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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  June 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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the top of the hour. we're looking from the live shot and outside of the airport in istanbul, turkey ch tonight it was the subject of an attack. two or three explosions at the airport and now a little more than an hour and a half ago. they were wearing a suicide vest and one reporter describing the scene with one person exploding the device and then another man being confronted by some kind of police officer or security guard and at that point that person exploded their device as well. i am going to hand it over now. "i am cait" snow and going to hand it over to chuck todd that continues the coverage. >> good even.
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we're onle rolling coverage here on the terrorists attack. what appears to be a terrorists attack and we're following the breaking news where it's now just after midnight. an early reports are panting aa horrific scene. according to officials ten are dead and 20 wounded taz a result of a terrorists attack at the turish airport. we have two possibly three explosions happening outside of the international arrivals. now a witness say that is she saw a first explosion and then saw a police officer dive on a suicide bomber and then that exploded and then a third explosion outside. now, an attack er opened fire with a rifle and no claims of responsibility yet. multiple sources saying that it fits an isis profile. the long summer of discontent
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has just begun. president obama has been briefed on this and the flights in turkey are on a stop. lucy, we have plenty of being a target of isis. >> well, there's also a far left militant group that's attempted to carry out the attacks and there's no shortage of it when it comes to potential attacks and we're hearing from several experts that this would fit the isis profile, and it's absolutely too soon to speculate
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on that. we can say that there's been attack at the airport. now, i lived in turkey for many years and familiar with the airport. i can tell you that it's incredibly busy in the evening. we have been able to confirm that this attack took place basically in the area and that's before you enter the physical building. unlike the united states the airport has x-ray machines and then before it's the main security perimeter. everything has to go through the x-ray machines. if those are not in place and the bombers could get inside, the casualties and death tolls could have been higher. the so far we're reporting that ten people are killed and this
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is according to turkish o officia officials. >> so paint a picture were us. there's a security line and no security to go from the outside and then you walk in. there's no security when you get in there. there's one level as you enter the perimeter and then another one when you go to gates? >> so if you pull up in a taxi or your loved one drops you off, as soon as you walk in the glass doors and enter the building, there are queue's that you line up and put the bag through the x-ray machines. anything does not inspected before you enter the crowded
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terminal check in part of the airport. >> what about the individuals? >> you have to take out the phones. it could have been worse if people were able to just walk in and so go as far as they could and that was the case in the u.s. >> yeah i have a feeling that you're familiar with how it works. maybe the future of the airports around the world after this. thanks very much. >> let me go to steve and he is editor at large for the atlantic. >> i have been through it and i was in and out of there with
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biden that visited turkey and met with the president at the end of january. as other people have said there are screen ers when the attacks happened in brussels, that was one of the things that brussels did not have and did not have in that attack. the president and former prime minister that's just stepped down have been absolutely obsessed with the security and obsessed with the pkk and isis was not there enemy for a long time but became the enemy as in fact some isis attacks began to unfold inside of turkey. so the level of concern and
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awareness and sbrintelligence i very intense. that's what makes this particular attack interesting. they have not been laxed at all in my opinion in worrying about this incident. >> i was going to say that you're assessment of the turish security, and some are saying that they have been almost too focused on it in to the point of alien nation and how they have been in the security measures. before today, did you assume that flying through that airport was one of the safest airports to fly through? >> yes, i fly throughout the middle east and that airport to me is one -- it's crowded and there are a lot of people. the domestic terminal and international terminal has a different crowd that's there,
