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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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pence. will pence round out the trump presidential ticket? supreme spat. trump in an early morning tweet firing back at supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg saying her mind is shot after she publicly calls trump a faker. also ahead, investigators in louisiana are searching for a possible missing suspect in what they describe as a plot to kill police officers in baton rouge. four people arrested and several alleged stolen weapons have been recovered. this as funerals begin in dallas for police officers murdered in the line of duty. outgoing british prime minister david cameron will speak this hour before submitting his resignation to the queen. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts in for tamron at our msnbc world headquarters in new york. we continue with a new clue into who donald trump may pick as his running mate. in the last hour he was seen wlooefing the home of indiana governor mike pence. he spent about an hour there. his son don junior and eric and
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daughter ivanka were there with her husband jared kushner. the meeting comes hours after pence introduced trump last night at a rally in the hoosier state. >> i often joke, you'll be calling up mike pence, i don't know whether he's going to be your governor or vice president. who the hell knows? >> we have just five days to go before the republican national convention and trump is promising to reveal his running mate by friday. the latest development as poll numbers show trump neck and neck. trump leading 42% to clinton's 39%. that's a significant drop from the eight-point lead last night. in pennsylvania 43% to 41. in ohio the race has tightened with trump and clinton tied at 41%. meanwhile the list of fluids has
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gotten longer. trump calling for supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg's resignation after she doubled down on comments criticizing him. twum tweeted, justice bins gurg of the u.s. supreme court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political comments about me. he was responding to comments she made last week in separate interviews, first with the associated press where she did not want to think about the possibility of a donald trump presidency and going further with "the new york times" saying, quote, i can't imagine what this place would be, what the country would be q donald trump as our president. for the country, it could be four years, for the court, it could be -- i don't even want to contemplate that. nbc's kelly o'donnell joining us from cleveland and the site of the convention. the closest advisers to trump, his kids and his son-in-law with him at governor pence's house. is this another clue into the way he's thinking about rounding
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out his ticket? >> reporter: well, thomas, i have breaking news to report. i've been working the phones and my sources. i can tell you the adult children of donald trump are meeting with each of the three finalists. we saw today the pictures of him going into the official residence of the indiana governor to meet with mike pengs and his wife karen, donald trump and the adult children. i can tell you governor chris christie met with them yesterday. we don't know the location of that meeting. but they have had a conversation. i've learned from sources that newt gingrich will be traveling to indiana to have a meeting with trump and his family today. this is brand new news. we've just been working our sources to report this to you. what does this tell us? we've got donald trump in the 11th hour of his decision-making process, and using his time today on the ground in indiana to have more meetings, more conversations. it could be a getting to know you kind of session extended. these are new relays ships in
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many instances. it could be specific questions that have come up through the vetting process or ways that trump and his family may want to define the role of a running mate. it could simply be trying to touch all the bases before a final decision is made. the decision to be on the ground we can just infer is because drum donald trump is expected at a fund-raiser in california, so he would be in the air for hours. not an easy way to have these face-to-face moments. it was not in the long-term plan but a way to use the time available. for governor mike pence, certainly an advantage to have it happen on his home turf. there was a bill ragly in indianapolis, pence and trump were together there. prior to that there was an indianapolis fund-raiser long scheduled even before pence was in the thirk of it. the timing sometimes works in one candidate's favor over another. pence has had home turf advantage here, but as i just said, we can report that
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christie and gingrich are also having this family meeting. i'm going to call it the ivanka round of interviews where they have the opportunity to have a conversation and see where it goes. that's the latest here. >> the kitchen cabinet, the three people in the process. let's talk about the background as we see this play out with mike pence. we know how crucial indiana was to getting donald trump the delegates needed to take him to cleveland without a battle. the history between chris christie and donald trump and also the history of newt gingrich to donald trump, we know it was announced that newt is not going to be a contributor to fox news any longer. so what other tea leaves can we read about how available those two other options are? >> reporter: it is a case where all three are in play. each brings different qualities. with governor mike pence you have the legislative experience. he spent a dozen years on capitol hill, he's an
