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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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eye on the barbecue and one on the tv. a tourist explosion in central park. they say early indications it was some kind of homemade device that went off. both with -- continue trophy. they are being given annie s-- the clinton campaign sends picks out on the sunday shows and what looked like national auditions. our political team here with us on this july 4th weekend. kelly starts us off here following the clinton campaign for us. good 4th to you. a big weekend for clinton.
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you were out there following her on the campaign trail. maybe she is kind of glad that it's july 4 td of weekend. she is not sitting in front of a tv zblichlt probably spent more time outside her house than she did in it. having a holiday weekend where people are traveling, spending time with families, paying less attention to what's happening in the campaign, that's an ideal time for clinton to make an arrangement for the fbi to sit for this investigation. it's not a deposition. social security not a case where she had to weswear in oath. it has to be a truthful
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testimony but not as intense as deposition. it is called voluntary. it has followed clib ton more than a year minute. when she completed that and spoke with chuck od od and spoke about the experience in that sbefrm view. >> it called it civil. how would you describe it? >> it was something i had i have been eager to do it and i wassed have the department bringing its review to a conclusion. >> she also stands by enbeige.
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. she didn't want to come in further because she did spoke about her husband's meeting. it hz gotten a lot of attention. bill clinton went to speak. deck tear clinton says it us tiechlt lor raet that lynch is part of the that everything was with the clinton's visited broadway saturday night. hours after that she went to see one of the hottest shows on broadway, hamilton.
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>> it is a ticket you and i would love to have right now. thank you so much, kelly. let's get over to casey hunt following the trump campaign. and a lot of things happening on that yesterday taking to twit tore kritize that kelly was talking us through. there is big tect they are also under fire for a tweet because of a riic it may have originated with hate groups. the image tweeted saturday shows
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hillary clinton, a pile of money and what appears to be the star of david. his campaign quickly changed the star to a circle. without a formal explanation trump's campaign manager defending him. >> you can read into things that aren't there. >> posted by a user that promoted other racist industry. the defamation league asked him to remove it with the same clarity and energy he brought to the campaign trail when calling out other candidates. >> i have many friends. trump talked about how jared
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kuchner. >> my daughter is about to have a beautiful, jewish baby. >> in fact he has become involved in the vice presidential campaign process. >> i can tell him. it's a tech -- trump has said he needs a vice president who understands washington because he knows he doesn't. >> pence taking a private meeting at trump national golf club. >> we just had -- nothing was accepted. >> also said to be on the short list chris christie. >> it is all up to donald trump. he will pick who he wants.
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>> he will pick who he wants. trump's unpri diktable style could mean he could be a surprise, right? thank you. we are just breaking news of a plane crash in florida. it is believed to be a small single-engine plane. no survivors have been found. the aircraft is sufficient tochlitoch tochlitoch tochling -- as we watch the pictures, as we get more information we'll bring it straight to you and get you the update coming out of florida, the sill l 18-year-old man
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recovering in a new york city hospital after he was injured in an explosion in a popular security spot. the fireworks are supposed to draw more than 300 investigators. rit was ke man drch he was here visiting this park which millions of people do. he was climbing off of rocks and jumped down onto what authori authorities are saying is an explosive material. they say it badly injured him. we are told this morning the young man is in stable condition but he probably has a long road
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ahead in terms of recovery. >> and then there is also july 4th, right? that's got to be a big concern there for officials in new york. >> as you take a look at what happens here. it appears to be an expresent accident. people are it ended up injuring are there are more than 2 this. they will have officer r officers patrol, doing but adding to that they have bomb snuffing dogs e it is all about trying to make hour which they
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they are expecting millions to gather. there tlb. >> thank you so much there in new york city. along with security concerns are weather concerns. what are you looking at? >> we are looking at bad weather. indiana and kentucky with heavy rain. with the additional rain that is expected, floosh flad barnings extentd into tomorrow. i know everyonen'ts to have rain moving in south of.
