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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

4:00 pm until tomorrow, we say to you, sayonara. coming up, "hardball" with chris matthews. powder keg. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in my home town of philadelphia. a city getting fired up to nominate hillary clinton for president of the united states. well, tonight the double barreled threats to this country and to our leaders are clear and present. a terrorism that stalks us in the headlines. the loss of economic livelihood that undercuts the american dream that drives children from their home town, searching for something better than mere survival. donald trump is out there today offering to meet the terrorist threat with an eye for an eye
4:01 pm
message, promising to ditch clinton passed trade policies in favor of a tough new economic nationalism. bernie sanders still very much in the fight, warns that unless democrats put up their economic dukes, trump is headed for an historic electoral upset. in other words if the party of fdr and harry truman enough fight for this battle, the economic nationalists will. nobody will be out this hot summer standing for come place ency. the battle will go to the party, the person kick them in the butt mention that rings true. and nobody believes we can beat terrorism by hunkering down and waiting it out. nobody believes we can save and grow real american jobs with another string of trade deals signed by people in white shirts, bright ties and smiles. these are tough times for a country looking for tough leaders. is it trump? is it hillary? or is it someone else waiting to
4:02 pm
come forthwith a message and a conviction that takes our breath away? with that we go to the hard news just in. donald trump hit the themes of trade and terror in his speech in maine today. >> i want to terminate the deal and do a good deal. and that's all i want. i want to bring jobs back to our country, money back to our country. then they say we'll who's a trait war? we're already losing a trade war. she hasn't done anything about what's going on. isis was formed during her tenure. isis is now worse than ever. isis is looking strong. isis is signing up people over the internet. they know how to use the internet better than we do and we do nothing about anything. they're taking our youth. >> nbc, hallie, it seems like the trump line of attack is clear. he is the one ready to bring fire back to those stealing our
4:03 pm
jobs, threatening with us terrorism. hillary is the status quo. he is saying it so clearly. she is the candidate of the current trade deals like nafta and tpp because she was for it before and she has to defend exist tense, i suppose because she is a democrat, of isis. he is clearly saying, i'm the change. she is the one things are. >> best as and miss it as anyone can be. and reading off the teleprommer, staying on script. that is his message. he is change. she is status quo. it seems to be resonating like the ones here in and around bangor, maine. it happen gone republican since 1988. but trump hoping to peel away at least one electoral vote here. his message is resounding. he can renegotiate these bad deals and he is the one who can be toughest on terror trying to outtough hillary clinton. >> great. is he back to the solid stuff
4:04 pm
like economic nationalism? trade or terrorism? basically, economic nationalism, patriotism in a rough way? is he back on that course from bashing people ethnically like he was doing a couple weeks go a with that judge he called a mexican? >> he hasn't stepped into hot water since then but he hasn't shied away from it either. we were on the phone earlier this week, myself and donald trump. he used that name for elizabeth warren, poke hontas. really trying to hit hillary clinton hard. hitting some of his gop rivals saying if they tone endorse him, they should not be allowed to run for public office. his supporterser, he was introduced by howie carr. talking about war and made war whoop motion with his hand in his mouth. it was echoed by some in the
4:05 pm
audience. >> he is the one that that, she doesn't look sue-ish. he has already played that ethnic game before. not with pocahonsat but saying she had some native-american roots. donald trump went after the chamber of commerce. let's watch that. >> the u.s. chamber of commerce is totally controlled by the special interest groups. and they're a special interest that want to have the deals that they want to have. they want to have tpp, transpacific partnership. one of the worst deals. the worst deal since nafta. it will drain the rest of your businesses out of maine. it will be the worst deal since nafta. >> let me bring in my guests. john, you first. this is an interesting development. you have two outsiders. bernie sanders still in the
4:06 pm
field right now. at least for a while saying hillary clinton and the democrats better get their act together because donald trump will steal their lunch if they tone move on the issue of economic nationalism and trade deals. on the other hand, you have trump out there selling it stronger than ever. it is fair with me. he makes some good points with who those guys look out for. i think his populist message, if he gets away from the ethnic crap, and there is no better way to say it. going after people because of their parents' ethnic back grounds. i think he gets to the brexit vote, he starts to have the same feelings a lot of the brits have. >> trump's message is very, very powerful politically. 60% of republican voters do not hike these trade deals. they don't like free trade. so it is very politically popular. i think what a lot of leaders
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are worried about, it doesn't work very well. you don't want to go into protectionism. it will slow down the economy and more people lose their jobs. we do have unemployment at 4.7%. we're not going completely down the tubes. >> what do you say to the guy in scranton or eerie, they see all their friends have left town. the only people working in town are doctors and lawyers. except for the professions, there are no jobs. people are from those parts of the country. they're not there anymore. i mean, i wonder whether trump is the only guy, and of course, bernie sanders. bernie sanders talks to those people but i don't think he gets the nationalist piece. we americans are not being looked out for. he is more of a philosopher, a socialist, he calls himself rather than saying, america is getting screwed around. i'm getting shoved around. we have to shove back. >> i think that's right. and i think if you talk about, for example, the steel industry.