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evangelical christian, has great credibility with the social conservatives, that part of the republican party and he has that heartland piece. with former speaker newt gingrich, you have the intell t intellectual feisty part of the party, known for his contract on america era, battling the clintons in the '90s, being a big thinker for the party in the modern day. many people are add kaegt for him. i've heard from different groups associated with the trump campaign who have favorites among the group. with chris christie you have a longer personal relationship and more of a similar personality, a big personality, a bold personality, a fighter, so to speak, who could, if he were chosen, sort of prosecute the case against clinton as another voice in the campaign so trump wouldn't have to do all that himself. it may be a case of what looks good on resume, what would make trump feel most at ease and what
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he is feeling from the many people he's consulting. i've been told over weeks that trump frequently asks, those he encounters, donors, who would they like to see, what sort of kwaurlts would they like to see? he's had a running dialogue with people. hard to known if that is conversation or how much that might weigh on his decision. as we understand it, down to these three, different qualities, different characteristics and he's got to make the choice. >> kelly o'donnell in cleveland, great work. i want to bring in nbc political analyst and director of the "huffington post," howard fineman. i've been told you have new information about trump, the family and pence. >> according to my sources in and around the trump campaign, the meeting went very well and the family members liked mike pence. as somebody said to me, they thought he was a good guy.
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interestingly, mike pence is not that popular in indiana right now. however, it sounds like the family was told that the key things is that indiana -- the governor's record in indiana is one that they can sell, that there's some things about the indiana economy and its position in the united states click c economically they think they can point to. what that means is they're drilling down to see how they can sell mike pence if they're going to do it. the other thing i heard i according to some family members -- the family members tend to be more risk averse than their dad. their dad is wanting to ignore the sign that says don't touch the wet paint. donald trump touches the wet paint. the kids aren't like that. they'ring thing back between mike pence and newt gingrich who, as kelly was saying, an entirely different kind of candidate. if you can imagine someone being more of an attack dog than drum
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himself, it would be newt gingrich. newt gingrich in many ways, politically and as a public figure is like donald trump, aggressive, confrontational, combative. the question within the family is how much more of that they really need? chris christie could surprise us in the end, but my sense is it's between mike pence and newt gingrich. the meeting today with the family went very well with mike pence. they called him a good guy. they felt comfortable with him. so he's definitely in the ball game here at the last minute. >> howard, i think it was pence's mom who described her son as a straight arrow and a really good guy, solid as a rock and he has that connection with the evangelical republican base. right now when we think about the test balloon of these names being floated up, it's almost like we think of them as being the string, to use a metaphor, the string to trump's balloon, what will keep him connected to
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the base. how people will feel connected to who is at if top of the ticket. >> that's a very good point. i think mike pence is that string much more strongly than newt gingrich. newt gingrich is a master of media controversy. the question within the trump camp is how much more of that do they need given the fact that their dad and their boss, donald trump is very good at that himself as he's showing in his public battle with ruth bader ginsburg right now. do they need a second drum droom trm essentially? how much more chaos does he want and how much more votes would that get him especially on the evangelical side. newt gingrich doesn't help them a whole lot there. mike pence really does. i think jared kushner, the son-in-law and the trump kids are more inclined to be cautious than to try to throw another
