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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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and that does it for us. tomorrow we'll will live from ports myth, new hampshire, berns will be endorsing hillary clinton. remember, follow us online on facebook and twitt twitter @mitchellreports and kristin welker is up next right here on msnbc. hi everyone, i'm kristin welker coming from msnbc headquarters in new york. right now on msnbc, days of protests. new arrests and chilling new information just moments ago, the dallas police providing details about the officers involved, the robot used to take the gunman down and the dallas gunman's possible plans for a larger assault. >> i don't know whether or not he planned to escape and then the bombing would start or he didn't have time to complete. we just don't know how the bombing aspect of his plans were going to play out. we're looking for those answers.
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and the concern is that we haven't found something that's out there. plus black lives matter organizer was among those arrested during demonstrations in baton rouge over the weekend. he'll join me live coming up this hour. and donald trump expected to take the stage in virginia beach any minute. will he dallas the dallas shootings and with the gop convention now exactly one week away, speck revelation swirling around trump's vp pick. new jersey governor chris christie joining today's rally. but will restless republicans unleash a backlash and back-up plan to take matters into their own hands in cleveland? our msnbc team has fanned out all across the country on this very busy monday covering all the latest developments. we start though in dallas with the shootings where clearly exhausted dallas chief of police spoke earlier today. giving new details on the murder of those five police officers. but also appearing to express the frustration of law enforcement all over the country as police departments in the
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nation deal with the fallout from these killings as well as those police-involved shootings of black men that spawned intense protests. >> every side of failure, we put it off on the cops to solve. not enough mental health funding. let the cop handle it. not enough drug addiction funding. let's give it to the cops. if anything could be done, it needs to be done by our public. which includes the protesters. to have greater concern about the requirements that it puts on law enforcement when you have spontaneous protests, or even planned protests to ensure their safety, but not to be inconsiderate of the officer's safety. all the crap we've got to take as police officers, the satisfaction you get from serving, much more gratifying. >> president obama heads to
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dallas tomorrow, cutting short his diplomatic trip in europe. he and president george w. bush will speak at an interfaith service for the five fallen police officers. dallas officials say the attack could have been far worse. bomb-making materials found in the suspect's home were not used, perhaps they say due to michael johnson changing his plans. >> the bomb making materials that were found at his mesquite home were spended to make improvised explosive devices. since he came into the this crime of opportunity with this fast set-up of peaceful protest, he wasn't able to get any bombs made or in place. >> and we're also focussing our attention today on those high profile shootings of black men in minnesota and louisiana. that have spawned nationwide protests. protests that did not let up over the weekend. just moments ago, the girlfriend who filmed the aftermath of that shooting in st. paul, minnesota, spoke with my colleague, tamron hall about the man she lost.
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>> she was the man that every woman and every man would want their daughter to marry. he was that man. mefs my prince charming. i didn't have to work, but i chose to work. i didn't have have to do anything that i didn't want to do because he was there to support me every step of the way. so, losing him is very hard to stay strong, but i know that's what he would have wanted. >> on the heels of that emotional interview, let's get to gabe gutierrez who is in dallas who attended that police chief's news conference. gabe, what were your takeaways. he was visibly exhausted and very frustrated. >> reporter: he was, he was -- he looked exhausted, he said that his brain was fried, he was running on fumes. and behind me you can pretty much see why that is. that is a group of dallas police officers right now that have gathered right outside this memorial outside of headquarters. it's very somber moment, they're
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paying their respects. that's happening right now. as you mention, just a short time ago, the dallas police chief spoke about how difficult it has been over the last few day us. he also gave new details about the investigation. said that investigators are going through hundreds of hours of police dash cam footage, as well as body cam footage from the events late last week. and he also said the total number of officers who used deadly force was 13. the officers injured included two dallas community college officers as well. now, he also defended his use of that remote, of that robot-delivered bomb. he said that it wasn't an ethical dilemma at all. he'd do it again if he had the chance. there was a report in the daily beast that talked about how micah johnson was blacklisted by black power organizations. he wouldn't comment on that. he was still looking into that. he also said that investigators had questioned the gunman's mother as part of this
