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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> the president of the baton rouge naacp will join me to talk about the family's new fight for justice. then we shift attention to politics and down by the boardwalk. hillary clinton putting the spotlight on donald trump's business practices attacking the real estate month gull in his backyard. >> what he did here in atlantic city is is exactly u what he will do if he wins in november. we can't let him roll the dice with our children's futures. e we need to write a new chapter in the acan dream and it sure cannot be chapter 11. >> however, hillary clinton and the obama administration is facing its own heat. james comey and attorney general loretta lynch have been called to testify over the department of justice's decision not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton after the fbi finished its
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investigation into her private e e-mail servers. we want to begin with politics and breaking news. the veepstakes for donald trump and his search is ak tuf. ittive. it's been public as we see certain members appear with him at rallies. there's one person taking his name out of the list. bob corker, who appeared with the likely republican new mexico knee last night announced he's dropping out. he does not want to be included in the top tier. the veepstakes auditions continue tonight. katy tur has more on this. we just got the official word that he was actually being vetted. we knew he was in the top tier but we didn't know the vet was taking place. how did this come about so quickly he's not interested in being a part of the ticket? >> our own kelly o'donnell is speaking with him on capitol hill. i'm sure he's flushing out why he did not believe he would be right for this job.
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e we did see him yesterday in raleigh, north carolina. i'm told that he didn't necessarily want to speak at that rally, but donald trump called him out on stage. he came out and gave what was a quiet appeal for donald trump talking about what the man is like behind the scenes. this was a very rowdy crowd and didn't necessarily go over that well. you can even see donald trump patting senator corker's back when the crowd didn't seem to necessarily be taking to him like they take to donald trump. personalities were just very different. corker is extraordinarily quiet. a much more level headed demeern. donald trump is bigger than life. you can see the two person personalities clashing on stage last night. so i think what happened yesterday from the appearance of it all is they did not seem to match. we're get iting word that potentially joni ernst could be taking her name out of the running as well.
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she was being formally vet ted. this is two people that were among the top tier donald trump's potential run ining mat that have decided likely with ernst to take themselves out of the running. tonight he's going to be with former house speaker newt gingrich here in cincinnati, ohio. those personalities, obviously, much more suited to each other. both bigger than life personalities. newt gingrich has been vocal against the clintons in general for decades now. so they have that in common. donald trump will be able to go after hillary clinton with a side sick and one who has experience in going after the clintons. but is he someone that he's going to choose for vp? we don't know that either. gingrich has been lukewarm about the prospect saying he's not necessarily a fan of having to deal with congressmen every day. also i have been told by sources close to the campaign he night not want someone who is smarter than he is when it comes to
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legislation and washington. somebody that may overshadow his abilities to get deals done and gingrich, who we have left now there's chris christie, jeff sessions and then there is the wild card. i have been warned multiple times to watch out for the wild card. you just don't know who donald trump might pick. it might be somebody no one is is talking about. we also found out joni ernst is going to have a speaking position during the convention coming up. she'll have a slot to speak. she has expressed no interest in being the vice president. gingrich, who is appearing with donald trump tonight, describes trump one part andrew jackson, one part theodore roosevelt and one part barre nam as a salesman, which resinates with the working class but not the
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elite. we'll see how that goes tonight. katy, thank you. we move on to hillary clinton being on offense in hopes of turning the page on the scathing report about her use of private e-mail servers. she went to the former heart of donald trump's empire in atlantic city u to rail on what she called shotty business pr practices. no matter how his companies performed. >> critic says that trump rose launching a twitter storm saying i made a lot of money in
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atlantic city. great timing as all know. polls made big mistakes. now many bankruptcies. could trump going off message it respond work into hillary clinton's strategy? msnbc's kasie hunt was in new jersey. the campaign wants to avoid discussing the fbi investigation's findings. the fact they don't recommend the department of justice moving forward with what comey called careless use of private e-mail servers. but have you heard anything specific about when the campaign will address the fbi's findings? and its suggestion for the doj. >> we have not heard anything from hillary clinton herself. her campaign is working to
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figure out the best way to move forward. especially now with the new wrinkle that comey will testify. at the trump hotel, it's no longer owned by donald trump. but cans owned by carl icon. they have been described as friends. some of those workers are on strike because their pension and health care benefits were stripped when that casino was taken out of bankruptcy. so hillary clinton took a moment to go down the boardwalk to appear with them. but before that, she was trying to turn the page at least with the narrative to talk about his business record here in atlantic city. she stood and gave a speech in front of this building behind me. it's the trump plaza. it's now shuttered. over her shoulder you can see where the name trump used to be plastered. here's part of her speech.
