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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 2, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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so you have to be ready for them. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at good morning. we begin with breaking news from the asian nation of bangladesh. a terrorist attack on a restaurant in the capital of bangladesh left at least 20 civilians dead. 13 people were rescued when government stormed the building. gunmen stormed the bakery in dhaka friday evening. the area indicators to foreign dignitaries and tourists. a 12-hour standoff. 20 civilians were killed, most by sharp weapons. six attackers were killed in the raid. among the 13 hostages were 8
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japanese nationals, at least one wounded. no americans were believed to be among the victims. isis has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack. lucy kavanov, thank you for being here. what do we know about this now? good morning, dara. a night of terror. that siege lasting 12 hours, ending with the dramatic rescue operation. 13 hostages rescued. as you said, 20 civilians lost their lives in this siege. all of them foreigners. the bangladeshi authorities saying six of the gunmen were killed, one apparently arrested. nbc working to confirm for details on that. of course the gruesome detail from the army germ that sharp weapons used to kill most of these 20 civilians who had lost their lives, their knives,
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machetes, we simply don't know this morning. freelance journalists told me a little bit about what it is like in this neighborhood. all suggesting that the gulshan neighborhood was considered to be the most secure corner of bangladesh. there were check points in the area looking at cars and motorcycles going in and out. that sense of security shattered when the gunmen stormed the holey artisan bakery friday evening in bangladesh. this is a time when people would be out in the streets. this is one of the hot spots where foreigners were almost certain to gather. to have this event take place was obviously a shock to the people on the ground. but shouldn't have been tremendously surprising in light of what's been happening in bangladesh. they have seen a worrying uptick in violence in recent months and years. two dozen free speech activists targeted by islamists. and also not the first time --
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we did hear isis claimed responsibility for this attack. we haven't been able to confirm that. it is not the first time they set their sights on this country. an italian aide worker was shot dead in the street in this very same neighborhood. isis claimed responsibility for that attack. five days later, a japanese man was also killed. isis claiming responsibility there as well. but obviously something like this, a number of gunmen, dozens of hostages, this takes planning. this takes coordination. this is unprecedented territory for bangladesh and a very worrying development for our country that is already in turmoil. back to you. lucy, are there any indications why this particular location was chosen? >> likely because it is frequented by foreigners. the u.s. embassy is a 15-minute walk away. that does not appear to be the target. again, a place like this in a neighborhood -- i've worked not
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in bangladesh but different countries in pakistan and afghanistan. when you have these ex-pat communities, there's very few places where people tend to gather. if you do want to make an impact, if you want to get foreigners where they will feel the impact, you will pick a place like this where they are liking to be hanging out on a friday afternoon, just after dinner time when this horrific attack unfolded taking largely everyone by surprise. >> lucy, as we know, this was a friday evening. but this was a bakery and cafe. would this normally be busy on a friday night. >> it was a baker during the day. but it was this high-end restaurant in the evening. there are beautiful photographs i was looking at. there is an argentinean chef. it is used as a bakery during the daytime but a gathering spot for foreigners, diplomats,
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people who can frankly afford to hang out in a place like that in the evening. so a place where people would want to get-together when there are not that many things to do on a friday evening during ramadan. >> this is the gulshan district, a lot of foreigners and tourists coming in. do we know about the security that might have been in place at this time? >> there were a number of check points. the way they work, there are police officers and other authorities standing there. i've been told by sources on the ground, targeting cars and motorcycles. but not every single vehicle is checked. it is spot-checks based on who looks suspicious, a bit random. some of my friends who were living in the area say, well, we felt safe here but the security check points didn't feel like
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they were the most strict thing you could put in place. they could get in on foot. pedestrian traffic was not checked in this chair. this is largely check points on vehicles, motorcycles, on vehicles, not people. >> lucy kfanov, thank you. jim cavanaugh, i know you were following this. what can you tell us about how the authorities in bangladesh handled this attack? >> well, you know, they used a rapid action battalion, their version of our s.w.a.t. team domestically here, our special operations forces. you know, they had mixed results. but it was a very difficult situation. any team who would be handed this suicide, homicide, it's daunting, challenging.