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but it's one that it's visible. i was comparing turkey to brussels when i was there shortly after having been there and that the awareness and shoulders are there and it's more in teetense. >> before i let you go, what's the biggest security threat to turkey if you were to ask tur irk leadership right now. would they consider it the pkk or the isis or the refugee crisis? what would they say is the biggest security challenge? >> the senior tirkish leadership continues to see kurtish separatists as the main on session that she wants to crush and destroy. that's his primary concern. one of the things that biden was trying to do during the trip was to make common cause regarding isis and to try to refocus
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turkey on some of the issues related to that. this terrorist attack if it proves true that it was an attack may continue to push turkey down that way. the main concern that they have is not isis at all but focused on the pkk and the separatists. >> okay. thanks for the wisdom in this. my colleague richard lives in istanbul. what are you hearing? >> well, we hear this was a triple suicide attack. could have been two bombs. he heard an explosion and it was someone there at the time and quit close to one of the bombs and said that had he heard three explosions. one that happened near to him. a second he saw a police officer tackle and wrestle them to the
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floor and then this bomber detonated the device and the police officer was killed. a short time after that he did not see but heard a third explosion. is there a calm? >> no, there's not a calm. we had to go through more than one checkpoint with officers and those in plan clothes. the radio is doing nothing but coverage of this event. this is not a normal scene. it's still one that they don't know where to go and finding roads that are blocked and backing up on two lane highways
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to find other roads. the it's not a normal scene. >> it's your home richard, and i know that you have felt very safe living there and you have been through every airport in the world probably at this point. did you ever put st. airport on the list of ones that you felt needed to be a little bit more alert? >> frankly, yes. i think the -- there's an issue that they have tremendous security and it's not a lack security. there's a security system where you check the bags before entering the terminal and then once you cross into the immigration. for the certain high risks and then the high profile and then traveling from here to the united states or canada or israel, you will also go through questions and a third security check, but you can only do so much to protect the outside.
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that's why the first checkpoint is there. that security measure may save many lives tonight. if you debt grenade a bomb inside of a terminal, it's not the same as doing it on the curb side. >> you know the government really well. what response do you expect from them if this is proven to be isis proven to be pkk? >> well, if it's proven to be pkk and that's very unlikely, i think that we will see a major military offenses. there are towns that are surrounded and attacked. that's a pattern that we have seen in the past. this does not fit the profile of them. this fits specifically the isis profile and i reported several weeks ago that they were from a u.s. intelligence source and that isis forwarded deployed more than 30 militants to carry out attacks during the month of
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ramad ramadan. there's an indication that something was going to come during ramadan. >> well, i know that you're trying to get as close to the scene as you can. hopefully you will get there the traffic. joining me now is former ambassador and then it's a communication and then let me start with the turkish poll o ticks here and then it's the fact that they're dealing with multiple threats and obviously they're more focused on pkk and the curds. this can be a wake up call to him. >> yeah he is right. the potential collaboration of isis and the pkk is an issue that i want to raise. also chuck -- >> you think a collaboration between pkk and isis? >> yeah, because they both are
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determined to strike inside of turkey. one cannot underestimate the fact that there's an offshoot. other pkk called and referred to as the tak. it's the kurtish freedom hawks and they're the organization that's been the more militant of the pkk offshoots that attack the center were kwar and attacked the airport a little while ago. they made the claims that they were going to do what was necessary to collaborate with isis in order to engage in other civilians and soft target attacks in both istanbul and others. well, it depends on who is doing the fighting chuck. the united states and turkey has been at odds on who is going to
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be supporting what organization and whereby the united states is providing certain support in northern syria and then the united states is declaring the pkk to be a terrorists organization what is hals with what is are you spolgzth for the atagss and then the airports. >> do you believe that the turkish government is going to be more about following the leads that lead them and those that take them to isis. >> well, i am going to bet that while the profile that may have been emerged here as a result and the claims by the united states official and that there's all of the hallmarks of isis.
