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tv   Lockup Colorado--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  July 3, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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two inmates to stand out among their peers. zblil bet you no one in the world has the same color eyes as i do. >> a new courtroom gives an inmate a chance to go home. his freedom is still in
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question. >> they are refusing to grant my time. >> a very different drama as a father and son try to reconcile a violent past. >> the slaps and kicks turned into head butts, broken nose. >> he was abused at my hands.
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♪ one reality of prison is that there's never a shortage of pain and at the lieman correctional facility there's enough left over for the vi visitors as well. >> i am here to visit my son. if you come once a month for several years if you come once a month it kind of becomes routine. it is something i have accepted and something the way i see it. >> i have been locked up for five years. i was charged with child abuse resulting in death. class 2 felony.
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>> the way i found out something happened was my wife called me and told me that the police were looking for him. she kind of gave me a heads up about it. i wasn't sure what was going on. it wasn't until i went to work that they printed the story and i found out. >> my grandma, at the time, she had a son. he started, you know, he was just crying, you know what i mean, uncontrollably. it didn't matter what i did or i attempted to do. >> how old was the baby? >> he was like seven or eight months maybe. >> christopher admitted he slapped and punched the crying baby until it went limp. >> i have read articles like
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this before. when it's over people i want you to put them under. am i supposed to feel the same way? yes. i'm supposed to feel the same way but he is my son, so no. i'm not supposed to feel the same way. i don't know. it's been a long road. i can't turn my back on him. he is mine. >> while christopher was not always close to his father growing up abuse was never part of their history together. the ugly tent kals of child abuse stretched throughout lieman. it is home to the abusers and the abused! when somebody hits me here i become infuriated and all i want do is rip their [ bleep ] throat
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out. >> i went through some pretty bad abuse as a kid. my dad tried everything to punishment. kin ki kicks turned into punches, cigarettes being put on on me. from 7 to 11 it got to where i didn't feel a pain. a person can only take so much of that before their body becomes tolerance to it, which is why they call me pain. >> one incident still lies very close to the surface. it happened when he was 14 and had snuck back in. zbli snuck back in thinking i had got away with it. my dad woke me up by yanking me out of bed by my feet.
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he pulled me out of my bed by my feet. he drug me into the living room and -- time out. >> moments later lashbrook composed himself and continued his story. >> there were no questions. he started screaming at me and telling me he was tired of me and tired of what i was doing. the fists started coming and the boots. he grabbed me off the door by my hair and flung me into the dining hall and start today beat the [ bleep ] out of me. >> his troubled childhood has followed him to pressure. he has had dozens of
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disciplinary line ups to making threats. >> shower hole is where a lot of drama pops off. to avoid me getting taken to segregation or me catching a write-up i choose to stay in my cell. >> you take one sausage and slice it up. make quarters out of it and cut that completely in half. some times i'll put a little bit of honey and then cheese on top of it and then cook it for a minute so it melts it down and it makes a very good meal. it is better than the food they serve your in the chow hole. >> cockioking in his cell is on way he -- others cease ways to express their individuality.
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>> tattooed on the whiets of my eyes. >> why? >> i don't know if the question is why but the question is why not. >> everybody has tattoos, stretched ears. everybody has this and that. you never see anybody with the whiets of their eyes tattooed. >> no body has got it done. i had blue eyes so i chose blue. i thought it would be a good combination between a dark blue and black. i thought black would be a little scary so i went with dark blue. instead of being one of billions
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of people in the world you can be like the fifth or sixth person in the world to be like that. i bet you there's no body in the wofr world that has the same colored eyes. >> no one would tell how they managed to create the colored ink. zbli do know it's painful and you don't use a tattoo gun. there's a layer. you have to get between that layer. you can use a hyper determinic needle but i'm not saying that's what we used. >> he is more like a -- he was the first one. he lived through it so we went on with it. >> i wanted to do a little dot to see what it was like. it spread through half my eye.
