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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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dichltd i thought he was more open yesterday than he was on the trail. >> and i will leave it there and agree with you. thanks for being with us. stephanie picks up our coverage right now. good morning. i'm stephanie. overnight america torn between protests. our pride is still there. we are retaining our respect and we'll continue to go forward. >> president obama and bush speak at a dallas memorial as the parents of the shooter speaks out. >> i didn't see it coming. >> he was a good son. he was a good son. >> new information immerges in the police shootings that started it all. police audio in the moments
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befo befo before philando castile was pulled over, what police say lead to the shooting of al ton sterli -- alton sterling. we are live with all of the breaking developments. we have to begin this morning with the late fres dall latest from dallas, texas. this is the 11th time president obama visited a city after a mass shooting. across the country new protests, frus raigss and new calls for healing. we have it covered for you. tammy is here with you. the president gets there later this morning. what do we expect? >> reporter: the president will head over to mireson similafrp
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hall. take a look. >> it may be that he -- the idea that he thought our government of what he thought the military respected. it just didn't live up to his expectation. >> the military didn't live up to his expectations. that's one aspect. what else did she have to say? >> reporter: his parents said their son really changed before he went to afghanistan. when he got back he became reclusi reclusive. she didn't seem to say much about what lead to the shooting. the shooter himself -- excuse me, his memorial on sunday, what do we expect next? >> reporter: there are still a lot of days left in the investigation. they already interviewed 300
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witnesses. they are saying new videos will come forward. a lot of investigating to be done. >> tammy from dallas, texas. blake mccoy is in st. paul, the city still dealing with the aftermath of the castile shooting. there is no information as to what lead to the police officers pulling him over. >> reporter: that's right. we are learning that the officer pulled over philando castile because he matched the description of a robbery suspect they were looking for. this is our affiliate in minnesota. nbc has not been able to independently verify it. the driver looks more like one
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of our suspects. >> reporter: we do have surveillance photos that officers were look for at the tiechlt we have spoke with the officer. he says he does not doubt the audio's a thauthenticity. 46 protesters have been charged with third degree riot. those that could not post bail last night will be making their first court appearance this morning. >> and while the family is looking for more answers they themselves have an attorney, correct? >> they have hired an attorney known as form hatchet. she is planning that at the state capital earlier this morning. okay thanks. another community across the u.s. coming to grips.
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two bailiffs were shot. the suspect was later killed by police. ron, give us more perspective. how exactly did this happen? >> well, they were escorting him from the holding cell to the courtroom for an appearance that he was scheduled to be part of. there was a fight. they say he attacked this sheriffs deputies, took his gun towards the deputy then turned it and shot the two bailiffs. a couple of bailiffs on the floor thaerd gunshots, ran to that area, encountered the suspect, engaged in gunfire with him. the suspect was taken down and killed. there were four people, a woman
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civil ark n here is a little bit of what he had today. i it is hard in a difficult case like this. >> reporter: the sheriff said it did not appear the suspect was handcuffed. the sheriff says he was handcuffed and got that done. >> the police let's take a listen. >> shots fired. shots have been fired. >> one down. one down. >> shots fired.
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it wasn't just the plifr who is lost their lives, how are you. >> reporter: the female civil -- both foreman police officers themselves who were in sunset of their loves helping out the court and lochls. we are from chicago. in other washington post it's rejd they spotted a handgun in sterling's front pocket the officers recorded sterling to put his handsen the
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oo of calf. breaking news from south ern italy. at least 20 supreme died of two passengers trains drieded. they say dozens of people are hurt. >> lynch is expected ton grilled on several issues incudding tg. the parents of the dallas gunman are now speelking out. the man who interviewed them joins us next. what turned micah gone johnson into a killer.
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we are a short time away from trump announcing a vice presidential pick. chris t kristen welker is joining us now. >> reporter: i think you'll hear an endorsement from senator sanders. you're correct, how full throated is this endorsement
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going to be? as we arrived here that's long line of folks waiting to get into the event. a lot of them holding signs for sanders and a lot for clinton. this is a long-awaited endorsement by secretary clinton. this is really the final person who she wants to endorse her. it comes after she made concessions in the parties platform on health care, on the $15 minimum wage. we'll be listening to see how closely this endorsement will be. >> on that note, she did make concessions but it was a brutal primary. many of these supporters are very anti establishments. one could argue clinton is the definition. how confident is clinton's team
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they will win these sanders supporters? >> reporter: they are feeling very optimistic, the reason donald trump. she a polarizing figure for some of the younger sanders supporte supporters. it will be important he gets out and campaigned with clinton. i was told that's what we can anticipate to see from him. they want to see a replay of what clinton did for barack obama in 2008 but they do feel as though these younger sanders are more likely to go with clint clinton. >> will be it. >> i want to go down to cleveland following the trump campaign. we have got to audiocassette about his vw pick.