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:we're back and covering the breaking news out of istanbul, turkey and three explosionings. a few updates before we go to the scene in istanbul. the nypd put out the community affairs said that multiple sources say what is going on in turkey, but no threat to the new york city area at this time. boston's airport on their security measures, they put this out a few minutes ago. the security is robust and dynamic. they remain a posture and there
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are elements seen and unseen. tur irk services have daily fligh flights. so far no threats here in the united states. just wanted to pass that along. joining me outside is gerard and middle east correspondent for time magazine. tell me what you have seen and know. >> reporter: yes, i can hear you can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. give me the updates on what you know out there. >> okay. >> all right. we're having a little bit of trouble here on the phone. gerard, one more chance there. we will come back to you. another former quest here and nicholas burns and former undersecretary of state for
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political affairs. am bbassador burns and they hav multiple threats and dealing with the syria problem and first and foremost the crisis. the number one security challenge is the pkk and the curds. what do you see tonight and what does it tell you? >> well, chuck as you know the turks have suffered deadly terrorists attacks and many of them on the part of the kurtish groups and some of them by the islamic states. some of them say that it's impossible to know at this point for sure who was offered the attack. this come cans at a time when turkey announces yesterday have dramatically the ties with israel and so that could possibly be one of the reasons
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why the attack was today. turkey has been riven by the government, hard lining government and then the curdish populations specifically the pkk and other groups. i think that you have to look widely at this point for the cause of the explosions. >> you know, how would you describe them and the united states? it's obviously and file that it's as if both president bush and obama no matter what you feel of turkey, he has to be on the u.s. side of things. how hard is it dealing with him and turkey in general? >> i think that it's very difficult and challenging for the obama administration. president obama has tried very hard to establish a relationship, a working relationship with the trust and it's been difficult because there are a number of disputes between the two governments and then the other government as you know as gone in a direction and shutting down the newspapers and that racing and jailing the
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journalists as well as the former generals. in turkey it's one of the most important partners in the middle east because of the turkish influence. it's a country with the influence to the middle east and it just happens to be right in the vicinity next door to an iraq that's divided and syria that's deploeded and a country that's frontline interests. i think if you're look for a country that can help us and then in syria, it's turkey. >> okay. you bring up the fact and it's a oh yeah, that's right. turkey is a part of nato. what does that mean in regards to this and what could it mean? >> well, they stick together in a crisis. if they're facing an assault from groups or some type of
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assault in the united states, they're going to want to help turkey respond to this attack in termsov of the cooperation and that kind of thing. this does not amount to an article five and all of the countries come in. it means that there's simplety for the people and frankly we're all facing this from the islamic state if that's who offered the attack. if it's a kurtish attack of course, we're going to want to help the turks to figure that out o aand to respond as best a they can to keep the society safe. you have seen chuck a series of these attacks in istanbul and other parts of turkey. this is a problem for a country that wants to be global and have tourists. the state department has had an advisory out and warning americans of traveling to turkey because of the events. let me ask you, is turkey
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going -- is the tush irk government if there's evidence, is he going to take the evidence and that p points to curds and not siisis? >> that's a difficult question to answer and i understand why you're asking it. he had a policy several years ago of dialogue with the pkk. that's all over and the some of the groups have carried out terrorists attacks and they're to blame for that, but i think that the initial focus of the tushish going is going to be there. turkey has to be honest with that as they go through the investigation. >> what role can the united states play at all in helping to mediate things in the curds and
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turks? if this continues and you continue to have this sort of, you're not sure if they're fighting with and against isis and then another place are fighting against an allie, it cannot really survive if it continues to be three and four way circular firing squads here. what role can they play in softening the relationship? >> well, first and foremost there's an a deadly terrorists attack. the united states is going to want to be a good ali and help them if they have any information, and what we have. help them get to the source of the attack and stand by the people at this time that's going to be the fist reaction of the united states. on the kurtish question and we don't know if a group was involved in the attack and the united states for many many years and of course there's a
2:26 pm
