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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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who said they were defrauded are right, do they get money back for that? or does trump win? able to say hey, buyer customer student beware, either way this was an institution designed to get business advice that ultimately is now out of business. >> thank you, we'll be watching, and thank you for watching. coming up next, "andrea mitchell reports". right now on "andrea mitchell reports," trump visiting mike pence. adding speculation about donald trump's pick for vice president. >> i often joke, you'll be calling up mike pence, i don't know whether he's going to be your governor or your vice president, who the hell knows. >> it's a little bit like the aparen sis. you find out sooner or later who the last one standing is. >> who's with her now that bernie sanders has hillary clinton's back? who is going to be her running mate? >> i would like to see the most
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progressive person possible become secretary clinton's vice presidential nominee. >> and out of order. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg stepping off the bench and into the political arena, calling donald trump a faker. sparking strong objections. good day everyone, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we're expecting remarks from hillary clinton, excuse me, of using ground in the critical swing states according to latest polling to donald trump. a new poll has donald trump leading clinton in both florida and pennsylvania. the candidates locked in a 41/41 nigh ohio. in all three states, the honest and trust worthy question is an anchored ground. up double digits on that issue across the board. team trump is focussing on their vice president shlg search, the big news from indiana, trump and his children seen at the home of
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indiana governor mike pence. top candidate to share the republican ticket. joining me now, msnbc's casey hunt covering the event in illinois and kelly o'donnell in cleveland and washington. and justice correspondent, pete williams. let me start with you about ruth bader ginsburg jumping into this presidential arena unusual. to say the least. >> certainly in modern times. you know, probably in the 19th century when politics was a little more bare knuckled, this sort of thing went on, in modern times, it's very unusual. what's remarkable about it, andrea, she did a couple of interviews and she seemed to every time she did it ratchet it up. she made a couple of statements to the ap, then the "new york times" on friday, it was published sunday, then on monday, joan, who's an author, wrote a couple of books about the supreme court gave her a chance to dial it back and instead she turned it way up, calling him a faker, saying his ego drives him. he says whatever pops into his
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head and why hasn't the press been proper about his tax returns? so it is quite unusual. >> donald trump responding on twitter going after his competence, he said justice ginsburg of the u.s. supreme court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. her mind is shot-resign! well, let's set the record straight, no matter what the appropriateness of her getting into politics, justice ginsburg is one of the brilliant jurorist who has recently from the bench had a majority of opinions, you covered the court fms. >> i don't think anyone on the court thinks her mind is shot. certainly not any of the other justices. and she's certainly not going to resign. so the question here is the wisdom of jurorness. and a lot of scholars are saying she shouldn't have done this, judges are supposed to not endorse or criticize candidates
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for office and the other problem she makes for herself is if there's a question that comes before the supreme court, if donald trump gets elected, then these to have a contest where the election comes to the court, would she have to back out? this is a court that has only eight right now. that would take it down to seven. which of course would possibly avoid a tie vote. you know, she's getting support from people who know and like her, noah feldman, doesn't everybody has a jewish grandmother that says these things? dick durbin the top democrat in the senate saying she got out ahead of her skis. there's not a lot of strong support among the democrats and people who ordinarily would like gore and respect her. >> justice ginsburg appointed business bill clinton, and had been a leader of equal rights for women and this is her main issue in years and years of civil light rights and
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litigations. >> i don't think anyone is surprised to know that ruth bader ginsburg would like to see hillary clinton elected president. it's not the substance of the remark, it's the idea that she made it at all. >> and the "new york times" editorial against her saying that donald trump is right about justice ruth bader ginsburg. >> on this one thing. >> this is before his tweet about how she should resign. righting in says she shouldn't have said these things. kelly o'donnell meanwhile in cleveland has a lot of new reporting on what's happening on the vice presidential sweepstakes, you could call it celebrity apprentice 2. we know now that there is a combination of donald trump, his adult children, and several of the potential nominees, kelly. >> reporter: well, andrea, what we were able to first reported today is that the other top finalists are also meeting with the trump children. newt gingrich, chris christie, and of course, mike pence, the
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governor of indiana, had a bit of home field advantage because trump appeared with him at a rally last night after a long scheduled fundraiser. and the trump team is making use of their time on the ground in indiana to not only visit again with mike pence at the official governor's residence so the adult children of donald trump, donald trump himself, spending some time with the pences, my reporting tells me that chris christie has already had this meeting, meeting with the adult children of trump, and that newt gingrich is on tap for a meeting as well. what this tells us, there is another round that we had not necessarily anticipated in how the trump's would go through this process to figure out who was the best fit as a running mate? so we know that the vetting process is one level of interview, trump himself having one on one time, sort of the auditions we've seen with each of these finalists on the campaign trail. and now, much more unusual in this election than compared to others where top advisors are not family members.
