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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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everything! this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond. it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve our country as prime minister over these last six years. and to serve as leader of my party for almost 11 years. and as we leave for the last time, my only wish is continued success for this great country that i love so very much. >> history unfolding in london today. it happened after david cameron tendered his resignation to queen elizabeth. the change happening three weeks after britain voted to leave the european union.
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>> the government i lead will be driven by you. we will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives. >> prime minister may also vowed to create a country that works for all, not just the, quote, privileged few. historical developments we'll continue to follow throughout the day. that does it for me for this hour. my colleague thomas roberts picks things up in new york right now. >> thanks. i'm thomas roberts. ahead this hour, we're waiting this news conference from cleveland police and the secret service. they are expected to lay out the sweeping security plan for the repulican national convention, a massive undertaking. we're going to bring you that live. also the supreme court showdown. donald trump firing back at ruth baiter ginsberg. and hillary clinton delivered a major address. she spoke from the very building
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where abraham lincoln discussed a nation divide. >> recent events have left people across america asking hard questions about whether we are still a house divide. >> so all of this as we wait on president obama meeting with law enforcement and civil rights leaders in washington this hour after what's been a very difficult few weeks for the country. we'll take you live to the white house. but we begin with brand new breaking news polling numbers from msnbc and "the wall street journal" on the presidential race. it shows that hillary clinton is holding a lead in two key battleground states and tied in another. her support may be sliding. donald trump and hillary clinton are chasing every electoral vote ahead of national conventions later this month. mark murray is here to break down the numbers for us. we were on earlier talking about the cue polls. what are we seeing now out of these? >> our toll shows iowa hillary
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clinton has a 3-point lead over donald trump. 42% to 39% among registered voters. within the survey's margin of error. in ohio we have a tied race where it's hillary clinton at 39% and donald trump at 39%. then in pennsylvania our poll has hillary clinton ahead by 9 points. 45% to 36%. thomas, i think one of the big takeaways. these polls are good news for donald trump. there are a band of republicans who want to deny him the nomination next week in cleveland. he's able to point to these numbers and say this is a very competitive contest. the good news for hillary clinton is the polls were conducted right after the brutal commentary and it does show that we are still ahead after a very tough week. >> when we look at where these numbers put us, one thing you
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want to clarify is that they are unpopular when we look at the swing states. what does that mean as they move forward and ramp up to the big moment, the crowning moment, the conventions? >> thomas, as you mentioned, our polls show that they are almost equally unlikable in these three battleground states. the conventions are a great way to be able to start to change people's perceptions about you or at least improve those numbers. on the other hand, i would argue that hillary clinton and donald trump are two very well defined figures in politics. it's going to be a change for them to be able to convince more americans. but when you have two candidates who have low favorable numbers, one of the bigger events is to be able to have a ground game, having a campaign, having an operation to be able to get your people to the polls. >> when we think about the purple states, what are they
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predicting? >> they are our battleground contests. a couple polls. hillary clinton has a 13-point lead in colorado. in florida you have donald trump ahead by 3 points. and i think you add up all these different battlegrounds that we have seen today and there are going to be so is many more polls. but hillary clinton has more possible avenues and successful avenues to getting to 270 electoral votes, more than donald trump does. that is still one of the big takeaways just like in 2012 for democrats and barack obama. hillary clinton and the democrats have so many more states to get them to 270 electoral votes versus donald trump and the republicans. >> mark murray, great to see you. a new intensity in the trump
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veepstakes search. donald trump was seen at pence's official resident ens. that's where the nominee teased supporters about choosing the indiana governor as his running mate. >> i often joke you'll be calling up mike pence. i don't know whether he's going to be your governor or your vice president, who the had hel lrl knows. >> so pence isn't the only one getting a a final round of visiting. we have our own reporting in cleveland. let's talk about what sources are say iing about the final da of the vetting process. also word that a meeting with donald trump's children and newt gingrich has concluded, correct? >> reporter: a lot of moving parts today in an unexpected way. there was some mechanical difficulty with the trump plane that caused donald trump to remain in indiana sbo today. of course, he was at that rally
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last night. and so they had to improvise and bring the meetings to him. so newt gingrich traveled to indianapolis and our sources say that meeting has now concluded. we can tell you we saw that the adult children, the oldest children of donald trump have been participating in this. and my reporting also is that chris christie had a meeting with the older adult children as well yesterday. so this is sort of a last round, it would appear given how little time is left, and to touch base with top contenders. this is about a personal connection and trying to identify the right qualities that would be a match for donald trump. he would effectively be choosing someone who will be tied to him through the campaign and if they were to win for four years to come. it's not an easy decision. it's one where these different top candidates bring different a attribut attributes. our different advisers and people in our inner circle who have different favorites.
