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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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material that was marked classified. >> plus another day, another attack. how isis is stepping up strikes around the world as it loses ground here at home. i'm kate snow, turning things over now to my colleague chris janson for the next hour. >> thanks so much. wrooer going to begin now with donald trump. doing his talking on twitter this fourth of july, there's a surprise, blasting hillary clinton and the white house on foreign spols. giving if he details and responding for the first time to the controversy over a tweet that's being criticized as anti-semitic. it shows an image of clinton and the star of david over $100 bills. that tweet has sense been deleted. this morning, trump responded to the criticism tweeting, quote, dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in the tweet at the star of david, rather than a sheriff's star or plain star. moments ago, the clinton campaign released this statement reading in part the fact that
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it's a part of a pattern should give voters a major cause of concern. not only will he apologize for it, it's pedaling lives and blaming others. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in washington. happy fourth of july, a trump aid told cnn we took it down, we corrected it, but then you have trump defending the original image, essentially saying it was harmless, it wasn't a star of david. at the very least, messaging disconnect in the campaign. >> it would seem so. and we know that donald trump likes to point out things that he deems to be political correctness gone amuck. he seemed to really get in the way of a campaign senior advisor who was trying to clean this up for him. now we know that donald trump does some of his own tweeting and at sometimes, staffers do it for him. it's all under his name, he's responsible, but we don't know how that image originally became a part of a tweet, where they picked it up from. we know the roots have been identified and linked to sites
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that really pedal a lot of ugly stereotypes and things that people generally find offensive. so the fact that it might have been take season enough to cause alarm if you're running for a political office as high of the president of the united states. that senior aid told msnbc as well as other media that they took down, corrected it and that should say enough for the campaign. donald trump muddied the waters again shifting the blame to the media, sort of indicating through his tweet that he thinks people are being overly sensitive and'ing that shape and jumping to a conclusion that it's the star of david which is a universally recognized and purporting that it is a sheriff's star oar some other kind of star. why they weighed in yet again is unclear. there was another kind of strategy that seemed to be at play here today, chris, and that was a series of additional tweets on this holiday under the donald trump name, shifting to the bp search and talking to hillary clinton more broadly.
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perhaps trying to turn the page, change the subject, kris. >> one of the things was quote, i look forward to meeting joemierness today in new jersey, she has done a great job as senator of iowa, she wasn't expecting this, was she? >> well, what we have learned that in recent days, sources outside the campaign have told me that they were looking at joni ernst, but what has happened is joni ernst told reporters and ours sources told us she had not been contacted by the campaign. and the first phase of vetting does not require the participation of the person they're looking at. when it goes further into the process, they reach out. so trump often spends his weekends at the trump national golf course and he invited the pence family, governor of indiana, and now joni ernst and presumably her husband and it's a social time, there's recreational activities, golf, all of that stuff, and some conversations about the future of the country which is a term of our discussions. so it is a bit of a surprise,
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although there had been considerations of that. even if it is not a serious look, although first term senator with a long military career and has great creditability in iowa, it's a way for donald trump to also add some sort of gender diverse ity and including joni ernst and governor of oklahoma it helps him to have al little more balance in at least the pool of candidates he's askering. >> standing her ground over the use of her personal e-mail server during this time as secretary of state. she met for three and a half hours with the fbi part of that. >> it was something i had often suggested against last august
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the and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its rereview to a conclusion. >> casey hundredth is in washington. have we heard what we're going to hear? obviously you're looking at it opposed to the democratic convention, she doesn't want to be talking about this. she has said all along one of the things is settled and she says she doesn't know when the fbi would be making some sort of decision, right? >> has been very tight-lipid about details surrounding this. her interview with chuck todd basically followed her on this subject in any sort of official way. it seems to me went and met with the fbi on saturday morning with sheryl mills, her top aid, also of course is involved in the veep stakes process and will be talking to the department
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officials. campaign officials that i talked to are optimistic that this is a sign that the investigation a coming to a conclusion. >> that mean this is resolved without wrong doing. official i talked to come around to this idea that this is hanging over her ahead no matter what. i think if anything, there's some positive anticipation and now of course, still some question marks about what they might find to clear this up without impolice dating hibt. >> let's talk about what her week ahead looks like ahead. >> in his hometown of
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pennsylvania, let's talk about where the clinton campaign wants to be. as opposed to getting on some of sthez -- >> to think about how this plays out. first up, that visit to north carolina with president obama of course rescheduled original by that had been planned for wisconsin. ahead of the tragic shootings in orlando. they have now moved that to north carolina is a state they can play in. in north carolina, it's a state with a large african american population, white vote tlers tend to be more educated as a group than some other states. they think that works in their favor in running against donald trump. trump responding by promptly scheduling a rally in raleigh a couple hours down the road.
