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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 13, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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biz feel to it. maybe with star power, at this point we'll have to take his word for it. kicks off in six days. we have no idea what's going to happen. it's wednesday, july 13th. right now on "first look," arrests made as a plot to kill baton rouge cops is stopped in its tracks. president obama leads the nation in mourning the five dallas police officers ambushed while protecting a peaceful protest. to politics, we have the belated endorsement and forced political marriage of bernie sanders and hillary clinton. and a formal announcement for donald trump's ticket on friday. and trump calls for the resignation of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. a bear in quite a pickle of a situation. and is this the next iron lady? "first look" starts right now. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us today, i'm betty nguyen. a manhunt is under way in baton rouge, louisiana.
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police say they foiled a credible plot to gun down officers on the street. in the wake of the killing of alton sterling by police last week. authorities have arrested three suspects who they believe planned to target officers using guns stolen from a pawnshop. one suspect is not shown because he is 13 years old. meanwhile a fourth man has been arrested and charged with possessing two of the stolen firearms. one suspect remains at large. authorities say eight hand guns and a bb rifle were stolen from cash america pawn on saturday. two of the handguns have not been recovered. >> our officers, in conjunction with these other agencies, have been working around the clock to get these firearms off the streets of baton rouge. so that they can't do any harm to anyone. >> as the nation mourns the five fallen dallas police officers from last week's deadly ambush, president obama spoke at yesterday's dallas memorial service alongside former president and dallas resident george w. bush. president obama eulogized the
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fallen while addressing frayed race relations, called for gun control and commended police officers who have been asked to take on more and more. nbc's chris pollone has those details. >> reporter: the obamas joined the bushes and bidens in a sign of unity as think offered comfort to the families and friends of the five murdered dallas police officers. >> like police officers across the country, these men and their families shared a commitment to something larger than themselves. >> reporter: it's the 11th time this president has addressed a community after a mass shooting. even he seemed discouraged that he hasn't been able to do more. >> i've seen how inadequate words can be in bringing about lasting change. i've seen how inadequate my own words have been. >> reporter: but still, obama remained hopeful. >> i'm here to insist that we are not as divided as we seem. and i know that because i know america.
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i know how far we've come against impossible odds. > reporter: the president got a mixed reception from a mostly law enforcement crowd when he urged americans to acknowledge minoritie minorities' concerns about racial bias in the criminal justice system. >> we can't simply dismiss it as a symptom of political correctness or reverse racism. >> reporter: earlier president bush said americans need to be more empathetic to the plight of people not like them. >> too often we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions. >> reporter: the focus was on the fallen officers in dallas and their families. but the messages resonated across the country. chris pollone, nbc news, dallas. donald trump is expected to name his running mate on friday. last night he campaigned alongside indiana governor mike pence. it is the latest in a series of public auditions for the veep slot which has included former house speaker newt gingrich, and new jersey governor chris christ
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christie. yesterday, pence made his best pitch for the job. >> let us resolve here and now that from this day forward, we will unite, we will stand together, we will not rest. we will not relent until we make this good man our next president. my fellow hoosiers, i give you the next president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. >> pence's presence on the trail came after trump told the wall street journal he wanted an attack dog as his running mate. and a fighter skilled in hand-to-hand combat. while pence has tepid support among conservatives in indiana and neighboring ohio, he received solid support on capitol hill from house speaker paul ryan. >> i'm just as anxious as the rest of you who at who the vp pick is. i'm familiar with this process. i have the highest, highest regard for mike. he's a personal friend of ours and mine. >> ryan continued to defend his
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support for trump during a cnn town hall last night. >> i do believe that i have certain institutional responsibilities as speaker of the house that i think are very important. and it is to help keep our party unified. it is to respect the will of the primary voter. so it's important. if i had not done that, i believe i would have contributed to basically cutting our party in half and thereby by default granting the presidency, giving the presidency to hillary clinton and i couldn't do that. >> yesterday, trump strained his already fraught relationship with the african-american community by declining a speaking engagement before the naacp, becoming just the third presidential candidate to do so. meanwhile, hillary clinton plans to address the racial divide when she heads to springfield, illinois today. speaking in abraham lincoln's backyard she is expected to call for unity just one day after president obama and former president george w. bush did the same in dallas. in new hampshire, bernie sanders finally joined clinton and pledged to support her bid in an effort to defeat donald trump. >> she will be the democratic
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nominee for president. and i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united states. >> sanders is yet to hand over his coveted donor list to clinton. while he has endorsed her, he still will be a nominee at the democratic convention. however his campaign will no longer fight clinton's ee vept yule nomination. donald trump, though, went after sanders for his endorsement while claiming to be the best place for disenchanted sanders supporters. >> today, i see bernie sanders gave her this very, you know, sort of strange endorsement. i want to tell you, a lot of bernie sanders' people are so upset about it, they're going to be voting for trump. i really believe that. they're going to be voting for trump. >> and another potential clinton running mate has been confirmed by nbc news.
