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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone, i'm kate snow. donald trump could decide on a vice president at any moment now before the gop convention starts on monday. then the democrats get their turn one week after that. blink and it will be november. it will be snowing and time to vote. the pressure is on for both candidates today. we have brand new nbc news polling out from battleground states and there's good news and bad news for hillary clinton, who just a short time ago wept on the offensive at the old state house where abraham lincoln delivered that famous speech. maybe appropriate given the climate we're in. given the presidential nominee calling for supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg to resign after she openly
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criticized. and today our first read this morning says the state of our politics has hit rock bottom. trump now has trade d insults with a leading member of each branch of the federal government. we also have the latest on the republican national convention now just five days away. let's start this hour with katy tur. you have been talking to sources all morning. how are they looking at the potential vps? >> there are differing opinions in the campaign as to who would be best. campaign aids were surprised by mike pence. donald trump was surprised by him as well. they were surprised at how forceful he was on stage. his ability to come out as an attack dog and they were very impressed by that. i'm also told by sources that contrary to popular belief donald trump and pence said their personalities clicked. he does seem to genuinely like him.
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but pence is not necessarily somebody that other aids think donald trump are comfortable spending the rest of the campaign season with. they have become friends. he's talked to him on strategy and on smoothing relations over in washington. but the baggage is bridgegate and the other baggage is geography. he's from new jersey. that doesn't do anything to expand the electoral map and makes it a very northeast heavy ticket even though christie is the governor of new jersey. when it comes conewt gingrich, they want somebody to go after hillary clinton, there's no one better than gingrich. the issue with him is he also comes with quite a bit of baggage. he was not very popular in the
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'90s during his stint as speaker of the house. they are worried about reigniting gingrich fatigue. as of now, no one knows who donald trump is going to pick. the kids have gone to interview a number of these potential candidates, but they ultimately say only donald trump knows who he will pick and the only time he will know is when the words come out of his mouth. i will point you to one anecdote from somebody who worked on the apprentice. often times donald trump would get briefed by producers before he went into the board room scene about who did not do well that week. i'm going to fire joe. then you get to the board room and talk about how bad to fire. you don't know what he's going to do. the producers are going to scramble to find out a way to find of the if they were in the
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wrong. not going to know. >> unpredictable is one of the calling cards of donald trump. thank you so much. we have so many reporters and correspondents on the story. let's get more exclusive in the host city of the convention. you have been on top of veepstakes all day long. what does your reporting tell us? >> reporter: to give people a sense of why today turned out to be so eventful not only because we're nearing the end of the process but unexpected things did happen. we learned that the donald trump aircraft that has been such a symbol of his campaign had mechanical trouble last night and ended up having to remain in indianapolis. that was not part of the plan. so they decided to use the available time to get some necessary business done. and maybe on some level to keep
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us interested with some comings and goings captured on camera and some interesting little twists and turns in this process. so veepstakes headquarters became indianapolis today. first, the oldest children of donald trump went to visit the official residence of the governor where mike pence lives. they spent time there. donald trump also spent time there. then we learned from our sources that newt gingrich was on a plane and coming to indianapolis. and we're told that meeting happened and now we have been told that alabama senator jeff sessions also made it to indianapolis today for some kinds of behind the scenes conversations. my reporting also suggests that yesterday the same group of adult children met be chris christie. so there's been a round where the oldest children are participating in a personal way, getting to know the candidates, assessing them in one way or another, talking about what would happen at the convention
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and beyond. there are a lot of decisions to make. any of these top tier candidates for the running mate spot would also be important as influencers in the party going forward. and at the republican convention next week. it's a critical time. it was unexpected that they would be in indianapolis, but they made use of that time and then trump is expected to fly on to california for a scheduled fundraiser that was already on the books. and so friday is the day we will see the choice donald trump publicly. we're hoping for that kind of insight. we're watching the doorways and trying to keep track of where the candidates are to get a sense of where this process is. >> that's what it comes down to. and just quickly, any behind the scenes information about cleveland?
