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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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that's going to wrap up this it hour for me. we're in place for the rnc. all next week as well. we'll be following our live coverage on the road to philadelphia as well. kate snow has the next hour of msnbc. hello, everyone, i'm kate snow here in cleveland ahead of the repulican national convention. i'm at erie island coffee. it's a short drive from where all the action will start on monday. but this afternoon, we are talking veepstakes. today has an apprentice feel to it. donald trump making his final decision between three hopefuls. reporters tell us trump has not yet made up his mind at this hour, but that's not stopping people from looking for every clue and considering that we're talking about the ever unpredictable donald trump, those clues could be a head fake. or not. you're dpoing to hear from chris christie this hour. stay tuned for that. one thing we do know this
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afternoon the final list of speakers for the convention here. it has celebrities, politicians, trump family members shs but just as important as who is on the list is maybe who is not on the list. more on that in just a moment. as we speak, the rnc rules committee is meeting after a bit of drama this morning. close closed door deal making happening here to try to unite the party factions and have it turn out nicely by monday. i want to go to brian williams in new york. nicole wallace had a chance to sit exclusively with governor chris christie. >> kate, thank you. that's correct. at a time chris christie is part of this list of finalists, even though there are reports it's going to mike pence of indiana, that leaves newt gingrich and chris christie. nicole wallace is here with us in the studio having returned from the governor's home in new jersey. the next selection for your
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conversation that we're going to air has to do with let's call it a family complication regarding the trumps and the christies. jared kushner is donald trump's son-in-law. at one point in time, former prosecutor chris christie prosecuted jared kushner's father, who spent some time in federal prison. that would be a complication for any two groups coming together in the same orbit. it was part of what you needed to discuss. >> it's in the news. it's rumored to be a factor in the vp selection process. so we felt like we had to ask him about it. and the interesting thing to me is that at the low points for trump's candidacy, it has been the family ivanka, jared, the other two older sons, and chris christie who have been in the trenches as a team pulling for donald trump to make the adjustments he had to make first to win the primary and to get
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more scripted to a little more discipline. i think they were all operating as a unit when the campaign has made its moves toward more conventional campaign stuff such as having people like paul on board. so chris christie and jared kushner have worked hand in hand as some of the closest people in the kitchen cabinet. so the fact that there are stories in the news today that he's the one pushing for someone other than chris christie was something that we thought was important enough to raise with the governor himself. >> you're right in that whatever tensions there may be, what they all have in common was coming together to support donald trump. so here's another part of our conversation earlier today in new jersey. >> there's reporting out that one of the things standing between you being what is obvious to a lot of people is this family dynamidynamic.
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that people may be throwing obstacles in your way for personal reasons. do you think donald trump will make a decision based on his son-in-law's objections or reported objections to you? >> i don't know if any of that is true, so let's start with that. i want to believe that it's not. because i think all of us close to him, his family, myself, we are working hard to try to get him elected president. that has to be the first and most important goal. that is the first and most important goal of all of his family members. so i also to donald trump e he makes his own decisions. i don't really believe the stuff i read. i'm not in every room where every conversation is going on. it's been nothing but really good professionally.
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it's been warm personally. i have known them for years. and so our relationship goes way back. donald's sister, who is a federal judge and i have been friends for as long as i have been friends with donald. she dodd me to him. i know what people want to write about. it's a delicious thing to write about and talk about, but i vice president experienced it. >> chris christie on reports of friction. you also talked to chris christie as head of the christie clan and talked about the family dynamic. they are proudly justifiably a a type tight group. >> they are. this is the eve of what he may be picked despite the reporting, but may be delivered a disappointing phone call today. we talk about politicians as
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though they are other than us. they are human beings, families. bun of their ids was at camp and they have a plan to get together and hear this news and sort of take this news as a family no matter when way it goes. >> let's listen to that portion of o our conversation. >> make a one way or another. i think back to election in 2009 and we didn't expect to win. and when we did win, we were all a little bit overwhelmed. and especially our children. so we were backstage before i was going to make my victory speech and could hear the crowd. it was crazy and i felt like i needed to do something. so i got the six of us sbo a huddle say our lives are about to change.
