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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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6x cleaning*, 6x whiteningá in the certain spots that i get very sensitive... ...i really notice a difference. and at two weeks superior sensitivity relief to sensodyne i actually really like the two steps! step 1 cleans and relieves sensitivity, step 2 whitens. it's the whole package. no one's done this. crest - healthy, beautiful smiles for life. hello, everyone. high noon here. we have some breaking in us. we're being told that that horrific attack there in bangladesh in the capital city, which erupted yesterday and was concluded early this morning local time, as a result of that attack, we are being told by the u.s. state department that one u.s. citizen was among those that were senselessly murdered in this attack. and to go on the statement reads
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the united states joins the people of bangladesh in condemning the brutal act of terrorism in dhaka. we offer our deepest condolences to the 20 or more slain and officers killed or injured respond tog this attack. we'll have more details in a live report from london. again, the whereupon date, one u.s. citizen was killed in the horrific attack in bangladesh by terrorists. we also have big news from the conventions on the way. donald trump has announced this morning via tweet he will release the list of speakers on wednesday add aing the slots are totally filleded with a long waiting list of those that want to speak. reported friday ben carson is among the speak r rs who i will trump has said his wife and all four of his children will take the stage and newt gingrich on trump's short list for vice presidential picks is is is slated to speak at the aspen ideas conference in colorado about an hour from now. vice president joe biden will appear later this afternoon.
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biden himself has a a busy week joining hillary clinton on the campaign trail. in his birthplace of scranton, pennsylvania, on friday. but before she hits the keystone state, clinton will head to trump's former turf, atlantic city, where he once ran several casinos and hotels. but first, hillary clinton is preparing for a long awaited step in the legal drama surround ing her private e-mail. and she could be interviewed by the fbi as early as today. kelly o'donnell is outside the clinton residence in washington, d.c. another good day to you. you've been keeping your eyes peeleded on that front door all day. do we believe mrs. clinton has had this interview? can you hear me? >> sorry, alex, i had that funny feeling that something might have gone wrong with our connection for a a moment.
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yes, did i have that oh, my gosh, she's on camera not responding to me look? that's always pleasant. >> just fine. get right to it. >> very good. all right, the update. we had a flurry of activity here a few minutes ago. the secret service vehicles we saw depart the home here in washington, d.c. early this morning, have now returned. there was a lot of activity that suggests someone being protected by the secret service has in fact returned. now, i'm giving you all those qualifiers because we have no official response from hillary clinton's team or from the department of justice and we are accustomed to seeing secret service vehicles move in and out when there's a shift change, that kind of thing, but this was a bit different, so we believe that from that, we can e der rooif that she has returned to her home. there's been a lot of peculation that the time had come for the fbi to interview clinton about her use of a private e-mail server and the handling of classified information during the time she was secretary of
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state. we had been told that the fbi was preparing for that, but we were not given a specific date. secretary clinton was gone for about four hours today. and there's been speculation that the fbi interview took place. we cannot confirm that, we don't know that is true. we do know that a number of people close to secretary clinton have gone through their interviews with the fbi and we've bonn told the investigation that's been lengthy, is approaching its end, so those are all the qualifiers. now, part of what has gotten a lot of attention in the last week is what is described as chance meeting between the former president, bill clinton, and current attorney general. both were at the phoenix airport. their aircraft were there. they were aware that they were both there. and the former president went over to the attorney general's aircraft, got on board, they had about a 30-minute meeting. each of them says they talked about social things, golf, grandchildren, those kind of
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things, nothing to do with the specifics of the case that is being investigated related to the e-mail server. that got a lot of attention so on friday, the attorney general talked about her concerns about the appearance of that meeting. here's a clip of that. >> most important thing for me as the attorney general is is the integrity of this department of justice. and the fact that the meeting that i had is now casting a shadow over how people are going to view that work is is something that i take seriously and deeply and painfully. >> so, what she also explains is that she intended to take the recommendations, whatever they may be, from the career professionals at the department of justice, because she is a political appointee and to go forward with whatever they decide at the outcome of their investigation and so, we have no campaign events for hillary clinton today. none for donald trump. we believe he is meeting with mike pence, who is on the running mate list. an interview, get to know you