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seeing the adult children of donald trump spending time, face to face with these candidates who could be their father's running mate. it's an important step with very little time left. i'm told by multiple sources and so are other colleagues of ours that the decision has not been made. and we expect that donald trump at some point today will travel to california for a previously scheduled fundraiser, and so he's using this time on the ground to try to work through some of this process with pressure on because his campaign is planning for a friday event where he and his choice to be running mate will appear in public. so the clock is ticking. the decision is apparently a bit more complicated, or more difficult, than perhaps outsiders would think. we're also told there are different sort of factions within the campaign as well as friends of the campaign outside rooting for different finalists. and so that may be part of what is affecting his decision, each brings some different qualifications, some different closeness, different skills, and it's up to trump to decide whom he wants to run with over the
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next few months, andrea. >> and the comfort level and the attack dog level, i mean, there are all kinds of qualities, trump himself talked about wanting to see how mike pence would do as an attack dog, and then we saw how pence last night in introducing trump seemed to be dialing it up, paul manafort, campaign manager believed to be in favor of mike pence. more safer choice if you will. governor of the midwest also christian conservatives and other conservatives, mainstream conservatives, newt gingrich has been a pal and close advisors. chris christie a close advisor. gingrich is in indiana as well for the final interviews. what strikes me could be complicating, and you are closer to this than i, kelly, is with ivanka and her husband jared kushner so directly involved. his father was prosecuted by chris christie. does that have any factor? i mean, that was a new jersey
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case and his father did end up incarcerated. >> reporter: yes. when chris christie was the u.s. attorney, he did prosecute jared kushner's father. that is some history that comes into this. how much that weighs on kushner now that he's so influential with donald trump, hard to measure from the outside. trump has a long-standing relationship with governor christie over a dozen or so years. and christie has already been very involved in the campaign behind the scenes as the transition chairman. so that prior relationships with the father-in-law offive van ka trump did not stop that participation from christie, but weighing it for something as significant as the running mate, maybe that's a factor. we know that the adult children of donald trump have a lot to say about this as their trusted a visors of their father. rerelies on them and they want to make sure he makes the right choice. they have been much more involved than you might otherwise see. i think in this case there's a
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lot of interesting history. and when you use the word safe regarding governor pence, i hear that again and again for the reasons you pointed out. safe kind of at a distance, there's not a long relationship at all between pence and donald trump, just getting to know each other. but is he the right fit because of the things he can do within the party? and last night, of course, he did ramp it up against hillary clinton, important to remember, pence is currently running for reelection as governor in indiana. so all of the attention brought by donald trump who won indiana big in the primary, certainly goes down to pence's benefit in the gubernatorial race if he remains a candidate in that lane, andrea. >> thanks to you, and casey hundredth in springfield, illinois, where hillary clinton is going to give a speech within the hour on race and on devisiveness in america at the old state house there in springfield, illinois, where abraham lynn khan gave his house divided does not stand speech. casey. >> reporter: so much symbolism here, andrea, with the fact that
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this is where abraham lincoln gave that famous speech. there is where barack obama announced he was running in 2007 and appeared with vice president joe booiden to announce that they would form a ticket together. and this is going to be an expansion of those remarks that she started making on friday to the ame church in the wake of those terrible shootings in dallas. we've seen her approach this from both sides. they've been very careful to talk both about the killings of black men at the hands of police and also about the communities that have been rocked because of the political who were killed in dallas. and she said, in that speech on friday, she acknowledged that she risked angering one side or the other, but she was going to plow ahead anyway. and i think you're going to try to see them draw contrasts here with how trump has sold himself as the law and order candidate over the course of the past couple of days.
