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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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supremacist sources and the message of that comes out loud and clear. >> dana, thank you for your time. i appreciate you making time for me. that's going to wrap up our coverage. watch "meet the press" with chuck todd. kate snow picks things up now. >> hello, everyone. this afternoon things moving quickly in the investigation sbo the death of a black man shot by police in baton rouge. graphic cell phone video released 24 hours ago appears to show that confrontation with police that left 37-year-old sterling dead outside a convenience store. here's what the police had to say about what happened. >> the call came from someone that a man wearing a red sweatshirt threatened him with a gun. when officers arrived, sterling
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was armed and the altercation ensued that resulted in the loss of his life. >> the department of justice will lead a civil rights investigation into what happened and the names of the officers involved have now been released. this morning sterling's teenage son broke down in tears and cameron's mother described what the shooting has done to the family. >> the individual took away a man with children who depended upon their daddy on a daily basis. my son is not the youngest. he is the oldest of his siblings. he is a 15 years old. he had to watch this as this was put all over and everything that was possible to be shown.
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>> hard to watch. let's get to our reporter on the scene. joining me is tammie leidner. what more do we know? >> reporter: just in the last 30 minutes, a new video of the shooti shooting has surfaced. it was shot by the owner of this food mart. and he tells me that he was working with the police showed up. he shot the video on his cell phone. he has shown us the video. it's quite short but it shows the entire shooting. let's listen to what he had to say when he described the incident to us. >> they shot him three times. he was on the floor. they were like get on the floor six times in total. he was confuse d. he didn't know what was going on, what they were out there for. he was asking him what did i do
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wrong. >> reporter: sterling was working here and selling cds. he was friends with the owner. we don't foe what happened in the moments leading up to the video, but we saw after the shooting police reached in to his pocket and pulled out a gun. back to you, kate. >> the police officer did that. let me ask you one more thing. i see some people behind you. >> there have been hundreds of people coming and going from outside of the store. they are obviously upset about the shooting. they want it investigated. the department of justice is leading this investigation. so things seemed to have calmed down. we'll be out here for the vigil in a few hours. >> tammie, thank you so much. the outrage over this whole story almost immediate in the
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digital world because a witness captured that video of the death on their cell phone and posted it to social media. it went viral. so it #altonsterling. digital content editor joins us now. walk us through the digital imprint. >> an outcry immediately online. we have at 532 people killed by police in the use of a firearm. we're not getting any individual incidents. but 532, we mapped them out. take a look more closely at the state of louisiana. this is roughly 30 here. this is baton rouge and new orleans. those are the two main hot spots in louisiana when it comes to violence between civilians and police. we're going off this raw data. i wanted to show you the raw
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data and how it shakes out. this is how we're getting that number. we're only including those killed by gunfire. only those killed by gunshots. 532. another thing people are saying online is that this is about open carry. that in the state of louisiana, you can carry a gun legally. it's not just the state of louisiana. here are all the states in the united states where you can openly carry a gun that's 40. 40 states, 45 states. 30 you don't need a permit, 15 you need a permit. >> every state that's yellow. thank you. for more i want to bring in congressman richmond from louisiana. he represents parts of the city of baton rouge. thank you for being with us on a difficult day. >> thanks for having me. thanks for the coverage of this very important story. i think it's part of the healing process, but it's part of the information needed for the community to stay involved. >> let me ask you.
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you wrote a a letter to the president earlier today requesting a federal investigation into this incident. that has now happened. we now know that the department of justice will lead a civil rights investigation. we have seen that in other cases caught on camera, it sometimes takes up to 100 days to get the federal government involved and get a doj investigation. do you feel at least heartened that it happened more quickly? >> yes, i like the fact that doj is is on the ground within 36 hours of the incident happening. i think that that gives more comfort to the community that has a deep distrust into police investigating their own fellow police officers. so the fact that the department of justice is in early makes a big difference and it builds some confidence for those in the community that this is going to be a thorough investigation and they will get the facts lead them wherever the facts lead them.
