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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  July 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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democratic party. >> all right. jeff weaver, the campaign manager for bernie sanders. sorry to cut it short. we had a lot of breaking news today. that's going to do it for this hour. mtp daily starts right now. if it's tuesday after weeks of waiting bernie sanders finally says he's with her as hillary clinton feels the bern in new hampshire. can a push for more party unity help her gain ground? this is mpt daily and it starts right now. good tuesday evening. welcome to mtp daily. we're going to get to the clinton/sanders endorsement in a minute but there is new intrigue on the vice presidential pick on both sides but we want to begin in dallas where president obama
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is meeting with injured police officers and the families of fallen officers in that city after a memorial service there a few hours ago. what presidents, the vice presidents and their families remembering the lives of the slain officers from thursday's sniper fire. brent thompson, patrick zamarripa, krol krmichael krol lorne ahrens. president bush spoke directly to in a community. >> we have never been held together by blood or background. we are bound by things of the spirit. it's not a matter of tolerance but of learning from the struggles and stories of our fellow citizens and finding our better selves in the process. >> for president obama this is his 11th time traveling to speak
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to a grieving community that's experienced a mass shooting and it's the 15th time he addressed the nation after a mass shooting. he called on the country to work together to overcome it. >> the deepest fault lines of our democracy have suddenly been exposed perhaps even widened. i understand how americans are feeling but dallas i'm here to say we must reject such despair. i'm here to insist that we are not as divided as we seem and i know that because i know america. i know how far we've come against impossible odds. >> but that call to action came with an acknowledgment that much more is still needed. >> i've seen how inadequate my own words have been and so i'm
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reminded of the passage in john's gospel, let us love not with words or speech, but with actions and in truth. if we're to sustain the unity, we need to get through these difficult times. if we are to honor these five outstanding officers who we lost, then we will need to act on the truths that we know. >> we want to turn now to ron kirk who served as the mayor of dal dallas for two terms and served as secretary of state. we appreciate your time on this day. >> thanks for having me.
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>> the nationwide conversation is on policing. today we saw republicans, democrats, officers, civilians, presidents past and future what did today mean, what did it mean to the dallas community? >> fo are a city that for so long felt we were defined by a tragedy not of our doing that happened here 50 years ago, i think today was a needed relief to have the president of the united states here joined by president bush and all of the others that you referenced to help us acknowledge the grief and the sacrifice of these incredibly brave peace officers, but to also acknowledge that this is a city that's tried to get it right. in some ways the work of our
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police department under the leadership of our remarkably talented police chief david brown and our mayor is a model for the country. so as painful as it was, it was a good day in some way for dallas to know that we can be judged by what we're trying to do right, rather than by the senseless acts of a very troubled young man. >> the words of both presidents, presidents bush and obama were particularly moving. they were striking. i want to get your thoughts on something that president obama said a short time ago. take a listen. >> can we find the character as americans to open our hearts to each other? can we see in each other a common humanity and a shared dignity and recognize how our different experiences have shaped us? and it doesn't make anybody
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perfectly good or perfectly bad, it just makes us human. i don't know. >> the president there sounding hopeful but still uncertainly about closing the gaps this the country. what is your outlook on whether dallas can find the character to open its heart during this divisive time. >> i can't help but be an optimist by nature. i get that from my parents. i get that from the faith that they gave us, but i'm very proud of our city because we are seeing enough examples tragically around the country where when we have these horrific incidents irrespective of who is at fault like we saw in baton rouge and minneapolis, a lot of those communities they have chosen to talk past one
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another to seek blame and point fingers and i do think dallas has been a model for the country over these past four or five days where we have turned to each other in grief but we've done so for healing and direction and guidance and not knowing the way forward. so i don't want to paint this picture of dallas is just all sunshine and flowers, but we've been tested and we've survived and again this is when i do think leadership matters. our character is most revealed in tragedy and the way way our police officers responded that night under the most bizarre of circumstances i think demonstrates why we hold them in high regard and the city has followed their lead and the lead of our mayor and our chief. >> about -- i'm sorry to interru interrupt. about the police officers the moving story was the mother who was there with some of her children, her sons, she became a
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victim. she survived the shooting but her children, one in particular was helped by the officers there in what was a frightening time and that son told his mom that one day he wants to be a police officer in dallas. how important is it to have people of color in the ranks as the police chief said that is a critical answer that's needed. >> i think chief brown's demonstration of his calm and his compassion answers your question. i mean, two of the loudest applause moments in that speech were one with the reference to this 12-year-old boy who at least now is dreaming, thinking about a career as a public servant but the other was when the mayor gave his introduction to chief brown. it may have passed over your audience but when he talked about him being from oak cliff texas that is one of the heart beats of our african-american community and he is what we want. this is a dallas kid who grew up
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and chose to serve his community and chose to fight from the inside to make it better and i believe that his being here, his own unique story, his own understanding of both the power and the worthiness of law enforcement and what that can look like in communities of color has helped all of us get through this. you find this i want to say in most of the big cities around the country we've learned long ago going back to before when i was mayor that we're better served when we have communities that may be new to this country or communities with people of different background or faiths or religions or whatever, when they can see themselves represented among your law enforcement community, that really helps make all of us safer. >> a lot of role models on that stage today living and sadly fallen. we appreciate your time.