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>> many lawsuits were filed by americans who worked for donald trump and never got paid. painters, waiters, plumbers, people who needed the money they earned and didn't get it. not because donald trump couldn't pay but because he wouldn't pay. >> hillary clinton talking there about many of the small business people who say they were impacted when donald trump was building the taj in particular. it took a lot of money up front and a lot of his investors ultimately say they didn't get money owed for building the glass in the dome. she was introduced by the family company who worked on the taj and testified today that his family struggled because trump didn't make his payment.
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this is what the clinton campaign wants to be talking about today. that's why they are here. when we started this week, it was setting up to be this big week on the trail for her. she was going to come here to atlantic city. she's set to appear with joe biden in scranton. all of that overshadowed by what comey and the fbi have had to say about her e-mails. >> kasie hunt in new jersey for us reporting, thanks so much. just want to pass along about this news about senator bob corker taking his name out of contention to be vice president. we will turn that interview around and play it as soon as we get it. it was a short time ago we learned james comey has been called to testify tomorrow on capitol hill. he suggested coming to them after they said when can you come. he said how about tomorrow. so charges for hillary clinton not coming. his recommendation to the doj has riled up the republicans. a lot of critics. the investigation that the house
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republicans now demanded action for some type of punishment. >> i think clapper should deny hillary clinton access to classified information during this campaign given how she so recklessly handled classified information. we have seen stone walling and dishonesty from hillary clinton on this issue. that means there are a lot more questions that need to be ampbsed. >> the fbi director's comments didn't close this case. it raised more serious questions that need to be answered by hillary clinton about what her intentions were when she broke the law and who got access to that highly classified information, including hostile actors around the world who want to do us harm. >> sean duff if i called donald trump the template for the conservative move and he joins me now. it's good to have you with me. i want to get your reaction about director comey and how he
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gave a lot of details yesterday, but did he prove intent from what he was able to find in the clinton investigation that would go against federal statutes about how his investigation was base ued or do you think as some have suggested this has been colored by partisan biases. >> when you look at intent, did hillary clinton intend to set up a home brew server that didn't have the security that the national government has. but that's not the only prism we look at this case. there's also a gross negligence standard that's not intentional. but it's gross negligence. that would have been clearly met and director comey could have made a recommendation for charges. so there are still questions and concerns that a lot of us have and it's great he agreed to kcoe
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to the hill. i can't wait until he sits down with director comey and presses him on why that recommendation wasn't made. >> trey gowdy had 11 hours with hillary clinton over the benghazi investigation. that material was released just a week before this material of the fbi investigation was released. what do you think that fbi director comey didn't do properly if he has come forward with his investigative findings and his recommendation. why do you think that's not enough? >> so two points. trey gowdy, as an investigator, knows only benghazi. they were stone walled from the white house. they didn't get access to all the information. they only got a slice of the pie. it's clear director comey
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indicated a crime was committed. but that he wasn't going to refer to the department of justice for criminal charges. and i think the media has misrepresented because charges weren't being referred that a crime wasn't committed. that's not the case. it's clear by his statement there was a crime but he chose not to refer it. >> it does go on to the department of justice now. we'll see how loretta lynch handle it is it. she said prior she would go by the advice of the fbi and career prosecutors and what the investigation put forth. so we'll see what happens with that. krareal quickly, the convention coming up. this big news about bob cork er not interested in being a part of the ticket as vice president. the governor of your home state has said he will be giving a speech at the convention and supporting the nominee but won't use trump's name. speaker ryan also from your home state said donald trump needs to clean up his social media
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attack. different rhetoric that's been used. are you worried about donald trump being the standard barer of the republican party in 2016? >> so i get concerned about some of the language and tone that donald uses. it's troubling for a lot of us on both sides of the aisle. he's running a nonconventional campaign. if you look at the republican party you see a lot of people sitting on the sidelines. if donald trump sticks to the script and is very strict on his message, jobs, security, hillary clinton, i think you're going to see far more republicans get off the sidelines and get on the trump train. this is fully in donald trump's court right now. he has to stop making unforced errors and frankly do i think the media gives him more scrutiny, absolutely. the bottom line is he knows that's going to happen so you have to be far more cautious about what you say, what you tweet and get on script.
