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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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fight. and you can see more of his interview rather with vice president and dr. jill biden also having their experience with the loss of their son from cancer. all of that coming up tonight on nbc nightly news. that does it for us for this edition of andrea mitchell reports. remember, follow online, facebook, and twitter. peter alexander continues with the very latest from istanbul, right now on msnbc. publicly extent my deepest condolences to the people of turkey or the terrible attack that took place in istanbul. >> good afternoon, everyone, i'm peter alexander right now on msnbc live as you just heard that was president obama just moments ago condemning the terror attack in istanbul, turkey. extending his condolences to the
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turkish people. he is part of a diplomatic mission in canada. and this is what we more broadly know right now. we have to caution you, some of the video we're going to show you may be disturbing, particularly to younger audiences. this attack at the ataturk airport, europe's third largest left at least 41 dead. more than 2230 others injured. many considered minor. as of this hour, almost half of those admitted have been released from the hospital. that is the good news here. one u.s. counterterrorism official tells msnbc it is quote highly likely isis is behind the attack. also turkey's president promising support and today's survivors talking to nbc news, speaking about the heros moments after the awful attack. >> just looking out the plane, didn't hear anything. and then just this wall of humanity, just rushing towards
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me. babies screaming. and getting himself along. >> ataturk airport in istanbul and the entire team gathered as we hit this top story today. inside turkey at this moment, off unique perspective having just arrived and traveled through that airport on one of the incoming flights. remarkable the resilience there, the airport is effectively back up and running less than 24 hour after this awful tragedy. >> reporter: yes, peter, well not claiming the responsibility yet, investigators are trying to put the pieces together and trying to find out who is behind it, now they believe the prime minister of turkey today has said that the authorities believe that it is isis because of the nature of the attack we've seen over and over in the past. these kind of attacks with
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attackers using automatic weapons first on innocent people and then using suicide explosive devices. when you're talking about -- you're asking about the mood, the only way i can describe it of incredible resilience. we landed an hour ago, i had to go through the international arrival terminal that is the one targeted by the attackers only 20 hours ago. the other attack that took place only less than a day ago and everything, it's business as usual. there was a lot of passengers, they were calm and collected. all the shops were open, everything was running smoothly and normally, and then you get to the entrance hall, and that's when it becomes even more surreal. you have the information desks, with people operating a normal, but behind them, there are these enormous, gigantic glass walls riddled with bullet holes, cracked, following of course that attack, peter. >> just arriving in turkey for us a short time ago, giving us that view from inside the
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airport there. thank you very much. i want to get right to hans nichols. he's traveling with president obama today. in canada, live from ottawa right now. hans, we did just hear from the president on this terror attack, and he certainly seemed close to asserting that isis is responsible. >> reporter: peter, that's a very good point, it's an indication he said referring to the attack in istanbul, it's an indication of how much ground, how much territory isis has lost in iraq and syria. that as president barack obama whose been briefed all morning, he is traveling with his secretary of homeland security came right after laying blame at isis for this attack. now i suspect he'll be press odden this very issue when he holds that press conference later, we've heard from senate intelligence committee chairman richard burke. he didn't seem to go quite that far. it's too early to figure out who is responsible for that, but the president clearly making a link between the attack in istanbul and isis. that's really kind of confirming what we heard from the unnamed
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intelligence official and spoken to saying that this has all the hallmarks of an isis attack, peter. >> hans nichols traveling with the president, again the president will hold al news conference, that will happen a couple hours from now. we will take you there when it does begin. nbc's reporter is live from jfk international airport. of course in new york city, looking at how this attack has impacted security across this country, i know there was at least briefly a disturbance this earlier today, obviously jitters, makes sense in a situation like this across the country. but are you seeing nil signs of any specific tightening after screening of any sort as a result what have we witnessed overseas? >> reporter: you cannot tell visibly, there are no visible signs of increased police presence, but one of the things that law enforcement will tell us all the time is that, there is security going on here. of course, and much of it sometimes you cannot see. it is undercover security, so,
