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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, everyone.
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i'm alex whit at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we have these breaks stories to share at this hour. two in fact. first from the state department, an american has died in that bangladesh attack. we also have other breaking news so share. new at this hour, that nbc news has just learned hillary clinton gave a quote voluntary interview to the fbi this morning. about how she managed e-mails during her tenure at secretary of state. in a statement, a clinton spokesman said she's pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the department of justice in bringing this to a conclusion. she will not comment further. the meeting took place at fbi headquarters in washington, d.c. lasted about three and a half hours and during these months long investigation, many of ourest associates have been int -- then lynch said she would accept
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the prosecutor's findings in the case and james comey has said earlier this year, there is no external deadline for the agency report, so it is unclear whether it will come before or after the democratic convention this month. we've got kelly on donnell on the story. she's gathering information. as soon as she gets more, she'll return to us. she's been outside of the clinton residence in washington, d.c. we have new information about the victim of the terror attack at a restaurant in bangladesh and just who is taking responsibility. the state department has confirmed a u.s. citizen was among the 20 civilians killed. let's go to lucy. what are we hearing about the victims and any detail on this lone american. >> we're obviously trying to get the latest details on that american citizen who died in last night's attack nada kai.
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john earnest confirming this took place, they are likely reaching out to relatives. there is a lengthy process they have to go through. as i reported in the last hour, wefr also learning that three of the victims were students at american colleges. two from emory university, one from berkeley in california. the italian foreign ministry posting the names of nine italians killed and we can confirm that seven japanese citizens were killed in that attack as well. >> and in terms of who carried out the attack, what do we know about them? >> sure, it's a little bit murky at the moment. isis has claimed responsibility releasing photographs today of five men that it claims carried out this deadly assault. the bangladeshi prime minister said there were six attackers killed and one captured, so some conflicting information there.
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we know isis had carried out attacks in bangladesh before. they killed an italian aid worker last year. he was k jog in the same enclave where this attack took place. five days after that, they took responsibility for the death of a japanese citizen. >> okay, following things from london. back to our other breaking news, to kelly o'donnell outside the clinton resident in washington, d.c. so, what have you learned as a result of this investigation and the fact that she has confirmed she has given her intervow to the fbi just this morning. >> another development that requires us to fill in thes. we saw cheryl mill, formerly chief of staff to clinton and long time trusted aide who has been at hk's side for many of her public acts and has been a friend as well. we saw cheryl mills leave the
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resident here and we saw yet another motorcade depart, so we believe that it is likely that secretary clinton has left her home. we know a trusted aide has left as well. and we learned from her campaign team that she voluntarily went to the fbi headquarters. now, in the context of this, that means there was no subpoena. there was certainly subpoena power, they chose not to. that is likely the result of negotiations between the lawyer for bill and hillary clinton and the department of justice, so this three and a half our interview, what we don't know if that was done under oath. that is not include and we have not yet learned if that was a requirement of this conversation. of course, there is often a case where in high profile investigations, the given a false statement to the fbi in fact a crime itself. and that has in the case of
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scooter libby, chief of staff to dick cheney, that's what he was ultimately charged with. so the issue of whether there's an oath involved can be important in a legal context. but from the clinton campaign's point of view, they want to stress that she volunteered to do this, that she had been waiting to do this, had been offering to do it and a number of her close aides has gien testimony and one former employee of the clintons, both personally and at the state department, an i.t.e pert, the computer guy, to use a more conversational way. we've had sources saying he has been given limited immunity. he would know how the hardware of the system would work and presumably would be able to talk about the practice, use and equipment involved in the private server at the chappaqua home then later moveded to a separate storage site in new jersey. we don't know the reasons for
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why he was given immunity. we don't know the specks of that, but it has been a part of what has been a very controversial series of sort of flowing information as the state department released large batches. perhaps this is a way for hillary clinton to put a pause on how it is likely to affect her campaign. gl the point you're making on whether this was conducted urpd oath, it is a question i posed to andrea mitchell, who indicated she had been watch yourg coverage as well, she believed it must have been for exactly those reasons you state. that what happened to scoot eer libby. is it the kind of thing, that hillary clinton would want to get this done under oath sh put it to bed. it adds more validity, correct. >> that would be my assessment
