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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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good day everyone. i'm eamayman mohyeldin. 3:00 p.m. in the east, high noon out west. doubling down at this hour, hillary clinton opening up about her weekend meeting with the fbi and standing her ground over the use of her personal e-mail server in an exclusive interview with msnbc. >> let me just repeat what i have reeted for many months now. i never received nor sent any material that was marked classified. >> but the ordeal is far from over with the democratic convention just weeks away. veep-stakes 2016, vetting of potential vice presidential candidates in full swing.
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would putting mike pence on the ticket for a hole in one for the gop nominee? >> and twin attacks. bombs kill more than 1 6 0 people. becoming the deadliest attack in baghdad in 2016. >> first we started with hillary clinton's long awaited interview with the fbi. telling msnbc in an exclusive interview she was, quote, eager do it. and repeating she never received or sent any material that was marked classified when using a private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> it was something that i had offered to do since last august. i've been eager to do it. and i was pleased to have the opportunity to bringing the tribute to a conclusion. >> this meeting amid questions surrounding ab unplanned meeting between bill clinton and loretta
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lynch that both sides say did not include any discussion about the current investigation. kasey, good afternoon. let's talk about the clinton campaign and how they are trying to work to turn a page on this today. >> hi eamon. i think the clinton campaign is very eager to move past this story as you can understand for obvious reasons. in many a ways, this was something of a relief that this interview finally came. the campaign is reading it as a signal that this investigation is on its way to a potential conclusion. and there is a certain level of confidence in those around hillary clinton that ultimately there will be -- they will find that there was no wrong doing here in how she used her e-mail as secretary of state. but they have had some bumpy rides other the course of the last 24, 48 hours, in part because of unforced errors. loretta lynch the attorney general and former president bill clinton meeting on that
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tarmac in phoenix. and while they both say that this was a social meeting, that they talked about their grand kids, loretta limpbl's husband was there. the optics were not great and both loretta lynch and former president clinton have said they would conduct themselves differently. chuck todd asked hillary clinton yesterday in their brief interview. >> it was a short, chance meeting that occurred. and they did not discuss the department of justice's review. and i know that some nonetheless have viewed the meeting in a different light. and both attorney general and my husband have said they would not do it again. >> that of course is the challenge here. and hillary clinton facing issues of trust in a lot of those polls that show americans aren't willing to trust her. don't think she's honest and straightforward or think that donald trump is more honest and
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more straightforward. this in many ways contributing to that. clinton trying to turn the page on all of these stories and focus on a pretty big week next week. campaigning tuesday with president obama in charlotte. then she's going to go to atlantic city, the site of those failed casinos of donald trump's where she will focus on his business record. and then on friday she campaigns with vice president joe biden in his hometown of scranton. so quite a line up for the clinton campaign to try and shift the focus over the course of the next week eamon. >> kasey hunt live for us in washington d.c. thank you. and after news of clinton's meeting with the fbi made head lines, donald trump responded in a series of tweets going after the secretary and her husband. does clinton's meeting change trump's message here at all? >> no it feeds directly into trump's message which is that the system is rigged and hillary clinton is not trust worthy. let's read a couple of these
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tweets. it was just announced by sources no charges will be brought against crooked hillary clinton. like i said the system is totally rigged. also it was impossible for the fbi -- it will be impossible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton what. she did was wrong. what bill did was stupid. so as you can see the idea that bill clinton meeting with loretta lynch in private on a tarmac in arizona plays right into the message that they have. the clintons are above the law. there is a different set of rules for them. and another set of rules for everybody else. it is not just the clintons but politics in general that the trump campaign is raling against. saying that the whole system a fraud and the whole system is not representing the public. he's painting himself as the changed can, as somebody who is going to go and stir things up in washington and get it back to running, not just incohesively but for the american public. and that is what the campaign
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the pushing on the heels of this meeting. will it work? well, donald trump does have some resonance when it comes to that among his voters and even some resonance among anecdotal conversations i've had with democrats who say they don't necearily say they believe hillary clinton is truthful. the issue here is that many of those democrats just don't see donald trump as a viable option either. >> let me ask quickly about the question everybody wants to know. vice presidential pick. is donald trump any closer to announcing his choice for the ticket? >> they are still going through the process of questionnaires, the background check, if you will, for all of these potential vp picks. that's not done. the announcement could come next week, it could also come the following week. we're now only a faw weeks before the convention. it will be before the convention. the timing could be very well whether donald trump needs to change the news cycle into a more positive storyline. who is being vetted.