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that disturbance that you've pointed out, there was a bag that someone spotted. they saw something, they said something, bag spotted at i think it was a coffee shop inside the terminal here at jfk. it was dealt with, rather, routinely. it did not cause any extreme alarm whatsoever. and i should tell you, in terms of the impact here so far, one flight that was bound from jfk to istanbul, 11:25 a.m. flight eastern time, it has been delayed until 3:30 this afternoon. of course, that's in connection to the explosions in turkey yesterday. but other than that, everything here is pretty normal, peter. >> at jfk, we hope things remain that way. thank you very much. evan coleman is an nbc terrorism analyst and senior partner with the intelligence firm, flash point, who rely on on days like this. james jeffrey, former ambassador to iraq and being a
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distinguished fellow at the washington institute for policy, i appreciate you're being with pus. >> thank you, peter. >> let me start with you if i can, the turkish prime minister has said indications are that isis carried out this attack. the group hasn't claimed responsibility yet. what's striking is that isis routinely chooses not to claim responsibility for attacks in turkey. why is that? >> yeah, it's interesting, one of the reasons that we can speculate is because of the fact that isis is looking to send a message to the turkish government, but doesn't want to alienate potential supporters within turkey. doesn't to want alienate potential muslims that might otherwise support its movement, but the truth is we don't really know. the groum has said basically nothing. and given how much time is now passed 20 hours. that may not seem a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. in the time of isis, it doesn't take isis that long really to issue a statement. if they had wanted to come out and issue some broad range statements saying that they did this, they could have done that already. so what is the reason for the
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delay? we don't know. is it possible they may still claim this? >> yeah, it's possible, and it's only been 20 hours. but every hour that goes by, we have to ask ourselves really number one, was this isis, and if it was, you know, what was the goal here and why are they not claiming credit for it? >> ambassador to turkey not long ago was a major tourist des nax. a third over the course of the last year, it's been the example of stability in that region for a long time. things obviously have changed, why is turkey increasingly coming under attack right now? >> it has an unstable area to itself in iraq and syria. exhibit a is isis and almost certain this was an isis attack, exhibit b is the syrian civil war, exhibit c is the kurdish terrorist group pkk which operates out of iraq and syria. turkey is fighting too. that's a big plate to have for any country. the bottom line is they share a 500 mile border. it's in both directions.
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we should say in both trex directions. i want to ask you about senator mccain, criticized president obama's strategy against isis bakically saying there is not one. i want to play that for you and then get your thoughts. >> first we have to take out their base. and right now, there is no strategy that i have seen for doing so any time real soon. >> worked under administrations both republican and democrat, what is your take on the present strategy vis-a-vis isis? >> fighting with one hand tied behind our back. all in all, the president's strategy is not a bad streej. we've taken considerable ground from ayers. >> what's the hand we need to take out with isis? >> we need to put more advisors on the ground, closer to the front. we probably need to use a few it is a different strategy, but we have to as senator mccain said,
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take these guys down now. they're planning these operations out of places like raqqa and mosul where they're still occupying territory. >> let me ask you, we're going to hear from john brennan, that's going to happen in the next hour. here is what he had to say about the state of isis in testimony, the senate intelligence committee just two weeks ago. he said the following. they are losing territory, they're finances are squeezed. they're struggling to recruit new fighters. and as a result, he added they're likely to focus on, quote, high profile attacks, outside territory, holds. again, thoofs two weeks ago. so how would you characterize the current strength of isis? no matter, whether or not the administration said they haven't been on offense in a year in its homeland on the road and overseas they continue to create much damage? >> yeah, look, but i mean it's also important to put this into context. it doesn't, you know, look, it takes some sophistication to build a suicide bomb vest, but to convince three morons to go
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out and murder a whole bunch of people, that doesn't take a ph.d. that doesn't take an army or a revolution. >> were these guys commandos, there seemed to be some unique strategy to this effort as if one person went one direction, the other ran into the terminal. is there some new, i don't know, strategy behind these efforts by isis that should be concerning to us in the west? >> i mean, it's hard for us to know because we don't know for sure if it was isis, either way, i think it's hard to ignore the fact that whoever was responsible for planning this, probably took a very close look at what happened in belgium and brussels and was trying to emulate exactly that. i think the only indication here for certain that we know it likely was isis or some other organized similar to isis was the presence of these suicide bomb vests. they are not easy to build. this is not something that someone builds in the backyard. very rarely succeeds. it's most likely an organized terrorist group. it does fit the isis m.o., but we don't know 100% for sure.