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i want you to know something. the most important people in your life are right here, right now. and that will never change. so don't worry about what happens out there. worry about what happens in here. and i had no idea where our life would go. we would become important leaders in the country and be vetted twice for vice president, run for president, be a a keynote speaker at a convention and do all the things we have done. but at that moment, our children still talk about it as being the thing that's been the defining moment of this part of our lives. and i think that's the same way we'll be tonight if i get a phone call that says he's asked me to be vice president. i'll get the family together and say this is what we're going to do. let's do it together. it doesn't matter because after that is over, it will be the six of us. if it turns out the other way, my job tonight will be just to make sure that i look at them and say i'm fine. don't worry about that.
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i'll be just fine. this is just another moment in our lives. >> and you believe it? >> oh, yeah. it's what sustains us as a family. that we can go through these moments with relative calm. we have had incredible experiences up and down that have taught us those lessons. >> governor chris christie and his wife mary pat. that conversation earlier today. during the conversation which the christies had committed, they had promised you this conversation. you don't think it was shared with donald trump? you think this was, look, we agreed to talk today. i don't care what else is going on in the world. we're going to talk today. >> donald trump talks about his brand. the christie brand is what you see is what you get. he made a deal. he assured me we'd get a chance to talk before the convention. i have been pestering him since about the las vegas primary
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night. the night that you guys were in nevada. he said, i will, not yet. we planned to talk for a long time. i think it says a lot about him on a day that could go one way or the other and affect his life in a dra mmatic manner, he kept his word. >> i was about to say during that conversation is when the reports that it was indoed mike pence of indiana started to bubble up, newt gingrich said publicly in the last few hours he's not heard either way. i'm told katy tur just had an interview with donald trump jr. who says there has been no decision. either way, chris christie is head of the so-called transition team, a a title normally given when someone has won. when you're transitioning an administration into a new president, sometimes into a new party. so we're in some interesting territory right now live as we speak here.
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>> what christie said, when it isn't you, he acknowledged being a competitive guy. he would have to take a beat to absorb losing to either newt gingrich or mike pence. but he said that role, that responsibility is when he takes those seriously and he will continue in that role as head of the transition. he spends a lot of time in washington. he spends a a lot of time as a personal counsellor and private adviser to donald trump and will continue in that capacity. >> we are awfully happen to have you with us. you've brought us not only today's conversation, but earlier this week with jeb bush. with that, back out to kate snow to continue our coverage. >> brian, thanks so much. a fascinating conversation there. you can see her entire interview with chris christie tonight at
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6:00 p.m. eastern time. in the meantime, as brian mentioned, we have a lot going on this hour. katy tur just had an interview with donald trump jr. in which he said the decision on vice president has not yet been made. with so much swirling around veepstakes, we now have something of a program for next week's festivities here in cleveland. the speaker of the house included among many others. let's go out to hallie jackson who has more on that and the veepstakes. we'll start with the program. >> we have a better idea of how this is going town fold next week. the theme for each night starting with playing off the campaign theme of make america great again is make america safe again. you have people like football player tim tebow, senior campaign official, con sfirminge will take the stage.
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in fact, in recent days, he's been backing off of that say in he did you want want to reinvent the wheel. he wants to pay respect to institution of the convention. the bigger news will be who will be take iing the stage on wedney night. that's the vp slot traditionally. the question is who is it going to be. our reporting is indicating that donald trump is still struggling to make a decision. still thinking over what e he will do. sources telling us that family members like ivanka trump, his daughter, his wife are pushing mike pence because they believe he will calm the waters and reassure conservatives.
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you also have others say iing tt there's no rush essentially. he still has some time and will take that time because this is such a significant decision. some surrogates have been told they should expect some talking points later today about this vice presidential pick, whoever it may be. all signs are pointing to us finding out some time in the next few hours before the appearance in new york. e we want to be cautious to make sure we're getting it right. >> hallie jackson here in cleveland. let's jump over to new york city where katy tur is. as we mentioned, she just had an interview with donald trump jr. tell us what he told you. >> the head line from that interview was that it is down to three. sorry, there's a fire truck going by. it's new york city. so donald trump jr. tells me the decision is down to three officially. it will be either newt gingrich, pence, or chris christie. there's no other surprise name that is being put out there and that donald trump will make a
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decision today. we're e getting close to the witching hour. there should be a decision this it afternoon. any reports otherwise that a decision has been made are at this point unfounded. i asked donald trump jr. what it was like vetting these three candidates. he explained in pretty good detail to me just what it was like behind the scenes. take a listen. >> we actually have great choices. they are very different. but they are all great people and incredibly intelligent. it's kpoiting. >> what questions are you asking? >> you have to ask tough questions. this is a serious job interview. you have to see how people are going to respond. a lot of it is going to be how they are going to work with my father. this is based on personality. and deciding how that's going to fit knowing him as well as we do. he's a unique guy. he's different than your typical politicians. i think having an understanding of how those people will react to that is important in also helping form the decision hopefully tell our father what we're thinking and he's going to
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make up his own mind. >> bif me an example of a tough question. >> you want to talk about the case against hillary clinton. can they do that effectively? it's going to be how are you going to work with our platform, which may be different than some of your platform has been over the past because my father is a goi that once he's made up his mind, it's his party at this point. that's been decided by voters who turned out. we have to make sure that will work. there's a lot. there's no shortage of questions. >> i'm a fly on the wall with mike pence yesterday. what was it like talking to him? >> it was great. great guy, great american. he and his wife were lovely people. we had had a great time. it was a great conversation. we're there watching most of the interactions between my father and him. >> what was he like in your opinion? >> i thought he was -- couldn't have been nicer people.