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i think there's so many conservatives, so many republicans who are so afraid of hillary and the progressive liberal socialist movement going on they might not know what he's going to do, but they know him better than hillary. >> great to have you with us. thank you for your time. again, kelly o'donnell is having that interview with bob corker. we'll get than on the air as soon as we can. a short time ago the mayor of baton rouge and the police chief announced they are handing the investigation into the controversial police shooting of a man. >> they want to make a political statement including the justice department. we have congressman from new orleans say i'm calling for a full investigation. well, we have already been
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working on that. it's not like we need to be hand held and spoon fed when it comes down to doing what's right. >> so all of this follows protests after cell phone video from an eyewitness shows a police encount er with sterling. that video went viral. we want to wrn you this is graphic video. police say the officers were dispatched after a 911 call claiming someone had been threatened with a gun. this video apparently shot by an eyewitness on their phone shows two police officers tackling and wrestling the man to the ground. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. that is standard procedure in these instances. the video has not been independently verified. what happened after it goes off screen is unclear.
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>> today sterling's family held a highly emotional news conference demanding justice. >> the individuals involved in his murder took away a man with children who depended upon their daddy on a dilly basis. my son is not the youngest. he is the oldest of his siblings. he is 15 years old. he had to watch this as this was put all over the outlet and everything that was possible to be shown. >> tam pilighter in joins me. you have an eyewitness who says
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they were there when the shooting occurred. >> just in the last few minutes a second video of the shooting emerged and shot by the owner of the store. i'm here with him now. what can you tell me? what did you siee? >> when the cops pulled up, i was walking around the counter. they were slamming him on top of a car. they backed off him and started tasering him. another cop tackled him on to another vehicle. from there, they were on to the ground. both officers were on top and was saying run. they shot him six times. >> did you see did sterile having a weapon with him? >> i saw the weapon come out of his pocket when the cop went in there to take it out after the head shot. >> you were teming me you didn't see a gun after he was shot how many times?
11:19 am
>> how mawhere were you standin? >> i was starnding by the store door, maybe two to three feet away from them. >> now you had surveillance video cameras that got this on camera. this is a different video you shot. >> the surveillance cameras took it. they didn't let me back in the store after the shooting happened until they had came and said they had a search warrant, but i was never presented with a search warrant. they never gave me a search warrant. >> did you see sterling resisting police? >> he was confused. he didn't know what was going on. if they took the time to tell him what was going on, they would have ended up differently. >> you have known him for a number of years? >> yes. >> he sells music here? >> he sells his music out here. he doesn't have problems with anybody.
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he doesn't cause problems. he's a a nice guy. >> the video that we saw that you shot on your cell phone v you turned that over to police? >> no. we'll be turning it over to fbi or anybody else. >> thank you for talking with us. and toms, as you heard, the justice department has taken lead on this investigation. they will be heading it up along with several other agencies. >> just to confirm the two officers involved placed on administrative leave. they had body cameras but they are saying they did not work. >> that's correct. the chief of police during a news conference awhile ago said both officer hs body cameras but those fell down. there was also a dash cam video, we're told. we're working on getting that, but we have not seen it yet. >> tammie on the scene there, thank you. back to hol poll politics.
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donald trump dealt a major setback. two potential running mates bow out of the veepstakes. we'll tell you their reasons why after the break. plus boots on the ground. president obama announces revised adjusted troop levels in afghanistan. >> a decision i made today ensures they have a solid foundation for continued progress in afghanistan as well as the flexibility the threat of terrorism as it evolves. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ take oany road with intuitive all wheel drive the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. ♪
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11:25 am
kelly o'donnell spoke moments ago to corker and joins us to explain the reasoning behind why he wants to not be a part of the vetting process. let's go the other way about joni ernst. she's also saying she's not interest ed. >> this is breaking news. what i can tell you from sources in the republican party that joni ernst, who is a rising star in the party, will take a prominent role speaking on national security at the gop convention. but in her meeting with donald trump monday at his golf resort, she was candid with him about her focus and as a first term senator from iowa she wants to keep her focus there. at the same time, i'm told she wants to be cooperative. she wants to sort of reflect some of the issues that are of concern to the people she represents to donald trump. i can also tell you she's one of four senators who has a specific job in trying to help other republican senators either be reelected or new republicans win senate seats.