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they can pull the trigger. in this case they could hack people to death. they might have hacked these patrons to death early on in the siege. they might not have been hacked later. we don't know when a lot of this killing happened. but they were able to rescue 13 people. the facts around that are were they hiding somewhere? were they just escaping the chaos? were they hide anything a back room when the security forces moved in? the fact that anyone could get out alive is good. it's a horrible case. the bad part is the police intelligence didn't pick up on the cell. that's compromised of at least seven people here. clearly it had guns, home made explosives, surveilling, preparing. they didn't pick up on that beforehand. it is not a lone wolf who most of the plot is in his mind. that's pretty hard to get
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sometimes. when you have seven actors, you need to have the intelligence to pick the planning up beforehand. >> jim, as lucy mentioned, this attack took place in an area favored by foreigners. diplomats and tourists, a bit of a hot spot. does it require special attention from local intelligence and law enforcement? >> they did. if isis is responsible -- they have claimed responsibility. so they'll have to sort that out. but if isis is responsible, this is the place isis wants to target. your international connections and all the assaults in bangladesh the last couple of years as we have watched have been on their secular society, journalists, bloggers, activists, people who don't want to live in medieval times. the isis mantra, they want to go back to the sixingth century and enforce some draconian death
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cult laws. they grab on to all the ideologies and claim to be islamic. that's why they want to do this during islam's holy month, ramadan. they want to do everything they can to can connect themselves with one of the greatest monotheistic religions in the world. they kill muslims in droves. the power of the death cult is to connect to islam. that's why they do it during ramadan. they are trying to be the mantra of the holy warrior. that's why they do things like "charlie hebdo". they saw it as insulting islam. so there is a lot of symbolism in that from terrorists. >> jim, if you would be kind enough to stand by. we will turn to kerry cobiella.
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focusing now on a khefp an separatist. kelly cobiella is in istanbul. what do we know about this lone suspect? >> dara, his name is act head chetaya, a known separatist from chechnya, believed to have held a top position in the war ministry for islamic state. he also also known to be a recruiter for islamist state and put on the u.s. terrorist list a year ago when he started popping up in some of the i.s. propaganda videos. he fought in the wars against russian forces. then fled to europe somewhere around 2006, 2007. he was granted refugee status there. russia tried to extradite him
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the past 10 years or so but was blocked by european courts because of the risk of torture. what we know in his more recent past, 2008 we believe he was arrested in and convicted in sweden for arms smuggling. spent about a year in prison. was then released. he was picked up in ukraine in 2010. then sort of disappeared in the caucusas region. we believe he is tied to islamic state. the turkish police, they think man, one-armed ahmed is the planner behind this airport attack in istanbul. and they're looking for him. all of this widery reported in turkish media. >> i'm just curious, if he's been arrested so many times and spent time in jail, how is it so difficult to find him now?
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>> well, the last time he was picked up was back in 2010 in ukraine. and it sounds as though there were some political issues involved in his release. he was handed over to authorities in georgia. there was a change in administration. there was political chaos in georgia at that time. rather than being charged in georgia he was released by the prosecutor. now, this is all according to reports in various media sources in that region. so it sounds as though he slipped away, slipped through the net. and then into the i.s. power structure just by way of politics and being involve in a region that really is very volatile. >> kelly cobiella, so much for that. let's bring in jim cavanaugh. jim, i'm curious, we have seen these attacks with two days.
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one at the airport in istanbul. and last night's hostage seize in dhaka. how difficult is it to prepare a defense when the methods of attacks vary like this? >> you're right. that's the war we're in. isis uses directly connected people like one-armed ahmed. maybe even directly supplied with ordinance money and weapons. then use inspired attacks. we don't know what the connection is in bangladesh. they may be a local cell with no direct orders from isis central. but they may have acted as part of isis through the web. so what isis does is they launch an attack like the bataclan theater. they get copy cat attacks that happen around the world that makes them look more and more
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powerful. looking to look powerful and to dominate. even when they get into the restaurant in bangladesh, they want to hack people apart and then put the pictures all over the worrell on the web. it makes them look powerful. you can't stop us. we can get you anywhere. so they're using the web, internet connections. they're also using the gap that the world has against a war against isis in reality, in traditionally declared war and criminal law. that's why this one-armed guy slips through. >> i do want touch ow this. it's the fourth of july holiday. there is going to be no potential attacks here and possibly we can stave these off here. what's your take on that? >> i have great confidence in our police and intelligence and law enforcement. i don't think there's any better in the world. before orlando, there was no
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credible threat. before san bernardino, we had no credible threat. before chattanooga, no credible threat. you have to be alert all the time. >> thank you for sticking with us. i know it's been a long night. that is the latest on the attacks in bangladesh and turkey. i'm dara brown. up next, rachel mad dough, what she calls a weird off-the-cuff moment. stay with us. i get my healthy bowl of beneful, and she eats a cheese stick and a cracker. that's what she ate last night. cheese stick and a cracker. can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables. beneful. healthy with a side of happy.