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i was like i got half of it done. might as well go all the way. took a couple of weeks and now they are red. >> i will say this. you have to be committed. if you decide to do this it's not a -- it hurts. it takes some time and you have to be serious about doing it. you really do. >> it's painful. it's like somebody was taking ice picks and stabbing the backs of your eyes some times if you hit the wrong spot. i don't have to worry about any pain. i don't see no red. it's all just perfectly fine. i wasn't scared to do it. i don't know. i live balls to the wall theory, you know? coming up, years after this video aired on lockup he looks back. >> i gave him seven stitches in
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if patience is a virtue outside of prison, inside it might just be the key to survival especially with a 40-year sentence. >> i have been in prison almost 19 years. i came in when i was 32 and i turned 51 a couple of days ago. spending 19 years in penitentiary won't go away but i refuse to let it ruin my life. i got to keep on ticking. i have never seen a blackberry
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or any of these -- or ipod or none of this stuff. >> it contains his life before prison. >> like this cassette player. it's probably an antique on the street but probably something people would want in here. only way i could keep this is because i managed to stay out of trouble. i was able to keep these alligator shoes. yeah, they are probably outdated. in here you're looking sharp as a tack. it is something you could have. they grandfathered them and you can only wear them when you go to visit. that's the only time you can wear them. this is a typewriter. it is fairly new. a lot of guys come to prison and
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they want to occupy their time. first thing they will get is probably a music box or a television and stuff when they should be getting a typewriter to where they can construct their emotions and, you know, petition the court. >> and body knows about petitioning the court. he has been fighting to get the charge reversed ever since coming to prison. zbli believe because i was an excon anyway i was a drug dealer. to get me off the street, this is their opportunity to get me off the street. the jury came back and caught me by surprise. it was 20 year life sentence with possibility of parole in 2030. it really didn't start hitting in i arrived in the penitenti y
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penitentiary. that's when the anger and rage and everything else set in so where, you know, i can't do a life sentence for something i didn't do. so i mean it tormented me every day. >> some how body managed to dig deep to find an attitude to help him survive. >> the fact of the matter is the joy that god gave me through the years, i'm joyful every day. i still walk the yard, smile, talk to people, stuff like that. >> body's record in prison has allowed him to hold one of the most valued jobs. he is a custodian in the administration. >> i clean carpet, vacuum, empty trash. i would rather be working on the other side of the fence.
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>> and he soon might be. his case was reviewed and problems with the origin evidence offered him a new plea agreement. >> they gave me 28 years with time credit for 18. so it put me real close in getting out. i should be getting out pretty soon. >> once the prison calculates time reduction body could be out ton street within weeks. >> it takes its toll on you but i mean what can you do about it? 19 year of doing time, you learn patience if you don't learn anything. >> as kenneth body looks forward to pay-off per sis tans one learns there is a reward of a different time.
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our first to billy hankins was from this footage from colorado state penitentiary. now older and wiser he is an inmate. >> i think i have been locked up -- the only birthday was my 26th birthday other than that for juvenile i have been locked up all the way to adult. i think i had one birthday on the streets in 25, 30 years. >> what are your plans for your birthday? >> if fellows are making burritos. >> so your future? that's a big sigh. >> what future?
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i have no future. this is my future. i don't know. >> when we first interviews hankins he described how he received life without parole. >> i was without a job. christmas was coming. i knew how to make money. it wasn't the right way. i knew it. i just -- i guess i programmed myself to believe i could get away with it. i got away with a lot of crimes. i have been busted for crimes. i guess i just felt desperate. he was a desperate man and had to do desperate things. >> they described some of the most telling incident. this was recorded during a strip search.