dialogue with the turks and the curds are a sizable poll lagspu in turkey. now if the groups don't have that dialogue or go to violence, cannot blame them for protecting it's people and the intern international air port. they have been willing and all of the groups and the pkk to have a peaceful dialogue and that's not always been the case over the past 30 years. >> yeah, that's sure. former ambassador burns for political fa political affairs. thanks for coming on. we're in the breaking news and very important breaking news. >> thank you. >> we're going take a quick break and when we return, the more that we will share it with you. we know that it's an attack and would be of the busiest airports
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in the world in istanbul. the question is who was behind the terrorists attack? we will have more after the break. flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- she slimed me. which i probably should've seen coming. [ laughs ]
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i want to make sure that according to the press reports at least are dead and some 40 wounds and we're still collecting information and trying to ascertain what happened and who did it. i want comment further on it and expect to say that this is daily fair. that's why i say if first challenge that we need to face is count erring the violent actors and for most of the reasons. >> john kerry secretary of the state saying something that a lot of americans feel and it's called the daily fair. the responding to the attacks in istanbul. i am sure if you're watching right now, you're feeling the same way and this seems to
2:31 pm
happen more frequently around the world. let me read your a tweet and turkey is a member of nato. he writes i condemn the attacks and my thoughts are with the families of the victims, injured and the people of turkey. let me go to london and lucy that's following this. i know that you have been monitoring this and what more have we learned in the last 30 minutes? >> reporter: chuck, a lot of uncertainty. what we can report at this point is according to the associated press 28 people killed and 60 wounded. now, they're atributing this to the governor. nbc has not been able to confirm the numbers. as you know in these breaking news situations there are going to fluctuate. we doe know that the airport is op pop skpllar and it's a huge airport.
2:32 pm
it's the third busiest airport. i lived there for some time and i can tell you on a tuesday evening it's going to have a lot of people and families going in and out. this attacks pa lrnt a took place outside of the arrivals area. now the way that it works in turkeys airport unlike brus sell is -- there are two points of security and before you actually enter or as soon as you enter the building, you put the bags through the and you can go through the major security area and what that says is if these attackers are there and they're conflicting reports and there are go or three of them and if they're able to get past that check then the casualties would have been far far higher. a lot of unanswered questions at the moment.
2:33 pm
no claims of responsibility and we're trying to get the confirmation. i'm trying to reach out to my sources and get more. . this is a poplar hub and a poplar transport airport and a lot of people and nationalities going in and out. >> your lifl of what you're analyzing here. >> well, if they bombed up, they're sophisticated. that was the first one that we had and it's not a group of home
2:34 pm
home extremists. it's not training and something easy to do off the internet. very few people are able to do that without an expertise or some kind of instructional attacking the westerners would seem to be against the interest. there's western air striex that have sustained the campaign inside of syria. we don't know that this is isis. it's more likely that it could be icy than al qaeda because of the fact that al qaeda's fashion in syria has been much less hostile in the turkish
2:35 pm
government. we don't know for sure and it's to be said that right now in chatter and it's the first place that we look to to see if someone is claiming credit. so far there's no claims of credit. we have seen that number one the main isis web form where this stuff gets posted by the official carriers went off line. it got knocked off line a half hour ago. then another major channel that they use to transmit the media have been mess taages on there saying don't claim credit for this until we hear from the officials of isis. there's no cautionary note not to claim credit until it's proven to be isis. there's no official confirmation. we really don't know for sure. >> talk about the assessment of the turkish security at the
2:36 pm
airports. are they among the better in the world? how would you access them? >> listen, the security is fairly tithe. i can tell you that because i travel through there. if you're traveling through there on the flietght, they che the passport. they also have the -- >> you said a key word international flight. >> yeah, it's true. >> what about the other terminals? >> this is a different question. this is something that i honestly could not tell you about although that it does appear -- from personal experience it appear that is the turks try to prevent anyone from going into the airports before going to a medal detector. some thing at others cannot enter the airports without being examined by a medal detector. in this case, that's simple
2:37 pm
security measure and may have ended up saving a lot of lives. is that a practical measure that we could do in new york and jfk? is that a practical measure in los angeles and others? we have thousands going through u.s. airports each year and how affective can we be at putting medal detectors there and is that going to create a lodge jam. at a u.s. airport you have more travelers and flights. >> you bring up something and i'm curious about and that hits my mind in the wake up of orlando. baseball decidedo do it for everybody. not to say that they're going do it for everybody, but that's step one. is that what's p coming next