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the one way we may know is the identities of the people that carried out this. the suicide bombers themselves. they've already been identified likely as being foreign nationals, non-turks, that is a huge clue right there. if we can find out where they came from and who they are. that will certainly lead us in the right direction of who is responsible for planning this and what they were intending to do with the attack. >> we very much appreciate you're being here. >> thank you very much. donald trump and hillary clinton both responding to the terror attacks in istanbul. of course in very different ways. plus president obama talking terror today ahead of his first 2016 campaign trail appearance to take place next tuesday, will tell you where they're going. that's next. let'feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of s gold! antake all of his gold! ya! anhide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i ver said that. they all smell badoo.
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after the deadly airport
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attack in istanbul, two very different reactions have emerged from the trump and clinton campaigns. for clinton, the response was measured. the democratic candidate issuing a statement by twitter, saying, at least in part, today's attack in istanbul only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world. and it reminds us that the united states cannot retreat. trump however took the opportunity to renew his support of an outlawed torture tactic saying the u.s. must quote fight fire with fire. >> they said what do you think about waterboarding? i said i like it a lot and i don't think it's tough enough. we have to fight viciously and violently because we're dealing with a violent people, vicious people. can you imagine them sitting around the table or wherever they're eating their dinner, talking about the americans don't do waterboarding, and yet we chop off heads. they probably think we're weak,
10:17 am
we're stupid, we don't know what we're doing, we have no leadership. you know, you have to fight fire with fire. >> those controversial comments already getting some backlash from members of the republican party. senator john mccain among them making it clear earlier today that he simply doesn't agree. >> according to to the geneva conventions, it's a war crime. perhaps more importantly than that if you're not into academics and history is it doesn't work. if we torture people, then what would we expect that our enemy would do to americans that were captured? >> meanwhile, a new queen pea yak poll out just today has clinton effectively tied nationally, a statistical dead heat with a majority of others saying that neither candidate would be a good president. remember these are the least popular presidential candidates weapon ever measured in our poll. for more reaction from inside both campaigns, we turn to our
10:18 am
resident road warriors, nbc's halle jackson is in maine, at least the rain has stopped. donald trump holding a rally there in a few hours. nbc's kristin welker, she's indoors, we gave her a breather with the clinton campaign taking a break today. halle you right away, give me a sense of your latest reporting from the campaign, and i guess more specifically whether they're saying anything in response to senator john mccain's comments on torture. >> reporter: radio silence on that front, peter, we have asked the campaign for comment on senator mccain, the sound byte that you played hitting trump yet again for his stance on waterboarding, stance on torture which we talked about last night. nothing yet, remember, this is not the first time mccain has criticized him and not the first time he's responded to mccain. when this happened in back in february, trump didn't go after mccain as he did last summer, he did go after mccain on veteran's issues. we'll see if there is any response later this afternoon. >> donald trump's candidacy of course giving john mccain plenty
10:19 am
of his own challenges in his home state senatorial reelection candidate. specifically the l.a. last night. and while she did issue that statement on the attack in istanbul, she didn't publicly address the tragedy at the town hall. she has gotten some criticism for that. is the campaign explaining why they chose to stay away from talking about a more publicly? she spoke publicly about the benghazi report, but didn't speak about the terror attack overseas. >> i think there were two parts to that strategy, peter, on the one hand, it had to do with having a more measured response than what we saw from donald trump. donald trump's response was measured initially until he got in front of that microphone as halle was just talking about. secretary clinton wanted to be careful with his words and didn't want to speak panel publicly until more facts were known. i think the second part of that, remember we hadn't heard from the president. in fact we just heard from the president for the first time today. as we've been talking about in recent days, there's been a careful coordination between the
10:20 am
clinton campaign and the white house. now president obama is going to be out on the campaign trail with secretary clinton next week in north carolina. i think he is going to help her draw the sharp contrast that she's trying to with donald trump, essentially making the argument that she is the candidate who would lead with a steady hand. she's the candidate who has more experience as compared to donald trump who has been shooting from the hips in response to some of these terror attacks, peter. >> halle, it's worth asking today, why maine? maine obviously a state that hasn't voted for republican in decades if i'm not mistaken. so why is the campaign spending its capital as it were in maine right now and what message is it hoping to deliver there this afternoon? >> yeah, hasn't gone red this state since 1988, peter. basically the campaign's hoping to steal a single electorate vote here because of the way maine's votes are tallied. trump telling me that they believe maine calling them a steal state. but what the campaign calls a steal state, not just maine, but colorado as well.