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bomb. that's my sense having been around them a lot over the last couple years. >> howard fineman, great to have you on. thanks for your perspective and your sources on the meeting with pence. as howard alluded to, we'll talk about what's taking place with this war of words between donald trump and justice ginsburg. joining me is author of the book "notorious rbg, the life and times of ruth bader ginsburg." you're not objective about this but you can give grart context about the mindset because trump is saying she needs to resign, she's lost her mind over this. what's the backlash been about judgment and the fact she did strike out first and also speaking with the supreme court biographer about her opinion on trump as president. >> although i'm not objective and on the record as a great admirer of justice ginsburg, it's an objective fact her mind
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is not, quote, shot. ifbl she's in full possession of her faculties and she's speaking out in an extraordinary way. my belief is she believes the constitution and country are in danger. is it wise to do so? i'll leave that to other people. there are many admirers who are worried about her -- >> crossing the line. >> there's no law or rule about it. many in the past served in political office, even her recent pred ses sorks justice scalia sat at the fox news table at the white house correspondents dinner. many people thought that was going too far as well. >> she said he's a faker, no consistency about him, says whatever comes into his head at the moment, really hs an ego. how he's gotten away with not turning over tax returns. the press seems to be very
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gentle with him on that. is this out of character for her or has she grown in confidence with age and wisdom to feel she has the room to make such statements? >> i think that's an excellent question. as a student of her life, i can say throughout her life she was seen as an institutionalist. she eeps someone who cares a lot about the legitimacy about the court, cares a lot about civility, she was famously friends with justice scalia. she believes in crossing the aisle. it's surprising for her to use this particular language, particularly such personal langua language. it suggests to me that she believes extraordinary times come for extraordinary measures. >> our team put out therapiir p today. it's rock bot ten when the supreme court justice is trading insults -- >> i suspect no one will change their mind about this. i think a lot of people admiring her for speaking her mind and in
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their view speaking truth to power and i don't think this is going to change that. >> thank you so much, appreciate it. we want to ask you to stay with us for complete coverage of the republican national convention. we'll be broadcasting live from cleveland starting tomorrow. right now the presumptive democratic nominee, in the next hour hillary clinton will give what campaign officials are calling a major speech on race relations, going from spring field, illinois. she'll deliver it at the historic site where president abraham lincoln that said, quote, a house divided against herself cannot stand. her address comes a day after getting democratic rival bernie sanders' en dormts. sanders endorsing her more than a month after she clinched the nomination. this morning he was asked why it took so long for him to get behind clinton? >> well, there was a lot of work to do to make sure we have the strongest possible platform. a question of bringing party together around the progressive
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agenda. what happened is the democratic platform turns out to be the most progressive platform the democratic party has ever had. i'm proud of that. >> kasie hunt is at the old statehouse in springfield, illinois. symbolism was not lofton location here. what have we learned from what hillary clinton wants to say today? >> reporter: symbolism, you just ran through the key moments that happened at the statehouse, a deep history that re234rek9s the subject matter she wants to address today. this will be her first real substantive set of remarks on race relations in america since she spoke on friday night to ame church, the ame church conference 2in philadelphia, a gathering of african-american faith leaders where she started to have a conversation about what happened in dallas, the killing of those police officers, and what has happened
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in cities across america this summer where you've had african-americans killed at the hands of police. we can expect hillary clinton to try to make sure to talk to both of those communities. that's been her approach, this idea that kindness and compassion should bring together the american people. her campaign slogan, of course, now we're stronger together. it wasn't always her campaign slogan, but she's been running with it and her approach to how donald trump has reacted in the wake of the shootings, casting himself as the law and order candidate, approaching it from the other side. hillary clinton is going to try to make the case today that her approach, ouf course, would work better, thomas. >> kasie hunt live in illinois for us. thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up, investigators in louisiana reveal disturbing details of what they call a plot to kill police. four people under arrest. now a manhunt for a possible fifth suspect under way. plus the first funerals
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beginning this hour for the officers killed in dallas. we're learning new information about the gunmen who targeted police there. in just moments,out going british prime minister david cameron is set to speak before submitting his resignation to the queen. theresa may set to become the uk's second female prime minister.
