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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> do do you have his place again? vintage trump is coming back. that does it for us. stephanie picks up the coverage right now. >> good morning. breaking news overknignight. another police shooting. >> you shot bullets into him, sir. he was just getting his license and registration, sir. >> the dramatic moments as his girlfriend pleads with police officers. and protests erupting overnight. the sterling shooting in louisiana. we talked live to the witness who filmed it. and paul ryan officially asks for clinton to be denied security clearance. this as james comey is set for a
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grilling in the of representatives later this morning. we have to begin with p-- we have to begin with the protests over dpgs nignight. it was streamed live by his girlfriend who was in the car. i want to warn you, the video we are about to show is in deed graphic. >> stay with me. we got pulled over for a busted taillight in the back. my boyfriend is licensed to carry. he was trying to get his i.d. and wallet out of his pocket. he let the officer know that he was -- he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and
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the officer just shot him -- >> deep your hands up. >> i will, sir. >> he just shot his arm off. we got pulled over. >> i told him not to reach for it. i told him to get his hand off of it. >> you told him to get his i.d. and drivers license. >> oh, my god, please don't tell me he is dead. >> our affiliate has the latest from falcon heights minnesota. >> reporter: shocking cell phone video going viral overnight. the video not verified by nbc news appears to show the moments following the shooting as it was streaming on facebook. >> we got pulled over for a busted taillight in the back. >> identified as castille is seen moaning in pain suffering
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from a gunshot bound. the man's girlfriend describing how it all happened. >> he is licensed to carry. he was try to go get out of his wallet and id. he let the officer know he was reaching for his wallet. >> reporter: a police officer is seen holding a pistol outside of the car yeeling that castille shouldn't have reached for it. >> you told him to get his i.d., sir, and his drivers license. >> oh, my god, please don't tell me my boyfriend is dead. please don't tell me he is dead. please, officer don't tell me you just did this so him. he was just getting his license and registration, sir. >> get the female passenger out. >> get out of the car with your
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hands up. exit now. keep them up. keep them up. >> they were conducting a traffic stop for an alleged broken taillight when the police officer fired at least once. >> a back up officer responded. i do not know anything that was live streaming. >> reporter: overnight a crowd of about 50 to 60 people gathered in protest. >> this is completely unacceptable. somebody say enough is enough. >> that is melissa, colorado. a vigil took place overnight. we have new video of the confrontation taking place early tuesday. this video was taken by the
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convenience store where waalton was killed. tell us more about this new video. >> reporter: stephanie, we know there were at least three witnesses to this shooting and two of those witnesses shot video. one of them is the store owner here. he shot it on his cell phone. he showed us that but it is too graphic for us to show you. we saw who officers that were out. one of those officers reached into his pocket and pulled something out. >> store owner said he thought it was a gun. what have we heard from from. >> reporter: they took over the investigation yesterday. it is unusual for them to take over an investigation so
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quickly. so today they are probably going flu surveillance video shot from this store. there were sur rail answer surveillance video. they told us that the body cameras some how became dislodged during struggle with sterling so it is unclear what they will be able to get off of those. >> clearly the city was in morning. what is the mood like in. >> reporter: there was a lot of anger out here last night, anger at police. we don't want this to turn into another ferguson. we want it to remain peaceful but we want our voices to be heard. >> thank you. coming up i'll be speaking live with the owner of the convenience store in a few minutes right here on msnbc.
