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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that's a good looking suit. >> and barnacle can write. >> what have you learned? >> i sometimes have no idea what donald trump is saying or donnie. >> wow. >> mike? >> the 43rd and 44th president of the united states make me proud. >> slow clap on that and slow clap from everybody. legendary. hey. legendary! >> legendary. >> think that better do it for now. we'll see you tomorrow. no slow clapping here. good morning. breaking news now. battleground shocker. a new poll shows donald trump making big gains in swing states, up in florida, up in pennsylvania. and there is a battle
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supreme. trump blasts a supreme court justice overnight calling for ruth bader ginsburg to resign after she called him a faker. who crossed the line first? elizabeth warren gets her speaking slot at the convention and it is not on the vice president night. is she off the list? breaking overnight, a deadly plot. three men arrested, accused of plotting to kill baton rouge police officers. >> the reason the burglary was being done was to harm police officers. >> the manhunt for another potential suspect is still on at this hour. we've got to begin this morning with a lot of political news. there's a brand new poll out showing donald trump with a slight edge in some key battleground states and a major hint of who may be out of the running for hillary clinton's running mate. i want to start with nbc's kelly o'donnell at the site of next week's convention in cleveland, ohio. walk us through these numbers here. >> reporter: good morning.
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cleveland's getting ready and the donald trump campaign has something they will boast about today and it has to do with these numbers. he's had a string of fairly positive days coming at a time when hillary clinton has had some challenging moments in her campaign with the e-mail issue and all of that. and some key states show trump ahead or tied. florida, pennsylvania, ohio, critical must-wins for both parties. they carrie a lot of electoral votes which will matter in the end and will be where much of this fall campaign is waged. trump is seeing a little bit of a bump. here in ohio, which is a state that will get a lot of attention over the next week, it's 41-41 trump and clinton. >> a bump and a whack because he is taking a swing at supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg saying her brain is shot, time for her to go. what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: this is remarkable in a couple of ways.
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first it's very rare for a supreme court justice to weigh in on politics and ruth bader ginsburg did that talking about her views that donald trump is a faker, not the right temperament, speaking out in a way you don't typically see. something we do expect from donald trump is to use twitter to fight right back. he tweeted, justice ginsberg of the u.s. supreme court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. her mind is shot. resign. sort of classic, blunt, brash trump in tweet form, challenging a sitting justice of the supreme court. and of course the supreme court becomes so critical in this race because we already have one vacancy and it's expected whomever the next president is, there could be other vacancies if justices decide it might be time to retire over the next few years. >> i will see you tomorrow in cleveland, kelly. now we've got to turn to hillary clinton.
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her campaign may have just given us a sign of who's not going to be the presumptive nominee's running mate. mark murray joins me from d.c. this is a little inside baseball for me. help me out. we know elizabeth warren is speaking at the convention, but the fact that she's speaking early on that's a hit? >> it is a hint. the scheduling, when it comes out, there is normally the vice presidential speaking slot that would take place on wednesday. the report is that elizabeth warren will be speaking earlier than that and you could conclude she's not the running mate. there's one potential big caveat there. that is that this kind of scheduling could always be changed. i do think the schedule as we see it right now gives us some clues and our own reporting at nbc news strongly suggest that is the top two front runners for hillary clinton right now are
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tim cane and the former governor of iowa. given that reporting as well as the speaking schedule, i think we have a pretty good sense of who's the front runner and who isn't. >> well, we reconfirmed yesterday that bernie sanders will be at the convention. he endorsed hillary clinton, but did he sell it enough? he made it clear that hillary clinton was going to have to win his supporters over herself. >> yeah. it wasn't the biggest bosom buddy but it was a full-throated endorsement. bernie sanders was able to validate hillary clinton and do something he hasn't done in the past 36 days and that is actually say that she has won and he is going to do everything he can to help her. and many of his supporters end
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up taking the news and where their hearts are two or three months from now. >> mark murray, thank you. we're going to dig into this in a few minutes. bernie sanders campaign manager will be sitting down with us. we're going to talk about how bernie sanders is going to be working for hillary clinton going forward. now we've got to return to the latest news out of baton rouge and that plot to kill more police officers. the information alleged to have come from a suspected picked up for a robbery at this pawnshop shown here. police say he said he was stealing guns and planned to get bullets to shoot cops. at least four people are in custody and there may be more out there. charles, walk us through. as i just said, there are four people in custody but someone is still at large, another suspect? >> reporter: that's right. they have four people in custody. three of them are charged with breaking into the pawnshop on
