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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  July 11, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that's going to do it for us tonight. "with all due respect" begins rite now. welcome to cleveland, where the republican party is beginning to gather for its national convention. hundreds of delegates are in town already for the sometimes arcane and sometimes very important committee meetings that kicked off earlier today. just behind me is the quicken loans arena. that's where the delegates are expected to make donald j. trump their official nominee for president next week. this week, the nation's attention understandably is still mostly focused elsewhere. it was a weekend of more conflict between protesters and police officers all across the country. on friday, there were calls for unity from hillary clinton and
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donald trump in the wake of the shootings in louisiana, minnesota and of course, dallas. today, though, brought a shift in tone from the presumptive republican nominee at a campaign event in virginia beach, where he read an extended statement from teleprompter about his candidacy in the wake of these tragedies. >> i am the law and order candidate. every kid in america should be able to securely walk the streets in their own neighborhood without harm. everyone will be protected equally and treated justly without prejudice. we will be tough. we will be smart. we will be fair and we will protect all americans. >> those words were barely out of trump's mouth and people were already comparing what he said to the remarks richard nixon made using comparable rhetoric
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when he won the white house in 1968 during his comeback for the white house. >> so let us have order in america. not the order that suppresses dissent and encourages change but the order which guarantees the right to dissent and provides the basis for peaceful change, and tonight, it's time for some honest talk about the problem of order in the united states. >> so john, as the nation continues to grieve the tragedies of last week, wrestles with how to respond to them appropriately, how are both candidates, trump and clinton, dealing with them and what is the potancy of this message from trump? >> we have to step back to friday. we hadn't seen donald trump's video or heard hillary clinton's message. it was surprising synergy between the two of them in a lot of ways. trump spoke of both the tragedy in dallas and also spoke of the tragedies in louisiana and minnesota with equal weight. you could have expected him to
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play the law and order card there and focus on the police officers in dallas, did not. he and hillary clinton said things that as we spoke about over the weekend, you couldn't imagine them saying the same things. today donald trump's in a different place. he is nixonian in what he's doing. this comes on the back of rudy giuliani really kind of staking out an aggressive argument against black lives matter saying they are putting targets on the back of police officers. that's where the republican party's rhetoric seems to be drifting. trump seems to be embracing that. he hasn't gone as far as giuliani did over the weekend but that's the unmistakable drift we are headed right now if trump keeps going this direction. >> trump also did mention the two victims of the police shootings last week. so he's not going all the way on one side. but this is a change and it is a change that republicans have used effectively. it plays to trump's strength. david -- critics of president obama would say he's been weak and has not done enough to bring
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the country together. trump is saying he's a unifier and is tough and strong. it will be fascinating. hillary clinton has not commented since friday. it will be fascinating to see if she tries to compete with trump on this notion of being for law and order. >> it's hard to imagine that she would. given just the politics of it where she wants to be and where her base is. >> except if you think about the clintons in arkansas, you never want to be outflanked on law and order. >> they moved a long way to the left in hillary clinton's candidacy. she's no longer a new democrat. if you mark her words over the way she's campaigned to fend off sanders. i really think the 1968 analogies are sometimes overdone. we are still in the middle of the summer, there's a long way to go. we are here in cleveland. there could be demonstrations and worse on the streets right below where we are sitting and this could look a lot like 1968 soon. these echoes, trump has not gone full george wallace on this issue yet. there have been those who compared him to wallace and to