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>> it is a 70% chance of rain. hut and look at hig-- heat inde will make it feel like 105. that's the way you body interprets the heat with the humanity. we are looking at really, really hot conditions. you can't get relief along the shoreline. it will feel like 101 and we'll build tusz and wednesday. >> thank you for thachlt. a new bombing. this is after a strong of tra l
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welcome back. last hour iraqi officials say the death toll spiked to 200 from this weekend's attack. the holy month of ramidan comes to a close. bill, you're following the latest from baghdad and a new attempted attack in saudi arabia. >>. a rising at the time toll. the u.s. mission that has been
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this. it got within 30 feet of the walls. it's the latest of attacks among half dozen countries. >> controlled explosions outside the u.s. consolate this morning after a suicide bomber was stopped in his car by two security men. no one in the consolate was injured. iraq was hit with its worst suicide attack this year. the death toll is now 165. this was a busy shopping area. a truck backed with explosives was drif sboven into a building. whole families died together. iraq's prime minister was hack led and his car stoned.
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the terror group and crashes wide. among the 20 dead at this restaurant where three teenagers studying in america. one draped in the stars and tripes and one was a u.s. citizen from miami. she was studying with hussein. >> i was shocked. i immediately started crying. i have been pretty numb. >> isis is blamed for last week's attack join its more than 200 dead. >> among them nine italians and seven jap noise and as you were seeing i don't go -- it may have
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hissen to at least to 0. if you add the orlando florida mas ki car. it global. >> thank you. san bernardino, we remember the attacks that happened there as well. when you look at the report coming from bill what do you make of the success of isis in this last year and its promise to make it a period of violence. >> yes. ramidan ends this week. the folks couldn't have been
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more loyal and patriotic and more normal. if you belong to a death cult who says doing evil is what god wants that's what isis is all about. what's really interesting, and you can look at their magazine. it talks about attacking inback bank la desh. what's happening is they aren't making you make a hae it is the majority in call. they hit in turkey by a one-on man who controls about 134 in
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fighters. we saw something in saudi arabia. so what we are seeing is as a number of foreign fighters that are coming to them shrink, as they have military losses on the battleground in theater, they just lost over 200 fighters two days ago, they would lash out like a quartered animal. one of my news is that their internet gratsz gets contained. they are still out there as their territory y'all grass. i alkted. he says go apack during ramidan. they hate her who they it's all
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of the other attacks we have seen this year. how would you describe the collusion. we now say okay. what will you. any special instruction on this july 4th? >> well, yes. that is be yontd the state of aif it is identified by dean and just back in march the u.s. state department put out an advise ri with regard to turkey. what's interesting is they are saying not only do we hate the rest of christians and jews but those who say they are muslims, they are enmys of ours. that's how they justify it.
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>> i want to localize this. we just young students at yults. a lot of them say we do not within the and and tell us what you have learned locally that we can understand from the terror attacks that happened in your town. >> first, there is a strategy that isis has. one is to coordinate sbens institutions and governments who inclu include. but they will do it. but if they can core din nate where they have a consider --
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coor din nated towards the infrastructure. i think it's on their radar screen. they don't have the depth they have elsewhere. if you see something say something. 320 million sets of eye is a big det deter ant. prize he announced this morning it is time to go because he achieved his goal but he will stay to help with exit negotiations.
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in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. welcome back. sit realit is really finally he. republicans not going is mitt romney and president bush. another reason for leaders to have concern about showing up to support their presumptive nominee. it showed a six-pointed star of david over several hundred dollar bills posted to trump's twitter account. it says a tweet is just a tweet. >> the bottom line, this is political correctness run amuck. this is the mainstream trying to
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read into things. >> we also have alex of the boston globe. you heard this saying they are saying let's look for this twice. >> i think a lot of number os o the jewish community have conspiracied fear, disgusted and d from what he retweeted from his own account or kwhiet supremacists. >> and i'm look right below the fold here.