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i think that her approach, their emphasis is going to be more on this idea that the country should try to come together, should try to have a conversation about where things stand. i do think it's interesting that that's the approach she's taking, talking about a conversation when of course we did have president obama in dallas acknowledging that a lot of times he's had, you know, words, he's made speeches, tried to address things and it hasn't had the impact that he expected that it would, andrea. >> thanks to you, casey. and pete williams here as well. the speech that the president gave last night was one of his more memorable speeches, yet he acknowledged it has it had not lifted the country or helped us understand better the conflict between the way african americans and other minorities are treated by police, the way police fear and resent some groups when they have to, you know, deal with difficult neighborhoods. and the whole conflict between
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the violence that we feel on all sides. the frustration of the president and really elephant remarks yesterday. hillary clinton's been trying to grow for that, it's not just politics, yes, there's politics, this is her base, but she is trying to straddle the sort of pull and tug of different groups here. and she hasn't gotten very much attention for it. on friday night, it got overwhelmed by what was happening in dast dallas. yesterday he folded into her speech, her appearance with bernie sanders. so now trying to devote an entire, an entire moment to this, talking about the need for police training, talking about the need for mental health, but there are very few answers. >> it's been a controversial issue among police groups themselves. . there was a report published by the police executive research form that came out a couple of months ago about how to deescalate these things. how not to immediately go to lethal force, how to police can protect themselves without escalating these things toward
9:14 am
violence. and that report itself has generated controversy within police groups. i think this is something the nation's police very much want to try to get at better handle on. they realize that perhaps better training is needed. there are other techniques that can be used, but they're also saying you know, it's very dangerous for them in some of these areas. >> and the same time you're got the vice president who was the chairman of the judiciary committee when the law enforcement act was passed in 1994 addsing 100,000 police, and that's become controversial. starting in baltimore because of the sentence progress visions. >> the cop's program. general lit that's within well received, i think, the idea of putting more people on the street and having police better known within their communities. also the struggle is how to get the diversity.
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right now final preparations in cleveland, the republican national convention. msnbc is heading there in force, make sure to keep it here on msnbc, complete coverage of the republican national convention starting tomorrow. and then a week later, we move the whole team to philadelphia for coverage of the democratic national convention. all right here on msnbc. coming up, funeral services beginning today for the officers killed in dallas. we'll go there live, next. right here on msnbc. >> i see people who have protested on criminal justice reform, leading alongside prifrs. i see people who mourn for the five officers we lost, but also weep for the families of alton sterling and philando castile. r a long day,
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my father was a good man. that was a sacrifice he showed everyone what has been going on in life. and it should give a push that everyone should be together, not against each other. >> that was alton sterling's 15-year-old son speaking out for the first time since his father was fatally shot by police in baton rouge. as funeral services begin today in the dallas shooting, we're learning more about a chilling plot to kill police in baton rouge just days after alton sterling's death. nbc news's gabe gutierrez joins me now with the latest on all of this, gabe, there you are in dallas, and we are juggling new information from baton rouge. what do we know about this plot? >> reporter: hi there andrea, good afternoon, emotional day here in dallas. this makeshift memorial in front of the dallas police department
9:20 am
is growing. we keep seeing well wishers come by, interact with these police officers. and hug them. it's really an emotional scene, but as you mention the funerals for three of those fallen, five officers are on their way today. earlier this morning and actually just about wrapping up, it's the funeral for rapid transit officer brent thompson, just 43 years old, family man, father of everyone is, including a 20-year-old daughter. this morning was just agonizing for his family. his wife just spoke at that funeral, let's listen to some of her emotional words. >> brent is going to want me, his family, all civilians, all law enforcement to continue on the calls for service, the pedestrian flagging you down, needing assistance, and all fences within our presences is not going to stop just because my brent's gone. >> gabe, i think they were married just for two weeks, these two officers.
