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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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well, that does it for tonight. i will see you again in just a few hours on a.m. joy. we will have representative elijah cummings. we'll ask him about gun control. that is tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. good morning, everyone. i'm alex whitt here at msnbc headquarters in new york. we have breaking news from asia. if you are just waking up that hostage siege in bangladesh is over but not without a costly toll. it left at least 20 civilians de. military officials in bangladesh say six attackers have been kill. gunmen stormed the holey artisan bakery on friday evening. it caters to foreign dignitaries as well as forces. it came at the end of a 12-hour standoff. army officials say most of the
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20 people were killed by sharp weapons. 13 hostages were rescued. no americans were believed to be among the victims. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. we'll have more on that in just a moment. first a political story out of washington this morning. hillary clinton is reportedly set to be interviewed by the fbi today. part of the yon going investigation into the private e-mail server she used while secretary of state. the sitdown comes one day after attorney general loretta lynch confirmed she will accept the prosecutors findings in the case after much speculation that she might recuse herself. >> this case, as you know, has generated a lot of attention. i'll be informed of those findings as opposed to never reading them or never seeing them. but i will be accepting their recommendations and their plan for going forward. >> well, rumored trump v.p. pick newt gingrich in aspen for the annual ideas festival offered
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his take on lynch's announcement. >> frankly, that's exactly the position. it is so dumb. how could a person as talented as she is. >> gingrich is slated to speak at the festival this afternoon as is vice president joe biden. while in just a couple of hours, donald trump will reportedly meet with another contender, mike pence. alex jaffy from washington. good saturday morning to you. what do we know about this private meeting? >> we know that governor pence arrived late last night. his plane was delayed. he is supposed to meet with donald trump outside trump tower at one of the golf places. this is one of his first confirmed meetings with a confirmed vice presidential prospect.
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so a lot has to be sorted out. pence checks off a lot of boxes for donald trump. he is a strong conservative, has a lot of credibility among conservatives. he has capitol hill experience. he was a long-time member of congress before he became a governor. he is known as a calm presence on television. but what they are going to discuss and what donald trump will decide remains to be seen. he still has to meet with a few other prospects over the next week. we are expecting a decision sometime within the next week. >> and alex, didn't he he initially endorse ted cruz? but he still said good things. he didn't dis him at all, correct? >> exactly. he's been more positive governors. we have seen a lot of figures criticize donald trump. pence has stayed middle of the road and even positive about the republican nominee. some speculated that's because
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he's in a tough reelection fight and he needs sort of all the republican support he can get. but at the same time, this may have sort of been on his mind for some time now. >> yeah. and also donald trump was speaking at the western conservative summit in colorado yesterday. he got the crowd hind up on a number of topics. share with us some of the highlights. >> he really tailored his greatest hits to the crowd. he talked about the rigged primary system as he does every event. and he also repeated his suggestion that terrorists should be potentially waterboarded to fight back against them. take a listen. >> these people are chopping off heads, they're drowning people. we're not allowed to water board, right? the only thing they understand is strength and toughness. and we're weak. we're weak. and hillary is as weak as you
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get. hillary is a weak person. they have dreams at night and their dreams are that hillary clinton becomes president of our country. believe me. >> now you can hear there he got a very warm reception. there were cheers from the crowd. but outside there were clashes between protesters and police. so everywhere donald trump goes he causes very heated reactions both inside his rallies and outside. and yesterday was no different. >> as the poll numbers reflect. on okay. alex jaffe in washington, thank you for that. well, wet weather in the northeast. it could be a sign of what is to come for the u.s. this holiday weekend. southern new jersey, five inches fell in two hours causing widespread flooding as you can see there. and massive storm damage as trees knocked down power lines and broke through roofs.
