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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 29, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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ban muslims from coming into this country? are we allowed to know that before people are suppose to start voting in the presidential election? "first look" is up next. it's wednesday, june 29th. right now on "first look," a terror strike in turkey rocks the globe with at least three dozen killed. new details this morning on what's being done to keep the u.s. safe. the presidential candidates speak out about the attacks. including donald trump's call to bring waterboarding back and to fight fire with fire. three people are still unaccounted for after freight trains collide and fall like dominos next to a growing fire ball. flames continue to block efforts to find the missing. plus, a scary scene as an armed man approaches the white house and a whole lot more on a busy wednesday. "first look" starts right now. good morning, everybody and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. three suicide bombers attacked a
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istanbul's busy international airport last night, killing 36 and wounding more than 140. turkish officials suspect isis militants orchestrated that attack. it is the latest of several bombings to strike turkey in recent months. the attacks have increased in scale. now, this latest attack comes two years to the day that abu bakr al baghdadi declared the caliphate across europe. and with ramadan approaching there are new fears last night's massacre is one in a series of oncoming attacks. nbc's matt bradley is live in london. good morning, matt. what else can you tell us about this? >> good morning, betty. the airport is just reopening this morning to some limited service. about a third of the flights have remained canceled. last night as you see on the video, at least three attackers open fire as they entered the airport terminal. and in some of this stunning video you can see that one of the police officers shot and downed one of the attackers before he then detonated himself.
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so no one has claimed responsibility for this attack but speculation is already centering on some of the usual suspects, notably islamic state and of course syria shares a large border with turkey. and the group has taken responsibility for several previous attacks against the turkish state. a few notable parallels worth mentioning here with the brussels airport attack in march. that attack part of a broader assault on the whole city of brussels, was claimed by islamic state. like in brussels, the three attackers yesterday arrived by taxi. they detonated suicide bombs inside the airport. but there's one major difference. at istanbul's ataturk international the security check is at the entrance to the airport. so you can't really get in to the airport area without going through some sort of security check. it's not clear whether or not that actually spared any lives. >> all right, matt. thank you so much for that. all inbound and outbound flights between turkey and the u.s. have just resumed after
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being halted following the attack. ten passenger flights that were en route had been temporarily grounded. but it's precisely those flights heading for the u.s. that has many worried. here's tsa chief. >> we inspect those airports to assure that they meet those standards. that includes the people on the aircraft, the crews that manage the aircraft, the people who service the aircraft and the cargo that goes on board that aircraft. >> this morning americans are waking up to increased security at airports across the country. nbc's tracie potts joins me now for more. what can people expect as they head to the airport over the next few days? >> what the feds are saying here in washington is some airports may see increased security but they're not ordering that here from washington. that there's already high security at our airports but since that's a local decision at maybe some of the larger airports it's certainly likely that you'll see more visible security obviously there's always security that we don't see tactical teams that you may see roping and the airport if you're traveling in coming days.