11:26 am
that's critical in the overall picture of this election season. she will be directly involved, especially with some of those candidates who are running for reelection who might have some trouble in their own races or might be affected by the trump candidacy. so a positive meeting, we're told, between ernst and donald trump. she also had a long career in the army reserve, lieutenant kernel and served many years. she brings that national security perspective. she also gave the republican response to the state of the union in 2015. so she has made it clear sort of the boundaries of what she wants to do. that's to be a part of the convention but to not serve as running mate. >> the other part about this, the public audition less than 24 hours ago with trump and corker. i know you just spoke with him. >> i did. i asked why he subjected himself to the process. he said he felt it was important to explore it, but he began his meetings at trump tower yesterday talking about his concerns about not wanting to
11:27 am
necessarily be a part of it. he said that sort of changed the dynamics for him. he indicated no specific thing except he views himself as a policy and substance guy in a year that is very much about politics. i think we have some of the tape ready of my conversation with senator bob corker of tennessee. >> first of all, i've always thought that i'm better suited for other kinds of things. i think most people who know me agree with that. but i do want to say i had a remarkable day there yesterday. the trump family is most impressive. his best running mate would be ivanka can. i know that wouldn't pass muster, but i don't know i have met a more composed, brilliant, beautiful in every way person.
11:28 am
equally impressive, what a special relationship that he has with his son-in-law. it's pretty neat to see. but with each of the meetings i had with them and withman fort and donald trump, at 3:00 in his office to the limousine going to the airport to the plane to coming back to new york, we were together almost eight hours except for the 66 minutes he was on stage. and just to have insight into the campaign and just to how they are operating was candidly a privilege. but i began each of the meetings with them saying, guys, look. i view myself as much better suited for other kinds of service and i'm so honored to be considered in this way.
11:29 am
so i began each of the meetings in that way. and in some ways, it was disarming. it calls me to have is a different kind of conversation with them. instead of it being, quote, an interview f you will, it was more of a all of a sudden we were talking about things in a more personal level and a much deeper way relative to the challenges of the campaign and what's going on. in many ways i felt sort of brought in. i felt things are held closely to the vest. you have too. you're an expert on this. i think because of the way our conversations began, it was like everything was open. and again, i couldn't have enjoyed the day more fully. i really -- i'll say this. the caricature that is painted
11:30 am
of donald trump is so different than the way he is. you know him well and spend a lot of time covering him, but he's one of the most courteous people. to see employees that have been there 25 to 30 years and to see how from the most senior to the most junior how they treat him and he treats them, it's something that i wish every american could see. >> why did you go through the process? >> i can give you ideas about the rest of our conversation. i have known senator corker for years so we were in an easy sunday morning kind of back and forth. he says there was no particular event that caused him to not want to participate. he does not see himself as the attack dog in the kubd of way we see a vice presidential
11:31 am
candidate, but he said donald trump is doing fine himself. on the issue of a role in a future administration if he were to be elected, he kept the door open on that. he also said that he has tried to give constructive but not severe personal feedback on things trump has said or may say in the future to help him as a candidate. he told us he did not hear the comment about saddam hussein because he was backstage so he deflected on that. but you get the sense he believes that trump needs someone other than the kind of skill set he brings. he thinks it should be someone with a lot of legislative experience and believes that the trump family, son-in-law jared, daughter ivanka, son eric, are critically involved in this process. that gives us a window into the trump vetting that we have not had on camera before. sources have been telling us there, but we're seeing it
11:32 am
through the eyes of bob corker. the process has been like a waterfall with the attorney, a fellow tennessean meaning different levels of vetting have been going on. corker went through that process and said because he took himself out of the running, he was able to speak freely on a range of issues, president obama topics, policies and to try to contribute things to the trump campaign. he told he me believes july 15th is the target date to learn who donald trump will pick as his running mate. >> you bring up donald trump's son-in-law. it was a day ago an entertainment report er wrote about their mdismay about the image of the six-sided star over money and the image of hillary clinton calling her the most corrupt candidate ever. he's now put up an op-ed on the observer page leading "my