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investigation as to why, how someone could not have known that he was stockpilie ining we. his parents spoke in an interview with the blaze about how michael johnson became disillusioned with the government after his military service. here's what they had to say. >> the military was not what micah thought it would be. >> disappointed him? >> he was very, very disappointed. very disappointed. but, it may be that he, the ideal that he thought of our government, of what he thought the military represented, it just didn't live up to his expectation. >> reporter: according to a lawyer who says he represented johnson back in 2014. johnson was sent home prematurely from afghanistan after being accused of sexual harassment. he then took self-defense classes back here in the dallas area. but he was hon bli discharged
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from the military back in 20d 15. and now authorities are going back to see what may have led him to commit this atrocity and again, the dallas police chief very looking very tired today, but saying that his department has done an amazing job and expressing frustration about how police officers around the country sometimes don't get enough credit. he mentioned that the starting face pay for police officer here in dallas was $44,000. and he said officers are being asked to do too much these days. right now you can see, a bunch are gathered here at this memorial paying their respects. very emotional scene. >> indeed it is, gabe, quickly before i let you go, obviously president obama visiting tomorrow, what are folks there saying to you about what they want to hear from president obama? >> reporter: well, he was asked that question in typical fashion, he wasn't in the position to tell the president what to say. he was going to take a pass. people here say it's important for the president to arrive, not
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just president obama, vice president biden and not just that, but former president george w. bush and laura bush are expected to be here as well. a major security presence here. the dallas police department is on edge. he offered several threats they got over the weekend. he immediately after the shooting late last week, he said that he himself had received several death threats. certainly with the police department here, this city is still on edge, but, as you can see behind me, he is trying to heal, it is coming together, even as this massive investigation is under way. and much of the downtown area still remains closed off over the weekend of last couple of days of the 20 city blocks that were closed off. they're trying to reopen some of those today, but still, as you can see, this city has a long way to go, kristin. >> gabe, i know you've been tracking that healing process throughout the weekend, thank you for your reporting, we appreciate it. and now to st. paul, minnesota, nbc's blake mccoy, blake, i understand we are learning about funeral
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arrangements for mr. castile, what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right kristin, we just spoke to the family of philando castile and the funeral will take place thursday at 1:00 p.m. at the st. paul cathedral here in st. paul, minnesota, after that funeral service, the family says philando castile's body will be taken by horse and catcher to jj hill month sorry school. and that's where castile worked in the cafeteria. there'll be a reception there following the funeral. right now here in st. paul, the city attorney is currently weighing whether to charge 50 people who were arrested on the freeway here in st. paul with third degree riot. he says he has until 10:00 p.m. to decide whether to make the charges, he can hold them until that time. governor mark dayton called this a dangerous escalation. he's urging peace and calm. and right now, outside of the governor's mansion here in st. paul, you can see demonstrations continue. this has been going on since castile was killed last wednesday. it started as a rallying point,
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and as you can see now, has become more of an encampment, people brought out generators, grills, tents, some have been sleeping here overnight and show nothing signs of leaving the governor's mansion here. these demonstrations though, kristin, we should point out, have remained peaceful since the start. >> nbc's blake mccoy in st. paul, minnesota, thank you blake for that report. now we to want go to sarah dallof who is live in baton rouge with the latest. sarah, we understand that the district attorney in baton rouge reaccused himself from this case. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yeah, that is correct, kristin. in just the last few minutes, hiller moore recused himself saying he has a personal relationship with one of the officer's involved in the shooting death of anlt sterling in one of those relationship with one of those officer's parents. and he needs people, he said, to be able to trust in the process. now this announcement follows a night of more protests, more arrest and police in gas masks.