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>> you wrote the letter to the president. have you been able to talk with the president? >> i have not talked to the president. we have talked to the people in the civil rights division. i talk to the governors latest last night and again this morning. then again this afternoon. i would just say the governor of the state of louisiana has played a big role. the district attorney in baton rouge is a calming force because he's earned a a reputation of being fair across all demographics and with doj and fbi and assistant u.s. attorney leading the investigation, i think people have a little more faith in it. they are still a little skeptical and i think that there's just more trust to be built. but it is a step in the right direction and i'm happy about that. >> at a news conference, the naacp local president called for the local police chief to resign. do you agree? >> i think that was just done
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out of frustration because they had not heard from the local police chief or the mayor. i can't speak for them. >> what do you think? does anyone need to be held accountable? >> it depends. part of it becomes you let the facts lead you to a conclusion. you don't make the conclusion before you get all of the facts. that i won't do. >> you represent part of the city of baton rouge. you mentioned distrust and alluded to some skepticism in the community. has that always been the case? was that the case before what happened on tuesday night? >> i think that's the case in just about every urban community in the country. i grew up as a young black male obviously and the community i grew up in there was lack of trust between the police department and young african-american males. i think that is consistent. you can go back to 1988 when there was a song challenging police brutality. a couple years later rodney king
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on tape and the frustration and anger built and manifested over these years is now you have it on tape and people are still not doing anything about it. and the community has been crying about it and crying out for help for the last 28 years. and it's just not enough being done in a transparent and thorough way. that's the frustration, that's the anger r, that's the movement of black lives matter. i think at some point we have to come together as adults and acknowledge it and figure out ways to build on that and create that trust. >> do you expect more protests or more action? what do you expect to happen now? >> i think they are going to keep protesting. i think they have every right to protest. i am a product of protest. the fact i enjoy the rights i do is because of people like john lewis. we sat in here in congress. i'm not going to say you shouldn't protest. you keep it peaceful. you don't destroy property,
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especially in a community that's already dealing with such significant issues. so as long as there are peaceful protests, u don't mind a little disruption. as long as they are peaceful and don't damage property, it could be healthy. >> congressman of louisiana, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you for having me. more on the battle over gun control as house speaker paul ryan says democrats are trying to violate second amendment rights and those same democrats accuse republicans of seeding to gun lobbyists. what's the end game? that's coming up next. ♪ take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies
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together, we're building a better california. the gun debate could be head ing for another standoff. paul ryan warning today that republicans won't be rushed by democrats to move new gun
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legislation. >> the last thing we're going to do is rush something to the floor we don't have right. and again, this matters to us. this is the constitution. this means we get this right. we do not want to violate a due process rights. we can have security and keep to the constitution at the same time. we're going to get it right and do it when we're ready. connecticut congressman jim himes join mess now. you just heard paul ryan say they won't be rushed. they need a good amount of time to protect constitutional rights. are you willing to work with the speaker on this? >> of course, we are. since congress has been years and years without doing anything meaningful in terms of keeping americans safe from the gun violence out there, getting this right is something that we're totally on board with. and the speaker is right. there are constitutional issues involved. they are not insurmountable by any stretch of the imagination. there's all sorts of examples
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with judicial oversight where u.s. citizens rights can be temporarily infringed with a wiretap providing there is due process. what we're not willing to do is say waer not going to let this fade. >> why not compromise? there is this measure that paul ryan is included in his terrorism legislation that it's a no fly no buy provision. what's wrong with doing something now and then trying to improve upon it later? >> compromise is how we get things done around here. not many of us are inclined to compromise on what we said was a cornyn amendment, which was done really at the behest of the nra and unworkable. and the cornyn amendment was driven by the idea that the attorney general would have three days, 72 hours to stop a
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gun going into the hands of somebody on the terrorist watch list. 72 hours. if it couldn't happen in that period of time, that individual on the terrorist watch list would be able to get that firearm. and our legal system can't happen in 72 hours. so more time would be necessary. but at least it points to the direction of where we all want to go. let's get to a point if you're on the terrorist watch list you don't get to have a gun, but let's make sure the due process both could protect individuals and get done in a realistic time frame. >> nancy pelosi and john lewis went out on the capitol steps. i want to play a little sound. >> we have the power. we have the capacity. we have the ability to get rid of hate. we have come to the point where members of congress, all of our members. you must do something.
12:17 pm
you must act and act now. not tomorrow, but now. >> congressman lewis leading that sit-in. will that happen again? are you preparing to take action again? >> it's not like we're demanding anything extravagant. we're demanding things designed to address 30,000 dead americans a year and that are measures that are supported by the vast majority. 90% of americans. that's closing the background check loophole so anybody who exercises their second amendment rights gets a background check. these are not radical measures. they don't interfere with semd amendment rights. there's a path to get both of them done.
