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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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but it is great to be an american, i have to tell you. it really is. celebrating tomorrow, fred yang, thank you so much for joining me. >> you're welcome. >> what is being said inside the hillary clinton campaign after her talk with the fbi about that personal e-mail server? ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the us postal service to get it tre. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the us postal service. priority: you this new dog treat called max and dentalife.covered it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. (vo) introducing purina dentalife. for life.
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defianour citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d. defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d. hello, everyone, i'm alex witt here at msnbc headquarters here in new york. those veep stakes are in full swing today with three of hillary clinton's rumored picks cropping up on sunday talk shows and defending their presumptive nominee against accusations she's untrustworthy. >> i think the secretary has made it clear she understands she has to earn people's trust. she's going to work hard to do that and i give her credit for saying she's made mistakes. >> what i have seen working with secretary clinton is that she is a steady hand. judgment is what it's all about and i think she has exercised sound judgment throughout. >> i trust hillary clinton in part because for a whole lot of reasons, in part because i know how she started her career advocating for the children's
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defense fund. she didn't go off to manhattan or washington to make a lot of money. >> clinton herself said she wasn't bothered by the allegations. in an exclusive interview with my colleague chuck todd just after she met with fbi investigators on saturday. >> when you've been in the eye of the tornado for as long as i have, i know there's a lot of incoming fire. i accept that, but i'm going to keep standing up and talking about what i have done and what i will do. donald trump, meanwhile, says he's vetting at least three potential running mates, those being new jersey governor chris christie, indiana governor mike pence and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. as for the current vice president, joe biden will be campaigning for the first time with clinton this week making a stop i scranton, pennsylvania on friday. before that on tuesday the president will join clinton for a rally in charlotte, north carolina. nbc's kasie hunt and katy tur
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are covering the campaign. we'll start with kasie and the clinton campaign so good day to you. knew this interview is done, what do you think the thinking is inside the campaign? >> hi, alex, the clinton campaign very eager to close this chapter of the campaign season so far. they want to be able to move beyond what's gone on with her e-mails. they've had trouble doing so because the timing of this investigation has dragged on longer than they anticipated and you could hear in the interview, you played part of it, that hillary clinton did yesterday with chuck todd, they talked a little bit more about it. take a look. >> let me start by this, the "new york times" called the meeting that you had this morning civil and business like. how would you describe your interview with the fbi today? >> well, it was both, it was something i had offered to do since last august. i've been eager to do it and i
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was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to a conclusion. >> so you can see there that she expects that this is part of the end of this review. i think the hope, of course, would be for the clinton campaign she is cleared of any potential for wrong doing here in what has happened with these e-mails and they're pushing ahead this week on the campaign trail, obviously that big event with president obama and then capping the week with an appearance with vice president joe biden, all really aimed at trying to turn the page and underscore the difference she is has with donald trump, alex. >> you say there's a hope there will be no charges. can you even go further and say there's a confidence there will be no charges within the clinton camp? >> i think the general feeling is that they would be very surprised if the outcome was different than that but everyone has to hold, be a little bit cautious here.