9:21 am
police families, devastated. this is almost too much to bear for the city of dallas and for the families, of course. most importantly. i think gabe is having difficulty hearing me and i apologize to all of us and to gabe gutierrez whose been on duty since all of this happened a week ago thursday. and coming up, bernie sanders finally endorsing hillary clinton. but will his supporters follow his lead? we asked some of them, that's next, right here on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance mpany would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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9:25 am
hampshire was still bitter sweet for many sanders supporters. i spoke to them after the sanders endorsement. >> a little heartbroken, but i knew it was coming. >> will you vote for her? >> i'm going to wait until after the convention, i really, it doesn't matter to me what she says, i need to hear from him how he's going to make sure these things get down. >> wayne, what about you? will you vote for hillary clinton after what bernie sanders said about her today? >> well, what i wanted to see was the dynamic that occurred between hillary and bernie. >> and what did you think? >> well, i was hoping it would be same candidate of dynamic that we saw with elizabeth warren. because she's going to be out on the stump with him. and seeing that she hit on all of the points that bernie has campaigned for, i don't think she missed any of them. >> i'm a one issue guy, and that's the supreme court
9:26 am
nomination. because that seems to be the lynch pen, that is plugged up democracy as we know it. and now, i need to see two or three good choices on the supreme court, so maybe we can turn this around. >> so you're willing to vote for hillary clinton? >> yeah. because i know she'll make the right choice to that. the other things, we're going to have to see, i'm afraid. >> noah, young people have really resisted hillary clinton. young people have not voted for her, in droves. what did you hear today? >> well, as a member of like the youth climate movement, especially in new hampshire, i came seeing if she would move towards bernie on a couple of things. one was the transpacific partnership, she said that she agrees with bernie and opposes the ttp, which i thought was a great thing. but what she didn't say was that she wants a ban on fracking and to keep all natural resources in the ground.
9:27 am
all fossil fuels on the ground. and i would have liked to see her say that she as president would ban fracking on a national level. >> so you're not persuaded yet. >> are you willing to support hillary clinton? >> it's absolutely mixed emotions. i think that bernie sanders, best represents my views, however, i am going to continue supporting bernie sanders in however manner that he asks me to. and so if that means voting for hillary clinton, that may be how i decide to go. >> we've heard a lot of criticism over e-mails, not from bernie sanders, but from the fbi director now. kristy, did that give you pause when you heard all of the details? >> at one point in my life i did support hillary. i don't trust her, but i do trust bernie. so whatever he says, i will do. >> what about the trust factor
9:28 am
and her e-mails? is that a problem for you? >> i don't think that has a factor in the electoral process. i think for america, bernie sanders is the best choice, however, we need bernie sanders and hillary clinton needs us. hillary clinton needs the democratic side, and it needs us united. i absolutely believe that there's a lot we can get done if we're working together. the e-mails seem like a divisive thing that's going to push us apart. >> william, do you trust hillary clinton after the e-mail criticism that she got from the fbi director? >> the reason i gravitated towards bernie because i knew that he did not have the amount of baggage that hillary had in that the republicans are real good at dragging skeletons out of the closet. and i don't think there are any for bernie. but given that, i trust hillary to pick supreme court justices
9:29 am
who will look towards the middle class instead of corporate america on all of their decisions. >> as you can see, this is still a work in progress, but bernie sanders did accomplish a lot with that appearance, as awkward as it seemed at times and hillary clinton now has his support. meanwhile across the pond, david cameron just meeting with queen elizabeth at buckingham palace, formerly tendering his resignation. and the new prime minister theresa may just arrived at the palace. we will go live to london next right here on msnbc. >> mr. speaker this morning i meetings with others, other than one meeting this afternoon with her majesty, the queen, the diary for the rest of my day is remarkably light.