11:33 am
father-in-law is not an anti-semimite." did corker say anything more? you said you had an easy sunday morning style together, but do you think he would act differently if this was bush, walker or cruz that was the presumptive nominee and he was being vetted? >> hard to know because every circumstance has to be judged in his own way but what corker wanted to do was really be a character witness for donald trump today. and he want ed to say the perso that is seen behind the scenes in the meetings and interactions he observed and different than the public face. i tack him at his word. he's not comfortable with some of the things that donald trump said but he believes constructive feedback should be private. would it be different in another time and place, perhaps shs but the kind of glowing assessment that corker gave to us does not suggest he was in any way offended or mistrust fful of trp
11:34 am
and his organization. viewers will e judge for themselves how they interpret this, but bob corker, who is 63 and has to count on his own career, he's just let us know this isn't it. >> i think a lot of people say that they know donald trump behind the scenes and i have had access to him because of other opportunities. the two don't mesh up. you're left wondering which is the real donald trump. the one we're seeing now as the candidate or the one that people talk about that's behind the scenes. that's what we wait to figure out. >> some describe it as a character on stage that he blaefs is politically so successful in this career. certainly during the primary season how much he's going to address that for the general election remains to be seen. they describe two faces of donald trump. i don't mean that as an overt negative because many people have a front stage public persona is and relate differently in their close
11:35 am
confidants. but corker would have had opportunities he objected to or unacceptable to him and went out of his way not to do that. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. breaking news we got from president obama this afternoon. america's longest war in afghanistan will continue. the president made the announcement that 8400 troops will remain in afghanistan after his term ends next year. the plampb draw down was supposed to take troop levels from 9800 level to 5500 this year but the president cited terrorism for this adjustment. >> the security situation in afghanistan remains prekcarious. even as they improve afghan security forces are still not as strong as they need to be. as president and commander-in-chief, i will not allow afghanistan to be used as safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. >> joining us for the latest
11:36 am
nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel. the president is citing security situations on the ground for not going forward with the original drawdown. what are you hearing about this decision and the impact that it's going to have about the overall mission? >> well, this was a military recommendation. there had been recent review of troop levels and of the overall stability in afghanistan and the president referenced that study. i think most in the military will think this is a prudent move. they didn't want to see a decline in troop levels and keeping these extra 3,000 troops in afghanistan indefinitely at least through the end of the president's term in office many in the military thinks that a wise course of action. they look at what happened in iraq. you can't really separate the
11:37 am
two. the president and is still savaged for his decision to pull out troops from iraq. the iraqi army folded under the isis challenge and troops are going back in iraq. when you have that experience and you have a military review that it describes instability in afghanistan. he chose to keep in the country until he leaves office for the next president to decide. >> richard engel, thank you very much. we are now just a few hours away from donald trump's rebuttal to hillary clinton's boardwalk takedown of him. how much will he be helped by the clinton controversy over the fbi investigation and the private e-mail server. that's next. and voters in swing states very important. they will be key players this year as they could decide who wins the 2016 election. up next, we take you to colorado
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what will you do with your aleve hours? what he did here in atlantic city is exactly what he will do if he wins in november. step one, give a huge tax cut to millionaires like himself. step two, add trillions to our national debt. step three, he's suggesting we can default on our national debt like he defaulted on his business debt. it is the same scam over and over again. >> hillary clinton trying to make the case against donald trump this morning over his past business dealings going straight to his backyard in atlantic city. 24 hours after fbi director james comey called her careless, the message may be falling flat. the attorney general loretta
11:42 am