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china is dumping steel all over the world and it is putting americans out of work and has been for quite a while. so trump has the message for people in ohio, michigan, who really rely on the steel industry. indiana. i think that message politically works very well for him. >> let's talk about the other barrel of his attack. yesterday donald trump said we should issue a more aggressive campaign against the terror groups. >> we have to be so strong, fight so viciously and violently. we're dealing with violent people. vicious people. sth we have laws to uphold. we have laws. we can't do waterboarding. but they can chop off heads, do whatever they want to do. and they eat dinner like us.
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can you imagine them sitting around the table or wherever they're eating their dinner, talking about the americans don't do waterboarding and yet we chop off heads. they probably think we're weak, we're stupid, we don't know what we're doing. we have no leadership. you know, you have to fight fire with fire. >> you know, definitely, you and i talked same way when we're off the air. trump, whatever you think of him. a lot of people don't like him at all and there's good reason not to. he talks like a regular guy. he doesn't talk like he's at the council for foreign relations. when he talks about the enemy sitting around laughing at us. whether they do it or not. and he has no idea what they're talking about in the dinner table in kabul or istanbul or anywhere else. but it sounds like a guy on
4:10 pm
route 40 in some place where they sell chops. this is the way people talk. and he's talking like that. how does hillary respond? how do the democrats catch up to that american identity angry at the world for causing us to be scared. people don't like being scattered. >> you're right. usually it occurs in primaries. a long, long time ago when i work for dick again hart, he was raising his fist about union jobs being run out of the country. and generally that's a conversation that occurs inside the democratic party. here you have a role reversal. hillary clinton is playing the role of a president. she is being reasoned, restrained, rational, all the things you want a leader to be. meanwhile donald trump is giving voice to the emotions and the vengeance that so many people feel and the frustration that many feel on the terrorism side that we seem to be not making
4:11 pm
very much progress. even though if you look at it. >> have we been too sophisticated is this saying we learned in grad school that trade is good. we should make it in countries where people work for less. but what happens, guys coming out of high school, looking for jobs. the jobs were someplace he will. women we'll let them make the them. okay. we don't make textiles. they make they will in the south, in china, indonesia, somewhere else. we don't make anything anymore. how do people get jobs making things then if we don't make them? i think we may have gotten very sophisticated. trump is laying, let's not go
4:12 pm
past eighth grade on this. >> at the end of the day, america has a choice to make. you can get shoes made for 65 cents an hour instead of paying someone in a union to do in it maine or some place where they used to make shoes. the reason did you that before was because you valued the middle which is a and you wanted to create middle class where people who made shoes could send their kids to college. we don't value that anymore. the union jobs have left. the manufacturing jobs, it could sustain the middle which is a. they pay $6, $8, $10 an hour and that's a judgment society has made, or allowed it to be made, that donald trump is tapping into. >> i agree with what steve saying. through last 20 years when i
4:13 pm
worked on the hill, i saw this argument increasingly take hold among republicans. specially constituents who are getting sick and tired of the trade drills. trump is making dwut arguments. hillary clinton is making intellectual, a pumts would be better in an ivory tower. >> the problem it is defendanting it. i think you guys are smart. i'll say that. i think you're smart. coming up, no claim on responsibility for yesterday's terror attack in turkey. the cia expects isis to try a
4:14 pm
similar attack. what is being done to keep this country safe, if enough. next, up next, the same forces, the gut forces we've been talking about, it could end up itti. how could they campaign trump's running right now? after it worked so well. he is back in the fight this week. pay attention. trump is off his bad time. he is back in the fight. pay attention. and probe will be campaigning with hillary clinton next week. that might help. he is the status quo. in eight years he's gone from thinking, he may be the best in november. he could be up.
