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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing top of the area, terror attack in bangladesh comes to a deadly conclusion. terrorist stormed a restaurant in dhaka. the seize ended 12 hours later. when troops raided the building six attackers were killed.
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i'm alex witt msnbc headquarters in new york. luisa kafinov is monitoring. good morning to you. bring us up to date. >> reporter: good morning, alex. another night of terror in the bangladeshi capital, the siege coming to an end with 13 hostages rescued and, as you said, 20 civilians dead, foreigners among them. that gruesome detail we heard from the army general about how most were killed with, quote, sharp weapons, knives and machetes, we simply don't know yet. italian prime minister confirming italians were killed but no more details until those families are notified. i've been on the phone with some of the sources based in the area, friends of mine who are journalists. all suggesting gulshan neighborhood was considered to be one of the safest spots in the country. it was a diplomatic enclave. there are checkpoints around that area. the sense of security, of course, shattered yesterday
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evening when those attackers stormed the holey artisan bakery. friday evening, people out and about and a popular hot spot for foreigners. a bakery by day, a neighborhood with a chef by night. something of this scale could really take place in this diplomatic enclave. alex. >> lucy, i'm curious about bangladesh, certainly seen a lot of attacks over the last years. what is it about that country that makes it a target for militants? >> there's different militants groups in the area. a attack like this can't be a complete surprise. it has sewn seen uptick in violence. my sources telling me security has gotten heavier in dhaka, the capital, since 2013. that's when isis turned its attention to bangladesh. an italian aid worker shot to death in diplomatic zone when he
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was jogging, the same area. isis claimed responsibility for that attack. five weeks later a japanese citizen killed. isis claiming responsibility there, too. that is not the only threat. we've seen brutal killing of minorities, secular advocates, free speech advocates. so a gruesome pattern of violence and attacks. we should say this is one of the most complex attacks we have seen so far. up until now it's been individual killing targeting people. something like this, a group of gunmen, group of hostages, that takes coordination, planning. this is potentially a new worrying chapter in what is already a turbulent and dangerous time in bangladesh. alex. >> okay. lucy kafinov with the latest. thank you so much for that. so-called veepstakes in full swing with donald trump campaign confirming it is formally vetting at least three contenders if not four. new jersey governor chris
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christie, indiana governor mike pence and newt gingrich. pence flying to meet trump but his own admission. his first contact with trump since primary may 3rd. hillary clinton said to take an important meeting today with the fbi. it is believed to be the final step in the agency's month long investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. attorney general loretta lynch confirmed yesterday she will accept prosecutor's findings in the case after rumors she would recuse her self. >> i wouldn't even be briefed on what the findings were or the actions going forward would be. while i don't have a role in those findings, coming up with findings and making recommendations going forward i'll be briefed on it and i will be accepting their recommendations. >> lynch made her comments at the aspend idea festival in california which will host newt gingrich and vice president
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biden at separate events today. let's again with kelly o'donnell outside the clinton residence in washington, d.c. we spoke with you, what, about 35, 40 minutes ago when you said engines had started up with the cars. anything happening? >> yes, actually, two vehicles left the residence. they had darkened windows so didn't see who was inside. they left the home about 20 minutes or so. that could be a clue in what has been a highly speculative about giving testimony to the fbi. the fbi preparing for that interview but we do not have information from the justice department or campaign about when that is actually happening. we're reading the tea leaves on a lovely morning outside her residence here in washington, d.c. on the donald trump running mate situation, governor mike pence of indiana flew in last night to a location that is owned by the
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trump family. he will have a meeting today. he was on the ground last night. and we learned about this as a part of our work covering the veepstakes. veepstakes is a term that for few weeks in the summer of an election year, it is an exciting time to try to find out what the candidates might do in terms of a potential partner in this election. so we know that donald trump is vetting at least three people, newt gingrich, new jersey chris christie and indiana governor mike pence. so pence, his campaign for re-election as governor has confirmed to me there's a meeting this weekend. other sources described how that would happen. how he would have his day in indiana and fly in the evening last night and have that meeting today. we don't expect there will be any comment coming out of that. that's the nature of veepstakes. there's a lot of secrecy, intrigue, misdirection sometimes. but we also know that the time is getting critical because donald trump, for example, is
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going to announce at the very latest the start of his convention in cleveland, which is july 18th. there are indications from the campaign they want to speed up that process and that means getting the vetting done. an interview with the candidate, certainly with the vetting team, a group of lawyers hired by the campaign to look into the backgrounds of potential running mates and those who are asked to be vetted complete a very intense questionnaire. it's more than 100 questions and it has to do with everything you can imagine that a campaign would want to know. financial, medical, things they have said in the past. all kinds of things that would reflect on the kind of candidate or running mate they might be. so we are in that waiting game, alex, we don't know exactly when but all of these clues could tell us the story that we should expect to see unfold over the next couple of weeks. alex. >> all right. kelly o'donnell, thank you very much for that stake out and the report. turning now to the latest on donald trump's anticipated meeting with governor pence.