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it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve our country as prime minister over these last six years. and to serve as leader of my part, almost 11 years. and as we leave for the last time my only wish is to continued success for this great country that i love so very much. >> david cameron leading number for the last time as prime minister by his side. before heading to buckingham palace where he submitted his pro forma resignation. it's only three weeks after britain ignored his pleas and voted to leave the european union. and right now in a time honored dra digs, the next prime minister is meeting with the queen to kiss the hand as they call it. the 13th time that this queen has given her approval to a new prime minister. may is only second woman to hold the top job following in margaret thatcher.
9:34 am
and the prime minister will start immediately on her top priority thousand guide the country through it's long divorce with the european union. willford frost has been following it all outside number ten, thanks for being with us. what do we know and you know so well, theresa may, she had as far as i know national security credentials as covering the state department, her name is always in the room for all of these meetings. what about handling these difficult economic issues? >> reporter: well, absolutely right. she's been home secretary for the last six years from 2010 to 2006, although before that, she had quite a broad range of roles in politics. she became a member of parliament in 1997 and had a number of when the conservative party, her party, david camer cameron's party was in opposition. it hasn't worked extensively but of course she'll be appointing a
9:35 am
finance minister. top of the agenda no doubt about it the will be brexit negotiations and how she hand ms those. it's quite extraordinary really to think how complicated a raem he's getting. overall though she's seen as a safe pair of hands. steady bet to guide the country through a tough time. and attempt to reunite, not just a divided country, but currently also a divided party split between those that voted to leave the european union and those that voted to remain. >> and in terms of the economy and the chancellor, is she likely to name her ministers as early as today, tonight, what do we expect and who will be replacing george osbourne, the outgoing chancellor. right now of course, theresa may is seeing the queen. weather her majesty will be inviting a as a form of government. she'll return as prime minister. we do expect to make the top
9:36 am
cabinet announcements this evening. it is unlikely, highly unlikely that the current chancellor will remain in his post. likely that he would move out and tipped to take his place is the current former secretary. highlighting the desire of theresa may if she chooses. then perhaps but overwatching what she believe she's looking for in her cabinet is loyalty to herself. and the part moving forward, which is unlikely to secure the top jobs. >> there was talk that there might be more women in the cabinet, what speculation and could become ministers? >> absolutely right, in the introduction, this is the second female british prime minister of all time. and lots of speculation that
9:37 am
there will be a cabinet heavily dominated by women as well. a number of names like amber, expected to get senior rolls. again, it's hard to know exactly until she returns here as the second female british prime minister and starts making the announcement. the speculation there'll be a lot. scotland and angela merkel leading the german government at the moment. it's a great time for female leaders across europe. >> having covered the thatcher era as well, let me tell you, it can be very interesting the dynamic after margaret thatcher. not so much here in the states. and the one hold over, at least, at number ten is larry the cat. who was there was a tweet about cameron leaving, he was a resident of downing street but will stay with the staff. the larry the cat twitter handle, fake or not, tweeted people seem to be making a big
9:38 am
fuss about me replacing my butler, tweeting about cameron. >> reporter: larry the cat arrived in downing street during the cameron era, but was in fact a pet for the staff. the civil servants who do remain. larry also will remain. and lots of speculation therefore about how much love there was for larry from the prime minister, but he confirmed in his final appearance earlier that he did indeed adore larry, but will be leaving him before, the civil servants and the staff that remain here at downing street. and larry popped out once or twice today much to the excitement of the press corps assembled here. not quite as which today the cameron farewell and we will welcome theresa may, a close third. >> let me just say as a cousin across the atlantic, we've been at this now for a year and a half, and we haven't even nominated officially our candidates, and here y'all have done it in three weeks.
9:39 am
thanks for being with us. >> reporter: wish i could take the credit. >> thank you. and coming up next, hoosier hysteria, it's the final three vying for a spot as donald trump's vice president. including indiana governor mike pence. stay with us right here on msnbc. will your business be ready when growth presentstself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us.