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as you noted there were some flights that were already midair when this happened. the u.s. did allow them to land. and we caught up with some of those passengers as they landed. >> i don't know. i feel so worried and helpless about this. >> i just heard about the news, picking up my bags here and i traveled through that airport many times, just, a layover for work travels. i didn't think it would strike so close to something that i do on a regular basis. >> because turkey is a longtime ally of the united states, u.s. investigators will assist in that investigation with intelligence. one of the first things that they'll be trying to figure out there is who these attackers were and who they were communicating with. they'll go through their phones and see who their contacts are. who they were communicating with in the days just before the attack. >> thank you so much, tracie. last night's deadly istanbul
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attack left the leading presidential candidates with two very different reactions. donald trump told an ohio crowd, quote, we're living in medieval times. >> as you know we had another suicide bombing, istanbul, turkey, many, many people killed. we have keep chopping off heads and drowning 30, 40, 50 people at a time in steel cages. right? nobody's ever seen this before. we have to fight so viciously and violently because we're dealing with violent people. vicious people. so we can't do waterboarding. but they could do chopping off heads, drowning people in steel cages. they can do whatever they want to do. you have to fight fire with fire. >> and while those comments raise some eyebrows, it was what he said about the trans-pacific partnership that left many scratching their heads, using vulgar language to describe the country's relationship with international trade insisting the country was quote being raped by tpp supporters. >> the trans-pacific partnership
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is another disaster. done and pushed by special interests. who want to rape our country just to continuing rape of our country. that's what it is, too. it's a harsh word. it's a rape of our country. this is done by wealthy people that want to take advantage of us, and that want to assign another partnership. >> hillary clinton issued this response to the terror strike in turkey, saying today's attack in istanbul only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world. and it reminds us that the united states cannot retreat. we must deepen our cooperation with our allies and partners in the middle east, and europe, to take on this threat. she also responded to trump's recent rhetoric at a los angeles town hall last night. >> the whole slogan, make america great again, is code for, go back to the time when a lot of people were not included, including women, including
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african-americans and latinos and a lot of other people. i am not sympathetic to the zen feeb yo, the misogyny, the homophobia, the islamaphobia, and all of the other you know sort of dog whistles that trump uses. >> clinton is expected to remain out west today while trump holds a fund-raiser in boston and a rally in bangor, maine. three crew members are still missing at this hour after two trains collided in a fiery head-on crash in texas tuesday morning. the blaze was so massive rescue crews had a battle into the night in an effort to recover the missing. a fourth crew member who jumped from one of the trains was injured and remains in stable condition at an area hospital. the toxic fumes and growing flames prompted authorities to evacuate nearby residents. it's still unclear how fast the trains were running when they collided. officials say the area had a 70
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miles per hour speed limit. the nth is investigating. newly obtained surveillance video shows the dramatic moments when a man was shot on the white house grounds last month. the secret service says he was shot for refusing to drop the gun he was carrying. we should warn you one of these scenes is graphic. here's justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: word of shots fired at the white house put washington on edge last month. a newly released surveillance video reveals what happened. the secret service says a 31-year-old man of ashland, pennsylvania, walked toward the white house on the afternoon of may 20th, carrying a handgun. the gun is clearly visible in his right hand. uniformed secret service officers take defensive positions, but he continues walking ignoring commands to drop the gun. as he approaches a security checkpoint, still disobeying the commands, a secret service agent out of frame to the left shoots him once. officers handcuff and search him, and others arrive to render first aid.
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he survives the gunshot and is taken to a waiting ambulance and onto a hospital for surgery. on monday his lawyer asked that he be released to home detention pending trial but the judge says he's a danger to the community. the secret service said he told an officer he came to the white house, quote, to shoot people. pete williams, nbc news, washington. >> let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning to you, as well. wall street could move higher for a second straight day as markets continue to digest the impact of last week's vote by the uk to exit the european union. stocks jumping tuesday recovering part of the two-day brexit fuelled rout but traders say don't expect volatility to go away any time soon. you want to look for data on consumer spending and home sales. toyota is recalling more than 1.4 million freeous and lexus hybrids worldwide because of an air bag issue. the recall impacts vehicles made between 2010 and 2012. a crack in a well could cause the air bag inflater to enter the interior of the car in a
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crash raising the risk of injury. the inflaters were not made by tchl akata. >> kellogg's is raising the stake in the all-day breakfast wars on friday it's opening a cafe in times square with dishes made entirely from its cereals, including some favorites, froot loops and honey smacks. all items will cost between $6 and $8 a bowl. an all-day breakfast dream. >> $8 a bowl for cereal? >> hey, totally worth it. >> you could buy like two boxes for that. hillary clinton's moving tribute to basketball's pat sum itt. plus a texas takedown as law enforcement wins this one. you're watching "first look."