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and i'm being careful and cautious because we don't want to wroefr step the facts webb, wu bef to remember she's a yale trained lawyer. she's got some of the best lawyers in washington. they understand the dynamics of this. bringing it to a conclusion is probably the best thing for her regardless of what happens next. because her piece of it would be concluded unless of course, there are some recommendations from the department of justice that would include her. that is not cloer to anyone. there could be recommend dayses from the department of justice if there were a belief that any laws were violated that could involve other person, not secretary clinton, so it would stand to reason that for the vaa did validity, a requirement would be present, but because i'm not a lawyer and we don't know that, i don't want to go too far. but that seems like common sense. >> thank you for that and because you're not a lawyer, i will go to a lawyer right now. so i appreciate that. caleb mason remains with us and
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caleb, two questions to you. let's address fact that hillary clinton gave this interview. would it not have been done under oath and the immunity offered to brian who set up that e-mail server, what would be behind that? first one though, to hillary clinton, whether or not under oath. >> it would not necessarily have to be under oath. absolutely not. unless she's subpoenaed under a grand jury. means a voluntary interview. >> but the analogy that kelly o'donnell was making in talkinging about scooter lib libby and that which befell him. wouldn't she be subject to further investigation that way? >> yeah. so, in the scooter libby case, many of the participants na that investigation were subpoenaed. karl rove went a number of
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times. libby was charged with purge jiry. section 1001 pertains to false statements made in you know, in an investigation context to federal agents. if those statements are material to the investigation. so, that charge does not require sworn testimony. point is, if you're talking to somebody through a door you know, at a knock and talk, as i think was initially the case with hastert, and they lied to federal agent, that is sufficient for section 1001 false statements liability. as far as the what you'd call the optics concern of saying we want to go in one time and make a sworn statement, put everything to bed. yeah, you could offer that. but short of subpoenaing a witness to testify in front of the grand jury, the government
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cannot compel sworn testimony from mrs. clinton or any other witness. so i would completely leave out of analysis at this point any claims about whether or not this testimony was sworn, but more importantly, it doesn't matter. if a person lies to the fbi, they are subject to criminal prosecution, whether or not that was sworn. >> and quickly, the offer of immunity to brian, who set up the server for her to get what? what is the speculation because it's murky. we don't know. >> right, so the most common type of immunity that might be in play here would be what we would call a queen for a day or a profit session. calling queen for a day because for that day when you're in talking to the investigators, you are immune from prosecutor cougs baseden the things that you say. it's very common to bring a person in for a proper who may be potentially looking at criminality him or herself. often if that person's
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relatively minor, a small er ifi recollect, you say welcome on in, tell us what you know about this. you will be immune from prosecution for the information you give us today. we cannot use your statements against you. in a future prosecution. that's a common tactic. there are also stronger forms of immunity like transactional immunity, where you say you are immune from prosecution regarding this event entirely. again, i have no idea and really, nobody has any idea. i have not heard what this resource said with respect to the i.t. dpi, but it is common to get a statement from a person who might not otherwise want to give one by offering the person immunity for that statement itself. >> okay. thank you so much for getting through this breaking news with us. so, to get to a look at how this would appear through the prism of trump campaign, let's go to
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katy tur. it's been about 45 minutes since we got confirmation that mrs. clinton indeed did meet with the fbi. has donald trump reacted yet? >> so far, no reaction. we usually look to twitter during these times to find out if he has anything to say and he has not done this. the part of the reason why this is happening on a fourth of july weekend is that so people are not paying attention, hoping for it to go aurnd the radar and donald trump so far, it's taken him a couple of hour, but i assume we'll see him do it later today, so far has not reacted. . but the e-mail scandal has been a big topic for him on the campaign trial. he hits her over and over dpen on it. t part of the way he's trying to paint her as somebody who is not trustworthy, saying she knew what she was doing. trying to hide thing frs the public while telling her, the private individuals in her lives like chelsea clinton, something
