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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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♪ and app good monday morning. i'm craig in new york. this morning we are following several developing stories. a central park tourist injured after stepg on a homemade explosive device. a bomb set off in saudi arabia and up to 200 killed in an attack in a baghdad shopping center. we are learning more about the deadly gator attack at disney world and a second gator involved. we start this morning with a race for the white house. clinton and trump both involved
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in controversies. clinton met with fbi investigators. she was questioned more than three hours over her private e-mail server. meanwhile donald trump igniting controversy over a tweet that included anti she mettic imagery. and the republican convention is now two weeks away. our team is working as well. washington, it was a busy holiday weekend for hillary clinton. >> well, i'm going to do one of those things that happens rarely in television. i will ask them to close my ear piece and then i will answer you. hillary clinton will have a big week. she will visit several states considered battleground.
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she is not going to do that alone. she will be with the president, the first time they are campaigning together. on friday she will be campaigning with biden and a location there very, very important. pennsylvania is one of those battlegrounds where donald trump has shown some strength this year. it is key for clinton to be out on this with the vice president. this will all come after what has been a really intense weekend with so much attention to headquarters early saturday morning. hillary clinton's one of a kind holiday weekend. saturday morning she headed to fbi headquarters. saturday night a ticket to hamilton with friends and former president. in between an exclousive phone
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call. >> i have been eager to do it. >> clinton said the justice department did not tell her when the investigation will be over. >> i have no knowledge. this is entirely up to the department. >> she also defended her husband's visit with loretta lynch. >> both the attorney general and my have said that they wouldn't do it again even though i it was from all accounts that i have heard and seen, an exchange of pl pleasantry. >> the justice department's investigation is ongoing. donald trump delighted in stirring the conspiracy pot. i believe hillary sent fwoil have the meeting so bill is not in trouble with h.
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trump cast out on the integrity tweeting the system is rigged. unknown, when the investigation will and and will voters. >> the white house has stayed out of it. >> the easy akization would be to puts pressure on one of the government agents. the president and i have kept our hands off completely. would they be making the findings noen before the convention. would it be resolved before that time? request it is described as cordial and business-like. we have seen her give testimony before congress that went nearly an entire day and then some. so she said she was happy to
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cooperate to hopefully bring this review to a conclusion. >> it is showing it could signal the end of this investigation? is it conventionalism? >> hillary clinton would likely be the last or among the last of those that need to be interviewed. one question is how much time would the investigators need? compare it and how does it match up around documents. it is believed it is the rounding third base home investigation. because of the century department we have let that there is reason for any level of legal charge or will they find
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there was no wrong doing committed? >> thanks as always. let's bring in cay si hunt. >> occasionally -- >> yeah, every once in a while. this was on saturday seems to have tramped. walk us through it. >> so whaer is what happened. over the weekend donald trump's account posted an image many argued is anti semimettic. you can see clinton over a pile of money and the start that looks like the star of david. it drew fire from the anti defamation league especially as information has come out that
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the image had been circumstance littled on twitter circulated on twitter. we haven't heard anything more, any explanation about where this came from. they replaced the image over top of where it has been. sob got -- we have no explanation. the anti deaf nation says they should support race igs supporters who are throughout with this kind of material. a ris traction. >> a couple of weeks away. what more, if anything, about
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what will be number two on this ticket? >> joe biden is one of the short listers. gingrich and biden were both out at the aspen interview. he said it will be up to donald trump himself. it is about penalty. mike pence to the speck asian the two men played a round of golf. pence wouldn't say anything. he did say that he was beat ton requesters with a lot of people
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are saying won't be surprised that he would come out of blue. >> and happens you let him win on the golf course. >> it seems like it might be the right call. >> yes. back here in new york a 4th of july scare in one of the post pap lor kaurist investigation. as the city steps up security ahead of the fireworks we are live in central park. what happened to the guy that was injured in central park? >> reporter: we'll tell you in detail whapgs to him. this morning he is listed in stable condition after a very frightening incident that happened here in new york city.