10:21 am
>> halle jackson in maine. the steal state for us right now, and kristin welker stealing a moment to speak with us as well. thank you very much. coming up, what we now know about the timing of the istanbul airport attack and what it means for security at europe's third busiest airport. what are you doing? getting faster. huh? detectinthreats faster, responding faster, recovering f fter. and you protect the data and not just the pereter, u get faster. wow, sed kills. systems open to all, but closed to intruders. trusd by 8 of 10 of the world's largest nks.
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which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a beer moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. ♪ share the joy of real crm... ...with reddi-wip. back now with more of our coverage of terror in istanbul. new details emerging following that deadly attack at the airport. we now know that the attack occurred before the security check point. and security perimeter than we don't have an airports here in the united states. nbc's senior editor of digital and video con accident joining us now from new york. give me a sense, walk us through what we know about the security set-up at ataturk airport and how it's different from what we have in the state.
10:25 am
>> sure, this is the international terminal here. you're going to have the typical taxi cab lines here. this is the road that comes in. what we know about the bombers, first one went off here, drew security out from the airport. the second one according to richard sort of right here in the wall, which then allowed the third bomber to come in. let me talk about the security though. because this is what, i think a lot of people are talking about today. this is what it looks like when you walk into any american airport. you walk in, you're going to have the various check-in options. what they have in turkey, there we go. is it a spin you around, the first thing you have when you walk into the airport here in turkey -- oh, it just went away, is you have -- let's pull it up here. you have this, this is a baggage check. just after you walk into the entrance. put your bags on the thing, it goes through, it's more of a spot check really for the security officials there. but this is something we don't have in u.s. airports quite frankly, it's a matter of time for travelers. this takes time. this is an extra 10, 15 minutes and a whole other cue. this may have saved lives.
10:26 am
this may have forced the bombers to carry out the attack downstairs at the arrival's area as opposed to the departure area because you're going to run into security the moment you walk in. >> cal, walk us through it, you've been in and out of this airport all sorts of times. how do you characterize the security there? is it something, you know, given what your experience is that you think we may benefit from here in the states? >> i don't know that it's realistic here in the united states to have the same kind of security set-up. the other thing in turkey that folks aren't talking about yet, this road wraps around here and comes in here. they have security guards here at the entrance of the airport. it's really just police with flash flight lights, they peer into the car, give it a brief look, but it's that stand-off area that makes a huge difference, peter. >> cal perry is keeping a close eye on things out of istanbul. right now we're keeping a close eye on two live events. the daily state department briefing should get under way within the next 30 minutes or so. we'll be monitoring that at any
10:27 am
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80% recurrent ischemicps, stkes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you beg an aspirin regimen. updating you now on the top story, deadly terror attack in istanbul. turkish official says there are at least 41 people dead. 239 others injured. after that coordinated terror attack at the busy ataturk airport. security cameras captured at least one of the blasts at the arrival's hall that nbc news not yet independently confirming this video. you can see the explosion and that fireball. by u.s. counterterrorism officials say the three suicide bombings were very likely the work of a groum of isis terrorists. and his first public remark since the attacks, president obama says he's spoken to turkey's president to reaffirm his commitment to that country
10:31 am
saying we stand with the people of turkey. we are live in istanbul with the very latest right now, claudia, the airport reopening this morning. you were the first to arrive there again following this attacks. what are you hearing from those on the ground about what they witnessed in the wake of such awfulness? >> reporter: well peter, passengers here last night felt like open target. now ataturk airport is like every other major hub international hub in the world. you have international arrivals, term in a and departures have the gotten very wide and open areas. and corridors, but nowhere literally to hide. and that's why we show some smart phone images that we could not afford to independently verify, it looks like it came from last night where you see a mass of people just running away on the opposite direction. and they would have been easy targets for a gunman wielding an
10:32 am
automatic weapon. so these survivors told us the stories and near death experience. >> now into the taxi rank where you'd normally hail a cab. seven ambulances on the floor, people were stepping through. >> everyone sort of stuck in the corridors with no place to go. >> reporter: peter, those heros stories did not stop other passengers from using the airports today. hasn't been 24 hours since the attack and when i walked out of that arrival's terminal, it was packed with passengers. and they will come and collect it, back to you, peter. >> he is in ataturk airport for us today. thank you very much. this istanbul airport bombings are the latest in a string of terror attacks and secretary john kerry called daily fair.