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so imagine that being at the table and having more than one hand go up for each of the finalists. not making it easy. so the big wrinkle today, that plane difficulty that caused indiana to be the center of the trump vetting universe. governor pensacola getting additional time with the trump family and a more visual way where we saw the family going into the official residence of the governor and newt gingrich on the ground having his personal meeting and the expectation still is the big day will be friday, if not before. so we're kind of getting close to that point. everything that moves is potentially clue. >> very interesting they are openly dating in front of the people of indiana. they need to know by friday. >> reporter: yes, he's currently running for reelection.
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and under indiana law, you cannot run for a statewide office and a federal office at the same time. and for the ballot issues, there's a friday deadline. i think it's the end of business day where he would have to withdraw as a candidate for governor. he could remain in office through the end of his term in january, pu he would end his candidacy for reelection if he becomes the vice presidential nominee and accepts it. when barack obama picked joe biden, joe biden was running for reelection as a united states senator and won both offices back in 2008. the rules were different then. so this sort of things does come up and for the sake of the republican party in indiana, if governor pence is not going to seek a second term, they would have additional time to do that. about 30 days. but there is a deadline for pence to get an answer one way or another. >> have you heard from anybody on the ground in cleveland? this is the site of where the rnc is going to kick off on
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monday. the reaction of the chemistry last night in indiana compared to that of a chris christie or newt gingrich appearing with donald trump? >> well, everyone seems to have an opinion. there are a lot of people engaged in this idea of the big cliff hanger of the republican summer. who will be the running mate. as we talk to people on the ground, you find opinions about the strengths, weaknesses and some who think there will be some surprise factor. a lot of involvement providing documents and background information and going through things that none of us saw publicly. it would be surprising even in the nature of donald trump to go beyond that process for some unknown name. but we'll see. >> i have an irish catholic grandmother. she had a praise about opinions. i can't say it on television. but as we take a look at the security that's taking place in
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cleveland, we know the police and secret service are talking about the layout. what have you experienced since you have been there and been on the ground in cleveland? is this city ready for the rnc? >> reporter: ironically as i was traveling here, i met the director of the secret service at the airport, who was in town talking with officials here and talking to the media about the state of preparedness. he says cleveland is ready. they have the right resources in place. they don't give numbers on those sorts of things. just our experience, this is the week before the week. so there is easier freedom of movement. the lockdown that will effectively take place later when you have protect tees in town will be different. there are no credible threats, according to officials, for this site. there's a high level of expectation for big security. that's become a part of our lives. so far, the report card is they are ready and masses will begin to come. there's just a relatively small number of media and those
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involved in the republican party rules process already in town. the big incoming is yet to be. >> i'll see you there later tonight. i travel after the show. thank you very much. we are monitoring the meeting that's taking place about security with cleveland police and the secret service. this is a news conference. the rnc has been deg i guess nated as a special event. the federal government assumes control over security and logistics, which leaves it in the hands of director clancy and the secret service. stay with msnbc for the coverage live from cleveland and our team of coverage from the democratic national convention live from philadelphia as well. it's a lot of travel this july. but well worth it. today from the very spot abraham lyincoln spoke about a house divide, hillary clinton addressed the current state of race relations in america and squarely hit at donald trump. >> even this, the killing of people is somehow all about him.
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donald trump's attention is his back and forth with the supreme court justice ruth bader gins buberg ginsberg. she was critical of trump in interviews published on monday. the republican nominee responded this morning saying her mind is shot. resign. the white house weighed in on this public feud. >> she didn't earn the nickname the notorious rbg for nothing. what i will say is in the past i have been asked about controversial comments from
11:17 am
other supreme court justices. last year when justice scalia made some comments in an open supreme court hearing that many found to be quite controversial, possibly even racist. at that point, i declined to wade into that criticism. and i think i will push through a similar approach in this instance. >> there we have josh ernest giving his perspective. but it seems as if there's precedent set in another direction. does that give space justice ginsburg to give this opinion. this is someone who is about to be the gop nominee.
