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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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he says gingrich and -- gl. >> and maybe it's the senator from alabama. >> okay. you have to put sessions at the top. >> that does it for us. stephanie picks up the coverage right now. good morning. i'm stephanie. breaking news. the turkey bombers identified as russian, do they have ties to isis? police arrest more than a dozen suspects in connection with the attacks that left 43 dead. also hitting back u.s. lead air strikes destroy an isis convoy killing as many as 250 militants. plus on alert the c.i.a. director warning about possible attacks inside the u.s. >> it would be surprising to me that isil is not trying to hit us both in the region as well as in our homeland.
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>> the homeland security secretary testifying later this hour. we are asking the question, how safe are our airports? we'll get a lot of new details coming in on the terror attack in turkey and we have all of the angles covered overseas and right here. i want to begin with richar richard engle. they come from russia. >> they are part of a russian speaking cell. the russian from from caucuses has been named. we have also been told from the same police source that he came from the yisis capital about a
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month achlgt there are also media reports that the three attackers lived in an apartment for some period of time, that the upstairs neighbor found their behavior some what suspicious because they rarely opened the windows or drew back the curtains. they installed an extra security gate because they feared the department could be the subject of a raid and that the upstairs neighbor complained about a chemical smell and loud noises at night. certainly signs of suspicious activity. it would be a russian speaking cell with at least one of the members. it is a russian having come directly to this country, to turkey about a month ago. >> tell us a bit more about these raids last night specifically. are they rounding up possible targets or some sort of
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information about who they brought in around this attack? >> they don't seem to be rounding up the usual suspects. we are hearing the names of these three individuals or the names of at least one of the individuals. the raids seem to be quite specific. they focused on three different neighborhoods here in istanbul, more than a dozen locations and also the city of about 24 people detained. it is still an ongoing operation. >> all right. thank you. also new this morning, a major air strike against isis targets. we are live. what can you tell us? >> 200 vehicles believed to be carrying isis fighters speaking to nbc news. a spokesman said helicopters and
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vehicles on the road about 12 miles south of fa lieu sha is confirming they did participate in the strikes. they estimate it killed as many as 250 people. the numbers could change. it says a preliminary estimate sugge suggests at least 250 fighters have been killed. >> thank you. c.i.a. director warns that the terror group is likely plotting an attack here in the u.s. >> it would be surprising to me that isil is not trying to hit us both in the region as well adds in our homeland.
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>> tom covers aviation and he is live at d.c.'s reagan national airport. walk us through this. when we hear there that there could be a strike on u.s. territory, should we be staying in our houses? >> reporter: let me tell you what's happening at u.s. airports nationwide. the airports have not shifted protocols or security posture. we have seen individual airports which have allowed their tactical units which are always on standby to put them in a higher profile kind of posture. they are really always there. for the most part across the country it is business as usual. the tsa says it has not changed the viper teams that go out in the airports. they have dogs and long guns. they are also deployed. you'll find them on any given day at airports around the
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country. it is about a heightened awareness that's happening around the world but really no significant change at u.s. airports. that comes as we are gearing up for and beginning to leave for 4th of july travel. the vast majority of people will be driving but 7 million will be flying. as we look at how airports are going to be handling the volume it is over what we saw the last couple of months. no body wants to see a repeat of lines being so long but also for security reasons. you don't want to have a large oup of people standing around before a check point because that becomes a target. one other point i would make, this is the exterior right here to reagan international airport. you can see we have the steel pillars which is designed somebody in a truck bomb for example, from driving into the
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airport. they could still drive right here and take out a good section or people could rush the airport with weapons. there are no police officers -- heavily armed police officers stationed up and down here guarding every entrance. that's the same at every airplane in the country. it is incredibly expensive and most don't have the resources. one big city police chief told me, we simply don't have the money, resources or the men to do that. >> thank you. president obama vowing to quickly sign a last-minute financial rescue package for the island of puerto rico. puerto rico has a whopping 70 billion in debt and $2 billion debt payment due tomorrow. and dramatic press conference this morning.