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session. it's an important weekend for both campaigns while many americans are enjoying some time with families and barbecues and hot dogs. >> all right, kelly o'donnell in washington. thank you for that. joining me now, josh barrow, senior editor of business insider. joy reid and hugh hewitt, political analyst rather, i got that right. for msnbc. also host of the hugh hewitt show on the salem radio network. hello. i'm glad to have you here. we're going tog ladies first. especially because she's right here in studio with me. joy, the first order of business today really is this apparent meeting between hillary clinton and the fbi. the expeck tases from this meeting and do we think it's happening today? >> it's not clear, but in the next couple of days. i think the good news for the hillary clinton campaign is that the interview with hillary signals this investigation is coming to an end. there was some word that what
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the investigation was in part waiting on was the overall investigation that it came from, which was the benghazi select committee, to finish their work. of course the committee largely taed away from the minutia about the e-mails because that had been taken up by the justice department. i think it's prnt for the clinton campaign to get this behind them. >> do you expect rather the expectations from democrats versus those of republicans, are they vastly different? >> i think they are. i think republicans quite frankly hope there is some sort of indictment out of it. most democrats i talk to see the chances are incredibly small because of the fact that in the case of the e-mails that hillary clinton sent that were then later classified, they were classified after the fact and so, we've even talked on my show, the legal experts, if she had sent information classified beforehand, that would be it. but the fact these were e-mails that were sent and received and later classified, there isn't a crime, so they have to still go
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through. james comey is a man of incredible integrity. i can't imagine he's acting politically. he's being thorough, doing what he has today and lynch is very smart to step out and let him do his job. >> and accept whatever. josh, i want to get your take. will the e-mail probe play out like the benghazi port, which by some instances can be a whimper in terms of trying to put clinton in a place of responsibility. >> yeah, i think mostly the e-mail scandal is a thing that people who already had a negative view of hillary clinton latch on to to explain why they have the negative view they have and i think her supporters generally will dismiss it as not terribly important. i think there's this broader issue of the clinton's having a multidecade track record of behave ng a way that they don't care about appearances so long as they stay within the letter of the law. i think you saw this in everything from the speaking fees from goldman sachs to the
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foreign government donations to the clinton foundation to the top clinton aides on private payrolls at the same time they were working at the state department. it's whether they were creating a reasonable impression there's undue influence being exerted by somebody somewhere and i think that's showing up in hillary clinton's very bad numbers in terms of trustworthyness. her numbers aren't as bad as trumps. it's not that this e-mails specifically are going to get her in trouble, but i think there's this broader pattern that has caught up with her at a time when people don't trust accomplishments and i think that together has been a real political liability. >> hugh, i'd like to get from you, a sober, nonpartisan assessment of how the bill clinton lynch tarmac meeting has played out. she's admitted it was bad on theics optic, regrets it. is it unfair to make more of it than that? >> absolutely not.
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i served as a special assistant to two energy general. i was shocked by the meeting. she has not stepped out of it. she should. she should recuse herself and have no knowledge of what is underway. she should not be able to tip off bill or hillary clinton as to what is coming from director comey, who has the greatest reputation in washington, d.c., but she has not recused herself, which is the appropriate legal standard. having made this incredibly atonnishingly issue of bad judgment by meeting with a relation of someone who is a subject of investigation, she ought to be remove frd the field. it's not about the e-mails. it's about the server. the 33,000 e-mails that were deleted and the fact that 18 says you shall not knowingly evade and store inappropriately anything that could contain classified information, so while a lot of clinton fans want to dismiss this about e-mails and
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minimize it, it's in fact an incredibly serious issue of national security and mike moral appeared, states the russians, iranian and chinese have everything on that server. she's disqualified from being president in my view because of that. gl i will make a good point and steve you make a good point, beyond just e-mails, but the fact lynch has not recused herself, do you suggest she's still going to try to exert some influence? >> i suggest the standard applied for general smith or niece when they recuse themselves is they take themselves out of the the line of decision completely and have no knowledge of what is going op. so what she did is part of an ongoing ethical nightmare and i doubt you could find on any network any law professor in the country who teaches the model code of professional responsibility, who would say her statement yesterday is
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adequate to the situation from which she must recuse herself who's had inappropriate contact with the subject of an investigation. not necessarily the target, but the target is usually investigated last. we know the former secretary of state is being investigated and interviewed last. she ought to get the hell away from this and have no because impropriety. she ought to do the recusal. >> joy is here in studio with me and she's shaking her head. >> i think that first of all, that was my friend hugh has just stated, the conservative republican case. but it is an incredible overstatement to declare that bill clinton is the subject of an investigation, which he is not. so, this was not contact with hillary clinton and to characterize the two of them happening to be in phoenix and bill clinton deciding completely inappropriately by the way, to make small talk with the attorney general as meeting is a gross overcharacterization of what happened in phoenix, but it's typical f o the partisan