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where are e correctically? >> donald trump says he will aflounce the decision by the end of this week. he believes trump could announce that as soon as thursday. you have gingrich, chris chr christie and then tonight you have indiana governor mike pence who will be arriving outside indianapolis. interesting the pence because he is up for a tough reelection fight. he could take this national profile and have a national platform rather than try to win reelection in indiana. >> and yesterday the federal judge ruling in favor of the anti trump delegate, unbinding those delegates.
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how big of a blow is this for the trump campaign or is it similar pollic. >> y >> you're seeing it siend of move on this. they she is bushing back very hard. interesting on the day the democrats are trying to show unity, important to show they are bringing together the gap and dismissing that letter from ben sass, that open letter urging to fight for what they agree with! who will be there and speaking? we haven't gotten the list yet. are we going to get it today?
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the johnsons spoke to lawrence jones of the blaze. what an emotional interview. i want to share a bit more of it, his mother now, speaking on what they went through. >> i didn't see it coming. >> he was a good son. he was a good son. >> i love my son with all my heart. i hate what he did. >> they love him with all their heart. he was a good son. talk to us about sitting down with the johnsons. you met with them at 5:00 p.m. on sunday, just three and a half hours of their son's memorial service. were they in a shock and devastation? >> reporter: yeah, they were devastated. having them reach out to me was a little tough. going through with them this timeline and what they went
6:22 am
through -- and they were god fearing people, it was quite tough. >> and you had to also ask them how it all came to be. his mother lived with him. how did she not realize he had all of the weapons under the same roof? >> reporter: they knew he had weapons because he served in the military and he liked to build things. having gun powder and things like that wasn't that strange for him because he has been doing that kind of stuff far good part of time. as far as the bombs and the plans, they had no idea like that. the mom expected him to come home that nightment he said mom, i'll be back after the protest. i love you, see you tonight. when she woke up at 2:00 a.m. and didn't see her son in the bed she was like where is he?
6:23 am
minutes later she got a knock from the police at the door. she thought it was her son but it ended up being the police. >> my goodness. she was unaware he had plans but neighbors reported they saw him in the backyard doing some sort of military drills, you know, point and shoot practice. she was unaware of this? >> reporter: she had no idea about the military drills. she knew he served in the military but had no idea he had this journal or anything like that. one thing she made clear was when he went to the military and how patriotic he was and he was let down by the military and his father r father dualed him a loaner. they did notice a change from when he went to the military and when he dacame back. >> he was honorably discharged.
6:24 am
did they speak at all about his time there? >> reporter: there have been speculations and reports about him being on the verge of a dishonorable discharge. they wanted to make clear he got on honorable discharge. there wb sexual assault allegations. the mother talks about the young lady that is in the report to the press. she said that young lady actually spent nights in his bed at that house. to have these allegations of rape or whatever was a little per pleksing for her -- >> just so i understand, the sexual allegations, the mother said that that young woman spent nights at the home she shared post his military time in dallas, texas? >>. >> reporter: yes, that's correct. >> so they were just allegations. he was never charged.
6:25 am
what was his life like when he came back? did he find employment? dad said he was a loaner. are there friends he would speak of? >> reporter: so before he had a lot of friends. they were a diverse group of friends. when he came back he really didn't like people. his parents made it clear that he saw many people that lied. he hates liars. so sometimes people make mistakes. he kind of shields himself after he came from the military. he liked to stay in the house. he really took care of his family. she was sick at one point and he really took care of her. >> did his parents have any message for the dallas police. >> reporter: the police have been protecting their home. they said the police weren't mean and they were very
6:26 am
understanding of the situation. they made it very clear that the police is the one protected them from the media. i didn't reach out to the family. they reached out to me. they have a very bad relationship with the media. they don't like that the media has lied on them, has slandered their name, criticized them for not being cooperative with the police. that's not true. >> clearly it is a difficult time for their family and dallas community. you can watch the blaze at 5:00 and 8:00 eastern. in st. paul, minnesota more fallout, the mayor calling it a riot, not a protest. he'll be joining us live next. you're watching msnbc. that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find.