lynch will testify about the investigation into the clinton e e-mail servers. the fbi says clinton should not face charges but republicans vow to keep the questions coming. joining me now is msnbc political analyst elise jordan and woolly brown. mayor brown, is hillary clinton going to be able to clear this hurdle and get her message through or do you think that this is just clearing the way for donald trump to win in november? >> i think she will be able to survive all aspects of the kr criticism being heaped up on her as a result of the people who said and it must have been the director of the fbi that she was extremely careless. i don't think that will stick with the voters. it's july. and you would not want to be explaining that in october and she won't be. >> it's not the october surprise, but in october we're going to be seeing comey in trump commercials using this
11:43 am
line against her and going after the trustworthiness issue. let's talk about that. let's talk about the veepstakes and the trump train, the reality show, who wants to be his apprentice? no one right now. >> i think with senator corker last night on stage in north carolina just didn't go over very well. he really seemed minimized alongside donald trump. i think donald trump has to have someone who can be trouly his equal and who is that person, i have no idea. it brings the heft necessary to round out a substantial ticket? >> i would say many reasons they
11:44 am
would be flawed choices, but of the three on screen, newt gingrich and chris christie are going to be the most effective and powerful attack dogs against hillary clinton. that's just my personal opinion. >> no one is going to outshine donald in terms of personality. now it's about substance and political scene. >> christie and gingrich could bring policy heft. i think they would round out the ticket. donald trump needs someone who is going to make him seem more manyture and an adult. >> when we look at the ad spending in battleground states, hillary clinton is vastly outspending donald trump for $42 million to his $929,000. yet in battleground states in ohio and pennsylvania, she's really not controlling the narrative. it's very tight. why do you think that is? >> of course, the activities
11:45 am
that donald trump engaged in in the primaries against the 16 republican candidates it left the stage clear for just him. the shottiness of their operation, the absence of quality they are in. but believe me, now that hillary is, in fact, the presumptive normminee and trump is the presumptive nominee going forward there will be an opportunity to vet trump and believe me, that's probably the best card that hillary can play. that is display trump. trump is not an approval person for the presidency of the united states. >> we know kelly o'donnell spoke with bob corker. he's pulling his name out of contention. he did not hear the statement donald trump made about saddam hussein. so he didn't have much comment about it, but chris collins defended the comments praising saddam hussein's ability to fight terrorism. although donald trump called him a bad guy.
11:46 am
is the republican party being forced to align itself behind donald trump as the standard barer and figure out how can we mash this into something that makes sense? >> if republicans are going to defend saddam hussein, a man who gassed millions of people and committed genocide against his own people, we have lost any moral high ground. i think if donald trump cannot stay on message, he was given a gift yesterday by james comey and why can't he stay on message and hammer down on hillary clinton and what she did with the e-mail server that she went out of her way to avoid having records kept at the state department. it's absolutely a violation of open record standards. she went out of her way to do that and break that law. i think it's gotten muddled in tease issues of classification, but it should be about hillary clinton thinking she's above the law. she was not transparent and people that are paying for her u.s. taxpayers deserve to know what went down in her
11:47 am
administration. >> thank you so much. great to have you both on. with the democratic and republican conventions fast approaching, we're just a week away, candidates are focusing on a handful of swing states that could decide this election. one being colorado. it's a key police to see the political divide off interstate 25 in erie. each side of that town has voters with very different opinions for this election. jacob soeb rof is traveling in his new series. look at that man juggle. he joins us from colorado. what did you find out? how are you juggle iing all thi? >> reporter: juggling is not as easy as it looks. but when you think of a place where candidates are spending millions of dollars and lots of time to win over voters, you don't think of a place that looks like this, but there are nine electoral votes and where we are is directly between two
11:48 am
counties that will be crucial amongst the many in this election. boulder county and weld county, one conservative and there's a road that divides the two. i came here to meet voters here in colorado and this is what i found. >> look no further than erie. this side of the road is boulder county and this side is weld, a reliablely conservative stronghold. >> we are in the far southwestern portion of weld county. >> of the county line road. >> what is life like out here? >> we're dairy farmers by trade. our family has been farming and dairy farming for 50 years. people don't understand the dynamics of food on their plate. there's such a difference. and economics and how that transition. it's a clash.