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you're going to see dualing events there on monday. he of course has more credibility with voters on the economy than she does. people know him as a businessman. so that's the next step in their efforts to try to undermine his credibility there. then on friday of course, scranton with joe biden, you'll remember when president obama picked joe biden as a running mate, it was widely viewed as an attempt to reach out to some of those white working class voters who may be were skeptical of obama as well. and who tends to break for donald trump in this election. we've had recent polling that shows pennsylvania is potentially a closer race than it has been in the last couple of election psych ms. and joe biden is somebody who can speak exactly to that constituency so that is potentially the rifblgy place for hillary clinton to be in pennsylvania. of course, little bit bitter sweet for joe biden.
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it'll bl an interesting, very textured event i think on friday. is in without a doubt, thank you so much. casey hunt in washington for us. now we have breaking news, news reports of an explosion in saudi arabia, we've been talking all morning about the overnight attack that happened. a suicide bomber in the city of jet that. bill neely joins us from london, what's the latest report, bill? >> good afternoon, reports just coming in. we at nbc news can't confirm any of this at a moment. witnesses are telling various news agencies that two explosions were heard near a mosque in the saudi arabian city of katif. one witness said the explosion destroyed a car parked near a mosque and another happened before 7:00. no one else was hurt. body parts seen on the street and so on.
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the highest concentration of sheer muslims in a country that is predominantly sunni. of course this follows the incident earlier this morning and jetta work the second city of saudi arabia where a suicide bomber got to within 30 feet of the walls of the u.s. consulate. he blew himself up after he was challenged by two security men and three bombs or devices were then in his car. no one in the consulate was hurt. and it's the first time in years that it has been targeted. as i say, reports coming through of another city and of another possible double bombing. we haven't independently confirmed those yet, chris. >> bill neely, you'll get back as we learn more. thank you for that update. we will follow that breaking news. but let's come back here at home where preparations are under way for firework events all across the country celebrating america's birthday. and a top priority is security. major cities have beefed up police presence in parks, streets, airports, particularly
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enlight of that series of terror attacks abroad. in new york city, officials added what they are calling extra layers of security. although they say and seeing what are seeing and hearing ahead of preps? >> officers around, there are lots of police cars, one in front of me. we see them go through the park. we see people enjoying themselves on this fourth of july holiday, authorities point out as and said that post9/11. and they have added on to that. with just a new line of defense with some graduates from the police academy. within 1,200 of them who now add on to more than 34,000 police officers in the city of new
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york. and on to that, bomb-sniffing dogs, add on to that, vapor sniffing dogs, those who can detect any kind of explosive material if they come in close contact with it. you also point now the other cities across the country. they're patrolling, they're patrolling neighborhoods, they're patrolling the waterways. they're even officer and units patrolling from the air. lots of things we can't see, so many for that we cannot. all designed to make certain that this city and the country is safe for the holiday weekend. the mayor the of the city says as the millions, about a million or so come out to watch the fireworks tonight. there'll be thousands of officers out watching the fireworks and also watching to keep everyone as safe as they possibly can. >> so what are you hearing from folks there? is it crowded there? i heard you earlier talking about someone who was having a wedding in central park today. >> reporter: yeah, i think it speaks to the fact that people are trying to get on with their lives. we specifically asked folks
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what's their sense of safety, what's their sense of security as they're hear in the city for the holiday? take a listen. >> i feel like if there was any security issues, it would primarily be in the evening, we're going to be heading out before that happens. and also i figured there's not a lot of people, everybody's at the beach right now. i figured it's probably not that big of a deal. >> i am definitely concerned, i'm concerned with being in open areas where there's a lot of people. >> we're all concerned about those attacks. >> yent think anybody could protect again. i think they're really vigilant, we've learned a lot over what happened in the past. and so after i lot of confidence and the security that we have, but obviously we're all concerned about what a few crazy people could do. >> a lot of concern, kris, but also concern among people we talked to that their lives not
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be lived in fear. so they're being cautious, but they're getting on with the activities that they think are important to them. >> thank you, ellis. it seems to demonstrate the level of anxiety among americans. of a businessman from the middle east dressed in a traditional robe, speaking arabic was mistaken far terrorist. police rushed to the scene after a 911 call alleged that he pledged allegiance to isis. that arrest caught on body cam, police body cam outside the hotel, here's a part of it. >> straight up in front of you. don't move. >> grab his hands, cuff him up. >> do not move. >> cover, cover, cover. >> cover. >> what is this? >> you got his arm? grab that arm. >> you good?
