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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. hello, everyone, i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters in new york. the veep stakes are in full swing today with three of hillary clinton's rumored picks cropping up on the sunday talk shows and defending their presumptive nominee against oppone opponents' accusations she is untrustworthy. >> when you've been in the eye of the tornado for as long as i have, i know there's a lot of incoming fire. >> clinton herself said she wasn't bothered by the allegations in an exclusive interview with my colleague chuck todd just after she met with fbi investigators on saturday. meanwhile, donald trump says he is vetting at least three potential running mates, new jersey governor chris christie,
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indiana governor mike spence and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. gingrich weighed in on the veep speculation at an appearance at the aspen ideas festival in colodo late saturday. >> i think she's disqualified herself from commander-in-chief by her cavalier attitude towards our nation's secrecy laws and she has been responsible for many of the worst decisions of the obama administration. in 2011 when our commander said they needed more troops in iraq and whenever iraqi leader wanted a new agreement to keep those troop there is, she couldn't achieve that even show she was secretary of state and she was the strongest advocate inside the obama administration for the libyan misadventure which has now led to the strongest isis sail around the world. of course that was senator tom cotton there. nonetheless, hillary clinton and barack obama will be in charlotte on tuesday. they will be campaigning together and that is highly anticipated. she has been, of course, meeting with the fbi, that took place saturday and in an exclusive interview with chuck todd she had a lot to say about that.
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let's go to nbc's kasie hunt following the clinton campaign for us. with a welcome to you, it's been 24 hours with clinton's meeting with the fbi. what's the sense inside the campaign right now? is it concern or relief? >> hi, amou rk, alex, as you've hillary clinton say to our own chuck todd, she had been heegea for this to happen. and there had been a growing sense inside the clinton campaign that this was dragging out. they weren't sure if this was going to continue to hang over the campaign into the convention, perhaps farther down the line so the fact that they have sent her to do this interview, it's a voluntary interview, it gives them more of a sense that okay, this could be wrapped up sooner rather than later. now, the expectation is that she would be cleared. of course that's not necessarily something we know firm as of yet but the thinking inside the campaign was if we can get this
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over with we might be able to move forward. you're seeing that in the schedule hillary clinton has this week. first campaigning out of the gate with president obama on tuesday in charlotte, then she plans to go to atlantic city then to campaign with vice president joe biden in scranton, alex. >> let's talk about the interview with chuck todd, kasie. she talked about her husband's impromptu interview with loretta lynch. what did she say about that? >> that, of course, an unforced error in this whole saga if you will, kind of casting a shadow over what the department of justice may do and the former president's staff putting out a statement last night and hillary clinton talking about it with chuck todd yesterday. take a look. >> i learned about in the the news and it was a short chance meeting at an airport tarmac, both of their planes as i understand it were landing on
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the same tarmac at about the same time and the attorney general's husband was there. hient sig hindsight is 2020. both the attorney general and my husband said they wouldn't do it again even though it was from all accounts i have that heard and seen an exchange of pleasantries. >> again, mentioning hindsight. of course she's had to say similar things about the entire e-mail issue essentially saying well, if i had known then what i knew now i would haven't done my e-mail accnts way. something similar echoes here. now they've done a good job of having bill clinton stay on message, be helpful instead of a hindrance. of course no 2008 he caused some problems for her campaign this, of course, seems to be another misstep from the former president, alex. >> it does. there you have it, thank you so much kasie hunt in washington. let's bring in howard dean and
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susan del percio founder of susan del percio strategies. thank you for joining me on a holiday weekend. >> so, governor, let's talk about whether or not it's relief throughout the clinton camp or not. do you think the issue will resume? characterize that in your feelings. >> it will loom because the republicans want it to loom. >> the fbi said hillary clinton is not a target for this information, period. this is not a criminal investigation of hillary clinton no matter what the republicans say during an election year so i'm glad the interview is done and hopefully we'll move on and the fbi will do whatever the fbi does but it's a plus the interview is taking place and to remind the watchers, the fbi has said that hillary clinton is not a target of this investigation. >> do you think it was buried, howard? it was fourth of july weekend. intentionally so? >> i have no idea how the
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scheduling went, who did the scheduling. the fbi asked her, then i don't think it was buried. >> okay. susan, there was one report out there which suggests that hillary clinton will not face charges so if that's the case will republicans then drop this e-mail server issue? >> absolutely not. there's still the inspector general report that came out that said she should not have had her server at her home. chances are the fbi report while even if there aren't charges against her we don't know what's going to happen to other people who may have worked for her. there's still a loath more to roll out. it will go back to she should not have had a private server for her state department e-mails. >> but the fact that she says, you know, hindsight being 2020, perhaps she would have done things differently, is that not you have? if there are not allegations of criminal misconduct hire as a result of this report? >> here's the narrative of the clintons. they get a special pass on things like this they live by one set of rules unlike everything else.