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different. it's all part of the optics of this campaign. their main goal now is to show that hillary clinton is the consummate politician who's out for herself rather than the well being of the country, this e-mail server plays into that narrative for them, so the meeting with the fbi is only going to help donald trump extend that narrative. he's also been saying that bernie sanders hasn't dropped out of this race officially because he is waiting for hillary clinton to get indicted, that she will likely be indicted and that's why sanders is not out of the race yet. it's also something we see among the supporters that go to these donald trump rallies. there are buttons and t-shirts that hats that say hillary for prison. they believe she did something wrong. they believe she did something criminal here, that she was using this private server for confidential information. so, top secret information, so this is something that plays well on the trump campaign and
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something that's quite vulnerable for hillary clinton when you talk to people not huge fan of trump, softer democrats, independents, who want to vote for a cat, but don't necessarily think that hillary clinton is the best option they have. they don't necessarily believe that she is as trustworthy as she claims. the issue with all of this in this campaign season is that this is more of a never trump or never hillary campaign rather than a i really like this candidate or i really like that candidate. >> that's what it is indeed. katy tur, thank you so much. we appreciate that. for all of yourk we're going to have more reaction to this news after the break in addition to the heightened security across the country at airports in the wake of the attack in turry and bangladesh. we'll take a look at all of that after a short break. the lobster and shrimp summerfest
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at 18 past the hour, i'm alex whit and we heard just under an hour ago, that mrs. clinton has met with the fbi on the issue of her e-mail server after some 18 months of discussion and investigation. that interview has happened and the reads secretary clinton gave a voluntary e-mail this morning about e-mail arrangements while she was secretary. she is pleased to have had the tupt to assist the department of justice. out of respect for the process, she will not comment further on her interview. let's bring in alex wald who joins me on the phone. reaction as you've been following the campaign an democrats in general. how does this play into thipgs new? >> well, this was something the campaign knew was goin going to
10:20 am
happen one day sooner or later. they have been brace iing for i but at the same time, one of clinton's biggest weaknesses through the this campaign has been her view on, or how the country views her on trust and honesty. in a recent poll, we asked what were some concerns people had about zimpbt candidates and clinton's record of being dishonest, 69% of respondents said that was a serious concern. that includes 43% of democrats and 82% of independents, so this is a major weakness. what the republicans an donald trump have zeroed in on what they're going to try to exploit for her. it will help resolve the issue eventually for clinton, it's going to be something that republicans will exploit in the meantime to build the narrative that they've been working on for almost two years at this point, that you can't trust her, that she thinks she's above the law, that she is self-dealing and corrupt. and all the narratives that they
10:21 am
have been putting forward and it comes on the heels of bxz meeting with loretta lynch, which she has now regretted. it will just help fuel the doubts republicans are trying to build. >> indeed, to so the investigation process may be colon colluding. that said, the political fallout not so much. let's bring in white house cory spend at the daily mill and molly. ladies, a welcome to you. your take on how this meeting is going to impact clinton's campaign? zpl well, the fact they did it on fourth of july weekend is very interesting because it ensures that her pack of press that usually follows her around will not be with her this weekend. the first public event she has is on tuesday morning, a speech in washington, d.c. to the national education association, then traveling to charlotte, north carolina for an event with
10:22 am
the president of the united states. so that would be the first opportunity that the press will even have to try and question her and typically, she doesn't take questions at those types of events. what i think is very interesting in this matter is is that the president will be with her on tuesday. and because of that, typically, the white house does not have its normal press briefing when the president is traveling, so what it does is it has a gaggle on air force one reporters which would ensure that the white house will not be on camera having to answer questions about this on the same day that the president appears with her in north carolina. >> one thing we've been led to understand is going on or the vp nominations and rather the research into who they want to have. does this throw a wrench into that, the timing here? >> well, the clinton campaign has not said when they will announce who her vice president will be. it could take all the way until the convention. tip clirks something like that
10:23 am
would be announced tat convention, so regardless of what the fbi does, that is something that we will likely find out about at the convention. >> okay, molly, my colleague reported a short time ago that the fbi could have subpoenaed mrs. clinton for this meeting, but did not. why might that be significant? >> well, probably because just think about it, if i was a presidential candidate who had been enl kated at harvard law and has been dealing with this for over a year, of course i'd want to say i'm voluntarily peeking with the fbi because who wants to say they've been subpoenaed? she was going to to them one way or the other. she's appeareded before various committees on capitol hill. did a full day with the benghazi committee. that's three hours with the fbi? just sayings pha cease shousely, but just optics. it's a long weekend, nobody's paying much attention and d.c., it's gorgeous weather out. nobody even saw this coming and saw it happening.