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>> yeah. >> we're going to put him in the car. >> turn to your left. >> this was a false alarm and he was cuffed. he collapsed as a panic attack. was taken away for treatment and the amar yoen police chief apologized to him. joining me now, michael balboni, good to see you, it turns out apparently he was actually in cleveland for some treatment for health problems and looking for alternative lodging because of the rnc coming in. is this potentially a case that its been said, it's absolutely a case of cultural, lack of cultural training? but is this also maybe see something, say something gone too far? >> kris, put yourself in the position of a security official, police officer, in this environment. when you have bombings across the world. we know we are targets, we've heard from isis and al qaeda and
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publications they want to attack here. your charge is not just respond, but prevent. which is such a difficult thing to do in this very diverse culture. >> zimpbt in a city like new york, boston, where they are unfortunately been through this, where they have more sophisticated kinds of train kpg. is in yeah like new york. >> they get calls all the sometime. >> we have tremendous diversity. so it does say that perhaps a small city around this country don't have that kind of a context mie react in a different way. also the fact that what type of information are we getting? people think it's all about intelligence whereby but intelligence an art form, it's not a science. it's not something like that. so you get to have all your
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sources out there, talk to as many people as you can. >> you guys were talking about anxiety, that might have affected this clerk and her family members who apparently are the ones who called 911. we also heard of people from ellis, concerned, some of them wanting to lose their lives. what is the level of concern? how concerned can smould the average american kb as they're out today for the fourth of july? many have this week off for vacation? >> when officials look at that type of a celebration, they're doing three things. it's an annual event, therefore we know what's happening. critical structure that needs to be protected continuously. let's look at an environment. and they're not the only people looking. people read the papers, see this program, around the world there arthese types of violent incidents. hopefully you have this understanding that you know what, every year we've been through a threat syndrome, if you will. this year, the tempo has increased and increased overseas
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obviously of orlando. so it brings it back to focus but again, in particular. the amount of police officers and sophistication here. we're well-positioned to prevent something from happens. >> let's hope for a safe and fun and weather-cooperating fourth of july. thank you so much for coming in. no fly, no buy. will congress agree to stop gun sales to people on government watch lists? we'll ask republican congressman tom cole, a supporter of the second amendment, that's next.
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anti-terrorism package introduced by ken mccarthy and blocking suspected terrorists from buying guns. i'm joined by tom cole. happy fourth of july. >> same to you, thank you. >> last hour we had only the founder of the group moms demand action, and here's what she said, she said look, this bill actually by forcing folks to go to court, actually makes it easier for people on terror watch lists to get guns. that in fact it's going to make this system far more complicated and it's not going to achieve what you want it to achieve. >> but you're not suggesting it's a constitutional right for someone on a terror watch list to get a weapon. >> first of all there's lots of people that shouldn't be on that
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list, including members of congress, government officials it's a very not precise weapon. it ought to be looked at carefully. i don't think you automatically assume somebody is a terrorist because you're on that list when people like john lewis have been on that list. >> do you think there's anl urgency when people get guns if you can't go through this process and realize, hey, tom cole, hey, john lewis should not be on this list, that it really is imposing on someone's constitutional rights, versus the safety that would be gotten from making sure that people who are legitimately on that list don't get guns? >> remember, the gun seller himself has the right not to do the transaction. if you have any doubt or suspicion, indeed, in the tragic case of orlando, one gun sell der make that and notified the authorities and sadly, action wasn't taken before, before the awful murders were committed. so there are multiple layers here to try and make sure that
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people that don't, shouldn't have weapons, don't get weapons, but it is a constitutional right, and i don't think you automatically preclude somebody from exercising their rights anymore than you do the right of free speech or the right of religion to somebody that you may think is going to misuse those rights as some terrorists indeed have. >> there are a lot of polls on this. one of them shows 93% of americans support background checks, for all gun buyers. many of them gun owners themselves obviously. 86% support no fly no buy, yet you called the democratic sit-in a publicity stunt. and i think they would live to regret. so, i think the issues are very legitimate. it's one we ought to be dealing
10:25 am
with legitimatively. we're going to have legislation on the floor this week. i think the democrats use are deplorable and ought to be condemned by anybody that frankly cared about it. it appears to show the star of david over $100 bills. do you think the criticism is fair? one of the criticisms of donald trump has been i had simply doesn't apologize. should he just say, this is not what we intended and i absolutely, positively denounce anything anti-semitic, he has had a track record of retweeting things from organizations that include white sprem cyst groups. >> i wouldn't excuse that. as i look at the tweet that i've