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nixon. is hillary clinton the hubert humphrey here? as you point out, richard nixon won that race and he won that race but the key was that he won it when there was a scared white majority, silent majority as he called it, not what we have now where the demographics of the country have changed a lot. >> in an interview last week with some of the clinton high command on trump that aired, we said is there anything that trump has done, the trump campaign has done to put you on the defensive, made your job harder? this is something, crafting of that speech today, it certainly puts them in a position where they have to figure out how to respond. they may not be threatened by it and may figure it out. but trump saying he's the law and order candidate is something they have to look at and say how do we respond to it. we haven't heard from hillary clinton yet on that. >> i think again, one doesn't want to make these things too schematic or too black and white. interestingly, the point of
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trump -- the criticism, remedy trump is providing, you also hear those on the left who are criticizing president obama for having been too equivocal, trying to strike a balance when from their point of view, he should be and presumably they will think hillary clinton should be staking out very strong argument on the opposite side sympathizing mainly with african-americans, not at all with the white police officers. >> these are very tough issues for the country and for politicians. we aren't trying to over-politicize it. no doubt trump put a different emphasis on his position today that really puts this thing into play now and makes the events that come up and how they handle them really key to what's going on in this race. >> yes. yeah. i'm going to move on. we will talk about this more. tomorrow president obama and former president george w. bush are going to head down to speak at a memorial service for the five police officers killed in dallas last week. they will be in that city with vice president joe biden, who is also expected to attend funeral
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for philando castile, the minnesota man who was killed in the front seat of his car, is on thursday. the week before a national convention would be dominating by news of committee meetings, running mate announcements and the keynote speaker lineup any other year. we haven't gotten much of that even from donald trump yet. my question is, how will the focus and coverage of these tragedies impact just speaking of trump right now, impact the things he's got to do, pick a running mate and roll out his convention? >> in both of the last two republican conventions there were natural disasters leading up to the convention that caused the campaigns, mccain and romney campaigns to have to react. those were big stories. this is a big story, too. i don't envy the trump campaign. as much as they need to pick' running mate and still haven't announced their convention schedule, on any given day now a single violent action involving a police officer threatens to put them off the proverbial front pages. they have a real challenge here as they plan because they are running out of time. they have to soon announce who's the keynote speaker, who is the running mate. >> i know you know this, but the
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biggest difference obviously, it almost belabors the obvious, those were natural disasters in '08 and '12. they were not what this is. this is the political climate that envelopes all of us. the reason this is such a hot moment is the things that happen that led to the shootings in dallas and took place in minneapolis and baton rouge were just the umpteenth in a string of things. this has been building and building and building. whether we are now ready to explode fully we don't know. >> where might the explosion occur? right here. >> that's the thing. >> there's going to be, you just know that i don't care how many police officers are here, how well trained they are, there are going to be moments of tension and even if everyone's on their best behavior on all sides, it will still be problematic. the campaign has a lot of choices to make and have to make them without knowing what the future holds in the next seven days. >> the thing was, to go back to the 1968 analogy, in 1968, the convention that took place in chicago, the democratic one, was
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the one where there were riots in the streets. >> with the democratic mayor. >> with the democratic mayor. here, look, we know cleveland was going to try to keep demonstrators outside, far away from the q. now that's been overruled. the judges have said that's not okay. there are a lot -- there's a lot of news reporting about protesters on both sides saying they are planning to march everywhere and they are all expecting things to get out of control. that was before any of the things that happened over the last week. >> i have a hunch they maybe didn't have the entire convention schedule ironed out. now people aren't really demanding it even though it's five days overdue because other stuff is going on. when we come back, the latest on the veepstakes on both sides. i love my shop,
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one of the biggest questions in politics, even with everything else that's going on, is still who donald trump will pick as his running mate.