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donald trump was speaking to about 3,000 people gathered for the western conservative summit in denver, colorado. it was a speech largely characterized as a prompter free primary style approach. so there was naturally a weird off-the-cuff moment. >> are you from turkey, sir? good. congratulations. i have a very nice job in
3:18 am
turkey. he said please mention turkey. i think he's friend. are you friend or foe? i think he's friend. >> so the gentleman interrupting his stream of consciousness is living in denver. he said he wanted the presumptive nominee to answer a few questions about turkey. among them, one about the terrorist attack in istanbul? he said turkey could single handedly wipe isis off the map. apparently not the first time he tossed out that friend or foe question. the democrats meanwhile are having their own optics challenge now. we'll have more on that next. (war drums beating)
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reddi-wip. share the joy. the white house is caught up in another controversy. clinton got a haircut aboard the plane from a beverly hills stylist. the airport shut down two runways. some flights were delayed. tax payers paid a bundle to keep air force one on the ground. >> he spent thousands of your tax dollars wait to go get a haircut from 200 bucks from hillary's hair dressing. he ought to be worried about trimming the deficit than his own hair. >> it wasn't even six months before the fake scandals. the story about clinton getting a haircut dominated for days.
3:21 am
it is kind of unbelievable but also kind of understandable. new president-elected as a regular guy gets drunk on his own new power and forces us to sit on our delayed flights while he gets a haircut from someone named christoph. it created no big delays and didn't cost $200. by the time the facts came to light, it was far too late. even though there was lots of blame to the media and his political enemies, couldn't help wonder what was bill clinton thinking? how key not see how bad this cou could look? he has created another firestorm by visiting with attorney general loretta lynch when their planes happened to be at the same phoenix airport at the same time. he found out the attorney
3:22 am
general's airplane was parked nearby and he wanted to say good-bye. he first appointed lynch as u.s. attorney in 1999. maybe it is a courtesy to greet each other when they run across each other at airports. i don't know. according to accounts from both times, they chatted about grandkids and their recently travels and the golf bill clinton had been playing. they talked about that stuff for a whole 30 minutes. i guess that would be fine if loretta lynch didn't oversee the fbi which is investigating e-mail practices of bill clinton's wife when she was secretary of state and which we learned today may be interviewing hillary clinton in that investigation as soon as tomorrow. the hyperventilating came fast and furious. republicans in congress started calling for a special pror. o
3:23 am
prosecutor. one called it shocking, absolutely shocking. he's not always been on message this cycle either. having a shouting match with black protesters comes to mind. let's assume for the sake of argument the meeting was just what they said it was, a purely social visit. still, once again, you wonder what was bill clinton thinking? how could he not see how bad this would look? as for loretta lynch, she has been up front about the meeting. she said she certainly wouldn't do it again. she would accept the recommendations of the fbi and prosecutors on what to do about the e-mails investigation. she will not be involved in the decision on how to move forward. and today she spoke at length for the first time about all of this in an interview with the "washington post" jonathan capehart. >> i do think that no matter how i viewed it, i understand how
3:24 am
people view it. and i think that because of that and pause of the fact that it has cast a shadow how this case has been perceived, it is important to talk about how it will be resolved. it is important to make it clear that meeting with president clinton does not have a bearing on how this matter will be reviewed, resolved is and accepted by me. because that is the question it raises. >> that was attorney general at the aspen ideas festival. is this a tempest in a teapot or genuine damage that's been done here? for lynch or the fbi investigation or the clinton campaign. joining us now is jonathan capehart. first of all, congratulations on getting the interview of the day. great timing on your part. let's talk about that timing. you were scheduled to interview loretta lynch anyway.
