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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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weeks before that happens. a calendar hinted at but the investigation is within their domain. so here is what we can tell you. we're outside her residence in washington, d.c. earlier this morning two vehicles, secret service vehicles, of course, pulled away from the scene here. so we can only speculate that perhaps the former secretary of state was in those vehicles. that's what we know. now, related to donald trump and his private meeting today, we know the indiana governor mike pence flew in from indiana last night and will be spending time with trump at one of his golf resorts where he has a residence as well. that meeting is part of the vetting process sources tell us is happening involving mike pence, involving chris christie, the new jersey governor and the former house speaker newt gingrich who you had a clip of there. we know gingrich is vetted. he's participating in that. the question will be who ultimately gets picked. part of what we can tell you that's been happening is these are critical days when normally
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a candidate might be out doing public events. for both clinton and trump, they are doing some of the most important things behind the scenes. >> hillary clinton's washington, d.c., home has been busy with comings and goings this week. clinton has no public events today but her interview with the fbi about her private e-mail server is expected soon. her campaign is not commenting. on the republican side, the intrigue is about the running mate search. nbc news because the up with newt gingrich in aspend. the former house speaker said it's trump's call but he's open to joining the ticket. >> something i would discuss seriously with donald. >> gingrich with new jersey governor chris christie andened governor mike pence are all being vetted by trump's team. nbc news learned pence will meet
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with trump today at this sprawling trump national golf resort. >> we're going to win, win -- >> in colorado, a conservative event with angry confrontations outside and trump fanned the flames over bill clinton's private meeting with the attorney general. >> bill clinton goes in the other day into an airplane. >> trump was incredulous the former president visited with loretta lynch at the phoenix airport to talk golf and grandkids while the justice department is investigating hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> he opened up a pandora's box. >> after widespread criticism over how that locked, the attorney general expressed regret. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again, because it has cast a shadow. >> the criticism about that meeting was coming from both democrats and republicans. republicans, however, had been calling for the attorney general to formally recuse her self.
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democrats did not suggest that was likely and we had no indication the attorney general would do that. what she did make clear as a political appointee she will take the recommendation of the career prosecutors and professionals inside the justice department who are not appointed by a president of either party and follow what they tell her are the investigative findings of this matter relating to private e-mail server. so in that way the attorney general is trying to remove her self from the politics. of course in an election year politics is everywhere. alex. >> i was going to say, good luck with that. thank you so much kelly o'donnell outside the residence in washington. joining me writer for the hill and washington correspondent usa today paul singer. good to see you both. i'll reach out to you first. what are expectations of these meetings and hillary clinton and fbi. >> no one knows whether she's ultimately going to end up
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indicted. that has been the big fantasy or hope of her opponents both on the republican side and perhaps some diehard supporters of bernie sanders. we'll just have to see how this goes. obviously from the clinton side, the advantage of this -- there aren't many but the advantage, as kelly noted in her report, this will soon be over with for good or for bad. >> in terms of the end game here, paul, do you think the investigation on the e-mail server will end up playing like benghazi investigation. we saw that wrapped up in its totality and kind of went out with a whimper. >> you have two different investigations here. the benghazi investigation became a huge dispute, political dispute over whether or not something had gone wrong. republicans on the committee released hundreds of pages of documents saying basically draw your own conclusions. there's a lot of odd stuff in here. an fbi investigation is a different thing.
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there's no reason to present document aches, under no ensemble bags to say anything about it. in this case, the e-mail investigation begins with the recognition from the clintons that they actually did do something they shouldn't have done. the question now is simply is it criminal activity or a dumb idea. >> paul, the loretta lynch, last organization you put there, is there surprise that either of them made what seems now to be a pretty big political misstep. >> you don't expect these people to be dumb about politics and political optics. bill clinton is getting a little sloppy in his old age, because he loves talking to people anyway. he'll talk to anybody. i think he wasn't thinking it through. i don't know why she got on the airplane. she shouldn't have had this conversation with him. you don't expect political professionals to do something that looks like amateurs. >> now loretta lynch seems to be having some regret about it.