11:18 am
does that mess her up for president trump? >> it'sen an usual form of opinion. she's saying i don't like one of the nonominees, who feels like she's picking sides. there's no recusal standard that's violated, which means even if there's a trump presidency, she doesn't have to step back from particular cases. but this is an unusual way for a justice to go. and donald trump is ridiculous for him to say resign. donald trump also holds the position that he can criticize federal judges but can't criticize him. they have their own consistency. he's pucked a lot of fights. it's unusual for him to just so blatantly say i don't like this guy u and what he stands for opposed to what we expect from judges which is confining views to the more legal space rather than the political space. >> donald trump would say i'm
11:19 am
just counterpunching back someone who attacked me. we have heard that before through the primary season. but moments ago a congressman wrote justice ginsburg's actions must be met with consequences. i agree with donald trump that she should resign. we know the justice is a lifetime appointment. is there consequence that can happen other than we get a gore v. bush situation where she has to recuse herself in a judgment by the court for this election? >> e we all get people having hot political opinions. i can't take that comment seriously because of course she shouldn't resign. if you criticize him, she should resign? that's bonkers. there's the open question that whether this is a good idea. is this good judgment for a justice. typically they have stay ed out
11:20 am
of this. i'm remind of the dave sha pel skit when keeping it real goes wrong. sometimes you can be real, that is say what you feel, let off steam, say it to your boss. when it goes wrong, everything gets you in too much trouble. i'm not sure having followed the justice's career that this is the type of fight she would really want to have over several days with elected officials. in that sense, her realness, because i don't think she didn't say she doesn't believe, but her realness may have gone pragmatically wrong in this is a food fight that quite frankly a justice did you wa justice doesn't need to be in. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. that brings us to our pulse question. did justice gins burg cross the line? 12% say yes. . 88% say no. so the pulse remains live.
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for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ do not approach those of lincoln's time. not even close. we should be very clear about that. but recent events have left people across america asking hard questions about whether we are still a house divided. i can not stand here and claim that my words and actions haven't sometimes fuelled the partisanship that often stands in the way of progress. so i recognize i have to do better too. in times like these, we need a
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president who can help pull us together, not split us apart. that is why i believe donald trump is so dangerous. his campaign is as divisive as any we have seen in our lifetimes. it is built on stoking mistrust and pitting american against american. >> so hillary clinton in the last hour from springfield, illinois, talking about the current state of race relations in america drawing this contrast about the party of lincoln being represented today by a candidate like donald trump. just a few minutes i'll talk about clin tennesstonclinton's james clyburn. we turn our attention to the veepstakes with donald trump narrowing down his search. we have it down to three, according to our sources. we have new fer vur over his
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pick with indiana governor mike pence. steve kornacki tells us about that, next. nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut.
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this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond. mike pence staying in the headlines after an early morning meeting with donald trump. this time with trump's closest advisers. that means his adult children and husband visited the residents and lasted about an hour. also meeting with trump today newt gingrich. this is all about the veepstakes. who is going to round out the ticket for the republican party. i'm joined by msnbc political correspondent and host steve kornacki. let's go over the pros and cons. we have three that are in the hunt basically. the top tier with chris christie, newt gingrich and mike pence. who is the smartest pick for donald trump? >> i think if you look for the conventionally safe pick taking any other nominee in history and said what's the smart play here,
11:30 am
you'd look at them and say there's less baggage with mike pence. there's personal baggage with newt gingrich. chris christie has the bridgegate. pence would be well received by the party base. not flashy. not somebody who is at risk of overshadowing you. has a solid resume. mike pence would be the safest choice, but donald trump a very nontraditional candidate who thinks so much about being entertaining and not losing the audience's interest. >> he's changed the whole paradigm when it comes to politics in the modern day. pence has that background as a radio host and has been described by his mom as the straight arrow. e he has a deep religious background and the evangelical base. does he help give a nod if trump were to choose him to the fact
11:31 am