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response of everything that has to do with the clintons. because partly, we are in the middle of a hotly contested presidential race. bill clinton is not the subject of any investigation gags by the attorney general, the fbi. he's not the subject so calling him that is grossly, factually wrong and by the way, having somebody formerly in government categorically state on the radio that the russians and chinese have everything in the server is not credible because that's not an investigator of the united states government saying that. that's a partisan member on a show, he can say whatever hemts, so i think he need to be careful about overstating because you're also setting up an expectation among conservatives who listen to you there's going to be this grand criminal investigation and hillary clinton is on her way to prison from what you've characterized. how are you going to explain that? >> perhaps i misspoke, i said that the attorney general ought
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not to have met with the relative of a subject of the investigation, although it is possible bill clinton is indeed the subject because of the clinton foundation finances. >> where do you have evidence? >> we know that hillary clinton is and what i said was or what i thought i said, is that the attorney general ought not to have met with the spouse or a relative of the subject of investigation. >> run into an airport, ought not have run into randomly. >> hugh -- >> just don't do it. >> it was suggested earlier on our network last night, that had bill clinton given but five minutes of thought before making this imprompt u hello, that he wouldn't have done it. he would have thought, yeah, maybe not good. do you know him well enough to know he is the kind of guy, he's social and he'll talk to anybody, and that was maybe what was behind it or you have a mind set there was some under current he was trying to subliminally
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influence. >> no, i don't think happened. i don't think a thing happened. i think they talked about their grandparents. there is a rule about prosecutors and the appearance of impropriety. the fix in phoenix is on an encrypted phone, prosecutors do not meet with the spouses of subjects of investigations. period. doesn't happen. when that mistake happen, you go to the judge, say i really screwed up, sorry. i'm recusine myself, i'm out of the case. you might endanger the entire thing. she should not have met with somebody represented by council, so it's a massive lapse of judgment by the attorney general and the former president, but it ought to trigger sealing off from the investigation and i want to go back and say manager about former deputy of the cia, mike who rall. he's not partisan. he severed president obama and with secretary clinton and when he confirmed to me the terrible national security hemorrhage that was the server, he wasn't speaking into the partisan.
9:16 am
>> but he was speculating. >> but he doesn't know. >> it's called expert testimony. >> he's speculating. >> josh, it's called expert testimony. when you're the director of the cia, you know -- >> so, he's a smart guy. doesn't mean he knows what happened. >> not a smart guy. not a smart guy. the director of the cia, what happens to unencrypted servers, josh. >> he does not have knowledge. >> you guys work with that. take it. go with it. go with that. >> he does not have knowledge of what happened with this specific -- >> fine. >> he's guessing. >> directors of cis know what happens when the russians and iranian surveil. >> they just don't release it on the radio. how does he have evidence that the russians and chy these hacked into the server. that's a bombshell. >> there's a line in char yots of fire. i can't put in what god left out. i've worked in the intelligence
9:17 am
business. people who work in the intelligence business know when the director of the cia says something like that, they are speaking from the experience of having monitored the adverse hostile agencies, and others and north korea, iran, china and russia. what they do routinely and you don't have to go very far to find experts who will confirm this. the reason the fbi's gone after is payoff what she did. >> he could say that it is likely that the russians would have gotten access to some server, but he does not know. he is making a guess perhaps an informed guess, but that's you know, if he knows this, he shouldn't be saying it on your radio show. what he is doing zsh -- >> josh, go look it up. that is not reflecttive of the great work he did bipartisan over 30 years. >> i'm sure he is a talented man and served the country well. he's not omniscient just because
9:18 am
he served the country well. he's guessing and this is a guess that conservatives -- >> do you want to hear the information? do you want to hear the information from someone who's held the clearances? there isn't a shadow of the doubt that surveillance was conducted. you probably have never been close to a clearance, i get that, but if you had been -- >> hugh, don't patronize me. >> i'm sorry, i have to. >> no, you don't. what you are doing -- hugely irresponsible speculation. and -- >> do you have any intelligence background? >> presented as a fact. >> do you have any intelligence background. >> no, i do not, but i don't need it to know this person is guessing. >> i will let the audience judge whether or not someone who has no intelligence background can make a informed statement about that server. >> the cia produced a lot of estimates related to the in advance of the remark war and suf. just because somebody has worked
9:19 am
in the intelligence apparatus does not mean they are an omniscient person. >> listen, going to let josh have the last word there. hugh, i'll talk to you in just a little bit about why a few weeks agoing, you were comparing trump to a stage four cancer and now, you're writing an endorsement of him. thank you, joy. you're probably like time to take a break. thank you all very much. meantime, the stand off in bangladesh is over. what we know about the fire fight to save the hostages and what we're learning about the armed attackers. man, my feet are killin' me.