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it's been more than 24 hours since three suicide attackers armed with guns wanted entered into the ataturk airport in istanbul and activated bombs. there are at least 41 victims now and more than 230 wounded. in other words, 40 are dead. that death toll does not include the threaten suicide bombers themselves. while there is no current claim of responsibility, the prime of turkey has said the indications are isis carried out this attack. isis. hate today, president obama a trip to canada offered turkey any assistance available and then he had this to say. >> we're still learning all the facts. but we know this is part of our broader shared fight against terrorist networks. and we will continue to work closely with turkey to rout them out. meanwhile we'll do what is necessary to protect our people. >> back here in the u.s., the
4:20 pm
cia director john brennan is the guy listen to. speaking to the council on foreign relations, he said he thinks isis was responsible and warned that they most likely want to conduct a similar allege scale attack in the u.s. here's what he said. >> it would be surprising to me that isil is not trying to hit us, both in the region as well as our homeland. >> richard, the other day you really gave us some great reporting on the fact 35 people from the isis operation, killers, had been moved into syria with the idea of being time released capsules. they have a mission, all of them, to commit some sort of horror. do we have that same type of intelligence level about people coming into our country? >> no is the simple answer. not that i'm aware of, i should
4:21 pm
say. i got this piece of intelligence about two weeks ago that there was a major concern that something was going to happen in turkey during the month of ramadan because isis had deployed more than 35 of its militants from syria into turkey. with the objective of carrying out attacks. it was never cheer whether or not they would carry out attacks exclusively during ramadan in turkey or into turkey with the objective of moving on to other targets. using this to get to europe or the united states. so the question i'm asking, there were three militants who died in suicide bombings. what about the 30 plus who remain unaccounted for just from that batch that was dispatched
4:22 pm
by isis? that is a concern. i think people should be having. and i know u.s. officials are concerned that there could be follow-on attacks in turkey at the very least. >> i know you're the west foreign correspondent around but i'll ask you to reach out to back home. when you read the newspapers about what the candidates are saying, what do you make of this argument that it could have an eye for an eye approach? is there a, a real tough kick butt ant-terrorist person, what would a tougher hine be? >> well, its talking on and berth this, to counter terrorism
4:23 pm
officials and they think that you do need to be tough. that isis needs to be attacked in its homeland. this is not a group you can negotiate with. that is now happening to a sad's forces doing some damage, the iraqi army, shiite militia is doing some of and it u.s. air strike doing it. most people believe that more of that needs to be done and needs to be done in a more organized way. so there is an argument to be made for getting tough. this is an argument for getting tough in this country that turkey, for too long, turned a blind eye to isis militants who were transiting through. but that said, most people that i speak to, who know a lot about this subject, trump's approach
4:24 pm
is metly counter productive. that it alienates people. an end has crusade against islam and it plays into the hands of isis recruiters. so you can be tough without being politically bombastic and frankly, xenophobic and racist. >> i always expect to hear something great from you and you just did it. thanks so much. istanbul. let's turn to the analyst, an author of defeating isis. the big question to you. the sap one. can you assess the terror threat that we just heard from the cia director, brennan, in terms of what just happened in turkey? is it as clear and immediate a threat as we're hearing the reporting coming from richard engel, there will be more trouble there in turkey. do we have the same same this
4:25 pm
month, next month? >> well, the level of threat that we've had going to the united states has not changed in the last twoer. isis is an expeditionary force and an operational force. they want to carry out in the united states. where they can be in istanbul this is a group you understand pressure. they're like a ball of mercury. they're trying to create as much mayhem as possible. >> what's the downside for them besides the loss of the individual hives of the terrorists which they seem to be willing to expand so much going in our country including the fourng and all the big
4:26 pm
combinations of people. we all know that. what is the town. >> the terrorists' objective is to create terror and to get you to make concessions that would you never make in a normal society. to change the fabric of your society. that's the beauty of a group like isis. we can kill them by the thousands and we are killing them by the thousands on the battlefield. it only takes one or two of them to do an attack which is so heinous, as we saw in orlando, in order for to us tear ourselves apart. that's part of their objective. >> how do we tear ourselves apart? how does that work? >> well, politically. right now. we see that we have two political parties here. one of which is hit rally saying we should give up all american values. that we should adopt the same the methods as the guess tappo.