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friends up in arms after another friend was badly injured. they say it was a small explosion. she stepped on what police believe was a homemade firework. his left foot severed. >> we should probably get in the ambulance. >> yeah, we got to go. >> reporter: they say the three friends are not responsible for the firework. >> nothing to indicate it was an explosive device put in this area with the intent to harm any individuals. >> hopefully it will work out for him. this is a life changing thing for this poor young man. >> bomb sniffing dogs searching
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for evidence. >> reporter: nationwide cities are stepping up security. in boston police monitoring cameras looking for any suspicious activity. the coast guard is making sure boaters are safe at sea. behind the scenes tactical yu t units. no unexpected fireworks. millions expected to gather around this city to watch fireworks tonight. there will be thousands of police officers watching the crowds as well. as they always let us know wh
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whwhen in these cases there will be a number of uniformed in plain clothes too! thanks as always. >> if you're planning to enjoy 4th of july you might want to pack some rain gear. let's get the latest on that from bonnie. >> ethe problem is that the rai keeps coming in the same place. we are look for flooding where we don't want it, in west virginia. more rain is headed in that direction. it is getting closer. we do have storm y weather for
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d.c. chicago looks good but in dallas temperatures will be in the 80s. they will be heating up even more. heat dekss will it feeling hot and humid as well. at wilmington you won't find it. we work our way through the middle of this week. it is for hot weather in birmingham and hasn't hasn'atla. >> thank you. terror attacks around the world and now with the bombing in saudi arabia, the first one in years aimed at americans. we'll have the latest on that. as we go to break, for the very first time in a major league baseball game was played.
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just a few hours to go. security officers stopped an apparent suicide bomber in his car but not before he killed himself and hurt two others. they say all americans are safe there. this is the late nestst in a se of attacks.
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the assault on an airport in turkey is part of that, so is the deadly hostage situation in bang bangladesh. the deadliest is the car bomb yesterday. the death toll at 200 and expect today rise even more. bill joins me now with the latest on what's happening all over the region, bill. >> yeah, good morning, craig. certainly terrible news from iraq. the mission has been targeted before. a suicide bomber got to within 30 feet of the walls before blowing himself in. it is a strong of attacks across half a dozen countries. controlled explosions outside the u.s. consolate. a suicide bomber stopped by two
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security men. he detonated his bomb. it was the first in years aimed at americans. the death toll now 165. this was a busy shopping area packed with people preparing to celebrate the holiday of ooed when a truck full of exclusives, whole families dying together. he was awake. the terror group is lashing back. its leash is wide. among the 20 dead at this restaurant where three teenagers studying in america. one coffin draped in the stars and stripes. one of the dead was a ka beer. she was studying with hussan.
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>> i was shocked. i immediately started crying. i have been pretty numb. >> she is blamed. more than 200 dead in less than a week. >> well, among them nine ialons killed in bangladesh. one is telling us that although the death toll is 165 it may sflou risen to around 200. if you add the orlando, florida massacre this is global and for most muslims it is a total per vengs of their break.
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it. >> is a big you news of that campaign, for retain to live the shoe. yoat does all of this mean where are? >> reporter: one of the leaders says he is resigning at the leader of his indepen dance staert i want my life back, he said. he joins david cameron and johnson in resigning and the leader of labor party is also being pressured to resigned. so this is political carnage. he has no opposition leader, no plan to leave the european
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independence. there is a great wortd called for this type of investigation it is omnishambles. it is wobbling socially. you have families split, generations hit. reports without rise. it is the most extroil nar and you're better. >> happy 4th of july to you! happy 4th of july. we talk now via skype. they are calling for more attacks. what are they doing to try to prevent more attacks? second of all, why ramidan?
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>> obviously they have been tiebl carable to carry out attacks. there was the orlando attack by someone who was isis inspired. it means security officials all over the world are looking into how to deal with this. the bottom line is if we are in the middle east it is hard to forget the places people will be we now have the 4th of july celebrations. it's difficult to deal with. they are frying to disrupt any sort of plotting that occurs. >> what i have harg. there is increased pleszing if
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you carry out the attacks. that's why adhere to his idology and who are reporters. >> we have thaerd isis is losing territory in iraq -- >> it is the lag between when they set up networks and what's happening in the theater. they are in deed, losing ground. if you look outside the iraq theater they set up networks in places like bangladesh, you know, libya, europe which is on
5:25 am
if -- that's one of the reasons the u.s. sees it as very important to push back their territory. as long as they have that space to trade, blot, prepare whennal! thank you. coming up. we are mean there the start o.g.o.p. won sengs. we'll about about that talk about that next. we mean it's our turn. to do our part. to serve you,
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than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you everything the clinton campaign is doing to suppress trump will in the short term suppress trump. trump's plan is to get it down to three or big issues, enough.