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and you're looking at live pictures at the old state house in springfield, illinois, where abraham lincoln gave his favorite speech that a house divided against itself cannot stand. building on a theme in dallas that we have to heal our divides, hillary clinton will be there today. and where senator barack obama announced he'd be running for president. a year and a half later, he announced that joe biden would be his running mate there. joining me now for the daily
9:43 am
fix, political reporter in cleveland and susan paige. jeremy, first to you, you're in cleveland, but the vice presidential action is in indiana where we've been reporting. senator sessions is reportedly en route to indiana, the trump family is there. obviously the governor mike pence is there and also newt gingrich on the way chris christie already had his family interview. what is your latest reporting on who's up, who's down? who's in and out? >> reporter: watching this road show slash reality show has been pretty anewsing and interesting. i think right now, the smart money is on mike pence. now, i haven't completely ruled out that all of this is some kind of diversion and that donald trump being the showman that he is is somehow distracting us with meetings with christie and pence and these others, and i think it's possible he could have made up it's mind and he pulls a rabbit
9:44 am
out of the hat at the end and shocks us, but, you know, i do say my reporting here over the last few days, members of the republican national committee and others who are here are all fairly confident that it's going to be somebody like mike pence or even newt gingrich. >> and in fact, jeff sessions is more of an advisor, not a real viable potential candidate, supposedly. >> so to agree, we know what's going on, that's what we think we know, it's pence, christie, and gingrich, the three finalist. pence is the one that the establishment, which i think would be most comfortable with, he does uniting for the republican party. evangelicals like him, he's good with the tea party, he's a fiscal conservative, he has experience and kind of a moderate manner. and that establishment republicans like, i wonder if donald trump likes that. donald trump really likes people who are outspoken and strong and
9:45 am
fight back and he said to the wall street journal yesterday that he wants somebody who would be an attack dog. that might indicate somebody more like a chris christie or newt gingrich. >> and on the democratic side on the two of you on what we're hearing is that senator cain and possibly the agriculture secretary who is close to hillary clinton and has a long political history with her going back to '08 in iowa, our possibilities the most likely possibilities, also tom perry is the labor secretary. now, reaching out to the hispanic-american base is considered an important asset. and here is with courtesy to rachel maddow's team for finding this, tim kaine -- really most people acknowledge is the front-running possibility. an interview he did when the anchor tried to pin him down on whether he might be the choice, and this is all in spanish. [ speaking foreign language ]
9:46 am
>> so, you know, he got right away, jeremy, and answered in spanish that he's very happy staying in the senate and doing the job that he can in virginia. that is an asset. he was a peace corps volunteer i believe in honduras and is completely versed in spanish, he's not a hispanic-american. >> reporter: i'm sure you noticed the other day saying he didn't feel in his gut, he believed he was going to be the vice presidential pick, he would feel it, and he doesn't. i'll go back to my comments earlier about the diversion their tactics that donald trump
9:47 am
might be using. hillary clinton could be up to the same thing. what these vp picks do more than anything else is refresh the ticket. and hillary needs that just as badly as donald trump given both of their, you know, rather pitiful numbers on trust worthiness with the american people. to the extent that they could really come out with a surprising unforeseen pick. i think that goes a long way in helping both of them and they're both going to want to do that. >> one would think that elizabeth warren is no longer in the top tier because she has been announced as the monday night opening night speaker at the convention, which is not the night where you unveil the vice presidential nominee. >> that's right, and you can reach out to various constituents not only by choosing someone to put on the ticket, but by talking about choosing someone on a ticket. and that's what they were doing with elizabeth warren. they were going to vet her, they talked about her as a possibility, i never thought that was very likely to happen. for the clinton people, one of the decisions they need to make
9:48 am
is do they want to make a campaign decision that might get more excitement or do they think they're going to win this election and they want to have the person that hillary clinton wants to govern with? and if that's the determination, then i think it is very likely to be senator kaine who is highly represented, deeply experienced both as a governor and senator. and somebody who has as we just saw, fluent in spanish. >> or tom. >> thank you very much. susan paige, thank you, jeremy, see you soon out there. and now the final preparations are being made in cleveland for the republican national convention. msnbc is headed there in force as are we. make sure to keep it here on msnbc for complete coverage of the rnc starting tomorrow. and then a week later, we all move the whole team to philadelphia for the coverage of the democratic national convention. all right here on msnbc. coming up, the trump university case back in court for the first time since donald trump went after the judge presiding over it. that's next right here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. did you read every word?