12:18 pm
as long as e we see forward progress that 85% of the american public agrees we should do we're more than willing to work to make that progress. >> let me play another piece of sound from speaker ryan. he was reacting to what he's called theater by the democrats. >> the last thing i want to do is incentivize these taxes. and allow that kind of activity to be rewarded. >> are you concerned your tactics are diminishing your message. >> when a sit-in is led by a living piece of american history, by john lewis, who was almost beaten to death by the alabama state patrol crossing the bridge, when he's the man leading this, your on very dangerous ground when you call that a publicity stunt.
12:19 pm
obviously the legislature won't work if on every issue they shut down the floor when they don't get their way. that's obviously something we thought about. but in this particular instance, mind you this happens very rarely, in this instance we're talking about a problem that results in 30,000 dead americans a year and in which the measures that we are arguing for are support zed not by half or two-thirds, but by 90% of the american public. given that we're talking about the lives of thousands of americans and asking for something they support in this instance, i think led by john lewis who knows a thing or two about civil disobedience, it was a called for measure. >> thanks so much for being with us today. after the break, we'll shift gears and turn to 2016 politics and the race for the white house.
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tomorrow mr. comey goes to washington. he will testify over the b bureau's decision to not recommend charges against hillary clinton on her e e-mail scandal. today she's is desperately trying to change the conversation by going from defense to offense attacking donald trump's business record. >> here's an important thing about how donald trump operates. he doesn't default and go bankrupt as a last resort. he does it over and over again on purpose. even though he knows he will leave others empty handed while he keeps the plane, the helicopter, the penthouse. >> as for trump on a day that he should potentially be taking advantage of the harsh critique of hillary clinton, he's got other news on his plate today. this afternoon not one but two people being vetted as vice presidents taking themselves out of consideration for that position.
12:24 pm
trump is also dealing with the fallout from another controversial comment. this time offering praise for something saddam hussein did. let's start with the trump campaign. californ katy tur is in cincinnati for us this afternoon ahead of trump's event this evening. two people now taking themselves out of consideration for vice president. >> tennessee senator bob corker and iowa senator joni ernst taking themselves out of consideration for trump's running mate. we saw senator bob corker yesterday with donald trump in raleigh, north carolina, give something of an on stage tryout, almost a pageant try out to be donald trump's running mate. it did not go over very well. he came out to this rowdy crowd. he riles them up. he's a larger than life character but senator corker came out and gave more of a quiet appeal for donald trump. what he's like behind the
12:25 pm
scenes. so their personalities did not seem to mesh on camera or on stage yesterday. senator corker saying he had wanted to take himself outside of consideration, that that wasn't the role that was right for him. he's better suited for other roles and not saying he's potentially going to be considered for a cabinet position down the line. joni ernst will be speaking at the convention. she's saying she's not particularly interested in being donald trump's vp. she also met with hum over the weekend at his golf course in new jersey. who does that leave? donald trump says he has about ten people in consideration. the ones that we know about right now is newt gingrich. he's coming here to cincinnati with donald trump tonight. he's very much a bigger than life personality just like donald trump is and has a history of going after the clintons. and chris christie has been a loyal surrogate at donald trump's side since he endorsed
12:26 pm
him. he's been one of his strongest attack dogs too and strongest supporters defending him in the light of his myriad of controversies. and then there are others that donald trump says that we don't know about. that is what we should be watching out for according to sources who are talking to me. they say donald trump could be giving you a head fake and ultimately he's the only one who is going to decide and may not know all those names as of now. >> katy tur with the trump campaign. let's turn to kasie hunt, who is covering the clinton campaign from atlantic city, new jersey. a blistering attack on donald trump's business record in atlantic city. >> reporter: that's right, the hillary clinton campaign trying to change the subject from the e-mail controversy that exploded yesterday when detailed what he believed was misconduct in her handling of classified
12:27 pm