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of course there was some additional concern raised in the meeting bill clinton had with loretta lynch, the attorne general, just as all of this was about to unfold and of course both bill clinton and loretta lynch say they would have rethought that decision in hindsight, of course hindsight is 2020. hillary clinton herself has also said that they believe that they would do something differently but it's race a ee's raised a l questions with conservatives alex. >> sure has. kasie hunt, thank you for that. donald trump pounced on hillary clinton's three hours long interview saying this in a tweet. "it's impossible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. what she did was wrong. what bill did was stupid." referring to bill clinton's meeting u.s. attorney general loretta lynch. katy tur is following donald trump. give me a sense what's inside the trump campaign right now. do you think this development helps or hurts building up an argument against clinton? >> they believe it helps. they said hillary clinton did not have pa good day yesterday and they were pleased to know
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she went over to speak with the fbi because it feeds into their narrative that she has nothing to hide. they're trying to paint a picture of hillary clinton as someone who's in it for herself rather than the american public. that there's a different set of rules if for clintons or politicians in general than the regular rules everyday folks have to abide by. and that's the change narrative that donald trump is trying to woo voters with saying that he's going to go in and do things differently. he's going to be a different kind of politician, the anti-politician. the one who will stand up for voters instead of standing up for washington. >> so what about the veep process? do we know if donald trump himself has contacted anyone? >> we know that donald trump was meeting with governor -- indiana governor mike pence this weekend. we also know that he has constant contact with new jersey governor chris christie and we do know from sources inside the
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campaign and close to the candidate that he has a pretty regular contact with speaker of the house newt gingrich. we are told those three are being vetted officially for the veep slot. newt gingrich, though, is demurring saying it's swield speculation he would be involved in this, listen to how he put it to our nbc news reporter just yesterday. >> i haven't had conversations about this. my working assumption is -- and, again, cl again, calista and i have to talk about in the detail because it messes up your life. at least trump has said over and over he needs a vice president who understands washington because he knows he doesn't. >> of course that was at the aspen ideas festival. he followed up late we are our nbc news reporter to say that it is not something he has been officially contacted for but that's not what we're hearing from our sources. newt gingrich, chris christie,
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governor mike pence w geld trum, something he says he needs which is a legislative experience. probably none more so than gingrich who has deep ties to washington. he knows how things work. he's a great political persuader. he has had a lot of experience there but when it comes to gingrich's baggage there is a lot there. there's political fatigue with him in the '90s after his stint as speaker of the house. in 2012 when he dropped out of the presidential race he was the most disliked politician in america, between the two of them there are six marriages, also newt gingrich is somebody who has his own opinions, somebody who is very smart in the ways of washington. there is some talk from sourc close to the candidate and sources close to the campaign that say donald trump wouldn't necessarily want somebody who could outshine him in that way. that he would rather have somebody that is a symbolic
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figure head, a vice president more akin to dan quayle than joe biden. >> i think it was funny that he said it would mess up his life. let's go to los angeles where i'm joined by los angeles angels of anaheim political reporter seema metaand jai newton small. seema, let's talk about hillary clinton now that she's gone through the interview process with the fbi. do you gauge it as relief or concern? >> i think fact that everyone believes the interview is sort of an indication that something coming to an end. i have to imagine that there's relief this is finally over. they lucked out this happened over a fourth of july weekend. most americans are going to barbecues and parades and not watching the news so they std it a bit last weir when president clinton met with attorney general lynch in phoenix but it seems like this is pointing to like this might be coming to some sort of resolution. >> jai, your take on the same
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concern or relief? >> i think both concern and relief. you knew she had to do it. she had to speak to investigators, you couldn't go through a whole investigation about her e-mail and not speak to the principal person but it does say this is -- you don't actually talk to the principal generally speaking until the end of an investigation and generally speaking you don't actually do it unless you have an idea of where you're already going. so the sense is that i've heard on capitol hill and amongst other sources is that this is winding up the information, they don't know if there will be charges yet or not and if there will be it would most likely be staffers not hillary herself. but this looks to be the beginning of the end of this investigation which has lasted more than a year, it's been a long time. >> but if you say even staffers, that could by association taint her. >> absolutely and any kind of indictment here would be damaging to hillary, absolutely. to say that anybody in her staff, anybody still working for
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her in her sphere was doing something wrong mishandling classified information, that would be a blow to the campaign so there has to be some conce and relief that it's over but some concern at this pivotal time as she looks to cement the nomination and move on to the general election to have to be worrying about that. it's certainly a concern. >> okay. seema, you heard katy saying that these latest developments play in the republican narrative that the clintons are somehow above the rules. with this election four months away now, how much lingering effect could this have over these next months. >> we see in the the polls constantly. there's a large number of americans who don't believe hillary clinton is trustworthy. they don't believe she's necessarily honest. so the longer these questions about her e-mails and handling of the e-mails, as long as it's cast a shadow it seems like it will continue through november. it's the main argument donald trump is racing against her when he calls her crooked hillary. he's trying to reinforce the idea that she and her husband are above the rules so it feeds
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into the republican narrative about the clintons. >> it was quite a week, too, jay. these two incidents so close together. bill clinton and loretta lynch meeting on the tarmac in phoenix. the fbi interviewing hillary clinton yesterday. as polls are taken so frequently, do you think this could have an impact on the numbers? >> it could. once we get a decision that's certainly an impact on the numbers. as seema was saying undercut or bolster the main criticism of donald trump or hillary clinton. but any week you're talking about this, any week the campaign has to spend time defending this is not a good week for the hillary campaign and this is something they wish was in their rear-view mirror. hope it will soon be but it remains one of the biggest hong kongs and hurdles for her campaign. >> i want to ask you the question about the republican veep stakes as there are development this is week. the trump camp officially vetting newt gingrich, chris christie. we know he met with indiana governor mike pence, at least that's nbc news reporting for this weekend.