10:26 am
seen on television now several times. i think boy, it is a stretch to think this is meant to be anti-semitic in any way. the fact that the campaign immediately, you know, substituted a circle or a balloon instead of something that could be a star. i think showed that they respected the criticism, but i don't think in any way they meant to suggest anything anti-semitic. >> tom cole, thanks for coming on. >> thank you, have a great fourth as well. >> thank you. >> and we're going to continue to follow that will breaking news out of saudi arabia. reports yet unconfirm bids nbc news of two explosions near a mosques. more details just ahead. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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let's go back to the breaking news out of saudi arabia. reports of two explosions near a mosque in the city. another explosion reported in the city of ma dee in a. nbc news still corming to
10:30 am
confirm. lake, you have these overnight, we saw another suicide bomber attack, unfortunately the only one killed was the bomber himself. coming on the heels of a series of attacks. what do you make of this? >> look, we know that jihadist groups, specific clip isis launched an entire media campaign against of conservative kingdom, threatened them with attacks and so on. specifically has been targeted before by isis suicide bombers. specifically targeted shia mosques. looking at the bigger picture. this might just be the rise in the frequency of attacks during the month of ramadan that isis has called for, whether individual inspired by isis or have been directed by isis of course. details are still unfolding. we don't know the full picture, but just from the hallmark was this attack. it appears to have been jihadi inspired. >> as opposed to coordinated, any of the series of attacks do you think might have been coordinated? >> i feel like some, like the
10:31 am
ones in bangladesh. >> bill neily has new information in london. what do you have for us? >> reports of suggests that saudi arabia hasn't been hit by at least one of them reported by a saudi television channel. we as i've said before can't confirm these attacks that the hour, but in the latest, it is reported that a suicide bomber detonated his device near the security headquarters of the pro fete's mosque. if that's true, that's significant because this is the second holyist site in islam. and that's the attack that the saudi-owned television has reported citing security sources. that blast followed others in
10:32 am
katif and jetta on the last day of the holy month of ramadan. the start of the festival again, that's significant. we are told from witnesses that two explosions shook the city of katif, that's in eastern saudi arabia. witnesses saying that body parts could be seen in the area of the blast. it's thought only the suicide bomber was killed. now that city is significant because it's goflt the highest concentration of shia muslims in saudi arabia, a minority and a sunni-dominated country. isis has attacked in that city in the past. two explosions heard by witnesses around 7:00 this evening near a mosque. earlier this morning, in jetta, a third city, a suicide bomber got to within 30 feet of the walls of the u.s. consulate. he blew himself up after being challenged by two security men, again, no other injuries reported, but three attacks in three cities in saudi arabia on one day. really highly unusual, chris.
10:33 am
>> bill neily, thank you. let me go back to lathe, what would be the significance. why go after the prophet's mosque? >> either trying to target security forces or shiite citizens is of saudi arabia. they consider them a number one enemy if you will. now it's unclear again who were they targeting exactly there? i think the message here is they are able to infiltrate security apparatuses were able to bypass barriers put in place even to the holiest cite of the holiest inside the kingdom. >> let many ask you as well about the context is that it's during the holy month. would you expect there to be a lessening of these attacks then? >> not necessarily. i think perhaps from the increase of these attacks that we seen throughout the month of
10:34 am
ramadan. other groups have reached amplifying attacks after our perceived enemies. we might see it die down down the line. as isis is expanding well outside of iraq and syria, we might not see it subside. >> would you expect then that given the fact they would consider these a success any time they get publicity? any time for example in the case of some of the recent attacks you kill hundreds of people as we have seen, does that inspire more attacks? >> absolutely. look, the more powerful attack, the more jubilation there is among the isis community. and the more individuals would like to rise to the occasion and feel that this may not require as much effort as thought previously. i can do this. messages and in its propaganda to those individuals who are residing in the wests to say look, you don't need much to carry out successful attacks. >> good to see you, thank you very much. and coming up, give and
10:35 am
take, and a look at senator bernie sanders' fight to change the democratic platform. the gains he's made, the problems he still has. and three weeks away, that's when democrats meet for their national convention. what's expected and the work under way between hillary clinton and party leaders. at the beginning of the 21st century, the earth needed to find a new way to keep up with the data from over 30 billion connected devices. just 30 billion? a bold group of researchers and computer scientists in silicon valley, had a breakthrough they called... the machine. it changed computing forever. and it's been part of every new technology for the last 250 years. everything? everything! this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond.