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here is what she says at the meeting. >> the issue is how it impacts the work. i certainly wouldn't do it again. important thing for me as attorney general is integrity of the department of justice of the fact that the meeting i had is now casting a shadow over how people are going to view that work is something i take seniorsly and deeply and painfully. >> and her association notwithstanding, nile, how does this look for the clinton campaign? >> i think it looks terrible to be perfectly honest. i agree with what paul said about bill clinton. i think there is a real issue here and it goes beyond people who would be disposed, this idea they live in a rarified world unlike other americans is really underlined by this. have you a former president. you have former president and the attorney general side by side in private jets. the whole concept of loretta lynch answering questions about this at the aspend idea
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festival, the whole episode goes to the idea the clintons live in a different world to most people and most of the voters who hillary clinton is trying to win support from. >> i want to get to writings about hillary clinton's top vp pick, your top pick is tim kaine. do you think it will have impact at all? >> there are drawbacks to tim kaine as a choice. one of the reasons we had him as top of our list at the hill, he seems to dove tail with hillary clinton's political positions and temperamentally wouldn't overshadow her the way someone like elizabeth warren might. there are questions around tim kaine, the issue you mentioned is one of the issues, alex. the other, on abortion he has a more moderate or conservative i think would be an unfair word but certainly a less liberal record than many parts of the
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base would want. >> a big month for hillary campaign. you talk about how june was biggest month. of the entire season she doubled her fundraising totals. why such a large surge? >> this the first month hillary clinton is assumed to be the presidential candidate for democrats. now she can no longer be dividing the field of donors, now all the donors are flowing to her. also because she's been able to wrap up the primary season. of course bernie sanders has not endorsed her or withdrawn officially but she's the nominee. this the time you would expect her to begin a major fundraising boost ahead of the convention and you see the money flowing in. it's a contrast to where donald trump has been. a tremendous lead in fundraising. he's start add campaign to raise money. miss steps of sending e-mails to the wrong people. we will have to see shortly
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whether he's able to keep up with her tremendous engine of money. >> what about the report that she is advertising to the tune of about half a million dollars a day, three separate battleground states. and he's not spending a dime. >> that's right. again, donald trump's campaign looks like it has not yet gotten off the ground for the general election whereas hillary clinton's cam in is raising a lot of money, spending a lot, doing a lot of advertising, having staff on the ground. she's getting a lead in these early months, early weeks and he's going to have to catch up to that lead at some point. the question now is whether it matters whether you build the lead in june or july, can the other opponent catch up in august or september. that's what we have to see with donald trump. >> we'll be watching. both of you thanks very much, happy july 4th. breaking news, terror attack in bangladesh has come to a deadly conclusion. at least 20 civilians killed after gunmen stormed bakery and
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restaurant in the capital city of dhaka. that siege ended 12 hours later when troops entered the building. lucy is monitoring the situation for us. what's the very latest? >> reporter: pope francis condemning dhaka calling it an offense against god and humanity. authorities in bangladesh till trying to piece together the details of this tragedy. we don't have a clear picture of the identity of all of the victims or assailants. what is clear, however, is that it was a horrifying ordeal for everyone involved. this morning a dramatic end to a night of terror in bangladesh capital. police and armed forces rushing into a restaurant where gunmen held captives killing six and rescuing hostages.
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it was a terrifying standoff that lasted through the night. gunfire still ringing out this morning in the final moments of the siege. new grim details from an army general. the attackers using sharp weapons slaughtered 20 civilians including foreigners. no americans are known to be among the dead. this was supposed to be the most cure corner of the city. the upscale gulshan neighborhood close to dhaka's diplomatic zone popular with foreigners. the american embassy a 15-minute walk away. the target an upscale bakery by day, a popular restaurant by night. one of the few hot spots where foreigners were certain to gather friday evening. isis claiming responsibility through its news agency saying islamic state commandos carried out the attack on the cafe frequented by foreigners. no confirmation from u.s. or local officials. alex, that gruesome detail about
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sharp objects being killed some of the victims, knives, machetes, we simply don't know. we're hearing italian citizens might be manning dead, japanese citizens unaccounted for. isis claimed responsibilities on foreign killing before but nothing of this magnitude. whoever was behind this was on a mission to terrify and terrify is what they did. >> lucy kafinov in london. thank you, lucy. more fireworks of a the 4th? the threat from democrats to force a vote on gun legislation. is there possibly another house sit-in on the floor?