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what do you make, seema, of this group? do you think any of these three help trump with women or just the opposite? >> i don't necessarily see them helping him with women. i think mike pence could help him with social conservatives who have remained wary of donald trump's campaign. i'm intrigued by the idea of either newt gingrich or chris christie being the vice president because as vice president you have to do what the president wants you do, you can't be your own man and newt gingrich and chris christie are not known for sitting quietly and submitting to other people. so i think that would be interesting but it's clear trump is looking for somebody who has experience in d.c. who knows how the system works who's been in government to get something done because that's something he's lacking. >> but with regard to women, jay, what does trump need in a pick? katie pointed out that between, say newt gingrich and donald trump there's six marriages between them, that might be a real turnoff for a lot of women in this country. >> >> absolutely, we heard oklahoma governor mary fallon might be on the list, she's
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expressed interest in playing the role and she could help him potentially with women but honestly vice presidents tend not to play that role. you can't find a vice president that's going to fix your short comings in the sense that if that were the case you would have to find somebody for donald trump who is a half black half latino woman veteran millennial that's such a unicorn doesn't exist and nor should that person fix -- nor should that person address his shortfalls. at best the vice presidential candidate is a complementary person who can defend you on the campaign trail for your weaknesses but it won't be a magic pill that changes -- is a game changer of a campaign kind of thing. so for better or worse whomever he picks it's not somebody who will potentially help him that much, he has to do that work himself with other group he is has problem with. >> jay newton small, seema mehta, thank you for joining us.
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>> thank you. hear from one woman hoping to raise $30 million for the donald trump campaign.
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heightened security from the airports to the nation's biggest cities. this follows terror attacks both abroad and at home. but americans appear to be taking the extra measures of protection in stride. >> i had a pleating thought in my mind like should we go into the city today but obviously we still came so it's not going to stop us. >> i just live my life day to day and try not to dwell on it. meanwhile, a new quinnipiac university poll shows 62% of americans believe anti-terror policies have not gone far enough. 26% think they have gone too far, restricting civil liberties. happening now, terror attacks in iraq taking a terribly heavy
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toll. a truckloaded with explosives was detonated in downtown baghdad today. more than 160 people were killed, many victims were children. this was the deadliest attack in the iraqi capital. lucy kavanof is joining us. what's really disturbing, this was among the more deadly attacks but not perhaps the most deadly in a year. >> absolutely, alex. so many families torn apart by these horrific developments out of iraq. two separate bombings, isis claiming responsibility for the biggest one. it took place in the karrada airport of baghdad, an area of shops restaurants and hotels. police say a suicide bomber detonated a refrigerator truck full of explosives outside a busy shopping center. this is a powerful blast, multiple buildings blown out. the attack was timed to have the deadliest impact. this attack just after midnight
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which meant families were out and about, breaking their ramadan fast, the holy muslim holiday and celebrating the end of the school year. it would have been busy at this hour, mothers, fathers, young children out. the explosion was so strong, in fact, that iraqi firefighters were still trying to extinguish those flame this is morning. rescue workers were pulling bodies from buildings, families were desperately trying to find their loved ones in hospitals and morgues. this is the deadliest attack in iraq this year and i want to emphasize that because it's significant. these aren't soldiers dying on the battlefield. these are families enjoying their weekend much like americans might be on the fourth of july holiday. there was, of course, growing anger in iraq over these attacks. prime minister hiaider al-abadi visited the attacks to find his truck surrounded by an angry crowd. they called him a thief and threw rocks and shoes at him.