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now i want to talk you to capitol hill. we have more to cover there. in less than an hour james comey will step into the washington meat grinder. we heard speaker paul ryan officially requesting clinton be stripped of a security clinton afforded to presidential nominees. it is against this highly charged backdrop. kelly will be watching this. give us an update. >> reporter: well, this is an unusual hearing in the sense that there is a short time line. we only heard from the fbi director. he was on the phone with chairman who had real concerns. now this. i'm told he offered this date to come and explain their process
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inside the fbi and department of justy investigation. the attorney general said she was take the fbi director would be field by clinton or anyone else. it will be highly charged and it will be another you opportunity for james comey. she in this you knee poe kigs now where it is part of a campaign. expect questions about which cases were prosecuted. we'll see what happens. it should be intense. >> thank you. coming up i'll be speaking with john micah and will be questions james comey. happening now, donald trump
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two communities demanding answers after two shootings leaving two african american men dead. castille was killed in front of his girlfriend add a child and apparently immediately after the graphic scene streamed online by the man's girlfriend. it comes one day after police
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shot and killed alton sterling. i want to bring in james peterson and ron hoscoe. james, i want to start with you. is this every black person's worst nightmare, you get pulled over by police, tell them you have a gun and you get shot? >> it is worse than that. it is every black person's lived reality, that the idea that a routine traffic stop can translate into an execution is the unfortunate and awful reality too many people have to deal with on a day in and day out basis. it does not diminish the ever present terror in the lives of
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those who live under this kind of use of excessive threat by the kind of every day encounters that folks have to wrestle with as an every day part of their -- >> it's a lived reality. >> we have only seen the video that is an aftermath. is it fair to say it is exce excessive force when we didn't see what happened before or during? >> it is fair to say that the pattern of these kinds of shootings over the long haul -- remember, we have only be able to count these kinds of shootings and in some way to conclude that the use of exce excessive force is clearly present at least to those who are there on the scene. we haven't seen the full video. i don't encourage anybody to watch these videos. they are awful. when we place them in the context of the steady stream of
6:15 am
killings, when we put them in the long list of names this smacks too much. >> and i want you to weigh in here, based on what james has said, do you think this shooting was justifiable in any way. >> before i saw jessie jackson immediately leaping to this is racism we ought to have a full and impartial unbiassed investigation of both events. that is understanding the totality of events, what brought police there. what did the what did they hear? what did they sense.
6:16 am
in one case we. >> sounds like 25ikers. that's the lowest bevel of force when i show up on aen and i engage you. >> hold on. this right here, we are showing minnesota. we saw new video today in bot ton rouge. the police officers show up. in this video you can understand, help me understand how police training works. why not shoot him in the arm to keep him from shooting him? >> they are expect toded to use
6:17 am
least amount of force. >> what did he do in response to their presence? we hear some police commands and we hear what sounds like a taser being shot? was he responsive when he tased him? it appeared the taser didn't work. now a decision is made to put hands on him. that never looks good. when they put their hands on a citizen. we can't perceive how much resans dan there was. so controlling his hands is important. i can say this is why we need an investigation. >> and the department of justice
6:18 am
is leading a civil rights investigation. what is your biggest concern here? i heard a wow from you. >> yeah, it is removed from the reality of people in the kmun tips and people who deal with this on a regular basis. these kinds of encounters result in the death of black folks more often than anyone else in the society. these shootings appear to have the same sort of context and rig gamo gamorerole. you're talking about fryitrying get to the facts and see what the offers are doing and not doing. look at the history which we have to that i know them. look at the ways in wiz stories change overtime.