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the headline is another tweet from trump tied to a racist site which you're eluding to here. >> yes. they have expressed concern not only anti muz like. i think there are a lot of views and this in previous historical episod episodes. >> and of note here, when you look at it, this has stood up to those made. this is additive to the narrative that he is racially insensitive. >> either he did mean it or he
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didn't mean it to which it gets to the credibility of the professionalism of the campaign he is mounting for the white house. it has sort of embraced a recklessness. the idea that he could sort of tweet out sm this as kind of reck lis. >> -- reckless. >> maybe you shouldn't be having the public face of your campaign be twitter. it has won him many followers but there are substantial risks to the strategies. >> i think there is also ignore
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this. maybe he doesn't really want to know. >> like the stereo types. >> yes. >> there is a dog whistle and he moved it down and it's automobile to humans now. if you look at the leaders in the white supremistsupremists, is a little bit ashamed or have to. >> let's forward to tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday, these 14 days up to the convention. is it to be forgotten. >> this is the screen of who he
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picks problem have the. >>. >> i mean look, he is asking a pretty at first. >> i first discussing who wasn't showing up. we'll talk about this as president obama gets out there as well with secretary clinton. on the other side he is not going to have the names to address the communities of con servetive servetiv servetiv serve -- con sourcing he. he he is a very good spine mieser, this make it it
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basically shows that the polling, that the party faithful are looking for some one to stand up to some of his more outlandish comments. they are looking for leaders of republican party. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, in ohio the arrest of a businessman sparks on international. and we get rare access into the tsa. >> they rely don't understand the depth of what really goes on here and we are light years ahe ahead we use to be, you know, post 9/11.
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a universal expression of disgust, (vo) stank face. often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection that locks away odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. an ohio major apologizes after police mistakenly arrested
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a visitor at gunpoint. >> good morning. police in ohio released body camera that shows the man's arrest at gunpoint. they received a 911 call claiming a man was pledging allegiance to isis. they released this body cam video rushing the hotel entrance as they confront a businessman dressed in a traditional robe and head dress. >> get on the ground. >> they called to report that the clerk pan ibed after hotel lobby. he was alleged by edging your
6:38 am
release. >> officers pinned him to the ground and even remove your views. zb. >> goodness. >> t not good. >> into the enkointer they allowed him to stand up and he don he was layeren at the cleveland office on american islamic relations. they publicly apologized. >> no one are the president meant to disrespect. you should not have been put in that situation like you were.
6:39 am
>> the request gofs is. it is they called unacceptable. >> thank you for that report if you. >> it covered all unknownyou ever -- investigators do not know why the plane crashed but they are analyzing black box recorders. some wondering how safe are our airports? we get a behind the scenes look at the tsa for us. he spent a day with federal security director so to say what happened? >> i would tell them i would fly
6:40 am
family through it. i feel comfortable putting my family on any plane in the united states at any time. >> so it's your job to make sure it country attack at we are starting. it is in case they we start making adjustments. a lot of times you'll' them happen two or tle how sit a condition. we are constantly testing our
6:41 am
people to make sure we know where we have our weaknesses. >> but the nerves involved. >> i lay awake worrying about things people have never seen before, which is a good thick. this is being called the invisible open kim. >> dock to -- we are working to find out more on what they are doing to prevent zika here in the states.
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welcome back. eli wiesel has been laid to rest. the author, story teller was celebrated by friends and family over the weekend not only as a hum humanitarian and activist but a general l and devout man whose
6:45 am
quiet voit moved them to bet themselves. he was 87 years old. the cdc director worries what he calls an invisible crisis may be only noticed when it's too late. is it an invisible crisis? >> it is invisible in that the majority of people are asympt asymptomatic. we are worried about the seven months from now, eight, months from knew we'll that's the biggest fear right now. >> so you know that, very
6:46 am
concern they have been asking for funding, 1.8. it normal thunderstorm -- there is a partisan impasse. the senate and house cannot come to an agreement. i should say the senate and house leaders on both sides cannot come to an agreement on the exact distribution of funds is the inter preation both of us us. we need boots, going all my standing water. >> so i remember looking at the
6:47 am
maps across the united states. what have you seen in the last month? >> we haven't seen what the most concern is and that is local transmission. the one that v-- what we are going to see happen, we will see sporadic outbreaks. it means someone brings it into the country, gets bitten here and that mosquito bites somebody else. we have right now and following close to 300 pregnant women that have been the so visit.
6:48 am
as we were the conditions are not necessarily right for we need hot, -- but we are going to see local transmission here. >> thanks for putting this into context for us here in new york city. we have been talking about donald trump and the controversial tweet. he wrote dishonest meeting is depict a tweet. we'll.