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a bit of hail there. high winds and rain and hail killed one person in vegas, trapping several others on high ground. 5,000 people without power in nevada as they try to clean up the storm damage. bonnie schneider, with a good morning to you, how is this holiday weekend looking overall? >> alex, it really depends on where you are. we have flash flood advisories in place for kansas city and st. louis as of 7:00 this morning. we're looking at a lot of heavy rain developing in the nation's midsection. flash flood impacting 9 million people. rainfall amounts could reach over six inches. some of the heaviest rain around topeka. if you're driving, this is what you can expect i want to show you some other forecasts for other cities. washington, d.c., you may see some of the storms we're seeing in the u.s. by the time we get
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to monday night. there is a chance of a stormy evening. i hate to say that for the fourth of july. chicago, clear, cool, temperatures in the 70s. hot and humid in dallas. 89 degrees. it will be a hot one in dallas. for new york city, we're looking at fantastic weather. partly cloudy. very warm. temperatures in the 80s. the festivities should be no problem. elsewhere, across the country, i mentioned the flooding developing into sunday and monday. for today it looks okay. 74, st. louis. a busy holiday weekend. fantastic beach weather in province town. virginia beach, temperatures into the 80s with that chance for storms on monday. the mid atlantic for the fourth of july. so virginia, delaware, maryland, you may have to dodge a storm. how about florida? keep in mind we still have a risk of rip currents along the atlantic beaches, carolinas. but the forecast looks a little
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stormy where you are. myrtle beach, you may see that on the fourth. the fourth looks clear. temperatures warm, in the 90s. for daytona peach, unfortunately we have storms in your forecast with really warm conditions. as we head to the gulf coast, it's looking different. temperatures will stay in the 90s. a high heat index. panama city, you could see storms for sunday and monday with temperatures in the 90s. as we head to california, what we're looking at is fantastic weather. it's going to be cooler. temperatures into the 60s for a good portion of the weekend. looking good. 74 for santa monica. and into the 70s. forecast for sunday shows temperatures warm and comfortable. boston, 83. 85, new york city. stormy in st. louis. we'll watch for the flooding. dallas, up to 99 degrees. san antonio, you will hit the
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100 mark. 106 in phoenix. not 120 like we saw a week or so ago. the heat is building for boise, salt lake city, billings, montana. highs in the 90s. notice 70 in seattle. it will get cooler by the time we get to the fourth. here's your forecast for the big fourth of july. the storms where you could have to deal with that for your festivities, into the midwest, possibly northern texas. washington, d.c., be one of the biggest celebrations. we may have to dodge a 60% chance of storms. looking good in new england. beaches there look fantastic, as do the ones here in new york. alex. >> a lot of people were taking notes. what do we have coming this weekend? thank you so much, bonnie. well, green sludge is taking over a florida lake. now it is spreading. what makes it so toxic and what is being done to stop it later this hour. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close.
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the issue is how does it impact the work that i do and the work the department of justice does. i certainly wouldn't do it again. because i think it has cast a shadow on over what it should not, over what it will not touch. it is important to talk about how this matter will be resolved. and the most important thing me as attorney general is the integrity of the department of justice. and the fact that the meeting that i had is now casting a shadow over how people are going to view that work is something that i take seriously and deeply and painfully. >> u.s. attorney general loretta lynch with an announcement yesterday on the on controversial tarmac meeting with president bill clinton. it comes as a new report suggests hillary clinton may meet with the fbi as early as today in the investigation into her private e-mail server.
4:14 am
chief washington correspondent john harwood and phillip. good saturday morning to you both. john, i'll start with you. this report we're hearing, the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server could wrap up before both conventions. do you think this is overly ambitious timeline. what would the nature of today's meeting be if it take place? >> i don't know that it is overly ambitious. this investigation has been going on for some time. i think the nature of the meeting today, if it in fact, occurs today, is to try to determine the key question that investigators are trying to resolve. and that is was there either deliberate transmission of classified information that should not have been transmitted on or handled in unclassified settings, or was there negligence that would rise to a criminal standard? we haven't had any indication that that is the case. president obama has suggested that that is not the case.