6:19 am
you're asking folks to trust a process in the justice system that does not exist for them. it is not reality. talking about having what happened kpangtly happened, folk. >> and listening to what james are in this case the body cams weren't working. how come may aren't woshlging and at the same time we're sayi saying trust. >> i want to know how frequent was the training? how rigorous was the training? do the police understand deescalati deescalation? too often we don't invest until
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we are back with a live look on capitol hill. that is the hot seat with james comey will be facing intense questioning in the next hour from the house oversight committee. congressman, welcome. >> thank you. >> democrats say this is over and done with, this is merely the republican party trying to score political points. what do you think you're going to find out here? >> well, again, i think they would like to have it over. unfortunately everything that took place since last tuesday in
6:24 am
such rapid fire raises a lot of questions. the questions have been raised in the media. they are being raised. my phones are ringing off the hook. people want to know is someone held above the law and not treated equally under the law? >> do you agree that the system is rigged and that lor retta lyh was paid off? >> i don't think that but i think people see unfairness in the system. they see the husband meeting with the attorney general last tuesday. on friday the attorney general says she will defer to the fbi. on saturday they pick up secretary clinton and talk to her for three hours. on tuesday a couple of days ago the fbi director comes out and sites all of the violations and says we are not going to
6:25 am
recommend prosecution. >> understood -- >> and this is too scripted for the american people and congress to accept at face value. >> then do you agree with the rehubr republican nominee that it is rigged? >> we have to find out. we are representatives of the people. they are working hard out there. they want us to get the answers. is the department of justice doing justice? are people being treed fairly? petraeus gets off scot-free but a little fishy in washington. >> gdo you believe clinton shoud be cut off from classified briefings? >> he described all of the
6:26 am
things she did against the law or against regulations. and for other people, if you do that you are cut off but she appears to be treated differently. we want to hear from him what took place, the basis of his judgment and put the rest of the pieces to the puzzle people are asking questions about together in a reasonable manner. >> no doubt james comey will be in the hot seat. >> thank you so much john micah from florida. stay with msnbc. we'll have coverage before the house oversight committee at the top of the house. the u.s. justice department investigating after police shot and killed a man in baton rouge. we have brand new video, next up, the voens store o-- of the
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your whole day stops. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ] so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. welcome back to msnbc. it is time now for your morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. we will start with a disturbing video after a man was shot and killed after being pulled over for a broken taillight. the victim's girlfriend live streamed the apparent aftermath on facebook. in about half an hour james comey will testify to the house about his decision not to prosecute clinton for his mishandling of classified
6:30 am
information. president obama announced 8,400 troops will remain in afghanistan. it will be up to the next president to try to end the afghanistan war. bill cosby expected to ask a judge to dismiss the charges against him or ask his accuser to testify. >> and in sports, d.way is -- wade reportedly agreed to a two-year deal and up to $47 million. the presumptive gop nominee headed to capitol hill.
6:31 am
we are live on capitol hill. good morning hallie jackson. >> let's give y >>. >> reporter: let's give you an inside look. we understand he is inside now with the vast majority of house republicans, about 215 of them. i'm thoeld it was the pist-- tr talked about the jobs and some of the same things he often talks about. at this point i can tell you according to our reporting he is taking questions now from kang he they are asking how trump plans to appeal to hispanic vote rs. go you look a at those they are not strong.
6:32 am
i'm told that's long line of people waiting to get questions to trump. he will then go and speak with people of the senate repub republicans. mark kirk will not be there. lindsay gram will not br there as well. it is just over a week away. notable are folks who will not be at the convention. he said he would go and now they are saying because of what nay say come petter center has this r he will all right on that. >> now to the deadly video
6:33 am
between a man and baton rouge plips. from a different angle take a look at this. you can see police pinning down alton sterling in the seconds before they opened fire. the owner of the convenience store joins us now. walk me through that evening. 20 minutes to the shooting a 911 call was made. >> i can't hear nothing. i can't hear nothing. >> we are having technical difficulties. he cannot hear me. >> i can't hear nothing. >> he can't hear me due to technical dic technical difltdtie technical difficultiedifficulti. actually we have him. we'll stay here. >> can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you now. two nights ago when alton
6:34 am
sterling was shot there was a gunshot? >> i didn't make it. >> reporter: >> were you aware? >> i didn't hear or see anything going on really. al ton didn't seem to know there was anything happening or anything going on. he didn't know why the cops were here or why they were there messing with him in the first place. >> alton didn't know why the cops were there? how do you know that? >> i saw them pushing out in the parking lot. they were pulling him. he was asking him wha going on in what head you if strt taking.