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we know governor pence of indiana. governor chris christie of new jersey and former speaker newt gingrich. all of those folks have said they don't know necessarily anything about having belt vetted. gingrich as early as yesterday at the aspen ideas festival. >> everything that the clinton campaign is doing to express trump will in the short run express trump because he's not trying. trump's job is frankly to quit screwing up. get the election all down to a thank you issues all do you know to a single concept, enough. >> said being a potential vp was wild speculation and then he went on to defend donald trump against hillary clinton. he's been something of an attack dog against the clintons for decades now. but this does work in donald trump's favor because he's been going after the clintons on that same angle. one thing we should also note is
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that we've within hearing over and over that donald trump hasn't started and that is partially i'm told to lower expectations. right now they believe that it is actually pretty good for them to be as close as they are to hillary clinton in the polls. they point to the machine she has in place. the political head start she's had all of these decades of so for them after this fe few weeks of negative news cycles b, to only be within a few points is a pretty good sign according to sources close to the campaign of the candidate. they believe that going forward when donald trump really starts trying, they are going to be able to move that needle into his favor. >> katie, thank you very much for that. and with more on hillary clinton's meeting with the fbi i'm joined by --.
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thank you all very much for joining us this holiday weekend. one issue that constantly keeps coming up whenever you talk about hillary clinton certainly with the public and the polling is the issue of trust worthiness. i want to play what she had to say about her issue and how this problem keeps dogging her. take a listen. >> how does it feel to have voters believe donald trump is more honest and straightforward than you are, by nearly a 2/1 margin? >> well, chuck, look. i have said that i'm going to continue to put forth my record, what i have stood for. do everything i can to earn the trust of the voters of our country. you know, when you have been in the eye of the tornado for as long as i have, i know that there is a lot of incoming fire. i accept that. but i'm going to, you know, keep standing up and talking about what i have done and what i will do. >> so her campaign from day one
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has been all about trying to reintroduce her to voters. did the road trip in the minivan. i'm curious about your thoughts. is this going to be a problem for her? or is it impanel now to try to reintroduce her to voters has someone who can be trust worthy. >> i think when you look at her numbers on policy issues she outsigns almost everybody because people trust her on policy especially when you think about how she will handle terrorism and security. people really trust her in that regard. so this trust worthiness or not being comes from somewhere else. it is interesting your correspondent talk about newt gingrich. because i think a lot of it started with him quite frankly back in the early ninths and the conspiracy stuff over the years has been parodies without necessarily being based in any kind of evidence. and i think that is what you have to play against. not any very specific acts of wrongdoing or anything like that.
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it is just sort of this mind set that people have had that being in the public eye for as long as she has been. she has -- you know she has been that target. >> this whole issue about the e-mail investigation has been a systematic attack line by donald trump and by other republicans and now there is at least one report that suggests clinton will face no charges. i'm curious to get your thoughts. if the case ends without any charges, will it cease to be an issue for the republican party? do you think they are going to stick to it? >> i think that if there are no charges going against her it is maybe something they mentioned because it becomes part of the narrative. but i think for the most part everybody has to stick to the challenges ahead. the real battle is going to be in the electoral college. and the key battle is going to be trying to win florida, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina and virginia for both donald trump and hillary clinton and those are key battle ground state for both them. and hillary clinton as basel said has been out in the public for a long time.