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major brexit supporter, boris johnson decided not to run for prime minister. he was the public face of the leaf campaign. he was considered one of the clear front runners. that is a wow. and this is an oh, yes. american swimming legend, michael phelps, makes history once again. the most decorated olympian in history is the first male swim tore make five olympics. phelps held up all five fingers on his right hand to signal his fifth olympics. here a brand new poll has bad news for trump as hillary's closest aid speaks out about her private e-mails. our team is covering all part of this election. we are standing by for the head of homeland security to
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breaking news at the terrorist attack in istanbul. they tell us the three suicide bombers. they obtained images showing some of the terror suspects. nbc news has not verified the images. i want to turn to sean henry. he is the former director of the fbi. russian-speaking terrorists, could they be associated with isis? >> they certainly can be associated with isis. they will bear it out and there
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is still a lot more to do but there have been many terrorist operations for many years. for the last 25 years there has been over 1,400 attacks. most of them focused against russia but some groups and others within the caucuses most recently aligned themselves with isis and looking for an islamic state around the world! does it surprise you that isis has still not taken claim for this? that is typically not their brand. >> isis has not taken claims in turkey for some particular reason. they have not made those claims. >> why? >> but i think you have to look at those still tie today radical islam and the jihadi cause. there is an awful lot that has to happen here. they may have been in syria or iraq. many of these former terrorists
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have actually traveled to syria and iraq to align themselves with isis. >> as far as we know traditionally when there's an attack they take credit. you said that's not normally the case in turkey. why? >> i don't know exactly the reason. isis related attacks have not claimed the actual attacks taken credit for them and through investigation. it has been determined they were associated with or inspired by isis. >> a lot of us at home afraid saying we could very much see an isis attack on u.s. soil. is that normal or has something happened to amp that up and we should be concerned? >> the u.s. government has said there's no specific threat right now. absolutely, it's something we have been concerned about for many years. there seems to be what we use to call the summer threat. the fbi and joint terrorism task
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force have worked to disrupt potential cells. they have been a lot more aggressive in their patrols and executing search and arrest warrants. they have to be proactive and have to be more aggressive. we certainly should be aware and alert. >> is that threat bigger this weekend because it is falling in line with the 4th of july? >> they have talked about this being the time to fight where you stand, to go out and wage jihad. we certainly should be aware particularly as it aligns with july 4th weekend. this is a time, especially for us to be aware. >> thank you for joining us. stay with us. we are expecting new comments
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and you protect the data and not just the perimeter, you get faster. wow, speed kills. systems open to all, but closed to intruders. trusted by 8 of 10 of the world's largest banks. clinton leading 44% to 38%. we have all of the angles covered. it seems like it is donald trump versus the world right now. >> reporter: kind of. to be honest with you, he is going up against the chamber. he is going up against people in
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his own party. he is going up against democrats. president obama even just yesterday going after him. trump today trying to refocus on his message of trade, his economy. that is why he sort of scrambled to put this together. not formal remarks either. >> now mitt romney back out swinging? why? >> reporter: well, he was asked about it. he was at this festival and romney was talking openly. he says his wife and kids wanted him to run this year and he talked about he could have been the gop white knight. listen. >> the idea of running and asking people to come around me with the sole purpose of being a
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spoiler is not something i could go about in good faith. >> so we know how forceful this dump trump is. they have yet to name a white knight. why not mitt romney if he has got so much to say? >> because he doesn't want to do it. he says kasich not wanting to according to his aid. they will say we need to get people united behind trump and a candidate will come. >> not going to do it is what mitt romney is saying. now to the clinton campaign. clinton having a tough week with the release of a final report and a new nra ad against her will begin running. >> hillary as president?
6:22 am
no thanks. i served in benghazi. my friends didn't make it. >> kristen welker joins us from washington d.c. benghazi for hillary clinton, what's the status for hillary? >> reporter: she is off the campaign trail today. i think the strategy, you know, you heard her talk about the benghazi report saying it is time to turn the page but what's happening is the nra is out with $2.4 million in the ads you just played there in battleground states. they are really targeting ohio. clinton has been up with her own ads in battleground states almost exclusively. some of those hitting donald trump but a lot of them reintroducing voters as some of
6:23 am
her top accomplishments in an effort to deal with what the n benghazi issues exposes. these are the two most unpopular candidates. there is no doubt the clinton campaign concerned about her favor blt. >> the trust issues don't seem to be going away. what do we think of this? >> reporter: right. it exposed the fact that there were real concerns about clinton's personal e-mail personally in terms of the effectiveness and her ability to do her own job. it was about a phone call with a foreign minister which she missed and missed the call because she never got the e-mail. she wasn't able to do her job,
6:24 am
do what she needed to do. this is the one issue that looms over the clinton campaign perhaps larger than any other controversy that we have spoken about in part because there's still an ongoing fbi investigation. sources telling us clinton has not been contacted to testify. she is down over this holiday weekend. we anticipate it will wrap up. as long as this continues to be discussed it will loom over the clinton campaign and feed into the trust issues which we were discussing. >> thank you. >> reporter: you got it. dra mamatic video of a man wildly attacking random people on the street with a pipe. plus more from turkey as we learn more about the et nisty of the attackers. you're watching msnbc. e does th.