4:15 am
but that's what investigators are looking at. >> and would this be the final interview that tphedz to be conducted to put a close at least on the investigation part of this case? >> well, you'd think so. but you can't really know. other aides have been questioned on this. investigators have been working for some time. but i don't know what their specific agenda is or what's on their to do list. but you would think hillary clinton would be the last piece of the puzzle. >> the lynch/clinton meeting fall out on, surprised that either made a political misstep? >> yes. it was a enclosesal misstep. it was completely inappropriate. you've got to wonder as jonathan capehart asked yesterday, what were you thinking when you did this? it seems that president clinton is the one who made the meeting
4:16 am
happen by going to her airplane. he should have known that that was inappropriate. she should have known. it's more difficult once a former president of the united states comes on your airplane to say get out of here. but that would have been the appropriate response in a case like this. this is an investigation that's nearing an end. it involves his wife, who is running for president of the united states. it was a spectacularly ill-advised meeting. and republicans and some democrats are jumping on it with good reason. >> phillip, the outcry over this meeting, did that really materially change how loretta lynch was approaching the case? >> i doubt it. she is in her position because she has gone through a lot of prosecution. she has earned the respect of people to be unbiased is and to be nonjudgmental in these issues. the problem is the appearance here. this is an issue which solely frames around appearance and what it looks like to people
4:17 am
already skeptical of the clintons, people sort of not sure how they feel about hillary clinton's candidacy. it was a huge mistake by bill clinton who consistently makes big mistakes over two presidential campaigns which is baffling given how successful he was as a candidate. eventually what's going to happen, a recommendation will be may. the justice department will consider it. lynch said she would accept whatever investigation came from the fbi. although she waivered on that just a little bit. this adds an additional level of scrutiny for people who are already going to look at this with a skeptical eye. >> but fellowship, look, the pair met for, what, 30 minutes or so. >> right. >> lynch said they didn't talk about the e-mail situation. the subjects were golf and grandchildren. is that generally accepted by anyone not named donald trump. do people believe they discussed what everyone fears they did? >> i'm sure they did. hillary clinton is a very polarizing figure.
4:18 am
a lot of people really like hillary clinton and excited to vote for hillary clinton. a lot of people will take her at her word. a lot of people who are skeptical who will take loretta lynch at her word because they trust her. the people on team trump will say no matter what happens this potentially influenced the outcome of this investigation. and that is the problem. the problem is this investigation for hillary clinton needs to be totally immaculate, and move forward without any questions lingering. now there is already a question lingering over it. >> how long will the questions linger? >> they will linger until election day. until there is finally a determination. all of these questions on on hillary clinton will last however long she is a presidential candidate. once the fbi is completion, people will still question it.
4:19 am
is indiana governor mike pence or chris christie, bob corker, newt gingrich? what do you think? >> well, the first thing that needs to be said, in campaigns, vice presidential searches are the biggest searches for miss direction. the candidate is the only one who knows what he or she is thinking. with that as a caveat, mike pence is somebody who would make a lot of sense for donald trump. i do think in the end mike pence is going to have to decide if donald trump is interested in him. is he, pence, interested in the job. he is a controversial figure within the republican party. exceptional levels of criticism from donors, past office olders. if in fact, he goes on to lose the election, it might impact
4:20 am
the future. mike pence may want to run himself. the most likely vice presidential choices who donald trump would want and people who want the job don't see independent political futures for himself. newt gingrich doesn't have any beyond getting picked as vice president. and chris christie is so damaged that he also does not have an independent political future. so those guys have nothing to lose. >> speaking of mike pence, john, this is a guy who is running for reelection and running against the same guy who he barely beat last time. for pence, does it make sense to step it up by sraoeg gore the vp position ultimately for his career? >> i don't think so. we'll see how it plays out. of course if they will win the election, mike peps would be a heartbeat away from the presidency.