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>> thank you so much for having me. if i might say to your audience, dallas really appreciates the love and prayers we've received from people all over this country and from the people in our city. i thank you all. dave is from the state of washington. he's a former sheriff and chairman of the republican committee traffask force. he's the go to guy on policing issues. congressman, thanks for your time. you helped launch this tasks force to ease tensions. what is the most urgent need in that effort right now. >> i think first folks have to recognize and i'm sure they do that this has been going on for a long time and we've been working on this for than just a year. 2009 seattle king county area lost four cops to an assassin and a few days later another
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police officer in seattle was ambushed and killed. so i feel that pain from my previous profession in law enforcement and i've lost partners and friends over the years, but in our effort here what we recognize is that there has to be trust between community and police. the community can't protect itself, the cops can't do it by themselves. it's the police and the community coming together that can make this happen and they can only make it happen when you build trust. some of the ways to build trust is to have community involvement and i know much of the nation and the larger cities and sheriff's offices have that communication and that have that community interaction. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say on the issue of gun reform obviously it's a topic that the folks on the capital, your colleagues and yourself have been talking about lately. we have heard you say all we do on gun control is yell and
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scream past each other and nothing gets done. is there a solution to this problem. you spoke to speaker ryan at length last night. how do we move forward in a productive way. >> i did speak with him last night and i had follow up meetings with the speaker and other members of leadership and members of the black caucus here in washington, d.c. and i think we have come to a place where we're all recognizing we need to move forward together and find a solution so just like we did in seattle when i was the sheriff in king county, seattle, we move past the argument of gun control and focussed on gun crime but the real issue here is what is causing our people to lash out at each other and what is causing the violence in our communities? i think you have to go back again to the hope in our neighborhoods has disappeared. neighborhoods has disappeared. that's a lack of
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being here with him in new hampshire, i can't help but reflect how much more enjoyable this election is going to be now that we are on the same side! >> the clinton/sanders event may not have been in the aptly named but it's no coincidence that sanders endorsed clinton in this toss-up state. here's our "daily map," two most populous are hillsborough and granite. the vote has been close in recent presidential elections. president obama defeated john mccain in 2008. he won all the state's counties this year. mitt romney won rockingham county in 2012 but lost new
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hampshire overall. trump is targeting new hampshire but white college educated voters could stand in his way. a new bloomberg online poll today has clinton beating trump among white college educated voters by 11 points. 48% to 37%. mitt romney four years ago won that same group by 14 points. 32% of new hampshire have bachelor's degrees, one of the highest percentages in nation bn those two counties the percentage is higher and that could make for a rocky road for trump. we'll go live to new hampshire in one minute. m. oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughin oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing]
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party's presumptive nominee. that appearance came in new hampshire where the senator crushed clinton in the primary by 22 points. >> secretary clinton has won the democratic nominating process. [ applause ] i have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why i am endorsing hillary clinton and why she must become our next president. >> clinton has the support of roughly 85% of sanders supporters she's got some work to do to keep the democratic party unified. according to new results clinton is barely three points ahead of trump who has vowed to pick off as many sanders supporters as he can reaching out to them
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directly today. today clinton invited sanders supporters in a speech that at times sounded like it was written by sanders himself. >> we needs an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top exhib, not jus millionaires and billionaires. no to unfair trade deals including the transpacific trade partnership. we need to make sure wall street can never rat main street again. when people say the game is rigged, the best evidence is our tax code. >> we have been covering the clinton/sanders rivalry from the beginning. alex this was striking. it seemed like bernie sanders was celebrating bernie sanders. he put hillary clinton in front of some of the comments he had made. what was the vibe there today. will sanders supporters fully
2:22 pm
embrace clinton after this? >> reporter: absolutely. he basically took his stump speech and instead of rewriting it he woef hillary clinton into it going point by point through all his big policy items and saying hillary clinton understands these issues, she's on the right side of these issues, really vouching for her in a way that speaks to his progressive base and giving her a full throated endorsement. there was no ifs ands or buts. i think the mood inside the room speaks to the mood inside the bernie sanders camp overall. most of the people seemed happy to be there and they were fired up but some of the people who came to see bernie sanders endorse hillary clinton, these are people who took time out of their day to go see this, some of them were sad and some walked out of the room and that's going to be a lingering problem for hillary clinton and part of the reason why it was so important for her to come here today and accept bernie sanders endorsement. >> let's boil down that problem. sanders supporters not entirely happy on social media at least.