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first as first lady, then a u.s. senator. secretary of state. people know her well. i think it is going to be hard for her to move numbers of people in terms of the trustworthiness issue. but for the moers part it is going to be a battle about the issues and come down to those important battle ground states. >> let me ask you this. the timing of this is not lost on anybody. and certainly the democrats want to get this wrapped up as quickly as possible. if in fact this is not wrapped up before the dnc, before the convention, if there is no decision from the fbi, could this be a factor for her going into the convention? could it create any vulnerability for her at the convention? >> absolutely it could. i know a number of democratic donors for example who have held back from writing checks to the clinton campaign because they want to see how the fbi primary as they put it plays out. and until they have some ultimate clearance or certainty on this, they are really reluctant to sit down and back her with their cold hard cash
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and these are very major donors i've spoken with and this is also the kind of thing i think can continue to dog her and give donald trump fodder for more tweets and more exclamation point outs there. >> and let me read this quote. the president has endorsed and is actively campaigning clinton at a time when his justice department is deciding whether she should be presidented. although that's drawn little comment it shocks some who have been in e senior positions in previous governments and believe no white house can be truly indifferent or disinterested in such an important case. president obama, vice president expected to join hillary clinton this week on the campaign trail in two different stops. could this complicate things for her in terms of the fbi interview that took place yesterday, this, will it complicate this roll out of having president obama and vice president bind on the trail with her. >> well certainly and you add in the meeting on the tarmac with loretta lynch and bill clinton.
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and it certainly gives rise to some perceptions or some eyebrow raising of, well, is there sort of a different strata. which is donald trump's argument really that there is a different set of rules. and we heard kate die talking at that perception. it is a question of perception versus reality. and what do people have to go on? they have to go on the per sensation of things. so the more hillary clinton tries try s to combat that, the 45rd harder it becomes. >> perception is very important. but going back to a point i make earlier. the republicans have hinged their presidential hopes on hillary clinton being indicted in a criminal action in these e-mails which in my opinion shot going to happen. and i don't know if other people want to come out and say that but i would say i don't think it is going to happen and the truth is yes perceptions do matter but the truth of the matter is that she cannot sort of for anything
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to become public in saying there is no criminal action to be taken here. before she can continue to chaichai campaign. she's got to stay out there and gain hard. and i love the fact that obama is available for her in 2016. >> your final thoughts, the interview, is this going to complicate the ability of president obama and vice president bind to campaign with hillary clinton? >> i think they are going to continue to be strong supporters of secretary clinton but they have to be careful of the optics. what americans really care about is having a justice system that works for everybody, that is fair. that is blind to people who have wealth and power. so i think they have to be very very careful how they support her. certainly while the investigation is ongoing, just so that it doesn't look like she's being treated specially. and that is challenging. until this thing end, until there is a final determination, you know, this is going to be a challenge for them. >> all right guys i'm going to ask the panel to stick around.
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later this hour we're going discuss where both campaigns stand in finding potential contenders for vice president. but first, at least 160 confirmed dead marking a grim reality of 2016 in the iraqi capital. more when we come back
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we're following breaking news out of iraq where at least 167 are dead after terrorist attacks in a baghdad shopping area. happened shortly after midnight. the area was crowded with people who went out after breaking of their fast during the month of ramadan. it is the deadliest tack in the capital in 2016. lucy, what can you tell us about the investigation in its initial stages and who may have been
12:20 pm
responsible for this is it. >> reporter: it's more of a clean up operation at this point than an investigation. so many families obviously torn apart by this. we've seen two separate bombings. isis claiming responsibility for the biggest one. that one took place in the kuarata maybe of baghdad. upscale restaurants and shops. a suicide bomber detonated a refrigerator truck full of closivclose iv explosives outside of a shopping center. the attack was timed to have the deadliest impact. families were out and about, taking their ramadan fast as you mentioned. and also celebrating the end of the school year. it would have been incredibly busy at this hour. the explosion was so strong in fact the iraqi firefighters were still trying to extinguish the flames this morning. pulling out bodies from