information. the clinton campaign has soldiered on. then here today to focus on the business because that's one place he has an advantage with voters. this was her attack in a town that at one point donald trump really helped to e rebuild. take a look. >> predicted it will be the biggest hit yet. not far from it here is the old trump marina hotel casino. a few years ago it was sold at a huge loss. just down the boardwalk from the
12:28 pm
trump taj mahal. he called it the eighth wonder of the world. it filed for bankruptcy in 2009. >> it was purchased by carl aye on to. hillary clinton stopped by that picket line and stayed at the taj mahal to see just how bad it may or may not have gotten. it's a little bit rough around the edges and those workers i talked to said as much. many of them had worked at the hotel for 20 plus years really devoted their lives to it. been able to make a pretty good middle class living doing it. now they are angry at icon and others. the whole town has really struggled lately. but i will say the workers i
12:29 pm
talked to didn't place blame with donald trump. although they did point out his name is plastered all over everything. it's a little hard to escape. they blamed new management and an overall e deterioration between the companies that at one point were coming in here to really rebuild the place and they felt good about to now feeling very disconnected and as though the businesses have essentially abandoned them. >> you did send us a note. there was something about brown stuff in the sink or something. i don't want to speculate. maybe it will be better. >> thank you. let's welcome in steve cortez, a trump surrogate in chicago today. steve, nice to see you again. let me start with vice
12:30 pm
presidents. today just this afternoon we just reported senator bob corker saying once considered a front runner saying i don't want this job. then joni ernst from iowa saying i don't want to be in contention either. people are going to read into that. people are going to say nobody wants to be on this ticket. >> that's understandable. at the end of the day, i believe the trump campaign is going to select an excellent vice presidential candidate. i'm not mprivy to that. it's also important to remember while those of us in the political game pay a ton of attention to a vp pick it hasn't mattered very much. i'm confident that this is going to be trump versus clinton in the end and whoever they pick for vice presidential candidates will not determine the vote. >> trump put out a video on facebook after the fbi's decision after the scathing press conference from the fbi director. it's an effective facebook v
12:31 pm
video, but we haven't seen any ads on television. is there a a missed opportunity here from the trump campaign? why would they not mobilize and put ads out there? >> i think the ads are come iin. i think that video is ripe to be used in ads. the trump campaign had a successful campaign in june. i believe that very shortly we'll see very effective ads showing that the fbi director while i was disapointed as an american, i don't think justice was done, he did very emphatically call her a liar. in no uncertain terms did he tell us she was not forthcoming and truthful. i think the american people are going to realize this election in large measure isn't even so much republicans against democrats. it's america against washington, against a rigged system, a rigged system that has given us slow economic growth and a rigged system that protects
12:32 pm
people like the clintons acting above the law. >> i want to play something donald trump said at a rally getting a lot of attention. take a listen. >> saddam hussein was a bad guy. he was a bad guy. really bad guy. you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. he did that so good. they didn't read him the rights. they didn't talk. today iraq is harbor frr terrorism. you want to be a terrorist, you go through iraq. >> he has praised other dictators in the past. do you defend those comments? >> i do not. listen, sometimes being a surrogate for trump as much as i'm in support of him is difficult because he speaks plainly. he's not script ed. he really speaks from the heart. i think there's a downside to that. probably he wouldn't have said that if he could turn back the clock he would take back the saddam hussein comment. >> he kind of wenten a rant.
12:33 pm
>> at the same time, it's a two-edged sword. there's a downside to it because at times he says things that are inelegant. but on the flip side, americans are resinating toward his authenticity. the fact that he is a plain spoken man and not a politician. he hasn't been part of the rigged system in washington, d.c., which has put us in the situation we're in now of slow growth. of scandals and kroen nism. when he talks about iraq from the very early days. hillary clinton was for it. i think donald trump has been very clear that his administration as president the united states will no longer engage in nation build iing. we'll have a realism will be a thing of the past. >> let me ask you about one other issue in the news and this is is sweet that trump sent out over the weekend.