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trump has been floating a new potential sidekick these days, retired lieutenant general michael flynn. he's been advising the gop candidate on foreign policy. trump has also been appearing on the campaign trail with allegedly leading contenders on his purported vp short list. giving them all a chance to audition for the job today. in virginia beach, virginia, it was chris christie's turn to describe what kind of president the donald would be. >> we need a president who once again will put law and order at the top of the priority of the presidency in this country. our police officers, the men and women who stand each day to protect us need to understand that the president of the united states and his administration will give them the benefit of the doubt, not always believe that what they've done is somehow wrong. i know that he will be the type of president who will put the rule of law first, who will make sure that the law is enforced
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aggressively and appropriately and who will put people in his administration who understand that the rules in this country and the laws of this country apply to everyone, not just the least powerful but also the most powerful. we need someone who has always demanded the best from everyone who has worked for him and with him, and who will place the interests of the american people first and foremost. he absolutely gives you the confidence every night when you put your head on the pillow that his number one priority will be the safety and security of your family. >> tomorrow, trump hits the trail with another top, perhaps actually the top vp contender, indiana governor mike pence, who is also practicing his audition today. speaking to reporters out in the world of indianapolis. >> i think we need strong leadership supporting our troops, strong leadership to get this economy moving again and clear-minded leadership to make
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common sense conservative appointments to the supreme court of the united states. i'm prepared to make that case anywhere across indiana and anywhere across this country that donald trump would want me to. >> i generally prefer to try to ask you questions i have not ever asked you before because they generally yield more interesting answers but this is a familiar question. where at this moment do you think trump's veepstakes cogitations stand? >> here's the combination of my reporting and spidey sense. i'm downgrading the possibility of a surprise pick. i believe that trump with his gut wants to pick christie but his head is telling him pick pence. i don't believe there's anyone in trump's orbit who is against pence. i believe there are people who think newt gingrich or chris christie have risks associated with them that are not worth taking on. mike pence is qualified, he will be seen as qualified, there will be some people who attack him for various things but i think he's headed towards picking pence but he could change his mind. how's that? >> that's okay. not bad. i like those two candidates. i have always thought that -- i
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think pence makes a lot of sense on paper. i don't know what the chemistry's like between the two of them. i can't imagine personal chemistry will matter a lot to trump. >> that's why i say he would rather have christie in his gut. >> i think the question, he may just end up there. i think trump is a gut guy. i don't mean that in a demeaning way. i mean i think he goes with his instincts a lot. i do not think gingrich will be on the ticket for a million reasons in terms of head and heart. the general who backtracked and changed his position on abortion, ostensibly in the last 24 hours, illustrated how difficult it is to put someone on the ticket who hasn't had a political career before. but i also continue to think the surprise pick is still conceivable. this is all head fakery and there's a fully vetted, they are just lying about the numbers on the short list, a fully vetted other who is ready to pop. >> the thing about mike pence is he gives all upside and the downside is pretty limited and
3:16 pm
he's qualified. >> people will attack him for being conservative but everybody loves acttacking trump. >> at last, from the point of view of brooklyn, bernie sanders is ready to endorse hillary clinton. it is expected to happen tomorrow at a joint rally in new hampshire. sanders' long anticipated backing reopens the conversation of what kind of running mate clinton might and can choose. he's got -- she's got sanders in hand. where does that leave her search for a running mate? >> well, the big event in the veepstakes world of hillary clinton is thursday when she will be in virginia, northern virginia, suburban washington, d.c., with tim kaine. >> doing her own set of tryouts. >> maybe doing that. we saw her do an audition with elizabeth warren. now we see tim kaine. i think there's good reason why tim kaine has always been at the front of her list. he continues to be at the front of her list. my view as and continues to be if she believes the only -- the
3:17 pm
thing that's standing in her way to the presidency is getting bernie sanders voters over, that makes the case for warren. but sanders' endorsement will help diminish her worry about that which will lead her more likely to tim kaine, i think. >> i don't think there's any chance clinton will pick before trump. if trump picks pence, the biggest rap on kaine for people is it's not exciting. if you had dinner with tim kaine and mike pence and were asked to choose which was more exciting you might have trouble picking. they are pretty similar in their resumes and backgrounds. >> you could have a bilingual conversation with tim kaine. that's sort of exciting. >> there's no reason to worry about picking a guy who maybe is not the most exciting in the world. i thought for awhile it would be tim kaine. most clinton people i know who have an opinion are either enthusiastic or totally fine with him. i don't think she's getting pushback about picking tim kaine. therefore, go with somebody vetted by barack obama, the safe choice. but i will say, if trump makes a surprise pick, i could see her
3:18 pm