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buildings. families desperately trying to find their loved ones. this is the deadliest attack this year. and i want to emphasize this eamon because it is significant. these aren't soldiers dying on the battlefields. it is families who are simply enjoying their weekend much like americans might be on the fourth of july holiday and to really put all of this in perspective we have this tragedy in baghdad, isis claiming to have a carrying out those gruesome kills in bangladesh as well. earlier in the week we saw the coordinated attacks in istanb istanbul's main airport. isis is not claiming responsibility for those but shows as the group loses territory in iraq and syria they are likely to keep lashing out with attacks like this in order to stay relevant. >> thank you very much. i'd like to bring in james jeffrey. good to have you with us. when you look at what has been taking place, what concerns you the most about the timing of this attack, particularly the one that we saw in baghdad
12:22 pm
today? >> that is almost certainly a response to the loss of fallujah where isis was driven out about two weeks ago with very significant losses. isis's ability to infiltrate suicide bombers into areas where shia muslim areas primarily, statues cat that district of baghdad where this occurred is quite significant and they will continue do that because that is their strength and isis still have many cells to the north of baghdad. they are under ground but able to do things like that. i'd underline your reporter. this is the perhaps the bloodest terrorist attack in many years in iraq. >> can we expect more of these attacks to happen as the u.s. and coalition makes a push for other cities under isis control? >> until isis is destroyed as a state and a military force and
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thus its ability to plan and prepare and find the logistics for such attacks, they will be further attacks like that because isis as you said is going to tried to divert attention and divert troops from the front line fight against them. job one is going on the offensive. there is only so much you can do on the defensive, particularly in baghdad. you just want to weep as i've done many times in my three years. why was a refrigerator truck allowed to drive into the midst of such a large group of people without anybody checking? but we see this again and again. the ability of authorities to control these things, at least in baghdad is limited. and istanbul they did better but still lost a lot of people there as well. >> what is the role of the united states in the wake of an attack like this, in particular with helping the iraqi government and more importantly with trying to accelerate its fight against isis? >> largely the latter. fortunately unlike ten or 12
12:24 pm
years ago iraq has a pretty good civilian disaster and well experienced disaster infrastructure. they have medical units, they have hospitals. they have a well-trained core of doctors and nurses. and they certainly know how to deal with trauma such as this. the united states on the margins can be helpf fuful be it in intelligence and providing medical assistance but primarily job one for us is to increase to the extent we can our operations against isis. that is where we are having the most effect. >> ambassador james jeffrey thank you very much for your time and happy holidays to you. >> next the politics of pot across five states the issue of legal recreational use of marijuana will be on the ballot. bu getting enough votes for it to pass may be the easy part. once they struggle to find the best growers, sellers, and dealers when we come back. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds
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this is november. in at least five states voters will be deciding whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use. if they pass they would join a growing number of states. but as maryland officials have discovered, legalization may be the easy part. almost three years after legalizing medical marijuana the state is reviewing licensing applications for the very best growers, sellers and even dealers. what makes an ideal cannabis mogul? we traveled to maryland and nearby washington to find out. >> we're delighted you are here. >> there's a certain smell in the area. >> it comes with the territory. >> you have to apply to become a in essence a drug dealer. >> we have to to be able to convince the city how we are the right ones to do it. >> what made you stand out as the best possible cannabis purveyor for the district of
12:29 pm
columbia. >> hard to know. for one thing the application were scored but we didn't get the results. we are definitely drug kingpins according to the federal government and we so you would suffer severe consequences if the government decided to pursue that. >> you are the nicest drug kingpins i've ever made. thank you for the hospitality. we're going to talk to a few of your would be colleague skbls i plan to change this warehouse into the state of the art pharmaceutical great grade facility to cultivate medical cannabis. >> what are you doing to convince maryland that you are the guy for the job. >> if you didn't come up with a security plan and cultivation plan and employee safety plan etc. that would suit them you are not getting a license. >> a little strange for the state of maryland after years of fighting against dealers and grower to put out a call for the, quote, best application for those very jobs. >> one of our jobs really is an industry is to rebrand the industry. >> let's just start with the
12:30 pm
term cannabis. i don't think any of us and correct me if i'm wrong have called it marijuana, pot, weed, ganja. >> we want to raise the level of professionalism and we want to set the standards for the entire united states that maryland is the leading, most professional industry for cannabis in the country. and i think we can do it. >> that was msnbc's tony decopal reporting. donald trump calling to bring back water boarding being renewed as prominent members of the party stand up to say no. i do notice that sometimes i eat better than her. i get my healthy bowl of beneful, and she eats a cheese stick and a cracker. that's what she ate last night. cheese stick and a cracker. can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables.