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i love the way when they talk about operating the governor's mansion and don't have a full-time staff because they are conscious of those kind of things. i love that. they are thinking about these things. so many other politicians is like let's have as many people as possible because it's someone else's dollar. thinking about the cost. being cognizant of that is important to us. >> when you saw him on stage in indiana, what was your feeling? >> i thought it was great. i saw that. i saw the way he has acted and conducted himself as governor and also seen how he handled thi things in congress. you could see two different personalities depending on the position. i think he's able to do all things that would be required of him, if that's the way my father decides to go. >> all three have had disagreements, the ones that we're seeing. did that come up in the vetting
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process? some of the questions i talked about a few minutes ago. i think they understand. especially from a guy like newt or christie that does have experience at our tough personalities to anymy father. that wasn't an issue. they all understand it's my father's campaign. >> so when governor pence disagrees on the muslim ban, how do you reconcile that if it's potentially him as a running mate? >> i will deal with speculation when they decide who it will be. there's differences with everyone. when you talk about the thousands of issues, thousands of issues that we're talking about as a kocountry, thousandsf problems that we're going to have to deal with, not everything is going to be reconciled. i don't think a candidate exists they all check off the same boxes. but there's an understanding of who is the guy in charge. >> what does pence have that the others don't have? >> i'll have to see if it that's
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the way it is. they are all incredibly great and incredibly different. i have known chris for a long time. brilliant. so is newt. governor pence is newer to our frame and circle, but we have gotten to know a lot of people on the trail. that have spoken highly of him. i was impressed with everything i saw and what we were able to garner as part of the process. so i'm just excited we have three great choices. >> in a conversation with us sounded resigned. e like e he wasn't going to get it. >> that's going to be for my father to decide. i think chris christie will be a part of the campaign no matter what. so will newt if it doesn't go that way. and so will mike. it's a movement, not a campaign. >> when your father goes in and tries to pg out who he wants to
12:19 pm
be with, what's going through his head? >> he is a guy that looks at scenarios so much differently than virtually anyone else i know. it's what made him a great visionary and a great leader. he could see what's missing. his thought process is incredible. if you gave him the same scenario, he will come up with the nuances that no one else will think of. it's amazing. i'm not there to try to mold that and change it. it's highlighting the things i see knowing the him the way that i do. he's going to make up his own mind. >> what's the most important factor for him? >> there's many factors. it's obviously going to be someone who has some d.c. experience, political experience in this way. that's a big factor. my father is good at everything he's ever done in his life. but this is also a new game and recognize thety of the situation and start implementing the changes we want to bring to this nation. that's critical. so you have to have an
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understanding of how that works and how that doi namic will work twoen the two of them. my father is a unique person personality. you have to be able to make sure those can wrk. some people can't handle that. they are used to apleasing everyone. it's not going to work in a country of 300 million poem. you're not going to get everyone. >> who does he speak to other than the kids? >> what's unique about my father, he will speak to everyone. his entire career. he'll spend as much time with the doorman, the guy pouring concrete on a job site. he values those opinions. sometimes more than the experts. we have seen what the experts based on their prognostications of what's going to happen during this campaign. so he speaks to everyone. he's always going to come up with his own decision.