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for example, bill clinton going on the plane with loretta lynch. it's a perfect example. no one else would have seen the spouse of someone under investigation or their -- what they did under investigation with the fbi. she wouldn't have let anyone else on. again, she admit she is probably should haven't done this at her home and it was probably because her husband was a former presidennd they thought they had the security procedures in place. but, again, playing by one set of rules and it does play into donald trump's issue that the system is rigged. i would caution donald trump, though, to be careful in saying that the fbi is rigged because comey is so well respected but it certainly does go into that. i think we'll see some harshly worded criticism of how this was conducted with by the fbi. >> but with regard to the tarmac issue, it's optics versus what was discussed. i had hugh hewitt on my show yesterday. i said "do you really think president clinton went on board the plane and discussed his
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wife's e-mail server investigation or do you believe they discussed -- as they both have said -- golf and grand kids?" and he said "of course i don't think he went on there to discuss it. request sots why does it continue being an issue? >> because it is, in fact, the optics and it is the fact that the clintons have special access. and even though president clinton is the one who put loretta lynch on her path, again, which has been tremendously successful, they have a long relationship but anyone else would have been stopped there. the clintons feel that they are special and should be treated differently. and that's the narrative that will hurt them. >> so howard as innocent as it may have been generally speaking from a political standpoint, politically, isn't it almost inexcusable? >> here's what's inexcusable. we're spending all this time on television talking about a visit between loretta lynch and president clinton, why aren't we talking about how to get jobs back in america? why aren't we -- >> sure but -- >> well -- >> why aren't we talking about foreign policy? >> but as long as we are talking
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about this, though, howard -- >> this goes on and on and on and on and on. >> but should it have been done? >> nice try, governor. >> should loretta lynch have known better? it's hard, i would suspect, for an attorney general to refute a president from coming on the plane, what are you going to say, "get off the plane"? but should they not both have known better? >> maybe they should have nobody better. maybe all kinds of things should have happened and maybe p.o.w. p.o.w. h colin powell and so did condoleezza rice. can't we start talking about issues that affect the american people? how long is this going to go on? when are we going to talk about substance and jobs and health care? when are we going to talk about education? when are we going to talk about prison reform. >> when bill clinton stops doing unforced errors. >> nonsense. >> no, that's what it was. this was self-inflicted governor. >> this is crap. we ought to be talking about serious stuff not who did what to who. the reason this happens is because the right wing has nothing on the clintons and all they can do is make up stuff
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like this. >> how about this, howard. i'm curious. were you surprised or not surprised that the recent quinnipiac poll shows donald trump more trustworthy than hillary clinton? how do you account for that? >> well, i actually don't believe that because the quinnipiac poll also showed some really weird poll results around the country so i think before i respond that i'd like to see some more polls. >> all right. susan, your thoughts? >> well to the governor's point, we have seen a lot of different polling come out and this was one poll and one snapshot. the fact both donald trump and hillary clinton have very high unfavorable numbers and untrustworthiness numbers which means the next president of the united states will not be liked by the american public nor will they be trusted by the american public. >> okay. fortunately i trust the both of you. we'll leave it at that. howard and susan, good too see you guys. have a great fourth tomorrow. >> thank you. let's turn to donald trump who was quick to react to news of the fbi meeting. katy tur is following the
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campaign. what is he saying? >> he's just tweet which had you know is h preferable form of comments saying "it's impossible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. what she did was wrong. what bill did was stupid." he's referring to this meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch on the tarmac in arizona. whatever they said, though, alex, is not necessary the point. it's almost moot what they said inside the meeting. the optics are what the trump campaign will be seizing on. the whole time they've been running officially against hillary clinton and before that they're trying to point her as somebody who is crooked. that's why you hear him say crooked hillary over and other again. despite whatever happened the optics are there are a different set of rules for the clintons than everybody else. this bill clinton with talk to somebody who might be involved in some way of bringing charges