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>> i like my mull etmull -- >> the video says one day i snapped. i didn't so much as snap as i made a conscious decision to attack him because me and him had a confrontation a month and a half earlier. i put him on my list. i gave him seven stitches in his chin. you know, you do things and you look back on them and you're like i can't believe i did that [ bleep ]. i didn't let people do things i thought were disrespectful. i wouldn't do now. >> the assault on the officer resulted in him spending ten years in the 23 hour a day
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lockdowns. >> i have a temper. i learned to control it. as i have gotten older i'm not as violent as i use to be. coming up -- >> it's impairtive that we remove this needle out of circulation. >> a possibly contaminated needle is used. >> what i just found was directions to the way they tattooed their eyes. the lobster and shrimp summerfest
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inmates david and paul have distinguished themselves by tattooing the whites of their eyes. standing out from the crowd can bring unwanted attention. >> the information we are receiving is they are using a homemade syringe and they are placing it into the white part of their eye and injecting ink
3:26 am
to color their eyes. it is impairtive we remove in out of circulation. when they find a needle they tend to pass it from finger to finger. we run into the possibility of spreading several times of different diseases. >> they head to housing unit five for a shakedown of the cell shared by david and paul. tonight's mission for michael h hig higgin and brian scott is to search. >> it will be hard to look through every little piece of everything. a lot of guys that constantly have they are doing wrong, they are doing a lot of stuff! an obvious stash spot and it
3:27 am
looks empty. >> keep looking. >> the trail to tattoo paraphernalia growing warmer. >> it is unauthorized writing utensils. what they can do is right here you can take red ink and make a red tattoo. abdomen he and here it is, tattoos. >> we might not want that floating around. around here we have 955 blind inmates and we don't know what to do. >> they return with a large bag of other contraband. >> no luck on the syringe. we did find that paper that tells them how to tattoo their eyeballs, which is a good find. a lot of little nuisance-type stuff that could be weapons and a lot of over limit stuff. we pretty much cleaned their
3:28 am
cell out and put it into compliance. >> that's a lot of contraband for one cell. the needle could be handed from inmate to inmate. we did get the evidence of the pictures instructing how to properly do this. it raises eyebrow that is more than one offender might be doing that right now. that will be a concern. >> they are allowed to return to their cell but the investigation is far from over. coming up body's release hits a roadblock. >> they are refusing to grant my earned time. and chris's anger seems to get him in trouble. >> i feel like i can't win for nothing. is that a big deal? i think so. because not just any beef goes into it. only certain cuts of kosher beef. i guess they're pretty choosy.
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the woman's fourth child is now in protective custody. in iraq 23 people with dead after at least two bombs went off in a commercial area where people were celebrating the end of ramidan. now it's back to lock up. ♪ dear lord this is my letter to you. i'm patiently waiting for this curse to get lifted by. survival had my heater smoking.
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let's take a walk. this pain got me feeling like you really ain't listening. ♪ >> we come down here about three times a week to stay fit and relieve stress. >> it helps you work off pent up negative energy that you accumulate during the day dealing with [ bleep ]. only the strong survive. i'm sure you have heard that before. it's especially true in this environment. you never know when it will pay to be the stronger man. >> hankin's life in prison but his friend is planning for life on the outside. body accepted a plea bargain with a sentence reduction that could free him in the very near future but now there's a snag. >> i am going through some
3:34 am
difficulties with dlc not complying with the court's order. they are refusing to grant my earned time. i don't really want all of this drama to go along with it. i just want to get my earned time and get on. i mean that's the system. >> the decision isn't up to prison officials it's up to the attorney general's office which is where body's new plea bargain was. body could become eligible for parole immediately or not for another two years. >> i am prematurely going to prerelease class. >> the prison put him into a class. >> finding a job, reyiuniting wh family, communicating with your community parole officer, juggling appointments, struggling with money, getting around on the bus, housing
3:35 am
issues, avoiding old habits or negative relationships, substance abuse issues and health problems. so do you feel like we have pretty well covered the stressors and how to bet cope with them? mr. body, how do you feel about that? >> you look at the things that brought you here net penitentiary. you know you have to stay away from that stuff! exactly. >> you know, my biggest thing would be reacquainted with the world and the new technologies and, you know, when i came in a cell phone was as big as a shoe box. >> right. >> some of the guys that return to prison -- ♪ >> chris lashbrook is only six
3:36 am
months away from completing his eight-year sentence for auto theft. he has been trying to avoid trouble but landed in segregati segregation. >> what happened? >> i was the phone with my wife. when i hung up the phone they got on the loud speaker they got on and said that means you lashbrook. i told her to [ bleep ]. i walked up to my room and next thing i got security coming up and arresting me and putting me in the hole under investigation. my mouth tends to get me -- >> i seem to feel you barely contained rage. >> why? >> i am at that point where it seems like no matter how much you do around here and no matter how much you try to avoid [ bleep ] i feel like i can't avoid nothing.