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>> reporter: the formal full list of speakers hz not yet come out. we know some of the big names. joni ernst will speak about national security we know that top republicans in congress mitch mcconnell and paul ryan will each have speaking roles. we have learned tom cotton shs the youngest senator and bright face in the republican party, arkansas republican with with ivy league credibility and former army veteran. so some of the pieces are filling in. we expect the trump family to have roles as well. but the full list for one reason or another has not yet been released. so again, dribs and drabs keeping our interest up. >> thank you so much. as we mentioned earlier, new poll numbers out today from "wall street journal" ha has insight into battleground states. mark murray is here to break down these numbers. we're talking about three critical states. >> yeah, the big takeaway from our polling is that this is a
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competitive race when you look in the battleground. races. iowa, always been in the last several presidential cycles a competitive race. hillary clinton has a 3-point lead over donald trump. 42% to 39%. that's within the margin of error, but a small lead for hillary clinton. then we go to ohio. almost the granddaddy of them all. and there it's a tied race. it's 39% for 39 from earlier this morning also showing a tight race. then in pennsylvania we had hillary clinton with a 9 point lead. 45% to 36% for donald trump. donald trump had a 2-point lead in pennsylvania, but our poll has hillary clinton up 9 in that state. >> so those all of our new numbers. not jiving with some of the numbers that came out earlier. do we know why? >> a lot of this has to do poll
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to poll. more republicans than democrats? but the numbers were right on in ohio. but different when it comes to pennsylvania. i koind of have a guide to viewers when you see a lot of different polling out there. you get a pretty good idea. >> i want to bring in a voice from team trump. kelly conway, pollster with the campaign. she joined the team a couple weeks ago. nice to have you with us. let me start with news. we got word that donald trump is filing suit seeking $10 million in damages from a former e employee of the trump campaign. do you know what that has to do with? the question that voters would ask is this indicative of a p k
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practice of donald trump's when he feels betrayed, he turns to lawsuits. >> first, i don't know anything about it so i can't comment on the suit. i know that's breaking news. if it were indicative, this would have been the 50th lawsuit and not the first. i think we have all signed a nondisclosure agreement. >> yourself included? >> absolutely. we take it seriously. so i don't know the specifics of that particular suit, but i know that donald trump is a man who commands loyalty because he offers loyalty to those around him. >> how does that play out if he demands that kind of loyalty? would he have people sign agreements who work in his c cabinet. >> all federal officials have many different government restrictions. we know that secretary of state should not have a private e-mail server. even if they break that law, i would imagine cabinet officials also have laws. i can tell you over at the trump campaign, there is a e growing,
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talented enthusiastic staff of professional who is are working really hard on next week's convention and enthused with the polling numbers that came out today. here's hillary clinton who spent $30 million on ads. we have spent zero dollars on ads. it's a great question. everybody knows who she is. why is her floor and ceiling of support so dangerously close together. what is it about hillary clinton that the voters can't accept? is it that 56% of them think that it jim comey made the wrong decision. >> why suspect he leading in ohio when he's had so much to say about the state of ohio. >> correct. but he's just get iting started. . she's been blanketing that state. >> he was the presumptive
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nominee before she was the nominee. >> she has been the nominee since she lost the first time. they left her to just bernie sanders not taking him seriously. he won 22 million votes. >> let's talk about the veepstakes. i really want to ask you about this. we have been talking bt the finalists that we think are the finalists. we have our slate of newt gingrich and chris christie and mike pence in indiana. is it possible? i covered when mccain chose sarah palin and got the phone call. where is she from? we didn't know who she was. is it possible he throws a curveball? >> it's always possible. i think it's a great anecdote. whoever it is will have been fully vetted. as i absolutely agree, this decision rests with donald trump. he has not yet made that decision public. i think the three finalists are all very formidable contestants. >> if you have trump's ear, who are you backing?
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>> i could see merit in each of them. last night in indiana, governor pence made the case that you can challenge the clinton candidacy in ways that aren't always fire and brimstone. he went after her in a low key way, challenging what would it be like to have her as president. like i said, donald trump rewards loyalty. newt gingrich and chris christie have been incredibly loyal from the beginning to him. very helpful. unflinchingly willing to go after bill clinton, hillary clinton, all the clinton candidacy means. mike pence brings geography. and i was talking to dan quail and he reminded me that vice presidential candidates and presidential candidates keep their own schedule as well. it's a way to blanket double the territory. >> let me ask you before i let you go about something hillary clinton said in her speech in springfield. i'll play it and we can talk about it. >> he's banished members of the press who have criticized him.
