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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 9, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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impact. i mean it even affects reporters who cover these cases death after death after death. i know it's affected me. that does it for me tonight. rachel will be back monday. and i will see you in the morning as we continue this conversation on my show a.m. joy. good morning, everyone. i'm alex whitt here in new york at msnbc world headquarters. 7:00 a.m. in the east, 4:00 a.m. out west. new details about the man who killed five in a sniper style attack. micah xavier johnson, an army reservist. johnson was killed when police sent in an explosives-bearing robot after hours of negotiations. he had no criminal record. he had been stockpiling weapons and bomb-making materials inside his home. meanwhile, the families of
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johnson's victims are looking to make sense of their loss. >> they met me, took me into a room. and i thought maybe he was in surgery on or something. >> and i asked is he all right? he looked at me and started getting red and he said no. >> you never expect it to happen to your family, senseless stuff. >> more unrest throughout the country overnight. demonstrations in louisiana, pennsylvania. police reported no injuries neuer property damages. in phoenix, arizona, police used tear gas and pepper spray on a crowd. let's head right now to dallas. that is where craig melvin has the latest on the fallout from these shootings.
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craig, with an early good morning to you many let's talk about what we are seeing on the ground. how are people coping in dallas? >> you know, i think the front page of the dallas "morning news" sums it up best. very simply, "we're hurting." above the fold there, the pictures of the five officers that you just mentioned there. this is, alex, as you likely know by now, this is a city that had been doing much better in regards to bridging the gap between the police and the people who live here. instances of excessive force complaints down. even arrests down, murders down. there had actually been somewhat of a celebration in and out the police force of how far they had come here in dallas.
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and then of course yesterday morning you've got a guy that is a-year-old who commits this heinous hate crime. telling piece he shot the officers, he hunted them down because he hated white people and he specifically wanted to kill white police officers. we are learning more about this 25-year-old. an army veteran. he did that tour in afghanistan. we heard from his aunt yesterday. one of our producers managed to get her on the phone. she said johnson wasn't crazy, as a lot of folks have surmised. but this was the result of him dealing like there was no alternative. this was a guy in response to the shootings this week and other shootings, he felt this
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was something he had to do. this was her words. i spoke to a county executive, the highest elected officer in the county who oversees emergency operations, homeland security. he tells me this is still very much an active crime scene. you have roughly 20 blocks of downtown dallas that are still roped off to traffic, roped off to folks who work in this area as well. a lot of folks haven't been able to get their vehicles as well. they are still trying to piece together precisely how it was that johnson was able to do what he did. keep in mind, as the events unfolded, a lot of folks didn't think it was possible for one guy to get off all of these shots by themselves. officials thought there had to have been one more shooter. yesterday we heard they were acting on the premise this was one lone shooter. he managed to do it with a long gun, semiautomatic weapon. he had a pistol as well.
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and he went from floor to floor inside the building using tactical training. a lot of folks figuring this is the same kind of tactical training he likely learned in the military, alex. >> it's so hard to reconcile the most recent pictures of micah johnson. he was working as an aid of those who were mentally disabled, adults and children. yet he was described as a loner. the last part is something we frequently hear as a description of those who conduct these kind of heinous crimes. >> yes. but something else that frequently seems to happen, we saw this in charleston a year ago with dylann roof. they are poring over this guy's digital footprint. it will be revealed the next few days, the next few weeks that
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there were flags there were warning signs, communication either on facebook or instagram account. things that if you looked at them closely you might say this should have been a red flag. he didn't have a criminal record. not only did he not have a criminal record, i talked to one of the officials we've been relying on. this was not even a guy known to police. no one we spoke to yesterday, the organizers, eyewitnesses at the protests, none of them knew of this guy. this was not a guy that made himself known to the movement so to speak, made himself known to the officers, so to speak. this is basically based on what was hauled out of his apartment, the journal. this is a guy who had been planning this for some time. and it's also not just surprising, it's flat out
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amazing that there were not more officers killed, more civilians shot on early friday morning. >> okay. craig melvin in dallas. we'll hear a lot more from you today. thanks so much for that. now across town to baylor university medical center. joe, with a good morning to you. let's talk about who is left in the hospital and how they're doing. >> good morning, alex. the hospital hasn't been releasing a lot of information about how many people are here. but most of those who were injured have been treated and released. we don't know if everyone has been treated and released but most have at this point. we are learning more about the five police officers who died. we know all of their names. the pictures on the front page of the newspaper. the two more veteran officers, one senior corporal lorne
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ahrens. a devoted father, devoted husband. los angeles county sheriff's office confirmed he was one of the victims. he was well respected in dallas and l.a. the oldest is sergeant michael smith. his family asked him if he wanted to retire he said no because he wanted to continue to help the younger officers. another one of the dallas police officers killed is michael krol. he was a corrections officer and then came to dallas to work as a police officer. the first officer's name we heard of was brent thompson. he worked for d.a.r.t. he just got married two weeks ago ago to a fellow officer. and officer zamarippa, navy veteran, three tours in iraq.