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that is the first time we have seen that he, although in tear gas was fired. at least 50 people were arrested last night. however, we were provided with that number by officials early in the evening. so we do expect it to go up when it is updated later today. now, state representative ted james, he is from this neighborhood. he spoke to us just moments ago about his reaction to the events of the past few days. >> it's extremely frustrating to see this across the country is one thing, but to witness it down the street from where you grew up is hard. it's hard on the community. trying to manage the range of emotions. >> reporter: now we have spoken to protesters including some of those who were arrested, they described the polices tactics as antagonistic. the governor however saying that they have been taking moderate action. he praised both police and protesters saying the majority of demonstrations and the majority of people, kristin,
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have been peaceful. back to you. >> well, that is important news fruz there. all right, nbc sarah dollof. about 20 minutes from now, one of the best known vices for the black lives matter movement, deray was arrested over the weekend. he's been released and we're going to get his reaction to all of this coming up. after a week of violence and protests across the country, donald trump striking a somber tone and trying to paint himself as a leader who could unify the nation in a video address, take a listen. >> a brutal attack on our police force is an attack on our country and an attack on our families. every american has the right to live in safety and peace. the deaths of alton sterling and philando castile in minnesota also make clear how much more work we have to do to make every american feel that their safety is protected. >> but then just one day later, trump was back on the attack
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tweeting this criticism of the president, quote, obama thinks the nation is not as divided as people think. he is living in a world of make believe. the gop's presumptive nominee set to take the stage i virginia beach. just moments where he could make his first public statements about america's simmering racial tensions, but as trump tries to assert his leadership abilities, hillary clinton is highlighting some complimentary comments he made about brutal dictators. >> they are some of the most powerful and dangerous dictators and donald trump seems to be impressed. >> you've got to get them credit, he wiped out uncle, he doesn't play games. >> we'd be better off if gaddafi were in charge right now. putin's been a strong leader for russia. >> a lot to chew on today, katie terr is in virginia beach where donald trump is scheduled to speak. katie, good to see you. i want to start with what we can expect to hear from donald trump as we just said if he chooses to talk about the simmering racial tensions. it'll be the first time we hear
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from him about this publicly. what are your sources telling you? is he going to address this issue? >> well first and foremost whereby today's speech is about veterans. and he's expected to roll out a ten-point plan to help veterans in this country. but on top of that, since there are the simmering racial tensions and since this country is still mourning a national tragedy with those officers killed in dallas, donald trump is expected to address that, and yes, this would be the first time he's publicly doing so. expected to say that all americans need to have their safety ensured and also to go on and talk about what happened in dallas, specifically the campaign though is looking us no specific details as to what he will say in this speech, what i can tell you is there are teleprompters on stage. his aids in the campaign and also those in the rnc has been encouraging him to strike a more conciliatory tone. a more inclusive tone, unlike what he did after orlando when he tweeted appreciate the congrats, they want to keep him on message in this respect for
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this speech about veterans and to address this national tragedy. so far, it is working, other than those tweets you just mentioned that he sent out late last night. >> yeah, we will be listening very closely. i want to ask you about a conversation that our colleague nicole wallace had with jeb bush. let's listen to a little part of that interview then i'm going to get your reaction on the other side. >> donald trump, you know, to his credit was very smart at exploiting these kind of opportunities. he's a master at understanding how the media works. more than anybody i've ever seen in politics. kudos to him for kind of creating the environment and then manipulating the environment to his affect. the tragedy of this though is that, there isn't going to be a wall built. and mexico's not going to pay for it. and there's not going to be a ban on muslims. none of that -- this is all like a alternative universe that he created. the reality is, that's not going to happen. and people are going to be
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deeply frustrated in the divides will grow in our country. and this extraordinary country, still the greatest country on the face of the earth, will continue to stagger instead of soar. and that's the heart breaking part of this. is i think people are going to really feel betrayed. >> some harsh words from his former rival. sort of underscores how divided the republican party is just a week before the convention, katie. >> reporter: yeah, and listen, kristin, george w. bush is not going to be at the convention, george h.w. bush will not be at the convention, jeb bush will not be at the convention, mitt romney is not going to be at the convention. these are party leaders who are not showing up because they don't support this nominee. they don't support his rhetoric, they don't support the way he's gone about this race. they certainly don't support the way he went after jeb bush, calling him low energy and some of his other rivals. so this only underscores as you said the deep divisions right now from the party. of course, speaker paul ryan is trying to present some sense of unity, trying to rally people
10:17 am
around donald trump, while at the same time distancing himself from some of his more controversial comments. this as there is a movement within the convention to free the delegates, so doctor them vote their conscious, rules committees, committee meeting this week to talk about what the rules are for this convention and whether or not the delegates even have a chance to try and overthrow, if you will, donald trump's nomination. so it does underscore thousand party has a long way to go, despite appearances to unify itself in the face of hillary clinton. >> indeed it's going to be a fascinating week in cleveland, nbc's katie terr, thank you for that report. remind e now, don't miss the exclusive with nicole wallace, one on one with jeb bush, that is tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. coming up, political fire storm, former new york mayor rudy giuliani stirring controversy and the killing of five police officers in dallas.