3:25 am
are you surprised she kept that date with you? >> right. this was scheduled as part of the ideas festival about a month, month and a half ago. so it was on my calendar all along. and then, you know, tarmacgate if you want to call it that blew up. last night i had one set of ideas in mind how the interview would go. this morning it was completely different. and i have to say i'm not surprised that the attorney general went through today's session. she did two press conferences. one in l.a. and one in phoenix when it first happened. no preconditions. she sat down and waited for me asking the question so the hundreds of people in the room and the millions of americans at
3:26 am
the same time wanted to know. >> you work in washington obviously at the "washington post". you are familiar with these interactions between powerful people. when you heard the story initially, did it strike you as bizarre or out of the ordinary that two officials know each other. one a former president of the tphaoeu. that in and of itself to have a former president say, hey i would like to say hello. did it strike you when you first heard about it as something particularly unusual or scandalous? >> it struck me as unusual. let's keep in mind. remember, about a month ago president clinton had a tarmac meeting with senator ted cruz. this is on not something that is unusual. but in this case, former president bill clinton and the current attorney general lynch running into each other on the tarmac, that is unusual. it is something that raised a lot of eyebrows not just from
3:27 am
people on the right but democrats. one, hillary clinton and the e-mail situation is being investigated by the fbi. so that's an active investigation. two, the attorney general oversees the fbi. three, bill clinton is the husband of someone who could potentially be the subject of an fbi criminal probe if they decided that's what needs to happen. so the idea that he would go onto the of the sitting attorney general where there is an active investigation going on is what struck everybody as somewhat insane. how on earth could this happen? how could the former president allow himself to do that? how could the current sitting attorney general allow it to happen? but here in aspen, a lot of people know they had dealings with president clinton. no one here is surprised that
3:28 am
president clinton did what he did. >> very quickly, jonathan, the 30 minutes is the thing that struck me as very eyebrow raising. why spend 30 minutes talking to the former president? >> well, if you listen to the way the attorney general talks about the conversation they had, president clinton talked about the grandkids. president clinton talked about his golf game. we talked about our summer travels. president clinton talked about the -- the impression i got from the sitdown i did in front of the audience at aspen, the sitdown i had with her on the record for 10 minutes afterwards and those two press conferences she had leading up to day, it is clear to me the person doing most of the talking was president clinton. >> jonathan capehart,
3:29 am
"washington post" writer, thank you for your reporting on this. >> thanks a lot. >> much more to come, including what could be a pivotal moment for the donald trump campaign. we'll be right back. mouth often? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. now you can't spell nutriam i right?t nut, i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle.
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3:33 am
transparently auditioning for the job of donald trump's running mate. >> he clearly bungled the pronunciation of tanzania. newt is from georgia, y'all. he knows about how to squeeze lemon and add a little sugar. he tweeted this. >> they are in full swing. we'll have more on that in just a minute stay with us.
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is happening now at red lobster. summerfest thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team. and if you love lobster and shrimp, ...check out all these new entrees. like new coastal lobster and shrimp... ...with summer ale barbeque sauce, ...and new lobster and shrimp overboard. overboard? nah,'s just right. so hurry in. there are three prevailing theories as to how a presidential candidate picks their vp. you pick somebody from a state
3:37 am
or area that will help you win on election night. or you pick someone who will help you govern after you win the election. being picked is an honor but a strategic choice. that is unless nobody wants the job, in which case beggars can't be choosers. it's looking less and less like the trump campaign will be choosing number two based on an a list of top republican talent and they will choose whoever will actually take the job. three main contenders are depending who you believe considered or vetted. the first is a man we have seen spend a lot of time at donald trump's side. chris christie. he gives you governing experience. tough guy image with a prosecutorial background.
3:38 am
on the other hand, he's chris christie. there's bridge gate. nobody in his own state wanted him to run for president. new jersey's credit rating has been downgraded nine times since he was elected. and he would make for a northeast heavy ticket. and there's indiana governor mike pence who brings credibility. he has plenty of experience and relationships on capitol hill. also nbc news confirm canned today that mike pence will be meeting with trump this weekend. on the other hand, pence is not exactly exciting and not well-known. and the campaign doesn't exactly have lots of money on hand to spend raising his name i.d. he is in the middle of a campaign on his own running for election on as indiana's governor. technically he is not allowed between running for governor and running for vp. finally, there's a man i myself believes he has his eye on. newton leroy gingrich.