12:34 pm
my colleague thomas robert was talking with a jury roournalist the observer. the editor of the observer who is donald trump's son-in-law wrote a response to her to her open letter. he wrote a response talking about his own father-in-law. here's what she had to say about the response. >> while i respect the effort and energy he went in writing this op-ed and respect his family history, unfortunately, he seemed to miss the point of exactly what i was try ing ing articulate. knowing donald trump personally really has nothing to do with the effects that he has on his supporters. i think what we got from this response is the closest thing we'll ever get to an apology. >> which is he knows donald trump better than anyone else. why didn't he just apologize for this and move on? >> i think the main reason is
12:35 pm
that i think we're making a mountain out of a moe hill. it was clearly a sheriffs badge. it was the exact same as the star of david. he was intending no slight. his daughter is jewish. his grandchildren are jewish. he's been fighting for actual rights for minorities and jews. at the time of exclusion of jews and minorities from elite clubs. he came in and smashed that practice. he has a long history of fight ing for people. >> a pile of money. what's a sheriffed badge have to do with a pile of money? >> because she's in trouble with the law. so that's very relevant. the fact she's been under fbi investigation all this time. the fact she was that careless with our national security issues. i might say mr. comey didn't recommend indictment, but he gave a stern lecture against her practices and sloppiness and hostile actors and foreign governments in all likelihood
12:36 pm
have compromise d this e-mail situation. that alone makes her utterly unable to serve as commander-in-chief. we have no idea what the chinese, what islamists might already have in their possession because she was to reck wres as to put a server in her own home. >> thanks so much for being with us. donald trump surrogate. . coming up, republican leaders call james comey to an emergency hearing on the hill tomorrow to answer questions about that decision not to recommend charges in the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. erve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up
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12:40 pm
let's turn to luke russert, who is covering it all from capitol hill. what do we expect from this heari hearing? >> well, expect it to be intense. that's because republicans are very upset with what they believe is special treatment that former secretary of state hillary clinton got from the fbi. speaker ryan thought it was preferential. that speaks for a lot of the republicans. the speed at which this hearing is come iing about is remarkabl. very rarely do you see on capitol hill an event happen on a tuesday and then immediately there bye-bye b a hearing on a thursday. obviously the fbi director is eager to get out there and talk about what he found throughout the process. . republicans really want answers. they want to dig deeper into that report compiled by the fbi. they want to know the extent of being at risk. and they also want to ask comey as to why there are differences between people who did lesser things and secretary clinton who
12:41 pm
got away for free. paul ryan said he was so troubled by what the director said he's not comfortable with her as the nominee getting the classified briefings that come from a candidate. take a listen to what he said. >> look, i was on the ticket in 2012. after the convention, you get the full deep classified information as part of transition, as part of being a nominee. i think the dni clapper should deny hillary clinton access to classified information during this campaign given how she so recklessly handled classified information. >> it shows you how seriously republicans are taking this and expect this to shine through in the committee tomorrow around 10:00 a.m. at the oversight room. >> i'm looking at an e-mail that mcconnell, the senate leader, dodged a question asked if trump could be trusted with those
12:42 pm
classified briefings. >> that's the irony because so many republicans have said throughout this campaign that we do not trust donald trump and his hand on the nuclear codes. he does not have the testimony pramt to be president. you're seeing republicans saying hillary clinton does not have the trustworthiness to be president. it shows you an idea of how crazy this campaign has gone and how many reiterations it's taken. it's quite striking that you have the speaker of the house saying that a former secretary of state does not have the intel clearance to receive the classified briefings e he got as a vice presidential candidate four years ago. it shows you how much they want to push this report against hillary clinton. even though she's not going to be charged, this is the one area they can really go after her trustworthiness and honestly
12:43 pm
this is the only time i have seen the trump campaign and congressional republican leadership together on message at the same time. it took until july 6th, but they got there. >> luke russert, it's going to be a busy day tomorrow. we'll have that covered for you. coming up, it's been one of bernie sanders' biggest pitches. free higher education. hillary clinton proposed a plan to make in-state public colleges and universities free for a whole lot of students. is she extending an olive branch and is it working? >> i was supporting bernie sanders, but we're going to go with hillary clinton since we're all with the democratic party. >> it makes me nervous on what could happen, but i feel she will do the best job for us. ♪
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12:47 pm
it's been one month since nbc declared clinton the presumptive nominee and bernie sanders has yet to endorse her, but there are signs that both candidates are trying to unite around a big issue americans are facing, the soaring cost of college. chris jansing is covering the sanders campaign from here in new york today. looking at this new proposal from hillary clinton and what sanders is saying about it. >> when you see this, you realize this is really a coming together. this is not what bernie sanders wanted, which was this free college tuition olympian that brought him the vast majority of young voters throughout the mie marry, but it helps all those people that have this crushing debt. they have described it that way. we have a full screen to show you. $1 fnt 2 trillion in debt. 43 million americans carrying some sort of student loan debt. 70% now graduate with debt. only 37% are repaying. here's what bernie sanders had to say about the proposal that
12:48 pm
hillary clinton has. take a listen. >> this proposal combines some of the strongest ideas which she fought for during the campaign with some of the principles that i fought for. the final product is a work of both campaigns. let me be very clear. this proposal when implemented will revolutionize the funding of higher education in america. it will improve the economic future of our country and make life immediately better for tens of millions of people stuck with high levels of student debt. >> it would be a three-month moratorium so you could step back, try to refinance. a lot of these people have high finance rates on these student lo loans. get them down and they wouldn't have to pay for more than ten years. now this would only apply to people whose family income is
12:49 pm
under $85,000. but for people who are finding that student loans are impossible to pay or makes them impossible to think about buying a car or a home or starting a business and that way it depresses the overall economy this could be in the direction that a lot of the young voters who hillary clinton needs would like to hear. >> so i understand it, is any part of the plan that hillary clinton is proposing free college? >> this is not about free public education. bernie sanders wanted a broader plan. hillary clinton argued all along would not be doable financially. but this frames education in a a way that makes it accessible to far greater numbers of people. >> chris jansing, thank you for being with us. coming up an emotional meeting at the vatican between the pope and the parents of the american student found dead in rome. thank you is what we say.