2:38 pm
here as more soft targets get expose in the society? >> look, if it's a practical solution, i think that you will see that. also you saw in paris the paris attacks the fact that they were scanning people going into the football stadium and also saved a buchb of lives because the individuals that blew himself up was turned way from the check point. it would appear from what we see, these measures do save lives. the question is are they practical? they might even be practical in paris but are they practical at jfk and new york city. also are americans ready for that and making traveling -- >> let me pause you here. we have video of the explosion
2:39 pm
and want to warn you in advance. there it is one more time. there you can see it there. i can't fully tell where we are. evan, i don't know if you can see what we're showing now. >> i believe that i have seen the video footage alread you're showing the security video footage. >> yes, from this far away it's maybe a ticket counter or maybe seeing where flights are going. >> yeah, it looks somewhere near that area and honestly when i saw it at first, it reminded me of the video that we saw in brussels the person was influenced by what they saw in belgium. once gain i think that you see the difference in belgium and the difference was that in
2:40 pm
belgium, they were not checking people before they got into the airport. these guys got into the airport in brussels with the explosives and with tons of crowds of people. in this case, we don't know for sure but a lot of lives were saved. >> i was going say that it feels as if and obviously the death tool keeps on rising and no wants to talk about what is perceived good news, but it seems that the more that we learn it feels that the plot was found out about beforehand or before they could do maximum damage. is that what it feels like we're finding out here? >> well, i i will say this. it seems that one of the suicide bombers may have revealed himself before in tenlditending. i they we have to give a lot of credit on what the reports and what the turkish police officer tackled the first bomber. we don't know what gave the guy
2:41 pm
away and then the reports are true and then a lot of credit is to the airport security and police here. this guy sacrificing in order to save other people. that's really -- that does say something and they do deserve credit here. that tak training and that takes expertise. we don't know what gave away the bomber and that's hard to to imagine that did not save lives. >> let me let you go and make some phone calls and find some sources. appreciate the expertise here. want to pass along the information here. there are nine flights in route that took off from the airport to the united states. nine of them are in route either landing in boston, la, chicago, miami, houston, atlanta, washington and a second one in new york. one in new york should have just landed. no reason to be any fearful of
2:42 pm
anything like that and the level of security that takes place for the international flights. if for those that are wondering and for those that have loved ones and wondering if if they got out, their flights are in route, and the next one is due to land a little bit before 6:30. joining me on the phone is stephen cook. he is eastern studies. mr. cook, we have talked about this before and turkey has aa lot of ways and a will the of potential suspects of terror groups and we talked about pkk and the curds and evan just making the case and it's hard to believe that the curd would target an international terminal. what's the assessment? >> well, i think that's right. i think that it's right there there are multiple suspects in
2:43 pm
this. there's a possibility of a kurtish group whether it's the pkk or workers party or something called the kurtish freedom and it's true that they would not have interest in necessarily targeting the foreigners. there's an access point into the international terminal in istanbul from the arrives hall. there you don't have to go through layers of security to stand and wait for people. there are elevators up to the other level. there's a possibility that they gained access and targeted tourists watching for the arrivals in the international arrivals area. with all of the uncertainty we need to take the possibilities in terms of suspects. >> let me ask you this and
2:44 pm
yesterday turned out to be the official attempt and the relations with israel and turkey. is there any reason to believe that would have been a spark? >> well, it's always a possibility and one of the previous attacks in istanbul did kill a number of and injury a number of israelis. this is an attack that was preplanned, probably well before the announcement over this past weekend and of course anything related to israel in the region does have that potential for extremist to reek havoc. >> and finally the role that united states needs to play here. turkey is so important and obviously where it sits makes it that so important, but it is an
2:45 pm
allie that we can't afford not to have as an allie and at the same time i know that it's been a rocky relationship. what's the best role that we can play in this for the next couple of weeks? >> well, the best thing is for the united states to reacquaias them. they have had a numerous attacks on this site and on a number of funds. the united states needs to step up and assure them that washington does stand with turkey in the time of need. the problem is that the united states and turkey are in separate places when it comes to the fight against the islamic state. the united states supports the durds and the allies in the united states where as the kurts are worried about the kurtish nationals and what it means for the security.