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with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. donald trump is renewing his call to bring back water boarding in the wake of this past week's deadly attack in turkey. >> when you look at what's happening to us. when you look at what's going on in this country and throughout the world. and we don't want -- you know, they are allowed to cutoff
12:34 pm
heads. they are allowed to chop off heads. we can't water board. i feel we have to get much, much stronger, tougher and smarter. >> trump's demands, well they are upsetting members of his own party, including senator john mccain who was subjected to tor tourture while a pow in vietnam. >> as the war crime. ol not only that. it doesn't work. >> we're joined by chief national correspondent for foreign policy. dan good to have you with. the obama administration has already banned water boarding, logistical logistically. if donald trump becomes president how easy would be to reinstate as a matter of policy? >> i think it would be a major problem. fist of all the u.s. military as a whole disagrees with this techniq technique. the fbi has said often that it doesn't work, who senator mccain
12:35 pm
was saying. i suppose he could issue an executive order that would allow the types of so called enhanced interrogation techniques like water boarding that did exist you should the bush administration that there would be an international up roar and possibly revolt inside the u.s. military and security establishment. >> let me play a sound bite from director hayden who was there during george w. bush's administration. >> water boarding like it was a secret sauce. once we do that everything will be fine. look we did it -- we used it on three people. it was a long time ago. we still believe it was useful in those cases but frankly i was struck by your conversation a few minutes ago. our most powerful tool in interrogating at the black sites weren't the enhanced techniques. it was our knowledge. >> so what methods have proven to be resourceful in interrogations from what you have learned? >> i think what michael hayden
12:36 pm
was just saying and what fbi experts have said and written is that traditional skilled interrogation works much better than beatings or some kind of torture. as hayden was saying when you have some knowledge and some intelligence, you are anyoble t use that against the subject to persuade them that you know a lot and that it is in their interests to tell you what is going on. there is also techniques about building rapport with the person you are interrogating. the problem with things like water boarding, which police and fbi experts in the military have said many times, is that a subject becomes desperate and a detainee will simply tell you what you want to hear. and water boarding was used by the japanese in world war ii. it just from a practical standpoint just about any expert on interrogation will say this does not work. and then there is also the
12:37 pm
practical danger that us troops and intelligence officers who get captured will be subjected to it as well. >> listen i know that donald trump has had a lot of different running feuds with various members of the republican party but in this case john mccain and others have spoken out against the use of water boarding. do you see any twha trump's remarks on water boarding are going to hurt him politically or do they play to his core fan base is this. >> good question. clearly the discussion of water boarding and torture previously was tied up with the same kind of sentiments. which is that it is about fear. when countries are threatened by terrorist attacks or subjected to terrorist attacks, people begin to look for sort of easy answers. what hayden was talking about, some kind of magic bullet. and wauster board ing has been cited as this magic formula to
12:38 pm
keep everyone safe. and the problem is there is no magic bullet against terrorism and terrorism is trying to instill fear and usually it is the political leader's job to put the threat in context and it is in political interests in trumps to play into the fear. so yes with his base it works but we'll see if it works in the general election. >> chief national correspondent for foreign policy. thank you very much for joining us. while using social media to track terror. next a look at the new proposal to ask foreign visitors to disclose their social media accounts and if the move could help prevent attacks on american soil. stay with us. think big. or demand your own space. don't you dare leave it all behind. don't you dare ask what's next.