12:50 pm
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president obama announced he'll keep 8,400 u.s. troops in afghanistan through the end of his term instead of paring it down to 5,500 as planned, essentially handing over involvement in a more than 14-year war to his successor. >> and i strongly believe that it is in our national security interest, especially after all the blood and treasure we've invested in afghanistan over the years, that we give our afghan partners the very best opportunity to succeed. >> pope francis, meantime, met today with the grieving parents of beau solomon, the american student found dead in rome's tiber river. he offered his sympathy and prayers to the family. solomon, a student at the university of wisconsin madison disappeared just hours after arriving in italy last week for summer courses. a homeless man has been charged with murder in connection with his death. olympian oscar pistorius
12:54 pm
sentenced for the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the judge called him a fallen hero who cannot be at peace. but handed down a shorter sentence than was expected. we'll get the details when we come back. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. that's food as it should be. ♪ parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarpedicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free decision guide. it could help you find the
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now that i work there, i vale dothe food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. a south african judge today handed down the sentence to olympian oscar pistorius in the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the judge saying it's less than the minimum because of mitigating circumstances. here to explain it all, keir simmons in from london. what is the sentence, and what was the explanation? >> the sentence is six years, up from five years. the explanation is that his conviction moved from manslaughter to murder. that happened months ago. we were waiting to see what the sentence would be. as you mention, in fact, the judge could have jailed him for 15 years. chose not to do that because of the kind of remorse that he's shown towards reeva steenkamp's family. she said, the judge, that
12:58 pm
ultimately those mitigating circumstances meant a lesser sentence was appropriate. >> the fact he's shown remorse is the mitigating circumstances she's referring to. >> it's one of those. >> how does the family of reeva steenkamp take this news? >> they are saying it is fair. it is kind of stunning, by the way. he was in prison for 12 months. he's then released. now he's back in prison. it's a six-year sentence. he will have to serve half of that before probation. so no legal system is perfect, but this is not exactly the great advertisement for a perfect legal system. >> does any of the house arrest time he's already spent count toward what he's got now? >> it does count. it does. ultimately, he fired four times into a locked bathroom door where reeva steenkamp was. that was why there was such outrage at his original conviction and sentence. it just didn't seem right that he would be convicted for manslaughter, not murder, given the fact even if he didn't
12:59 pm
intend to clear her, clearly there was a lot of intent involved in firing that weapon in that way. >> what does he do now? is he even allowed to run in his spare time? >> it's incredible. when you think that he was racing in the 2012 olympics, he was such a world star, and then this, what we now know are the kind of demons that tormented him when he was in court. that's what we saw when, stunningly, he took off his pathetic legs and you saw how vulnerable he was. you know, this guy, in the end, had a lot of issues. and those, i think, contributed to where he now finds himself. >> it is a stunning fall from grace. keir simmons, so good to see you here in person. welcome. hope you'll stay awhile. that's going to do it for me this hour. i'll see you back here tomorrow afternoon. my colleague steve kornacki picks up our coverage from here. all right.
1:00 pm
continuing msnbc coverage this hour. i'm steve kornacki. 125 days now until election day. topping the agenda, hillary clinton back on the attack. the setting? atlantic city, new jersey. the subject, donald trump. and what she's calling his shameful record in the world of casino gambling. >> what he did here in atlantic city is exactly what he will do if he wins in november. so we can't let him roll the dice with our children's futures. we need to write a new chapter in the american dream, and it sure cannot be chapter 11. >> but it wasn't just what clinton said this afternoon that's making news. it's what she isn't saying. still, no response from clinton to that scathing rebuke from the director of the fbi who yesterday contradicted claims that she's been making for the past year about that private e-mail


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