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>> that was a big straw for me. >> do you hope the other members of your party do what we're doing now? >> i do. i think we send a strong message. racism, bigotry, will not be tolerated. >> critics have come out and said this is a political move for you. you're familiar with that political adage that says elections are about bread and butter. one leading pollster says do not
6:52 am
forget about that. the nbc wall street journal polls say as the 2016 general election heats up, there is one crucial number to watch on the economy. crucial to both presumptive nominees. >> in our nbc news "wall street journal" poll we did a month ago, 61% of the american public said that they still felt the impact of the great recession from six or seven years ago. >> that down turn, the great recession, slashed household wealth by almost a quarter nationwide. and just a handful of years. and some analysts say this economic shot locked in the so-called wealth gap. fast forward to today and a new study from the pew research center shows how the idea is playing out. in 2015 white men make more money than most african-american and latino men who make about 5 to 6 bucks an hour less on average. the only group to fair better financially is asian-american
6:53 am
men who earn an average of $3 an hour more. the study also found that women earn about 83% of what men earn. in all groups of women, all of them make less than white men do, with asian women making the most, and hispanic women making the least. the big question, as many americans still feel the hit of that great recession, what will this mean fort 2016 race. joining me now is kelly jane torrance of "the weekly standard." thanks for being here. as you look at these numbers from pew, how is this reality in the economy, you know, and again we're talking about many years later from the great recession, how is it shaping voters' minds as we go through picking kaends? >> i think it depends on how risk averse a voter feels. the economy still suffering after the recession, and you know, data from the last few weeks as shown that businesses are not spending either on
6:54 am
investing, in their businesses or in hiring new workers. so the economy is not doing very well. and so the question becomes, how risk-averse is the voter? because hillary clinton is sort of offering a lot more of the same. her economic plan is very similar to what president obama has given us over the last eight years. >> so as we look at both candidates here kelly jane, we have the democratic presumptive nominee who is doing very well with minority americans and then republican presumptive nominee who is doing very well there in the heartland with white working class voters. both of which, as we saw in the polling numbers, at least here from pew on the economy, it seems like they both are addressing the issue, but in different ways, right? in different entrance points. >> that's right. and what they're -- addressing and one of the really interesting things to me is that there is so much dissatisfaction with the economy, that it led to, for example, hillary clinton's unexpected --
6:55 am
unexpectedly difficult fight with bernie sanders. bernie was really tapping into a lot of this dissatisfaction, and that's the same dissatisfaction that donald trump has tapped into. now, again, hillary is sort of looking more at income inequality and trying to address that, so, of course, that makes her appeal a lot more to minorities, whereas donald trump is saying, hey, it's actually immigrants that are hurting your jobs, and china is hurting your jobs. so he's deductible focusing on talking to a different group of people. >> another number from the nbc wall street journal poll, it does show that donald trump, when it comes to the economy, that potential voters do believe, by 10 percentage points, as you see here, he will do a better job. as we get through, and, again, only 14 days away, the conventions, and then the election, do you think the focus will turn more to the economy specifically now that they're in the general? >> well, hillary is certainly going to bring it up a lot, because, again, voters are very
6:56 am
dissatisfied. and that's something she hasn't been as good at reaching people on, as her opponent has. but the question is, what is donald trump's economic plan? i mean, yeah, he does need to sort of shift and focus on that more. but what are his specifics? the two things he has talked about are getting rid of immigrants, undocumented immigrants, and putting -- slapping tariffs on imports, which, you know, these are things that he thinks are going to help the economy. but not going to do it. so it's -- he's going to have -- she's going to have to think seriously and get a really plan together. >> expect more guns and butter. thanks so much and have a good july 4th. >> happy independence day. >> you too. we'll be right back. choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you!
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and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet?
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and that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. i'm richard lui. my colleague picks up our coverage now. >> this 4th will have july, security concerns on the mind as a suicide bomber takes aim at an american consulate in saudi
7:00 am
arabia. meanwhile, the death toll climbs above 200 after one of baghdad's worst bombings. >> a truck packed with explosives was driven into a building. dozens of children were among the dead. whole families died together. >> and in politics, the waiting game as speculation swirls over who donald trump might pick for his number two. >> i love my job and i love my country. but i'm not going to get into hypotheticals. >> so none of you should bet in all of this. >> newt going to do it? >> as hillary clinton gets ready to hit the road with two of her biggest backers, she remains on defense over those e-mails. >> let me just repeat what i have repeated for many months now. i never received nor sent any material that was marked "classified." >> good monday morning to you. i'm craig


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