4:21 am
at this moment it is not clear running for trump would boost the career of mike pence. it could. but it also could backfire. it is something the team has to consider. >> indiana is already a red state. so what does that him. any conventional wisdom on an emerging front-runner. >> it is pretty solid that tim kaine of virginia is the most likely pick. conventional wisdom is a better guide for hillary clinton than donald trump. a lot of reasons why it makes since. this is the state that democrats want to really be able to win this year. a lot of conversation around sherrod brown of ohio, elizabeth warren of massachusetts. they are senators in republican states which means the democrats would go into a clinton
4:22 am
administration down a senate seat which they didn't have to give up. a lot of reasons to think tim kaine may be the guy. but who knows? it's a black box. we'll sort of see what they pick. >> guys, thanks so much. happy holidays. appreciate it. state of emergency. toxic algae bloom and the efforts to stop that problem. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? my friend said i had to earn my way to the cool table. oh, sweet jamie. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. so i was at the cool table all along. ♪ ♪ yes, dear? hey, honey? you're washing that baked-on alfredo by hand,right? yes, dear. dish issues? cascade platinum...
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for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your docr if it's right for you. no winners in the $415 million jackpot. it was the third highest in the game's history. six players did match all five to win a million bucks apiece. tuesday's pot will be an estimated $449 million. this morning parts of florida are under a state of emergency after a massive algae bloom continues to grow off florida's treasure coast, north of west palm beach.
4:26 am
gabe gutierrez is in stewart, florida where the beaches are closed because of this algae. it's just awful looking. i'm curious what it is like to be standing by it and what authorities are doing to try to get rid of it. it smells, right? >> no kidding. the smell is just awful. here, alex. the thick, green mess isn't really going anywhere. later today residents in martin county are planning a rally. they feel state and federal officials aren't doing enough to get this under control. florida has seen many algae blooms before but never quite like this. this morning an algae is attack is ravaging even more of the florida coast. at risk, more than 300 species of fish and wildlife. >> this is beyond an ecological disaster. it is has long-term implications. >> governor scott has declared a state of emergency in four
4:27 am
counties. but on this crucial tour this weekend, authorities in palm beach county are insisting their beaches are clean. >> as of this time it is absolutely safe. >> still, they post aid no swimming advisory for one shoreline after algae was spotted. today another protest planned in martin county, where some blame the mess on pollution from lake okeechobee trickling downstream. >> at this point it's catastrophic to our county. >> other factors may include warmer temperatures and heavy rain this year feeding the algae growth. >> it is a perfect storm. >> professor james sullivan from florida atlantic university say the health impacts could be serious some if you had large acute exposure, you could suffer liver failure. sit known to give people rashes. if you're exposed to it in wave action and bubbles, it could give you respiratory troubles. it is a toxin.
4:28 am
>> for 58 years, she owned hotel at stuart beach. customers have canceled on what has been one of the busiest weekends of the year. >> this is extremely heartbreaking for me. this has been my whole life, my family's whole life. >> the area is right up against some homes. researchers say more testing is needed to figure out exactly how long this algae might be here. some locals fear they could be dealing with the effects of all of this much of the summer. >> not to gross everybody out, but i read that it smells like cow manure. is that your sense? >> it's really, really bad. rotten eggs smell would be generous. it is just filthy. it is really difficult to stand here for an extended period of time. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> i'm sure you want to take off now. gabe, thanks so much. >> new reports that the fbi
4:29 am
could interview hillary clinton sometime today about her private e-mail server. kelly o'donnell, good morning to you. what do we know about this? first, where are you and do you have timing on the interview? >> well, we don't have specific timing. but we have some sourcing that says the fbi is preparing for this interview. so it could happen as early as today. we're outside the clinton residence. the vehicle behind me pulled in front of the front door. that is typical for when there is going to be a movement away from the home. we don't know any details on that just yet. but we don't expect to see either candidate in a public way over this holiday weekend. sit unusual paired to some other election years. but we do know there are important things happening behind the scenes for donald trump. he is hosting a potential running mate this weekend. for hillary clinton, there is all this expectation about the long-awaited interview that deals with the private e-mail server. many of her closest aides have
4:30 am