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against his wife and what is said there is not the public's business but just the business of these two politicians. it's not just an anti-hillary clinton strategy, it's an anti-politics strategy. it's an anti-washington strategy that politicians are somehow above the law, exempt from the normal rules of the rest of the public and that's what the trump campaign is doing. so, again, this plays into their narrative. >> so the cleveland convention starts two weeks from tomorrow. what are you hearing from your sources on where the veep vetting process stands. >> veep vetting is an interesting topic. what we have been hearing for the past few days is that the top contenders are governor mike pence from indiana, governor chris christie from new jersey and former house speaker newt gingrich. all of them would bring much-needed legislative experience to the ticket. donald trump has said in the past that's what he's looking for but they're very strong characters in their own right, especially when it comes to gingrich and christie. they're opinionated people, people who know how to govern. they're big personalities. newt gingrich has deep ties in
9:13 am
washington but he's also somebody who knows how to get things done. he's somebody who is quite smart when it comes to the political game and the question is does donald trump want somebody who could potentially upstage him? my sources close to the candidate and the campaign have said be wary of a head fake, you never know who donald trump is going to ultimately pick and that he may want somebody more akin to an ed mcmahon to his johnny carson. alex? >> interesting, okay. thank you very much, katy, for that. i'm so glad howard and susan didn't take off. they're still here. i want you to react to something we were just discussing. susan, gingrich does not sound excited about the prospects of being trump's running mate. he's considered by many to be the top contender. what will any of these candidates -- chris christie, mike pence and the like -- get out of being chosen. is being trump's veep basically a career-killer? >> well, that's the question a lot of people are asking.
9:14 am
but katy also said something i completely agree with. this is not potentially all a head fake and what i'm thinking is that donald trump will look at this not what he may need to make the ticket stronger but he'll look at it more as a casting call and right now i don't think that any of these folks will meet that need. i think we may look at someone like a scott brown who will certainly help in the rust belt strategy but also knows the media and will be able to kind of get along and go along with donald trump. >> we also heard a lot about bob corker, susan, and that name hasn't been among the top of late. do you think things have cooled for him? >> i think they certainly have. he said some things that probably upset donald trump, as newt gingrich has and i think he's too insider for the donald trump brand. >> okay. howard, there's been something in the trump campaign, something of an exodus of staff over the last couple weeks. two people resigning the past couple days. do you think that's a warning sign for him? >> not necessarily. you know, trump's approach to
9:15 am
campaigning is probably not going to succeed in the general election. you have to have people who know how to get the vote out, who know how to contact voters one on one, who can read polls. trump is very clever, this business about being anti-and a halfty and anti-trade. it's a strategy to try to get ohio and pennsylvania but i think you have to -- obama showed if you want to run a spectacular campaign you have to identify voters and get them to the polls and he's had no capacity for that so far. if he's rebuilding to get that capacity then this exodus is not bad news we feel just don't know. >> susan, i want to talk about what happened yesterday. donald trump tweeted out a picture, baffling, really, with hillary clinton on it regarding her e-mail controversy but on that picture is what looked like the star of david saying how corrupt she was. he removed it, it was replaced with a circle. how do you think his campaign let that get on social media. >> i think that's still quirks
9:16 am
they're working out in the campaign. i don't think it was donald trump driven, i think it was a bad staff mistake and that goes to the quirks that need to be worked out. as you're gaining staff you have present personalities, different people not sure what they're supposed to do and i think it was a poor judgment by some staffer. >> okay. we'll let that -- >> one of the problems is that was originally designed by a white supremacist web site so it certainly was bad staffing. it was not an accident and innocent mistake. that's for sure. >> i actually do think it was a mistake and it was again bad staffing. >> well, you know, you both can agree on that it was bad. howard, susan, now i think you're free to go. thank you very much, guys good to see you. isis taking credit for deadly attacks in iraq and bangladesh and turkey. coming up next, we'll ask a terrorism expert whether the upswing in terrorist activity could have any impact in this country. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together...