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welcome back. it's time for your morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day.
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in one hour president obama will head to dallas to pay tribute to the victims there and visit with the families of thursday's shooting. a michigan inmate shot and killed two bailiffs at a courthouse and took hostages of grabbing a gun. gordon was killed when he tried to escape through another door. david camera will step down as prime minister. she will go to kiss the hand of the queen of england marking becoming prime minister. the son of craig morgan was found in the greer river. an inner tube he was sitting in flipped over. tim duncan of the san antonio spurs decided to retire. during his 19 seasons he was a 15-time all star, two time mvp,
6:31 am
three time finals mvp and won five nba championships, quite a storied career. all 46 people arrested during saturday night's arrest in minnesota will be charged with third-degree rioting. the mayor joins me now. welcome to msnbc this morning. i want to talk about this word riot. one could infer the number of people in the riot were causing violence. >> the definition of riot very specifically talks about three or more people that are gathered. some of those gathered, not all of them, not everyone has to be engaged in violence but if the people are at that scene
6:32 am
especially those given warning to leave 25 times before the rocks started being thrown they refuse today leave. they were for tate pating if that event. if they had everything they would be charged with misdemeanor but they were participating in a riot. i say that as one that practiced public law. it is the textbook definition of riot. >> the rocks that were been thrown, at least one officer had a cinder block dropped on him. how are they doing? >> most of our officers will doi doing fine. one is seriously injured. he suffered a neck injury as a result of that cinder block or brick being thrown on him from the overpass.
6:33 am
the challenging thing is we are talking about an event talking about saturday instead of the important conversation that needs to be talked about policing and community of color. >> do you think policing needs to be changed following what happened in minnesota? do you need to change the way the police conduct business? >> if you look at what we have done in the city of st. paul -- and i do want to clarify, the shooting of mr. castile was not in the city of st. paul, but if you look at the work we have done in the city of st. paul, we are second to none in terms of the relationship and work we have down. we have done deses kalation
6:34 am
naning. built incredible relationships the in our community of color. i want to show how we can do this in other departments. st. a saint pz ant anthony village, i'm not sure they have been able to do a deep dive on some of that work. >> does that mean that that smaller city that didn't have the training that your police officers do, do you believe they made a mistake when they shooting took place with ph philando castile? >> i don't think you can look at that and not be concerned. they looking at that and refer that for any potential charges for the county attorney who i know will look at that very long
6:35 am
and hard. if there's any need to press charges there i know he will do that but we'll leave the individual case for the investigation. i think we immediate to focus on what we are seeing across the country, the violence in other communities. >> and you don't believe -- sorry. >> we have proven in the city of st. paul we can build those trust relationships. even when we have dhchallenges, we'll have people making arre s arrests. but when you build that trust it goes a long way to answering some of the questions they have. >> it's the city you built trust but you don't believe your police officers acted too
6:36 am
aggress i aggressively saturday night. >> >> they will tell you that the police officers and the city of st. paul acted with incredible restraint on saturday night. i don't blame the members of jack lives -- black lives matter. we are now less than one week away from the republican convention. donald trump has still not announced a running mate or who will be speaking at the convention. we'll talk to his campaign next. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing,
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and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effts may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. donald trump in the final stages of selecting a running mate, now down to four candidates. i want to bring in sam. good morning, sam. help me out here. do you know who this v.p. pick is going to be? >> i don't know who it is.
6:40 am
i haven't been involved in the deliberations. i think we have some outstanding potential running mates and i think he'll make a great choice. >> do you think trump knows who he is going to choose? >> he is a person that is desies i decisive. there is a lot of calculus that goes into making a decision about a running meate. mr. trump will have to be very comfortable with who this person is. i think trump will be look for someone to take on a lot of governing aspects of helping run the government. we may see a different role for a vmt and trump administration than we have seen it in that digsal roles in the past.