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welcome back to "first look." last night thunderstorms rolled through washington, d.c., but this is about as picturesque as you get for a summer morning. looks like we're in for a very nice start to your day in the washington, d.c. area. this wasn't the case yesterday afternoon. this was in denver, colorado. look at those winds gusting. has to be 40 to 50-mile-per-hour
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winds. colorado rockies game, of course, didn't go so well. did get some small hail. you can see the little pieces of it there. of course, although low water crossings were not navigable. >> navigatable? >> as far as this morning goes the other areas of rain are going to be in new hampshire and maine. one thunderstorm complex is heading up into rural portions of maine. boston's got a shower overhead and one lone thunderstorm cell in northern connecticut going to pass into massachusetts. this afternoon we will see scattered showers in areas of new england. nothing severe. if you're anywhere from hartford northward you will be dodging a few showers. we've had some pretty good thunderstorms moving through overnight through areas of kansas. now they're trying to pass down right into areas of oklahoma. so, a few spots of bad weather today but overall it's a very summerlike scene. if we get any severe weather it will be from rapid city to casper and just outside of denver this afternoon. people down along the gulf coast carry the umbrella, too, betty. that's typical in the southeast it's so humid that during the
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summer afternoons, you get those pop-up thunderstorms. they're rused to it. >> okay. thank you so much, navigable. >> oh, thank you so much. >> there you go. a truly devastating scene as emergency crews near toronto are sifting through rubble after a home explosion. one neighbor likened it to a war zone after 100 people were evacuated. police say one person is dead, several others injured, and many surrounding homes were also damaged. authorities are trying to figure out what sparked that blast. a texas police pursued same to a dramatic end. in an open field a burglary suspect is clipped by a police suv but continues running. that's when a chopper crew member leaps into action, chasing the man and tackling him. the officer then throws his weapon as the suspect tries to grab it. backup quickly arrives taking the man into custody. >> three, two, one, fire. >> and we have ignition. >> it was all systems go for a
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nasa's orion booster test. the most powerful rocket in the world successfully generated more thrust than 14 747s at takeoff. that was the last test until flights begin in the late 2018. the new rocket will return astronauts to the moon, and eventually head to mars. in sports now, ryan lochte continues to struggle in the olympic qualifiers. he missed the cut with a fourth place finish in the 200 meter freestyle. the 11-time olympic medalist is still heading to rio but as part of the 4x200 meter relay squad. haass and dwyer will lead the u.s. in the 200 meter freestyle. missy franklin won't be able to defend her gold medal in the 100 meter back stroke after finishing 7th. maliga and baker will represent the u.s. in franklin's signature event. 19-year-old lily king is heading to her first olympics after winning the 100 meter breaststroke. katie meili also qualified coming in second. the world's top ranked golfer has pulled out of the olympics.
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australia's jason day cites ziek today concerns as the sole reason for his decision. padre melvin upton jr. scales the wall for that amazing grab there. it robbed j.j. hardy of a big home run. upton then drilled the ball to first, doubling up the base runner for a double play. but it was the orioles who take this one, 100-that would be quite a game, right? 11-7. and the tributes forologic andary coach pat summitt continue to pour in. geno auriemma said summitt defined the game of women's basketball. duke coach mike krzyzewski called summitt one of the greatest coaches of any sport and tennessee senator bob corker released a statement saying tennessee has lost one of its most beloved daughters. former player candace parker wrote thank you coach for always being a role model and hillary clinton wrote her record is legendary, her work ethic second to none. we need exactly that kind of commitment to end alzheimer's. 17 minutes past the hour.