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retired admiral and former nato commander james saf ridous is currently being vetted. that as elizabeth warren will be speaking the first night on the democratic convention. a slot the "times" says is a marquee speaking slot but one earlier than vice presidential picks typically appear. so we'll have to wait and see as clinton plans to make her vp announcement after the republican convention next week. something is getting under donald trump's skin and it may not be his democratic rival. he's wanling a war of words against supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg after she criticized him in the press. the donald tweeting, justice ginsburg of the u.s. supreme court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about her. her mind is shot. resign. whoo. this is a feud that is sure to grow. nbc's pete williams has more. >> reporter: ruth bader ginsburg is the court's most outspoken justice off the bench. but her biting remarks about donald trump have legal experts saying she went too far.
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to "the new york times," quote, i can't imagine what the country would be with donald trump as our president. she said it reminded her of something her husband martin, who died in 2010, would have said. now it's time for us to move to new zealand. to an author, he is a faker. he says whatever comes into his head at the moment. how has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns? asked by the ap about a trump victory, quote, i don't want to think about that possibility. trump himself calls her remarks a disgrace and says she should apologize to her colleagues, adding, i would hope that she would get off the court as soon as possible. >> no matter how strongly she feels, part of the job of a judge is to keep her feelings to herself on these public issues and candidates for public office. >> reporter: one of her defenders asked, doesn't everyone has an outspoken jewish grandmother? justice ginsburg is soon off on a planned trip overseas, though not to new zealand. >> the pokemon go craze seems to be everywhere, and now it's showing up in inappropriate
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places. some users are playing at the 9/11 memorial. inside the national holocaust museum. and even at arlington national cemetery. that forced officials to tweet, we do not consider playing pokemon go to be appropriate decorum. there are also growing security and privacy concerns which prompted the gamemaker to update its user policy. those registered with their google accounts no longer automatically grant the company access to gmail, photos and documents. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. >> good wednesday morning. the markets will try to build on the new lofty highs today. the dow joining the s&p 500 in closing at a record level on tuesday. its first record in more than a year. and stocks were boosted by a rally in oil prices, and strong earnings from aluminum giant alcoa. look for data today on import prices. nissan plans to launch a new minivan next month that can automatically control steering, acceleration, and braking on the
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highway. the automaker's pilot pro technology also offers features such as lane centering and distance monitoring. nissan will launch vehicles that can change lanes by themselves in 2018. and amazon's prime day featured a little buzz but also little drama. amazon says more than 22,000 cds were sold in just the first eight hours alone. and sales were in line with last year. prime customers are key to amazon as they tend to spend more $1200 a year on average versus $500 for non-members. >> you've got to get your money worth. is ted cruz planning a coup at next week's republican convention? plus a bear traps itself inside a car. we know it sounds cute, but wait till you see the damage.