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>> black lives matter, that's inherently racist. >> well, i think -- >> black lives matter, white lives matter, asian lives matter, hispanic lives matter. that's anti-american, and it's racist. >> and we're going to talk about those comments. they do bring us to today's microsoft pulse question. do you agree with former mayor rudy giuliani's comment that black lives matter is racist. we to want hear from you. log on to cast your vote, stay with us. , the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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and welcome back. we're looking live at donald trump's rally in virginia beach, virginia. he's expected to speak there any minute. and could make his first public comments about the racial unrest we witnessed this past week. we're going to continue to
10:22 am
monitor that event and bring it live when it starts. for more on the fallout, we turn to reverend al sharpton, host of "politics nation," he's also the founder of the national action network and ben ginsburg, former attorney. thanks to both of you for joining me on an important day. reverend al, i want to start with you, we are waiting for donald trump's comments, could be the first comments about the tragic events of last week. he has had some divisive rhetoric, what can he say to sort of turn that rhetoric around? to be more of the uniter that he tried to paint himself as over the weekend. >> i don't know that he can turn around everything from the birthers statements and the bank of muslims and on and on and on, women, blacks, and others. what i think he should be challenged to do is say that since he is now the republican nominee, what he would propose to do as president. what kind of attorney general would he put in place?
10:23 am
>> you want specifics from him? >> i think that we, anyone that's going to succeed president obama should be specific. everyone talks who he's going to run for vice president. what type of attorney general would he have or secretary clinton. and when i say that, would they deal with the recommendations made by this president's commission on policing? would they deal with the continuation of what attorney general holder and lynch had done about the sentencing in terms of or nonviolent drug offenders that led to mass incarcerati incarceration. what they did with police reform where as we see in baton rouge, the justice department is coming and taking a local case. i think he needs to address what his presidency would be about he can't take back what he has said, but he has never been pinned down to therefore, as president, what would a trump presidency look like around these issues? >> let me get your take on what
10:24 am
reverend al is saying here. do we need to hear from specifics from donald trump, do you anticipate that we will today? >> well i think more than the specifics would certainly have to come over time. it's important to see what tone he wants to project and what he wants to say. you have -- you've played the clips of two pretty different sorts of statements that he's made within the last 72 hours. and, if it is the one that he did in sort of the tape message at the beginning of the weekend, then that's a pretty good tone to set for right now. i think that's what he should do. >> do you think that's what he will do, ben, as we know, often when he gets in front of that microphone, he changes his tone, he doesn't always stay on message. >> well katie terr just reported there are teleprompters out there which helps to lessen the temptation to go away from the well thought out script that
10:25 am
mass gone into the teleprompter. let's talk about the broader issues right here. there's a debate right now about the black lives matter movement. youfr had rudy giuliani saying that what their language they're using is actually racist. what's your reaction to that reverend al? and is that helpful to the broader dialogue? >> it is not only not helpful, it's not accurate. first of all, you have the black lives matter slogan that has now some have organized into various chapters, it is not monolithic anymore than any other movement. occupy wasn't. and i think that from the discussions that we've had, those at national action network, miss garza was on the station yesterday. they clearly are not promoting hate and they're not clearly
10:26 am
promoting violence. to label a group or a movement and not deal with the issue is in my opinion, irresponsible and unfair. >> is this a moment though reverend al for everyone to take a step back and reassess the language that they're using right now? to try to lower the temperature? >> i think that it is a time for everyone to step back and lower the temperature, but also to change the temperature towards some real change. dr. martin luther king used to say, you could be a thermometer and judge the temperature in the room or become a thermostat and change the temperature in the room. we need thermostat leadership now. we can't -- this weekend, we are having rallies and marches in new york, the second anniversary. eric garner being killed which was the beginning of these last slew of police killings. we can't go from gardner to ferguson then to these north charleston and on and on and on, san bra bland, tamir rice, like
10:27 am
we're going to continue to accept this is the way it's going to be until the next victim. we need real change to solve the problem of policing. >> ben, i want to get your take on this. and also, you're in cleveland a week before your convention is about to get under way. and there are all of these tensions, we know there's extra security there. so what is your message to your party? given these developments moving forward and do you agree with what mayor giuliani had to say? >> look, this is a major moment for donald trump to be able to show that indeed can be a conciliator. i think it's important for republicans to understand the concept that people on the opposite sides of the partisan divide today are not listening to each other. that the pain and anguish that reverend sharpton, very articularly put forward is heard by republicans and what republicans feel in terms of