6:35 am
>> i started asking requestsened and record it. >> was he being agres rif. >> yes, they were aggressive but was sterling fighting back? >> he was trying to get them to answer why they were there, why they were trying to arrest him, for what reason! so he was using words but did he show a gun or was using physical force? >> no. he didn't threaten them at all. >> so you walked outsidement th outside. they had him on the ground then what happened?
6:36 am
then what happened? lead me to to. >> i started video recording when they got him underground. one guy screamed out he has a gun and they shooted shooting. i didn't see him reach for his gun. i didn't see him pull out a gun. it didn't become visible until the cop shot him. >> so you did not see a gun until after he was shot. >>. he was. do you police handled this
6:37 am
situation ayachtly. >> do you know those fw -- a few will stop by and get a drink, that's about it. >> but you know alton sterling. he had been sell, cds outside your store and you let him do that? >> you knew him before that night, right? >> yes. i have known him since 2010. >> and you allowed him to be in your parking lot selling cds. what kind of guy is he. >> he has never been a he wasn't
6:38 am
out here to cause trouble. he never caused up have bad inhe owns the convenience store where sterling was shot. a house overquestion, has it been krob kted withed with we'll be back in just a moment.
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mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. for hillary, it's always been about kids. it's in the quiet moments when you see why she does this. and when millions couldn't get health care, this first lady worked with republicans and democrats to fix it. creating the children's health insurance program, so that every child gets the health care that child deserves to have. now eight million kids are covered. that's the kind of leader she is. and the kind of president she'll be. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. we are minutes away from house hearing from the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. comey willing in the cross hairs. he is under fire for republicans
6:42 am
for not giving an indictment against clinton. i am joined now by matt miller. ambassador, i want to start with you. republicans are mad comey didn't seek any sort of indictment. do you agree? >> well, his job is not to make prosecutorial decisions. his job is to issue findings to prosecutors to them in the main justice to make the decision. that was compromised by the meeting out in phoenix. so the whole thing was kind of a mess i think for the democrats. i think they had a difficult time sorting through all of this. so comey did what he did. it is over now. it's done but i don't think it
6:43 am
should be repeated again in the future. >> and many are saying they shouldn't have that hearing today but if you look at james comey's statement much of his and clinton's don't line up. why shouldn't there be a hearing? >> because it is inappropriate to interfere with decisions made by the department of justice. i have a piece in the washington post today where i walk through the department of justice rules that he violated. when the government isn't prepared to make allegations in court back them up -- >> but if i may, if we are talking about appropriate, one could make the argument it was inappropriate to speak to loretta lynch on the tarmac. it is inappropriate to be using a private e-mail server.
6:44 am
>> those are all debatable points. it was inappropriate for her to have the meeting she had. he presented findings of fact in a way they can't be challenged and he created a political situation where now he inserted himself into the mid-ofldle of campaign. >> you might agree a political situation has clearly been recited. have the republicans overplayed their hand? some said it didn't help they will. what hae did why not simply stop there. >> well, i think that the most immediate question is whether hillary and her aids ought to be
6:45 am
continuing to receive security clearances after having been found careless of dealing with matters. that's the most pressing question. >> what's the answer? >> i don't think they should be. it should be terminated. that's a tough decision. it's a tough one but it's the right one. i would say no. you cannot keep giving highly sensitive information to those who were extremely careless in dealing with it. >> should clinton be receiving classified information going forward? >> it is one of the problems with comey's statement. he is supposed to find whether there were violations of law or
6:46 am
not. there were no. the state department can decide who can deserve security clearances. they would have to lift them for everyone else that was on the e-mail chains. they include ambassadors aened you have to see everyone who recei received them -- and i can tell you if you start doing that you'll be revoking security clearance for hundreds if not thousand of people. >> thank you. well, james comey is expected to appear any minute now. we'll be taking that hearing live. i'm stephanie. brian williams will pick up that special coverage when we return. you're watching msnbc. we mean how can we help?