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developing news from baton rouge, louisiana, involving an alleged plot to kill police officers. four suspects are in custody, one being just 13 years old. police are still inspecting leads for a potential additional suspect. they say this plot was uncovered when they arrest add suspect for a weekend burglary at a pawnshop where handguns and a bb rifle were stolen. >> we learned from that suspect
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that was taken into custody that the reason the burglary was being done was to harm police officers. >> so all of this comes in the wake of last week's deadly shooting of alton sterling by a baton rouge police officers as he was pinned down. just this morning, sterling's 15-year-old son spoke out about his dad and the protests in baton rouge over the weekend that resulted in some 200 arrests. my father was a good man, and he will always be a good man. i want everyone to protest the right way, protest in peace, not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence, everyone needs to protest in the right way, with peace, no violence, none whatsoever. >> nbc's charles hadlock joins us live from baton rouge, louisiana. bring us up to speed on the alleged plot that police say was going to target police officers and the latest on the search for any additional suspects. what can you tell us?
8:22 am
>> reporter: thomas, this all started on saturday morning when four suspects tried to burglarize -- in fact, they did burglarize the cash america pawnshop, used a ladder to crime onto the roof and enter through a hole in the roof. they stole eight guns but didn't get farment one suspect was caught right away, a 17-year-old youth who confessed they broke into the store to steal bullets, quote, to kill police officers. that heightened the alert here. protests the next day on sunday, you saw riot gear on police officers, you saw armored vehicles roaming the streets in baton rouge. everyone wondering why the escalated tension. the police yesterday said that was why, until they had everyone, at least almost everyone rounded up, they weren't sure what they were dealing with. it turchs out they're dealing with juveniles from a neighborhood here in baton rouge, ranging in age from 13 to 23. one of the suspects was not
8:23 am
involved in the plot. he was simply caught in possession of stolen property, stolen guns. they are searching for one other suspect. police have not released his name. if they know who it is, they're not telling anyone. they say the search continues and the city is still under a somewhat heightened sense of alert. as you heard the young man speak a moment ago, he's calling for peace and calm and to protest, quote n the right way. >> cameron sterling only 15 years old. we all got introduced to him in that heartbreaking moment when his mom was talking about his dad, and he lost his composure like any 15-year-old would do. but today, the incredible words he spoke, the composure he had to deliver this kind of message, do you think that's going to work, charles, from what you're seeing on the ground there and how people are trying to heal wounds created because of this? >> reporter: everyone hoping it is, thomas. this young man spoke out very peacefully. for the most part, tomorrow tests here have been peaceful.
8:24 am
the only problems they had was last sunday when more than 200 people were arrested in clashes with heavily armoured police. most of those people with out-of-towners who came to down to provoke police officers. there are meetings almost every night trying to get the races together to start a dialogue to try to bring peace. >> charles hadlock from baton rouge, thank you very much. now we move to texas, the first funerals being held for the five officers killed by a sniper last thursday in downtown dallas. services are under way for dallas area rapid transit officer brent thompson and dallas police sergeant michael smith. the funeral for dallas police senior corporal lorne ahrens is set to begin in the next hour. tammy lightner joining us, some of the families, they want
8:25 am
cameras to be involved, and some of the families chose to have more private services? >> that's right. they are streaming it. as far as the 'em memorial goes, there are hundreds of people inside. i want to give you an idea of how many police officers have come to pay their respects. you can see a line of police motorcycles there, that's just one side of this church. it goes around the entire side. hundreds and hundreds of police officers have shown up from all over the state and the united states. we've seen officers from as far away as miami, chicago, albuquerque. inside it's a sea of blue. once this memorial wraps up, they will have an honor guard presentation. we're told the 21-gun salute, "taps" will be playing. the funeral service will be private and just for the family. two other services going on for senior corporate lorne ahrens and for sergeant michael smith. keep in mind, thomas, five funerals over the next four days. that is a tough thing for this
8:26 am
community to deal with. >> we know yesterday with the president being there and the visit, the remarks he made along with the other leadership for the dallas community with some welcomed healing. right now this is agonizing for the families to go through this and also, tammy, new details about the investigation into the gunman. what do you have on that? >> reporter: that's right, thomas. as the new information comes out, the community is grieving. it's a tough thing to deal w. we learned the shooter, micah johnson, he had an ak-74 according to law enforcement sources, similar to an ak-47. it's a russian-made assault rifle, semi-automatic. we spoke with his former squad leader gilbert fishbach, and he said micah johnson was not enthused about tactical training. he said he was with him in 2009, he was kind of goofy and a
8:27 am
little clutsy, but well liked by people. developing right now, just minutes away from seeing for ourselves the outgoing british prime minister david cameron speaking before he leaves office officially. his replacement theresa may is a woman who was against the brexit, but now has to pave the way out of the eu for the uk. police in arizona release a new sketch for a suspect in a series of random murders. coming up, the latest on the search for the suspect that has people refuafraid to leave thei homes.