that you can trust me as the leader of the country to have your values in the ticket. opposed to christie who is bombastic or newt gingrich who has some baggage. >> the question here is what is trump looking to achieve with this. does he have a clear objective. if he's saying i want to shore up the base of my own party, culturally conservative, religious base of my party i want to reassure them. pence is the obvious choice. he has a lot of credibility with social conservatives. that would shore up a clear weakness. newt gingrich wouldn't automatly reassure social conservatives. christie wouldn't reassure them. if you're donald trump and thinking like a showman, an entertainer, that's what he's shown us over and over. he's thinking somebody like christie who has blood in his veins, maybe that's a good thing. newt gingrich, who is known -- you don't know what he's going to say next. he had the debate moments in
11:32 am
2012 where he was standing off there in the wings and interrupt and say something and bring the crowd to its feet and say things to cause controversy. normally a presidential candidate wouldn't want that in a vp, but trump may be different. >> what about jeff sessions. we have gotten information he is meeting with donald trump right now here in new york at the trump hotel. is he someone that could be kred? jeff sessions has been an adviser for trump for a long time. >> if you look at these three we have been talking about potentially, throw sessions in the mix, nothing that says he doesn't belong with the other three. he would have some baggage. he's somebody with immigration he's in line with donald trump. somebody who has been in the senate for awhile now. trump said at one time that washington experience is important. it doesn't bring anything to the table when it comes to geography. he's from a deep red state. so he's not going to win you something on the map that you
11:33 am
weren't otherwise going to win or make you competitive where you with respect going to be kpet ty. the two have a similar world view when it comes to immigration. he was an early supporter of trump. maybe trump being attracted to him on those grounds. >> trump giving this interview saying he wants an attack dog, hand to hand combat, does he really need somebody to pick up the battleground for him. e he does his own battles. >> he may just be describing the kind of personality he likes. he said that in an interview last night at 8:00 eastern time closer to 9:00 he comes out and has reality with mike pence a few minutes later. and mike pence who is not known as an attack dog wept on the attack. it looked like mike pence had gotten that message. >> saying i have never seen a politician like this since reagan. >> you're on at 4:00 p.m.
11:34 am
the son of alton sterling is speaking out for the first time since his dad was shot and killed. we all remember this. it was a very heart wrenching moment when we first met cameron the day after his dad was killed. his mom was making remarks to the press. the 15-year-old appeared very composed, very mature and he had a powerful message to share. >> my daughter was a good man. that was a sacrifice to show everyone what has been going on in life and it should give everyone a push that everyone should be together, not against each other. everyone needs to protest in the right way with peace, no violence. none whatsoever. >> so it comes just one day after police disrupted an alleged plot to attack police officer s in baton rouge. we're going to have the latest from charles hadlock.
11:35 am
give us the details on the alleged plot and who police currently have in custody. >> police are calling this plot, but when you look at the arrest after thes and the arrest warrants, there's no mention of a plot. this all started on saturday when four people broke into the cash america pawnshop here in baton rouge and stole eight guns. they didn't get very far. one of the suspects was caught an hour or so later riding his bicycle. he was arrested with three guns on him and he told police that the reason they broke in was to steal bullets to kill officers. that put the officers on high alert. that's why they were in s.w.a.t. gear on sunday expecting some sort of attack. but when they looked into it and arrested the others, they were all teens ranging in age from 13 to 20. one of the weapons that was stolen was a bb gun. and all of the weapons have been recover ed. they are still looking for a fourth suspect, but police say
11:36 am
the area has calmed down quite a bit since sunday when they were looking for guns and the suspect. >> also there's new information about the funeral for alton sterling. >> that will be held at 11:00 on friday local time, 12:00 noon eastern time on friday. the city is ready for this. it's going to be held at the southern university a ree na about five miles from here. back here at the store, all is calm. there have been no big protests here in several days. some of the people set up a booth. the way to make a change is to register to vote. there's a table there for people to do it. >> am i wrong in saying there's a spray papted picture of alton in the corner of the building? >> you can see it behind that ladder. that came up a day after the shooting. there's also a mural off to my
11:37 am
right here that you can't e see that also depicts alton in happier days. that's near the spot where he died. they are putting up a few more signs. this has been a growing memorial that is still there. in fact, that spot is where his son came here today to give that very poignant talk to reporters about thanking this community for their support and urging people to remain calm. but continue to protest but be very calm and nonviolent. >> charles, thank you. today in dallas the funeral services were held for three police officers that were killed in last week's ambush. i'm going to speak to one of those officers next. we expect president obama to be meeting with law enforcement and civil rights leaders in washington. we're going to go live to ron allen standing by with the latest on the expectations of that meeting, after this. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference