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nbc's following that story. good to see you. what do we know about the meeting between the two. >> as kelly said, it's happening at trump national golf course. a key thing we've learned from aides is chemistry. can trump work with vice presidential pick and do they get along. that's something they will gauge today. we do know what pence brings to the table. he checks off a lot of boxes. well-known and well liked among conservatives, capitol hill experience as former member of congress and he's very telog telogenic, message disciplined on the stump in interviews. not the last meeting we're likely to see from donald trump this week. as kelly mentioned we've learned new jersey chris christie and former house speaker newt gingrich on the list. we caught up with him in aspend. he played it coy, downplaying it, saying he wasn't putting too much emphasis on the vice
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presidential pick. >> discuss seriously with donald but, again, we're not placing any emphasis on that. that's his call. he's got to make up his mind. we'll see what happens. >> he's another candidate who would bring a lot of capitol hill experience as former house speaker but he's almost much like donald trump very comfortable driving the message, very comfortable on the attack. they could deliver sort of a one-two trump to trump's opponents on the stump. notably he's got experience attacking the clintons. he was house speaker while president clinton was in office so he would bring that history and that knowledge to the ticket. so we may see meetings between gingrich and some other potential p candidates in the coming days as trump prepare to make that decision. >> all right. axe javin washington. thank you for that report. checking the weather everyone on this holiday weekend. thunderstorms and rain could interrupt america's fourth of
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july plans, this after high winds and rain killed one person and trapped several other on high ground in las vegas. more than five inches of rain fell in two hours in southern new jersey. look at that result there. pretty widespread damage. flights were also grounded throughout the east coast leaving passengers stranded ahead of the holiday weekend. let's get to meteorologist bonnie snichneider looking at a of this. >> storms pushed off to sea from new jersey, looking at fabulous weather in the northeast. where we're not looking at that. kansas city flood watches in place all the way to monday. we're going to be seeing that threat for flooding into st. louis as well. let's take a look at the ingredients of why we're seeing this. plenty of moisture coming up from the gulf of mexico. storms warming along that frontal boundary. we're seeing plenty of heavy rain kansas city, wichita and st. louis. this means flash flood advisories will exist. over 9 million people will be impacted right on the fourth of
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july weekend. looking at the rainfall amounts through topeka, kansas, we're likely to see several inches of rain through monday. watching the storm setup, unfortunately storms will intensify later tonight for all the festivities on fourth of july we're still going to be seeing the rain through texas and into ohio. let's take a look at fireworks forecast. hot and humid into dallas, clear and cool for chicago. that looks good. but the storms will work their way across the mid-atlantic. stormy weather possibly for our nation's capital. we'll be watching for that through a good portion of the holiday, which is really unfortunate. how about new york city. macy's fireworks partly cloudy skies, seasonably warm, not too bad. at 82 with the fireworks. that's what we're expecting. we're going to see pretty good weather there. the beach forecast, doesn't look bad at all. we'll be seeing nice conditions across a good portion of the cape and the islands into virginia beach. that's where you could see some storms develop. atlantic city, temperatures will be into the 70s. provincetown also into the 80s
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as well and down through florida watch out for the rip current risk. that holds true here. saturday and sunday on daytona beach what we can expect is we're going to be seeing stormy conditions and that will be making their way straight through monday. >> thanks so much. still in it to win it -- rather, still in it but not to win it, got to be clear there. why supporters of bernie sanders going after dnc. a look at the end game here coming up. presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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>> it's important to make it clear that meeting with clinton,
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no matter how i view the meeting, what's important to me is how do people view the department of justice because of that meeting. >> u.s. attorney general loretta lynch speaking in aspend, colorado on that controversial tarmac meeting with president clinton in phoenix. meanwhile there are reports hillary clinton will meet with the fbi today or very soon in the coming days into the use of her private e-mail server as secretary of state. joining me now author of clinton biography hrc. good morning to you both. you may have seen reports from kelly o'donnell, stationed outside clinton residence in washington. a couple of cars left, couldn't see who was inside. what do you think, jonathan, could this be the time? could hillary clinton be getting into a meeting right now with the fbi? >> it certainly could be.