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happening right now, terror attacks in iraq taking a very heavy toll. more than 160 people reported killed in two bombings in baghdad. many of the victims were children and many more are reported wounded. let's go right to nbc's lucy cavanaugh monitoring the situation from our bur flow lea london. what do we know, lucy? >> devastating scenes from those two separate bombings. isis claiming responsibility for one of them. the large scale attack in the a radha neighborhood of blad. this is an upscale area of baghdad. i used to stay in a house there when i worked in iraq. now police are saying that a suicide bomber detonated a refrigerator truck full of explosives outside of a busy shopping center. malls in iraq, alex, are just as popular as they are in america and the timing of this attack is
9:21 am
significant. the this blast going off just after midnight which meant families were out and about breaking their ramadan fast, that's the holy muslim holiday. also celebrating the end of the school year so it would have been incredibly busy at this hour which is why children and women are among the victims. now at dawn on sunday iraqi firefighters were still trying to extinguish the blazes. rescue workers were pulling bodies from the buildings, ambulances rushing by. chaotic scene and one that has become all too familiar in iraq. one thing that struck me, alex, in having worked in that country is how much of a new twisted normal this has effectively become. iraqi friends of mine say that they now drive with the windows down because if there's a blast then at least they won't get shards of glass in their face. but to put this in perspective, we have this tragedy in baghdad, isis also claiming to have carried out those gruesome killings in bangladesh that we've been covering. earlier this week we saw the
9:22 am
coordinated attacks ee eon istanbul's main airport but one thing experts keep it will telling us is that as isis loses ground in parts of iraq and syria the group is likely to keep lashing out with attacks like these in order to stay relevant. alex? >> an extraordinary story, you're telling us, especially your friends who can't even drive through baghdad with their windows. thank you very, very much. let's bring in terrorism expert peter krause, a political science expert at boston college. so isis has taken responsibility for the car bombing in baghdad yesterday. the bangladesh restaurant attack. tuesday's attack at istanbul's airport, that's more nebulous at this point. congressman adam schiff who sits on the intelligence committee address this is issue, here's what she says. >> we're dealing with a vicious and adaptive enemy and their attacks are strategic. we'll have to veintensify our
9:23 am
intelligence sharing and homeland security and work with our muslim allies on better countering this ideological draw that isis has, this perversion of islam. >> so the proposal being a multipronged strategy. is that the best way to defeat isis? how do you go about it? >> i think isis tweeted out last week a figure that celebrated the two-year founding of their quote/unquote caliphate and it noted areas of control. major control like syria and iraq, areas where they have covert units or medium control like bangladesh and you can see how their strategies are different based on that. in places like baghdad they have attacks they are carrying out directly that are deadly. in places like bangladesh they rely on kind of these covert commando terrorist type raids and thankfully in places like the united states where they don't have major control they're relying on lone wolf inspired attacks which are less deadly but nonetheless scary. >> so with regard to the timing
9:24 am
of this, any indications that an upswing in isis activity could have an impact here? >> i don't think so. i'll say this. ramadan is ending the day after july 4 and isis has asked for attacks during the ramadan period and we have seen those. it's important to know in terms of lone wolf inspiration the boston marathon bombings that struck here a few years back, the original target was the july 4 celebrations. what happened was they finished the bombs earlier and decided to hit the boston marathon. so there's a plausible threat. that being said isis doesn't have the capability in the united states that it does in many parts of the world and the united states has much better intelligence and law enforcement so the likelihood of an attack is low but nonetheless law enforcement intel needs to be on its guard. >> what about the attack in istanbul? the security zone had been moved outwards. the "new york times" is reporting it's subjecting passengers to more security before they get on the plane but it's yet not necessarily deterring terrorists.