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no bill, no break. >> that was 10 days ago during a sit-in by house democrats demanding a vote be held on gun legislation. this coming week the house will be voting on gun legislation which will include a measure to block suspected terrorists from buying guns. newark representative carol m malo maloney was one that part patzed in the sit-in. you did one in a park a week later. this is very much on your radar. we want to talk about this. le talk about quinnipiac, a poll that shows 59% support a ban. 86 no fly no buy. is assault weapon issues of mental health and terrorism. where do you want this to go? >> we're pleased we're going to have a vote in the congress. we were certainly not told that when we adjourned.
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we voted against adjourning, we wanted to stay and get a vote on no fly, no buy, which simply says if you're a terrorist and you're so dangerous you can't fly in an american plane, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. that's a simple truth and the majority of republicans and democrats in our country agree with that we also need comprehensive background checks. there are too many loopholes. to many ways people are not covered. certainly background checks will help us keep guns out of mentally ill dangerous and terrorists hands. but i firmly support also a ban on assault weapons because most of our mass murders that have taken place in our country, and we're unique in the number of mass murders, believe me, if guns made us safer, we would be the safest country on earth. we have more guns poer capita
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than any other nation. ar-15, it's a military type gun, not used to hunt or self-defense. it's used to quickly kill many people. it was this type of gun used in orlando, in the movie theaters, at the town hall meeting of my colleague gabby giffords and used in really the terrible, terrible shooting that took place in the elementary school in connecticut. after each one, i think surely the country will act, we will do something to stop these assault weapons. so i feel that assault weapons -- it halved in '94, expired in 2004 and i i believe it should be reinstated. >> when you talk about you think after each one of these horrific events the country is going to wake up, you and me me both. how do you expect the vote to go this week? do you think it was a wakeup call for your republican colleagues? >> i hope so. i hope when they went back to districts they heard from constituents to take common sense gun safety. it depends what bill is put on
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the floor. if it is senator cronin's bill that failed in the senate, i do not believe democrats will support it because it has too many loopholes in it. it's not effective. we are supporting senator collins bill that is a bipartisan bill. we're supporting comprehensive background checks and a no buy, no fly. these are simple common sense bills that will help. it's not the answer but it certainly is a step in the right direction to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, many ill and dangerous people. >> let's shift gears, talk about upcoming economy, you were joined and show gdp has grown 1.6 times faster under a democratic president since
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truman. what is your message to those that feel stagnant in this economy and think maybe a businessman like donald trump will be better than a politician. >> if you look at history, the economy has consistently performed better under a democratic president since world war ii than republicans in private sector job growth. it's been 2.5% versus only 1% for the republicans. it has been better under every -- obama's job performance has been better in creating new jobs than bush 1, bush 2, and ike, president eisenhower. he's produced 14 million private sector jobs, 75 months of consistent job growth, the longest stretch in history. the policies of the democrats we based our study on original study princeton binder and watson and certainly decisions affected and policies affected.
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certainly oil prices, wars in the middle east, drive up prices, certainly our efforts to improve our infrastructure, invest in education and in our own country, all of these factors are part. certainly confidence are all important factors in creating more job growth consistently under democrat presidents versus republican. >> well, new york representative carol maloney, i hope you have a festivity fourth and hope to see you again. >> you, too. >> thank you. new book shedding light on president obama's biggest accomplishments and failures and the impact it could have on november's election.