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>> former house speaker gingrich. giving add rice here nbc. she is on if sort lift to they will will twitter getting donald trump in trouble overnight. they sent out that image. you can see it shows a 6 point star of david over several hundred dollar bills calling clinton corrupt. the entire tweet was deleted. all of this is much to do about nothing. >> this is political correctness. if this would have been a star noeks clinton and didn't have the cash next to it it wouldn't
5:30 am
be questioned. >> i want to bring in gabby with the washington examiner. let me start with you. what do you start with in explanation that this was just political correctness run amuck. >> yes. all the more offensive that elie wi wi wisel died. whoever is running the campaign the first thing they should be doing the letting that person do the tweets. >> you think it was deplishs? do you think it was -- >> absolutely.
5:31 am
you aren't totally unkorns. don narld they may have arj aim to say that he had no requested. e he should be well ayman. >> gabby, just an honest police take. >> i don't think it was done malicio maliciously. i think if there was a trump campaign aid who did this there should be questions about where he got this from. it seems it originated o on neonazi relationships. there was an event in new
5:32 am
hampshi hampshire. he came out saying as president he would certainly defend israel. we have, as he mentioned, people who are, you know, prsome of the concern messages. i don't think trump was sitting behind his twitter account saying let me share this over 4 lt of july weekend! but why do they keep happening? here we are again, two weeks from the gop convention. >> he hasn't professionalized that. he needs to be. he needs to top making things
5:33 am
and needs to professionalize things to handle social immediate yachmedia. it can't be trump doing everything for his campaign. >> let's talk running mates here. i want to put the pictures ton screen for our viewers at home. i think the folks will notice something here. they are all older why men? >> iech very away but he is such a for someone who mes me can say
5:34 am
it's the figure 52. 52% of republicans want someone besides donald trump as their nominee. 52% are satisfied. these could potentially matter more. people looking for trump paired up with somebody that can be more knowledge of the gift, an insider and be complicated! big thanks to both youf. >> thank you. happy 4th. marijuana will be on the bat lot. we are sitting down this in selling legal marijuana. that's next.
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here is msnbc's tony. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> delighted that you're here. >> there is certain smell in the air. >> yes. we had to convince the city why by could do why we could do this safely and effectively. >> why do you think you are the best for the district or columbia? >> our applications are scored but we didn't get the results. you're. >> dwrour nicei plan to trance
5:39 am
it into a pharmaceutical grade facility. >> what are you doing to convince the state of maryland that you're the guy for the job? >> if you didn't have an employee safety plan that the commission was looking for you're not getting a license. >> it is little bit strange after fighting against dealers and growers to put out a call for the quote best application for the jobs. >> one of our jobs is to rebrand the industry. >> let's start first with the term can. >> cannibas.
5:40 am
i think we can do it. >> and we shall see. tony there. will clinton's interview with the fbi this weekend overshadow the whole thing? shows pretty much over. (friend) wish we could start it from the beginning. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you can. you see, we've got the power to turn back time let's start over, let's rewind and let's go back and not quit the gym and have a chance to say goodbye to grampy tim oh, that's the power to turn back time. (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv. for hillary, it's always been about kids. it's in the quiet moments when you see why she does this. and when millions couldn't get health care, this first lady worked with republicans and democrats to fix it. creating the children's health insurance program,
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so that every child gets the health care that child deserves to have. now eight million kids are covered. that's the kind of leader she is. and the kind of president she'll be. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call. it is president obama's final independence day as kplander and chikplan commander in chief. how much of a boost can the president give clinton? >> a very, very big boost. what you find is that this president is becoming increasingly popular. i think people consider the prospect of losing him. he is a popular president who has still a tremendous skill as
5:44 am
a campaigner. also, i think that for hillary clinton, one of the great strengths she is a suggestion for people who are interesting. a campaign apair rans in some key swing states. that's a big deal. >> he will be there. it will be interesting to see where else the campaign decides to deploy, the clinton, obama reed show. >> north carolina is a state where barack obama won in 2008. it was a really important victory. he struggled in 2012. so, you know, one of the things people make a mistake on politically is to assume that
5:45 am
states remain the same over length lengthy periods of time. a state can alter dem graphly and changed politically. my thing is it's a big logical calculus. you put president obama together with hillary clinton in a state that has an often lot of young folks. you want to ber hoping it is a smart starting point for this joint campaigning. >> we'll likely see the obama. what about bernie sanders. does he have to walk a line?