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saturday morning. one person is charged with buying some of the guns that were stolen from that pawnshop. now, one gun is still missing and police say they are searching for one other suspect. they do not have his name. >> now this threat that we're learning about now is why police said they showed such force during the protest sunday night. i want to share a bit of that jid owe from the police officers spe speaking. >> what you saw in response is because of the very real and viable threats against law enforcement. look what happened in dallas. we can't take anything for granted anymore. >> is that threat still ongoing? >> reporter: yeah. everyone was wondering why there was such a big police presence on sunday, why they were wearing all the heavy swat gear and had the swat vehicles out. now we know. they said they had a credible threat based on the suspects they arrested from this pawnshop burglary. they wanted to control the
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situation until they had everyone in custody and they think they do now except for one. >> just one more time. the suspect is still at large, is 13 years old. is that true? >> well, they have one 13-year-old in custody. he was part of the three that broke into the pawnshop early saturday morning by using a ladder to climb on top of the cash america pawnshop. one of the suspects, a 17-year-old, was caught immediately after that and he started spilling the beans that they were stealing bullets to kill police. that's when the alert went up. >> this coming just one week after the fatal shooting of alton sterling. we're expecting to hear from alton sterling's son cameron. he was the young boy who we want uncontrollably during the emotional press conference just one day after his father was shot and killed outside a
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convenience store. i've got to take you to dallas where services begin today for officers shot and killed last week. a private mass for sergeant michael smith is also being held today. it follows a very emotional memorial tuesday where president obama was trying to reassure a nation shaken by recent violence. >> we must reject such despair. i'm here to insist that we are not as divided as we seem. and i know that because i know america. i know how far we've come against impossible odds. [ applause ]. >> in other news, british prime minister david cameron is officially stepping down today. he appeared before parliament for the last time where he received a standing ovation. later, he will visit the queen to formally hand over his
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resignation. theresa may will then become the country's second female prime minister. a shooting in virginia was captured during a facebook live video. a warning, this video is disturbing. the video shows three men sitting in a car listening to music and smoking. then you hear gunfire and the phone is dropped. about 30 shots are audible on the video. [ gunshots ] overnight donald trump blasting ruth bader ginsburg calling for her resiresignation. but she fired the first shots. did she cross the line? ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours.
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presumptive nominee donald trump is taking aim at a new foe, supreme court justice ruth
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bader ginsburg. i want to bring in the author of a book about justice ginsburg. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> clearly we haven't seen this happen before from a supreme court justice. is a breach of protocol or official breaking of a rule here? >> it doesn't violate any specific official rule. and justices on the supreme court have a wider latitude than many other judges but it's certainly unusual. >> i want to say i do think this is extraordinary in the context of her. she's someone who deeply believes in the court and its integrity. she was famously friends with justice antonin scalia. for her to speak out in this froo extraordinary way is unusual. but i think it indicates that she is deliberately speaking out because she believe that is the
6:15 am
constitution is at risk and the legitimacy of the court is at risk. >> couldn't one make the argument this is not a traditional election? donald trump is the non-pc candidate. so is she not just playing to his game or shouldn't she given what her position is? >> right. non-pc is one word. saying judges can't do their job because of the race they have is another. that's called racism. i think donald trump's dealings with judges thus far have raised the ire of the judiciary. his position is he gets to criticize judges any which way including impugning their heritage and race. >> you're referencing the judge of mexican heritage. >> right. donald trump thinks he can do that and no judge can criticize him because he has clapped back vociferously against judge ginsberg because of what she's
6:16 am
said. i do think americans are understandably looking up and saying, well, shouldn't the supreme court keep a wider berth? usually it does. but you have one justice speaking out because she has some views of the nominee. the ultimate question would be as a judge is there anything in her record that would suggest she couldn't adjudicate fairly? >> she would have to recuse herself if we found oeurselves n a sort of bush/gore situation. >> it would be up to her but you can look at her record and see that she's applied a lot of integrity. even people who disagree with her think that she has neutral principles when it comes to apply the law. for the rest of it, i think there's a polite fiction that they aren't citizens and don't have views. >> and she's got an extraordinary nickname.