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he has two children, a stepson and his daughter lincoln. we spoke his father. >> he was just over here doing his job, trying to protect the people there in the rally. all of this hate has to stop. my son paid the ultimate price. i don't care if you're black, white, green, purple. it needs to stop. we're all god's children. >> and so we also know that seven police officers were injured. as far as we can tell, all of them are expected to survive. we know the names of four of those officers, mcbride, misty. jesus retana. omar can tphop non. and r on ocha. >> all of those details. thank you so much, joe fryer. well, thousands to the streets
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in several cities friday night for the second day of protests. baton rouge, louisiana, was one of those cities where alton sterling was fatally shot by police on tuesday. sarah, with a good morning. what is is the mood like there? do we expect more protests? i imagine you can describe it as very heavy? >> alex, not too many people here. some stopping to pay respects and taking photos. more demonstrations are planned for today in baton rouge. this after an active but overall peaceful night here in baton rouge. the first night we have seen police in riot gear. you can see there were tense moments, particularly when protesters blocked a key intersection. police ordered them off. some people removed by police and taken away. when officers fell back,
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however, so did a large portion of demonstrators. and by the early morning hours, most people had disbursed and the scene was quiet. this follows a day of gatherings outside the convenience store where i am where alton was killed. an economic boycott of local malls and walmart stores for this weekend is. >> if we could put enough pressure, economic pressure on the chamber of commerce, we believe they will put pressure on the chief of 34r50es police, the district attorney to bring about a resolution here. even if they have to sacrifice the two officers, they would just be getting what they deserve. >> now, those two officers were involved in the shooting. they are on paid administrative leave as is standard in an officer-involved shooting case
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during the investigation is. now, in this investigation the department of justice, that probe, one lawmaker who grew up on this very street telling me he has confidence, alex, in the doj. back to you. sarah, thank you so much. we appreciate that report. one man service solely responsible for the deaths of the five officers and wounding of seven others. we are learning more how micah xavier johnson came about. jim, with a good morning to you. let's talk about these first reports out of dallas. they said indicating a number of snipers who had taken up positions, trying to try an late fire. that was the working theory at that point. not so much today. a single gunman. >> right. >> walk us through how this went
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down. >> situation when gunfire erupts, different witnesses, even police officers can see muzzle flashes or fire coming from different locations. in fact, what they did see here. it is not out of the realm of reason they would think there were multiple shooters. he had practiced this tactic in his journal to move when he shoots, to change locations when he shoots. so that's what he did. so when you're on the street you can imagine you're a patrol officer, covering the demonstration, protecting people there from normal civil unrest or fights or somebody throwing things. and it breaks out in another spot is five minutes later, you will think there's multiple people shooting at me. it's just the one guy. i'm sure they're ascertaining that through the ballistics identification system that
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dallas police have, the atf. we run that around the country. they put the brass in. they find an immediate match if all the brass, the locations are the same. it is just this one loser shooter that killed these officers. >> a guy, though, jim, whom when they approached him they decided it was too dangerous to go any further. and chief brown describes what happened next. here's that. >> we saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. other options would have exposed officers to great danger. the suspect is deceased as a result of the detonating the
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bomb. >> so, jim, a bomb on a robotic device. the first time we have really heard of this being used, this tactic. what do you make of it? do you think it will become a more common occurrence? >> no. i think it will be a very, very occurrence, an unusual occurrence. it's not something the bomb squad wants to do. it's not something s.w.a.t. wants to do. it is just something they had to do because they were stuck in a certain situation there. this was one of their only available options with the tools they are. it is extremely usual. i've used the robots before. every police bomb squad has them. fbi has them. they are the standard in the world in bomb disposal. but we also use them on tactical defense. we have negotiated with people.