10:28 am
tension and discomfort with the whole societal situation is not really being heard by the other side of the partisan divide. and it is important or it able for both sides to be able to come up and start listening to each other in ways that they haven't. >> all right. fantastic conversation. i wish we could continue it, but unfortunately we have to wrap. reverend al sharpton and ben ginsburg, thank you so much for being here. and we're going to ask to stick around in case donald trump does come to the podium. we'll get your reaction. once again, we are keeping an eye on virginia beach where donald trump, new jersey governor chris christie are expected to campaign together. we'll bring you any new developments out of that event live. plus we're going to talk to one of the black lives matter organizers. dallas police chief david brown addressing the tensions nationwide telling the media
10:29 am
police officers have too much on their plate. >> again, i go back to i'm a person of faith. i believe that i'm able to stand here and discuss this with you is a testament to god's grace. and his sweet, tender mercies. just to be quite honest with you. because what we're doing, what we're trying to accomplish here is above challenging. we're asking cops to do too much in this country. about kids. and when millions couldn't get health care, this first lady worked with republicans and democrats to fix it. creating the children's health insurance program, so that every child gets the health care that child deserves to have. now eight millio5n kids are covered. that's the kind of leader she is. and the kind of president she'll be. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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10:33 am
determine the meaning of the initials r.b. that were scribed on the walls there in two locations inside el central. president obama arrived back at the white house late last night and heads to dallas tomorrow for an inner faith memorial service. joining me now is a cofounder and arguably the best-known face of the black lives matter movement. this is one of his first interviews since being arrested saturday for demonstrating in baton rouge and spent 16 hours in jail before being released yesterday. deray thank you for joining me, i appreciate it. >> it's good to be here. >> so first, i just want to start off, how are you doing today? how were you treated during those 16 hours? >> i'm good, i'm good. i'm tired. it was a long 16 hours in jail. and so many people who were in there with me and people who are still waiting to be released. remember, i nobody founded the
10:34 am
movement, the movement was founded by the people in st. louis in 2014, i'm one of many who do the work. i feel okay, and you know, the arrest will not make any of us afraid to tell the truth. and protest is the act of telling the truth in public and i'll never be afraid to tell the truth in public. >> deray let's talk about the specific details of the arrest. you say it was unlawful, police there are saying that they urged you not to go on to a very busy thorough fair, you did anyway and that's where you got arrested, what was your vantage point? >> yeah, i think if you see the periscope was streaming all of it, even the moment that i got pushed down to the ground from behind. and it was clear thats i was not in the street. i showed the line, itself, and i think that it will be proven that the police officers were provoking police, the police officers are provoking protesters the entire time. and just one of the many people they were provoking in order to create a climate of fear and chaos that they could exploit. >> just walk us through those
10:35 am
minutes before you were arrested, what happened? what were police saying to you and what actually happened upon your arrest? >> yes, i don't want to get too deep into the details because they have not yet dropped the charges, what you'll see is the officers made a statement to me about being in the street. i comply with the statement, and i was snuck up on from behind by a set of officers that then arrested me. and then i was in the custody of police for the next 17 hours. and it was again, we got taken to the police department, then we got taken to a holding facility, and then we finally got taken to the par rish prison where we stayed overnight. we faslated between one cell of 50 men in two cells of 25. there was a point where we could on everybody couldn't sit down. we slept on the floor, people used their shoes as pillows. and again, we were all in there because the police were just flexing their power. and that's why people were in the street because police are abusing their power across the
10:36 am
country. >> were you hurt in any way during this arrest? >> no, i was not hurt. there were people with zip ties were really tight, cutting off circulation. there was one person taken out and he had thrown up, and there was another person who was actually beaten really badly by the time that he got into the cell. >> and so i just want to stress this point, police are saying they urged you not to go into this thoroughfare, you say they did they, but that you complied and you're therefore calling this an unlawful arrest. so what actions do you plan to take? i understand you have obtained an attorney. >> yes, i have a lawyer who is working to get these charges dismissed and i'm hopeful the department of justice will do a review of the baton rouge police department. it is clear to me and so many other people, both protesters and the residents of baton rouge that this police department has gotten away with it's power being unchecked for far too long. and what we've seen over the last couple days here is the police continue to provoke protesters, that they have not,