making a surprise pick. >> look, do not count out the person who popped up recently, tom vilsack. don't count him out. also a vanilla pick but someone she really likes a lot. that will matter. >> up next, delegates have been busy in the rock and roll capital of the world. we check in on them next. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at see what the power of points can do for your business. at experian, we believe credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. and like anything else, you can get better. that's why we have tools that show you what happens if you forgot to pay a bill. and answers to questions like,
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we're here in cleveland. the republican convention committee meetings are under way, in case you haven't been tracking the pregame of the pregame for next week's big conclave. here's a quick scene setter to get you started. >> cleveland, republican convention. let's go back. way back. before that. 1796, general moses cleveland founds cleveland. things are invented here. the river catches on fire several times. rock and roll, movies, tv. and politics. 1924. cleveland holds its first republican convention. spoiler alert, they choose coolidge. 1936, republicans return to cleveland. they choose this guy. america chooses the other guy. republicans choose other convention cities for the next 80 years. now they're back. next week. this week, the committee fights. expect fireworks. >> i wouldn't say fireworks. >> starting here. the platform committee debates the party's stance on gay
3:22 pm
marriage, transgender bathrooms, trade agreements and other stuff. then comes the rules committee. never trumpers make their last stand. the goal? unbind delegates and force an open convention. the likelihood of success? low. the backup plan? make it harder for trump to choose his preferred vp. back up backup plan? make it easier for conservative candidates in 2020. it's as simple as that. >> so much more complicated than that. >> joining us now to update us on all the convention committee debates that are going on and will go on, ed martin, president of the eagle forum, conservative pro-life group that has been recruiting delegates to shape the party platform for decades. >> good to be with you. >> what's the worst thing that could happen from donald trump's point of view this week that's in the realm of possibility? >> if there becomes a fight today, tomorrow in the platform, they fight in rules and thing theme becomes fight amongst yourselves. everybody is talking about what's going to be outside. if we along the way, you have about three steps going before you get to the delegates
3:23 pm
actually getting here. >> which fights are likely? >> there's a marriage fight, gay marriage fight could be one. you could fight over -- i think today they dodged the trade one. there was a question of whether some free traders would push back on trump's language. on the rules, there's the unbinding fight, the conscience one. i think there will be a fight, more likely fight is closing the primaries. actually, one that's yet to watch is sort of gutting the rnc is the way a conservative would say it but really taking the party power away from the rnc. there's a move to do that. cucinelli is leading that move. there's real sense of how -- lot of conservatives are not going to unbind and go free, they are going to want to get their pound of flesh. that might be one place they get it. >> so the other day, we saw reports in the "wall street journal" that some of the people involved in trump's whip operation were giving a hard count a lot lower than some people thought. you were looking at that. what's your sense of how strong -- >> there's perception and reality. perception was in the last
3:24 pm
couple days the pros that write the platform, that do this, impressed by what trump arrived with. he arrived with a bunch of staffers and really started whipping and solidified the trump people. we had a dinner last night with some delegates, trump delegates and they were getting more direction. there's nothing worse than being for somebody and not knowing what you're doing. one thing is the perception is that they are on the ground and making more progress, where the perception a lot of people thought was they're not. the reality is these were very uneventful subcommittee meetings. in the subcommittee meeting where you vote on pro-life and marriage, they were 15-2 -- excuse me, 15-3, 16-2. i think they have got, there's a sense they have their ducks lined up. the question is, what's coming, what else is out there. >> in general, are the trump forces trying to just have peace here? or did they care about the outcome? >> no, romney in 2012, the experience was he came in and said i'll take the platform as conservative aus want it, i don't want to have to debate with you on my past, on abortion -- >> minimize conflicts. same here?
3:25 pm
>> trump people are pretty clear. it's been pretty good, trump -- i saw brookour and i said what do you feel the best about. he said we have a lot of people venting. we haven't put our thumb on the scale like they do in the past. i think you see some of that. i was there for some of the things they are talking about. the one who put the wall language in wanted to put the protection language in. you are getting a sense we are listening to what's going on and now by the way, the party's really -- the rnc is really behind trump. i see them as a former rnc member, they are now hand in glove. the guys that were sort of treading, managing the primary are -- they are working hard. these guys are now working in one direction. >> i don't know what you have against the prairie chicken.
3:26 pm
i know people that want to talk about 2020 but that's one of the things people are talking about, open versed closed primaries. what's the state of that debate? >> i have to say i think that's the one reform that's almost 100% likely to get far. maybe it doesn't pass but i was on the rnc '13 to '15, i advocated then, conservatives, cruz, trump, whatever, they want that. it will probably be in the form of a reward. if you close your primaries you get extra delegates as opposed to knocking them out. i would say you guys probably know, nevada is persona non grata. i don't think they stay as a carve-out state no matter what they do. >> replaced by another western state? >> colorado. >> you don't think mike pence will be picked? you refuse to say who might be? >> no, i just -- >> you are confident he wouldn't get popular choice? >> well, he's a well-known conservative guy who succeeded but i don't think trump telegraphs that.