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and police have, through the audio and video. so you can talk to the person, you can deliver food. it's just an option that sometimes you've got to have. in this case, alex, they were able to put an explosive charge, probably anti-personnel type charge. it can be like a hand grenade, improvised anti personnel charge they put on there, on an extended arm and got it in there and used it to effect. >> well, certainly a lot more scrutiny will come with this. we will talk to you next hour. don't go anywhere. thank you so much. the campaign stopped -- it forced both of them to cancel. my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural. now that i work there, i value the food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa.
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witnesses are coming forward in thursday night's sniper attack in dallas. kellon nixon was there. nixon said shots suddenly rang out as he and others were peacefully walking through the streets. >> to go from peace, to go from joy to being inspired to turn to horror in the way that it did, you know, life is fragile. and you just never know. >> hillary clinton and donald trump both canceled events. they have addressed the shooting of the police officers and the deadly police-involved shootings. casey hunt is covering the clinton campaign and joins us from the bureau in washington. with a good morning to you. what can you tell us about clinton's latest remarks? >> hi, alex. well, hillary clinton addressing
4:21 am
a gathering of the ame church in philadelphia last night as part of this. she had been supposed to campaign with joe biden, the vice president, earlier in the take. and the campaign went back and forth several times about they would hold it with both or just clinton herself. in the end, they called it off. once founded by a slave, it has been a symbol of freedom for african-americans for many, many years. there was significance to this gathering. they wanted to make sure she stood in front of this audience. while she read off prepared remarks. we don't normally get texts of her remarks. she knew what she was going to say going in there. it took her a while to get in
4:22 am
the groove. clearly everyone felt pretty somber in the room. take a look how she framed how the country should approach dealing with this tragedy. >> i know that just by saying all these things together i may upset some people. i'm talking about criminal justice reform the day after a horrific attack on police officers. i'm talking about courageous, honorable police officers just a few days officer-involved killings in louisiana and minnesota. i'm bringing up guns in a country where merely talking about comprehensive background checks and getting assault weapons off our streets gets you demonized. but all these things can be true at once. >> that of course the question now, is that clearly this has
4:23 am
prompted a moment of reflection in our political discourse. but whether or not it can continue, history would tell us it's quite likely we will end up in a divided debate. but so far everyone's responses have been pretty measured. you heard clinton there making sure to address the concerns of both of these communities, both of police and also of the african-americans who have been struggling with police-involved shootings of late. i think the campaign knows that it is possible she could spark backlash from either one but hoping they can try and urge people to come together, alex. >> your point about it being a divided country, i don't know how it could get more divided but i have a feeling we may be going that way. hallie jackson joining us. with a good morning to you. what is trump's message? >> hey there, alex. it was one that was crafted, notably more restrained than
4:24 am
remarks we have seen from trump in the past. new facebook came out within the last 18 hours. let's listen to a little bit of it. then we will talk about it on the other side. >> a brutal attack on our police force is an attack on our cup and an attack on our families. we must stand in solidarity with law enforcement, which we must remember is the force between civilization and total chaos. the deaths of alton sterling in louisiana and philando castile in minnesota make clear how much more work we have to do to make every american feel their safety is protected. >> trump in the fuller statement, alex, the one released by his campaign earlier in the day, striking these tones, or trying to, of inclusion. and that is one of the themes we had expected to hear in a speech trump was set to deliver yesterday in miami, florida, a speech on economic opportunity
4:25 am