10:23 am
the lack of security being one of the biggest issues in iraq. as u.s. backed iraqi forces push deeper into isiser the roar that group is likely to keep lashing out with these gruesome attacks. the tragic reality is that innocent people are the ones who keep paying the price. >> we'll discuss that further right now with my thanks to you. let's bring in marc ginsberg. marc, we have orlando, istanbul, bangladesh, baghdad. how did we get here? >> we got here by not keeping an eye on the ball on the expansion of isis not just in iraq and syria, alex but also in libya, also throughout north africa and through the cells that were being developed as a result of the inadequate border surveillance that turkey itself permitted. turkey has played a major role in facilitating the growth of isis both in europe and the united states because of
10:24 am
inadequate border control which is it only began to address. alex, we have done a poor job of surveilling our own transit points in the united states when we've had folks who claim they're going off to visit arandma in pakistan and saudi ia and they're gone in training missions and come back and engage in the attacks. we've seen the role, alex, the fact that platforms like youtube continue to espouse the radical islamic works of anwar al awlaki which radicalized so many lone wolves in the united states is a major problem. >> the timing of this mark, they are so close together. is there anything that binds these four? is it ramadan?
10:25 am
we watched operatives coming through europe. we watched these people making their way into cells expanding in european cities and we know isis is calling for the increase in attacks in western capitals as well as in bangladesh because after all, as isis has lost territory, it's lashing out trying to stay operative. all the more reason, alex, that destroying isis' territory is the most essential way to rob itself of the oxygen it needs to continue to foment these attacks. >> what concerns you most about the people carrying these out? i read an extraordinary account of those who did the bangladesh terrorism. they were described as six young men in their 20s or so, very attractive, clean shaven, they could have walked in anywhere and not stereo typically had anybody look at them twice.
10:26 am
they were intelligent, speaking perfectly clear in their local dialect, also some speaking english. they were polite. they were asking the restaurant chef to go ahead and me tea and coffee as the hours drove on for those whom they weren't killing. >> as they were stabbing and killing -- >> the foreigners. >> the foreigners who were there. look, alex, the fact is that whether you look at omar mateen, whether you look at the couple that committed the atrocities in san bernardino, in bangladesh, the fact is that it's very hard for the fbi or for counterterrorism officials to pinpoint and put in effect a profile of each of these types of individuals, but the fact of the matter is that most of the people who were outside of iraq, outside of tunisia, outside of egypt who are engaged in supporting most of these isis attacks are largely educated
10:27 am
mid-20s people who have either recently radicalized or embraced the wahabi jihadi theory of islamic radicalism. >> what do you think the biggest threat is, mark, of an attack on american soil right now? >> well, i think that it's, again, the perpetration of self-radicalization and the fact, alex, as i said earlier, the fact that these people were able to do it online and the facthat u.s. technology companies are turning a blind eye to the fact that radicalization is occurring on their very platforms. if american people really want to do something, they should sign a petition to stop youtube from permitting anwar al awlaki from being able to call on islamic -- young islamists in the united states to kill americans. don't you think that's a good step? >> i'll let that be rhetorical but i'm sure there are those that would join in that chorus.
10:28 am
marc ginsberg, happy fourth. >> same to you, alex. pride and patriotism, just how much is there in america?