already given testimony. is and her term could come as early as today. hillary clinton's washington, d.c. home has been busy with comings and goings this week. clinton has no public event today. but her interview with fbi about her private e-mail server is expected saoon. her campaign is not commenting. the intrigue is about the running mate search. the former house speaker says it's trump's call, but he's open to joining the ticket. >> it is something i would discuss seriously with donald. >> gingrich, along with chris christie, and indiana governor mike pence are all being vetted by trump's team. nbc news learned pence will meet today at the sprawling trump national golf resort. trump is just back from colorado. a conservative event with angry
4:31 am
confrontations outside. and trump fanned the flames over bill clinton's meeting with the attorney general. >> bill clinton goes in the other day into an airplane. >> trump was incredulous that he visited with lynch to talk golf and grandkids while the justice department is investigating hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> he opened up a upon dora's box. >> over widespread criticism over how that looked, the attorney general suppressed regret. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again because i think it has cast a shadow. >> and she said she expects as a political appointee to accept the recommendations of the career prosecutors and officials in the justice department when they complete their work on the dealing with handling and so forth of classified information with respect to that private e-mail server. she will have distance from that
4:32 am
and that would hopefully in her view take away some of the sting about that meeting with the former president. we can say that the engines have turned here outside the clinton residence. we don't know if that means the former secretary will be leaving soon. her campaign is not commenting on the fbi interview. she has added an event in atlantic city to talk about donald trump, saying he is unfit to be president based on his own business dealings. atlantic city, the trump casinos is and some of his own business history using the law on bankruptcy. something he has done to good effect, making money off the bankruptcy laws. harrisburg hg will argue that quite differently. >> thank you, kelly. appreciate that. the standoff in bangladesh is over. what we know about the firefight to save the hostages and what we are learning about the armed attackers.
4:33 am
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex whitt. a terrorist attack on a restaurant in the capital of bangladesh left at least 20 civilians dead. 13 people were rescued when government troops stormed the building. six militants were killed. lucy kafanov is monitoring for us. lucy, with a good morning. what's the latest? >> good morning, alex. authorities in bangladesh still trying to piece together the tragedy. it was a horrifying or deal for everyone involved. >> this morning a dramatic end to a night of terror in the bangladeshi capital. police and army forces rushing in to a dhaka restaurant. it was a terrifying standoff that lasted through the night. gun still ringing out this
4:37 am
morning. new grim details from an army general. 20 civilians slaughtered, most with sharp weapons, all of them foreigners. no americans known to be among the dead. this was supposed to be the most secure corner of the city. the scale gulshan neighborhood popular with foreigners. the u.s. embassy a 15-minute walk away. upscale bakery by day, popular restaurant by night. isis claiming responsibility through its news agency saying islamic state commandos carry out the attack on a cafe frequented by foreigners. no confirmation from u.s. or local officials. >> alex, we're now hearing that italian civilians may be among the de. japanese citizens still unaccounted for. of course bangladesh has been no stranger to violence in the past couple of years. we have seen a disturbing uptick
4:38 am
in attacks on foreigners, secular activists, as well as religious minorities. but to be very honest with you, a brazen attack on this scale is something this country has never seen before. and it is a worrying development in what has already been a terrifying week around the globe. alex. >> you've got that right. okay. lucy kafanov, thank you, from london. with the two terrorist attacks lucy was mentioning in the last four months, airports here in the u.s. are preparing for a record number of travelers. john f. kennedy here in new york. with a good morning, what are you seeing today? >> alex, good morning. right now it's a little bit slow at jfk. there was a security scare three days ago. thankfully, everything did turn out okay. it means of the 5.5 million
4:39 am
passengers traveling through new york's airports and train stations, many of them are being extra vigilant. more travel, more lives, and this weekend more passengers on high alert. after a bloody hostage takeover in bangladesh on friday and airport terror attack tuesday that left 44 dead. u.s. airports have increased security from coast to coast. >> many officers with heavy vests, helmets, long guns. >> over 1,000 new officers will be patrolling the city. while in chicago, 5,000 officers will be manning the airports at navy pier. out west, the coast guard sweeping the seas. >> what went through your mind? >> you feel safer when somebody is there to protect you. >> people should just be more aware. >> the travelers i spoke to said this is business as usual. >> i feel very safe. i'm not afraid to fly. >> are you more nervous to travel this holiday weekend?