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here's your hump day edition of "scrambled politics." governor chris christie, and key donald trump supporter, is back at work in new jersey. and he could not be happier or more thankful. he told a packed crowd i want to thank all of you for your patience. thank you, all of you, not only for your indulgence when i was running for president. i appreciate your indulgence but i'm back, i am not going
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anywhere. new reporting from within "the washington post" reveals that despite trump's repeated assertions that he has donated millions to charities over the years, those donations are nonexistent. "the post" contacted 188 different charities searching for evidence of supposed donations made by trump between 2008 and last month. just one donation turned up. a 2009 gift between $5,000 and $10,000 to the police athletic league in new york. new numbers from the nbc news ad data team shows just how much of a head start hillary clinton has enjoyed in battleground states across the country. when it comes to ad spending in those crucial general election states for the month of june, clinton has now spent more than $26 million in ads to trump's zero. meanwhile, clinton's democratic rival bernie sanders is still not backing down from the nomination fight after penning an op-ed in "the new york times" yesterday aligning his economic message to the uk's recent rejection of europe's global economy sanders sent a plea to
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supporters. he's trying to raise funds in order to send his 1900 delegates to philadelphia in order to influence the democratic party's agenda. and first lady michelle obama was joined by hollywood star meryl streep in morocco yesterday as part of a six-day tour the first lady is taking with her mother and two daughters sasha and malia to try to promote girls' education around the world. and that, my friends, is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." 22 minutes past the hour, joining me now from massachusetts, marcella garcia, columnist and editorial board member for the gaston globe. good morning. >> good morning, betty. >> so when we think about what has happened in istanbul and we hear what we're hearing from donald trump and hillary clinton, who gets more momentum, especially when they come out speaking about this issue? >> i think trump, definitely, obviously because his plays right into his rhetoric. you know the fear mongering that he -- that he instills, or that he you know transmits to his supporters. definitely, you know, i wouldn't
2:23 am
call it momentum, per se, it definitely plays into that narrative that we're not safe, that we're under attack. which is absolutely obviously not, you know, not entirely true. i don't think it will translate to anything meaningful. if you remember from the orlando attacks earlier this month, of course, it was completely different situation. this terror attack in istanbul was already claimed by isis, and orlando it was definitely not a terror attack. but if you remember how that backfired, i think people are taking that more, you know, his comments, trump's comments, with much more grain of salt. but it only plays to his fan base. >> let me talk about his comments. he stepped up that rhetoric saying we should bring back waterboarding and went on to say we should respond with an eye for an eye. does that instill fear in our enemies, or does it make us, the u.s., more of a target? >> no, and no. i don't really think that, you
2:24 am
know, that our enemies, you know, quote/unquote, read too much into it. i mean if anything it helps them, you know, sort of like legitimize their position as a terrorist organization. but it definitely doesn't make us more of a target. not more than we already are. and again, it just plays into his supporter base, his fear of the outside of the unknown. but it definitely does not make us more of a target, i don't think. >> all right marcella, thanks so much for you incite. just ahead joe biden's cancer moon shot takes a big step today. think big. or demand your own space. don't you dare leave it all behind. don't you dare ask what's next. introducing the first-ever cadillac xt5. ♪
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today, vice president joe biden will convene a day long
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cancer summit in washington. it's part of the obama administration's moon shot to progress cancer research. all right so the declaration of independence has 1,458 words. could you recite it from memory? >> no. >> well -- >> no one can. >> it's not a problem for 10-year-old nathan bond. >> let's see. >> when in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume the among the powers of the earth, separate -- >> the memorization proddy showed off his skills inside the rotunda of california's capitol yesterday. and you will not believe his next goal. memorizing the entire constitution by the end of summer. >> i could see him on the senate floor doing like a little filibuster. >> doing both of those, right? that would take quite awhile you would think.
2:29 am
for him maybe not. it's amazing how much he's retained and been able to memorize this. we are underachievers, bill, cleary. i'm betpy wynn and this is "first look" on msnbc. be sure to join the conversation on our facebook wage. "way too early" starts right now. terror in turkey. this morning, the country's prime minister says he believes isis was behind that suicide attack that killed dozens, and injured more than 100 people at the istanbul airport. plus donald trump's take on fighting terror, saying after the attacks last night, it's, quote, time to get tough. >> we have to be so strong, we have to fight so viciously, and violently, because we're dealing with violent people. vicious people. >> one of the big questions this morning is, where does he draw the line? good morning, it's wednesday, june 29th, i'm chris jansing. we're following the latest developments out of turkey and that deadly terror attack on
2:30 am
istanbul's international airport. that airport has partially reopened this morning following the suicide bombings that left at least 36 people dead according to that country's prime minister. nearly 150 more people are reported injured in what he is calling an attack by the islamic state, by a vis. turkish officials say the three attackers arrived at the airport in a cab last night, they then began to open fire in and around the arrivals area of the main terminal using automatic weapons. police exchanged gunfire with the attackers before the explosives were detonated, sending people running in a panic. one man from boston who was caught up in the attacks describes the chaos. >> i went out, i was in there, people were shooting on one side and we all ran the other way. and then the bombs went off. and people were running the other way and there was more shooting. and we came out, and i said i think there's another bomb, but not really sure. >> footage has emerged apparently showing some of the


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