2:46 pm
>> and there's a dispute for the border and many believing that they have the borz er theborder. stephen cook, thank you so much. we're going to sneak in another break here. when we come back, more on the breaking news on the terror attack and istanbul and wuone o the largest airports in the world. we will be right back. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways-- in the stomach, the liver and the pancreas. and while itsn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer victoza® inot recommend as the first medication to treat diabetes and is not for people with type 1 diabetes
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and ron allen with an update and the travel warning. ron, explain. >> well, the advisory is out to americans that are in turkey and saying that it's a good time to reach out to afamilies and let them know that you're okay. it's time for americans to avoid the area because there's chaos and then there was a travel warning advisory reissued by the state department yesterday and warning of the hazard of traveling through turkey. this is a place that's been on the american radar for some time. it's a complicated thing and i travelled with with president obama and he was asked about the whole threat to isis and the stlat ji and what he was going to do following the paris attacks. it's a subject that the president is sensitive about.
2:49 pm
what is the united states going to do with another terrorists attack? we know that it's a long priority to try to seal the border with syria. they i think that it's a bigger problem with the foreign fighters from syria and into europe. they have been at odds trying to get them to do this. so looking here to see what the height white house is going to do. we know that the president is in with the -- >> the tricky and how to manage air to one and that's something that's been elusive and ron at the white house. thank you very much. before i sneak in another break the report on the airport security in general. they put this out. in the wake of the attack on istanbul, the port authority police have added high patrol and tactical weapons and the agency continues to monitor the situation in turkey and
2:50 pm
collaborating with federal and local law enforcement and that's the fbi task force and today's action is the in addition to th facilities that they have going on since the attack in orlando. all of that in a statement just now issued by the port authority here in new york city. we'll be right back. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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2:53 pm
the relationship with turkey, the complicating factor with turkey, we have been at odds with them on this fight with isis and how to deal with syria pretty much the entire time syria's been in chaos. friendly at odds. we have been friendly about it but we have been at odds. this is only going to complicate things. >> it is, and one of the reasons it's going to complicate it is because the changing relationship that's occurred in just the last few months. remember that turkey wouldn't let us fly out of the air base to drop bombs on isis and syria and iraq. that's all changed. changed their mind on that. turkey's also decided it was going to apologize to russia just the other day and there's a new closer relationship of security and economic reasons with israel. for these reasons, it's not surprising that this is probably an isis attack and i think this is going to force the united states' and even russia and certainly turkey into a more
2:54 pm
collaborative relationship with respect to sharing intelligence information, which is already pretty good. i think it's going to get better. >> kevin, can you respond to that? this issue of trust isn't the right word to use, but the relationship between the u.s. and turkey, the turks and the russians, it's been uneasy. put it that way. >> yes. the colonel's right. there have been lots of steps in recent months showing that turkey's kind of coming around. i said earlier on the phone with you guys, pay close attention to what's happening in syria and iraq right now, you have the turks with turkish backed forces being asked to attack the city on the other side with u.s. backed forces and kurds so as complicated as the whole situation is, it's all coming to a head right there. it's also one week before the nato summit so i guarantee you, this puts turkey on the hot seat to come forward even more into
2:55 pm
sharing whatever they can share, falling in line a little more with nato as the u.s. has started to put a premium on that specific location across their border in northern syria which they say is just the key for keeping fighters, money, guns, from coming into syria and keeping the same from going back out. >> there's one other thing to keep in mind about that. don't forget that turkey has mandatory army service for two years. so we have been complaining for a long time that turkey needs to take a bigger share of the load. now's the time to do it. they have certainly had the capability to do it now. >> i feel like a picture is being painted of isis in the last year. we have had, it feels as if an increase in isis inspired attacks or in some cases, well coordinated ones here in the united states, they have been more on the inspiration side of things. obviously in europe and what appears to be this one in turkey, a coordinated and whether it's an offshoot of isis, however you want to call