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new information about the victims of the terror attack at a popular restaurant in bangladesh. a u.s. citizen was indeed among the 20 civilians killed in that
9:23 am
attack. we are monitoring the situation from london. so, what are we hearing on this? >> unfortunately, not a lot that we can expand on at the moment. we don't know the gender, the age, the location that this u.s. citizen is from. this only thing we are hearing is that as you've just reported, an american citizen was among those killed in that tragic, devastating attack in bangladesh. three of the victims were also tuesday nig students at american college. at emory, one at berkeley university. the white house today issues a statement condemning what it called a heinous attack. we are learning more about nationalities of some of the other victims. the italian foreign ministry posting the names of nine italians killed. seven japanese citizens confirmed dead. isis has claimed responsibility for attacks on foreigners in bangladesh before, buttal eg
9:24 am
nothing of scale or magnitude. whoever was behind these attacks wanted to cause the maximum damage and unfortunately, that is precisely what they did. >> and do we know anything further about who carried out these attacks? >> well, again, yesterday, the isis affiliate news agency claimed these were isis fighters. isis again today saying there were five attackers. they've released photographs of five men. the prime minister of bangladesh said there were six attackers killed, one captured, so we know that isis devoted a significant part of its april issue of its propaganda magazine to discu discussing operations bangladesh. in that magazine in april, a man allegedly leading the isis operation said the country important for its global jihad operations, but there is a fluid situation and there's not a lot we can verify and confirm in terms of that isis connection. >> thank you for what we can and i appreciate that. joining me now, jessica stern, a
9:25 am
research professor at the party school of global studies boson university and author of isis, the state of terror. with a welcome to you. i know you have studied radicalization extensively, so, let's talk about those that allegedly carried out this horrible event. in bangladesh. isis members and they are you know, going after a that, dying in the process. how is it that they become so radicalized? what are their roots? >> well, there is a long standing problem in bangladesh with jihadis and what we're seeing around the world is sometimes local jihadi movements take on the brand of isis and this seems to be what has happened here. they also have been apparently working with al-qaeda in the past and now, some of them are working with isis. for isis.
9:26 am
>> and here in the u.s., how extensive is the radicalization do you believe and how is it most successful? >> well, actually, it's not that successful in the united states. where isis is able to make enroads, number one, where they're failing states, poor governance, where there's a long standing problem with radicalization against a government, a weak government, that's what we see in bangladesh. in the united states, we don't have large pockets of disgruntled, alienated muslim youth as is the case in some european cities. in the united states, the vast majority of muslims are very well integrated and in fact, there have been 91 cases according to george washington university program on extremism,
9:27 am
americans who have gotten in trouble with the law and 36% of them are converts, so, it's a very different kind of problem and i imagine that isis may be somewhat disappointed that they haven't been able to recruit as well in the united states as they have been in other places. >> but jessica, in a world with so much technology and constant social media updates, how are we supposed to stop a terrorist organization from usinging those tools to radicalize people anywhere in the world? >> yes. those tools, it's sort of the dark side of social media. absolutely. it does make it possible for isis to attempt to recruit all over the globe. but i think it's important for viewers to not get too alarmed about what might happen in the u.s. in the immediate term.