9:25 am
so what do you think? is there a benefit to a wider security zone at u.s. airports? should it be expanded to where the dropoff hits at the curb? >> i think for the most part no and i'll say why. first is the united states has so many international airports that scaling up to dedegree that you have at ataturk airport or airports in israel isn't plausible economically or otherwise. also, all you're doing is moving the soft target further outso at the end of the day you'll have crowds in further case. so to the extent it changes people's mind because they say "once it'm inside the airport, i'll feel safe" it's worth feeling safe but if you make screening happen a mile away, that screening area becomes a soft target that we know from research and experience that terrorists can hit. so we should be focusing on intelligence sharing, law enforcement and trying to give our citizens peace of mind when they're trying to travel. >> peter krause, safe travels to you, thank you for joining us from boston. the future of our country.
9:26 am
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let's go to the weather now and the clear skies here in northeast. but that's not the case for a lot of the country. bonnie mind? er is joining me. >> you have rain coming through brandon, missouri. this is not just a one day rain event. the flash flood warning in place for parts of missouri will go until tomorrow. but looking at if more wide picture for the next 72 hours, this front that's been somewhat stationary is creating a setup for flooding. so sunday and monday the flood threat over eight inches in some areas. then as the storms push to the east, a new threat. we'll watch west virginia.
9:30 am
remember the flooding they endured? that threat begins monday into tuesday. washington, d.c. the fourth of july, i hate to say it but we have storms in the forecast. about a 70% chance for the fourth. hopefully that won't interfere with the fireworks on the lawn of the capital but we're likely to see stormy weather. possibly in chicago but it will be cloudy conditions for your forty. how about the heat building in texas with high temperatures in the upper 90s to 100. 85 degrees at 9:00 at night. looking at the fourth of july forecast, beautiful weather in the northeast but notice the heat is building in the south. this is just the beginning of a big threat for extended heat and dangerous humidity going into the entire week so get ready for consecutive days where it feels like 100 degrees across parts of the southeast. alex? >> that will head north our way later this week? >> later, yes. >> not looking forward to that. congressman joaquin castro. the texas democrat is joining me next with his thoughts on terror
9:31 am
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welcome back, everyone. i'm ral lex wit at msnbc world headquarters in new york. in her first interview after her highly publicized meeting with the fbi, hillary clinton made an admission to chuck todd telling him she knows some voters just don't trust her. >> i have said that i'm going to continue to put forth my record, what i have stood for, do everything i can to earn the trust of the voters of our country. i know that's something that i'm going to keep working on and i think that's a clear priority for me. >> let's bring in texas
9:35 am
congressman and hillary clinton supporter joaquin castro. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. happy fourth of july week end. >> you, too, are you concerned for potential fallout from the fbi investigation and what happens if the agency releases its report before the democratic convention? >> well, i tnk in the end they will find that secretary clinton did nothing wrong. she's acknowledged she should have used e-mail in another way but there was nothing nefarious about it. i think in the end she'll be fine. >> why do you think in this idea of clinton being untrustworthy persists even after her decades in the public eye or is it because she's been in the public eye for decades? >> yeah, i mean, look, there is no perfect leader in this country. certainly no perfect political leader and all of us make our mistakes and have voibls and weaknesses. secretary clinton during her career has done amazing work on many fronts and she's acknowledged when she's made
9:36 am
mistakes including recently with this e-mail. >> what about national security? i want to ask you specifically about that because it's something i know you deal with regularly being on the house foreign affairs committee and house arms services committee. the head of nypd's counterterrorism bureau said that it's inevitable -- his word -- that there will be an attack in the u.s. do you agree with his assessment? >> well, unfortunately we know terrorism is now essentially franchised. there are franchises mostly of al qaeda and isis fronts. their folks who are recruiting people from this country and other countries to travel around the world, to train and carry out attacks. the other thing they do is inspire people to do lone wolf attacks so i agree that we have to be especially vigilant. it means not only cutting off the lines of financing and communication for these terrorist groups but also intelligence cathering and information sharing with our
9:37 am
allies around the world. >> how much time and concern does congress spend in the wake of attacks le the one in turkey and bangladesh? are you preparing for a heightened threat level here? >> absolutely. there isn't a single person in congress who doesn't take this seriously, who doesn't think about protecting our nation. i think that's both a democrat and republican concern. now, i do think that we also should take a look at doing something on gun violence. we saw what's happened in woe e orlando other place soos i hope when we come back july 5 congress will do something ant gun violence. >> there shall a lot of people who join you with that sentiment, sir. what do you think might be different this week? >> i was encouraged to see speaker ryan to say he's going to allow the congress, the house of representatives to take a vote as the senate did. now that vote has to be a meaningful one. it can't just be a dog and pony