10:37 am
i was out there when protesters had not blocked the street, nothing was thrown, there was no aggression on the part of the protesters, that police were the only violent people that i've seen since my time here in baton rouge. >> and i want to talk to you about this broader conversation that we're having right now. about race relations, about police, as i am sure you are aware, former new york mayor rudy giuliani made some fairly inflammatory comments over the weekend, he said that black lives matter is racist, inherently. let's listen to what he had to say and i'm going to get your reaction on the other side. >> when you say black lives matter, that's inherently racist. >> well, i think -- >> reporter: black lives matter, white lives matter, asian lives matter, hispanic lives matter, that's anti-american, and it's racist. >> is there any validity to what he's saying? >> yes, so it is better for the american people and certainly the people of new york city that giuliani is no longer a public
10:38 am
official. his statements remind us that he is both the disgrace of the country and an embarrassment. when we think about giuliani, he is doing what people are have done for a long time. he is deflecting so that we are not engaged in a conversation about the abuses of the police inflict on communities of color time and time again. we know to be true that the police killed nearly three people every day in 2016. every single day of 2015 except 18 days. we can live in with a world where police don't kill people. that is a conversation that giuliani wants to make sure that we do not have. >> let me ask you about comments made by the dallas police chief who said that the sniper mentioned the black lives matter movement by name, saying he was upset about black lives matter. and texas state representative bill zeddler tweeted this, quote, clearly the rhetoric of black lives matter encouraged the sniper that shot dallas police officers. so, how do you responded to that given that we do have these statements from the sniper
10:39 am
himself? >> yeah, so about the dallas situation. i have far more questions than i have answers that the point. and i think that is the same of all of us. we are still learning information. that today apparently he wrote something with his blood. that is one part. the second part is we should not be in the streets and the movement didn't cause anything, the police killing people is what caused all of this. the movement has been a response to the violence in communities, and that people have been organizing for the past two years, specifically, before a long time because we know that our communities can be safer than they are. and the safety of our communities is not predicated on the presence of police. but with dallas specifically, again, there are more questions right now than there are answers. >> i want to be clear about what you just said, you just said that the police ultimately you think are at the root of this and the tensions that are being caused by police? >> at the root -- remember, we started being in the streets in august of 2014 because of the death of mike brown. and that was a clear response to
10:40 am
police use of force and the deadly force used by darren wilson to kill mike. and that has remained true for the past 22 months. and in a broader sense, we've been working to make sure that state violence at a whole ends. again, when we think about dallas, there are so many questions that we have about the shooter himself, about his motivations, and we don't have enough answers. so i don't know what else to say besides that, but i do know that we shouldn't have to protest. we are only in the streets because alton and philando and tamir are dead, if they weren't dead, we would not be in the streets like this. >> is this a moment though, for everyone, including those involved in the black lives matters protests to take a step back? to reevaluate, to take a hard look at some of the rhetoric and some of the tactics that are being used? >> yes, so i am proud to be a part of a movement where people have been reflective from the beginning. i think that the movement has
10:41 am
matured incredibly and we reflect often in cities across the country about how to engage in the work better and definitely thousand think about what solutions look like. i've been disappointed in the police unions that have swed no progress in terms of understanding and publicly acknowledging that the police have a lot to do when it comes to improving the culture of police departments, when it comes to repealing things like the police officer bill of rights, like in maryland, they give the officers ten days before they have to make a statement, or in louisiana, they give the officers 30 days before they have to make a statement. than just isn't fair. and there's no group of public servants that should be able to exist under a shadow, justice system that gives them rights that private citizens and regular citizens don't have. so i urge the police to be as reflective as they want the citizens to be. and that's the only way that we'll get to a point where the trauma ends in communities. >> we heard president obama over the weekend make some pretty strong comments to protesters quite frankly all across the country, essentially saying that some of the heated rhetoric is
10:42 am