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our attention will be focused on washington in a hearing room for the testimony of james a house committee. kelly o'donnell is in the hallway outside the hearing room, where she can give us a preview of what we can expect this morning. kelly? >> reporter: good morning, brian. i can tell you there is a great deal of anticipation about the fbi director being on capitol hill. this is one of those big moments where you see a surprising number of members of the public who are coming here, trying to get a very limited number of seats inside the hearing room. i was walking the halls earlier, the line extended down a very long hallway around the corner. that kind of anticipation. now, inside the room, i've already been inside, the seat is marked for director comey, some of his separate security detail is also here. and the question will focus on the issue of why did he reach a
6:51 am
conclusion that there was evidence, but not sufficient to bring a prosecution against hillary clinton or any of those as a part of her team with respect to her use of a personal, private server, several of them, multiple personal devices and how they handled classified information. i'm told a couple different house chairmen reached out to the fbi director, they had personal conversations, and the question was immediately raised from republicans disappointed with that outcome. when can they find out more and have the director here. he offered this day, and we know that just late yesterday, the attorney general ended this officially by saying that she accepts the determination of the career prosecutors and the fbi that no charges should be filed, and it is in effect case closed. that's on the criminal side. the political side is just going on and on. so expect some tough questioning today. wanting to get at issues of how the statute was read and interpreted by the fbi director.
6:52 am
so much of the focus from republicans has been on this notion of gross negligence, where a specific intent to somehow misuse or mishandle does not need to be present. he did not find there was sufficient evidence. democrats say that is good enough for them. his sterling reputation should be enough and it's time to move on. so expect tough questioning from republicans. we'll have to watch democrats on the committee to see how they perhaps defend the fbi director based on how we often see the political fault lines in these hearings. and we'll see how long it goes. we're prepared for a few hours. the room will get hot, the seat he will be on even hotter. brian? >> kelly, one more point before we let you take your seat inside. and that is, any party looking to score political points, via a hearing, either party, really, sometimes they have been flummoxed and disappointed in that effort. and a lot of eyes will be peeled
6:53 am
today to see if that's the case. because of kind of the nature and the character of director comey. >> reporter: well, this is a person who is an expert at presenting facts, an expert at discipline of message control, given his work as an assistant attorney general, work inside the justice department, and now leading the fbi. this is not an easy witness. he's professional, prepared, and, again, well-liked by people in both parties. and so i think you can expect he will be very careful. he obviously knew this was coming when he offered a date so quickly. and they have had more than a year of investigation. we only knew about the conclusion after secretary clinton gave her interview over the weekend. but comey has probably been preparing for a moment like this, knowing he would need to answer the political questions, for quite some time. so some witnesses fold under the pressure of a congressional hearing. it does not seem like james comey is the character of a person who would not be fully prepared for anything coming his way today. brian? >> kelly o'donnell, i know you
6:54 am
are anxious to get inside and we'll talk to you later as part of our coverage. let's move on to our chief legal correspondent, ari melber. and ari, bring people up to speed. last we heard, there was not going to be the recommendation of charges. then last night, officially, we heard from the justice department there would be no charges. we have heard republicans over the past few days say, listen, none of this means there was not criminality. >> we have. and i think the late-breaking news late in the day yesterday was, as you say, attorney general loretta lynch saying with no criminal wrongdoing, there would be no charges and that was in her words, unanimous recommendation of the fbi. i think what director comey will be asked about extensively especially from republicans, will be number one, what is the evidence in this case. can you tell us more than you already have in your
6:55 am
presentation. number two, tell us more about the process, meaning separate from the evidence, and whether there was enough material to recommend charges, how has the process worked. has it been fair, complete and uniform. or has it been as some have alleged, somewhat different because of the nature of the high-profile political person, hillary clinton, wrapped up in this. third, i think we're going to hear questions about the consequences, brian. because while the fbi director bluntly and clearly said there should be no criminal consequences, no charges, he referred to the fact that in other cases involving these kinds of unsecured classified material, this kind of conduct, there can be administrative consequences. connect that to paul ryan's new call that hillary clinton as a nominee should not receive normal security briefings because of what he says is has been unen earthed in this inquiry. so i think director comely obviously feels he has done that work, his agents have done that work, and he has a conclusion.