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but we mean so much more. we mean how can we help? we mean what can we do?
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we mean it's our turn. to do our part. to serve you, for all you've done to serve us. ♪ the democratic national convention three weeks away, senator bernie sanders still has not come out and officially endorsed hillary clinton, although he did tell us here at msnbc he'd vote for her. instead he's focussing on platform that he's pushing. we are joined now by daniel, he's itching for a convention fight. happy fourth. >> happy fourth. >> give us your lay of the land and why you say senator sanders is itching for a fight.
10:39 am
>> because he keeps saying so. he takes his fight to the convention. this comes after the draft of the democratic policy platform came out. which essentially has a lot of proposals in there that sanders likes. $15 minimum wage, abolishing language similar to glass breaking up the big banks, sanders himself says he still wants more. more specifics on the minimum wage and he's going to take it. >> let me read from one of those e-mails that you talk about, quote, we are going to take our political revolution into the halls of the democratic national convention in philadelphia where we will fight to place $15 minimum wage, opposition to tpp, a ban of franning, directly into the democratic platform, is there anything not already in there that you think is gauchable? >> a lot is. there's another shot when the full dnc committee convenes this
10:40 am
upcoming weekend in orlando, but sanders sporters, sanders committee members who've been involved in the process say they doubt they'll get everything they want there and take it to the convention. he's fundraising in part to make sure delegates get to the convention. even if he goes, what would it look like there? what could it be at the convention on one of more of these issues? >> we have to wait and see. he says he has a huge amount of delegates and initiate some kind of floor flight. and whatever that likes like, be it gumming up the proceedings of the convention or something sells probably what he's aiming for. it's hard to tell how much leverage he has and the fact that hillary clinton has more delegates. >> daniel, good to see you, thanks so much. >> thanks.
10:41 am
the platen is a a huge task. joining me now is the executive director of the 2016 host committee, good to see you, good afternoon. >> haech fourth of july. >> how are they going? >> well, philadelphia has a long history of hosting big events well and hosted a great convention for the republicans in 2000 and we're excited to be great hosts this year and host a great convention for the democrats. and we have no doubt it's going to be a hit. >> tell us a little bit about the logistics of this. how big is it? how many people are coming to town? you know, how many hotels are involved in this? give us a sense of the scope of putting on a party like this? >> it's a big endeavor for any city, we're blessed to have a great coordination from across the region. we're expecting 50,000 visitors coming into philadelphia, guests, delegates, members of the media. we could be more excited about
10:42 am
the impact on philadelphia and broader philadelphia, but really, the economic impact is going to be very, very big for the city. also to give guests a flavor of what philadelphia has to offer. >> and people who have been there before for these big events and i'm one of them can attest that philadelphia knows how to do this. on the other hand, the reality is that we live in times that make people nervous. we've seen these series of attacks that happened overseas, there's concern about what's going to happen at fourth of july. we've seen stepped up security. what can you tell folks about security both inside and outside that venue? >> we have a fantastic mayor, police commissioner. >> as you know, we covered families here and we had a million people on the parkway, we hosted a great convention in 2000. in many ways, it was attractive
10:43 am
because how it handles big events and as good as any city in the country. we're going to highlight that again and we're expecting a fantastic week at the end of july. >> what are you doing in preparation? i realize that you can't give the details of security logistics, but bernie sanders supporters who have said, look, we're going to go, we're going to protest, some people have suggested that they're doing training to do peaceful arrests. how ready are you for what might not be on the official agenda? >> well, i'll let the city speak for that, but like i said before, philadelphia is a city that's hosted these big events. we do them very, very well, and we'll be ready for every possibility and you know, not just what them, but the guests and residents of philadelphia. for them to get a stais of the convention. >> now if you could control the weather. more on that breaking news
10:44 am
out of saudi arabia, reports of three suicide attacks in three cities in just the past 24 hours. much more coming up on msnbc live. my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural. now that i work there, i value the food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa.