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is there any doubt he would do the same as president? imagine if he had not just twitter and cable news to go after his critics and opponents, but also the irs or for that matter our entire military. given what we have seen and heard, do any of us think he'd be restrained? >> strong words from hillary clinton. can you promise that he wouldn't use the irs or u.s. military to go after enemies? >> it's so remarkable to me that hillary clinton, who is part of the obama administration, going after tea party groups the way they did as evidence would talk about an example. i find her content to be inappropriate given that we have funerals of fallen officers that i just saw alton sterling's son speaking to the press. >> to be fair, donald trump did
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an event last night in the midst of all these things too. >> i understand that, but i find she plays an insider's game. he's banishing members of the press. there's so many members of the press who don't trust hillary clinton because they were backed when she was first lady and wasn't so nice to them. >> he has banished members of the press. >> he took away "washington post" credentials to cover his events. >> if hillary clinton is ever described by the way he's been described, she would probably do the same. i'm waiting to see those coverages. but again, i don't think her attacking donald trump this way is going to help the tremendous trust and honesty deficit she has among the american voters. she seems to not be able to convince people she can get past the character flaw she relies on for a living. two-thirds of americans say that she is dishonest and not trustworthy. if she were elected, she would make history. we have never elect ed a
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president for two-thirds can't tell the truth. >> thank you for being with us. later in the hour, i'll be talking to the senior adviser to hillary clinton's campaign. in a few hours from now, the federal judge who was called a mexican and a hatder by donald trump will hear trump's case. it's the first trump university hearing in front of the judge since trump made those controversial comments. chief legal correspondent ari melber is with me now. trump took heat for those comments for going after that judge. how do the politics affect the case moving forward? >> they won't affect the case at all. the judge has been restrained under the attacks from donald trump. we should know ultimately donald trump's lawyers never asked for the recusarecusal. the candidate impugned him, but they didn't say he shouldn't be involved in any formal way because as donald trump claimed
12:19 pm
wrongly that would somehow be necessary because of his ethnicity. i will say as a legal fact check this has come up before and always been rejected. in other cases, and we can put examples on the screen, they all were in situations where someone said their ethnicity or religion or race was grounds for recusal. they made that request and that was denied every time. that's how we got up to today. what we'd find out at this hearing is whether this judge as a procedural matter will order the release of video depositions that donald trump has given this this case about whether trump u was a business or defrauded consumers. >> so in terms of where the case goes now, walk us through what happens to trump university, which duptd exist at this point. >> you make an important point. trump university was a business designed to give business advice that went out of business.
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it's now dealing with the rem nance of that and people who basically were customers. but the actual trial about releasing the video of mr. trump, which could be of great interest in this campaign. the transcripts we have already read. but the big picture to your question, after november there's a trial scheduled. that's where you would have a ruling as lawyers would say on the merits, ultimately the question were people defrauded or was this okay because it was buyer beware and don't get money back. that will be decided at trial. >> post election day. >> yep. >> still to come, urging peace. the teenage son of alton sterling, the baton rouge man killed last week by police during a traffic stop, this son makes a plea to all of us. we'll hear it after the break. o. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it.
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my father was a good man. he will always be a good man. i want everyone to protest the right way. pronest peace. not guns, not drugs, not violence. everyone needs to protest in the right way with peace. no violence. none whatsoever. >> that very poised young man is 15 years old. cameron sterling, speaking for the first time since we saw him at that emotional press conference last week, which happened the morning after he found out that his father alton sterling was killed by police during a confrontation in baton rouge. alton sterling will be laid to rest on friday. today in dallas, funerals are being held for three of the five fallen police officers there. loved ones and community members gathered to pay respects to the
12:25 pm
three officers. tammy leitner is down in dallas. tammy, tell us more. >> reporter: kate, just a really difficult day. three officers buried today. officer thompson was the first. roughly 3,000 people showed up. we're talking just a sea of blue. officers, state police, border patrol, marines, they came from all over the united states. he had about 15 family members there including his two children and his wife emily, a fellow officer. they have only been married two weeks. she had a message to the shooter calling him a coward but she also had a message of strength for fellow officers. let's listen to that. >> though i'm heartbroken and hurt. i'm going to put on my badge and uniform and return to the street along with aum of my brothers and sisters in blue. to the coward that tried to break me and my brothers and
12:26 pm
sisters, you know your hate made us stronger. >> reporter: two other funerals today senior lauren aarons and michael smith, the other two officers will be laid to rest on friday and saturday. just a very long week for the city. >> i think the rest of us feel it right along with them. right now president obama is meeting with police officers, mayors and civil rights activists at the white house this hour. ron allen is there for us. ron, the president facing that delicate balancing act wanting to support law enforcement, but also listening to those who want reform. >> indoed, kate. this is a meeting the president has cleared his afternoon for. expected to last two to three hours. we have just received a list of participants. several dozen people, leaders from the minneapolis area,
12:27 pm
representatives of black lives matter, the network of young activists that's been so prominent and controversial in recent months. police chiefs from los angeles, newark, people from the naacp, legal defense fund, governors, it's a wide range of participants, stake holders, people who represent different points of view in this clash that's happening in this country between policing and between prot protests and laced with issues of race that are so salient. the president trying to find a middle ground. the president trying to strike a balance. and the president try ing ing t police departments to adopt reforms that are part of his task force on 21st century policing. these reforms range from a wide range of issue, but they deal with issues of trust,
12:28 pm
transparency, data trying to get police departments to produce more comprehensive reports. how many arrests are made in certain communities so this information can provide more clarity to what's really going on. at the same time, he's trying to talk to the protesters about how they should conduct themselves. the president has been an outspoken proponent of peaceful protesting and called out some stupid things. and the enduring problem that the president is trying to reconcile is there's still among significant parts of the law enforcement community doubts about his commitment to their side of all of this. and the president has made numerous statements. he traveled to dallas yesterday to speak at the services for those slain officers. he has said time and time again he supports and understands the tough work that police do on the streets of our cities, but there's still this pushback.