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we have some breaking news coming in right now regarding donald trump's search for a running mate. donald trump and his children have just arrived at indiana governor miesk penceke pence's . i want to bring back kelly o'donnell in child. so the trump family is visiting the pences for breakfast? >> reporter: it looks that way. and we are in that short window when every movement which suggests some new clue about the selection of a vice presidential running mate gets attention. this was not on the official schedule for donald trump. we do know that he appeared with governor pence in indiana last night at a rally, attended a fund-raiser as well, spent the night in indianapolis, will be going later today to california for rufund-raising. is this a social call trying to build more rapport? is it directly related to trying a make a decision on a running mate? sources tell me that the decision has not been finalized.
6:18 am
donald trump is down to a top three which includes the indiana governor, chris christie and newt gingrich. this also gives us a window inside the trump inner circle. it is hard to over state the influence of the advisory role of donald trump's daughter ivanka and also son eric and son don junior. although i don't believe they are with them today. ivanka is sort of a first among all advisors in terms of a trust factor for her father. and this is a way for her and her husband and the candidate donald trump to spend a little time at the residence of mike pence. we don't know what this meeting will be. i've been given guidance by aides and those close to this process that there is a need to just get to know each other, to have conversations. at some point, the clues really are a sign. we just don't know if we're there yet. i can tell you this is interesting to watch. we'll have to see what it means.
6:19 am
the window of time is short. i've been told the announcement where we will see donald trump and his vice presidential choice, will happen friday. >> it gives us a clue, but not exactly a clue as to what is happening. just yesterday trump supporter sam clovis told us that's what we do, we build up lots of attention and excitement just before the convention. bernie sanders finally endorsing hillary clinton yesterday. the question is, how committed is he to bringing his supporters around? we're going to ask his campaign manager next. >> hillary said she's glad bernie is behind her 100%. bernie said, let's just start off with 1%. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be. with no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners,
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uninspiring endorsement. he did get behind hillary clinton. would you say it was a 100% endorsement? >> yes, absolutely. i mean, any kind of characterization it's otherwise is completely off base. bernie sanders spoke eloquently about the secretary's commitment to lifting up middle class and working class families in this country, dealing with issues like education, the environment and on and on and on. he whole heartedly endorsed her. he said he would campaign for her from coast to coast. anybody who reads anything differently is out of touch with what happened yesterday.
6:24 am
>> he will be campaigning coast to coast. but how much -- when you think about the campaign going forward, he will be at the convention, but will he be next to president obama, bill clinton, elizabeth warren for the next several months? >> anybody who knows his campaign schedule knows he had three or four rallies a day. he had other events. many people far younger than he was couldn't keep up. he's a very vigorous campaigner. he wants to defeat donald trump and help hillary clinton get elected and help democrats downballot. i think you're going to see bernie sanders on the road quite a bit. >> how about you? can you turn the page? in the last few months you hit hillary clinton hard on trade, on her ties with wall street, on how her hawkishness may have contributed to the rise of isis. do you think you can now support her and vote for her? >> well, look, the election now is between hillary clinton and donald trump. the election of donald trump would be a disaster for the
6:25 am
country. hillary clinton will move the country forward. obviously i thought bernie sanders was the best candidate in the race. there's no doubt about that. i certainly poured my heart and soul into that race. but we came up short, so we don't have the delegates to win. the choice now is between hillary clinton and donald trump. donald trump will take this country backwards in so many ways. i don't want any kids growing up in a country where the type of divisive and race language that he uses is considered to be appropriate by a leader or by anybody else. hillary clinton will move this country forward and we have got to support her. >> do you believe bernie supporters will agree with you and go out and vote? many hadn't voted before and in that 18-34 demographic, she doesn't fare well and that's where bernie did very well. >> of course. the secretary has come out and embraced bernie sanders' program for free tuition at public
6:26 am
colleges and universities. the democratic platform now includes strong language on pricing carbon and dealing with climate change, a $15 minimum wage, expanding health care in a way that will lead us ultimately toward a single payer system. if you look at the democratic platform and the positions the secretary has laid out in the last few weeks, i think what you're seeing is she's reaching out to the bernie supporters and letting them know there's a place at the table for them. people should really think about the long-term future of this country in terms of supporting something else or sitting at home. >> we are out of town. one word answer, your opinion, who does hillary pick as a veep? >> i hope she picks the most progressive person possible. >> that would be bernie. >> when we return, we'll have much more on that breaking news, donald trump currently sitting down with indiana governor mike pence at his home. plus, the family of philando
6:27 am
castile, who was killed by a minnesota police officer last week, well, they are planning to file a lawsuit. the lawyer for the family, judge glenda hatchet will be joining me next. . you know, at the model year end clarence event, you can get a great deal on this 2016 passat. steve. yeah? clarence is on a roll. yeah. i wish they'd name an event after me. same here. but the model year end becky event? that's no good... stevent! that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a one-thousand dollar volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on a new 2016 passat. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million amecans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end aleimer's for good.