4:27 pm
they're doing in it france. the attacks last november in paris to destroy social fabric of europe and the united states and turkey and our allies in order to make us feel we have to hurt them more. and that hurts the individual civilians on the ground and this will be isis. don't let isis be our travel agent, our political advisers. we're killing them by the thousands. global coordination of all anti-terrorism efforts will do that. i just propose that had in brussels. that we create a global international joint terrorism task force akin to nato of all law enforcement and that is what it will take. >> is there any way to vet them?
4:28 pm
is there any way to do and it not create a gestappo tactic? >> yes. in the intelligence community we have a lot of resources. if there is one thing we're good at. acquiring documentation on individuals overseas through spentture of money. we're very good at buying yep. we can check individuals across have the, their biomedical. it can be done. just peel out and ignoring the real politics of the world, we will harm ourselves. >> up next, the campaigner in chief. eight years ago they ended the rivalry. now president obama is hillary clinton's perhaps biggest
4:29 pm
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. president obama addressed a joint session of canada's parliament a short time ago. he's been attending a north american leaders' summit in ottawa. vice president biden expressed his condolences following tuesday's attack. he said isis, the group suspected of carrying out the attack will be wiped out. and stocks rallied for a second session after two days of heavy selling following the brexit vote. the dow rose 284 points. the s&p added 34 and the nasdaq went up 87. back to "hardball."
4:33 pm
for some upbeat political news, now that hillary clinton has all but won the democratic nomination for president, president obama is getting ready to hit the stump for his former rival and secretary of state. they are expected to hold their first join rally next tuesday in north carolina. a battle ground state that obama would have been in 2008. to prove it was a battle ground lost in 2012. hillary could use a little more excitement around her candidacy. the president thinks he can generate it by making an affirmative case for her election. he said he can make the case as the highest profile convert to be her supporter. why someone would say convert after eight years blows my mind. they said this is one place we need to see some improvement. can obama freeway jolt of energy and excite many around hillary clinton's campaign the democrats are looking for right now? covering the clinton campaign
4:34 pm
for the boston globe, the chief investigative reporter, and the national political reporter for bloomberg politics. i want to start with ken but everybody else jump in. why was it said, he is a convert. they've been together eight years since obama beat her in a close election in 2008. explain the language of convert here. and the fire power of the president as her biggest booster. >> they are looking to convert vote here's are not particularly excited about hillary clinton. we're talking about bernie sanders voters, slices of the liberal base that are not really enthused. that don't have that energy for hillary h. that did have that energy for barack obama. in fact, helped barack obama beat hillary clinton in 2008. this idea that he has gone on a journey from being leery of her, calling her likable enough to being one of her ardent,
4:35 pm
steadfast supporters, is something they think can be paralleled and mirrored with the democratic electorate, and particularly the democratic electorate. >> i think ken is right. i got a sense, i was in ohio this week to see elizabeth warren and hillary h together. you got the sense that the democrats want to see a united party. and i had not been to a hillary clinton event. i've been going allier to various events and i have not been to one with so much electricity and so much energy and it wasn't necessarily, you know, really a love for warren as much as just this notion of, we're all standing together. the eagerness to take on trump. >> they're looking to bring on bernie sanders voters. so bringing out bernie sanders, he is still a ways away from doing that. >> jennifer? are you there? >> i am.