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welcome back. everything you need to know to start your day. we start with the turkish response. they confirmed a total of 22 arrests in early morning raids. they say a u.s.-lead air strike on an isis convoy killed hundreds of isis militants. they say the nearly 7-mile convoy was trying to escape fallujah which has been captured by iraqi forces. a suicide bomber, the taliban taking credit for the attack which occurred west of kabul. the flight data recorders of egypt flight intd kate there was smoke. wreckage showed high-temperature
6:29 am
damage and soot. some experts suggest it may be a terrorist. clinton met with loretta lynch when their plane happened to be at an airport at the exact same time. clinton says it was primarily social. they are investigating the security of -- clinton's e-mail server. in turkey more than a dozen raids targeting isis rounded up seven people overnight. i want to get the latest from my colleague, richard engel. what do we know about these raids? >> reporter: they were at more than a dozen locations and also in the city of iz mere. they are quite targeted as far
6:30 am
as we understand. they are putting together details about who was behind the attack and looking for potential accomplices or other attackers who might still be out there. we have been hearing that a three-member cell, three suicide bombers attacked the airport. they were a russian-speaking cell. one has been identified by name. a russian national and the other two identified as a man and turkish media reporting they were living in an apartment here in istanbul. they paid for it in cash putting up the money to stay there in advance. they installed a security door and rarely pulled back the blinds. a neighbor complained about noise and a chemical smell which is suspicious.
6:31 am
the key investigation is that the russian man apparently came from syria to turkey about a month ago. >> thank you. richard engel joining us live from istanbul. a group that historically joined gop candidates. steve, i want to talk first about your support. when mitt romney ran the financial industry, specifically his industry, got behind him in a very big way. why hasn't the power, money and influence gotten behind donald trump especially here in new york? that's your universe. >> first let me say there is plenty of money behind donald trump. he has major republican donordo. he will be well financed.
6:32 am
i think you ask an important question, why are they not counting behind him? too much of big business benefits from a rigged system in washington d.c. it has been corrected by both republicans. he has promised to crush the rigged system in favor of the american worker. >> that's a system donald trump has worked within. he has come out hard here. he benefitted from all of the things he made. he outsourced his ties, his mattresses, his sheets. how is he going to say we are going to change these rules when he benefitted for decades. >> it's more of a don't hate the player, hate the game he was operating with them as he had to. he recognize
6:33 am
-- entrepreneur. he literally built things from the ground up and -- hold on a second. you think j.p. morgan is an extension of the federal government? >> i think wall street benefits, yes, from regulation and capitalism. whether we are talking about the banking industry or medicine, for instance -- and they often will pretend to dislike what they get out of washington but it has the established winners and prevents new competition from immerging. we have more businesses closing in america than opening. we need to reverse that. we need regulatory relief. >> hate the game, not the player as it relates to donald trump,
6:34 am
is he prepared to let his business suffer if the legislation goes through? in beks it rexit he was saying over to my golf course. it's fantastic. if trade laws change he would hurt his own business? he is ready for his bread and butter to get hurt? >> i don't think it will get hurt. i think he believes the more -- by the bway, if he is president he would no longer be running his business. he would adapt as any entrepreneur does. he doesn't need much help. he is a billionaire, incredibly successful. the person who needs help is the american worker who has been suffering under confiscatory taxization and under a system that is not producing growth.