9:38 am
show passing a bill just to say you passed one. we're hopeful to see substantive legislation, the kind senator collins has proposed that will help close the gun show loophole and other loopholes and help us do background checks on folks. >> i'm curious. when you're walking through the halls of congress and up on capitol hill and you run into your colleagues, perhaps those who may differ from your opinion on gun control, people perhaps on the opposite side of the isle. do you guys ever have off-the-record personal conversations where you have like-minded approach to gun control or is it really, really so divisive? >> no, there are times when you have a really heart to heart or candid conversation with people almost infair i can't variably private moments people are more flexible as what they would do legislatively. but when you're part of the republican party or democratic party often times you have
9:39 am
different bases that are a base of people that are challenging you to do certain things and i think for republicans part of the problem is that so many of them are so fearful of the nra, so fearful of losing in their republican primaries because congressional districts have been so gerrymandered by the states and because of that even though some of them may have a good heart or mind on this issue and will willing to go further than they have, they keep coming back to pleasing that base. they keep coming back to not wanting to upset that base and that gets you gridlock on an issue where 90% of americans think that we should pass a bill on background checks. 90% of americans agree with the no fly no buy legislation. so right now we're at a moment where speaker ryan has to decide whether he's going to put a substantive bill on the floor for the congress to consider. >> i very much appreciate that answer. let's talk about bernie sanders. we have the convention in philadelphia three weeks from tomorrow. he is still raising money to
9:40 am
send his nearly 1900 delegates to the democratic convention which mean there is will be a sizable anti-clinton faction there. how do you see that playing snout do you anticipate arguments over her presumed nomination? >> well, the first thing, alex, and i know you've seen many of these political conventions, both republican and democrats, but at these conventions even when there's nothing controversial people are always yelling at each other so that's not out of the ordinary. no, i think you'll see a united democratic party going into november, i think a very small fraction of bernie sanders supporters are ultimately going to support donald trump. i know there have been many media stories about that but 90% of them i believe will end up supporting hillary clinton for president. >> let's get personal here. i want to talk about your brother julian who's been talked about as a potential running mate for hillary clinton even though he says he's not being vetted. what do you think? would you like to see a vice president castro? >> i'm going to have to say on
9:41 am
this one that i'm not my brother's keeper. you have to pose that to my t clinton campaign and my twin brother julian. he's a wonderful public servant. >> how about your mom? she already has to be proud of the both of you. >> she's always rooting for us. like any parent would. >> seriously, if not your brother, who are you thinking? maybe sherrod brown? >> if you look at the people that -- the media accounts that i've read of who she's considering, these are superstars in the democratic party. corey booker, sherrod brown, elizabeth warren, tim kaine, all of them are incredible public servants. when i know i read the list, i feel whatever she does or picks she can't go wrong. >> representative joaquin castro, thank you for joining me. have yourself a great fourth tomorrow. >> you, too, alex. >> thank you. authorities are on high alert following the new terror attacks in bangladesh and istanbul and the mass shooting
9:42 am
in orlando three weeks ago now. but are americans becoming more afraid to travel in the wake of such violence? let's go out to my colleague morgan radford who joins me now. what did they tell you? >> we're seeing lots of beefed-up security across the nation's largest cities at the airports. we're talking a thousand newly minted nypd officers just sworn in on friday now controlling smork anew york and 5,000 officers manning the navy peer ier in chicago. of the 43 million passengers traveling this weekend, 8% of them are flying. those passengers who i spoke to said, look, we're not really scared but we're vigilant. take a listen. >> reporter: the nation's largest cities and busiest airports heavily guarded by armed officers. >> you know, i think it feels more secure. it really does. i don't have eyes in the back of my head but it feels good to know there that there's someone
9:43 am
watching and looking out for us. >> reporter: trained canines at l.a.x. where there's a record 1.2 million travelers this weekend. >> we flew earlier to make sure we could beat the rush. >> reporter: authorities at many airports will be in and out of uniform. >> you'll have behavior detection people in this area and you'll see also local law enforcement working with dhs for our presence out there and the airport police as well. >> at jfk airport in new york, travelers say they're not afraid. so this isn't stopping you? fear isn't stopping you? >> it is not. we live the world as it is today and live with the risks and what happens so we go about our living and lives our lives and go where we go and do what we do. >> reporter: but while many are focused on terrorism in the sky, the real threat may be in the car. july 4 being one of the deadliest days on the road. packed highways slowed down by accidents like this one in florida where a bus and semi truck collided, killing five people and injuring 25 more.