9:28 am
>> all right, jessica stern, author of isis, the state of terror. thank you so much. and as we approach 28 past the hour, we have breaking news to report. i'm going to kelly o'donnell who's been on the story and implied earlier what we now know to be true. >> there's been a lot of mystery about what was going on today with secretary hillary clinton, now we know with a statement from her spokesman. i'm going to read it in full. quote, secretary clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her e-mail arrangements while she was secretary. she's pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the department of justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her in r interview, so we know she volunteereded to submit to an interview with fbi investigate ers. that has been a long signal to us that that would bring the conclusion to this investigation. by that, i mean it was long
9:29 am
believed that she would be the last or among the final witnesses or subjects they would want to interview as a part of that review. we saw she left this morning. we can infer by the movement os the motorcade from her residence, she spent about four hours away from her home and we can tell you at this point, we believe she is back home and this is is a weekend with no campaign events. this has been an issue that of course, has been a part of the campaign for a long time. has raised questions about trustworthyness, certainly opportunities for her opponents, republicans, conservative, outside groups, to challenge hillary clinton on what might be some unknown yet outcome of the investigation. it all goes back to having a private e-mail server at their new york home in chappaqua years ago in which she used e-mail on the server while she was secretary of state. she had also done so while she
9:30 am
was a new york senator and she said there was no classified information passeded on that server. since that time, there's been a lot of information to subject there have been some items that were markeded classified that had been on that server. she turned over tens of thousands pages of e-mails and this is the subject of a separate lawsuit from the group judicial watch. so, a big development that could signal the end may be near to a very long and potentially politically consequential investigation of e-mail serfer of hillary clinton. secretary clinton aung knowledges she gave an interview today. ko weather don't expect we'll hear a readout of what was said until the investigation is concluded. >> thank you for the update. let's bring in california democrat -- it's gootd to see
9:31 am
you. i have few questions for your. but your reaction to the breaking news, that indeed, this interview by the fbi has been conducted and concluded. >> well i'm glad to hear that because if this is the signal this will come to an end, i think that's a tremendous development. i mean, seven investigation, millions of dollars spent by congress. nothing found. and so, hopefully, this will close the door on this issue for once and for all. >> may i ask you just to play off of what kelly o'donnell was saying, she categorized this as potentially consequential situation for clinton. there are those who would suggest it's been damaging. short-term or long-term? relative to november. >> well, i actually think it's short-term damage and the reason why i say that is because this issue has been talked about for the last year and a half. without stopping. and i think that given what if this comes to a conclusion now, i believe it would be short-term. >> okay. let's move on to the bill
9:32 am
clinton loretta lynch meeting. dan ball's column, how everyone looks bad because bill clinton met with loretta lynch. can you put into perspective how big of a misstep this was? >> i think it's one of those things in politics, we know that perception is reality and so, i think just the perception of a brief encounter happening, especially an encounter that happened behind closed door, you can make a lot out of that. i think everybody has said it was a brief conversation, but when i listened to the interview that jonathan capehart did yesterday with the attorney general, you know, she said that she admitted it was a mistake and wished that it hadn't happened and would never repeat it, so enough said about that. >> then i'll change gears. we'll go to what you and your fellow democrats did a week or so ago staging the sit in on the
9:33 am
floor of the house before the recess and the lack of gun action. the house reconvenes tuesday. it was said we're going see action at some point. will we see the kind of legislation that keeps guns out of the hands of those on terror watch lists? >> from what i'm hearing, i'm so disappointed because it seems we are going to hear a bill that was brought up in the senate that essentially says if you are on the terrorist watch list, the fbi has to call you up and notify you and say that you're applying for a gun. by the way, you're on the terrorist watch list, so we are going to move and have a hearing so that you won't be able to get a gun. >> isn't that within like 72 hours that has to be done? >> yes. i think you know, we have an example of what happened in south carolina. you know, the way it stands right now, a background check has to be cleared or not. within 72 hours, if a gun owner of the gun salesperson does not
9:34 am
hear back within 72 hours, they can sell the gun. that's exactly what happened in south carolina. because a paperwork error. one of the things that my republican colleagues say all the time is that we have enough laws on the books. we just need to enforce the ones we do, so when president issued an executive order to increase the technology and the staffing so that we actually could complete backgrounds checks, the republicans were bitterly opposed to that. at the end of the day, we know what the issue is. they don't want any restrictions on guns whatsoever even though 85% of republicans say they support closing the terrorist loophole. zbllt represent karen bass, great to see you. hope you have a for very festive fourth of july. we are going to bring you more on this breaking news. the fact is that hillary clinton's camp has confirmed she met for three and a half hours with the fbi this morning in washington, d.c. this all about the controversy around her e-mail server at her