3:37 am
>> lashbrook has a hearing with the prison disciplinary. he will be assisted by an inmate advocate. >> you have to take a deep breath. don't become arguementive. >> not guilty? >> i will have him present the case and you'll have your opportunity, okay? >> okay. >> i will start off by reading an incident report write bin officer jones at this facility. he brings i was asked by sergeant web to give a direct order to get off the phone and lockdown. he ignored my orders and continued to talk on the phone for several minutes. i believe that anybody could have understood that instruction. it is my belief that this incident report is a complete
3:38 am
and accurate portrayal of the incident. >> i was on the phone. i do not deany thny that. she was crying very, very bad. she said please don't hang up. i said i'll call you in the morning. i said baby, i got to go. i got to hang up. at that time miss webb get tons loud speaker. i pointed up at the bauble and i told her to [ bleep ] you all know i got a mouth when i get upset. no secret about that. i did hang up. i didn't stay on the phone for several minutes. it took me a few minutes to say hey, i can't just hang up on my wife. it would be rude and she was in
3:39 am
tears and i don't want to be inconsiderate to her or to the officer giving me a direct order. i am guilty of verbal abuse. >> i'm not trying to be a pain in the [ bleep ]. >> i understand you not wanting to be disrespectful to your wife. you have to take responsibility for your actions. you admit you had to tell her, baby, three times. that was enough to lockdown. you have to do what you have to do and i have to do what i have to do. you're charged with class 2 rule i did find you guilty. i will give you ten days punitive segregation. i will give you credit for the one day you served and i will
3:40 am
probate the remaining nine until may 12th. this concludes case number 090826. >> if lashbrook remains trouble free he will remain out of segregation. >> i don't agree. politics are politics within here. >> case closed. >> for this month. >> yeah. >> we'll see him again. >> uh-huh. ♪ coming up. >> he flung me into the dining hall and started to beat the [ bleep ] out of me. >> lashbrook and his father try to come to terms with the past. >> i still cry. i still ask for forgiveness. and needed a tow, s your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy.
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at colorado's constructional facility inmate chris lashbrook is known by his nickname, pain. his name fuelled an anger that has gotten him in trouble in and out of prison. >> my abuse was open handed with my fist. there is no doubt about it. he was awbused at my hands. >> we get along now. for what we have been through leading up to now, awesome. >> how are you doing? >> how are you doing? >> i am doing good.
3:45 am
>> good to see you. >> i love you too. >> i think, you know, when you're abused the tendency to abuse the ones you love is pretty strong. >> i have kids. i mean i have never been for them. they were born while i was incarcerated. i know who they are. they know who i am and i love them. i could never fathom putting my hands on them because of what i went through. my dad taught me that. unfortunately he taught me the wrong way. >> you know, we can't change our past. >> no. you can't change what was already done. you can make sure it doesn't happen again. >> i know what i did to you is
3:46 am
terrible. i cry. i still cry. i'll never stop crying. >> i know. >> i don't care how many times you tell me you have forgiven me, it's still there. >> the most brutal beating occurred when chris was 14 years old and had snuck out of the house. >> i think about that time. >> so the next day he is knocking on my bedroom door and he asked to speak to talk to me. i told him, yeah. he came in the room and he looked at me and he asked with f he could hug me and i flinched. >> i don't know what happened. i just stopped. i remember looking down at you with your hands covering your face. >> yeah. >> it was like that light just
3:47 am
went off. i saw the hurt that i put on you. that's why i still cry, because that memory is what changed me to not ever want to hurt you again. i looked at him and i said i'll never raise my hand to you again. >> what means the most to me is he never has. he never lifted a finger to me since that day. he kept his word to me. i promised me and i kept his promise to me. that meant more to me than anything. >> i tried to find areas where i could be a better influence to him. music was probably the way we could communicate. >> getting into foo fighters. >> still into coldplay? >> yeah. >> he is a musician and he rubbed that off on me and i have
3:48 am
been fortunate enough to have that talent. >> i learned from the best. >> i don't know if i'm the best. >> you haare to me. you're my teacher. he taught me how to play. >> we don't get to see each other enough. >> no. no. >> no that i'm a grown man i'm realizing, dad was right. he told me if i kept doing the [ bleep ] i was doing i would end up in prison. well, you're interviewing me in lyman correctional facility. >> i can't help but feel that i'm a part of why he is here. >> i love my dad. he is my best friend in the whole world. ♪ coming up, david and paul find their fashion statement has come with some unintended
3:49 am
consequences. >> apparently some other inmates put some snknots on his head. and kenneth waits for information but then it gives him reason to smile. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the us postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the us postal service. priority: you ♪ share the joy of real cream... ...with reddi-wip.