12:21 pm
>> speaking to advisers? >> he's speaking to advisers. we have developed a great relationship at the rnc. so it's a big pool of people that we're listening to and hearing. >> what's the biggest factor that they are saying this campaign needs. somebody with political experience? >> i think there's a lot of factors. i adopt think their mind set is that different from ours. we understand what we need to do and what we need to accomplish when we win this. and so a lot of it is going to revolve around that and making sure we have the right team in place. >> all the speculation right now is around mike pence. it's what roll call is reporting. have you guys come to a decision? >> my father is going to come up with a decision today. we have given him all the input
12:22 pm
he needs from us. >> has he made his final decision? >> i haven't spoken to him in an hour or two. but he knows today. he will know and he will pass that along. >> will he call you immediately? >> i'll imagine we'll find out when it's definite. >> is there somebody you're gunning for? you don't have to say the name. >> i actually have the -- i see all sides of these arguments. i'm able to say that could put the shoe on very well. it's what we were taught from him in business. look at it from the other perspective and argue that. i can argue this one of three ways. so i'm really happy with the choices we have. we're going to have a great vice presidential pick. >> it's down to three? >> it's down to three. >> so no surprises. it's not going to be somebody out of the blue? >> you never know. it's still my dad.
12:23 pm
maybe the trump ticket he may bring me in. >> tell me, it's a very unusual to see the kids helping vet. >> you also have kids that are older. i think often times when you see presidential picks they tend to be much younger. they don't have that 38 years old and worked in this business with 16 years. e we work with him on a daily basis. it's certainly different, but we bring a level of understanding of him, his personality, the way he works, how effective we'll be able to work with someone. we have a close family relationship. >> do you think the criticism he's not able to stay on message when hillary clinton maybe is dealing with a scandal or a controversy that he's veering off and create iing his own controversies? >> i think the fact that he doesn't have to speak from a teleprompter. he doesn't do data analytics to
12:24 pm
tell you the sound byte of the day. that's what endures him to so many people. you have to stick with that. he's able to e get on message. he's able to talk about policy and able to deliver those things as effectively as anyone who has been doing this for 30 years. but i think the fact that he is a natural guy. he's a human. he's not a robot. he doesn't regurgitate what everyone tells him to do. i think people appreciate that. i think that's american. >> during the campaign season, it's worked well for him. what about the worries you get sbo a sensitive diplomatic negotiation and need to stay on message. >> when you talk about diplomacy and negotiations, who knows more about negotiations than my father? he's been doing this for 40 years. he's made deals with people of all backgrounds, different countries, different parts of the world. you can't have a successful business career if you're not
12:25 pm
able to do those things. not able to be charming and negotiate. it wouldn't happen. he's done that as successfully as anyone. i'm not worried about it at all. >> who is it going to be? >> we'll find out soon enough. >> you're not beginning to tell us? >> amazingly, shocker. i'm going to leave that one to my father. this is a big one. it's one of the biggest decisions he'll ever make in his life. i want him to have that. >> are you confident the decision will help him get to the white house? >> i am. i am. i think so much of it is going to be about him and his message and what he's bringing and giving a voice back to the american people who have lost their voice to a class of politicians that think they know best for everyone, even e though they can't relate to those people. >> great. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> it almost sounds cliche the idea that donald trump is the
12:26 pm
one that will ultimately make the decision himself and nobody really knows until the words come out of his mouth. having covered him for over a year, that's fundamentally true. donald trump will take on theed a voice of pretty much anyone he speaks with. he will ask reporters what they think when he gets into a private moment with them. i have seen him ask security guards what they think. i have talked to sources who say from the lowest levels they have given him opinions on who they think he should pick. ultimately until you see donald trump come out on stage with mike pence and actually say the words my vice president will be this person, i don't think anyone can really know. he's known to be unpredictable. he's known to change his mind a the a moment's notice. so the decision may be out there at this time. ultimately, though, i don't think we're going to be safe with it until we see him
12:27 pm
announce it tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. >> katy, admirable effort at trying to get an answer out of donald trump jr. appreciate that. i want to ask you about newt gingrich because the facebook live chat he did a couple hours ago. we're getting a transcript of what he said. and in this chat that newt gingrich did, he said that he had told trump, quote, quite directly, that i thought he had a choice between two pirates on the ticket or having a pirate and a relatively stable, more normal person. those are newt gingrich's words speaking about himself. he went on to say i think my appeal is more national than the other two on the short list here. does the campaign see it that way too? do they see newt gingrich as a safer, more stable choice? >> they don't see newt gingrich as a safer choice shs but they see him as somebody who is going to be an attack dog much in the same way that donald trump is. they see donald trump and newt gingrich as almost the same person when it comes to campaign