6:35 am
we have never registered one year of 3% growth. it is not that they are not hustling or ib vnvating. our capital is acting like the capital in the hunger games. >> it is businesses that sort of fuel the american economy, give people jobs. his trade plans seem to be anti big business. >> i think it's parent here not to differentiate. being pro big business is not being pro free enterprise. if we look at local chambers of commerce they are community and free enterprise. i think sadly it has largely sold out to inside the beltway. if i were to use a movie analogy
6:36 am
it would be george bailey. >> unfortunately we have to leave it there. come back and join us again. we have breaking news crossing right now. andrews air force base is on lock down. kyle has more. we are learning about this moments ago so we don't know much. >> yes. we know andrews air force base is on lock down. you're looking at this in camp springs, maryland. it is the home of air force one. this is where the president does most of his travel from. we understand the base has gone onto lockdown. we are pulling it from officials. there is confusion as to whether or not it is an ongoing situation and whether or not it is potentially -- and i want to
6:37 am
stress potentially some kind of an exercise. normally if there is an exercise the media is notified. this word coming across social media and from officials on the base that the base is on lockdown due to some kind of an active situation. this news coming in sort of the past 30 minutes. what makes this news important is location. andrews air force base is one of the most used by the u.s. military and by the white house. >> thanks. i actually want to share joint base andrews put we are on lockdown due to an active shooter. more info as it comes. a second tweet, the incident is ongoing. first responders on scene now. all personnel continue to shelter in place.
6:38 am
we don't know more information. we are just getting this in. andrews air force base on lockdown. we'll be sharing more information as we get it. any minute now jeh johnson will begin on how safe we are as to the latest terrorist attack. that's next. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed money, now.
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and a $200 savings card. ♪ one♪coat, yes! one coat guaranteed marquee interior. behr's most advanced paint. get the best paints and stains for any budget and now save 10 or 40 bucks. only at the home depot. happening now, we are weight to he-- waiting to hear from an attack in istanbul, turkey. let me bring in the state department's former deputy chief of counter terrorism, frank burton. what can we expect from jeh johnson this morning? >> i think that what you're going to find, stephanie, is that the secretary is going to reassure americans that aviation
6:42 am
is safe. having said that, i think that the c.i.a. director's comments that we could see it like we did in istanbul. it is almost impossible to protect these airports. there are just too many soft targets. you can only push the perimeter out so far. >> we have seeing senator grassly speaking right now. if you're saying there are unlimited possibilities following the istanbul attacks, you don't think we can see procedure changes? >> the challenge becomes in the actual design of the airports and to retro fit these kinds is a daunting challenge. in many ways it would be cost prohibiti prohibitive. when you're look at this from security perspective, how far
6:43 am
out are you going to push the screening area and at the end of the day you're still creating choke points. >> then yesterday when c.i.a. director said we should be prepared there could be an isis attack on u.s. soil, is this new information or is it simply in line with what you said, there are unlimited possibilities. it could happen any time any where? >> i think when you look at just the tempo of attacks globally after brussels and bring it back home, san bernardino, garland, it is not a phenomenon that exists in new york city or washington d.c. it would potentially effect every airport inside the united states. i need to jump in. i want to bring kyle back. we have more information back. >> a bit of clarification as to
6:44 am
why there was confusion. at 9:00 a.m. they started a training exercise. it was interrupted as there were then reports that something was happening, some kind of an active shooter. the base was then immediately placed on blockdown. first responders are methodically going through the facility. we have more as to where this is taking place. this is building 1060. that's medical facility. so many of our troops who are wounded overseas first go through germany and will travel through that building. we know there was a training exercise and something interrupted that training exercise and it became a realtime event. >> how difficult a facility is this to protect?
6:45 am
it is the place air force one flies in and out of. >> absolutely. i have flown out on numerous occasions and picked up persons flying in and out of the united states. security is quite good when you're looking at where this could have occurred. it is clearly an insider threat. it should not be surprising to any of us, much like we saw at fort hood with major hasan. it is in many ways the new normal. >> and we only know very limited information about this lockdown. we know there was a terror attack in istanbul two nights ago. here we are at the end of ramadan coinciding. could there be heightened risk because of this holiday weekend? >> i think there is no doubt that there will be heightened concern. police departments like the nypd will step up patrol coverage.
6:46 am
the challenge is this, and none of your listeners will want to believe this, but the reality is that the threat exists and there's too many soft targets and not enough people to watch them. >> hold on then, if the threat is always going to exist, if more patrol cars are going to get the job done, what's the messa message, stay home and lock the door? >> it is a huge problem that the fbi has done a good job trying to penetrate the organizations and also combined trying to make sense of the information you collect but in reality you have more suspects on the loose that are associated with these jihadi's than you have surveillance able to surveil them. >> we have a bit more information. you want to weigh in?