aimed at the latino community down in south florida. that was cammed. that was called off. staying off the trail, as hillary clinton did to a degree as well. >> hallie, thank you so much. see you next hour too. thank you for that. >> we will also take a deeper look at the context in dallas, louisiana, and minnesota, and the impact on race relations around this country. take viagra when they need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service
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when thursday night's shootings in dallas left five police officers dead, it happened during a peaceful demonstration. hundreds were protesting the police shootings of two african-american men. one in baton rouge, and one a suburb of minneapolis. christina greer, professor at florida university. in the wake of these two highly publicize shootings of
4:29 am
african-american men by police officers, does this raise enough awareness that the public a lot large recognizes a problem exists between police and the african-american community? >> i think this is part of a much longer conversation that has been being conducted in a lot of african-american communities. and for some reason white americans and other communities have just not been able to have the same level of discourse that we've been having for so many years. keep in mind the protests in dallas weren't just about mr. castile and mr. sterling. it is the years and years of things that have been happening to men and women across the country. and so this is a culmination of the frustration and the hurt. and for some people, the anger. but many black americans are living in a traumatic situation, be it economic trauma, trauma
4:30 am
from the police, trauma from, you know, the failure of the american quality to product an equitable system. some have been able to absolve themselves from a very important conversation. >> do you think the conversations have been made more real because of cell phone video and social media and the reality of what many black americans face is being put out there for all to see. >> right. unfortunately, these behaviors are not new. these interactions with the please state are not new. these are generations long. we have to think about sort of the history of why we have policing in this country in the first place. and so if we go from that starting point, we do know it is not just about body cameras. cell phone cameras are the reasons why so many of these
4:31 am
tragic information for real. we have to ask what happens next. when we have communities across the board, especially young people who are witnessing this, seeing it on twitter, television, snap chat. there is damage that is being done not just directly with the families involved but for all the other people in the african-american community. and it should be all americans who view these videos and see these images should feel this is not the way american society should be. >> how do we best address this without it becoming an us or them mentality. >> the history of american politics is the history of in equality. so we have to at least start with the respect of history and understanding as to how this country was founded and how we have continued to perpetuate in equality. that being said, we have to recognize these are not problems within the african-american
4:32 am
community. if there is a problem within the african-american community, it is a problem in the american community. there are very real questions people have been asking, very real incidents that african-americans suppressed, frustration, hurt, et cetera, that have fallen on deaf ears, not just from elected officials but from their neighbors, essentially. >> have we not learned from the racial tension and animosity and violence from the 1960s. what are lessons we can take and apply today and move on more positively. >> it is day to day interactions. we need to think about training, recruiting, our elected officials and those who say incendiary things. it is nice that donald trump has we have had to work together but yet he has had a full year of trying to create this civil war situation of us versus them.
4:33 am
we need to be more vigilant, paying attention to our local officials. we need to pay attention to prosecutors in our towns. a lot of people are active but there are so many other ways they can participate in their communities by making sure quite honest i believe in protests and politics. they can take to the streets. and vote people out of office who are not really promoting an equitable rights agenda. >> and not turning a blind eye. christina greer from fordham university, thank you so much what investigators are revealing about the dallas shooter. crowd sounds ] oooh! [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. excuse me, try this.
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♪ ♪ welcome back, everyone. i'm alex whitt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york.