6:41 am
>> what's if told up? why haven't we heard who the v.p. pick will be? this leads to some saying if he hasn't chosen a v.p., if we don't know who the speakers are, maybe there is trouble. >> i don't think there's any trouble. i think the fact that you're asking the question. this is an important point, that we build up the anticipation and the news cycle. we can't earn media out of this type of operation. i think when it comes to convention speakers, you talk about making sausage, it is one of the most incredible processes. you have to get down to the exact elements, the content, what all of the requirements are and orchestration. it is a stage director's nightmare but also one of those things that it does take time. particularly if you take a look
6:42 am
at where we have been and through this process we have a lot of people coming on. we are building bridges, if you'll pardon the cliche. >> hold on a second. if you're mending fences and building bridges you have to talk about jeb bush far minuor minute. he said trump is going disappoint his supporters. he said no wall to mexico will. so trump isn't gaining the supporters of the bushes, kasich is not speaking and ted cruz hasn't endorsed him. >> this is an interesting point you bring up because mr. trump was the one put upon so dramatically by the other candidates to sign a plij he would support the no, ma'am mee.
6:43 am
i think it's really what is sod! hold on. >> i'm these are people who represent their states and districts and if they don't have the integrity to keep their word tha then frankly we are better off without them at the convention. they have made the pledge and they have not upheld that pledge, trump has. >> has trump ever held up to every contract he signed, paid every bill he agreed to? >> i think the fact that he was not a politician and if you have been in business you know what that environment is like. >> no, sir. integrity -- >> integrity is honoring what you have --
6:44 am
>> if you to do -- >> if you're doing the things that are necessary for you to keep your business and you hold your word and keep your word that's plenty good for me and i think mr. trump has done that throughout his 40-year business career. >> but it doesn't mean you have to lack integrity. >> you're the one saying that, not me. so that's the whole issue here. you're the one putting those words out there. i think mr. trump is a man of incredible integrity. i wouldn't work for him if he wasn't a manov of integrity. >> and the sort of dump trump movement, the fact that there was a virginia ruling yesterday, are you concerned about it? >> no. also it was a very narrow interpretation. i thought a judge did that there. people cannot be prosecuted in the state of virginia because the state of virginia has very
6:45 am
little to do as our party rules. those are party issues, state party issues and if these delegates -- they are still bound by party rules to that first round vote. this was consequential as far as i am concerned. >> big convention next week. sam clovis joining us from d.c. >> good luck with your program. you're doing great. >> thank you. loretta lynch less than 15 minutes away from testifying including the decision not to charge clinton over her e-mail server. you're watching msnbc. turn back time let's start over, let's rewind and let's go back and not quit the gym and have a chance to say goodbye to grampy tim
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we are minutes away from loretta lynch testifying after clinton will not be prosecuted for sending classified
6:49 am
information on a private receivserver. they want to fbi to investigate her again about whether she lied to congress. joining me is christina. welcome. >> hi. thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> we have got to talk about this e-mail issue because it is not going away. 56% of voters polled believe hillary clinton should be dietedie indicted. this isn't going away. >> that poll was actually done after comey made his first announcement. it was clear when he was brought forward to testify. republicans were unhappy with his conclusion. it was a thorough investigation done by the department of justice and fbi. they came to the conclusion that no reasonable prosecutor would bring this forward. that poll was done after that first announcement by comey. i think testified a lot of issu
6:50 am
were clarified and i think voters are absorbing that information now. >> hillary clinton is a career professional, did she lie to congress? ? >> she absolutely did not. in that testimony before the committee comey made this clear that she was truthful and consistent in her statements. >> if she absolutely didn't lie how does she get over this untrustworthiness overhang that plagues her? >> she wants people to know that she understands that people have concerns about this and she understands she has some work to do to earn people's trust. you know, she takes this really seriously, she's going to answer people's questions and get out there and talk to people about her values and her experience and she really hopes that people take this into the context of her entire life, what she's done fighting for children and families. she has been the first to say she made a mistake, she shouldn't have set it up this way, she's taken responsibility and apologized and she's going to answer people's questions and get out there and do what she's going to do today which is
6:51 am
campaign on the i wish auto us that people really care about and talk to the american people about what she'd do as their president. >> those people she wants to win over today in new hampshire are bernie sanders supporters. >> yes. >> is this going to be an official endorsement? because the wording it seems a little cagey to me. >> i have to tell you we want to let senator sanders speak for himself. what you're going to see is a unified energized democratic party. hillary clinton is so proud to get out and campaign with him today in new hampshire. these are two candidates who ran a spirited contest against each other and hillary is proud that they ran a contest of ideas and not insults. they talked about how to make college m affordable and raise wages this this country. since she won the nomination last month they've spent a lot of time talking to each other and we collaborated on the boldest most progressive platform the democratic party has ever had. we've really come together, you will see that today in new hampshire. >> even if hillary clinton or bernie come together their supporters are very different.