2:23 pm
look at these comments from bernie sanders facebook page we pulled. you filled people with real hope and then you turned your back on us. his entire campaign was about getting special interests out of politics and now he's endorsing the candidate that embodies corruption and special interests groups. i'll be voting for green party candidate jill stine full stop. the only reason i can think of is why bernie endorsed clinton is perhaps his life might have been in danger. even if 80 plus percent of sanders supporters will back clinton there's still a gap there that she needs to bring on to solidify some of these that were inspired by him. >> reporter: right. there are these hard core bernie or bust people that she's going to try to reach out to but as you can tell some people will not be reachable.
2:24 pm
the clinton campaign is not too worried about that. they're ahead of donald trump and they're doing well and a lot of these people weren't democrats to begin with. they were independents who came in the party to vote for bernie sande sanders. that said the concern and way that bernie sanders can help is with enthusiasm. among the 85% that say they will vote for hillary clinton home will turn out especially with young people. that's where bernie sanders needs to charge his people and get them to the polls. >> on the ground after what was in fact a historic day, bernie sanders and hillary clinton coming together. thanks very much. we want to bring in tonight's panel which includes the senior writer at politico and the washington editor with the national review and the democratic pollster who works on our own polls. nice to see you guys together. >> jake, this wasn't exactly a
2:25 pm
match made in heaven, even wave together, that moment was a little bit con trooefd. it doesn't seem like they had practiced that in the past. what did today signify. sanders supporters want change and hillary clinton was stability. was this a big moment as it was cast to be. >> we knew this was going to happen. this campaign was not going to go on with bernie sanders in the sidelines leaving some sort of idea open he would support donald trump. they do need to work on their choreography, but i think hillary clinton's campaign if you talk to people in the campaign is that these diseffected bernie or bust voters hillary is going to work hard to make donald trump seem dangerous, ineffective and they really believe they come home to hillary clinton at the end of the day. it wasn't surprising to anybody who talks to people in the clinton campaign.
2:26 pm
>> choolinton has the trust iss and will bernie sanders people trust her of the movement they believe they were a part of. i think it was 31% of registered voters say clinton is honest and trustworthy right now. can she overcome that right now. >> i think the way to look at this is that hillary clinton's trust issue exists with all voters. her issue with sanders voters was ideological and they succeeded in pulling to the left on trade and minimum wage and in that sense bernie sanders campaign was very successful. i would compare that to what conservatives ha-- >> the big difference is donald trump hasn't walked on stage with ted cruz or john kasich. they got that moment they wanted even if it was an ugly process of getting there. >> today was important.