12:29 pm
there was criticism he brought up the sterling cases, those incidents involving officer-involved shootings at the services for those officers. the president saying that what's happened in the u.s. during the past couple weeks can't be viewed in isolation. there's something going on. these events are unique, but they are interconnected. that's part of the difficulty that the president is facing trying to take on this contentious issue. the meetings will last for several hours. we expect to hear from the president and participants separately after in the coming hours. we'll bring that to you when we have it. the question will this meeting and others that have happened e resolve anything? unlikely, it seems that these issues are so endemic that perhaps there's the hope that there will be some greater understanding of each side's point of view. we heard the president say how he hopes in the light of what's happened that people don't retreat to their partisan and established corners and that
12:30 pm
they can see each other's point of view. there can be a dialogue and the country can move forward in race policing protests and so on. >> ron allen at the white house, thank you so much. and on that note as we talk about tension in this nation, we talk about conversations having all overhe country. when we come back, i'll be talking to an author benjamin watson about what he sees happening in this country. that's when we come back. messag. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of stat hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a stea leader in an unsteady world. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
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12:34 pm
ravens wrote on facebook the burden of making black lives matter is is on all of us. when it comes to race, the dining room in our homes is just as an important as the courtroom in evoking true lasting improvement. joining me now is benjamin watson, author of "under our skin." ben, nice to have you with us. you talk about the dining room table. i have been sitting around with my table struggling what to say. >> it's hard. my kids are young. i remember when the eric garner tragedy happened asking what was going on. seeing the unrest. these are teachable moments for all our kids. these are teachable moments where we are able to discuss the realities that are going on in our country when it comes to
12:35 pm
race, pu also to lead them in a proper way to digest it. our children are going to be us very soon. it's incumbent to lead from in the household and to demonstrate. when things come on tv and we have a certain look, they pick up on all these things. racism is obviously a manifestation of the sin we all have, but a lot of the way we see people. >> you based the book on a post you saw. you describe being angry and sad and fearful and embarrassed. you said, i'm introspective because sometimes i want to take "our" side without looking at the facts. sometimes i feel like it's us against them. sometimes i'm just as prejudice. that's not right. president obama touched on the same notion yesterday that all of us may at some point in our lives think something or feel
12:36 pm
something, how do we change that? >> e we all have reactions that it are real. a lot of times our initial reaction to an event like this is because of our upbringing and whether we're black or white and that's okay. the problem is when we're afraid to break out of that. so me saying i was introspective, i fall sort in this area too. i have biases as well. even being black, i have certain prejudi prejudices that come up when they say certain things and i need to check that before i reach out and check somebody else. the burden of racism, in my opinion s a spiritual issue. we all were born with sin. that sin manifests itself into racism and pride and justice when we act it out. it's a heart issue as much as it is a law issue, court issue coming together. the biggest problem we have is that we need a change of heart. >> all our football fans here that i work with want me to ask you about tom brady.