2:56 pm
it, some sort of cell. this is -- is this isis lashing out in a smaller way right now because they can't do anything big because they are under siege, or is this just a new phase of this war? >> they are not mutually exclusive. it's entirely possible they are able to ultimately, they will be able to get more coordinated. this attack was certainly much more coordinated than any isis inspired attack elsewhere. certainly in the united states. it's over time, the big threat is that they will get, it sounds mutually exclusive, this sounds mutually exclusive, more fragmented, that is, there will be cells everywhere a la al qaeda, but also, much more coordinated with local leaders being able to organize fairly extensive attacks. that's the real concern. >> it does feel as if, because militarily, progress has been made against isis in iraq and syria. but it does seem as if with that
2:57 pm
progress in those two locations, we have had almost a -- taken a step back when it comes to sort of keeping a lid on isis from being able to attack us. >> well, right. as the colonel said, not mutually exclusive. both of these things are happening. but there's different levels of them in europe and the united states. that's very important to keep in mind. in europe there's already a much more honed sense of homeland security, working with interpol, europol, the counter terrorism ao officials and even nato doing better sharing to figure out how to keep the extremist fight from flowing versus how to stop the inspiration. the european officials i spoke with, i was in london a couple months ago, they made a distinction to say they have moved beyond preventing terrorism and trying to figure out how to stop the pockets they have already from becoming terrorist inspired. that's more the worry parallel
2:58 pm
to what u.s. officials are worried about. u.s. officials will still quickly say we are much better protected from isis and other fighters coming back all the way across. it's very hard to get to the united states still. it's a lot different for istanbul. >> i tell you, it seems as if the root of all of this is syria. why do we have an isis we can't control? syria. what's happening, the migrant crisis is basically, that's roiling european politics right now, has its roots in syria. turkey's feel of isolation right now around the world has to do with both what it was dealing with with the kurds and the problems at its border with syria. >> most recently, yes. but you know, you walk the cat back a long, long way. there are people who argue the original sin was going in and deposing saddam hussein. >> iraq is the original sin. >> that's right. then there are others who said we didn't help matters any by standing around watching mubarak get overthrown.
2:59 pm
>> you can walk back to the shah of iran. >> kevin just walked become to the shah. >> that's right. you can go back 1300 years. >> i choose to blame the french and the english for drawing those lines too clearly in the middle east. still, the point is, the original sin you keep going back, keep going back. >> mistake after mistake. >> kevin? >> the lead counterterrorism official in london spoke with me and lisa monaco a couple months ago and he makes the point to say there has only been one terrorist organization out of the middle east, out of the plo and hezbollah, that has ever ceased to exist since it existed. all these groups still exist. he's one of the officials that really makes that long walk back like you describe to try to change the mindset of officials today of really away from this phrase destroy isis into a new era where the public knows what's coming or have a sense of it and officials are better prepared to deal with it.
3:00 pm
this is what we are looking at today. orlando was part of that, brussels, paris. this is the era we are in now. >> thank you both. i have a feeling we will be hearing from you both very soon. i will hand things off, re-hand things off back to kate snow. kate? >> we have breaking news at this hour. we have new video coming in to msnbc of the moment that one of these explosions occurred in istanbul, turkey. i want to warn viewers that it is a bit graphic but we will try to show you only the parts that are not as graphic as others. cal perry is here with that. cal? >> with that warning, i will go ahead and roll this video. you will see a suicide bomber running through the airport. i will go ahead and start this video. this is purported to be off a cctv camera, off a computer screen. so cctv footage shown off a computer screen. you see the bomber come running into the picture there. he's fallen. that's when he gets shot purportedly. you see a gun flying. shortly you will see the explosion. i want toei


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