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hundreds of mourners gathered friday in dallas, remembering the five police officers who died less than a mile away the night before. vigils and memorials popped up throughout the state. texas rangers baseball team observed a moment of silence for the sreuvictims of the city. atlanta, philadelphia, san francisco, and right here in new york city. and a demonstration in rochester, new york, 74 people arrested, most for disorderly conduct. in phoenix, arizona, police tear gassed a crowd of demonstrators. at least three were arrested. another six were injured. and the shooting in dallas was the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. we are learning more about the gunman. a 25-year-old army veteran who served in afghanistan, micah xavier johnson. gabe, with a good morning. what else do we know about him? >> alex, good morning. as you mentioned, he was 25
4:38 am
years old. and he lived not far from here, about 20 minutes from the scene of the shooting in a two-story home with his mother for many years. he was an army reservist for six years. served two tours of duty in afghanistan. he had been honored w several medals and ribbons for his service. neighbors say they had seen him practicing tactical drills in uniform in his backyard. authorities spent much of the day yesterday going through his belongings, his digital trail, and pulling out a journal where he described combat tactics in the journal. this is what police are calling a planned attack, well thought out attack. initially they had said it appeared two snipers were involved in this you recall in the early hours. much of the information we get in this situation turns out to be wrong. late yesterday, authorities said that was incredible. they believe him to be a lone
4:39 am
gunman. she said the reason why they thought there may have been two snipers is he was able to move around with this tactical training. he fired at officers from all directions. negotiators were talking to him. they said he said he did this because he was upset about recent police shootings and he wanted to kill officers, specifically white police officers, alex. >> okay. thank you very much, gabe gutierrez. it is disturbing to see him actually in action. we'll talk about the president who is cutting his european trip short in order to visit dallas next week. right now to ron allen in warsaw, poland during this nato summit. ron, i know the president has changed things up. what do we know about spain and then the trip to dallas? >> well, he's here today for meetings on nato issues. he travels to madrid, spain tonight. he will be there tomorrow. sunday night he heads back to
4:40 am
the states he had an additional day in spain that has been eliminated from his schedule. it was largely cultural events he was attending with the royal family there and spanish is leaders. he will meet with leaders from european countries as well as the spanish leadership and the king and royal family while he's there. he will visit a u.s. naval base. the trip is a day short. as to when he is going to go to dallas, the white house isn't saying yet. he will arrive in d.c. late sunday, it is unlikely he will go early monday. so early in the week. tuesday, perhaps wednesday. we don't know. i'm sure it will be a lot of heads-up before he goes. as to what he is going to do once he gets there to dallas, we would think this would be a visit much like the president has made. they are some of the most difficult things he has had to do as president, go and console families who have been victimized during these mass shootings.
4:41 am
this is more horrific than many. or different and unique because it involves enforcement officers. we would expect him to meet with the city leadership privately he will probably visit a memorial to pay his respects. and this is also saying that once that visit is over to dallas, once that stop is over, the president is going to continue to convene meetings at the white house that deal with issues of policing, protesting. what he sees as racial disparities in the criminal justice system. these are issues he has made for many, many years. they continue to be in phone us of his. it's a delicate balance he has to strike because on a number of occasions he has been accused of siding too much with victims, protesters and law enforcement. they say he is a strong
4:42 am
supporter of law enforcement across the country. that's what his week looks like going forward once he leaves tomorrow night and heads back in washington. >> yeah. the plans later in the week of this yon going conversation. >> paul butler is a former federal prosecutor. good morning to you. let's stay with the dallas shootings first. the shooter is dead. will anyone be held legally responsible for what happened? >> officers will try to see if anyone else was involved with the planning or execution of this attack. if they are, two goals. one to bring those persons to justice. second, to find out if anything went wrong. if there were signs they could have learned about the potential for this tragedy and averted it. because, again, you always want to make sure this doesn't happen again. we think about prevention as well as retribution. >> when you think of analysis,
4:43 am
the president of the fraternal order of police, wanted this set as a hate crime. >> it's not really necessary. in every jurisdiction there are enhanced penalties already for when police officers are targeted. so when we think of hate crimes, we think of vulnerable communities, racial or lgbt. it doesn't make prosecutions any easier. it is just what happens when you're convicted. >> we have all now seen the cell phone video of philando castile's death. there was by stander video in eric garner's death and the officer was not indicted. it seems like this kind of video should make for a slam dunk legal case. why doesn't it? >> cases against police officers
4:44 am
are so difficult for prosecutors. because sometimes citizens think even if the cops made a mistake, they were just trying to do their job, so they want to give them a break. we had two american citizens who are operating with law enforcement and still wind up dead. we have to ask what's going on. these are people doing what the police told them to do and they're shot at point-blank range. it almost looks like an execution to a lot of people. so this is a breakdown in police training. and we also have to think about what's going on with the work of these police officers. the governor of minnesota says he thinks if the victim in that case were white he would still be alive. police cannot continue to do their job like that. that is not a way to serve and protect communities. >> yeah. we have a lot to think about. law professor paul butler.