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pyrotechnics and patriotism on the eve of independence day. a new gallop poll shows a decline in american pride. 52% of u.s. adults say they are extremely proud to be an american but that's down from a high of 70% in 2003. nevertheless, parades and parties will populate these united states in red, white, and blue splendor and there's plenty of green for food. says americans will spend almost $6.8 billion on their feast for the fourth. that will include 150 million hot dogs plus 700 million pounds of chicken. to cap it off, americans are expected to spend more than $800 million on the snap crackle and pop of fireworks. the court of public opinion. how will it now view hillary clinton's handling of the e-mail issue? >> helping children has been a cause of her life and it always
10:32 am
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters in new york. new fallout today with hillary clinton's interview with the fbi as california congressman and rumored veep contender xavier becerra took to theive as to defend the secretary. >> i think the secretary has made it clear. she has to earn people's trust. she'll work hard to do that. i give her credit for saying she's made somes may stakes and she'll try to show the american people that she'll work hard for working families in america to earn their trust. >> clinton met with investigators saturday at the fbi ice washington headquarters for three hours. neither the candidate nor the agency has announced a release date for the official report, shortly after that meeting, clinton spoke exclusively to
10:36 am
nbc's chuck todd. >> it was something i had offered to do since last august, i've been eager to do it and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to a conclusion. >> joining us now, national political reporter for the "washington post," ann gearan also covering the hillary clinton campaign. ann, good to see you. thanks for joining me on a holiday weekend. >> no problem, nice to see you. >> i want to get a sense of what you are hearing from inside the clinton camp? are they happy with how things went at the fbi meeting? >> i would say relieved that it's over. we haven't heard substantively much about what happened. the content of the interview itself only that they had hoped very much to have it taken care of before the democratic convention and were able to get that done. ideally from their perspective
10:37 am
the justice department's final resolution of this case would come very quickly, maybe even ideally also before the convention where she'll claim the nomination. they're trying to clear the decks. they're trying to get this behind her as much as possible before the start of full on general election campaigning. poll polling would suggest they can't get rid of it but that's what they're trying to do. >> mrs. clinton kept saying she wanted to do this meeting with the fbi voluntarily. is that your sense or is it that the clinton camp knew this would be inevitable? >> technically it's voluntary because she offered to do it and she was not under subpoena. the fbi, of course, could have arranged a subpoena at any time if they felt they weren't getting the cooperation from her or others in her campaign that they wanted but from the campaign's perspective and really from any potential defendant's perspective it's
10:38 am
always better to volunteer to go in and do that rather than to be seen to be coerced. that said, once there, once in the chair the person being is interviewed is liable, criminally liable potentially for any untruths. >> so real quickly. i'm curious if you're hearing anything along the line if that she is not expected to face charges. there is one report out there, have you seen more than that? >> well, for a lon now our reporting at the "post" has suggested it's unlikely. and that has more to do with the nature of the case and the precedents that were set by the david petraeus case principally and a few others in the past than it has to do with the particulars of this being a campaign year and she being a candidate. it's very, very difficult to prove in any case that the mishandling of classified
10:39 am
information was a willful act and that's part of what the statute here goes to. you have to have mishandled the information so badly, so recklessly and with an apparent disregard for its proper handling that -- to open yourself up to the worst of the prosecution that's possible here. that just on its face seems unlikely given what we already know about the way information was handled. we don't know what we don't know. we don't know everything the fbi has in its possession is you can never say she's out of the woods. >> i want to pick up on mishandling and the classification because there's the latest abc news "washington post" poll showing 59% of registered voters say they disapprove of hillary clinton's handling of the questions about the issue. just 34% support it and approve so getting past even just this meeting, is that going to help her on this front? >> well, the campaign hopes it
10:40 am
gets past one big hurdle here. any time you have the words fbi or jarnlt in the same sentence with your candidate's name is not a good moment politically from their perspective. so they're very much hoping they can get the legal part of this behind them. that does not, to go to your question, expunge the larger issue here which is what was she really doing when she set up this private e-mail system and what questions does it raise about her judgment, about secrecy, about what her goal was here. was her goal to keep her personal material out of the hands of congressional investigators and journalists and anybody else who might have a legitimate reason to want to look at it or, you know, was it purely as she has said a matter of convenience and she really didn't think it all the way through.