6:47 am
>> reporter: yes. let's talk about the way that they drill. one of the things that they are going to continue to improve is the way they get their word out about this. we have the facebook page. we'll go ahead and put it out for you in and onow. more importantly for folks that are on this base, it is a very secure base. they are telling people to shelter in place. they are using social media. this is something they will have to get more and more use to using and more comfortable using whether it is a drill or active shooter. right now they are saying it is an act ifr shooter. it started as a drill. it doesn't matter. your procedures will be the same. what you want to do is get the word out so that people shelter in place, wait for the first responders. before the local authorities get there you'll have military personnel on the scene very quickly. >> fred, do you want to weigh in
6:48 am
on that? you were talking about limited resources and so many potential suspects out there. the fact that we are being know fied, do squlou a view on that? >> i think it's a good thing. notifications are always important. it is easier to lean forward than to react later. what we are pretty good at today, stephanie, is a response to a mass casualty attack i'm sad to say. we have had so many of them, even in orlando, that the police response to a mass casualty event or notification is pretty darn good. >> how dangerous would you say these times are? one could say we have seen eight attacks. we have just coming off of orlando and we are in a lockdown now. how dangerous are these times?
6:49 am
what would you say? >> we always lived in dangerous times. i have been in this business since the 1980s. terrorist attacks were in that time period too with diplomats kidnaps and murdered. this is a new variable. when events break out everybody here's of them very quickly today. >> i want to reset for a moment. while we have very limited information we know andrews air force base is on lockdown. we don't have more information than that. there was a routine drill going on earlier this morning and then something out of the ordinary happened. there is a lockdown going on. this was communicated by andrews air force base via twitter several moments ago. i want to bring in our colleague. courtney is joining us. what can you tell us? >> so several officials at joint
6:50 am
base andrews have confirmed that they had a lockdown going on right now. it is continuing right now. they did have some sort of exer 9:00 this morning. during the course of that exercise, that's when actual reports of shots fired of some sort of an active shooter came in. what's important to know, though at this point no one can confirm there were shots fired. it's not clear whether the report was a part of the drill the exercise going on, or someone did hear independent shots fired t. report came in at building 1066, which is the medical facility there at andrews air force base. out of an abundance of caution. they did go there now. they are methodically, systematically clearing every room making sure there is no active shooter. again at this point they cannot
6:51 am
confirm there were actual shots fired. but the base continues to be on lockdown everyone is shellering in place. >> can you tell us a bit more, this is where air force one where president obama flies in and out of. i know president obama traveled yesterday to conda. i don't know if he was flying out of andrews. but what can you tell us about this base? >> reporter: that's right. that's where the air wing that flies president obama and vice president biden and signatures, secretary of defense and foreign dignitaries will fly in and out of andrews air force base. it's just outside of d.c. it's a high profile base. there is no doubt. there was another case of an active shooter there just a few weeks ago. in that case, the person was not at the base. it was at the visitor's center just outside the perimeter of the base. >> we are looking at an aerial shot on joint base andrews.
6:52 am
it was tough to see the tar pack, but you can see the military pulling in. clearly, things are on high alert. i'd like for to you repeat for us, though, we don't know more than there is an active shooter. as far as hearing shots fired, we don't know the answer to that. correct? >> reporter: correct. still at this point it's just a report. it's a report that came in of possible shots fired and of a possible active shooter. it's clear here at this point there is no confirmation there is shots fired or an active shooter. we seen if recent months, frankly the past several years, we have seen more and more cases like this. where something happens, where we had several at walter reed, actually, in the past several months, where there was a loud boom. there was a noise, someone reported it as a possible shot fired. there was a lockdown of several hours where first responders went in, just to ensure that
6:53 am
nothing had happened. there was not any kind of an active shooter. so, you know, in the climate that we are in, in this day and age, when someone comes in, everyone respond as it's an active event, an active shooter. it's very important for our viewers to know at this point there is no confirmation of it. it's just, they're clearing the buildings just to be sure. >> thanks, courtney. many of us learned of this. joint base airport put out two tweets alerting the general public they were on lockdown. cam perry, what are you learning now? >> yes, the way folks communicate during incidents like this as courtney was saying is almost the logistics of stopping an attack if there is one going on. again, we saw this in san diego. we saw this during the shooting in ucla where you have folks arriving on the scene. then you have people coming in, unknown people with guns. what i'm saying is that we are
6:54 am
dealing with very initial reports here. we know there is a drill going on. we know this is a very secure facility. we know there is an investigation/clearing of these buildings. we are talking building 1066. >> that seems to be the focus of where folks are starting to methodically go through these buildings. it's a medical facility that lies on that base. the way agencies communicate with each other t. way the base puts out information will be indicative of how we move forward in what is becoming a sort of a new reality here. we keep using this phrase, an abundance of caution. you heard from courtney, if there is the slightest chance there was a shot fired. >> that whole base will go on lockdown immediately. they will implement procedures they have trained for time and time again. the military trains for things over and over again in the chance that this happens so they can be overly prepared. abundance of caution.