9:44 am
the tallahasse "democrat" capturing the aftermath. >> i've never seen this magnitude. especially this number of fatalities i on the road and in the air a call for caution and security as we remember our freedom. alex, isis has warned of attacks at jfk, laguardia, even heathrow but our federal sources stay there are no known or credible threats. alex? >> let's keep it this way. thank you very much, morgan radford. pr ready to protest at the democratic convention. why members of black lives matter could be there raising their voices. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. the democratic national convention just three weeks away now. hillary clinton is, of course, the presumptive nominee, but the convention might not go so smoothly for her and her supporters. bernie sanders and his supporters are looking to be heard on the party's platform and other groups are vying to get their message out as well.
9:48 am
let's bring in civil rights activist dare mckesson. welcome back, good to see you. >> good to be here. >> i know you've been seen as a leader of the grass-roots black lives matter. do you think the issues facing african-americans in this country have been adequately addressed by hillary clinton? >> the movement is made up of many people across the country working to make sure the issues in justice and equity come forward. hillary's platform is robust in some ws and lacking in some others. i just looked at the draft. it's important it includes things like asset, it's strong about 2 racial wealth gap. i think it's healthy for the country that the sanders campaign has continued to push the democrats to address issues around equity and justice that they otherwise are not addressing. >> what about one of the big issues you've talked about
9:49 am
frequently. $15 minimum wage. do you think there could be protests if minimum wage isn't part of the platform? >> in the draft the minimum wage is part of the platform. what people aren't talking about is the platform also calls and mentions the importance of a living wage as well so i think those are important. when i think about weaknesses in the platform, when we met with hillary clinton she talked about the importance of community oversight and community involvement and that doesn't come across in the criminal justice part of the platform. that is a real weakness and that's one of the areas i'm hope to feel see because it talks a lot about the role of police officers but not about the role of the community in making sure government systems are held accountable. >> so if black lives matter protesters decide to protest, what is that going to look like? how big of a threat might that be? as you know who, there has been violence associated with some of those protests and demonstrations in the past. >> i don't think about protest as a threat. protest at its root is the idea of telling the truth in public. it's what we did in ferguson and baltimore. it's as old as the country
9:50 am
itself when we think about the boston tea party and the american revolution. it's an idea of using your body to tell the truth in public and using other means and tactics to tell the truth. i think people have truth telling to do about the way they want count t country to function. i think people are rightly pushing the democratic party to address issues they have not seen in robust way. i think in orlando we'll see a platform come out that will be as responsive as it has been in the last 20 and 30 years. people will continue to protest as they have done in the past. this is not a new phenomenon to push the nominee and the party to be responsible for people's lives. >> it's part of the american way. but should those demonstrations or protests happen, deray, how will they come about? outside? on the floor of the convention? >> i'm not protestor savant about tactics people use and it wouldn't be the right thing to say on the air. i think people will continue to
9:51 am
push. you've seen many styles of organizing over the past two years as the movement has taken off. we've seen them in history. i think people will protest on the inside, too. think about congress. congress just validated a form of telling the truth in public that was sitting in, that was being thoughtful and intentional about pushing people to think about issues. i think that makes the party stronger. if people weren't protesting. if people didn't take the party seriously i think that would be a concern. i think protests show that people know the party can be stronger than it is today. >> i want to look at a national poll. african-americans clearly favoring hillary clinton over donald trump. 1% to 91% in quinnipiac. what is that about? is it a dislike of donald trump and is that big enough to guarantee high african-american support for hillary clinton? >> this is not an election about the lesser of two evils. there is one evil. there is a man who is saying muslims should not be allowed in the country.