not useful. i guess what i'm asking you is do you agree with those words by the president? will you call upon not only black lives matter protesters, but anyone who wants to join in these protests to say, it's important to get out there and protest, let your voices be heard, but it's also important to be careful about the rhetoric that's being used right now? >> yes, so i urge all activists, all organizers to be mindful about the rhetoric that they use. and especially the impact that it has. what i will also say, there is no rhetoric in the movement that matches the damage inflicted by the police as they kill people across the country. so there is nothing i can say that will match the death of alton, that will match the death of philando that they are not comparable, they do not have the same impact. and that is not to they words don't matter, they do, and the way we talk about things, often changes the way we think about them, but i also want to be clear that the police killing people has to stop. and the reason that there is any type of rhetoric at all is because the police continue to
10:43 am
kill people without any sign of accountability. and that is really the issue at hand. >> deray as we are having this conversation, donald trump taking the stage in virginia beach, if he in fact chooses to address, in fact, let's listen into deray, i'm going to come back to you. >> the men and women in blue. [ cheering and applause ] thank you. our police officers, we love our police officers. thank you. that's very nice. [ cheering and applause ] thank you. our police officers rush into danger every single die protect
10:44 am
our communities. and they often do it thanklessly and under relentless criticism. they serve thousands of lives every year, perform countless public services every day, and yet, their names will likely never appear in a single headline or media report. but i want our nation's police to know, that we thank you from the bottom of our heart. [ cheering and applause ] and we support you, and we will always, always, always stand with you. [ cheering and applause ] the attack on our dallas police is an attack on our country. our whole nation is in mourning. and will be for a very long time. yet, we've also seen increasing threats against our police, and
10:45 am
a substantial rise in the number of officers killed in the line of duty. very big rise. america's police and law enforcement personnel are what separates civilization from total chaos. and the destruction of our country, as we know it. [ applause ] we must remember that police are needed the most where crime is the highest. politicians and activists who seek to remove police, or policing from a community are hurting the poorest and most vulnerable americans. [ applause ] it's time for our hostility against our police, and against all members of law enforcement to end and end immediately. right now. [ applause ]
10:46 am
we went through an ugly chapter in our history during vietnam when our troops became the victims of harassment and political agendas. for too many police today, that is their daily reality. at the same time, the tragic deaths in louisiana and minnesota, make clear that the work must be done to ensure, and a lot of work, that americans feel that their safety is protected. have to do it. we have to get better. better, sharper, smarter. we were all disturbed by the images that we saw. we must discuss as well the ongoing catastrophe of crime in our inner cities, our inner cities, are rief with crime. according to to the chicago transcribe bun, there has already been more than 2,000,
10:47 am
2,000 shooting victims in chicago alone this year. this epidemic of violence destroys lives, destroys communities, and destroys opportunity for young americans. violent crime has increased in cities across america. the "new york times" described the startling rise in murders in our major cities. brutal drug cartels are spreading their reach into virginia and maryland. too many americans are trapped in fear, violence, and poverty. our inner cities have been left totally behind, and i'm going to fight to make sure every citizen of this country has a safe home, a safe school, and a safe community. [ cheering and applause ] we must maintain law and order at the highest level, or we will
10:48 am
cease to have a country. 100%, we will cease to have a country. i am the law and order candidate. [ applause ] hillary clinton, on the other hand, is weak, ineffective, pandering, and as proven by her recent e-mail scandal, which was an embarrassment, not only to her, but to the entire nation as a whole, she's either a liar or grossly incompetent. one or the other. very simple. [ applause ] personally, it's probably both. [ applause ] not only am i the law and order
10:49 am
candidate, but i'm also the candidate of compassion, believe it. the candidate of compassion, but you can't have true compassion without providing safety for the citizens of our country. every kid in america should be able to securely walk the streets in their own neighborhood without harm. everyone will be protected equally and treated justly without prejudice. we will be tough, we will be smart, we will be fair, and we will protect all americans. [ applause ] without safety, we have nothing. it's the job of the next president to make america safe again for everyone. everyone. [ applause ]
10:50 am
that promise of protection must include taking care of every last veteran, which was going to be the sole to be the sole topi of today's speech prior to the horrible attack in dallas. the men and women who have seed in our armed forces represent the very best of america. now is the time to follow their example of unity, public service and selfless devotion to our nation. we made a promise and we have to honor the promise that we made to these great heroes. you defend america and america will defend you.