5:46 am
that they have not committed his campaign yet? >> i think many of the platform issues. ultimately may sense is that they with theial pick. no body jug jesting sanders be clinton's collection you think that's lot. we think about the presidential pick. one of the issues you'll have an eye on is how do you pick a running mate who has a strong appeal to the interesting coalition that bernie sanders has put together. there is tremendous support among young voters.
5:47 am
president obama can help some in that regard. >> the nation's john, thank you. >> sure. it is already a crisis. the cdc trying to get americans despite it being a full-blown epidemic with thousands of verified cases reported congress failed to aproppuatefully money to deal with it has never gotten me. quite worried it buzz when it continues. come needen, what did tom. >> he says it's hard to get people worried about it. it. he is really afraid what will
5:48 am
happen is the virus in rover he worries pregnant women will change excellent. they say they will run out of the unthey need. it will be here before they even get started. >> the biggest concern there should bes to be for brag nant women or the transmission via sexual contact. what more do you want to tell us? >> it seems like it is mostly mid-s from travelers are bringing it lack and occasionally they are effected their ners.
5:49 am
people are exposed to the photos. the risk is still mostly to pregnant women. zika does not make healthy people sick but for pregnant women the news gets worse and worse. it looks like the birth defects it can cause in babies are horrible and extensive. it is not sure how many pregnant women are effected. everyone is saying if there's any chance you could be pregnant or get pregnant soon you need to stay away from this virus t.cdc is worried because it is mosquito season here in washington d.c.
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this morning a new report about a second alligator being involved. the father of the toddler who was killed told authorities that a second gator came after him as he try todied to save his son. we are live. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: good morning. the report by the orlando sentinel is shedding light on
5:54 am
that attack. a second alligator may have been involved in the attack. this morning chilling new details about the horrific attack. according to public records obtained the father of lane graves told authorities he was attacked trying to save his son. in an e-mail to supervisors captain tom said matt drives from the gator's teeth. the father refused to leave the area but was finally per sweded to watch the decide. which location? what's the emergency? during the 16-hour search five
5:55 am
alligators were killed. the body was found 15 yards from shore. they say he died from drowning and injuries. they write quote, this incredibly sweet son. the family which held a child still can't commenting. >> that two-year-old was waiting near the water near the seven seas loo boone when the attack occurred. they are posting signs warning of wall dwat tos and snakes. >> i in their last public statement they said.
5:56 am
it it was expanding communication to. >> thank you. final 56,000 shows fired off at a rate of about 2,200 a minute. a fireworks will be synchronized to music and jennifer holiday. that's at 8:00 eastern on nbc. ta from over 30 billion connected devices. just 30 billion? a bold group of researchers and computer scientists in silicon valley, had a breakthrough they called... the machine. it changed computing forever. and it's been part of every new technology for the last 250 years.
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...goes on feather light. absorbs in seconds... ...keeps skin healthy looking and soft. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. and that will do it for this hour. happy 4th of july to you. richard picks things up right now. thank you, craig. this independence day 2016 one
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eye on the barbecue and one on the tv. a tourist explosion in central park. they say early indications it was some kind of homemade device that went off. both with -- continue trophy. they are being given annie s-- the clinton campaign sends picks out on the sunday shows and what looked like national auditions. our political team here with us on this july 4th weekend. kelly starts us off here following the clinton campaign for us. good 4th to you. a big


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