3:27 pm
i know this. i talked to trump guys. he hadn't decided by friday and scheduled this meeting in indiana last wednesday. i don't think -- trump doesn't -- that's what romney would do. i'm going to go to wisconsin and see what -- >> give us a name. who you got? >> i want mattis. >> thanks very much. coming up, bernie sanders' campaign manager jeff weaver previews his boss' event with hillary clinton tomorrow in the granite state. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last into the morning. ♪ look up at a new day... hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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good evening. breaking news right now on that deadly shooting at the berrien county courthouse in st. joseph, michigan. moments ago, the sheriff confirming that an inmate grabbed a gun from an officer while being transferred from a cell to court during an escape attempt. the inmate shot and killed two bailiffs, injuring several others. the inmate was then killed by other officers. officials are notifying families before releasing victims' names.
3:31 pm
now back to "with all due respect." with us now from washington to talk about what's going to happen between bernie sanders and hillary clinton tomorrow in new hampshire, jeff weaver, bernie sanders' esteemed presidential campaign manager. jeff, we know there's an event. good afternoon. we know there's an event in new hampshire tomorrow. bernie sanders, hillary clinton both going to be there. everyone assumes it's an endorsement. is that correct? >> well, let's call it an event at the moment. i don't want to preview too much. they will be there together in new hampshire talking about the need to go forward to win the white house. >> you're not saying that all the reporting on this that suggests an endorsement is forthcoming is incorrect, right? >> i'm not confirming there will be an endorsement tomorrow. put it that way. >> okay.
3:32 pm
that's fair. if there was an endorsement tomorrow, just explain what the arc of that has been. what brought bernie sanders to the point that he's at a minimum willing to stand onstage with hillary clinton, do a unity event and most likely confer his endorsement? what's changed? >> there has been a tremendous amount of communication between the campaigns since the end of the caucus and primary system. i think there's been -- it was largely focused on the substantive issues that were the focus of the sanders campaign. i think you saw recently the secretary coming out with a very bold plan on college financing wherein she included in large part the free college tuition at public colleges and universities the senator was advocating throughout the campaign. i think you saw just this saturday that secretary came out with another bold plan to deal with primary health care in this country to double the amount of money in federally qualified health centers to support a public option so that all consumers have the option to buy
3:33 pm
insurance right from the government and not from the private health insurers. i think if you look at the platform process that we just went through in st. louis and orlando and just this weekend, you saw the inclusion of a $15 minimum wage, centerpiece of senator sanders' campaign, putting a price on carbon and a host of other issues ending the death penalty, dealing with the criminal justice reform, dealing with the need for real comprehensive immigration reform and a host of other issues. there has been a coming together of the party around a very progressive platform. >> jeff, i have seen lots of people who run hard as your friend bernie sanders did, then come up short, who take awhile emotionally, psychologically, to be ready to say it's over. is bernie sanders come to that point where he's sort of given up the notion that he will be president? >> well, i think the math in terms of delegates is pretty clear. the secretary has the delegates, the requisite delegates needed to win. there's no doubt about that. bernie sanders as he said on the first day of his campaign was in
3:34 pm
this campaign to advance a progressive agenda. obviously he believed then and i certainly believed that having him as president would move that agenda forward the fastest. but the truth of the matter is that the secretary has more delegates and the secretary over the past weeks has really made it a strong point that she is open to listening to the concerns of the people, the 13 million plus people who voted for bernie sanders on real substance, she's willing to listen to them. if there's a polilace at the ta for them in her campaign and ultimately in her administration. that's a very strong outreach on her part and is to be applauded. i think that's what you are seeing in response to that. >> you and bernie sanders argued for a long time that he was a stronger general election candidate against donald trump than hillary clinton. do you still believe that? >> well, i haven't seen recent polling on that, but that's really at this point beside the point. the point is that there's going
3:35 pm