4:36 pm
>> speak up. >> what do you think of this new duet? we're used to buddy films. >> we love when they get together. the duo. bump cassidy films. >> i think, you think of the voters he does really well. with blacks and hispanics. his approval rating is more than 70%. what she needs to do, she knows that donald trump fails miserably with that march voter pool. she needs to raise her number with that particular electorate to obama levels that he got in the last elections. and obama loves a speech. he really there motivates liberals and he is really loved by blacks and hispanics. he doesn't necessarily have to make them wildly excited with her.
4:37 pm
he has to make them compelled to vote. he can talk about a vision. he can talk about, she is my chosen one. i would like her to carry on my legacy. please don't let it slip away. >> the trade is there. as you said, the trades are this. his legacy protected. he doesn't to have offer her, to be offered the vice presidency. elizabeth warren, every time she campaigns, well, is she going to get the vice presidency? >> not only does it help obama, kit hurt him to reinforce the legacy and show that she is the anointed one. if donald trump wins, we can be sure that some of these pieces of his legacy that are maybe not so set in stone. obamacare comes to mind. the iran deal.
4:38 pm
we can see them doing away with it. both of those issues, will stick by him. so low risk for him. it would be high risk if he was not campaigning for her. and let's not forget. jennifer cited his favorability numbers. when he is well above 50%. in some polls, as high as 50, 60% approval overall. that's a lot better than donald trump. >> if you just look back to 2014, and the senate race in north carolina, obama was going to north carolina which is an interesting place to be for clinton. just two years ago, kay hagan was running away from obama. she lost that race. that's one of the key pieces clinton will benefit from having him.
4:39 pm
if you go to brooklyn, they will tell you that she needs four groups. blacks, hispanics, the president is helping her with two of those key groups. clearly they're excited about this. >> and in politico, obama won't stop mocking and controlling trump. the only person who enjoys it more, they see him as a charlotte an and a dangerous amplifier for hatred. i think the president enjoys driving trump crazy. the danger will come when trump finds a way get to back at him and pulls him down to trump's level and then the president loses some of his glow. >> you saw it say.
4:40 pm
he was speaking to president troodeaux in canada. er you will notice the president does not use the words donald trump very often. it is always very thinly veiled. at least for now that's how he is avoiding it. >> it doesn't seal like president obama takes things personally but he does remember that trump was the one who kept the birther issue alive for longer than it should have been so he takes some glee in cutting down donald trump and making him feel small. >> i think this is a risk of using humor too much to poke fun. what the chin campaign is trying to do is show him to be a real rick. a serious rick. not to be trusted. to kind of poke fun at him, i think you miss some of that and you risk, frankly, firing up his
4:41 pm
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call unitedhealthcare today to learn more. ♪ we're back now with the "hardball" round table. you start. tell me something i don't know. >> well, i think there's been a lot of talk about elizabeth warren as vice president, as a potential vice president. and one thing that is getting missed in that discussion, if she is indeed the pick, that will open the senate seat. and peel in massachusetts are talking about joe kennedy as her replacement so there is this idea that there could be another kennedy reclaiming the kennedy seat. >> if you want to make some money, call me up and say you're
4:45 pm
betting on elizabeth. call me first. i want that opportunity. >> we reported that kory lewandowski, trump's fired campaign manager, had a $1.2 million book deal on the table. the publishing house rescinded the offer because he refused his nondisclosure agreement and they were worried that trump would have some control over the book. corey pushed back. i've talked to a source who has seen a company of the proposed contract and said it took readers behind the scenes of the trump campaign including publishing never previously public accounts of stuff going on involving trump and his inner circle. you can see why that would conflict direct when i a noncompete trump. >> there is a big fund-raiser for trump in the hamptons next week on july 9. trump will be there as well as reince priebus, the chairman of
4:46 pm
the republican party woifl recommend looking for some big names showing up at that event. >> how do the little people get in that one? >> probably wouldn't. >> through the kitchen. >> anyway, thank you. coming up, donald trump embraces the theme that led england vote to lead europe. will trump's take back our country talk, and what can hillary clinton do to keep it from happening? that question has been raised by bernie sanders. this is "hardball." the place for politics.