10:41 am
she said herself many times this was a bad choice and she would do it differently if she had it to do over again. that doesn't really get the job done in the minds of a lot of voters. people keep saying in polls that they find her responses lacking and i think that think there's more to it. >> you point out that the investigation is not over. specifically what happens next? >> specifically what happens next is the fbi takes the interview material, compares it with interviews previously done with her aides and its own investigative work and makes a recommendation to the career prosecutors at the justice department about what to do next. that could take very little time if they have already assembled that other material and they needed to check a few boxes in their interview with her or it could take a long time if what she told them raises further question. >> ann gearan as always, thanks so much, happy fourth tomorrow. >> thanks, you, too.
10:42 am
a new report that the clinton camp is wasting no more time or money trying to defend donald trump in the election. bloomberg says the clinton camp is spending roughly $500,000 a day on tv ads while the trump camp has spent zero. don't tell that to gop vice presidential contender newt gingrich. >> it's impossible to use paid ads to define donald trump. he's too big a personality, he's too good with social media. they're wasting a lot of money while allowing him to think through how he wants to run the fall campaign. >> let me bring in republican strategist and former national spokesperson with the ted cruz campaign alice stewart. with a welcome to you. you heard newt gingrich right there. and i'm curious what you think. i've heard others echoing his setment that donald trump is already defined in the minds of the american people. >> both of these candidates have tremendous name i.d. without a doubt but when you're the candidate in the race like this and you have to money and organization and ground game and
10:43 am
structure to put ads on the air and to get your surrogates out there and define your opponent, that's what you do, that's what you do if you have the money and resources to do that. you define your opponent in a negative fashion so they're on defense all the time and they can not go out there and push their positive message that's what the clinton campaign is doing and that's how you handle it. what the trump campaign is doing now, certainly gearing up their organization, hiring tremendous people on the campaign also focusing on their fund-raising and with their pacs and super pacs they will also begin in earnest doing the exact same thing to hillary clinton, defining her, certainly, in a negative light as campaigns do and putting her on the defense and this may be a blessing in disguise with this fbi questioning over the weekend for donald trump, it gives him the opportunity without having to pay a dime, go on twitter and talk fact fact that she could
10:44 am
possibly face criminal charges and if not, if she is cleared in this case, which i think that would be difficult but could possibly happen it would give him the opportunity and open the door for him to talk about the system being rigged in a corrupt system which she has done throughout the primary. so it's a tool for donald trump to use against hillary clinton. >> newt gingrich has more to say about this. let's take a listen to that. >> everything the clinton campaign is doing to suppress trump will in the short run suppress trump because he's not trying. >> do you agree? >> i think what's going on right now, certainly hillary clinton is throwing everything against the wall. using elizabeth warren out ere, pushing negative criticisms of donald trump. but what donald trump is doing right now as we've seen, he is becoming certainly a lot more disciplined. he is focusing on his message. i think his speesh this week on the economy and what he plans to do for the economy was a good
10:45 am
first step but he himself becoming much more disciplined. >> focusing on the issue, fleshing out key policy objectives for his campaign. that's what he needs to do and bushing his posive the message and not getting side tracked with whatever hillary clinton throws at him. that's a good first step, obviously working hard to build his organization and the ground game because without a doubt numbers aren't everything, but when you look at the tremendous fund-raising numbers hillary has in addition to the campaign traf trump has some ground to make up and he's in the process of doing that. i think as we get closer to the conventions there will be more value banizing of the two campaigns but right now certainly it's donald trump working to stay on message and stay focused as we move ahead. >> but you bring up a very good point and that's the money here in terms of fund-raising. donald trump has said a million times over he doesn't need to do all the publicity that hillary clinton will need to do because
10:46 am