4:40 am
>> it's not just this weekend. it's always in the back of your mind. >> while eyes are on the skies this weekend, a whopping 85% of holiday travelers will be driving, like our own luke russert. >> we left d.c. at 8:55 a.m. we just hit delaware. this is going to be the busiest fourth of july travel day in the history of fourth of july travel days. the reason, this is the lowest gas prices. >> the national average for gas is $2.28, compared to this time last year when it was $2.76 per gallon whether you're travel big train, plane, or automobile, this holiday is not about fear. >> july 4th is about freedom and inclusion. this is exactly what the terrorists are trying to undermine. >> isis has warned of attacks both here and abroad. federal sources say there's no
4:41 am
known credible threats. they warn any americans moving through highly trafficked areas should be alert and cautious. >> i think everyone pretty much is. we will check back and see how traffic picks up at jfk later. revealing attitudes you might not expect. a new poll of americans uncovers our greatest concerns and why american optimism isn't dead. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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a new poll suggests americans are more optimistic about the future despite financial and economic concerns. this is all part of this week's issue of "time" magazine titled 240 reasons to celebrate america right now in honor of america's birthday on monday. national editor for "time" magazine. ben, good morning to you. 70% of americans are optimistic. what do you think is driving that? >> there are a lot of questions. what's amazing is these new harris numbers aren't a picture of perfection. more than half of americans are
4:45 am
worried about finances. a significant amount are worried about their health. a third are virtually unhappy at work. yet they have this persistent belief that things will get better in the future. two-thirds of americans remain optimistic that better days are ahead. >> when you look at the specifics, 62% are concerned. that's well over half. but they say they worry about money. less than half worrying about their health. given all the studies that are out there and things you hear about this, that, and the other and conflicting health research, are you surprised by that? >> well, not necessarily. it depends. a lot of people filter the information they take in. it is a concern. especially with the threat of zika. not everybody believes that it applies to them. what's amazing is the universeality of whether or not they're feeling optimistic. for all the other exemptions there is a widespread belief in
4:46 am
optimistic. that feels distinctively of america. >> i was going to say, is that american? and can you give me what tops your list of the reasons to celebrate america right now. >> there is a huge, huge range of them. we did 240. they're not orred in any degree of importance. it is about the collective whole. it runs the gamut. the idea is that we have been focused for much of the last year just like you have in covering a presidential campaign that is one of the most divisive in modern history. it is going to get more intense and all consuming as we head to the general election. why not step back and take a look to emphasize what's going right. it is just a matter of knowing where to look. >> you brought up the politics. this is 99% politics free. is there nothing to celebrate in our nation's politics? >> we have a wonderful story out of north dakota. one of the only states that
4:47 am
actually loves its legislativors. north dakota, 69%. >> what are they doing right there? >> they are meeting less often. they only gather every other year. they are not full time legislators. none work on the side as lobbyists. some are sales clerks. it is a reflection of the legislation that jefferson envisioned. >> what are the highlights or low lights? >> it runs the gamut. to love america is not to be uncritical. this is always moving toward a more perfect union, not perfection in any way. we focused on a range of different things that are nuisances and problems in daily life we can fix and really should. garris son keilar talked about nine things he would like to change right now. >> and he just did his last
4:48 am
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. the betting in full swing. who will be donald trump's running mate? the short list has only about four names on it. nbc news can confirm new jersey governor chris christie and former house speaker newt gingrich is among them. gingrich is playing coy saying a run is not on his radar. >> there's a process to go through, first rate people to look at and in the end it's up
4:52 am