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this new dog treat called max and dentalife.covered it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. (vo) introducing purina dentalife. for life. over the past eight years, president obama has been accused of being a socialist, dictator, an alienator of allies, appeaser
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of enemies. mark hannah, democratic political analyst, the best worst president what the right gets wrong about president obama. joining us with insider perspective joins me to separate fact from fiction. you dedicate to your father who taught you how to debate and your wife who taught you not to. let's get to the title here, what do you mean by the best worst president. >> it speaks to polarization of partisan politics in the country and accusations hurled against this president. they haven't been thoughtful, substantive critiques, they have been extremist on some levels. it's not enough to say the president didn't do a good job here. we hear dick cheney saying he's the worst president of his lifetime using extreme rhetoric. donald trump has taken up that moniker, so i try to pull back
6:26 am
the curtain on right wing lies and hypocrisy, try to fight fiction with fact. >> you do a great job, reality and supposition and reality. what do you think is the president's greatest accomplishment and then for that matter his biggest failure. >> i think the biggest domestic accomplishments, one of the largest legacies he'll leave behind is obama care, some form of universal health care has been sought by democratic presidents going back nearly a decade and failed, frankly. there have been -- nobody has been able to do this. so the republicans will criticizes the presidents for pushing it past the congress in a party line vote. but this is something everybody else has failed to do. this president has succeeded. also we forget that the economic state of the union was in tatters when the president took over. so he avert add second greed a
6:27 am
depression. i don't think he's given that. american allies, european, japanese, eastern europe, south american have a higher regard for american leadership with president obama in office. >> okay. those are good things. give me a failure. >> look, i try to be clearheaded and open minded about failures. one of the things the president said he regrets, he came into his presidency hoping to unite the country saying there are no red states or blue states, the united states. i don't think any single president has the power to bridge that divide. the partisan politics runs so deep in our country. certainly a lot of that failure has been attributable to the republican obstructionists in congress. but this president hasn't been able to find common ground against all those head winds. i think he said that's one of the regrets. >> how do you think history will reflect on president obama? >> i make it clear in the book, i am -- have a perspective here.
6:28 am
i have a progressive perspective. i have defended this president, i worked for him for a short time. i think historians when they look at the facts, which is what i try to do in this book, and look empirically at the record, the theories about this president, he'll be held up as a great unifier or at least somebody who stabilized the economy and restored american prestige. i think also as first black president, the symbolic power of this presidency cannot be understated. you mentioned dedication my dad, i hope at the dinner table have a conservative uncle in their lives, they don't roll their eyes when they start hating on obama at the barbecue or family picnic, they actually engage. this book is meant to be a
6:29 am
handbook to arm liberals with these facts that frankly refute the conservative ideas. >> it's a great book i have to say. can i ask you questionicly you worked with barack obama, john kerry, what do you think hillary clinton should be focusing on for victory in september? >> they are in a tough spot. some of the staff members told me they don't have a playbook for donald trump. they have never seen anything like this. they have to be very clear and very focused on touting their candidate, showing her comparative benefits without getting in the mud with donald trump. they need to be able to tap into the same frustration he's tapping into without using the same sort of racist or demagoguic language he's using. she's a diplomat, she's obviously secretary of state, she needs to play to her strengths. i think the american people will be clearheaded when it comes to 2016. >> mark, thank you very much. the book is great, pick it up
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt at world news headquarters. bangladesh, hostage siege in bangladesh is over but not without a costly toll. the attack on the restaurant in dhaka left at least 20 civilians dead. military officials say six attackers have been killed. isis claiming responsibility for the siege according to an isis news agency. joining me now foreign policy and analyst, let's talk about bangladesh. why choose bangladesh? it's a muslim country? why should that be isis target? >> isis picks its targets to achieve a couple goals.