9:35 am
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to homes than anyone else in the country. the us postal service. priority: you welcome back, everyone. at 38 past the hour. let's get more on the trump clinton showdown. to do that, we bring back hugh hewitt. and hugh, before we get to that, quickly, i want your comment on the fact it's confirmed hillary clinton met for three and a half hours and had that fbi interview about the e-mail server. which you so aptly are always pointing out, it's not about e-mails, it's about her server placement. >> it's a significant development because the last person interviewed is usually, but not always sh the target of the investigation, subject of most interesting, intense focus by the bureau. >> former secretary clinton delated e-mails and then
9:39 am
attempted to destroy the server, so the fbi forensic people have to see what they can recover to find out what was deleted, whether it was wrongfully stored and deleted, so there's a lot of time left. i wouldn't be looking for a either an indictment or a clearance from the bureau anytime soon necessarily. unless in very deep trouble, which is possible if she violated the false statement act 1924 which the classified information. >> i want to ask you about this. hugh, in the space of the or so, you went from comparing trump to stage four cancer to an endorsement. what changed? >> i didn't. >> like ignores stage four cancer m can't do it. got to go attack it. >> i was talking specifically and at length about the attacks on the judge. i also compared it to the plane
9:40 am
flying to the mountain. i was an plektic about the attacks and demanded they stop or that the campaign has hemorrhageded. he stopped those and now, he does what he ought to have been doing consistently, to frame this as a binary choice -- with the status of forces agreement, who threatens the support and has the server issue as opposed to attacks on the federal judge, so i'm happy they treated that stage four cancer of ta ks on the judge and i'm glad they changed direction. >> i want to ask you quickly before i let you go, despite the fact you have said a trump presidency destroyed the gop, what do you think the gop looks like in 2017 or 18? >> the gop is very resilient like the conservatives in gret britain. they have a terrific bench. no matter what happens in november, the bench is with the
9:41 am
republic 31 governors, amazing senators, those kind of conservatives are plentiful across the united states. >> okay, analyst, good to see you. thank you. we're going to get more on breaks news that hillary clinton met with the fbi. joining me to talk about the development, caleb mason. caleb, with a welcome, let's talk about what has just happened. give me your thoughts on the fact it's been confirmed and where you think things stand. >> i would agree with your prior guest that the interview with mrs. clinton would suggest that most of the rest of the investigation has been done. certainly, there may be more analysis that the fbi would have to do. where i would disagree with him is is in his comments about the necessity of the attorney general's recusal. that may be a political issue. i certainly don't see it as a legal one.
9:42 am
or ab an ethical one. that she had a meeting with bill clinton. that doesn't surprise or trouble me. at all from the point of the integrity of the investigation. >> let's talk about based on your ek appearance, what do you think happened today? what kind of questions do you think hillary clinton were volleyed to her? >> i would imagine that the questions had to do with confirming information that the fbi had obtained from many, many other sources over the course of these investigations and seeing if secretary clinton had a different answer or a confirmed these answers. the reference your prior guest made to 1001 false statement act. often when you finally interview the target of an investigation,
9:43 am
many of the questions will pertain to topics that the agents already know answers to. that leads to sometimes, as i guess most famously in the case of dennis hastert, former speaker of the house, you end up with ultimately charges for making false statements to investigators when they already knew the answers to the questions. i can't imagine anything like that would happen here. i don't think there are anymore unanswered questions. so i think they would probably just want to make sure they had closed the loop and nailed down any potential loose ends of pieces of information they didn't already know. >> for three and a half hours? >> three and a half hours is really not that long. i mean, you know, this is voluntary interview. she's not farce i know, been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury. so, i think there's no indication that that's you know, shows that there was some kind of smoking gun or information
9:44 am
they had not already learned. you could go for several days in this type of an investigation. if you wanted to take every fact and every piece of paper you had obtained over the last five years, put them in front of her and say do you agree with this, remember this. yeah, you could take a week. >> i'd love to get your assessment as to how long you think it's fwoipg to take this wrap this up, to get a statement there because in an investigation like this, if indeed mrs. clinton is the final interviewee or very close to the end there, in an investigation like this, would the fbi be putting together all the pieces of the puzzle as they go along or do they wait until it's all done and then start working on a condensed version of an answer or whether, what they're going to do going forward? sfwl right, so the fbi is working with the justice department and the justice department has a public integri integrity section that would probably be the one in charge of