10:33 am
especially the new normal. last november, 130 people were killed, hundreds more wounded in a series of attacks. four mants later in march, 37 people were killed in a central neighborhood in the capital. 31 people were killed. 150 more injured in three explosions at the brusz lgs airport. as well as in a downtown metro station, belgium's federal prosecutor confirming that those incidents were also suicide attacks. jiening me here now is the chair of contemporary middle eastern studies at the london school of economics and political science. he is the author of isis, a history. we're very appreciative for your
10:34 am
being with us right now. turkey's prime minister says that indications are that isis carried out this attack, yet they've yet to claim responsibility. you're an expert on isis, do you agree with that and what are you looking for specifically that would candidate to you that this is isis? >> peter, isis has never acclaimed any of the attacks that it has carried out against turkey in the past year. for a variety of reasons. we can talk about why isis does not claim responsibility for its attacks in turkey. now it's all out war between isis and the turkish government. this is the most ambitious and daring attacks by, allegedly by isis against turkey. what we need for your own view what we need to understand is that what's happening on the turkish, syrian border is existential for isis. the coalition with the support of turkey in the past year or so are trying to expel isis from
10:35 am
the turkish/syrian border. why it's important, it's the lifeline of isis for foreign fighters, ammunition, money, and what the u.s. with the support of its allies and turkey are trying to cut the am bill call cord. so what you have is an existential fight frl isis, and that's why isis is really throwing everything that it has against the turkish government by attacking one of the most important commercial and symbolic targets in turkey and sending a message to the turkish government. remember, it attacks and international section of the airport, not the local coalition, but basically will paralyze your economy further. >> professor, nbc news has learned that isis moved about 35 militants from its base in syria to turkey to carry out attacks during the muslim holy month of ramadan about to the wrap up. three suicide bombers, believed to be involved in the attack yesterday.
10:36 am
that leaves 30-plus unaccounted for. do you believe that another attack is imminent? >> i'm not going to laugh, this is a very serious matter, 35 fighters. isis has hundreds, probably if not thousands of supporters and followers in turkey, peter. isis has been building itself in turkey for the last five years. the borders were almost open. most of the foreign fighters, 60% of them entered to syria from turkey. you have a very, very big infrastructure. the reason why the 356 fighters are important, this particular piece of news, if it's accurate, these are skilled fighters. if you really analyze the attack in istanbul, this was in iowa big called that. it's a raid, not just suicide bombers. guns blazing, the attack -- please. >> i was going to say it's one of the simplest of terms, how do we fight isis in ways that we have not yet done it when they
10:37 am
can perpetrate their message and their actions through the internet just as easily as through their homeland and syria and iraq? >> well, i mean, you know soft targets. whether you're talking about brussels or paris, you know or orlando or california, very vulnerable. turkey is more vulnerable, peter, because you have a very broad networks of isis supporters, not to mention you have the syrian/turkish border. it is secured more than it used to be than the big point. this is a complex five, it's a long fight. it's a costly fight, and we need to have resilience, and that's what turkey is trying to do. as you said, your correspondent arrived in istanbul this morning, the turks are showing my action, by action, by saying, look, we will resist. we will have resistance, resilience, and that's what really the fight is all about. >> the cost of this ienls becoming just all too familiar to too many people right now. the author of "isis a history,"
10:38 am
thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, peter. >> millions of americans are traveling at home and abroad this holiday weekend. so just how safe are our airports here in the u.s.? what kinds of travel warnings and federal officials are offering today. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot ofoubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix arenicline) is proven to help pele quit smokg. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mo, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while if you have any of tse, stophantix and cl your doctor . tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stophantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse sytoms.