6:34 am
in order to still put it's self on the map as a terrorist organization, to claim that sort of relevance, isis would like to carry on the attacks outside of iraq and syria and the immediate neighborhood. what we saw in istanbul this week was an act of terror planned, coordinated and organized by isis central, what i like to call isis central. that is the actual core isis that operates inside iraq and syria. but to say and be able to claim they can be effective outside the middle east, outside their backyard, they do carry out attacks in places such as europe or in places like asia. bangladesh is a poor muslim county in asia. to be able to have a foothold there, to have central or isis regional, maybe an affiliate of isis in bangladesh, carry out such an attack is a great claim to victory, helps carrying out propaganda, inspires recruits
6:35 am
and young men to join them because they see isis is effective even though they have come under tremendous pressure and suffered losses in the battle fields of syria and iraq? >> isis did not claim responsibility for turkey on tuesday but it did claim responsibility for bangladesh. why do you think it claims responsibility for one and not the other. were they not behind the airport attack in istanbul. >> every sort of indicator and all the sort of facts indicate that isis was, in fact, behind what happened in istanbul, from the nature of the attack, planning and the way it was carried out, also the objectives. what were they trying to achieve. this was not the actions of kurdish separatist group. first of allish the attackers we know now came from chechnya and central asian countries like kurdistan, they were after a particular to inflict as much
6:36 am
collateral damage and terror and fear as possible. now, why did an isis central became responsibility for istanbul is perhaps they yesterdayton want to have the full wrath of the turkish government unleashed upon them. perhaps as you know, the istanbul ataturk airport, the very airport they attacked has been a major hub from jihadis coming from central europe to asia going from turkey to fight against syria and assad. isis would love to take credits for acts -- spectacular acts of terror, what you saw in belgium, what you saw in france and now what you're seeing in bangladesh. that is exactly what isis would like to take credit for. >> real quick, ramadan, why this month? it's a holy month? >> it a holy month. the vast majority of the muslim world would just fast after they break their fast, spend time
6:37 am
with families and partake in festivities. for isis this is a month of blood shed. if it's a holy month this means their suicide bombings will get double credit from god. that's what they are doing. but they are also showing they are indiscriminate killers, going after muslims and non-muslims. a final point, despite of fundamentalist radical im, now competing grounds between isis, al qaeda and other organizations. for the past couple of years, lgtb activists, secular bloggers, professors other muslim minorities, shia, al mudi, christians have come under attack. it's interesting to note when have you a very highly densely populated country and very poor, it becomes real fertile grounds for recruitment. >> thank you very much for your
6:38 am
insights, i appreciate them. meantime let's get right to morgan radford, at one of the busiest airports in new york, jfk. morgan, what are you seeing there today? >> people are trickling in. beefed up security also. jfk had a security scare just three days ago. thankfully everything is moving along smoothly. there are still 1,000 newly minted nypd officers just sworn in yesterday who are now patrolling new york. 5,000 officers in chicago. then the coast guard is sweeping the west coast. but alex, a lot of the travelers whom i spoke to said frankly they feel pretty safe because they say this is relatively the new normal. they are aware that terror threats and terror assessments are happening continuously in this day and age. they are moving along business as usual. still, alex, 80% of travelers actually going to airports. 85% of them are moving on the ground, on their wheels. partly that's because gas is now $2.28 per gallon. that's a significant reduction
6:39 am
from the $2.76 per gallon it was this time last year. lots of people on the move this holiday weekend, alex. >> morgan radford thanks for keeping your eyes at jfk. appreciate that. joining us a former senior executive for department of transportation during george w. bush administration. welcome to you. so in light of recent events, how concerned should air travelers be? do you think our air travel is safe? if you're going to take a flight, what's going through your mind. >> things are safe. tsa doing a much better job than they have in the past at securing the airports and trying to get lines under control. a lot of times isis terrorist actions, they don't necessarily react to things we in the west find important like the fourth of july weekend. they are intent on methodical planning. whenever they feel ready to do something, that's the timetable they are driven by. so i wouldn't be concerned at all to travel this weekend. >> how about locations in the airports, the attack in turkey,
6:40 am
brussels in march. they both happened outside of that airport security zone that any traveler has to go through around the world now. is building out the security zones an answer to that practically speaking? can you create a foolproof barrier? >> you really can't produce a foolproof barrier but what you can do is move the security zones forward and then utilize what's called a defense in-depth to try to keep potential bad guys from getting into areas where large numbers of individuals are congregating. you'll see washington national will move security zones with a billion dollar face-lift over the next few years to try to make it so people can't get as far into the airport as they have in the past. you're right, nothing is foolproof. >> think about that. you and i talking about the aerpts, you heard morgan radford previously say 85% of folks are traveling by car. for those who are traveling at