10:24 am
and that's what people want. the republicans want pictures of her walking into the fbi. i don't know if there are any available. zpl just going to make one correction because to people who go to harvard or yale, it is very, very important to make that distinction. >> i meant yale. >> there you go. so, does the investigation leave an opening for somebody maybe bernie sanders to contest clinton's nomination at the convention? not saying that's part of the game plan, but could someone? >> well, someone could do that at the convention because she did not have the required number of pledged delegates going in. she's still relying on superdelegates to put her to the magic number, so bernie sanders has not dropped out and says he's at least going to contest the platform at the convention, so that is a possibility. however, as others have noted this morning, the fact that the fbi is now talking to secretary clinton, suggests they are coming to the end of this
10:25 am
investigation. so, it is also possible that there could be a report or a finding that comes out before the democratic national convention that would also say that she would not be indicted so it may not be an issue by the time the con veng rolls around. >> what about, molly, bill clinton's role in this. is he becoming a liability for the campaign zm. >> i think republicans love it. ipg this meeting that happened between loretta lynch and bill clinton on the tarmac with no cell phones and picture, they just seized on this. see here, the appearance of impropriety, the clintons at their worst. this goes to the polls that have come in, that hillary clinton is not seen as trustworthy and that's a big keel for the campaign. and it could be that he is a liability. and you know, one democrat told me on background that they feel he's going off on his own. it's hard to reign him in after
10:26 am
being a president of the united states and being very successful in the ways of campaigning and winning hearts. it's hard to restrain somebody to not give in to temptation to meet with the sitting u.s. attorney general when your wife who's running for president, is is being ib investigated. it's tough. so the republicans are watching him particularly. >> okay, molly and francesca, have a great holiday. stopping terror before it happens in the air and on the ground. the questions being asked inside tsa meetings to protect americans. jooix flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! ahh! this is probably more of a breakroom activity. ya think? ♪
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short time ago that hillary clinton gave a quote voluntary interview to the fbi this morning about how she managed e-mai e-mails. let' bring in kelly o'donnell who is outside the clinton resident in washington, d.c. you've been reporting on all the movement u this morning. take us through what has happeneded. >> well, we saw the motorcade we can presume did contain hillary clinton, about 7:40 a.m., levering her home here and we know she went to the fbi headquarters in washington. returned about four hours later and sources say the time she submitted to the interview was about three and a half hours. this is a very significant day in what's been a long and complicated series of eechbts in her e-mail investigation that's going on and implication of that into the race. after this was concluded t statement came from the campaign and i'll read it. it says secretary clinton gave a
10:34 am
voluntary interview this morning about her e-mail arrangements while she was secretary. she's pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the department of justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. out of respect for the process, she will not comment further on her interview, so to break that down, voluntary means she was not subpoenaed and certainly in the course of this vest dpags, the department of justice certainly has subpoena power. they did not exercise it with respect to secretary clinton. it also talks about her e-mail arrangements while she was secretary. that's key because the private server we've heard so much about was first put into the chappaqua new york home as sort of the office of bill clinton for his use and hillary clinton had an e-mail account attached to that. used that when she was a united states senator, no issue with that, but dumpbt rules aply when you're secretary of state.
10:35 am
there's rules that pertain the preserving record and communications and of course, classified information and so, the handling of classified information is a part of this probe. we also know that one employee who worked for hillary clinton as sort of a private computer consultant and then at the state department, he sarted his fifth amendment right to not incriminate himself before congress and we have been told he has been given limited immunity. we don't know the details of that. now, today, the statement indicates bringing this to a conclusion. it has been kind of a belief that hillary clinton would likely be among the last if not the last witnesses to be questioneded or interviewed in this process. i'm told by sources that she first volunteered to speak to the fbi in august of 2015, so
10:36 am
near ly a career ago and that dd not take place until today. in part, that is because often in investigations, they want to talk to a lot of other people before they get to the most senior person, the secretary of state. given the time frame and it may have been a function of her lawyer negotiating with the department of justice. we just don't know the details to that. today, a few kind of real life things happened here at the clinton residence. we've begun to see some packed cars driving slowly and looking around. just going to take a wild guess and say they're tourists who want to see what's happening here and man deliver dlvring a pizza arrived and went to secretary clinton's home thinking that was the address, but a neighbor had called for it, when you're on a stakeout for many hour, that's a highlight here. but this is a very serious issue for hillary clinton. for her detractors and critics in the republican party and to try to pring resolution to this. we don't know what it will be. we don't know if there will be any allegations of criminal
10:37 am
wrong doing, but she has participated and we wait for the next chapter. >> we do and thank you so much. for staying on top of this story nor many hours now. here's our other breaking story. new information about the victims of the terror attack in bangladesh. the state department condition firming that a u.s. citizen was mock the 20 killed in the attack. the identity of the american was not disclosed though. three of those killed attended u.s. colleges. two from emory university. one from the university of california at berkeley and isis has claimed responsibility. bangladesh's prime minister says six attackers were killeded, but a seventh captured. and the heightened security across this country as a record 43 million people are expected to travel. airports in the u.s. have extra staff and security in place after the two terrorist attacks in brussels and istanbul.