5:17 am
embassy house very nice kelly is outside of. much nicer on the inside. i feel bad with hera warm day in washington. hillary clinton could be with the fbi, clearing tapping very soon from attorney general lynch's remarks, she also believes fbi will be wrapping up its investigation quickly here. clinton would be the last person you would interview. >> how priced are you, jonathan, when you learned about a meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch. is there anything to believe it's anything beyond golf, grandkids, that situation. do you really think bill clinton would address the hillary clinton e-mail server with loretta lynch on board that plane? >> i don't think anybody has any reason to doubt they spoke about anything other than what they say they spoke about. there's no evidence they did. they are two people there privately. orve lip if you're on a tarmac and you've got a security detail and somebody else is arriving
5:18 am
with a detail you're going to find out who it is. it's possible, probable nothing nefarious there. i will say this, i don't know a single democrat or republican who thinks it was a good idea for bill clinton to meet with loretta lynch right now, including loretta lynch who has now basically said that wasn't a good idea. >> how about the clinton camp, gabby? how are they approaching this? also sensing it's a misstep and none to pleased by it. >> i imagine if you're the campaign manager of hillary clinton, you're wondering why did bill clinton think this was a good idea and who let him do this. it's not good optics for her campaign. puts her in a precarious position now that loretta lynch said she will accept whatever -- i'm sorry -- yeah, whatever the fbi recommends. if you're top aides on clinton's campaign, this must be causing a major headache. as jonathan mentioned, you now have republicans and democrats saying this was foolish.
5:19 am
it's not good optics for the campaign. if something looks bad, most americans are going to perceive it is bad regardless of what was discussed during this brief chat. >> i heard it suggested on air last night by one of our analysts that had bill clinton been given five minutes to think about what he's doing, maybe i don't do that. do you think that's the case? >> i absolutely do. i think if he had given it pause. the same goes with attorney general lynch. really, this should have been a discussion saved for after the election. if she is really as committed as she says she is to an independent investigation, i really think it would have been in the best interest of both her, the justice department, and hillary clinton's campaign to put off this meeting until after november. >> speaking of meetings, the other we know for sure with regard to hillary rodham clinton and the fbi, what are the
5:20 am
expectations from this meeting? what do people think is going to come from it? >> i think people expect it's going to be on very close hold what actually tran spires between fbi and hillary clinton. there may be people who leak from the justice department, tons of justice department leaks, when i say justice department to include fbi over time. i think it's unlikely we're going to know a whole lot about what secretary clinton said in the near term to the fbi. then we'll get -- we'll see some recommendation from the fbi or from career prosecutors at the justice department as attorney general suggested. we may not get a real view into this for a little while. >> okay. how about veepstakes to both of you. gabby, you have an article, your latest one says donald trump's meeting with indiana governor mike pence this weekend, he has confirmed that. what about pence? is he the front-runner? >> you know, donald trump right
5:21 am
now is said to be vetting both pence, gingrich and chris christie. i don't know which one of those is out in front, but it certainly is a good list for him to begin with, especially governor pence. he is a card carrying conservative who would placate a lot of concerns republican still have who believe donald trump can't be trusted to carry out a conservative agenda as president. he has congressional experience. he's a two-term governor. he would play well with mid western in swing states like pennsylvania and ohio. he really has a great deal on his resume that would benefit donald trump and would play with evangelicals and republican leaders who have said a lot of their decision as to whether or not they are going to support donald trump hinges on who he selects as vice presidential candidate. >> yeah. jonathan, we talked about newt gingrich and chris christie earlier on the broadcast, but not much discussion about bob corker whose name was the first to leak to the top of the list.