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you can use whipped topping made ...but real joyful moments.. are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. funeral services for holocaust survivor eli said he
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was one of the people who changed the world. his life and the power of his example urges to be better. actor and humanitarian george clooney stated in part we had a champion who carried our pain, our guilt and our responsibility on his shoulders for generations. now he's gone. it is hard to fathom, so i guess it is up to us now to fight for the disenfranchised, to speak truth to power and to never forget how cruel man can be to man. in memory of elie it is the least we do. a new measure calls for visitors to the united states to reveal their social media accounts when they come to this country. a new piece about this. ron, good to have you with us. very fascinated by this piece when i saw it earlier in the week. i'm curious to your thought in oerms terms of why tracking
12:43 pm
social media and how does it help to prevent attacks. >> the reason is groups like isis have been very good in using social media to recruit people both here in the u.s., europe and other places. and so the idea is that this is intelligence. this is stuff that the law enforcement can use to see people before they get to the point where they are actually attacking ami ining someone. >> the first thing that jumped out at me is if somebody writes something on social media that could be a thought and could be something anti-american, do you think that could be interpreted or used as b grounds to prevent that one from coming in and how do authorities draw a line between what is actual intelligence they want to prevent? >> that is the question. and it's been raised by people who say, well what if i'm friends with someone who's friends with someone else that
12:44 pm
has, you know, done something or posted something that's anti-american. does that mean i can't get a visa or i can't get into the country? at this point we don't know what the line is. what the cutoff is for, you know, what constitutes a threat for law enforcement. so it is a question that, you know, people have raised about this. but again, it is proposal that we don't know that much about just yet. >> in your article you quote representative mccann a florida republican who says voluntary disclosure won't keep anyone safe. mandatory screening is required. what have you heard from the specifics so far as how far will they breech someone's online activity. >> the quote from congressman buchanan. he has a bill in correct me if i'm wrong where -- bill in cong where he wants it to be required. if you are coming here, then
12:45 pm
your social media presence should be something you give to the u.s. it is not voluntary. you should be able to give and we'll scour that for integration. it is going both ways. i'm hearing a lot from people on the privacy side saying, you know, this is ridiculous because who is going to post, hey i'm going to attack america on their facebook page? and if they do, is it taactualla threat or just something someone is throwing out. >> and interestingly, some of of this is public, why does the government want you do ghaif information over if they can look at it themselves if people are posting stuff generally public. >> it's true but there are hundreds of thousands who come into this country every year and we don't actually know all of their social media accounts so this is a way to collect that information so you will know specifically where to go without just casting about on the web to find their social media
12:46 pm
accounts. >> all right. very fascinating debate that is going to unfold i'm sure for months to come. the new york times, ron nixon, thank you very much. next a search for a second in command. trump and clinton keeping tight lips about who they are vetting but it is not stopping speculation about who is in the running and what they could bring to the ticket for both candidates.
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
welcome back everyone. as many people donald trump played a little golf this fourth of july weekend. but it is his golfing partner that is drawing attention. mike pence rumored to be on trump's short list for potential running mates. sources tell nbc news he's back in indiana now. aides say pence and trump spoke about the policies working in his state but say nothing was offered or accepted. back with us to discuss. we've got a lot of questions to
12:50 pm
go through we're going to try do these in rapid fire succession. mike pence, this is what campaign margnager said about h this morning. >> the vice presidential selection is going to come down to one person's comfort level and that's donald trump. pence has a number of years of washington, d.c. experience. he's gone back now and served as a chief executive of a very important state. a state that donald trump is going to need to win in order to be successful in this election. >> is pence the top contender? >> in my mind, he actually isn't. i think he does satisfy the conservatives that are out there. i still think it's chris christie. he's been so dutifully standing with donald trump over the last couple of weeks. he's the one that got hugged by barack obama after hurricane sandy.