9:52 am
he's calling black people "that african-american over there" that is an evil in this country. he is supported by the kkk. then we have a candidate who is a presumptive nominee to some who is somebody people have real concerns about. a and are pressing hillary to think deeper about her past and the issues. and they's fair but this is not about the lesser of two evils and donald trump would do real damage to this country in a way we would not be able to undo for a while. the other thing is that is real is hillary cannot get elected or govern without black people. it is possible trump could do both and that's a scary thought. >> deray mckesson, thank you for your candor. appreciate that. >> thank you. what is driving american optimism on this holiday weekend? the results of a new poll next? ? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good.
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>> let me just repeat what i have repeated for many months now. i never received nor sent any material that was marked classified. i've released more than 55,000
9:56 am
pages of my e-mails for the public to read for themselves. i will continue to be as forthcoming as i can. that is hillary clinton talking exclusively to nbc's chuck todd about her meeting with the fbi yet and the ongoing e-mail controversy. fred yang, pollster with gavin hart yang research group is joining me now. fred, good to see you. i'm asking you a a pollster, how do you assess this week for hillary clinton? you have the bill clinton tarmac meeting with loretta lynch, you have yesterday's fbi interview. put in the perspective. >> i think this is the topsy sur sri nature of campaigns. before this week she had a couple good weeks. this was not a great week for the clinton campaign but the one thing for both candidate, clinton and trump the there's a long way to go still november and the other question is does anything that happened this week
9:57 am
fundamentally alter shape of the election and i think the answer is no. >> okay, we have talked about hillary clinton's trouble with public perceptions but of her trustworthiness. there was a gallup poll in may which found 32% of the folks out there found her trustworthy. compare that to 33% for donald trump. so you think the fbi interview will do anything to help her with that? the fact that she was forthcoming. the fact that she said she'd been wanting to do this interview since last august? >> i think that is one helpful outcome and the other helpful outcome is when you read the news account this is does signal this will be the end of the process and giving what is likely to happen i think when the decision comes down it will be sort of the first day of the rest of 2 cthe campaign for her >> why do you think it's been so hard for her to shred this untrustworthy image? >> when you've been in the public eye and one of the most powerful people in the country
9:58 am
for a number of years it comes with the territory. i'm sure donald trump is finding this out in a different way. he was a high-profile businessman for a long time. he was on tv but when you're a political candidate and running toe e leader of this country given the age we live in, you're going to -- you have to have a tough hide to not only run for this job but to do the job. >> when you look into the polls as a pollster, is there something that stands out to you as being a problem for hillary clinton or donald trump? is there one nugget that you go "this is going to be trouble"? >> yeah. in our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll we did a month ago 61% of the american public said they still felt the impact of the great recession from six or seven years ago. so look i think this is really -- most presidential elections come down to guns and butter and i think national security and where this country is headed economically. i think the second part of that
9:59 am
is important that a lot of people forget there is a big swath of the country that feels left out, left behind. they don't favor either party right now. that makes this an up for grabs issue. >> i want to go to a poll that shows more than 70% of americans are optimistic. what is behind that? what's driving it? >> it's not ironic, it's just as we look to july 4 one of the hallmarks of america has been -- for anyone, no matter who you are, how you came here, when you came here it's sort of the optimism that this is a country of opportunity and for all the bickering, e-mails, comments people make i think fundamentally this is a tough time for this country but it's great to see as we celebrate july 4 what has made america great and will continue to make america great is the optimism of its people that tomorrow will be a better day.
10:00 am
>> this is the ultimate cliche but it is great to be an american, i have to tell you. it really is. celebrating tomorrow, fred yang, thank you so much for joining me. >> you're welcome. >> what is being said inside the hillary clinton campaign after her talk with the fbi about that personal e-mail server? ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the us postal service to get it tre. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the us postal service. priority: you this new dog treat called max and dentalife.covered it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. (vo) introducing purina dentalife. for life.


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