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the earth needed to find a new waytury, to keep up with the data om over 30 billion connected devices. just 30 billion? a bold group of researchers and computer scientists in silicon valley, had a breakthrough they called... the machine. it changed computing forever. and it's been part of every new technology for the last 250 years. everything? everything! this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond. any minute we expect uk prime minister david cameron to deliver brief remarks before officially stepping down and leaving 10 downing street for the last time. cameron will then head over to buckingham palace where he'll visit the queen and give his formal resignation.
8:31 am
british home secretary theresa may will meet with the queen and will become the second woman to hold the office of prime minister. nbc's matt bradley is live outside the prime minister's residen residence. how long do we expect these remarks to be? how long do we expect him to speak publicly? >> reporter: we don't really know. this is likely to be a very, very brief address to a nation that's really quite jittery at the moment. this is a massive change. i'm warning we might have to interrupt this because he could come out at any minute for his address. the press is just waiting for him to step out and start speaking. we don't know exactly how long this address is going to be? >> matt, when it comes to theresa may, this is a woman who supported the uk staying within the eu, and now she has to helm their departure from it? how much of a conflict is this from her?
8:32 am
>> reporter: this is one of the great ironies. all the major politicians who backed this brexit have either been forced to resign or have been voted down. now the only major politicians left are the ones supporting the remain camp like david cameron and tear reese is a may. she was always a quiet supporter of the remain camp. a lot of people say she was hedging her bets, wanting to see how the country would fair. this was a very, very tight vote, this referendum several weeks ago. that's what caused all these problems. it upended all the major parties and dealt a body blow to the economy and rattled markets worldwide. >> when it comes to the sentiment of the people of the uk that voted to leave the eu, are there more that wish they had stayed steady with the remain camp? what do people feel that are witnessing this exchange of power? >> reporter: it's hard to know
8:33 am
in london because london was overwhelmingly in favor of the remain camp. it was people in the north and in the west in wales where people went for the leave camp. it's more of a rural phenomenon. here in london you can walk around and it's a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. when you're walking the streets here, your feel like you're part of europe. the atmosphere here in the capital has been despair for weeks. surrounding the country there has been something of a buyers' remorse. i don't think a lot of people really expected this vote, even the ones who voted for leave to come out in favor of leave. they wanted to put the european union on notice for leave. they didn't expect to have to face the consequences of this. when they saw the british pound plummet and saw stock markets have this massive correction, a lot of them felt this sense of buyer's remorse, maybe we shouldn't have voted the way we did. >> how has theresa may reassured
8:34 am
people about a smooth transit n transition? >> reporter: she's in the process right now of picking her cabinet. that's the issue here. that's the continuity that the british public wants to see. they want to see a new leadership coming in. that's what's really interesting. as i mentioned, a lot of these pro-brexit politicians are not necessarily going to be in this new cabinet. we're going into this really bold new era in british history and really this is historic. this bold new era with a leadership that comes from the old guard, some of the more traditional members of the conservative party, especially theresa may. she's expected to populate some of the cabinet with people who are pro brexit. but really one of the most interesting things is she's going to be pick ag lot of women, promoting women to higher-level offices and a lot of them will be in the cabinet. >> matt bradley outside 10 downing street. we'll come back to you if we can when the prime minister steps out to make his remarks. coming up, can you carry a gun in public in cleve sfland
8:35 am
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you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. today cleveland police are expected to give a security update oven next week's republican national convention. in ohio citizens are allowed to openly carry legally-owned firearms. last week's tragic events in dallas are giving officials pause. joining me now is cleveland city councilman brian kazy. let's start off with what this means for the city of cleveland and ohio open carry. we have the new black panther party is the latest saying they'll be showing and carrying firearms for self-defense during the demonstrations in cleveland. how concerned are you that these protests could easily turn violent and even deadly?