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jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer
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than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? i want to bring you up to speed on the breaking news out of saudi arabia. reports of three suicide bombings in less than 24 hours. today in madena, the suicide bomber died in a blast near the security headquarters at the prophets mosque. two explosions were heard in i city of katif. nbc news working to confirm this. overnight, a bomber detonated near the u.s. consulate in the jetta. we'll continue bring you the latest developments. breaking news out of rome as well, american college student was found dead in rome, three days after reported missing. he is bo solomon, visiting student from the university of wisconsin, madison who vanished
10:48 am
hours after arriving. he was last seen at a pub in rome. after he went missing, his parents called the credit card company and discovered that thousands of dollars had been charged in milan to his account. protests and resignations, the financial fears over the brexit vote is the worst over? the impact overseas is and to your pocketbook. trolling for a gig with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool.
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the june know probe is expected to enter the atmosphere. scientists hope to learn more about the formation of planets, or as one researcher says the recipe for solar systems. the leader of the right wing united kingdom independence party is stepping down as the party's leader hoping to spearhead the movement for the
10:52 am
country to lead the european union. good afternoon. >> hi, chris, how are you? >> i would say happy fourth, but let's quote the british and say happy amexit day. get it? >> let's talk about brexit if we can. so all of this sort of political upheaval started when david cameron decided very quickly that -- how likely is it to settle down any time soon. >> it's being called pitch and ditch. anybody who came up with this idea of brexit, it's historically very pun get.
10:53 am
no one pants to extricate the uk in a half clean way for something that's been the case for the better part of a decade. >> we did see in the u.s. that dip in the stock market after the vote, but then a pretty quick rebound. do we think the worst is over or is this still a situation where let's still hold our breath because we don't know what it's going do happen, not just in the uk, but in the eu overall. >> for the sake of it being the fourth of july, it feels great to be a yankee on this day. whether you're talking about the u.s. dollar as the reserve currency of choice, united states treasuries, whenever there's a perceived flight to quality, that helps our borrowing costs here, that helps the strength of the dollar, if you want to go and have a vacation in the uk, it's cheap
10:54 am
right now. it makes our exports harder for other countries to afford and it increases on balance the risk for a global recession. >> no news is good news for the financial markets, it's great news if you want to buy a house, not such good news in the united states if you were hoping to get a little bit more money on your savings account. >> no, because interest rates in the united states have been kept nearly zero for eight years, and the fed came in and thought it could ratchet up the rates. the fed right now is in a holding pattern again. and the worry is are we going to have unintended consequences in stoking the asset bubble. the global economy is cooling down enough without having to hike rates so aggressively so quickly. >> so in terms of the short-term picture, what are you watching
10:55 am
for next, in terms of what might happen in the eru or the uk specifically. >> you're seeing what's happening -- we want to leave, what happens if italy, one of the most indebted countries on the continent suddenly wants to leave, if you have this whole wildfire of successionist -- can the uk extricate itself in a half clean manner or is everybody going to run to succession, i think that's the big tail risk that even everybody on wall street is thinking right now. >> thank you for whatever day we want to call it here. >> happy fourth. there is more news ahead on this july fourth, stay with us, we'll be right back.
10:56 am
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hi, everybody, good to have you with me, i'm thomas roberts. we begin with breaking news this hour out of saudi arabia, reports of multiple suicide bombings in three cities over the last 24 hours. this picture is one of the explosions reported in the city of medina, near the prophets mosque, that's one of the holiest sites in islam. bill, what are sources telling you? >> reporter: yes, good afternoon, thomas, this is really quite significant, reports suggesting saudi arabia, as you say has been hit by at least three suicide attacks in three separate cities, news channels lingi linked to the saudity states. in the latest the saudi owned
11:00 am
television is reporting that a suicide device has killed at least two policemen, if true, that's very significant. because that is the second holiest site in islam. that blast, followed others in katif and jetta, this start on the festival, eid, the holy month of ramadan. two explosions shook the city of katif. body parts could be seen in the area of the blast. that city is significant because it's got the highest con sen ration of shiia muslims in saudi -- sunni dominated saudi arabia and isis has attacked in that city in the past. earlier this morning, we saw what looks like an attempted attack on the american consulate in jetta. a suicide bomber getting to within 30 feet of the walls of the


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