5:22 am
what's doing on there, you think? >> i'm not sure senator corker wants to be the vice presidential candidate. that may be the biggest thing. that makes sense. obviously as gabby said mike pence, a lot of reasons to pick him, former governor of indiana -- sorry, current governor, former congressman. corker would make sense, gives trump immediate credibility on foreign policy as senate relations chairman, always guy with a business history coming out of tennessee and coming out of a region that would be helpful or sort of the base for the republican party of so i think corker makes a lot of sense. whether corker wants to do it or not is another question. i don't think you'll find any senators who are up in 2016 who would be willing to give up their senate seat to do it but corker is not up again until 2018 so no loss for him if he was picked. >> okay. jonathan, gabby, thank you both so much. good to see you. bernie sanders and his latest fundraising call a few
5:23 am
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bernie sanders says he'll vote for one-time opponent hillary clinton but still won't use the worse "endorse." chris hayes asked the senator about that distinction and here is what sanders had to say. >> it's no great secret. we're trying to do everything we can right now to make the democratic platform the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party. as we speak we have working with the clinton campaign trying to be able to come forward to my supporters out there, you know what, here is the progress that we have made. hear what secretary clinton is saying on this issue and that issue that means a whole lot to you. i hope we can reach that goal. we are not there at this moment. >> let's bring in sanders supporter and former ohio state senator and our good friend nina turner. good morning.
5:27 am
nice tore you to join us. >> good morning, alex. >> how do you explain the difference between sanders voting for and endorsing clinton? are they any different in practice? >> i know people are preoccupied with the e word, endorsement. the senator has been very clear about what he's fighting for and looking for. i know folks aren't accustomed to politicians being true to his word, which senator sanders has, let everybody in the country vote, and take his move to the convention. that's exactly what he's doing. alex, as you know, we've made great strides with the platform. we still have many more miles to go. if senator sanders had folded like a napkin, we wouldn't have some of the things in the platform right now. so the senator is going to continue to push. i think the more important question here is what is the dnc willing to do to show all people in the democratic party, people who may lean democrat, that they are willing to go all the way for every day americans in the country and that is what that
5:28 am
platform fight is all about. >> this platform fight is huge. sanders supporters can certainly understand it. do you think, nina, this is not in any way just about platform but waiting for word on the e-mail probe? some are suggesting that is why senator sanders is not leaving the field of play after the game is over so to speak. he's waiting to see what happens to hillary clinton? >> i can't read the senator's mind, but i don't believe that is what this is about. as we know, during the primary debatesish the senator never once touch the e-mails where there would have been other candidates who hit that and hit that hard. this has nothing to do about the e-mails, this has more to do about 2016 and beyond. a political revolution is not just about this moment but it is about the future. progressive leaders like myself and others in the movement are determined to make sure the democrats live up to their words and what is voted on ultimately in philadelphia, what our platform looks like and feels
5:29 am
like is not just paper to line a birdcage but actually it is something we can hold the democratic presidential person, if a democrat wins, accountable and all other democrats up p and down the ticket accountable for the words we put on pieces of paper. >> okay. what about the new fundraising call by sanders, asking to fund delegates travel to the convention. that is made clear in the fundraising appeals? is it fair for him to keep taking money when he's admitted he's not going to be the nominee? >> alex, you need money for the mission. part of the mission is to help senator sanders dels get there. we know most of his delegates are every day working class folks. they are not part of the elite. it is very expensive. just in my state alone and i don't know what every other state is doing but the hotel room is over $400 a night. you think about people having to stay for four days. $400. if you don't get somebody to split that cost with you.