8:39 am
>> first of all, good morning, tom. thanks for having me. ohio is an open-carry state. we've been informed in the city that during the convention we'll have individuals within the event zone who will be exercising their constitutional right to openly carry firearms. in light of dallas last week, that has put the city and law enforcement a little bit more on edge, especially with the fact that we know yesterday obviously the black panthers came out and said they were going to come here and openly carry. >> certainly this is in contrast to what the nra believes, you know, more guns equal more safety. we know stephen loomis president of the cleve left-hand police association is urging people not to take guns anywhere near cleveland's downtown during the convention. we do expect to hear, as i
8:40 am
mentioned before, about police and the secret service today. brian, let me ask you to stand by for me. we have david cameron just coming out of 10 downing street. let's listen in. >> -- con front our problems as a country and lead people through difficult decision sos we can reach better times. it's not an an easy journey and we've not got every decision right. i do believe today our country is much stronger. above all, it was about turning around the economy, and with a deficit cut by two-thirds, 2.5 million more people at work and 1 million more businesses, there can be no doubt that our economy is i'm mez rahbly stronger. politicians like to talk about policies, but in the end it is about people's lives. i think of the people doing jobs who were previously unemployed. i think of the businesses that were just ideas in someone's head and today are making a go
8:41 am
of it at providing people with livelihoods. i think of the hard working families paying lower taxes and getting higher wages because of the first ever national living wage. i think of the children who are languishing in the care system and who have now been adopted by loving families. i think of the parents now able to send their children to good and outstanding schools, including free schools that simply didn't exist before. i think of over 200,000 young people who have taken part in national citizen service, the fastest growing youth program of its kind in the world, something that again wasn't there six years ago. i think of the couples who have been able to get married who weren't allowed to in the past, and i think of the people on the other side of the world who wouldn't have had clean drinking water, a chance to go to school or even be alive with it not for our decision to keep our aid promises to the poorest people
8:42 am
and the poorest countries in our world. and we've used our stronger economy to invest in our health service. when i walked in there there were 18,000 people waiting over a year for their operation. today it's just 800. too many, still too long, but our nhs is a national treasure and one who strive for miracles every day. we strengthened our nation's defenses, with submarines, destroyers and frigates rolling out to keep our country safe in a dangerous world. these are the choices and the changes that we've made. i want to thank everyone who has given so much support to me personally over these years. the incredible team at number 10, the sil servants whose professionalism and impartiality is one of our country's greatest strengths and my political advisers, some of whom have been with me since the day i stood for my party's leadership 11
8:43 am
years ago. i want to thank my children, nancy, elwyn and florence for whom downing street has been a lovely home. they sometimes kick the red boxes full of work. florence, you once climbed into one before a foreign trip and said take me with you. well, no more boxes. above all, i want to thank samantha, the love of my life, you have kept me vaguely sane, and as well as being an amazing wife, mother and business woman, you have done something every week in that building behind me to celebrate the best of voluntary service in our country. we will shortly be heading to buckingham plas palace to see her magistery the queen where i'll tender my resignation as prime minister. i'll invite her magistery to invite theresa may to form a new administration. i'm delighted that for the second time in british history, the new prime minister will be a
8:44 am
woman and once again a conservative. i believe theresa will provide strong and stable leadership in fulfilling the conservative manifesto on which we were elected and i wish her well in negotiating the best possible terms for britain's exit from the european union. let me finish by saying this, the spirit of service is one of this country's most remarkable qualities. i've seen that service day in, day out, in the incredible work of our armed forces, our intelligence agencies and our police. it is something i always knew, but as prime minister you see it so directly that it blows you away. of course, writing those heartbreaking letters to the families who lost loved ones is a poignant reminder of the profound scale of what these men and women give for us in the defense of our freedoms and our way of life. we must never forget that. in a different way i've seen the same spirit of service in the