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immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day. welcome back. you are watching msnbc. it is time now for your morning primer. vp speculation is heating up. donald trump is at ingoverndian governor mike pence's home. in baton rouge, louisiana, at least four people have been arrested. one more suspect is potentially being sought in connection with a plot to kill police officers. funeral services for dallas officers killed in thursday's attack begin today. brent thompson will be laid to rest this morning. new polls show the gap between hillary clinton and donald trump tightening in those
6:31 am
battleground swing states. donald trump holds a three point lead in florida, a two point lead in pennsylvania and they are all even in ohio. at least two deaths are being blamed on flash flooding in northern wisconsin. a state of emergency has been declared in eight counties after fl flood waters washed out roads and bridges. trump and members of his family at the indiana governor's mansion potentially discussing a vice presidential pick. mi josh barrow joining me now. gentlemen, how big of a deal is it that donald trump, an unplanned breakfast visit to the pence home in indiana. and he's got his kids with him. >> the trump campaign has been trying to generate as much
6:32 am
attention as possible to the veep selection. we were talking about mike flynn who is a democrat who said he was pro-choice. we've seen these stories throughout about how it was a final two between gingrich and pence with chris christie in the mix there. even when the trump campaign says stuff on the record, it often proves to be wrong. when some source says something, we don't know what that means. donald trump likes attention. he changes his mind a lot. it's certainly possible mike pence will be the pick. i think it will be one of the five people we know the campaign went through vetting on. >> do you think this is the trump team gaming us to just gain our attention when all they're doing is having some bacon and eggs with mike pence? >> i think there's a practical consideration here. mike pence is the safe choice for trump. he and trump have no history. they don't know each other.
6:33 am
they haven't spent time together. they've done a rally together. this is part of the actual vetting process. if it throws off some discussion at the same time, it's all the better for donald trump. >> there's also excitement over these new polls out in these battleground states. what do you make of this? could one make the argument hillary clinton dropping is sort of the comey effect? >> she had been up by somewhere in the sixes previously. things go up, they go down. hillary has led well over 90% of the national polls conducted this year. i do think she's had a difficult week, but you get polls that say one thing and say another thing. the average has been pretty consistent that it is a small but significant hillary lead. there is a little weirdness about the map this year. trump wins utah by much less
6:34 am
than you would expect a republican to. in a way you could see a very efficient donald trump map where he ekes out wins in these swing states like florida and pennsylvania while still winning states like texas and utah by a smaller margin than he would nationally. you can then see a map where hillary clinton would win the popular vote by a couple of points. i do think that's something that should be on the radar, this idea that donald trump could do better in the swing states than the states that are not competitive. >> in terms of hillary clinton momentum, we've all said, well, she had a tough week, james comey testified, but it was also the same week president obama campaigned with her. should that not have given her a bump up? >> she has profound difficulties with some voters on trustworthiness. it's the bottom line of her problem in this campaign. it would be less close if that wasn't there. i do think we're also seeing
6:35 am
republicans are coming home. this country is divided and he is the nominee. trump is the nominee. i think republicans now see him as the nominee. i think a lot of the stop trump stuff has been damped down and flattened out. we're now seeing a more traditional race. >> she has had these trustworthiness issues plaguing her. yesterday bernie sanders endorsed her. bernie sanders supporters love and trust bernie. how hard will it be for her to convert them? >> i'm interested to see how much this matters. it feels like it ought to be worth a point or two for her. she's already brought most of those sanders voters home already. and i think we've seen very little effect from endorsements in year in general. endorsements didn't matter in the republican primary at all. in the democratic primary hillary had almost all the
6:36 am
endorsements. >> bernie is a different situation because bernie actually has active voters behind him. >> i just don't know how many of his supporters are willing to do whatever he tells them to do. >> we saw in 2008 as well this never nobody thing, right, from clinton supporters. what is different, i think s that the standard message all along was built on peati ibeati establishment. it's very, very hard to walk back from that. it's very different than simply saying my opponent is wrong on the issues. >> that challenge isn't ending any time soon. thank you both. we are now awaiting a press conference from alton sterling's eldest son cameron which should be starting any moment now in baton rouge, louisiana. judge glenda hatchet has been
6:37 am
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you are watching msnbc and we are watching a press conference taking place in baton rouge, louisiana. cameron sterling, the 15-year-old son of alton sterling is about to break at this conference in baton rouge. >> and hear his thoughts on what's going on across the country. maybe that can calm some of the flames. they don't need to be put out, because what's happening is positive. it may be a little struggle. it may be uncomfortable. but it's positive. voting rights didn't come for free. women's rights didn't come for free. there's always a struggle with change. and there must be change in policing. so it's uncomfortable. it looks difficult. but it's okay.