6:52 am
some have cared to bernie sanders supporters more similar to donald trump supporters in that they're very anti-establishment. that's what bernie sanders was running on and hillary clinton one could argue is the definition of washington establishment. >> do you know what, senator sanders was running on was addressing the problems of american families today. again, how to raise wages in this country, who you to fight climate change, how to make college more affordable, those are the issues he cares about and as he has said his supporters are not going to back a candidate who works to deport hard working immigrants, to want to ban muslims from entering this country and doesn't even think we should have a minimum wage. he has spoken that he doesn't believe his supporters will back donald trump. >> they might not support donald trump but they could also stay home. does hillary clinton need bernie sanders supporters? >> of course and she's going to work really hard to earn their votes. she has been spending its last month really listening to them and taking in their concerns on the issues that they care about. you saw her this -- in the last few days release an enhanced
6:53 am
college affordability plan and healthcare plan, really listening to his supporters. she wants them to be a part of this campaign and you are going to see her talk about that today. >> is he going to be part of the campaign going forward? >> well, he had as said that he's going to do everything possible to stomp donald trump from being president. his supporters and our supporters know that we have to come together. there's too much at stake in this election. we cannot allow someone with donald trump's temperament to become president of the united states. >> she's got president obama in her corner but the latest poll is showing 54% of voters between 18 and 34 have an unfavorable view of hillary clinton and that demographic, barack obama had locked up, when he was running. what does she need to do to win them over? >> she needs to do what hillary does which is get out and listen to people. >> this do what hillary does, she's been doing it for decades and it's not working in terms of likability. >> but as she said she's got work to do and she is eager to get out and do t one of the things that senator sanders did
6:54 am
so well this this campaign is energize and activate young voters and get them out to the polls. we're really hoping that he will help us talk to them about what's at stake in this election and why it's so important to vote for hillary clinton. >> all right. well, we're going to be watching them today in vermont and at the convention in philadelphia. >> it's going to be a great day. >> thanks for joining me. we hope so. thank you so much, christina, joining me here in new york city. thousands protested after watching the facebook video of flynn dough castile bleeding to death in his car after being shot by an officer in minnesota. his girlfriend diamond reynolds it is speaking out. >> there has to be something done. this cannot continue in our world. it cannot. trolling for a gig with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brainto e to get you a copy of my resume.
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takbbq trophies:hese best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... welluh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. millions watched the video live streamed on facebook of philando castile bleeding in his car after being shot by an officer in minnesota. he later died. my colleague, tamron hall, talked to castile's girlfriend
6:58 am
about honoring castile's memory. >> my soul, my companion, my confidant, my best friend, my child's role model, father figure, and my breadwinner. he was everything to me that no man has ever been to me in my life. he was the man that every woman in every man would want their daughter to marry. he was that man. he was my prince charming. i didn't have to work, but i chose to work. i didn't have to do in i go that i didn't want to do because he was there to support me every step of the way. so with losing him it's very hard to stay strong, but i know that's what he would have wanted. >> what is justice as you see it? >> justice for me is not only the police officer at hand being prosecuted to the highest extent of the law, but that police are not allowed to go around and
6:59 am
just assassinate anyone, black, white, pink, orange, gray. there has to be some type of consequences. there has to be something done. this cannot continue in our world. it cannot. >> that was diamond reynolds, girlfriend of philando castile speaking out. that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle, i will see you tomorrow. coming up chris now, more news with chris jansing. good tuesday morning. we have a very busy hour ahead here on msnbc. i'm chris jansing, once again, live from dallas. the president of the united states will soon be here in this city to, again, try to heal wounds after a national tragedy. he's scheduled to leave the white house any moment now. former president george w. bush will also join president obama in speaking at today's interfaith ceremony. funerals for the five officers killed this week begin today and they go go throughout the
7:00 am
weekend. last night hundreds attended a vigil here where the police chief spoke to the families of the fallen. >> we are now your surrogate family members. we're your brothers and your sisters. when you need us, you call. because we will not only be loving you today, we will be loving you always. >> meantime right now on capitol hill attorney general loretta lynch is set to appear before the house judiciary committee. the planned focal point is recent terror attacks in orlando and san bernardino, but lawmakers are also expected to questions lynch over that impromptu meeting with former presidentil


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