to mr. trump. >> when was the last time you talked to mr. trump. >> a couple days ago. >> did you talk about it? >> we've never talked bow this. we talk about issues, strategy, things i think are important. >> well, let's bring in joe watkins, republican strategist and former white house aide to former president h.w. bush and rick tyler former analyst and spokesman for ted cruz. hi, guys. good to see you both. rick, between gingrich and christie, who is the better choice there? is there someone trump should be looking at that he's not. >> trump has run an idea he's going to have a revolution in washington, d.c., and turn over the tables. if that's the case, there's only one person to pick, have you to pick a revolutionary that would be newt gingrich. chris christie isn't popular in his own state, part of the establishment, thune, d.c. insider establishment. mike pence was a big
4:53 am
disappointment in indiana with the religious liberty bill he backed out of. he may not win his own re-election. it comes down to, is this going to be more of the same, hillary clinton or really change washington and get corruption out of washington. donald trump seems to have bet the house on the idea we will change washington. if you're going to do that, bring in a revolutionary. the only one there is newt gingrich, in my opinion. >> what does newt gingrich, other than being a revolutionary, actually bring him. >> one, he's the last conservative that got an agenda through washington with a democratic president bill clinton. they balanced the budget, paid off $400 billion of debt, reformed welfare. he knows how to work d.c. donald trump has made that very clear. he wants someone who can work legislative agenda. secondarily, he spent an awful lot of time over at the cia, pentagon. he knows foreign affairs. he knows the business of
4:54 am
military. he's the longest general of the university. he brings a lot of expertise. he also comforts the conservative base and he also is liked and respected by the establishment here in d.c. so he can actually get things done. >> joe, what about the least two trump staffers that resigned this week? what can we read about the state of the campaign? >> i wouldn't read too much into it. obviously at this point in the campaign, you don't want to be losing people, you want to be adding people. in a perfect world you add staff people especially in the important battleground states. you can't read too much into it. rick and i have both worked on presidential campaigns. people come and people go. at this point you want to be adding staffers especially in the battleground states rather than losing them. >> can i ask about the political report trump has no there is a in your state in pennsylvania. many of the gop county chairs have said the campaign has not even contacted them. so give me a view there from
4:55 am
your state, how is it for trump to have ground game there. >> ground matters. not a good thing at this point in the game so many chairman -- so many people in battleground like pennsylvania haven't been contacted by the campaign. in a perfect world you want to make sure people are engaged at this point. you've got people on the ground identifying who your likely voters are and making sure likely voters show up at the polls on election day to vote for you, pull the lever for you. he's got a lot of work to do, raise money, build staff in key battleground states like pennsylvania where there's important races and raise money to define himself before his opponent defines him. >> out big city areas are important, the counties said they won big time and delivered to him in the primary but we're not hearing from him at all. yet you've got places like purl
4:56 am
and philadelphia, those are likely to go into the democrat column. >> you still have to work them, you can't give away to the other side. he had an important speech in an area where there are a lot of trump supporters. you have to build on that. you can't suppose people agree with you. if they agree with you you have to make sure they show up to vote on election day. so you've got to be organized when we talk about traditional politics, trump has got than far without any trappings of a presidential campaign. is he rewriting the rule book. >> to an extent he is, he's a celebrity with high name id. he's tapped into disaffected workers. pennsylvania blue dog democrats, pro-life, pro gun. they have been hammered by this economy. joe is right there's no reason
4:57 am
not to have a good ground game. he's hired a data firm so looks like he's going after targeting and data which he had not done before. get the fundamentals right -- build on fundamental and add what he's doing with media, he's doing well but he's leaving a lot on the table. >> okay. happy fourth, my friends. thanks for joining me. holiday flooding, troubles across the nation for too much rain and what to expect for your fourth of july weather forecast ahead. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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