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♪ >> no. no. no. >> typically inmate kitchen
3:53 am
workers are not supposed to perform while on duty. other violations are viewed more seriously. cell mates paul and david tattooed the whites of their eyes in an effort to stand out from the crowd. >> it is worth it? >> yeah. >> why? >> because it will be like this forever, you know? >> this is permanent. >> it will never go away, never. >> tell me what the reaction is like in that facility. >> they thought it was cool. >> who? >> everyone. >> first it is you're an idiot but it's cool. i wouldn't do it but it looks cool. >> i want to see everybody tattoo their whites. i want to see purple, blue, green, i want to see every color but white. i like it. i think it would be cool. >> but the attention they brought on the illegal tattoo
3:54 am
trade took them from trail blazers to targets among fellow inplai inmates. >> apparently another inmate or two put knots on his head and said don't be giving us anymore heat. we saw him a day or two later and brought us to medical. he won't tell what it was over or anything because it was convict code. i got enough people that could tell me what it was over! things are about to heat up as the prison disciplinary board looks over his case. >> pretty interesting evidence recovered from his cell as a result of this. he did come over. i spoke with him briefly. he elected not to attend this hearing. >> i will enter a not guilty plea. >> i will admit instructions
3:55 am
sheet that is give instruction how to perform this procedure, how to actually tattoo the whites of its eyes. this in and of its self-would meet the definition of a charge. i will admit a photo of him with his new blue eyes. >> looks like he has no soul. >> looks like the devil took his soul. >> i entered not guilty but i did find him guilty. will i give him l.o.p. it consists of no electrical appliances. he can order hygienes. no telephone, no libraries, no visiting. i wonder if he will go blind. >> no body is sure how it will effect his vision.
3:56 am
it costs quite a bit for somebody that is not visually impaired. hopefully it won't end up costing us a lot more. body has played by the rules and after 18 years in prison succeeded in getting his sentence reduced from 40 years to 28 years. i could make him eligible for immediate parole. today he thinks he is having a meeting with his lawyer to sort out the problem. >> can you let him know he has a visit? >> we will have a special visit. a special visit is usually for offenders who typically wouldn't get visits or for families that live more than 300 miles away. >> body's actual visitors are his mother, sister and step father who traveled across the state to surprise him.
3:57 am
>> let me see this real quick. >> this is very difficult. i'm sorry. i get very emotional. it is so difficult for me having to come down here because he is in here for so long and i have prayed and prayed and prayed and it just seems that -- >> it's all right. it's all right. >> that my prayers haven't been answered, but one day it's going to happen. i know it is. he is going to answer my prayers. >> you know, we are the radicals. surprise, surprise. >> yeah, y'all ain't right. >> yes, we are. yes, we are. >> how are you doing?
3:58 am
>> how are you doing leroy. >> you didn't know he would be here, did you? >> no. i brought the legal work and everything. >> his release date is still uncertain. his family remains hopeful his life in prison is coming to an end. >> it is coming. it is coming. >> yeah. >> it is short enough right now to put in a mustard seed. >> it is, what, eight months, going on nine months since the initial court order, you know, came through. i mean, it ain't no picnic. i had better peace when i had the life sentence still on. >> and we are so proud of you the way you have handled
3:59 am
yourself for all of those years, how you maintained and stayed focus. we don't want to keep talking about that right now. we want to talk about that. >> first thing, we are going to have a fish fry. >> yeah, we are going to have a party. >> i know one thing, i want everybody back there to see, yeah, you can come from the pits to the top. >> yeah. >> i'm going to show them now. i mean you only got one crack at life. >> that's right.
4:00 am
trump attacks left and right. let's play hardball. good day. i'm chris in washington. our story today is political and here at home. donald trump, whether your terrified against him or gaga for him. he is taking on the big business types and love getting cheap labor here or cheap labor abroad.


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