10:38 am
this in just the past four months. morgan radford is at john f. kennedy here in new york. good day to you. >> we're standing outside of jfk airport where there's beefed up security and this is after they had their own square just three days ago. everything turned out to be okay, but there are more than 1,000 newly minted nypd officers patrolling the streets of new york. while a,000 in chicago and then the coast guard is sweeping the west coast b a lot o f the passengers say they feel come forable traveling. they say they have faith in american authorities and say this increased vigilance is part of the new normal. >> i have a lot of faith in our security and government. trying to keep the citizens safe and at the same time as a important, i also want to want what's best for my child. i try to keep my eyes on them and pray for the best. >> what went through your mind
10:39 am
when you saw more policemen? >> i felt safer. you feel safer when somebody's there to protect you. it felt like, better. gl earlier today, my mom texted me, just be careful. be alert. but doesn't really bother me that much because i travel pretty often. o kind of used to it. >> it's also important to remember that 85% of the travelers this weekend are actually going to be traveling by car. this is is partly because gas prices are now down to $2.28 per gallon, but authorities say no malter how you're getting to your destination, it's important to stay vigilant. they say this weekend isn't about fear. it's about freedom. back to you. >> good point. thank you. john is the former deputy administrator for the tsa. welcome to you. glad to have you. because i understand that when you worked at the tas, did preparations for these kind of weekends, did they seem overwhelming and especially in
10:40 am
this kind of environment? we've seen attacks at armtds, soft targets around the world. what's the tenor of working urnz this drark cloud? >> afternoon, alex. it's a great question. you know, this goes in cycles. tsa when i worked there at a time and i'm sure they're doing it right now. you would look at key events and periods and beef your security up accordingly, but most importantly, you would look at the threat. right now because of the end of ram dan, the attacks that have occ occurred, they're going to be on a heightened state and put more emphasis on it because it should be based on threat. >> so, what is your biggest concern then in especially since the attack in brussels as well as the attack in istanbul. it happened when the attackers were outside of the security zone. >> right. and i think probably right now so i think that is probably the highest priority concern that i would have right now is the
10:41 am
outside area. two successful attacks. it demonstrates a significant vulnerability in the front side of the airport. i think insiders are a very high concern and it's not to say that you didn't have insiders that might be involved with the attack on the front side. obviously, the attackers in istanbul knew where to hit first. they know a lot about the airport and where to move. same in brussels. i believe unwith of the attackers had worked tat airport in bus else, but the front side of the airport combined with insider, i think that's a real concern. >> so what do you know about the u.s. trying to beef up the exterior part there before you get to the security areas, specifically? >> i think rig nht now as you jt reported, there is a high amount of physical, visible presence, armed presence outside the airports and i think that's good. deterrence is always a strong action that can be taken against
10:42 am
these types of attacks. i think they're going to have to look at sooner than later, physical enhancements to the outside of the airport. strengthening the airport and how passengers flow in and out. i think a lot of work could be down in that area to mitigate this type of threat. >> our lives have been turned upside down in terms of security at airports for those who get on the planes. not just the folks that drop people off. the topic of safety when flying at airports, that's been top of mind of americans since the september 11th attacks. there was an article that says more security before boarding a plane just makes them move their target. we haven't seen r terrorists attacks with alarming frequency on planes, so do you think this is the new norm? let's just go to softer targets? >> absolutely. that's why i think they're look at the front side of the airport because it's always been built
10:43 am
for the ease of passenger flow. and the ease of check in. it's never really been designed for security. in mind. i do think we've hit a point of new normal. from terrorist threats and they are, we have exposed a vulnerability area and tink action needs to be taken to strengthen the physical structure to look at physical deterrents and also i think there's technology out there that can be used. to identify threats before they get inside. >> okay. former deputy administrator for the tsa, thanks so much. thank you. it is a thick green mess and has set off a state of emergency. why it can be so dangerous, too. next. gle packs... so guys with ed can... take viagra when they need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level.