6:41 am
it's okay. nothing has gotten insanely out of hand with the demonstrations because they've been peaceful. what we won't allow is one radical person who's going to do something so heinous to stop a positive movement, because it is unrelated. this movement is just about change for a community that hurts. and the beauty of it is black, white, hispanic, everyone is now seeing that maybe certain changes need to happen. and now you hear from the voice, the son of alton sterling. >> good morning, everyone. i came to talk to everyone about, one, about the death of my father. two, how i feel about people in
6:42 am
general. first, i want to talk about how i feel about people in general. i feel that people in general no matter what the race is should come together as one united family. there should be no more arguments, disagreements, violence, crimes. everyone should come together as one united family. my father was a good man. that was the sacrifice to show everyone what has been going on in life. and it should give everyone a push that everyone should be together, not against each other. everyone needs to be on one accord, not a different note. everyone needs to be together, not apart. and i truly feel that my father was a good man and he will
6:43 am
always be a good man. but at the same time he has a lot of loved ones out here that are really here to support me, my mother, the rest of my brothers and sisters and my father. they're here to support everyone. and i want to thank everyone that are supporting us. i want to thank y'all very much for supporting us. and another thing, the protesting. i feel that everyone, yes, you can protest. but i want everyone to protest the right way. protest in peace, not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. everyone needs to protest in the right way, with peace. no violence, none whatsoever. thank y'all. >> good job. >> yeah.
6:44 am
>> out of a babe's mouth. what we have to ask each other across the country is, what are we doing it for? are we just coming out just because we heard other people are going out, or do we truly want change? what a lot of people have to realize is that people truly want change. they're not out demonstrating and protesting just because it's something fun to do. people actually want change. people want fairness. fairness. it's difficult to see when sometimes you don't have to experience the same things. like i'm a lawyer now, but during college i've had bad experiences down here in baton rouge where i used to come. i had six guns pulled on me and my friends though we were doing nothing but sitting on top of a car waiting to get in a club. but i didn't resort to violence. i didn't get angry. because i understood at some
6:45 am
point during any life i will be able to -- >> you are watching this press conference taking place in baton rouge. i want to bring in our own charles hadlock in baton rouge right now. just a moment ago we heard from alton sterling's 15-year-old son cameron. last week we saw him at a similar press conference completely broken up and devastated over the loss of his father and very composed today. what was your take-away? >> reporter: a very different composure here. a very young man who is dealing with a lot of grief. his father's funeral is set for friday. today, he met for the first time with the press, a huge gaggle of people here, all the cameras and was composed as he implored the community to protest in peace. he said no violence is needed. he said no alcohol is needed during these protests. he said his father was a good man and that he wanted to thank everyone in this community for the support he's been given over the last six days.
6:46 am
>> a very mature and composed cameron sterling, just 15 years old, the son of alton sterling, who was killed last week in baton rouge. thank you, charles. i want to bring you now tv show judge glenda hatchet. she's representing the family of philando castile. he was the man killed in another police officer involved shooting last week in minnesota. judge hatchet is joining us live this morning. before we speak about what you're working on, i want to talk for a moment about cameron sterling. your law firm specializes in wrongful deaths by police officers. what do you make of the remarks he just made? >> well, first of all, my heart goes out for him and his entire family. it took enormous strength and courage to be able to stand before all of us and tell us what was on his heart. this is a difficult time.
6:47 am
i know their attorney chris stewart. so they're in great hands. chris andly contin li continue communicate as we both take on these difficult challenges. >> are you and chris working together? >> not at all. not at all. but i know him. he's an attorney in atlanta and i just know that they're in great hands. >> what is your take on that case? >> my take on that case is that, as in my case, that this is a tragedy, that it seems to me that force was overwhelmingly used in this case and that we have that man, mr. sterling and mr. castile both dead as a result. and there will be thorough investigations. and i agree that we have to go to a different -- we have to move to higher ground. i of course know more about my case than i know about mr.