2:27 pm
we have jeb bush saying he won't vote for either candidate and bernie sanders and hillary clinton unifying. so this is going to be a very close election. i think enthusiasm with bothe parties' bases is important. >> we talk about the vice president pick for someone like hillary clinton. elizabeth warren is a name that got buzz and she's supposed to be speaking the first night at the convention which would seem to indicate she's not the person speaking before as the vp pick. what does hillary clinton need to do to energyize those people on the sidelines. >> no harm. picking somebody like elizabeth warren would overshadow her policy and create kind of divides and rifts and more questions than a vp pick -- >> is tim cain your vice president right now. >> if i had to bet i would bet it is. he's trying to make right on abortion and other issues where
2:28 pm
the left doesn't trust him. i think that would be a safe pick if you talk to people who are supportive of hillary they want him very badly. >> loretta lynch was on capitol hill today and talking about the fbi issue. this is an issue that the republicans wish they had been talking about over the last month but they got a week out of it. is this an issue that can bubble back up. >> i don't think any even hillary clinton's most ard ent supporters expect the drip drip drip of headlines of this e-mail scandal or the clinton foundation scandal. >> donald trump is struggling on this. he's had a lot of opportunities. he's failed to knock it out of the park. >> the thing protecting her most is donald trump's ability to step in it and to bring the headlines back to him and he didn't do that after dallas so the question is will he become a
2:29 pm
more disciplined candidate. >> they're throwing pitches and he's fouling them off. this is a close election and there are a lot of factors on why both parties have a chance but elections are about candidates and campaigns. >> you know these numbers better than anybody and we appreciate the baseball reference but where is the biggest opportunity for donald trump right now. where is the soft spot where he could make a kwidifference. >> clinton is doing well with white college educated voters and his is non-college voters. >> where can he grow still? >> i think the arithmetic is hard for him. he has to increase turnout in those areas which is hard to do. >> stick around. we're going to talk to you guys
2:30 pm
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you've gotta get it... to really get it. but it won't last forever, so hurry in. it's jill stein not feeling the bernie sanders, hillary clinton endorsement. she tweeted i wish hillary believed what you believe bernie sanders but it doesn't pass the laugh test. a quick update on spending.
2:34 pm
clinton is outspending trump by a huge margin. $57 million to $4 million. the trump campaign is yet to spend a single cent of its own money on general election ads. it's indiana, former governor has not ruled out running for governor again if mike pence decides to become donald trump's running mate. pence has until friday to decide if he is running for reelection. this thursday, the house heads home to recess a day early, that means we will not see a vote on any measures, including the terror watch list gun bill until after a seven-week break. the why. trump is hitting back at supreme court justice. she told the new york times she could not imagine what the country would be with donald trump as its president. today trump called the comments quote highly inappropriate. here's way it matters.
2:35 pm
ginsberg comments are rare for a justice. if this year's election wiends up heading to the court like it did in 20 0 expect for conservatives to call for her to recuse herself. we have more on the backlash and we'll look ahead to the next republican vp audition tonight. >> stocks beginning ground. the dow rising 120 points to close at a new record high. the s&p climbing 500 points and the nasdaq adding 34 points. job openings fell in the month of may to 5.5 million which is the fewest since december and that's down from 5.79 million in april. starbucks shares were up 2%. the company says it's rising prices on certain beverages. the move comes one day after it
2:36 pm
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donald trump says he will announce his vp by the end of the week. trump will hold a public event with his new vp this friday. trump's been holding public tryouts of these running mates these past couple of weeks, including with newt gingrich when newt and fox news agreed to suspend his contributor agreement. we caught up with gingrich a few moments ago. >> you're still on the short list. >> apparently. who knows. you have to ask trump. i don't know. >> indiana governor mike pence will appear with donald trump later on tonight. katie is there in pence's home state in indiana where she spoke to the governor earlier today. what did you hear and what
2:40 pm
should we expect tonight. >> reporter: we asked the governor how he can on the same ticket with donald trump if he's had fundamental disagreements with him and he said he's had disagreements with a great many people. >> i served in congress for 12 years. i've been a governor for 3 1/2 years. i haven't agreed with every one of my republican or democrat colleagues on every issue but i'm supporting donald trump because we need change in this country and i believe he represents the kind of strong leadership at home and abroad that will to borrow a phrase make america great again. >> reporter: it's a delicate dance that we've seen governor pence start to do in recent weeks as the news of his or the buzz surrounding his potential vp contention was starting to pick up. we've seen him asked repeatedly about donald trump's many controversies and him trying to
2:41 pm
side step saying that he's going to leave it up to the candidates that respond and he believes in the candidate as a whole and he believes in him as a contender against hillary clinton. tonight he's going to be on stage with donald trump here in westfield, indiana. he'll be introducing him. he's the latest to take his first appearance on stage with donald trump and the latest in the on stage auditions. we saw newt gingrich do it last week and kchris christie do it last night. donald trump is saying he's anywhere between four or five or potentially seven people that's what he's narrowed it down to but he says we should know him by friday. >> it depends on when you ask him. it's totally unclear at this point. katie just outside indianapolis. less than a week before the republican convention and we're waiting for a full list of speakers. we know a number of prominent
2:42 pm
republicans who say they will not be attending this convention and ohio's john kasich. we want to go to hailry jaey ja. we're days away from the convention. when we will hear from donald trump who is going to speak on his behalf? >> reporter: any minute, peter or maybe not until tomorrow. that seems to be the theme of the last few days. trump himself promised to reveal his speaker list last week. we've been waiting for that but word is beginning to truckle out about who we can expect to see on stage next week. we know today the majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he will take the stage. we don't know his topic but we know he'll address the crowd. paul ryan and ted cruz and scott walker.