3:39 am
a man who gives plenty of experience and politics and policy. but who has managed to maintain credibility with the outsider wing of the conservative base. you could make the argument there is nobody in the world with more experience attacking and battling the clintons. he did after all impeach president bill clinton. however, newt gingrich brings a boat load of baggage, ethics while speaker of the house, documented infidelity, comments that were at best racially and culturally insensitive. and with three wives of his own, it would bring the ticket to six. governor rick scott mary fallon. heck, even sarah palin has been used as a surrogate.
3:40 am
why not? all right, karen. give us your best political reporting now on who donald trump's top pick is now. who is the odds on favorite? >> well, at this moment. again, at this moment is a very qualified way of describing things with donald trump. everything we're hearing is newt gingrich does seem to have the edge. you're right. gingrich would bring a lot of things to the ticket that trump appears to be looking for. two young southerners, a general
3:41 am
racial change. newt gingrich would have the anti establishment cred as well. >> doubling down on the trump ring. i love fewer things than being right. let's talk about who donald trumping is consulting with. they prefer he pick somebody to soften his edges. or somebody that's a little bit a softer edge than newt gingrich. have you heard anything like that? >> this pick will be made by a committee of one. and it will be donald trump consulting donald trump. so i think that paul ryan's recommendations right now is not going to necessarily have much sway. >> and what about the chris christie question? it does seem he is raising his hand and shaking it around in the air making sure he gets the attention of the committee of one donald trump. in your view, in your reporting,
3:42 am
is there something about bridge gate, his report in new jersey that is disqualifying him and keeping him from getting from number two to number one? >> i don't necessarily think there is anything disqualifying. donald trump has said there's going to be a spot for chris christie is a donald trump administraon it could be some other job he would have him in mind for. >> karen, what do you make of this theory that donald trump is looking for somebody who would be willing to run washington if he were to become bored as the president of the united states. somebody would do the work of being president while he could enjoy the ceremony. what do you make of that? >> certainly that is something you would get with a newt gingrich or if you were to go to a senator or someone else like
3:43 am
that on the list? he is on the science board. he knows how the gears grind. >> any people that are publicly mentioned like joanie ernst. are not interested in being vetted like we have heard for condoleezza rice. >> no, i'm not hearing it. you would have to ask what would you be giving up by way of future options by being on this ticket if it goes down to defeat in the fall which is a real possibility in the minds of a lot of republicans. for newt gingrich, this is a no-lose proposition. it would certainly increase his speaking fees and demand and republican circles. but for somebody who might be looking at a spot on another
3:44 am
ticket further in the future, this is a real risk. >> yeah. and i think you've nailed it on the speaking fees, the book deals and things. rachel has talked a lot about stpha, being an upside to this process. before i let you two over to the democrats. what do you think of the kaine versus warren back and forth. is there anybody you can report that has the advantage on the democratic side? >> i sort of subscribe to what is the conventional wisdom here. tim kaine would be a better fit for the innate caution that we know hillary clinton to have. virginia is a very crucial state. you know, two women on a ticket would be very exciting. but her problem right now is winning over white guys. so that would also seem to argue for tim kaine. plus, for all the chemistry we saw in ohio, there is not a lot of high comfort level between these two women personally. >> all right. we will see how that shakes out. i think you and i will be split.
3:45 am
i think i'm on team warren a little bit. but i will divert to your expertise. national political correspondent for the "washington post". thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> much more to come, including the difference between red and blue states. we'll be right back. man, my feet are killin' me. same time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure points with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles.