to be hillary clinton and donald trump in the general election. donald trump, let's be clear, would be a disaster for this country. all the things the people who supported bernie sanders have fought for to elevate in terms of wealth and income inequality and a host of other issues would not only not move forward, they would move backwards. hillary clinton will move those issues forward. >> jeff, we like everybody in the world spent a little time today talking about the vice presidential sweepstakes on both parties. when people talk about who hillary clinton might put on the ticket, almost no one talks about bernie sanders. does that bother him, that he's not considered a front-runner, short lister, someone who might end up as her running mate? >> no. look, bernie sanders is not in this for ego. this is about moving forward a progressive agenda. as you know he's a u.s. senator from the state of vermont and is very proud of that position and will continue in the future as a senator from vermont, where he will work hopefully with the new administration to advance these policy agenda items, free college -- free tuition at
3:36 pm
public colleges and universities, reforming health care ending the death penalty, raising the minimum wage. he can do that most effectively from the senate seat. >> so jeff, you are saying given a choice he thinks he can do more good for the agenda by staying in the senate. if he were asked to be hillary clinton's running mate he would say no and stay in the senate? >> that's a hypothetical no one has been presented with. but i do think he will be an extremely effective senator going forward given his national profile and the millions of people who have supported him and who will continue to support him. let's be clear. the political revolution he called for does not end in philadelphia or doesn't end in november. it continues on. we hope to keep these millions of people activated, fighting from the outside while we help to elect people on the inside to advance its agenda. this is an inside-outside strategy. senator sanders will be one of the people on the inside but still leading people on the outside to push this agenda forward. >> so one element of his political revolution was opposition to tpp.
3:37 pm
that was -- you guys won a lot as you pointed out in terms of the platform but you lost on that. are you going to take that fight to the floor of the convention in philadelphia? >> well, we didn't get express reference to the tpp but inside the platform is laid out a list of standards that trade agreements have to meet in order to pass muster within the democratic party. certainly the senator believes the tpp does not meet that standard. he will certainly continue to fight the tpp in the senate going forward. the secretary has also said she's opposed to the tpp. he expects to fight with her to stop it. >> but you didn't answer my question. you guys going to fight over tpp on the floor in philadelphia or not? >> i don't anticipate there will be a floor fight on tpp. >> all right. thank you very much. appreciate it. always happy to see you. be interesting to see what happens in new hampshire tomorrow. coming up, some reporters are in cleveland with us. they open their notebooks on debate prep, planning and more
3:38 pm
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3:41 pm
realtime test. are they up to it? >> i have been following the news of the past few days with horror and grief. >> the deaths of alton sterling in louisiana and philando castile in minnesota make clear how much more work we have to do. >> they are the latest in a long and painful litany of african-americans killed in police incidents. let's not forget when gunfire broke out yesterday night and everyone ran to safety, the police officers ran the other way into the gunfire. >> they're not just police
3:42 pm
officers. they're mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. >> we need to try as best we can to walk in one another's shoes. >> now is the time for prayers, love, unity and leadership. >> no one has all the answers. we need to find them together. >> we're back here in cleveland. that was some of the end of last night's episode of "the circus." joining us in cleveland to talk about all things trump and the convention here next week, bloomberg politics reporter jennifer jacobs and andrew tobias who reports for the cleveland plain dealer. thank you for coming. the veepstakes, tell us what you think the latest is there. >> i think it's happening hot and heavy.
3:43 pm
i truly believe donald trump has no idea who he will choose yet. i really believe that. there's a lot of chatter about mike pence as well as chris christie. i would say those are the two i hear the most about but who it's going to be, it could be some surprise candidate. knowing trump he will come out with something amazing and wow all of us. >> does your reporting match mine on those two guys, christie and pence, which is there is pushback on christie and i have not seen anybody who sees downside on pence. >> that's true. there is some dissent in his inner circle on chris christie. we had heard that people within his inner circle were worried that he had a little -- not enough of a filter when he's speaking, maybe seemed to be a little -- >> no one's ever said that about christie before. really? someone's concerned about that? that's crazy. >> they really are. i think donald trump really likes chris christie. that's all that's going to matter. we have to see there. i don't hear as much complaint about mike pence. >> it's a democratic town for the most part.