2:43 pm
mitt romney won't be here and president george w. bush and former governor bush. we did learn today a couple of things. senator bob corker will not be speaking. this is interesting because several weeks ago his name had come up as speculation as a possible running mate and he took himself out of that game fairly early on. mike lee will be here too. the senator from utah who has been a vocal critic of donald trump's. he went on that rant two weeks ago fairly recently about how he couldn't endorse trump right now. lee is a member of the rules committee, both he and his wife considered key voters on that rules committee on whether or not to adopt a conscious clause change to the rules. we have six days, they're going to be a dramatic six days. a lot happening in cleveland a and a lot happening with the trump campaign. >> that is not in dispute right now.
2:44 pm
thank you. you were speaking with the rules committee. work is under way in cleveland and the committee has been meeting since yesterday morning they're hammering out the party's official position on a variety of issues. the committee focussed on social issues monday debating matters like same sex marriage and freedom laws, transgender bathrooms and how the bible is taught in school. today they turned to trade, national security, immigration, also on today's list and we have been covering the behind the scenes action and we are joined now from cleveland. things became contentious as i read today regarding lgbt rights in the platform language. can you tell us about that. what are some of the sticking points we're seeing. >> reporter: absolutely. the biggest issues that have been contentious at this committee have resolved around same sex marriage. there are some delegates who are sitting on this committee who are proponents of same sex marriage and this is a
2:45 pm
conservative 112 member committee where a lot of people did not want those things to pass. so there was a lot of contentious debate. of course they failed but for the first time there were actually efforts to remove traditional marriage language from the republican platform and insert same sex marriage language. it's the first time it happened. of course it failed but it could be a little hint into where the republic party might move maybe not next year or maybe not in four years from now but down the road. >> the reason why guys like mike pence are popular, a lot of conservatives want to see a more conservative platform for now and in the future. there was a lot of talk about the lead up in the convention about allowing delegates to vote their conscious, can we expect the dump trump movement go anywhere next week? >> reporter: nbc news has done
2:46 pm
it's own count and what needs to happen is anti-trump rebels need the support of 28 members of another 112 committee member group and both sides, both the trump side and the anti-trump side are predicting victory we don't know nbc news predicts the anti-trumpers has the support of 20. they need 28. we don't know where about 20 stand. so everything's still unclear. i think it's going to be a game time decision for many of these delegates to see what happens over the next couple of days, see if trump releases his vice presidential nominee, see how they feel about that. but all the action is going to happen thursday and we'll find out more than. >> it may still ensue. thank you very much. ahead the clinton vp short list is getting longer. we're going to dig into the strategy behind the new military name in the mix. hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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in my gut eight years ago, i didn't think it was going to go in that direction. in my gut right now i kind of feel like i'm going to stay in the senate and continue to battle on armed services, foreign relations and budget issues that make me a happy senator every day. speculation is fine but i got a job to do. >> he always carries himself like the happy senator these days. that was senator and possible vp pick tim kaine. it has been an action-packed day of news. our panel is here, jake, ileana and fred. i want to talk with you about senator tim kaine. is he the sort of no-brainer pick for hillary clinton right now? as jake said, he does no damage for her and maybe secures a place like virginia? >> i don't know if he's a no-brainer pick. he's certainly on the list. he's been vetted which is very important. you don't want a campaign to have surprises so i think the fact that he's been in the public eye for so long and was a possibility eight years ago is very important. >> what does she need to accomplish with the vice presidential pick, then?