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and to springfield, illinois, where hillary clinton has taken the stage inside of the old stage house in springfield. let's listen, it's supposed to be a speech about race in america. >> nearly 160 years ago, abraham lincoln gave a speech in this state house that marked a turning point in the political life of our nation. the question of slavery was being fiercely debated across america. roughly half the state's allowed it, half abolished it, and some people, including lincoln, believed that until it feels gone entirely, our country would never be truly united and at peace. so on june 16, 1858, when mr. lincoln kicked off his campaign
9:53 am
for the united states senate, he delivered an address on how slavery was tearing our country apart. and that it must go. some thought that he ended up losing the senate race because of that speech, but then he won the presidency and some thought it was because of that speech. president lynn khan led america during the most challenging period in our nation's history. he defended our union, our constitution and the ideal of a nation con soceived in liberty dedicated the pop sigs that all men are created equal.
9:54 am
that enshrined those values for future generations. they protect and guide us still. i'm here today in this place because the words lincoln spoke all those years ago still old resonance for us now. remember, he said, a house divided against itself cannot stand. i believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. i do not expect he went on the union to be dissolved, i do not expect the house to fall, but i do expect it will cease to be divided. it will become all one thing or all the other. the challenges we face today do
9:55 am
not approach those of lincoln's time, not even close. and we should be very clear about that. but recent events have left people across america asking hard questions about whether we are still a house divided. despite our best efforts and highest hopes, america's long struggle with race is far from finished. in just the past week, we saw black men killed by police and five police officers killed by a sniper, targeting white police. there is too much violence and hate in our country. too little trust and common ground. it can feel impossible to have
9:56 am
the conversations we need to have to fix what's broken. and despite being the richest country on earth, we have too much economic inequality, and that also undermines the foundation of our democracy. lincoln understood that threat too. everyone deserved in his words a fair chance in the race of life. he saw it as a defining feature of the united states and believed it was vital that hard-working people be free to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. it's one of the reasons he was so strongly against slavery because it violated that entire notion, and as president, he
9:57 am
took pains to use the tools of government to create more economic opportunity for americans at every level of society. so too must we fight inequality and create opportunity in our time. not just for some americans, but for all. so i come today, as a mother and a grandmother, to two beautiful little children, who i want them and all of our children to grow up in a country where violence, like the kind we saw last week doesn't happen again. and where the american dream is big enough for everyone. i'm also here as a candidate for president who is deeply concerned about the divisions that still hold our people apart and our nation back.
9:58 am
i believe that our future peace and prosperity depends on whether we meet this moment with honesty and courage. that means taking a hard look at our laws and our attitudes. it means embracing policies that promote justice for all people, and standing firm against any attempt to roll back the clock on the rights and opportunities that so many sacrificed, so much to secure. and all of that starts with doing a better job of listening to each other. we need to listen to the families who loved ones have been killed in police incidents. alton sterling and philando castile, are just the latest of a long and painful litany of
9:59 am
african americans dying after encounters with police officers. we remember laquan mcdonald and sandra bland who grew up in illinois who died one year ago today. time after time no one is held accountable. and surely we can all agree that's deeply wrong and needs to change. and yes we do need to listen to those who say black lives matter. too many black americans, especially young men, feel like their lives are disposable, and they worry every single day about what might happen. they have every reason to feel that way, and it's absolutely unacceptable. everyone in america, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
10:00 am
surely that is something we can all unite behind. we need to acknowledge the five latinos who also lost their lives in police incidents last week. their stories didn't get national media coverage, but their families and communities are mourning too. and at same time, we need to listen to the dedicated principle police officers working hard every day to rebuild trust with the communities they serve and protect. our men and women in blue put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe, and keep our democracy strong. remember what michael krol, michael smith, lorne ahren, brent


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