6:48 am
sterling's case. but in our case we have a man who was permitted to carry a license. there is a legal permit. i have seen it. he was gainfully employed. he was adored by the children in the school where he worked, his coworkers and family talked about the fact that they had never even known him to have ever even been in a fight. so we have a man who's doing everything right. he is pulled over, he's asked for documentation. and then later very quickly he is shot to death. and there are some real concerns. and i am very honored to be representing the castile family in this matter. i really am. >> i want to talk a lot more about that and some new tape and possible video we have. we have to take a quick commercial break. stay with us. >> sure. >> judge glenda hatchet will be returning discussing the philando castile case and more on the other side of the break. from over 30 billion connected devices.
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i cannot support him because of what he said about a judge, it was too racist. >> that was the final sfrau for you? >> that was the big straw for me. >> do you hope other members of your party do what you're doing now? >> i do. i think we should send a strong message to donald that racism and bigotry won't be tolerated. >> critics have come out and said this is a political move by you because you're in off the
6:52 am
race. what do you say to those critics? >> back with me now is judge glenda hatchett, representing the family of philando castile who was killed in another pol e police-involved shooting last week in minnesota. clearly philando castile's family is going through a devastating time much like alton sterling's family. they want answers. we're starting to get new details. the audio we received from the police scanner has not been authenticated by nbc news. it gives us some insight. take a listen. >> the two occupants just like like people that were involved in a problemry. the driver looks more like one of our suspects just because of the wide set nose. >> judge, it hasn't been authenticated. what do you make of this? >> i want to stress that it hasn't been authenticated and the police department has said they have not released it.
6:53 am
but to stop philando based on a suspect that has a wide-set nose, that is very characteristic of a lot of african-americans. assuming -- and i'm certainly not conceding this point -- assuming he was a suspect and he was pulled over, let's remember that he had a valid driver's license, insurance, everything he did correctly, and he was following the directions of the police officer to show him documentation and then he is shot to death. that is outrageous, and we are going to be demanding a full thorough investigation, and although i am not responsible for the criminal proceedings because that is the job of the prosecutor, i'm handling the civil matters, let me stress to you that on behalf of the family i will be formally asking for a
6:54 am
special prosecutor in this matter. this has got to stop. this is a man. >> can you help me -- i know this is a sensitive question when we say it's a gross generalization to say, well, it was simply a wide-set nose. if you were in the police' position or if i was and you had to describe someone like a philando castile and you would say dark hair, dark eyes, medium build, that could be many, many people. but there aren't that many descriptives one can use if you don't know that much information. >> and that begs the question, was this a lawful stop to begin with. i have real concerns about that, about the broad brush. and we know in this nation that profiling has been a serious issue of targeting black men. this is a man this had multiple stops, and we believe he was
6:55 am
consist accidently being profiled even before the incident, the tragic incident of his death on that particular y day. it raises if question and i think the governor was very courageous in his comments when asked, would this have happened had he e been white? they were saying he was a suspect in a felony. a broad set nose in a black man is about as descriptive as a white woman with blond hair. i will be clear not to jump to conclusions but to tell you i will be thoroughly investigating this matter on behalf of the fami family. what your fellow journalists know about me, i will be transparent and you will have access to whatever i file on
6:56 am
behalf of the family. >> thank you very much for joining us this morning. our condolences to the cass still family. >> thank you. i will certainly relay that. his birthday is also saturday. it's very tough time for the family. >> thank you. they're very lucky to have you working with them. we'll be right back. you're watching msnbc. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever.
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♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. that wraps us up for the hour. i'll see you tomorrow from cleveland, ohio. i'm stephanie rule. coming up right now, more news with kristen welker. >> right now on msnbc we're following breaking news in donald trump's search for a running mate. and new clues within the hour, who is in the top tier? this morning the candidate making an unscheduled stop at the home of indiana governor mike pence. pence introduced trump at a rally last night and is widely considered to be on the short list of trump's vp list.
7:00 am
some of thump's children, son donald and husband kushner. they've been among the most trusted advisers wow threw out the campaign. our political team is here covering every dwochlt let's get right to nbc's kelly o'donnell in cleveland ahead of the republican convention. kelly, what more do we know about this meeting? kind of unusual, right, to be able to see the candidate coming into and going out of a house in one of these high-profile meetings? >> reporter: one of those days where you say it's good to be lucky. our man on the ground, vonn hilyard was in the right place at the right time to capture video of this meeting. we know these interactions happen in the veep-stakes process. it takes us closer to the moment when a real decision will be made. from what i'm learning from sources, that decision has not come yet, but the window of time is closing. today what we have is the children of donald trump


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