12:37 pm
you used to play with him. today, suspension upheld. >> i think the nfl pa, which i'm a part of the pa, the players association. it's our job to defend player rights. when we feel like there's a breach of agreement, that's what we do. that's what we have done for adrian peterson. whenever we feel like it's a breach of trust and specifics -- >> so saying he had the right to appeal. >> at this point, the court did not rule in his favor. it looks only a small percentage of those appeals work. so it looks like he's going to miss. and as a player, neutral arbitration is something that continues to come up. but we'll continue as an association to fight those things because that's what we do. we defend our players. >> ben watson, great to have you with us. thank you. coming up, the changing of the guard. david cameron resigns as
12:38 pm
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this year, hewlett packard enterprise will preview the machine and accelerate the future. see star trek beyond. it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve our country as prime minister over these last six years. and to serve as leader of my party for almost 11 years. and as we leave for the last time, my only wish is continued success for this great country that i love so very much. >> former britishri minister david cameron talking about his resignation earlier today. a short time later, teresa may became the new prime minister after accepting an invitation from the queen. one of her first tasks is assembling a cabinet. this man, former mayor boris johnson, we just learned he's going to become foreign
12:42 pm
secretary. that's their version of secretary of state. you'll remember he was a key voice in the leave european union campaign. for more, let's turn to matt bradley, who is following all this in london today. matt, i can't get over it. boris johnson is going to be coming to visit the u.s. as foreign secretary. >> reporter: that's right, boris johns johnson, the man known as the defiant and larger than life character who championed the brexit. they thought he was going to go down the referendum. he was kind of forced to step out of the race. a lot of people thought that might be the end they would hear of this bicycling former mayor of london. this guy he's now going to be the foreign minister. he's famous for his larger than life attitude, as i mentioned. he's been a si tier call poem.
12:43 pm
he's going to be an addition to this cabinet. >> who she is, the second woman to hold the position. >> reporter: that's right, it's appropriate that you mentioned margaret thatcher earlier. she's considered sort of the second iron lady. she's been drawing comparisons suns she entered politics. almost two decades. she's been home sec retary for the last six years. almost the longest anybody has held this position. she has a lot of characteristics that margaret thatcher was known for. she's considered a strong opponent of immigration. she was a hawk on legal issues. she's really actually confronted the police, the men and women who make up her own department, so she has this really kind of reputation for an effective hard nosed politician and someone who can get things done.
12:44 pm
after she was -- when she was campaigning, she was boasting about how she doesn't go to the bars around westminster or hang around and waeste time. she keeps her eye on the ball and gets the job done. that's the reputation she's hoping to bring with her to 10 downing street behind me. >> matt bradley in london, thank you. when we come back, the veepstakes heating up. rumored contenders on both sides of the aisle speaking out in the last hour. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof,
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12:48 pm
i'm honored to be considered and humbled to be considered. the conversations that we have had between two families is something we'll cherish the rest of our lives, no matter the outcome. >> i think that would be for others to say. i can just honestly tell you karen and i and our daughter traveled about a week ago and spent time with his family. we saw him off the campaign trail among friends and members of his company. these are good people. these are people who have the best interest of america at heart. i truly do believe that donald trump has the right vision for america. i think he's going to provide the kind of strong leadership at home and abroad that's going to make america great again. >> the comments are rolling in on the list.
12:49 pm
elizabeth warren, a big name on the democratic side as a possible vp. she brought her bluster right to the senate floor. this is what she had to say moments ago about donald trump. >> mr. president, donald trump spent years pedaling trump university, a sham college that his own former employees refer to as one big fraudulent scheme. now he's being sued for fraud and worse for targeting the most vulnerable people he could find, lying to them, taking all their money and then leaving them in debt. now the judge presiding over trump's case is a former federal prosecutor who has spent decades quietly serving his country. sometimes at great risk to his own life. the republican governor, who first appointed him, calls him an american hero and he was confirmed with bipartisan support from the senate. like all district court judges, his work is not political.