5:30 am
that's just hotel room. that doesn't include meals, that doesn't include travel. so there's so many people who do need that help. also, alex, what the senator is doing, making investments in candidates who are running for state offices, state reps and state senators. he's making investments in people running for congress who are true progresos. you need money for that kind of mission. there is no other presidential candidate that is doing the same to help build a progressive leadership up and down the ticket. so him raising money in that way and having people continue to invest in his movement is very important. it also shows that it's not over. when you are fighting for justice, that fight never ends. >> people to shell out $2,000 for a hotel room, i see your point there. what about the 100 sanders supporters who just banded together and suing dnc chairman schulz who said she favored clinton when it was her duty to remain impartial. primary numbers are clear clpt won more delegate, more states
5:31 am
than bernie sanders did. what is to be gained by arguing dnc fraud at this point? >> this is america, alex. people have a right to sue. you know, i don't know the folks who have filed this lawsuit. i don't know their rational -- you just told me rational filing the lawsuit. i don't know why they are filing it but this is america and they are doing it. we'll see how it turns out. it will be argued in a court. there are some beliefs among senator sanders supporters that the process was not as fair as it could have been. whether or not that should rise to the level of a lawsuit i can't say but it's happening. hopefully this is settled. >> what do you think sanders end game is? >> for the senator, what it has always been from the beginning, the very reason why he got in this race in the first place, to fill a void. the senator, i believe, wants to make sure that in this country every day people from the poorest person in this country is taken care of, is respected, that everybody can dare to
5:32 am
dream, that they can take hold of the american dream. whether that is helping working mamas and daddies across this country so they can live a good life, know the future of their children will be better than theirs of we know the senator is continuously fighting against tpp to make sure we bring back strong blue-collar jobs to this country, manufacturing jobs to this country. so alex, it very much has been what he wants is what he always wanted. that is to make sure every day americans can have big dreams and have a future for their children. that is not unreasonable in the greatest country on the face of the earth and all of the wealth and resources that we have, that we use those resources for mainstream and not keeping using them to bail out wall street. >> we will said as always, nina turner. thank you for joining me. have a good holiday fourth. >> you too, alex. holiday travel, what's done to keep airports, train station and highways safe here and around the world. crowd sounds ]
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt at nbc world headquarters in new york. we're keeping our eyes on london where we're seeing a protest march around parliament all in response to the brexit vote which happened eight days ago. marchers through the kensington area of london. again, they are on the march and pooling in the area around westminster abbey and parliament. we'll keep an eye on that and let you know what's going on with that. keeping our eyes on london. let's go to travel. a record 43 million people are skpebed to hit the road this weekend. airports in the u.s. have extra staff and security in place. after two terrorist attacks, brussels and istanbul in the past four months. at one of the busiest airports,
5:37 am
john f. kennedy or jfk in new york. what have you seen? i know last hour was kind of slow. things picking up? >> reporter: absolutely picking up. there's also beefed up security, this is after a security scare a few days ago. there's more than 1,000 recently sworn in officers patrolling new york city, 5,000 patrolling chicago. the coast guard is sweeping the west coast. still, alexa lot of passengers i spoke to said they are feeling pretty safe. take a listen. >> i have a lot of faith, obviously, in our security and our government trying to keep citizen safe. at the same time as a parent i want what's best for my child so i try to keep my eyes on him as best i can and pray for the best. >> what went through your mind when you saw more policeman. >> i actually felt safer. you feel safer when somebody is there to protect you. it felt better. >> earlier today my mom texted and she's like, be careful, be
5:38 am
alert. it doesn't bother me that much. i travel pretty often so i'm kind of used to it. >> the reality of it is, alex, 85% of travelers this weekend are actually getting behind the wheel especially since gas is $2.28. that's much cheaper than it was at $2.78 this time last year. either way authorities are saying no matter how you get to your destination it's important to stay vigilant. this weekend is not about fear, it's about freedom. alex. >> morgan, can i ask, have there been security scares at jfk recently? >> there was three days ago. there was a dog trained to sniff out anything that seems suspicious. they sit down when they find something that doesn't seem like it's sitting quite right. the dog sat down by a bag. thankfully that turned out oklahoma. laguardia, jfk, heathrow, this is par for the course. fbi and federal authorities say
5:39 am
there is no known or credible threat so far that they have heard of. alex. >> morgan radford at jfk, thanks so much. for morgan, we're going to ask how secure are airports? to get an answer we'll bring in kenneth in charge of security contingents there and now runs a private security business. how concerned -- welcome to you, kenneth -- should people be about security at airports. >> tsa wkingery hard to keep the airport secure. any individual person really doesn't have to worry. certainly there is a possibility of an attack but with over a million people traveling 427 airports across the united states, the chances of any one person being in that airport if it was attacked are pretty low. people should also not rely exclusively on law enforcement to keep them selves safe. they can help us. okay. what's happened is as over the
5:40 am
last 40 years screening points we've actually moved the threat out. instead of we've been looking at working to protect the aircraft, now the threat moved to the screening points, ticket counters. >> but, ken, to that point, that which happened in brussels and istanbul happened outside of those points. one of my colleagues tom costello went to reagan national airport and he was looking at those large cement cones they have that prevent a car from entering the area. let me tell you something, you can pull right up next to that. >> yes, you can. what happens is if you look at all the attacks, the thanks have happened in europe and the local attacks that weren't at airports in san bernardino and orlando, all of these attackers at some point made statements either on facebook pages or twitter accounts, said things in blogs, said thins to people. there was a report of someone living in the apartment above the attackers in turkey could