8:45 am
amazing contributions of countless volunteers and communities up and down our country who are making our society bigger and stronger. i'm proud that every day for the past two years i've used the office of prime minister in a non-political way to recognize and thank almost 600 of them as points of light whose service can be an inspiration for us all. for me politics has always been about public service in the national interest. it is simple to say but often hard to two. one of the things that sustains you in this job is the sense that, yes, our politics is full of argument and debate and it can get quite heated. but no matter how difficult the decisions are, there's a great sense of british fair play, a quiet but prevailing sense that most people wish their prime minister well and want them to stick at it and get on with the job. so i want to take this moment to
8:46 am
say thank you to all those who have written letters and e-mails offering that support, people who i'll never get to meet and never get to thank personally. it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve our country as prime minister over these last six years and to serve as leader of my party for almost 11 years. as we leave for the last time, my only wish is continued success for this great country that i love so very much. thank you. [ applause ] >> very moving moment as we watch british prime minister david cameron along with his family, his three young children, say good-bye to the british people formally as the british prime minister and the family now going over to buckingham palace. he'll suggest that theresa may lead and form the next government of the british
8:47 am
people. he said being the british prime minister has been the greatest honor of his life after six years of service. cash ack on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet?
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we're back with our first read of the morning, briefing from the "meet the press" and nbc team. and we have several big portfolio stories we're following today. the 2016 race hitting rock bottom, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg trades insults with the nominee, and this new poll out this morning that could spell real trouble for hillary clinton. then a new development as evan buy made it official announcing today he's mounting a return bid to the u.s. senate. uncovering all of this, mark murray. mark, first though, i have to ask you about donald trump and the fact that, we'll get to the war of words with ginsburg in a moment, but the selection process. potentially down to three and this meeting with pence today. what are you hearing from people about how likely a trump/pence ticket could be? >> you know thomas, there are a
8:51 am
lot of signs that it could be trump and pence, but there are signs of trump and gingrich. we have a situation right now is there are three front runners, mike pence, the indiana governor, newt gingrich, the former house speaker, and chris christie the new jersey governor. and i wouldn't say that the one is clearly out in front of the other. as we do know and our team reported, kelly o'donnell has been telling you this newt gingrich is in fact gone to indiana for meetings as well. the family is doing interviews. the finalists are sitting down. and we'll find out i think very shortly in the next couple of days or hours who the final choice is. >> meanwhile this war of words between donald trump and ruth bader ginsburg. it's a rock bottom moment in this race. explain what you mean about that and why this is so unusual. >> well, thomas, it's unusual because it's dealing with the supreme court. and there's a good argument and aaron was making it to you, at
8:52 am
the end of the day, the supreme court justices are political actors as well. they're appointed by presidents and confirmed by the senate. they sometimes have war of words with their colleagues on the supreme court. we have split decisions that often are done from ideological or partisan reasons, but there's one difference between the court and also with what you have on congress or at the white house, and that is that these justices put on black robes, they don't applause during state of the unions, they are seen as institution, kind of above it all. because they are seen that way kind of takes a hit when you have an engaging in 2016 politics. >> meanwhile, the hoosier state can't stay out of the headlines, now news about evan buy. >> this is a big deal, it gives democrats at least 50/50 opportunity of winning back this current republican held seat buy
8:53 am