12:50 pm
so he is following the law in the trump university case. donald trump wants the judge to bend the law to suit trump's own personal financial interests and and trump's very, very fragile ego. so a little over a month ago, trump began savagely attacking the judge's integrity. his mexican-american heritage at political rallies. some republicans in congress claim to be shocked by the assault on our legal system. paul ryan called trump's attack, quote, the textbook definition of a racist comment. oh, please. spare me the false outrage. where do you suppose donald trump got the idea that he can demean judges with impunity? he got it from republicans right here in congress. >> elizabeth warren on the floor of the senate. remember, today is the day trump university, the case is back in
12:51 pm
court. for more now from the clinton campaign, i'm joined by joel bennenson, senior adviser to hillary clinton's campaign. >> nice to be with your. >> i'm not going to ask you about elizabeth warren or any of the vp contenders because i know you're not going to tell me. i'll skip over that. i do want to ask you about her speech, though. hillary clinton delivering a fiery speech in springfield, illinois. earlier i played a portion for kelly ann conway with the trump campaign. i'm going to play it again for you. >> he's banished members of the press who have criticized him. is there any doubt he would do the same as president? imagine if he had not just twitter and cable news to go after his critics and opponents, but also the irs or for that matter, our entire military. given what we have seen and heard, do any of us think he'd
12:52 pm
be restrained? >> kelly anne said that's going too far. is she taking things too far? >> i think kelly anne should be thinking about how far donald trump went when donald trump attacked a judge who is an american-born judge and said he should be off the case because he's of mexican heritage. even speaker paul ryan said that was a racist comment. i think when you talk about banning muslims and calling on people in america to register themselves based on their religion, that's what most americans think is going too far. and i think while the trump campaign can be in denial about their candidate and the divisive things he said, i think that americans all over the country have been shocked and are dismayed by this. that's not what they want in a president. >> part of the speech was about racial divisions in this country, bringing the country together in the wake of what we've seen over the past week. what would a president hillary clinton bring that is different
12:53 pm
or better than what our first african-american president has brought to the table? >> well, look, i think each president serves at a different moment in time. i think president obama has worked very diligently with a republican congress that has been completely opposed to him. mitch mcconnell said it right at the start. their main priority was going to be to try to make him a one-term president. that didn't work out that way. and we've had over 70 months of private sector job growth. and hillary clinton is going to come into office, not just to build on progress, but to really make a difference in people's lives by working together. working with people who have been on the other side. what hillary clinton has done throughout her career is find points of agreement with republican. it's how she got the children's health insurance program passed in the '90s. how she worked to get benefits for veterans killed in battle and increase their benefits from their families to $12,000 to $100,000. that's her track record. that's the way she goes at it.
12:54 pm
she knows when to hold her ground, when to find common ground. that's how she'll work to make a real difference in people's lives which is what the american people want. when you have a person on the other side who insults, incites and denigrates throughout his campaign, i think the american people know he's not somebody who really works with anybody other than himself or who is in it for anybody other than himself. >> let me ask you about the polling we've got out today, joel, just this hour. >> sure. >> your campaign is outspending donald trump by far. in key battleground states we can show. and despite the fact you're spending all this money in florida, ohio n pennsylvania, the poll shows you tied in ohio and ahead by eight in pennsylvania. that's the quinnipiac poll. our nbc poll has you tied in ohio. if you are spending so much and doing so much to be visible, why can't see full further ahead? >> first of all, the question is asking the wrong question.
12:55 pm
these are battleground states for a reason, kate. we call them battlegrounds because they're always closely contested. these states are usually won by mid-single digities at most. we've been able to build our campaign early because woof had tremendous grassroots support. hillary clinton has been subjected to tens of millions of dollars in ads throughout the primary season from superpacs trying to defeat her, whether funded by oil companies or other interests who want to keep protecting an economy that's serving those at the top instead of working for everyone. so we're working in the battleground states building an organization on the ground, and as you said, we're ahead by eight points in pennsylvania. ahead by a few points in your polls in iowa and tied in ohio. ohio has been one of the closer states. we expect some of these contests to be closer than others. we're not terribly concerned about where the polls are today. we're building a campaign to make sure hillary clinton is elected the 45th president on november 8th. >> joel benenson, thanks so
12:56 pm
much. >> thank you, kate. >> and we will be right back. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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12:59 pm
that's going to do it for me this hour. i'm kate snow. i'll see you tomorrow live from cleveland. getting on a plane as we get ready for next week's republican national convention. my friend steve kornacki picks up our coverage from here. good afternoon, everyone. i'm steve kornacki live here in new york. we're 118 days away from election day. topping the agend ait's down to two. or is it? the clock ticking on donald trump as he looks for a running mate. we know there's a short list, but we don't know how short it is. >> i'm narrowing it down. i'm at three, potentially four, but in my own mind, i probably am thinking about two. >> the spotlight intensifying on
1:00 pm
gingrich, christie and pence and now late word of another contender making a last-minute push. kelly o'donnell will have all the newest details in just a minute. also, we have a boatload of brand-new battleground state polls. hillary clinton's lead vanishing in one big swing state, though growing in another one. all of the new numbers. we'll show you what they are and what they mean to that important race to 270. and taking a page from the obama playbook. hillary clinton heading to the same spot where the president launched his campaign eight years ago. and she launches a new attack on donald trump. >> this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln. we are watching it become the party of trump. >> clinton in springfield,


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