6:56 am
there will be those questions about process. the only other thing that i think we should be watching for and that will be interesting to exchange here, especially with as seasoned a prosecutor as director comey, prior to fbi, he was a long-time u.s. attorney and also deputy attorney general in the george w. bush administration, will be, hey, what about other cases. does this wash. is this fair. is this like precedent something that lawyers and politicians alike discuss a lot. or is this somehow different, and, according to republicans, in a negative way. many legal experts have pointed out that the other cases that amounted to charges had something more than what the fbi found here. had some intentionality, some disloyalty to the united states, or some extra lack of compliance or cooperation with authorities. the most prominent recent example being that of general petraeus, who the fbi said not only handed material to unauthorized individuals, but also lied to authorities. no -- an indication, according to the fbi of anything like that in the clinton case. so i think that's what we're going to hear questions about. the evidence, the process, the
6:57 am
consequences and whether this is similar or different from other cases, brian. >> and ari, while you were giving that superb review, we want to tell people, that is the door through which mr. comey will be entering. we should see the fbi director in a matter of minutes. and ari, while we still have you and before we get under way, we had a fair number of viewers join us for the day of the benghazi hearing when hillary clinton was grilled for so many hours. tell us why, about the personalities here, why our viewers are going to see a number of similar faces from that day. >> because, yeah, we're looking at a house oversight committee here that basically has jason chaffits, a critic of government waste, malfeasance and other irregularities as he has put it.
6:58 am
i think it's fair to say, chaffetz also does not see himself as a purely partisan republican. he is a newer generation, sometimes associated with tea party republicans. the democratic member, elijah cummings from the benghazi context as the democrats' leader on some of these government oversight issues and one who has been more sympathetic to what hillary clinton has done. which, of course, breaks largely, i would say, fairly on partisan lines. but not completely. the other big difference with the benghazi hearing to this one, brian, is as you well know from covering both stories, in the benghazi hearing, so much was known, and there was a feeling of sort of sifting through what we already knew. hillary clinton's famous question, what does it matter whether this was caused by a video that was misunderstood or something else. the problem is people are dead. and when she said that, and when many people responded to that, it was all basically what i would call a lot of relatively known information that was being fought over. the difference today and what i think makes today more high
6:59 am
stakes for the parties involved, there so much we do not know. this entire inquiry up until this week was not discussed formally by anyone in the government on the fbi side, law enforcement or doj, because it was an open inquiry. it is as of last night a closed inquiry. so expect to see a lot of tension or perhaps, you know, rifts between when director comey says, i can't get into that for the various reasons that he puts forward, secrecy, classified information, the integrity of an investigation, and i would expect republicans to push back and say, we understand that up until last night. this is now a closed investigation. you gave one version of events at your press conference now you need to give us more. that's fundamentally different than benghazi. there is so much even today that we don't know that we could learn at this hearing. >> and that is why we are happy to have ari melber as our house counsel, so to speak, to talk us through these hearings today. also with us is nicolle wallace,
7:00 am
an msnbc political analyst and former white house communications director for president george w. bush. nicole, you are your new york self today, but let's harken back to your washington self. and you were there long enough, and paid attention close enough to know that different parties will bring members of the opposite party before a congressional committee, hoping to score points. today it happens to be the republicans bringing the fbi director before this committee. it doesn't always work that way. and this may be a trickier than average witness. >> yeah, i reached out to gop member of congress, very strong and well-versed in national security issues, and he said comey is the straightest arrow, one of the best fbi directors in american history. there have only been seven, and is he's someone who never bent to political pressure or will


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