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certain fhepatitis b,ions are comare prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chter? lk to your rheumatologist. this is hut work. as officials work to put the pieces together to who is responsible for the deadly terror attack, many are worried at security at airports across the u.s. police this morning giving the all-clear after reports of a suspicious bag at jfk international in new york. clearing the prescreening area of the terminals. passengers flying today aren't too worried, however, about security at their terminals. >> yonts really have any concerns as far as flying overseas. i feel that we're taken care of here. they're doing everything they can here to assist in, you know,
10:42 am
anything that may happen. so i'm completely fine with flying right now. >> nbc's tom costello live from reagan national airport near washington, d.c. tom, are officials stepping up security and airports here in the u.s. and since i know the answer is why aren't they? >> yeah, not really. here's what's happening, you know, they're always on a heightened state of alert, and whenever you have an incident like this overseas, they begin, you know, reevaluating all of their intel that comes in on the terror watch list on various watch lists around the world and ensuring that they have, they have a good tabs on all of that. but the bottom line here is that at most u.s. airports, it's business as usual. the tsa says aside from ensuring that their viper teams are out and deployed -- by the way we've seen those for years now. those are the tsa are the homeland security guys that walk around with the dogs and they may be armed, but they're always out. so yes, they're out begins today. some individual airports like new york city and miami, for
10:43 am
example, have their own police tactical units, that are out and visible today. that's really kind of a show of force. it's a deterrent, but they're always available. they're always out. if you live in those cities, go to those airports often, you know you see them regularly. the bottom line is that this attack is viewed as an overseas attack on an airport of course overseas from terrorists who are based there. and there is a feeling that we in the united states have a good layer of security and that we're not fighting the same kind of battle in terms of domestic terrorism in which they are heavily armed from syria that we're not fighting them on the ground here. that's not so to say that's not minimizing i should say the risk in. united states, especially against a lone wolf terror attack. and i would tell you that a lot of security analysts think that what you do see when you have tactical police units out, that's kind of theatrics, the truth is a real determined terrorist, he or she, if she
10:44 am
wants to blow themselves up, they can still do that and get through any airport, at least the initial stages of the airport entrance. back to you. >> as evidence by the fact we're speaking to you from, you're in that area that is a soft target area where any individual can walk right in without having to go through security. tom costello, thank you. president obama hitting the campaign trail with hillary clinton next week as we've told you. will he deliver the fire power that she needs to defeat donald trump in those battleground states like ohio? the former ohio governor and democratic candidate for u.s. senate, ted strickland is going to join us here to weigh in on the 2016 race. the politics of terror, and the issues that he's more closely aligned with, donald trump on than his republican rival. ok team, what if 30,0 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people downad the new app? we're good. five million?
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10:47 am
the transpacific partnership is another disaster, done and
10:48 am
pushed by special interests who want to rape our country just to continuing rape of our country, that's what it is too. it's a harsh word, it's a rape of our country. this is done by wealthy people that want to the take advantage of us and that want to assign another partnership. >> that was donald trump in ohio last night, likening the tpp, the transpacific partnership trade deal to rape. his stance just one strategy that trump is using to try to appeal those voters. the republicans presumptive nominee hit the battleground state where he and clinton are currently locked in a dead heat continuing to draw a sharp contrast between himself and his democratic rival on that issue. meanwhile, during a town hall in los angeles last night, clinton said this about trump's supporters. >> i am sympathetic to a lot of the people attracted by trump's
10:49 am
message who are feeling really left out and left behind. they have lost faith in their government, in the economy, certainly in politics. and most other institutions. i understand why people are frustrated and ian fearful, but don't look for easy answers and misleading promises that cannot deliver what you're hoping for. >> we're going to visit with the former governor of ohio in a moment, first this breaking news, there's the deputy spokesman lths listen. not aware of any americans who were killed in the attack in istanbul, turkey. >> i did want to mention as many of you, or all of you i hope know the secretary is in ottawa today at the north american leader summit where he joined the president in meetings with canada as well as the president of mexico. the leaders discussed their vision for a more integrated
10:50 am
north america, rather, that provides a prosperous and secure future for the citizens of all three countries. and promotes north american leadership on global and regional challenges. they did discuss concretepromot security, development to enhance our competitiveness and the global economy to expand opportunities for our citizens. they announced a clean energy and variety partnership that better harmonizes our country's climate and energy strategies. with that, over to you. >> we start with istanbul. >> of course. >> given what happened and the series of attacks now in turkey this year r you advising americans to put off travel or reconsider any plans they might have to visit turkey? >> sure, we saw yesterday partly
10:51 am
coincident tally that we did reissue our travel warning. an updated travel warning, if you will. that was done in this case frankly it was an update of an existing travel warning when a departure was approved or extended or changes for members of the embassy community. what had happened is we did extend the march 29th departure of family members. that's through july. i'm just saying to why the travel warning was reissued
10:52 am
yesterday. broadly speaking and more response to your question, we did note in this travel warning increased threats from terrorist groups to u.s. citizens warning about the fact that extremists have targeted airports and transportation hubs throughout europe not just within turkey. transportation systems, other vulnerable targets, if you will. and we have seen, obviously, a spate of ongoing terrorist attacks in turkey. but we're not saying americans should not travel to turkey. in any instance whether it was brussels ls or paris, were simply reminding americans faz they need reminding, but certainly need to e remind them to be up to date on the current information to bring with them
10:53 am
their street smarts, if i could put it that way. to just be situationally aware when they are on the ground and to be aware of these threats. >> this is an islamic state. >> nobody has confirmed that yet. >> you don't have information to believe that the islamic state was responsible for this attack. >> i cannot confirm that. people have spoken to it, but what i'm going to say is let's let the turkish investigation play itself out until we say who is responsible. >> i just wanted to ask we heard the secretary speak from the attack there seems to be some dissidence between what -- hear me out first. we increase the desperation of isis and what, for example, mr.