9:45 am
this, with i would imagine several career trial attorneys. who would have been supervising the investigation the entire time. there would be a recommendation coming from the fp and those career prosecutors as to whether or not the evidence warrants any charges, that would then have to go probably this case to the deputy would be my guess to make a recommendation as to whether or not to bring an indictment. the fbi does not make that decision. that's a decision made by career prosecutors. as for a timeline, could be a week, could be a month. my guess is they at least recognize we have an election coming up. and it is and always has been the o.j. policy to try to avoid having criminal investigations interview with the electoral process. that could cut either way. you could say let's make the decision more quickly so it's
9:46 am
resolved one way or the other. >> so, how much do you think the fact loretta lynch, this is probably going to go up to the assistant or deputy attorney general. the fact that she has said i'm going to let whatever the recommendation is stand. when we go back and review this, is that itself going to be a b problem? will that be something of speculation or conspiracy they are riss are going to say well, the attorney general removed herself, so there's still a little loophole here. >> i imagine it already is the subject of speculation and conspiracy theorys. you know, from the moment the former president got off the plane. i think dowe were dooked to yea of conspiracy theorys. my take is is simple. there's just nothing wrong with a social visit with the former president if you're the attorney general. obviously, there are many things wrong if in fact the former president said you know, i'm
9:47 am
offering you something in exchange for declining prosecution here, but there's no suggestion from anybody that they had that kind of a conversation. so, it's unfortunate that the mere fact that they met has led to this sort of speculation, but it does not indicate there's any kind of impropriety and her recus recusal, if you want to call it that, that her statement that she is going to follow the fbi recommendation, that's obviously an astute and i think commendable decision on her part just to avoid further public speculation and to maybe try and slow down the rumor mill a little bit. i don't think it says anything one way or another as to whether or not there was anything improper about the meet wg the, with mr. clinton. as far as i can tell, there wasn't. >> i want to read the tastateme again. here it is. secretary clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning
9:48 am
about her e-mail arrangements while she was secretary. she is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the department of justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. out of respect for the ve investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview. so, that all makes sense to you. no doubt. again, timeline, you say it's hard for you to speculate how long though with regard to an election. certainly that is something that's going to be weighing down on the fbi and on the justice department antd in getting this wrapped up. do you think it can be done so thorly to have an election free of impropriety? >> sure. given the fact that multiple federal agencies have been investigating this precise question for some years now. i don't think there's a lot of factual work to be done. it's now just a question of making the final recommendation.
9:49 am
and moving forward from that. there could be criminal charges brought. there could be a formal decline nation and announcement of that. with respect to the timing, what doj is going to want to avoid is an investigation or indictment or declination decision that is timed so cles to the election as to interfere with it. that's something you want to look at. my guess would be and this is completely a guess, is that there would be quite a strong imptous to try and make the decision and to publicly announce it as soon as possible. >> okay. stand by, will you, i'm going to bring now into the conversation, alex. what do you have relative to this news? >> well, definitely a major development in this long, ongoing saga around hillary
9:50 am
clinton's private server that she used as secretary of state. we had not been giving warning this interview had happened. wednesday, they said they had no contact with the fbi, then the saturday of the july fourth weekend, a bit of a surprise. potentially hoping that the news will get a little bit buried by the holiday weekend. on tuesday, she's campaigning with barack obama, which will obviously get a lot of attention. and they're saying they're not going to comment further on this. they're really hoping to move past this as quickly as possible, but this is still a major step. i mean, a major party nominee interview by the fbi nor three and a half hours on her private server and no word on when that investigation will conclude. fbi director james comey has said that the democratic national convention is not -- so we don't know when this will be behind her. >> thank you for that. andrea mitching is now joining
9:51 am
me on the phone. your reaction to the news we're hearing. >> well, we had reported last night that this interview was likely to happen today and we weren't sure exactly where it would happen, so, we've all been on watch. my colleagues have been outside the house. no one saw her going in to fbi headquarters as far as i know. but the understanding was when those suvs left the house about 20 of 8 this morning, that this was, this process was underway. this was a long anticipated and hoped for conclusion as far as the clinton team is is concerned. because what they are saying is that she testified voluntarily for or we understand it from other sources, to be about three and a half hours and that she was being interviewed about the arrangements for her e-mail set up when she was secretary of state. as we know, that's a very controversial, private server, who they have been defending for the last more than a year.