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5:13 on this wednesday morning. flash flooding deaths are being blamed for two people in northern wisconsin. it has washed out sections of roads and bridges and caused
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power outages. a state of emergency has been declared in eight counties. rivers and creeks are expected to rise over the next two days. luckily, across areas of minnesota and wisconsin, the weather quieting down, though. and we're seeing the storms push further to the south here. so this is the belt of storms here for today. already severe thunderstorm watches in effect for areas of kansas, i do think it will be another active day for severe weather here for this afternoon. from areas of kansas, all the way up through areas of illinois, later on today, as we look for the potential of severe weather. also in effect for today, are heat watches and warnings. a lot of heat across many areas. temperatures today will be in the 90s. they will feel like 100. and that heat wave is headed towards the east coast. so if you live in new york, philadelphia, and washington, d.c., you'll be ready for this heat this week. we're going to be sweating it out by friday. >> feeling like triple digits. okay, thank you. newly surfaced audio by a minnesota tv station appears to shed some light on the fatal shooting of philando castile.
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he is the minnesota man whose death at a traffic stop was streamed liv on facebook. pictures from a nearby store robbery show the suspect police were looking for and the logic of officer jeronimo yanez. >> the driver looks more like one of our suspects, just cause of the -- wide set nose. >> in response the castile family's attorney glenda hatchet vowed a lawsuit. >> i'll see him in court. you pull over somebody because of a wide-set nose? i have a wide-set nose. >> tomorrow, philando castile's funeral will be held at st. paul's cathedral in minnesota. here's how one restaurant owner defeated an armed robber. by completely ignoring him. look at this. security footage out of a new zealand shop shows an owner committed to customer service in the face of a gun. he serves the customer a sandwich and the dumbfounded
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robber says, hey, guess nothing's happening here. i'm just going to walk away. which he does. and colorado police made an unusual rescue tuesday morning. somehow a bear managed to lock itself inside a subaru. deputies eventually freed it. but take a look. someone is going to need a new car after all that damage. well a new era is about to begin in the uk. today theresa may is set to become prime minister after david cameron offers his resignation to queen elizabeth. nbc's lucy cavanaugh joins us now live from number 10 downing street. all right, what's the general feeling over there right now? >> good morning, betty. a collective sigh of relief here in the uk that somebody, a new leader, is finally at the helm after what has been a tumultuous period of uncertainty. a political blood bath since britain voted to leave the european union. the country is making history today by welcoming its second-ever female prime minister theresa may. she's due to move into the famous address behind me, 10
2:17 am
downing street later this evening. she may not be a household name on your side of the atlantic, but a very well-known conservative leader here in the uk. at age 59 she's a hard-nosed political survivor. you know, whose supporters really do say has the experience and stature necessary to see britain through the bitter divorce negotiations that are coming up with the eu. prime minister david cameron stepping down today. we saw him leave this house just a few moments ago. he's due over at buckingham palace to hand over his resignation to queen elizabeth. and i have to say, in speaking to people on the street here, you get the sense that whatever their opinion of theresa may, they're just happy to have somebody back in control, charting britain through these unchartered waters. >> definitely new chapter. lucy, thank you so much for that report. 17 minutes past the hour, "scrambled politics" is next. ♪
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20 minutes past the hour. here is your hump day edition of "scrambled politics." house speaker paul ryan announced the formation of a bipartisan house panel to examine ways to improve relations between law enforcement and the african-american community. >> there are people in this country who believe that because of the color of their skin they're not as safe as everybody else. and the fact that people think that and feel that is a problem in this country. so, i think it's very important that we calm down in this country, we start listening to reach other, we start talking about solutions. we're already forming a bipartisan group in congress to do just that. about training. about communities.