10:54 am
brennan said on the hill last week about so i just wanted to get your secretary mean when these terrorist attacks happen and saying that shows how they are getting weaker or more desperate. in this case i think what he's clearly indicating and we have spoken to this before. as you increase pressure, as they lose territory and under increased pressure on the battlefield in iraq and syria, they have lost territory. they are under increasing pressure. they have lost key footholds in fallujah and elsewhere. as they are under pressure, or
10:55 am
rather let me rephrase that. they are under pressure, but that does not affect their ability to carry out terrorist attacks either in europe or elsewhere in the world, in turkey especially but we have also seen it in baghdad and iraq. they are still capable and in their desperation even perhaps more willing and liable to carry out these kind of attacks to continue to exert their will. >> what does that say about the anti-isis campaign? as i recall, it was to fight their capability to inflict harm on the united states not to retake the villages in syria. >> i think we have to do both. it's a multifront effort. we talked about this before. and i think at the same time that it you have to remove daesh
10:56 am
from the battlefield, from the territory that it has claimed in iraq and syria, you have to be able to that's a real challenge. we have talked about that a lot. it's always easy for a couple individuals with access to weaponry and ek employeesives and the intent to kill themselves to carry out these brutal terrorist attacks. but that doesn't mean it's not a challenge we can't eventually address. it speaks to the complexity. >> the one that came out they
10:57 am
both say the u.s. department of state warns u.s. citizens of increased threats from terrorist groups throughout turkey and to avoid travel to southeastern turkey. and one of the challenges i think we all have in dealing with your travel warnings is that they are generally not annotated so it's not possible to know what's different except by looking at the previous one. the increased threat you're reporting on monday are any different from the increased tlz threats from terrorist grouphouse reported on march 29th.
10:58 am
so a couple simple questions. were there even more threats that had come out prior to june 27th that made you issue this or not. >> i think it's a fair question. a couple points here. first of all, always check with trav people can get specific information. in the case of this travel alert that was reissued, it was certainly updated, but you're right. it's hard to distinguish. what i would just say is in this particular case with a relatively few tweaks the same threat level persisted. so i understand your point that why should a traveler take anymore heat or notice of that.
10:59 am
i think a traveler to turkey and frankly to many parts of the world has to simply u be aware and cognizant of the fact the threat remains in place and. act accordingly. >> what i'm acting is simpler. one, did the u.s. government and did the issuance of the june 27th travel alert, did the government have any reason to believe there would be an attack on june 28th or upcoming? >> no, and that was the second part of my answer that if we had -- and i realize there's a range of products that we put out on behalf of the american traveler. a travel warning is a travel warning. if we had information, credible information about an eminent threat or developing situation, even if it wasn't a terrorist attack, but any national disaster looming, what we would use is an emergency message.
11:00 am
and that is reserved for imminent events or threats that require immediate action on behalf of u.s. citizens that could be violent demonstrations, civil disturbances, natural disasters and we did after the attack issue an emergency message immediately and once we had -- >> but did you have any reason to expect m innocent threat in turkey on monday? >> my answer is, i'm sorry i haven't been clear on this. we did not have eminent or actionable intelligence. >> so second question, and again i think it's a simpler question. you state on march 29th that there's increased threat in turkey and you state exactly the same thick.


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