3:44 pm
you have republicans coming in but a figure like donald trump. is cleveland excited about hosting donald trump? >> it's not exactly what people are necessarily signing up for on the front end but with the development of his candidacy, it's made this a lot more interesting than it would have been otherwise. there was a theory that the attention that it would bring would actually increase as far as the money that got spent here. it's not really clear if that's the case with some of the stuff you hear about corporations being reluctant to invest and that kind of stuff. if nothing else it's a memorable convention. it's not that bad of a thing. >> it could be. we talked earlier about the potential for protests, people have talked about that for months. now the energy in the country is amped up to a higher degree. a lot of the plans to contain the protests here have been knocked out. what do people think will happen here and how bad do you think -- how much is cleveland bracing for badness? >> i thought it was kind of telling maybe the other week, i forget exactly when the city of cleveland upped their protest insurance from $10 million liability they are required to get under the terms of the rnc
3:45 pm
up to 50. they said their insurance consultant was telling them there's a risk of something happening, obviously five times as bad as they thought it was. between that and i think the events in dallas recently and some of the protests taking place across the country, i think people are more apprehensive than maybe they were a month ago. >> talk to us a little about what you have heard about trump's trip to the hamptons this weekend. last weekend. >> that was interesting. even within the trump campaign, they trying to make sure everything is prepared for them in cleveland. obviously there's a lot of effort, there's this push to unbind the delegates, allow them to be able to vote for whomever they want on the first ballot. my co-worker who helps me cover the trump campaign heard that reince priebus, even though he was a co-head liner on this fund-raiser in the hamptons wasn't at the event saturday because trump had asked reince priebus, the rnc chief, to come to cleveland and make sure everything was buttoned down and prepared for him so he's not walking into a mess. that was interesting.
3:46 pm
lot of interesting people at that event. trump went ahead and sent reince ahead to make sure everything was good for him here. >> week out, we don't have the schedule. it was supposed to come out. trump says it was delayed because of news and all that. you guys have a sense of what's going to be on the schedule besides trump kids and paul ryan and ted cruz? >> yeah, ted cruz, scott walker, joni ernst from eiowa. >> we are crossing our fingers. there's been no announcements. they have been tight-lipped about that. >> trump was really trying to get these sports heroes. he made it very very clear he wanted these winners to come to this event. none announced yet. >> i'm not asking you to predict or bet but how prepared is law enforcement at this point to deal with the crowds outside the hall? >> i heard a secret service agent or former secret service agent who is kind of delivering a training session to the volunteers for this, i forget
3:47 pm
exactly what the words were, but said things have a tendency to fall into place. maybe despite the travails of this thing, it's going to happen whether or not -- whatever it is that they do. i think that recently, they have managed to recruit a lot of state troopers and stuff like that. i think a lot of the specific numerical concerns have been resolved. who knows. >> do you think there's any chance newt gingrich gets on the ticket? >> possibly. we had heard a little bit of rumbling about the idea of him working some sort of national security job, whether that's the case or not obviously he auditioned with trump in ohio last week and he very carefully said i'm not telling newt anything, i'm not telling anybody anything but he will be part of my government if i'm elected somehow. so that was read, interpreted as a hint that even if he's not vice president, we be something in the administration and what we are hearing is something national security related. we'll see. who knows.
3:48 pm
he could still be vp. >> he will be trump's bad cop if trump wins. all right, thank you both. when we come back, preview of president obama's speech tomorrow in dallas at that memorial service. ♪ ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for up to 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ hey, ready foyeah. big meeting? >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me?
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not only am i the law and order candidate, but i'm also the candidate of compassion. believe it. the candidate of compassion. but you can't have true compassion without providing safety for the citizens of our country. without safety, we have nothing. it's the job of the next president to make america safe again for everyone. everyone.