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in dallas today loved ones, colleagues and community members gathered to pay their respects to several of the fallen police officers killed by a sniper last week. funeral services for brent thompson, michael smith and lauren aarons were held a short time ago. thompson is the first rapid transit police officer ever killed in the line of duty. hundreds of officers from across the country gathered in attendance. >> thursday, july 7th, 2016, at 8:58 p.m. that was all ripped from me in an asense of violenc. >> good-bye, daddy, i love you, be safe. and tonight we say our final good-bye daddy, we love you. be safe. >> joining me now is the friend
11:42 am
of patrick, another officer killed in that attack. the officer has been part of the dallas police force for two decades and the founder and president of the law enforcement organization. it's good to have you with me. as we have been watching today, dallas paying final respect ss three of your fellow officers. tell us about these friends, the force there in dallas and what this attack has done to the police community? >> well, it's a big loss for dallas police department and d.a.r.t. and the dallas community. but overall, we were starting to grieve and starting to process all this. we laid three of our fellow brothers to rest today. so as you can see behind me, we're getting overwhelming support for the dallas police department in the community. >> we can see the continued growing memorial behind you on
11:43 am
one of the squad cars that was left behind there at the shooting scene. the dallas p.d. as we look back at the past, this has been a role model for other major cities to look at how good community policing can work, but it also was born out of a history of tension. tell us what you think about the strides that dallas has made and why this is so shocking for this community. >> this is unheard of for an incident like this to happen in dallas. we are the blueprint for departments across the nation. departments come and receive our training and it all starts here. we have a great community relationship with many of the communities. so what happened on thursday night is not a reflection of our community. it's not a reflection of our
11:44 am
department. and especially not a reflection of our police officers. >> we know that with president obama being there and through his speech and donald trump making remarks last night, hillary clinton within the last hour making her comments from illinois and talking about americans being asked to change perspectives. to put ourselves in the shoes of police officers and for those officers to put themselves in the role of minor ities within this country. how do you think we can enhance the dialogue. because as citizens, we depend on our police. you're the first person we call when e we need help. the social contract that we have with each other. how can we improve it moving forward. >> i was there at the memorial yesterday. we had president obama and vice president biden and ted cruz and senator cornyn along with our police chiefs and that is probably one of the best speeches i have heard obama make in his tenure as president of
11:45 am
the united states. our police chief david brown has really stepped up exceptional leadership in the last few days. chief brown said get off the protest line and come and join the dallas police department. and we're known every year to hire 200 plus officers just because of our attrition rate. he made a challenge. now it's starting to step up. we're starting to see e-mails and facebook messages and tweets about people wanting to join the dallas police department. he was right on point. he was right on point in making those comments. >> i want to ask you about your friend patrick, who was lost last week as well. tell us about the man, the friend that you had in him.
11:46 am
>> not only was he a member of our association, but most importantly he was a dallas police officer, 32 years old. birthday here in a few weeks. three-time tours in the navy, afghanistan and iraq, father o of a beautiful 3-year-old daughter. had the opportunity to meet his family, his mother, his father, his girlfriend. just a beautiful kid. texas ranger fan. was one of those guys that you would ask to be in your unit. if you were building a specialized unit, he was one of the individuals you would task to build around. and he didn't run. he was one of the individuals that ran towards the shots fired. so that right there tells you.
11:47 am
it echoes what type of officer he was. >> thank you very much. we are sorry for your loss. but we thank you for your service. thank you. >> thank you, thank you for having me. we'll be right back in a moment. congressman clyburn next. ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for up to 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ can ve you an advantage.gether like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics th work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day.
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i'm also here as a candidate for president who is deeply concerned about the divisions that still hold our people apart and our nation back. i believe that our future peace and prosperity depends on whether we meet this moment with honestly and courage. >> we have hillary clinton a short time ago tackling the issue of racial divide in america. it's an uncomfortable conversation that we have to deal with since the tragedies last week. the killing of two black men and five police officers.