12:28 pm
i ing. that has its benefits. newt gingrich is felt by many in the campaign and family to be an incredibly smart man who knows what he's doing, understands washington, will be able to get legislation passed. will be able to maneuver the waters of d.c. and also the same time go after hillary clinton. the issue with newt gingrich is the same that they are having with chris christie right now. they are unpredictable. you don't want somebody on the campaign who is going to make headlines other than donald trump. donald trump is the headline maker. mike pence has that in his favor. he will stick to message and stay on message in a way they can't necessarily say that newt gingrich or christie will. will that be the ultimate deciding opinion? not necessarily. donald trump will want, from my sources, to find somebody that he clicks with personally. that he feels that he can spend the rest of the campaign with and the next four to eight years with people said that's a knock
12:29 pm
to pence, but from all the conversations that i have had, even though their personalities are quite dissimilar, did get along strikingly well in their one-on-one meetings. so much so that it surprised members of the family and when governor pence was on stage yesterday or a couple days ago in indiana introducing donald trump, they were all taken aback at how forceful he was in his defense of donald trump and his criticism of hillary clinton. so the knock against him was that maybe he would be too subd subdued. e he proved to them that night that he can do just the opposite. >> katy tur in new york, thank you so much for bringing all that urgent news to us. much more ahead as we countdown to the vp pick and convention in cleveland. we're right back. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him.
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i think my appeal is more national. i have some appeal in virtually every state. i think that mike pence would have a huge midwester appeal. so they are trying to compete for western pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin, missouri, illinois, there's a certain value to an indiana candidate. >> that was newt gingrich just moments ago in a facebook live chat talking about himself. talking about the veepstakes in the republican party. roigt now we're also waiting on the democratic side for hillary clinton to take the stage in virginia. she will be alongside tim kaine. he's an nbc's top tier of vice presidential picks for hillary clinton along with tom vilsack and labor secretary tom perez. with the democratic convention in philadelphia less than two weeks ago, it's also crunch time for the clinton campaign. for more on that, let me bring in the congressman from california. nice to see you, congressman. >> great to be with you, kate.
12:34 pm
>> you're also on that list, i must say. nbc news has a list of possible vp candidates. we put you in the category of on the bubble as a possible vp have jou you spoken to the campaign? are you being vetted? >> i have had conversations on any number of occasions with the campaign. i know they are looking at a numb of folks, but the decision, the final decision as with donald trump will be with hillary clinton. i know they are in the process of trying to make that decision. >> they asked for your tax returns? >> no. >> just checking. what do you think -- can i ask about the top tier? the people that we put at the top of the list for the democrats. tim kaine, tom vilsack, do you think any of them would generate excitement for the ticket? >> all three are very capable. i think they have all proven themselves. they are great leaders. as i said before, we have a list
12:35 pm
of candidates that secretary can choose from. we're going to be very happy when she makes her selection. >> let me ask you to handicap the other side. we're talking about mike pence a lot. your thoughts on competing with any of 24etem. >> i don't think it's an issue of competing. i don't believe that's going to be the dominating issue. it will be can donald trump somehow catch up and keep up with hillary clinton. i don't believe he will, but who knows. in terms of his decision, that's a slippery slope trying to predict where donald trump goes on anything, let alone his vp selection. >> i want to ask you about gun legislation. earlier this week speaker ryan said they are not going to take up any kind of legislation that democrats have wanted the house to take up before taking an august recess. have e we missed the moment here in light of the recent tragedies and the momentum that seemed to be there. is the moment gone? >> clearly now that republicans have decided to take another
12:36 pm
seven-week break without taking on any sensible gun safety legislation, we certainly missed the moment. this is the problem. we're going to have another moment. everyone knows we're going to hear about the news of some additional americans who perish as a result of gun voi lens. the problem is not that we missed the moment. it's that there will continue to be moments where people in america die because of gun violence is and congress can be something about it. the fact that republicans are afraid to put up a bill that they know would get bipartisan support and probably pass is something that i think scares them. i know the gun lobby doesn't want to allow a vote. so far house republican leaders have refuse ed d to allow a vot that has 9 out of 10 americans say they support it. >> congressman, always nice to have you with us. thank you, sir. >> thank you. up ahead after the break, we head out to virginia where as we said any moment now hillary clinton expected to appear at a state democratic party event