held this seat, gave it back in 2010, and democrats by putting more seats on the table have the ability to win back the senate. they need four if hillary clinton wins the white house, five if she loses. and having at least seven races right now where they have 50/50 or greater opportunities gives them that chance to win back the senate. >> meanwhile quickly, 50/50, the new poll numbers from quinnipiac, cause for concern or they reflect the recent headlines about the fbi investigation into hillary clinton? hillary clinton is down over a month ago. >> thomas, that's great. that context is very important. i think there's kind of no question that hillary clinton's taken a bit of a hit in the polls after all the focus on the fbi investigation. good news for donald trump, he was facing a lull, republicans who want to dump him at the convention, harder to do so when
8:54 am
he's competitive in the battleground states. >> thank you, sir, appreciate it. and today, donald trump's attorneys are going to face the judge for the first time since trump called him quote, a hater and called out the judge for his mexican heritage. now that judge is going to decide whether to release videos of trump testifying about the case under oath. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader an unsteady world. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce
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has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. in three delicious flavors. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. the search for a serial killer in arizona tops the news nation this morning. phoenix police are looking for this man. a killer who police say has already -- excuse me, gunned down three women, three men, and a child. shootings have taken place within two miles of maryvalley, there were a lot of similarities between these murders. and a warning that the video may be disturbing to some because an apparent triple shooting in norfolk, virginia, was captured on a facebook live stream yesterday. at this hour, two of the three men have life threatening
8:58 am
injuries. police tell nbc affiliate that they are investigating the video in connection with that shooting. last night in san diego, pregame ceremonies at the mlb all-star game took a during during the performance of the canadian national anthem. one group of the tenors changed the lyrics to include the phrase, all lives matter. the group later apologized in a statement on twitter saying quote the tenors are deeply sorry for the disrespectful and disguided lack of judgment by one member of the group and acting as a lone wolf today. so in just a few hours, the federal judge who donald trump called mexican and hater is going to be hearing his case. the trump uk is at the center of trump's tax will be in california today. this afternoon. and in trumps comments led to a terrible week for his campaign drawing criticism from his own party. we are joined now with more on that. and ari, explain the context, the background here because he
8:59 am
could release tapes of trump testifying under oath, that's the biggie. >> that's up for decision today basically they have video depositions. people to want see the videos of donald trump making his case, explaining trump university which has been under fire and went out of business. that's a decision. the larger question, i'll read from one of the many criticisms, tweet where he said look, i have a judge in a civil case, san diego, who's very unfair and obama pick, totally biassed, hates trump and made an issue on the campaign trail on the fact that he happens to be mexican/american. a lot of fire. will the videos come out in the case. >> we expect to get the decision today. they're in court making the case. develop we expect to know later today? how long could he take? >> this is a thing that would normally not be as big a deal, except donald trump made it one, yes, typically could the bench ruling. the judge today might say yeah, videos are coming out or wait a day or two. this isn't the biggest step. the bigger step of course which is going to happen after the
9:00 am
election is whether the people who said they were defrauded are right, do they get money back for that? or does trump win? able to say hey, buyer customer student beware, either way this was an institution designed to get business advice that ultimately is now out of business. >> thank you, we'll be watching, and thank you for watching. coming up next, "andrea mitchell reports". right now on "andrea mitchell reports," trump visiting mike pence. adding speculation about donald trump's pick for vice president. >> i often joke, you'll be calling up mike pence, i don't know whether he's going to be your governor or your vice president, who the hell knows. >> it's a little bit like the aparen sis. you find out sooner or later who the last one standing is. >> who's with her now that bernie sanders has hillary clinton's back? who is going to be her running


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