2:52 pm
if he's not what a lot of people describe as the no-brainer pick? >> number one, this is the first decision you make as a presidential nominee so i think you have to have someone who is qualified to do this job, who looks like he would complement your ticket, and look, this is what's going to happen is you look compatible, finally it's a smooth watch. >> admiral stavridis, he was a name that was launched today. the retired lieutenant general mike flynn today, the clinton folks come out with their own military general type, admiral. what do you think about that thought? >> my view is that hillary clinton as a person, as a politician, as a stateswoman, is not a risk taker. that's the reason why i don't see her picking somebody from the military, somebody she doesn't have a long
2:53 pm
relationship. why i don't see her picking another woman. i think she will go with a safe pick who locks up something geographically and someone who is likely to be a loyalist to her. >> is there potential for hillary clinton energy infusing surprise to come out of left field? >> i think that they want as little energy as possible. i think they want to focus their energy on donald trump. and i don't think that hillary clinton is going to pick somebody who is an admiral, who is not tested on the political stage, who is critical of an iran deal that hillary clinton was at least nominally a part of. i think tim kaine was the mayor of a major city, richmond was the governor of virginia, as you said, vetted, is a senator, has the ability to raise money, was chairman of the dnc. i think those boxes are very important. he just said in the interview with you i'm going to concentrate on budget, armed services. these are issues you want your vice president to be well-versed
2:54 pm
in. he kind of made the case for himself while saying he didn't want to be vice president. >> was the stavridis a little head fake to say let's leak this out, saying we got military options, too? >> it was that. anybody can be vetted. they control the vetting process. they can say they are doing whatever they want to say. they could be vetting us if they like. >> it's also a great way to shore up allies, to bring people into the fold. i think with donald trump toeing essentially an isolationist line on foreign policy, the clinton folks see a real opportunity to make friends with more hawkish foreign policy people on the conservative foreign policy spectrum, people like stavridis who i don't know his politics but who certainly are more hawkish than hillary clinton and she herself is more hawkish than president obama. >> before we let you go, the ruth bader ginsburg news was a big deal. all of a sudden she comes out with comments publicly, basically saying she thinks he's a faker, she can't stand donald trump. he called those comments highly inappropriate. what do we write this off as, this exchange between a supreme
2:55 pm
court justice and a republican presidential candidate? >> supreme court justice exercising her first amendment right to speak her mind. >> i'm just going to say -- >> this did seem unusual. >> yeah. it's unusual. i just can't get into high dudgeon that ruth bader ginsburg, not that i didn't know what her thoughts were about donald trump before she shared them with the world. >> i have never seen the public so exercised with the independence of the judiciary branch. she's a liberal justice. this is not surprising she's not with donald trump. >> i think we all agree to that. that was not a surprise to any of us. finally, loretta lynch, we brought this up briefly. the loretta lynch testimony today. can anything come out of this? we saw james comey, then loretta lynch. it looks like this thing is now baked. everybody knows where they stand. i think most americans say they disagree with the decision by the justice department right now. does this thing become fodder
2:56 pm
the rest of the way? >> i think congress was keeping it a lot in play and they are leaving thursday for the rest of the summer so i think this is kind of baked in where it is in the consciousness. >> thanks, guys, for being here. we will be right back. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for up to 72 months, plus $500 bonus sh.
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before we say good night, a little breaking news. my colleague, nbc's kasie hunt, reporting that starting right about now, bernie sanders will no longer have secret service protection. his protective detail will end
3:00 pm
when he arrives at his d.c. office today after the new hampshire trip. that was scheduled to happen at about 5:30 tonight. that's all for us this evening. we'll be back tomorrow. "with all due respect" begins right now. hello from downtown cleveland. republicans are gathering ahead of their party's national convention next week. on tonight's show, we have a brand new bloomberg politics slice poll with some surprising and potentially important results about how hillary clinton and donald trump are doing among college educated voters across the country. first, a triptiek of unusually large and consequential political news stories today. one, about democratic unity in the north. another about veepstakes intrigue in the midwest. but we begin in the south, specifically in dallas, where president obama and former president george w. bush gave


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