11:51 am
clinton used that moment to take on donald trump. i'm joined now by jim clyburn, democrat from south carolina. it's good to have you with me. hillary clinton there referenced an interview that trump did last night. i want to play both of those sound bytes and we'll talk about them on the other side. >> there's still some black americans who believe that the system is biassed against them. what do you say to them? >> i have been saying even against me the system is rigged. they are not necessarily wrong. there are certain people that comes into play. i'm not saying that. i can relate it very much to myself. >> he said that he understands systemic bias against black people because, and i quote, even against me, the system is rigged, unquote. went on to say, i can relate to
11:52 am
it very much myself. even this, the killing of people is somehow all about him. >> do you think that this is the right tone for hillary clinton to strike and also to attack donald trump on the fact that he feels that he understands because of what he's gone through that he can understand a minority perspective because the system is rigged against him, he feels bullied? >> thank you for having me, thomas. i grow up in south carolina during the '60s. i was a college student participating in sit-ins as a teenager. now i think it is high time for us to be grown ups about this issue of race. we're not going to solve the race problem in this country by pretending it does not exist. we aren't going to solve the race problem in this country by
11:53 am
pretending that you can change your skin color as you change a suit or a jacket if you please. mr. trump needs to get serious about this issue and stop making light of it. no system is rigged against him buzz of his skin color. that's what race is all about. we must be serious about that, have a conversation with each other about that and see what we can do to solve this problem. and not hide behind what may or may not have happened to you as a person because of some ordinates affecting your investments or how much taxes you pay, if at all. >> in talking about what you went through in the '60s and different marches and demonstrations that you helped organize, because if i was doing my math correctly, it was over 60 years ago that you were 12.
11:54 am
so the commercials that have been played about 1968 and knicks on to and the law and order candidate and donald trump using that phrase. does that make you worried how people will cast their vote, not based on hope for the future, but fear of the future? >> that's exactly what i'm afraid of. i have had that conversation this morning with members of my caucus. i have had one-on-one conversations later today. what i heard mr. trump several days ago saying that i am the law and order candidate, that, to me, was more a dog whistle. that, to me, was using the bull horn to send messages out to people. when i see an avowed white supremacist thanking mr. trump saying in those things that we get your hints, we understand
11:55 am
what you're saying, this says to me that there's a lot going on in this campaign that we had better be conscious about because this country is too great a country for us to allow it to be pulled under with this strong currents of what may be racial tensions. so i would say to mr. trump, let's have adult discussions about this very serious problem and not make it about ourselves. >> let me ask you about this. there's a new poll showing hillary clinton is basically tied with donald trump in really important key swing states. leading in a third. we know that donald trump declined to attend the naacp convention in ohio. at this point, he's not spending the type of money that hillary clinton is spending.
11:56 am
how do you think that a democrat can take the white house when donald trump doesn'tsome to be putting out as much effort as hillary clinton and his payoff seems just as good? >> well, i think we have to get serious about is what kind of conversation we're going to have with each other as we think about the next four years in the white house. do we want to see this country move along in such a way u that all of god's children feel they are part of the process. do we want to have the opportunities for education, for employment, for all the things that the boundaries o of this society are available to everybody irrespective of their gender, stations in life, orr
11:57 am
orientation, do we want a country for liberty and justice for all? if we do, it seems to me we'd be asking candidates to address the issues that affect us as a country and not try to bog everything down to what may be your personal challenges, whether or not you will measure up with the country meet its national and international challenges. that is what we have to do if you're going to be about the future. if you'll keep talking about what may have happened in '68, '72, these old dog whistles, then it means that you don't want the country to go forward. you want to lurch backwards and that's not what e we ought to be talking about. >> before i let you go, you came out early as an endorser in the primary season for hillary clinton. bernie sanders just got on board this week. are you frustrated that he wasn't able to basically put down any resentment about not
11:58 am
being the nominee and try to unify his support behind hillary clinton and not have to wait 37 days? >> let me tell you something. i know what it is to lose. i lost three times before i got elected to congress in 1992. it's tough to get over lose iinn election. so i can understand what mr. sanders was going through. i'm not frustrated by that at all. i will get frustrated going forward if he doesn't put his whole heart and soul into helping us turn out that vote that was so loyal to him in the primaries so that we can win this election in november. right now i'm not frustrated at all. i hope i don't get that way. >> congressman, nice to have you on. thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you all at home. i appreciate your time today. i'm taking off after the show today and heading off to cleveland. i'll see you there for tomorrow's show when we pick things up to begin our early
11:59 am
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