4:47 pm
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4:51 pm
republican way. they're upset with my statements on trade. and i said, let me ask you a question. and i tweeted, why? why would you be upset? i'm all for free trade. the problem with free trade, you need smart people making deals. we don't have good deals. and free trade is killing us. >> that was donald trump making war today on the u.s. chamber of commerce, not a bad move for him to make up there in maine. as trump continues to rally voters, bernie sanders is sounding an alarm, telling democrats to wake up, warning that what happened in britain could happen here at home and it could land trump in the white house. in an op-ed for the "new york times," senator sanders writes --
4:52 pm
well, that was a hell of a statement. senator brown, what do you make of bernie sanders' alarm bell that what trump is selling is what sold in britain? >> well, i've heard that from others too. it's obviously way more complicated than that. the number of minority voters, the diversity of our country compared to britain, i think that clearly we need a different trade policy, we know that. but we're seeing donald trump running, who wants to repeal dodd-frank. if anything we learn from brexit, we need a strong, stable banking system, not one to repeal the consumer bureau and repeal dodd-frank and give wall street what it wants. that would be the worst kind of response. and last, donald trump will scare people with the way he will try to manage this economy. and i think that will become increasingly clear as this campaign goes on. >> short of putting you on the
4:53 pm
ticket, how does hillary clinton who will be the nominee, how does she reach that guy up there in that part of the country, in ohio or pennsylvania, who feels they've lost their economic nationalism, that the elites aren't looking out for him? >> i think when people see the hypocrisy of donald trump, the suit i have on today is made by union workers about six miles from my house in brooklyn, ohio, right outside cleveland. donald trump outsources his ties to china, his suits to mexico. we can make that in ohio. the glass where he's outsourced, we can make that in toledo. when he says that none of this stuff is made in ohio, that's why he had to outsource, i think the hypocrisy is going to come through. it needs all of us pointing out that hypocrisy. for trump, it's about trump and how he makes more money. this guy's made a lot of money
4:54 pm
from trade agreements, yet he blasts them and says he wants to change it. he didn't say that back then. now he's saying it because he wants to be president. but it's not going to work, people are going to see through it. >> we want to see more of you on this show, senator sherrod. when we return, we want to finish tonight with the question of our time. who is the leader who will face down the powder keg of terrorism and lost american jobs? you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. ntac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. bp is pioneering drone technology so our engineers can spot potential problems from any angle. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. because safety is never being satisfied.
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let me finish tonight with the question of our time. who is the leader who will face down the powder keg of terrorism and lost american jobs? whatever else the candidate says, the question he or she needs to answer is clearly is how he or she is the person to protect us from bombs in airports, bullets flying where we school our children, where we live ourselves. is he or she the one to protect us from the loss of jobs in the night? jobs being robbed from us and whisked to mexico or china? give us a strong, convincing answer to these questions of economic and personal security and then maybe we'll try to focus on what else you have to say. donald trump has answers, yes, he does. he talks of punishing companies for heading south across the border, punishing china for devaluing its currency to
4:59 pm
cheapen its products and overprice ours. he talks of using torture as an eye for eye footing. what's the democrats' alternative? whatever it is, it's hard to get on a bumper sticker, much less in front of a baseball cap. but the democrats need to get it out there somehow. bernie sanders said that trump will overwhelm the party in the economic debate if it doesn't start saying something, if it doesn't kill the implication that the democrats are the party of the way things are. can anyone disagree with that? anyone saying keep it up, we love the way our industry is being taken away from us in the night? that our children have to travel far from home to get a stake in something, a job somewhere, we love that but for social security and medicare, the only money in the mailbox goes out in the bills we pay. democrats, ignore the trump
5:00 pm
message at your peril. and that's "hardball" for now. it really is. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >> tonight on "all in" -- >> we are stronger when we come together and work toward a better world together. >> -- the president responds to terror in turkey and so does donald trump. >> we have to fight so viciously and violently, because we're dealing with violent people, vicious people. >> tonight, fear and voting. >> i know some other people who won't be voting this year either. >> and all the fall-out from the presumptive republican nominee's promise to bring back torture. >> torture works, okay, folks. >> and the president's north american summit devolves into a global therapy session on trump. >> in march, you compared mr. trump to hitler and mussolini. i'm wondering if you still stand by that. >> can iron


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