3:52 pm
>> that was more from donald trump's remarks today in virginia beach, where he spoke about the horrific attack that killed five officers in dallas last week. joining us from washington to talk about trump, law and order and more, bloomberg view columnist, our friend, al hunt, who has a new column out today titled "oldest and youngest may determine presidential election." al, i was 2 years old in 1968. but that stuff trump is saying sounds a lot like nixon to me. you covered that campaign. does it sound like nixon to you? >> yeah. maybe a combination of nixon but even more like george wallace. donald trump has always been comfortable playing the race card. as you know, that's what the birther issue was all about. if racial tensions get inflamed in this country, he will no doubt do it again and perhaps to his advantage. >> talk about that a little bit, just -- the nixon context, country was very different in 1968 than it is in 2016. talk about the way in which the
3:53 pm
country's changed and the way in which that rhetoric may be less potent given a browner america than it was when richard nixon did it. >> well, it's a more diverse america and in some ways, a more tolerant america. also, the context of '68 was the vietnam war, too. so it wasn't just any breakdown of law and order, perceived breakdown at home. it was the whole sense that the country was out of control. really, in many ways, far more so than is the case today. so i think it was a more appealing issue back then and wallace and to an extent nixon split that vote. i don't think that vote will be as big this time. >> al, last week was a bewildering, upsetting series of events for the country. i'm wondering what you think tomorrow means for president obama, for president bush, who will also be at the service, what the kind of context is for what needs to happen tomorrow. >> first of all, i think it's a really terrific thing that they will be there together. i think this is a time that calls for unity.
3:54 pm
this is the sort of occasion where barack obama usually really -- he really rises to the occasion. he certainly did in south carolina a year ago and my guess is he will strike a very delicate but very important balance in addressing these tensions today and i think the fact that he's there with the former president bush will be -- will send a very good signal. >> the speculation about trump's running mate now, first among equals in my mind based on my reporting and my sense of things is mike pence. i'm wondering, can you tell people what you think about pence not as a choice for trump but as a political figure? >> well, he's not a real heavyweight. he's not a lightweight either. he doesn't have a lot of baggage the way christie or gingrich would. but compared to his predecessor, mitch daniels, he really isn't a heavyweight and under normal circumstances you would say geez, is he looking for john
3:55 pm
kasich or marco rubio. that's not possible now. i think compared to christie or the gingrich choices that pence is a lot safer. he's not going to win any charisma contests. he pleases most of the right wing base although he got a little upset with him last year. interestingly, he is in real trouble in his re-election race this year. so the vice presidential nod might be a nice escape valve. >> al, in the column of yours that i referenced earlier, you talk about how the old and the young may be decisive in this election. obviously a huge change has taken place. y used to be older people were the core of the republican coalition, now are the core of the democratic coalition. talk about the changes that have taken place. >> just to look at 2012, barack obama's margin was provided by voters 18 to 29. he got 60% of them with a big turnout. mitt romney won 56% of those over 65.
3:56 pm
both trump and clinton have challenges with those groups. for the older people, the challenge for trump is they tend to be very risk-averse and donald trump does not exactly radiate risk aversion, if you will. he's got to prove to them that he's steady and reliable. for hillary clinton, young people just aren't turned on by her. she doesn't have the same magic with them that obama did and people say they don't like trump, true, but will they turn out and vote, will they vote in the numbers they did last time. i think both candidates have challenges in those two groups. >> al, do you think either of those candidates' challenges can be addressed to some large extent, meaningful extent, by their vice presidential selections or will they have to do it on their own? >> i think they will have to do it on their own. i suppose elizabeth warren would enthuse the bernie people in that group, but i don't think that would really translate that much. it would help a teeny bit.
3:57 pm
but john, i don't think vice presidential choices ever help a whole lot as far as those slices of the electorate are concerned. they help with the macro. it was a good pick. that happened i think with dick cheney. that happened with joe biden. maybe it happened with al gore. but i think you got to go back to lyndon johnson to find a candidate who delivered states or important slices of the electorate. >> all right, al. thanks for doing this show. congratulations on your nationals. playing really well into the all-star break. we'll be right back. credit scorecard. (to dog)give it to me. give it. oh, sure! we give it to everyone for free. oh, well that's nice. (to dog) go get it! you can go get it yourself online and see your fico credit score right there. great! (to dog) that's a good boy. thanks? oh, and you can even see how your current card compares to others out there. wow. convenient. ooh. somebody wants a belly rub. what, now? get your credit scorecard at free for everyone, even if you're not a customer.
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see you tomorrow from cleveland. >> "hardball" is next. the politics of division. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in new york. we, the people of the united states, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility. those are the opening words of our constitution. we know because we were taught them. but how are our two major political parties promising to meet these goals including ensuring domestic tranquility? we will know much of that answer in the next two weeks as the republicans and then the democrats meet in convention, adopt


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