12:51 pm
republicans hated him after that. i still think he's the won that donald probably will pick. >> donald wanted somebody who seemed to have at least some d.c. experience, some capitol hill experience. does chris christie fit that bill for you? >> he doesn't. but i do think as a campaign tries to become more legitimate, i do think they want someone who is going to be a good attack dog. and number two, someone who i think does bring some uniting force to it. i think christie satisfies. >> what do you think, mike pence a contender or not? >> i've got to agree. i think chris christie is looking pretty good for that right now. also, his background as a prosecutor who goes after someone very aggressively is something i think trump would like. he's relatively moderate as far as republicans go and he's
12:52 pm
talked a lot about working with democrats and republicans. >> mike pence? >> mike pence -- i actually know all three of the so-called inside candidates. i've known mike for a long time. i used to live in indiana and work for dan quayle. mike was a leader in the congress so he knows capitol hill and knows it from the standpoint of leadership. he's been a successful two-term governor of an important mid western state. mike brings a lot to the ticket. i agree that chris christie is somebody that donald trump can work well with as well, because he is the two-term governor of an important state and it's a blue state. obviously chris christie has the capacity to attract not only republicans but democrats and has done it twice in a very successful way. >> he's also very similar to
12:53 pm
donald trump in that he talks in this very brash style. is that too much brashness for one ticket or is that what donald trump needs? >> that's anybody's guess. from the standpoint of working with somebody he's comfortable with, chris christie was a candidate himself for the presidency, got out of the race and very quickly supported donald trump. we haven't mentioned newt gingrich. and newt gingrich of course satisfies a whole lot -- checks a lot of boxes for donald trump. he's got great conservative credentials, great establishment credentials as well. he was a very successful speaker of the house back in the '90s under bill clinton. >> sometimes he's in his camp. sometimes he's called him out on some of his candidates. corey booker was asked about being vetted today on cnn.
12:54 pm
here's what he had to say. >> i'm just referring questions about the vice president to the woman who's going to have to make this decision. on the democratic side there are many fabulous candidates, people that could really be strong. >> that is not a no. >> that is exactly what it is. it's telling you if you have a question like that, please direct it to the clinton campaign. >> i think i may have gotten the answer they need from that. >> very tongue in cheek there. should the clinton campaign be giving corey booker a serious look? >> sure. he's from a reliably blue state. i think that corey is a dynamic individual. he is great on camera. he's a great spokesperson. really intelligent on policy issues. hillary is a policy wonk. and i think corey is as well. >> it's not so much new england, new york, concentrated ticket?
12:55 pm
>> i'm not so sure about that, because i do think he energizes communities of color which he been incredibly supportive of her throughout her entire career. >> what do you think? >> i think he dozener jazz communities of color. it also addresses one concern i've heard from some communities of color, which is well is the opportunity for having a person of color on the ticket slips away? are votes being taken for granted? you actually have to do something for us. you have to talk about the things we care about. >> if you have to look at the way the primaries played out with somebody like bernie sanders, another name that's being bounced around is elizabeth warren. do you think elizabeth wearren s a viable option right now? >> she clearly is a viable option for secretary clinton.
12:56 pm
she's already appeared on the campaign trail with her and has been very convincing. she's got a strong following. and certainly bringing her on the ticket helps with those bernie sanders people who might still be lingering. somebody like elizabeth warren could be a strong choice for hillary clinton. she's got to be vetted like the others but she's also proven herself to be very effective as a campaigner. happy fourth of july to everyone. that does it for this hour. thanks for being with me. my colleague richard lui picks up our coverage next. (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection that locks away odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face.
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afdave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? . good sunday to you. it's 4:00 p.m. in the eastern, 1:00 p.m. in the west. this hour for you, clinton on defense. in an exclusive interview with nbc's chuck todd, hillary clinton defends her husband's
1:00 pm
meeting with the attorney general and her e-mail server. >> let me just repeat what i have repeated for many months now. i never received or sent any material that was marked classified. >> donald trump wants criminal charges for clinton. how he may win on message, regardless of the fbi's decision on clinton's e-mail server. president obama set to hit the campaign trail this week with hillary clinton. can he get his supporters fired up for her? and new day, new terror attack. the death toll at more than 150 dead and rising. this time a crowded baghdad marketplace targeted. zwl . clinton emphasized she continued to be forthcoming. her camp saying the interview was voluntary. >> it was something i had offered to do


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