10:51 am
thank you. that promise has been broken by our politicians like so many other promises our country has made, not only to its veterans but to its citizens a z a whole. president obama has allowed our veterans affairs, health care, all systems really denied them the help and the support and really has to do it. we have to get on the ball. we have to do it right. hillary clinton recently said of the va scandal that it's not been as widespread as it's been made out to be. that's a quote. she actually thinks that it the veterans health administration is well run. that's because she's been part of this rigged system for a long time.
10:52 am
perhaps it's easy for politicians to lose touch with reality when they are being paid millions of dollars to e read on a teleprompter speeches to wall street executives instead of spending time with real people in real pain. the disconnect in america is deep. there are two americas. the ruling class and the groups it favors and then everyone else. the va scandals that have occurred on this administration's watch are widespread and totally inexcusable. an internal memo from the senior va official describes, quote, lawlessness and chaos at the veterans health administration. including the payments of $6
10:53 am
billion in violation of federal contracting rules. the memo also says they waste millions of dollars by paying excessive prices due to breaches of federal laws and warns that these unlawful acts may potentially result in serious harm or death to america's great veterans. and you know it. you're seeing it. even the white house's own deputy chief of staff described, quote, significant and chronic systemic failures in veterans affairs including a corrosive culture that has led to personal problems across the department with poor management and a history of retaliation against employees who raise issues and very good issues. he said there is a lack of accountability across all grade
10:54 am
levels. on that, he's correct. 40 veterans, just as an example, have died waiting for care -- >> you're watching donald trump in virginia beach calling himself the law and order candidate touting the work of the police, vowing to take on the issues that are plaguing inner cities. i want to bring in chris jansing, who is live in dallas and who has been tracking this story throughout the weekend. so chris, your reaction, what were the highlights of what you heard trump talk about? >> well, look, you have to look at this in terms of strategy and in terms of donald trump, who has had a pretty good track record of sort of tuning into where he thinks the american psyche is or certainly the voter's psyche is. we have heard more about policing over the last 72 hours than we have heard in a very long time because you take this
10:55 am
combination of the two deaths of black men at the hands of police, but then the horror of five police officers who were killed here. today learning that two more than we thought were actually injured in what happened here. the gunfire on thursday night. so you played just a little earlier i thought it was really interesting the police chief here who has been very open and has a lot to say about these issues that police are being asked to do too much. yesterday i spent a good bit of the morning with one of the police officers who was killed before i left, a very emotional and tearful interview. the mother grabbed me and said would you please tell people when they see a police officer to say thank you, how people often say to a veteran or in a uniform, thank you for your service. but it doesn't happen to police officer s. this is part of everyone's
10:56 am
consciousness now. this is the political conversation happening just day bfrs he goes to cleveland. just days before he set ises sort of the tone for the differences between himself and hillary clinton, wanting to be, as you heard him say, the law and order candidate. making the argument that he's the person to deal with this. also i thought an interesting phrase. the candidate of compassion, as making the case that he's the one who understands the issues that are out there. so i thought it was very much a speech of the times, very interesting. we'll see how much the public buys. >> i'm getting a wrap, but what are folks telling you they want to hr from president obama when he speaks tomorrow? >> you know, this is very much a non-political need they have here. this is a place that is mourning. this is a place that finds itself in the middle of this horrible situation, but also this political conversation. they want him to be the consoler
10:57 am
in chief as he's done so many times before. we expect him to take on that role tomorrow. >> chris jansing, we know that you will be tracking all of it. there's a dallas conference coming pup will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed money, now. my amex card helped me buy the ingredients to fill the orders.
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use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief . we are waiting a 2:00 p.m. news conference in dallas. also the white house briefing later this hour where we will learn more about the president's trip to dallas tomorrow. that's the news for this hour on msnbc. i'm kristen welker. a programming note. don't miss lester holt talking with vice president joe biden at 4:30 eastern here on msnbc. thomas roberts picks things up now. . good to have you with me, i'm thomas roberts. ahead this hour, new revelations about the gunman behind the deadly attack on dallas police. that city's police chief speaking about the ambush a spoke time ago. what he said about the last moments of the rampage and what


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