people know who he is. he says i can go on twitter or you guys in the media cover me all the time. if he had the money to spend right now, would he be putting out ads like hillary clinton is? >> i would imagine so. and right now we're seeing super pacs. the nra has put money behind ads that are critical of hillary clinton and they are working on the process of doing just that and that's part of the process as we move forward. it's a different ball game, in the primary ted cruz, my candidate, was a victim of a lot of the attacks by donald trump and he was able to systematically do that with each and every candidate but at the end of the day donald trump capitalized and didn't need money in the primary because he was able to generate earned media based on his persona, his ability to capture media. no offense but any time he would have a press conference news outlets would show his empty podium for a half hour leading up to it and he would get tremendous amounts of earned
10:47 am
media, up to $2 billion worth of that. that right there and then in and of itself led to the fact he didn't have to raise money. but it's a different ball game. in the general he is mano-a-mano against hillary clinton and it's going to be more head-to-head combat when it comes to the need for equal resources by the campaigns and the falks to get out there and raise money and put ads on the air. >> alice stewart, thank you so much, happy fourth to you. women voting for donald trump. who they are and why they're drawn to the presumptive nominee. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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donald trump has a new group e allies. women vote trump is a recently
10:54 am
launched super pac aimed it a driving support among female voters. the group says trump's woman problems a myth. and joining me now on this holiday weekend. thank you for being here. let's get right to it since we don't have a lot of time. why is it important to show there is a group of women backing trump. >> there is kind of hidden supportor mr. trump from women. i personal would love to have a woman for president but hillary clinton is just not the candidate. so we have to shift and take a look at why we're supporting mr. trump. what we're hearing over and over again is the women's issues are jobs and security. it is safety of their family and that is where they feel safer with mr. trump. >> clinton's super pac ad. and i want your reaction on the other side. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes.
10:55 am
blood coming out of her wherever. you like --. >> so do you have a problem with anything he said the? >> yeah. i understand. mr. trump -- we understand he is not a perfect candidate. no candidate a perfect candidate. but there is nothing about him that women also find refreshing in that he's not worki off a teleprompter. yes sometimes he stumbles and says something stupid. but we look at his actions and not his words. he's supported women, he's hired women. he's paid them more than hillary clinton has paid her senate staff. and look at his actions, not his words. we have women from independent, democrats. i certainly am not a typical republican or gop person and i'm coming around to mr. trump. one thing that got me going was that when madeline albright
10:56 am
stood up and said there is a special place in hell for women who don't support other women. and that made me burn i'm not going to be bullied or voting for mrs. clinton just because she's a woman. >> donald trump paying betters are that could be result of private enterprise as opposed to government positions. trump has not had good ratings with women. 61% have an unfavorable vuf him. >> i think there is a big difference between unfavorables and whether you will vote for him. there are people in office i don't particularly like. i don't necessarily want to have a beer with them but i think they are strong leaders scl protect me and lead my country. don't necessarily have to lik someone. also there is a factor what i'm saying about the bullying and pressure on women, many women are afraid to even talk about their support for donald trump. every time i go and do a show or something, i can't tell you the hate mail and e-mails i get
10:57 am
trying to shame me. so we have such, such ughry rhetoric going on right now. we need to change that and let women come out with their support. >> all right. we got to wrap. happy fourth to you and all of you. thanks for joining me hey there, starting your search for the right used car?
10:58 am
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just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at this this sunday, hillary clinton, e-mails and the fbi. the fbi interviews clinton for three and a half hours about her e-mail server. this morning her first interview since that meeting. >> i've been eager to do it. and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to a conclusion. >> the e-mail story plus bill clinton's tarmac meeting with the attorney general. >> both the attorney general and my husband have said they would not do it again. >> are just the latest examples of why voters have trust issues with clinton. also, terror in 2016. as a tax attacks around


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