6:41 am
bus depots, using train stations how hard is it to try to secure those places. >> it's hard. part of being a free society and having free movement, we can come and go. in this day and age, one of the things we can do is pay attention when you're looking around. if there's unattended luggage, something looks out of the ordinary, you see suspicious activity, maybe taking notes or watching as police move around, speak up and say something to somebody because we all have to look after each other this weekend. >> those are very, very true words. we'll end it there, thank you so much and happy fourth and safe travels. >> thanks. political hepa loot at what indiana's governor could bring to the campaign as vice president and possible tension on the presidential nominee's staff. viagra when they need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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a potentially big day in veepstakes. let's bring in deputy communications director for rnc. always good to see you. let's talk veepstakes. as you know trump is meeting with indiana governor mike pence. he's someone recently in the conversation. what do you think he brings to the table and do you thinktrump? >> i think governor pence is a safe pick in a lot of ways, would be for any nominee, actually. governor pence is known within the conservative movement and provides a lot of credibility there, a place that donald trump has struggled to get traction given a recent evolution on a bunch of issues. on the other hand, low i.d. nationally, doesn't bring the sort of star power that a newt gingrich or chris christie would, what doesn't bring the national security credentials
6:46 am
that a mike flynn or tom cotton would. >> i'm going to ask my director to put up a graphic, seven names being considered. is there anybody else that you think other than these, and those you've just mentioned, that should be on the list and are not? >> well, you know, there's always been this question of, you know, donald trump knows television. so will he pull someone from way off that list, if he can, to make a big splash, get the news cycle for quite a while? i think he's quite capable of that. but in that case it will probably be someone are or i couldn't pick out of a hat. >> although if anyone could, you could. trump says he's expanding his staff. he's also losing them, at least two staffers have resigned this week. what does that tell you, sarah, about the state of his campaign and is that a red flag to you? >> a lot of people thought when corey lewandowski was fired, one faction had taken control within the campaign. i think, given the
6:47 am
tumultuousness of this week in terms of staff, what this means is this hasn't really quelled whatever is going on inside the campaign. it's not a particularly good sign as anyone who hasn't worked in politics can guess. but he has been picking up more staff than he's been losing. that being said, campaigns are like a treadmill that keeps speeding up. just because he's adding staff now doesn't mean he's going to catch up to the clinton campaign in terms of staff or fundraising. so i think a lot of us are looking for that next round of numbers to see if he's gotten the message that he's behind. >> how about talking money here? trump has reportedly just added 85 people to his finance team. it's like quintupling its size. can all those hires really make him competitive with hillary clinton? she started the month with almost 40 times as much cash on hand as he did. >> well, i think that hillary clinton's problem is going to be hillary clinton. she has enormously high negatives. her trustworthy numbers aren't good.
6:48 am
and then what you saw with i think the attorney general and her husband meeting on that tarmac, i'm sure her trustworthy numbers will be even lower in the next round of polling. >> but sarah -- >> money is not going to get her out of that. >> optics aside, does anybody really think president clinton went on board that plane to discuss hillary clinton's e-mail serve issue with loretta lynch, or did they discuss their grandchildren like loretta lynch reported? >> he's either the stupidist ex-president that ever existed, or this was meant as a form of soft intimidation. hillary clinton is interviewing with the fbi this weekend, from the reports i've seen. so the timing couldn't be worse in that sense. for folks like me, absolutely i believe this was a form of soft
6:49 am
intimidation if not that they discussed it outright. >> sarah flores, as always, weighing in on the issues. we'll be right back. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. good morning, everyone. we have a lot of news and politics to cover today. we begin with the latest on the deadly end to an 11-hour standoff in the capital of bangladesh. police say gunmen killed 20 hostages. troops were able to rescue 13 offense and killed six of the gunmen. a seventh was arrested.
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msnbc will continue to follow the story and bring you the latest developments. right now i want to turn to news at home. in the race for 2016, it's all about the veep stakes right now. i want you to listen to something that happened on
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