2:21 am
meanwhile, ted cruz is stoking speculation that he may still launch a challenge against donald trump at the next -- at next week's convention. politico now reports cruz will meet with influential evangelical leaders this friday in cleveland. the secretive meeting is set to take place behind closed doors and will be filled with cruz backers. republican lawmakers grilled attorney general loretta lynch as she testified on capitol hill regarding clinton's private e-mail server. she remained tight-lipped on the investigation, just days after fbi director james comey testified before the same committee. >> your refusal to answer questions regarding one of the most important investigations of someone who seeks to serve in the highest office in this land is an abdication of your responsibility. >> spokes about dbs >> you've been very good at burning up the time and stonewalling. >> i apologize for wasting so much time here. it's really not been very productive. >> i never thought i'd say this,
2:22 am
i actually and i say this with due respect, attorney general, i miss eric holder. >> and stephen colbert had an interesting take on bernie sanders' long-awaited clinton endorsement. >> now you'll notice the slogan on the podium today was stronger together. because bernie rejected hillary's original idea, it's about [ bleep ] time. so, so it has finally come to pass. >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." all righty then, it 22 minutes past the hour. let's bring in political analyst and best-selling author ellis henican. good morning to you. >> it's about time. >> i know. it's about time. well donald trump speaking of time ticking, he is close to announcing his vp pick. could a name be leaked before friday? and who might that be? >> yes, it could be. but you know, i don't know that donald knows yet. >> really? >> last night mike pence -- >> we've seen a lot of auditions. >> he was having his tryout.
2:23 am
we've seen chris christie, and newt gingrich, and a little bit of floating of general flynn. i don't think he's decided so we can't know. but of course if anyone has a good leak on it, i'm definitely available for it. >> so am i. give us a call. clinton, she's waiting until after the republican convention to name her vice president choice. will trump's pick have any bearing on her decision? >> you know, not really, i don't think. think about it, she's got to live with this person for at least four years -- >> but if trump picks someone with a strong military background will that kind of sway -- >> you mean my admiral, trump's your general kind of thing? >> who knows -- >> i hear the logic but i kind of doubt it to be honest with you. >> any idea who you think that will be for her? >> it's interesting. each of these people goes off. elizabeth warren we were all talking about a week ago. earlier you were talking about the fact that she's going to be speaking on monday night at the convention. it doesn't seem like you would put your vp choice monday night.
2:24 am
you'd rather hold that for a little drama later. so i got to tell you, ask me in ten minutes and i'll have a different view. >> it's like the weather in texas. all right so meanwhile trump is having a war of words with security justice ruth bader ginsburg. did he go to far saying her mind is shot, resign? that's pretty harsh. >> ouch. yes, that was a little tough. here's the thing, though, maybe a little bit. but she was pretty harsh to him to be honest. >> true. >> saying she and her husband are going to have to move to new zealand if he gets elected. they seem pretty evenly matched to me. >> we'll see how this one plays out. i have a feeling it's not over yet. thank you, ellis. just ahead, jennifer aniston lashes out at the media. we have those details. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them.
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one of hollywood's most bankable stars has had enough. jennifers aisten wrote an article for the huffington post slamming the tabloid media. in the blog aniston says she's fed up. she writes this past month in particular has illuminated me on how much we define a woman's value based on her marital and paternal status. the sheer amount of resources being spent right now by press trying to simply uncover whether or not i am pregnant points to the perpetuation to this notion that women are somehow incomplete, unsuccessful or unhappythey're not married with children. and last night was the season finale of maya and marty and mother nature had some questionable environmental advice. ♪ expect these peaceful untouched wild places tread not upon that which should not be trod ♪ ♪ leave these woods and streams
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just as you found them and throw all of your trash into the ocean ♪ >> sorry? >> yeah, kids, don't try that at home. just a joke there. i'm betty nguyen and this is "first look" on msnbc. don't forget to like us on facebook, "way too early" starts now. >> to have your experience denied like that, dismissed by those in authority, dismissed, perhaps, even by your white friends and coworkers, and fellow church members, again and again and again, it hurts. even those who dislike the phrase black lives matter, surely we should be able to hear the pain of alton sterling's family, just as we should hear the students and coworkers describe their affection for philando castile. as a gentle soul. mr. rogers with dread locks as
2:30 am
they call him. and know that his life mattered to a whole lot of people of all races, of all ages. with an open heart we can worry less about which side has been wronged and worry more about joining sides to do right. >> calling for unity, president obama pays tribute to the five slain dallas police officers, and tries to ease the tensions felt across the country. plus, it's finally happened. bernie sanders has joined forces with hillary clinton, capping off a contentious presidential primary. and britain's david cameron is getting ready to leave downing street for the last time as prime minister. we'll have live coverage from london. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, and this is "way too early."


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