6:55 am
that itself the phrase we will continue to hear all morning. >> all right. cal, i want to bring in msnbc national security analyst kevin baron. what can you tell us? >> well, i think what you are hearing, the secretary of defense office of public affairs saying it is an active shooter situation. they're not giving any more details, just confirming it is an active shooter situation. so it matches up what what you heard from joint base andrews putting out. >> so one more time. we have not heard shots fired. we do know they're on lockdown. as we looked at aerial shots moments ago, we saw more military vehicles pulling in. beyond that, we know we are in time of extreme precautionary measures, but that's it? >> reporter: for now, yes, again, we are here in the pentagon, which is fought far from joint base andrews, information wise, we might be otherwise, we get the same chain of information, from there, i'm
6:56 am
reaching out to sources inside the base as well. it's good to remember as you are describing it, joint base andrews is very small as far as military bases go. >> wa one more time, what is very small? >> reporter: joint base andrews, others are still notified. what it is an extremely valuable property, every top government official flies in and out of. so you are right, there are procedures in place. i would imagine it's not a good place to be right now. >> i want to bring if fred bur t burton, it's an important air force base, it's quite small? >> that correct. but there is an extraordinary amount of intelligence interest of security in place for andrews. bear in mind not only is air force one housed there, you have a lot of secret service entrants, diplomatic security service because of the vips that move in and out, in reality, the
6:57 am
mass casualty response today is very, very good and, in essence, what you try to do is mitigate the circumstance as quickly as you possibly can. at the end of the day, you got to kill the shooter before he kills more people. >> i want to bring back courtney, do we have additional details? i know the way we first learned of this was via twitter, which joint base andrews puts out not one but two tweets. >> that's right. they put out several tweets. when i spoke at officials at andrews, after those tweets and said, how do i get the most updated information? they said, keep watching our facebook. keep watching our twitter. frankly, it's a critically important base. they have high profile visitors and flights in and out. it's a relatively small personnel. there are only two people in the affairs office. they're fielding all these calls.
6:58 am
they were prepared for an exercise this morning. now what's unclear again is whether this is actually a part of the exercise or whether there was actually some sort of an incident, a security incident that's happened. >> it's important to know we had limited information. it was 41 minutes ago joint base andrews put out the first tweet, jba is currently on lockdown due to a report of an active shooter. all personnel are directed to shelter in placement more information as it comes. another incident is a ungoing at the malcolm grow medical facility. all shelter in place. that was 24 minutes ago. since then as we've looked at aerial shots of the air force base, we have seen military vehicles pull onto the site, but there has been no other general information publicly disseminated versus social media or any other way, our colleague, who is inside the pentagon is
6:59 am
working on reporting. we don't have additional information besides them taking precautionary measures. we don't have more information. but that's going to wrap us up for the hour. thomas roberts is going to be giving you more information in the next hour. thank you. >> stephanie, thanks very much. we will pick up talking ab the situation as we are watching being reported about twitter at this incident at joint base andrews. now, they were under a drill this morning him we are getting reports from our courtney at the pentagon. they had reports of active shooter on the grounds there in this situation. so currently it's on lockdown. we're trying to get as much information on this fast-moving story as quickly as possible and whether or not there was any type of confusion about during the drill that someone may have reported something they thought was involved with the drill or someone timed this just right during the drill. we don't know just yet.
7:00 am
so we're working on all that information. but again, via twitter, jba is currently on lockdown due to a report of an active shooter. all personnel are districted to shelter in place. more information as it comes. they tweeted. the incident is ongoing at the malcolm grow medical facility. all personnel continue to shelter in place. so we're watching this unfold. it's a fast moving development. this is all going on, as we try to develop the overnight raids in turkey. we hear that ramadan will be coming to an end on tuesday. and there had been some forewarning about the possibility of an upward tic in spike of violence before the end of the holy period. we do not want to get in ahead of ourselves as to what this will mean as we get the first reports of joint base andrews being on lockdown. >> that just happened roughly 45 minutes ago that this first


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