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today, part of florida are under a state of emergency after a massive algae bloom continues
10:47 am
to grow. gabe gutierrez is in stewart, florida, are beaches are closed off because of this. >> this thick, green mess isn't going anywhere. the smell is just awful. today, a rally is planned by several residents here in martin county who feel local and state and federal fishes aren't doing enough to get all this under control. you know, florida has seen many of these before, but never quite like this. this morning, an algae attack is ravaging more of the florida coast. at risk, more than 300 species of fish and wildlife. >> this is beyond just an ecological disaster. >> governor rick scott has declared a stournlg in four counties. martin, st. lieusy, palm beach and lee. but on this crucial weekend, authorities in palm beach county are insisting their beaches are clean. zpl as of this time, it's absolutely safe. >> still, they posted a no swimming advisory for algae was
10:48 am
spotted. today, another protest planned in martin county, where some blame the mess of pollution trickling downstream. >> it's getting catastrophic to our county. >> researchers say other factors may include warmer temperatures and heavy rain this year feeding the growth. >> it is kind of a perfect storm. >> professor james sullivan says the health impacts could be serious. >> if you had a large acute exposure, you could suffer liver failure, it's known to give people rashes. if you get exposed to breathing it, it can give you respiratory problems. >> the gomes family has owned this hotel for more than 50 years. you've lost thousand of dollars. >> absolutely. >> customers have canceled on what should be one of the
10:49 am
busiest weekends of the year. >> this is extremely heartbreaking for me because this has been my whole life. >> researchers say more testing is needed to figure out how long this might stay here, but some fear they might be dealing with the effects of this throughout much of the summer. >> all right, gabe. we may be equal in the eye of the law, but one is revealing deep divisions that go back further than you think in her new book.
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let's go to politics now. donald trump making trade a key focus of his campaign this week. in his speech on tuesday his remarks including references pitting wealthy americans against the working class. >> globalization made the financial elite who donate to politicians very, very wealthy. i used to be one of them. hate to say it. but i used to be one.
10:53 am
it left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heart ache. >> much of mr. trump's support comes from white working class americans. it's the topic of a new book called "white trash: the 400-year old untold history of class in america." joining me now from washington the book's author. nancy, this is going to be interesting. let's talk about the history and genesis of class differentiation in this country. >> yes, one of the things that americans like to tell themselves is that we escaped the class system at the time of the american revolution. that somehow we broke from the british and that we have created an exceptional society. a classless society. the truth is, that we didn't do that. we still think of class in terms of the same way the british do. the reason i'm writing about white trash is that term goes back all the way to british
10:54 am
colonization where the british thought of the new world as a place to dump the idol poor. they referred to as waste people. thomas jefferson and abigail adams referred to them as rubbish. often what we have forgotten about the class system. it's rooted in land ownership, it's rooted in property that is still true today. we think of home ownership as the measure of being in the middle class. >> interesting. the difference being, of course, that the brits they have names for the classes, for their levels level s. there is a difference and there isn't. we created wealth and land ownership. there are periods where we had intellectual, particularly during the you againics craze.
10:55 am
iq was correlated to class position. the idea of the cognitive elite goes back to the 1910. and the southern class system, for example, if we think think about the planter class in the anti-bella period, they very much adopted many of the ideas associated with the british class system, and what they celebrated -- this is another theme i highlight is the idea of pedigree. the class is about inheritance. and for the anti-bell lum southern planter class, they saw themselves as coming from cavalier blood. actually royal blood and they were at the top of a class system that had seven different ranks. at the very bottom of that system were white trash. >> it's fascinating. one of thee ideas you highlight is the myth of equality. we're told it's the land of opportunity. you disagree. >> yeah. i think part of the problem, and this is we know in our political landscape right now americans
10:56 am
like the rhetoric more than the reality. and we may recite the declaration of independence, we may think we're an enlightened people who believe that all men were created equal. what i've shown is that each generation came up with its own set of categories for talking about the poor. we can't have a middle class unless we have a lower class. so the lower class or white trash have played an important role how we think about class. the poor, not only are they accused of being lazy or idol, they were seen in the early 20th centuries being dejen rate. one of the measures we don't pay attention is to children are a measure of whether you're successful or not. do your children's have an inheritance? unfortunately, that is still true today. associationologi
10:57 am
sociologists determined what is going to be successful is wealth and privileges passed from your parents but your ancestors. we're still trapped in the transfer of wealth through generations. >> yeah. it's a fascinating book. thank you for talking about it with us, nancy. good luck with. . >> that's a wrap of this hour of msnbc live. my colleague richard lui will show you these two people are making history in a run for higher office. see you tomorrow at noon eastern here on msnbc. ) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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a body without proper footd needssupport can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve foot, knee or lower back pain from being on your feet. dr. scholl's. very good day. thank you for being with us on this saturday. i'm richard lui in new york. we have breaking news this hour. hillary clinton's campaign confirming the former secretary of state gave a voluntary interview to the fbi this morning about her e-mail practices at the state department. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us live from outside the clinton's residence in


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