5:41 am
smell things coming out of the airport. if you hear something, see something, smell something, you need to say something to law enforcement so they can investigate. >> that has become part of new york citizens' vernacular. do you think that has stopped, help law enforcement and security. >> absolutely. there have been any number of attacks disrupted. there was a planned attack on the brooklyn bridge some years ago that they -- a wiretap they were able to hear the attacker say we're going to call this off because it's too hot. there are too many people watching. >> okay. so that clear does pay off. security officials are saying, of course, it's a big holiday weekend, a notable one, about america's independence. thematically it might make an appeal to terrorists. here is what homeland security secretary jeh johnson told congress yesterday. let's take a listen. unfortunately we don't have exactly what he said, although i can paraphrase. we will see an increased
5:42 am
presence of security july 4th weekend. train stations, airports, the like and transit centers across the country and security personnel. how much is that a deterrent in your experience to people wanting to pull off a terrorist attack seeing the presence of security personnel. >> that's a huge deterrent. when they come -- face it, their goal is to be successful. their goal is to be able to get deep into the terminal. if they see law enforcement, armed security, they will go somewhere else. unfortunately they will go off to another target, back-up, softer target. part of the problem is as we've hardened the airports, the train stations and now social locations have all become relatively soft targets. >> so advice you give to holiday travelers this weekend is what, ken? >> be aware of your surroundings and have a good time. >> like them both. thank you so much, kenneth, appreciate it. it is one of the most stark differences between hillary clinton and donald trump and their battle for the white house and that's next. ♪
5:43 am
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turkish officials pushing ahead with the investigation at triple suicide bombings at istanbul airport. at least 40 people died in the attack, more than 20 people detained across turkey in connection with the attack. let's bring in a man at the airport in istanbul, turkey, at the time of the attack. thomas, it has to be something you're reliving on a daily basis. tell us what you saw, what you heard. >> good morning, alex. i was at the airport just changing flights and was taking a nap in the lounge. at that moment i heard that blast, a very, very loud blast, gun shooting. you think somebody has turned on the volume on a film but then it becomes real. people started running. i just joined them running. i had taken off my shoes i was in my socks running one direction and people came from
5:47 am
the other direction and we trampled over each other. it was total chaos in that moment. >> how shocked are you? you're in a sleep and hear this boom and you start running. what goes through your mind? >> you just run. it becomes almost something automatically. you're scared and terrified. you do not think much. you just run. then we started hiding because you have these images from orlando and paris, where the terrorists come after you. we all started to hide somewhere. it was a strange atmosphere, suddenly was empty because everybody was hiding somewhere. >> i imagine, there you are huddling with absolute strangers and yet you're sharing a moment that none of you will ever forget. talk about that. who are the people you're meeting? >> that was the most -- what stays on my mind. i was with a chinese man in a little storeroom behind the kitchen. and i felt our really shared
5:48 am
humanity. i met a young muslim woman who was there crying and crying and i talked to her. she said, you know, i was just sending off a friend here and the bomb went offer and i started running. she was from istanbul. she said i have no passport and they don't let me out. i don't know what to do. i was on the bus who took us to the hotel then with a family from somalia. they live in holland and they were just changing flights in istanbul. i was going to mogadishu and this happens to me here. i felt really connected with all these people from different faith and with no faiths. we were in this together. >> it's extraordinary when you talk about this shared humanity. that certainly is a lesson to take from all of this. i know you're here, in the u.s., what was it like traveling back after the attack? >> traveling back was fine. i really felt, i mean, i worked for the church, i'm a christian i felt carried by god in this moment and through these moments but i also felt a renewed
5:49 am
commitment that we work for reconciliation, that we work for conflict transformation. we have a number of projects in the ministries in these areas and we want to intensify this work. >> you know, thomas, i imagine you were watching the news yesterday and watching the scene unfold in bangladesh as well. what gloss through your mind. you've just experienced this in istanbul and you're looking at strangers but you immediately have a connection. >> yeah. it's exactly what is happening. even in these moments i felt there are people in the world, experiences every day and every night they live in fear of terror of losing their lives, losing their children. that is something which is our daily presence and then you read it again in bangladesh. i feel so sorry and grief for the families that lost families in dhaka. >> i listen to you, you're speaking with such clarity and humanity describing such a thing. when you see something like
5:50 am
bangladesh, does it bring back terror in your heart? >> it does, yes. i want to take a few days of rest and get through this. i went through the lounge, every place i had been that night, to the kitchen, the storeroom, and that helped me a lot to work through this. there was a very nice lady, she was a cook there in the lounge. i said to her, i walk in here because i was here last night. the people, turkish people, very kind. they listened. she asked me about it. this was very helpful to be able to work through this. >> thomas kemp, i'm sure you'll be extremely inspirational to those at the united methodist church. thank you very much. >> thank you, alex. deadly attack in bangladesh, why would isis want to unleash terror in a muslim country? that's next. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath.