9:52 am
even though it was not illegal. it was certainly against the guidance from the administration. and subsequently rules were put into place to make sure that didn't happen again. so, it was a unique arrangement to have a private server in her home. that's what she was testifying about. the justice department has been very tight lipped about it. it was an unusual statement from the loretta lynch yesterday. highly unusual statement. unprecedented, really, about an ongoing investigation, because she felt regret that she had in fact what she acknowledged was a mistake to have done. a meeting, a private meeting for around 30 minutes she acknowledges in phoenix when she had a chance encounter with bill clinton, who's wife is subject, is part at least of this investigation, so, that clouded it and loretta lynch basically apologized for it yesterday
9:53 am
after a lot of krit schism from democrats and republicans. she's saying she's not recusing herself. not appointing an independent council, but that she'll defer to the pross on recommendation as to the outcome of this investigation. but this does bring closure to a conclusion review that has haunted the clinton campaign since the moment that she first announced her intention to run again for president. >> do we know was the interview conducted under oath, would that be the expectation? >> that would be the expectation. it would be highly unusual if any deference were given to the former secretary of state, so this would be a sworn deposition and we preseam her attorney was present. we don't know that for a fact, but she was represented. this is not like a grand jury or anything like that. one of the decisions they have to make is whether to proceed and go on and convene a grand
9:54 am
jury. this is still at a preliminary stage even though it has taken more than a year. >> put in perspective the fact this is done july 4th, we're a full four plus months ahead of the election. the timing of this and the clinton campaign's ability to recover from this. if there's no substantive conclusion prior to november 8th. >> i don't see how it's possible that the justice department would not have a conclusion. they cannot let this go. it's gone far too long according to many experts. they would say or some of their defenders might say it's because it was like pulling teeth to get some of the information, but the state department took a long time going through that review on declassifying information, e declassified e-mails. that was very laborious. that said, this investigation has gone on so long that it already is getting within the window of clouding the election. even if there is an outcome.
9:55 am
you would not want an outcome to be announced in september or october. so they've got to get this wrapped up in august. one way or another. >> can you put into perspective how much this whole issue has been sore hanging over her head? >> on scale of one to ten, it's been at times as high as a nine. i mean, the inspector general's report that was issued at a key moment in the primaries toward the end of the primaries. which was highly negative and had to be dealt with. it has clouded her momentum right now. she was on a roll this past week. letting donald trump make mistakes and challenging him immediately. she had that very successful joint rally with elizabeth warren in cincinnati that we were covering on monday. she is planning a big week coming up with the president on tuesday. campaigning for the first time with her. in a key state, north carolina. then on wednesday, they announced that she's going to atlantic city, where you can bet
9:56 am
that she's going to highlight the misadventures and business failures and bankruptcies of the taj mahal an other facilities that donald trump invented and talk about the small business owners who say they were treated badly when donald trump was declared or let businesses go under and then on friday, a key moment in scranton, pennsylvania. a key state, which is neck and neck and where she should be by all accounts, because of her past history in pennsylvania. she should be much farther ahead, wu democrats in pennsylvania telling me they're very concerned with how tight that race is because of trump's unexpecteded strength there, so she's going to be in a key area of scranton with joe biden, who we know very much had hoped to be able to run and for family reasons, because of his family's tragedy, was unable to run. that's his hometown. it's where hillary clinton's father was born. where she spent many summers as
9:57 am
a child at a lake side cabin. a very important part of pennsylvania and that's going to be on friday. the it's a big week and the fact that they're doing this on a holiday weekend, not surprising. trying to do it under cover of people being busy with their barbecues and travel. but it's going to get attention because it is the presuchtive nominee in only a month before the convention. going ahead and rather less than a month before the democratic convention. going ahead and being interviewed by the fbi. >> right or people being busy and having to call in to news broadcasts on their day off. i can't thank you enough. appreciate that. as well as extending my thanks to alex and caleb. coming up, we're going to have more op the other breaking news on an american who died in that bangladesh attack. next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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