4:45 am
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i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. president obama ordered flags be lowered to half-staff at the white house and government buildings in memories of the police officers killed in dallas. flags will remain lowered until sunset tuesday. this is the 67th time obama has ordered flags at half-staff during his administration, an act he has performed than any other president. >> political leadership. that's what's needed from trats and republicans and the impact they will have on november's election. we'll discuss it next. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. november's election. we'll discuss it next. we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped
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some questions this morning about the effect the dallas
4:52 am
protest will have in the future. i want to talk about reporting of policy changes dallas officials are considering implementing during protests in the wake of these shootings. what are you learning? >> reporter: we're learning things will probably not be as they were a couple of days ago. what we're going to find is police will reexamine how they approach a protest. there might be more reform on whether there's better notice or better organization on the front end. but police have nysed they are not going to tamp down on any right to assembly here. >> you know what's so interesting, the dallas police department in particular has been praised for de-escalation tactics. they were recommended by the obama administration. how much do you think this has improved the relation from the police department and black community there in your town? >> it has improved dramatically
4:53 am
if you look back from the 1990s. but it's like any city, it's not perfe perfect. so what we're going to see -- we're not going to see militarization, chief brown nysed that's what you're not going to see, not a ton of body armor unless it's necessary. they are going to be very careful when they approach how to approach future protests. >> would you say it's really compounding the shock of the incidents to see the fact these police officers were walking amongst the protesters. they were multiple photos taken of black lives matter protesters with their signs and placards and police flanking them. it makes everything seem more painful. >> reporter: that's been -- you've heard that a lot all day long here. it's just that there's been such an openness and transparency about the process that the police do here that a lot of
4:54 am
people are hoping that doesn't stop. but i think you're going to see tighter controls and probably a little more distance from the police in the future here. >> all right. terri langford, texas tribune. thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. >> in the wake of police shootings, the president cutting his trip short and heading to dallas. former aide to george h.w. bush. joe, what, if anything, does the president need to say? what does he need to do regarding the shooting deaths, five police officers, alton sterling, philando castile, what can he do? >> i think he's doing all that he can do. i think the president does a really good job of striking the right balance in situations like this. of course empathizing and sympathizing with the families distraught over the loss of their loved ones, both the families of the two african-american men who were killed by police officers earlier this week and he does a
4:55 am
good job as well of balancing that by supporting police officers who do their job, realizing the job they have is a tough one. he does a very, very good job of being the president of all americans especially in difficult times like these. now the challenge is to figure out policy that helps us avert these kinds of tragedies going forward. >> you know, i want to get your reaction, joe, to an op-ed in the usa today which was calling on white churches to speak out about police shootings on african-americans saying this isn't about law and order, this is about a disorder in god's creation. you're a preacher. what do you make of this approach from the pulpit? >> i think it's important for preachers of all colors to address this and to talk about how we do better as a country. i think this is a hard thing to say but we need to forgive each other and love each other even in these tragedies, especially when these kinds of tragedies take place and that's a hard thing to do. it's been said in the past, old
4:56 am
testament, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. but there aren't enough eyes and teeth to ever even the score so we've got to forgive each other and see how we avert senseless tragedy going forward. that comes with policy. lieutenant governor of texas among former elected officials blaming the black lives matter movement for the killing of the police officers. according to buzzfeed many leaders in that movement are worried now that the actions of the dallas shooter will hurt their cause. do you think that's a valid concern? do you think the black lives matter movement loses legitimacy at all in the wake of dallas? >> no, i don't think so. it's not the fault of black lives matter that this tragedy took place in dallas. you can't blame black lives matter, one person who might have been disturbed. the act that took place in dallas was the work apparently of one person not affiliated with black lives matter. >> you and i know that, joe, but the concern is will it be
4:57 am
interpreted or misinterpreted by folks around the country. are you worried about that? >> i think there are some people who may wish to do that. the best way to do it is for black lives matter and others talk about concrete ways to stop this from happening. my brother-in-law is a former police officer, african-american retired police officer. he says you've got to have more community policing. have people from the communities that they are from policing those communities because they will be less likely to use deadly force in instances like these and you'll have less tragedies like this. these things happen all the time where police officers are afraid, that is the shooting of the black man. he says one of the ways to avert is to have community policing. i think that's right. >> i think that's a good idea. joe watkins, thank you so much. good to see you. a call to action focusing on politics, influence and anger. i'm going to get reaction from the past few days from the head of milton hoodies -- rather million hoodies movement and what's next. covergirl has big...
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