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here is why. eight days ago the brexit vote. we know over 3 million people have signed a petition saying that they want parliament to consider a revote. we have been told by david cameron, the prime minister of england, great britain, rather, that's not going to happen but it does not seem to have deterred thousands upon thousands of people from demonstrating today. this is all in opposition to the vote eight days ago to have the brexit -- have great britain leave the eu. let's bring in steve clemons, washington editor-at-large, also msnbc contributor. i know, steve, you're just getting in here and looking at live pictures with us as well. i'll ask william, our director, to put them back up now. thousands and thousands of people have gathered. they have done a march through loan. they are there outside of the houses of parliament, westminster abbey. what is the point? what are they trying to convey? >> i think they are trying to convey the brexit deal hasn't been done. david cameron himself has said
5:55 am
that article 50 hasn't been triggered. they are angry. they are poorer after this vote. england looks smaller in the world in the footprint it has and many people who supported brexit didn't know what they were getting into. many of the leaders of brexit are walking away and disappearing from the scene like boris johnson just stepped back after taking britain over the brexit cliff. so people are really frustrated and angry but they are told there might be an opportunity to create enough political pressure that this gets redone. i think you're seeing people come out of the streets because they realize their future is not the future of europe. >> there are a lot of notable economists there. what are they saying about brexit? >> they are saying it can have devastating implications on the economy and in the uk. the uk may split up. i just moderate add forum on brexit, we had 850 people show up to a late night session to hear all this. >> wow. >> it was an amazing turnout.
5:56 am
in the discussion we had richard haass, assistant secretary of europe, i think they are basically saying when it comes to london manage one of the preeminent financial houses in the world, that's not doable. richard branson said virgin lost one-third of the value because of the brexit vote. you look at the economy, that means recession, unemployment, fewer jobs and fewer opportunities for british citizens throughout the rest of europe. it has staggering economic consequences and political consequences. >> have you to wonder, the foresight, was that not communicated to those that supported brexit? what was it that made them pursue brexit if they thought about all you're suggesting being fallout. >> lousy leadership, communication, lousy marketing
5:57 am
of the benefits that have come from being integrated with europe and really hyping the challenges from migration into the uk, which is larger. there was a lot of fear mongering. this was a brexit vote with fear mongering, a lot of lies to citizens. those in favor of remaining part of the european union didn't meet that challenge very well. that's the bottom line. you're seeing a lot of people who led on the brekts vote walking away as they have seen british economy and british pound really collapse i think that's what's going on, which is tragic. the biggest search term, what is the european union. a lot of people who were stuck with a situation they didn't know about the details. >> most unfortunate situation. steve, i know we planned to bring you on to talk about the
5:58 am
attack planned by isis in bangladesh, we had to switch gears because of what's happening with brexit. but bangladesh, what makes it such an appealing country for isis to cultivate? >> because to be able to destabilize a fragile countries with bangladesh, two candidates at war, incumbent focusing it's firepower not on terrorist groups but on the opponent political party, it's able to demonstrate it can shake up and project its power and project alternative vision. one of the differences in governance there is over things like whether islam and the constitution should be mentioned or not. it's created space in bangladesh for not only islamic terrorism groups but remarkably al qaeda and isis inspired groups which just wasn't the case in bangladesh before. they are able to show how much
5:59 am
projection power they have by doing this. >> always good to have you on the broadcast. happy fourth. >> thank you, alex. it is an about face on capitol hill. why the democratic sit-in might lead to a vote on gun control. a leading voice in congress joins me coming up. with hydrogenated oil... ...but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy.
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