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3:48 am
plus 14. can that be right? who knows. it's way early. but it's not that early. in campaign terms, it's not too early to spend. and now looking at the state of the race and the state of the polling, hillary clinton campaign has announced they are buying ad time in nebraska. which has not gone for a democrat since 1964. nebraska is not winner take all. there is a swing district in omaha. he was able able to do it once. now hillary clinton is aiming for that one vote in 2016. maybe the electoral map is turning bright this year. more political news ahead. all d. and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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they invited the press. they explained their line of thinking in terms of design. then the big reveal. or the tiny reveal. showing off the model for what the stage will look like. the look of the stage has been an important aspect of the planning. donald trump told the "new york times" he threw out earlier designs of the stage. i didn't like the shape. too straight. too nothing. no drama. doesn't have the range. the drama is turning up in other
3:51 am
ways ahead of the srepbgz on a couple of other fronts. ohio governor john kasich, even though the convention is being held in his state. he will not be asked to speak unless he endorses trump. in terms of who is being asked to speak, that is a whole other cast of characters. he tells the "new york times" he is thinking about asking williams, don king and the dana white. former chicago bears coach mike ditka, a big trump supporter, says he too was asked but turned it down. saying the event is not his style. it was reported mike tyson was on the list. donald trump and mike tyson have since denied. ben carson is and members of donald trump's own family, we do not know of everyone who could
3:52 am
be stkraft rouse. the other thing is what is happening outside the convention. 50,000 people are expected to flood into cleveland for the four-day-long convention. if donald trump gets his way, some professional athletes but also protesters. in addition to the anti trump protesters to show up, members of the west borough baptist church are making an appearance and the other members of the same group that wreaked havoc in sacramento over the weekend. the cleveland police department released an extensive security blueprint to ensure peace around the convention. but cleveland police's record is not that stellar, twice probed by the department. demonstrators will be permitted to walk freely throughout most parts of the city, which means all the demonstrators are probably going to at some point end up in the same area.
3:53 am
all of that on top of the fact that ohio is open carry. so firearms will be allowed in the designated protest zones. guns are not allowed inside the convention arena. the volatility surrounding the delegates, sparking they too will bring their guns to cleveland. so much to watch out for in the days to come. watch this face. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester.
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that's home and auto insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. it's hard to believe comedian chris rock made this argument nearly 20 years ago because it still sounds so painfully funny and urgent and true. >> you don't need to gun control. you know what we need?
3:57 am
bullet control. we need to control the bullets. i think all bullets should cost $5,000. $5,000 for a bullet. you know why? if a bullet cost $5,000, there would be no more innocent bystanders. yeah. >> bullet control. yep. chris rock proposed regulating ammunition back in 1999, a time when the nation was reeling from school shootings like columbine and neighborhood violence as the country experienced at the tail end of the crack epidemic and associated gang violence. against that back drop, rock made his funny yet serious proposal. maybe instead of gun control we should try bullet control. we should regulate bullets. in the blue state of california they are about to do just that. california governor jerry brown today signed into law half a dozen new laws dealing with
3:58 am
firearms. some are controls on guns. he signed new limits on assault weapons, a new ban on high capacity magazines. but also the california governor signed what i think chris rock would clearly recognize as bullet control. california will now require a background check to buy ammunition and an i.d., and the state will keep a database of ammunition sales. the govern ror vetoed five new gun reforms sent to him by the democratic controlled legislative he. he rejected bills for being too vague or being a burden on owners or because he does not think the bills would work. but he signed that sweeping measure for bullet control. and bullet control will now be the law of the land in california. so once again states, particularly blue states, are able to pass meaningful gun reform to try and protect their
3:59 am
citizens from yon going gun violence. this while the united states congress has done precisely nothing. however, after house democrats staged a sit-in last week, republican speaker paul ryan says he will allow a vote on gun reform. speaker ryan said it will keep suspected terrorists from being able to buy guns. they are expecting it to be a narrower version of the nra. so whether congress does anything about gun violence is still an open question. in terms of republicans are willing to do in congress and how much democrats will be willing to sign on for in their support. at least for tonight, in california, a at least for this one night, chris rock wins. >> you don't need no gun control. you know what we need? we need some bullet control. we need to control the bullets. >> amen. well, that does it for tonight.
4:00 am
i will see you again in just a few hours on a.m. joy. we will have representative elijah cummings. we'll ask him about gun control. that is tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. good morning, everyone. i'm alex whitt here at msnbc headquarters in new york. we have breaking news from asia. if you are just waking up that hostage siege in bangladesh is over but not without a costly toll. it left at least 20 civilians de. military officials in bangladesh say six attackers have been kill. gunmen stormed the holey artisan bakery on friday evening. it caters to foreign dignitaries as well as forces. it came at the end of a 12-hour standoff. army officials say most


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