. we didn't see in everyone's reporting today that there was nothing knew that came out of this and when we read the report we saw it didn't contradict anything that came in previous reports so we're glad they completed their work. i think this was very partisan in nature and that's too bad because they used a national tragedy for political gain. >> obviously you want to find out all the details, the loss of life, the death of four americans, is what happened, why it happened, how we can prevent that from happening there the future. as we look at the history of it, though, do you think politics played a factor in this because we were 56 days from the election and the obama administration said at first this was a mob response to a youtube video about a cartoon
12:00 pm
that made fun of mohammed. >> for hillary clinton she cares so much about diplomatic security, this was personal for her. chris stevens was a different of hers. she asked him to serve as ambassador in libya and this was personal. she believed there were lessons to be learned and she wanted to learn and that's why she herself asked for an accountability review board. they had 29 specific recommendations, she accepted all of them and said she wouldn't leave until they were under way being implemented. >> do you think she's finished the dressing this? >> this is the eighth investigation and nothing new came from this and we've seen reports all day that there was nothing new and she did nothing wrong. >> christina shkaki, great to have you here. my colleague kate snow picks things up right. n now. it's back to bread and butter for billionaire bu


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