11:49 am
>> this is traditionally red county though. >> it is. >> you think it's going to go trump? >> i think there's a likelihood it will. >> have you started thinking which way you'll go? >> i have been doing a lot of research. i haven't heard a lot about p l pollty have either side. i'm waiting. . >> if you had to pick today, living your life out here, would you be able to make a decision? >> not right now. >> what are the issues that people care about? >> ecology. >> what else? >> recycling. >> all the issues that bernie is talking about. bernie speaks for me. >> when you talk about bernie issues, what are you going to do in the general election between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> i don't think i have to decide that. cross that bridge when i come to it. >> have you thought about what
11:50 am
gour going to do? >> i'm going to cross that bridge when i come to it. >> i like the meteor option. like a meteor is going to hit earth and that would be better than trump or hillary. >> the meteor option, i hadn't heard of that one either. when you hear those voters, both east and west of this county line road and the conservative and liberal districts, one thing has surfaced is the independent streak here. about a million republican and a million unaffiliated voters. that's who the candidates are after. we are heading south. i'm going to jump in the car and head south down to colorado springs. another important vast support. we'll be there with them tomorrow and we'll have that for you then. >> important information and looks beautiful as well. jacob, thank you. coming up, a reporter who happens to be jewish at the newspaper owned by donald
11:51 am
trump's son-in-law wrote an open letter to him about anti-semitism and the trump campaign. and jared in the last hour fired back in his own op-ed. the reporter who felt the need to speak out joins me, next. and in today's pulse question we have been asking whether hillary clinton should address the outcome of the fbi investigation over her e-mails. 24% say yes. 76% say no. the pulse is live. check it out. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
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welcome back. donald trump has been criticized for his divisive rhetoric. a tweet from his account and later removed has been called and referred to as anti-se mettic. it was a sheriffs badge, an op-ed called on trump calling jared saying he's giving approval to trump's most hateful
11:55 am
supporters. just within the last hour, he posted his own op-ed saying the difference between me and the journalist who find it so convenient to dismismy lawyer in law is simple. i know him and they don't. joining me is dana schwartz, the staff writer who challenged jared. and have you read the op-ed? >> how do you feel it rebuts the original objection that you have to donald trump and the dog whistle of what that original image of the six-sided star meant. >> while i respect the effort and energy he went in writing this op-ed and respect his family history, he seemed to miss the point of exactly what i was trying to articulate. knowing donald trump personally really has nothing to do with the effect that he has on his
11:56 am
supporters. i think what we got from this response is the closest thing we'll ever e get to an apology from donald trump or his camp. jared a mutted the tweet was a m mistake and said it was careless by his team. he tried to double down in a sentence saying it was by his team but also from donald trp. i'm not sure whether he was saying that donald trump or his team made that tweet, not as a retweet. >> the lead line out of this is my father-in-law is not an anti-semimite. it's that simple. donald trump is not anti-se mettic and not racist despite efforts of his political o po t opponents to hold them accountable for the most fringe of his supporters. a standard to which no other candidate is ever held. but with jared giving this response, we know that his wife is involved in this campaign, eric, the son, donald jr. is
11:57 am
involved in the campaign. do you think this helps give a defense against any of the derogatory statements that donald trump has made not only when there are questions about the image of the star, but the conversations and the words used whether it's about mexicans or muslims or hey, there's the black guy that support mess. the kind of language that's being used at this level of politics. >> i think you're absolutely right. in the final sentence of his response, he asked us to consider donald trump's proven track record that the experience and actual things he's implemented. but based on the results, what we have seen is a trail of hatred and a bunch of white supremacists who think donald trump is the candidate for them. so if we're looking at results, i might not know donald trump, but i know that a lot of
11:58 am
anti-semites think they should vote trump. >> the type of response that you have gotten from the op-ed you put up has been what? >> incredibly, overwhelmingly positive. i'm so gratified by the responses i got. when i was getting the vile anti-se mettic hate on twitter, it shook my understanding of what american people are. but the response that i have gotten that's been so positive has reaffirmed my faith that the american people can see through a charlotten and can see through a blatant wink to white supremacists in an attempt to distance themselves from them. >> do you think jared responding to you call validates the original op-ed that you put up to a degree of which he has to start out with a lead line that my father-in-law is not an
11:59 am
anti-semite. >> absolutely, i'm actually very surprised and impressed that he chose to respond. i think that we're here in july and we have to really debate the question of whether mr. trump is an anti-semimite or just his supporters are. >> is it enough to have family members, loved ones stand up for you and defend you against perceptions that might be inaccurate? >> absolutely not. i think having a jewish son-in-law is something akin to saying i have a black friend which is a laughable excuse. or saying you can't be sexist because you're nice to your mother or girlfriend. that's not the case. actions speak louder than words. we see a pattern of donald trump making these little mistakes of tweeting out images from white
12:00 pm
supremacist sources and the message of that comes out loud and clear. >> dana, thank you for your time. i appreciate you making time for me. that's going to wrap up our coverage. watch "meet the press" with chuck todd. kate snow picks things up now. >> hello, everyone. this afternoon things moving quickly in the investigation sbo the death of a black man shot by police in baton rouge. graphic cell phone video released 24 hours ago appears to show that confrontation with police that left 37-year-old sterling dead outside a convenience store. here's what the police had to say about what happened. >> the call came from someone that a man wearing a red sweatshirt threatened him with a gu


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