12:37 pm
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hillary clinton just took the stage with senator tim kaine at a campaign event in virginia. nbc news confirmed that the clinton campaign is vetting tim kaine as a possible vice presidential pick. it all comes as the clinton campaign is in attack mode releasing this tv ad earlier today using trump's own words against him. >> when mexico sends his people, they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> you have to see this goi. i adopt know what i said. i don't remember. >> that the new ad from hillary
12:41 pm
clinton. let's turn to kasie hunt, who is covering the campaign today. i know they just took the stage. we'll listen in if we hear something. i'm sure they are in introductions right now. but set the stage for us. >> reporter: sure, this is the big audition for virginia senator tim kaine. we're in northern virginia just outside washington. all of hillary clinton's top advisers are here. everyone is watching to see how this goes both with tim kaine, who is on stage now, how the two interact to see whether or not it makes sense to pick him as her vice president. we have already heard tim kaine speak in spanish from the stage to this crowd. virginia has a sizable latino population. that's one big selling point for tim kaine. he was a catholic missionary, where he learned to speak spanish. he appeared on spanish programs for her. he has been vetted in the past. heavy considered to be up with of barack obama's final choices
12:42 pm
to be running mate in 2008. he's not alone on this short list. the clinton campaign is also considering tom vilsack, the agriculture secretary. he's somebody she wanted to pick in 2008 if she won that primary. she has a close relationship with him. we have yet to see the two of them together, but this is going to be a really potentially critical moment for tim kaine's vice presidential hopes. >> it's a bit of an audition. let's listen for a few moments to tim kaine. >> so we were ready for hillary because hillary is ready for us. hillary is ready for virginia. hillary is ready to be president. hillary is ready to be our leader. hillary is ready to make history. and that's why we're ready for
12:43 pm
hillary. secretary clinton just came from a very tough day yesterday in springfield, illinois. i hope you had a chance to hear her talk about very difficult issues of violence and division and fear and angsty, but also of hope and unification. it was the kind of speech you frankly don't want to have to give, but tough things happen. then leaders have to rise to the occasion. and she is a leader. she is a leader. so she went to springfield, a city that's really important in our history, and she laid out the right way to lead, which is about bringing us together. i know she's one to talk about that. what i want to do is ask you three quick questions and then i'll introduce secretary
12:44 pm
clinton. and i'm asking you questions because this is a college. this is like a test. the questions are about the presidency. they are about our nation. so here they are on the economy. do you want a you're fired president or a you're hired president? now what is donald trump known for? you're fired. i e predict after this whole thing is over what will be remembered about the failed candidacy of donald trump is you're fired. and maybe one other phrase, trump u. but he's a you're fired guy outsourcing jobs, being against minimum wage, being against equal pay for women, he's a you're fired guy.
12:45 pm
if you want a you're fired president, well, you have a choice. but we're making a different choice. we want a you're hired president. it starts with fairness, equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage so you can live on it. infrastructure and building and creating jobs and growing this nation. education from, anybody like debt free college? i told secretary clinton that virginians were pretty smart, so you guys seem to know that like a you're hired president is better than you're fired president. we'll go to question two, america's role in the world. this is important to all of us. the president embodies us in the
12:46 pm
world. do you want a trash talker president or a bridge builder president? that's what's at stake. d donald trump trash talks women. he trash talks folks with disabilities. he trash talks latinos. to him, it doesn't matter if you are a new immigrant or you're a worker who has been here for a long time or a dreamer or if you're a latina governor or a federal judge. if you're a latino, he's going to trash talk u yo. he trash talks faiths like muslims and wants to have a muslim ban. he trash talks allies and leaders around the world. he trash talks alliances that the u.s. has like nato. i'll tell you one that get mes steamed. donald trump wants to be
12:47 pm
commander-in-chief. donald trump is a guy who wants to be commander-in-chief who has said repeatedly the american military is a disaster. hold on a second. 1.6 million volunteer to serve in a time of war now stretching 15 years and you have the guts to call them a disaster. i don't want somebody who trash talks our troops and treats them with disrespect and contempt. e he even said about john mccain, who worked with senator clinton on the armed services committee and has high praise for her as a committee member. donald trump said about john mccain that he was no war hero because he was captured and was held as a prisoner of war. so you want the trash talker? what about the bridge builder?
12:48 pm
what about the bridge builder who served on the armed services committee and worked to make us strong and worked to respect troops and worked to build up and support military families and worked to build alliances and our nation is better as a result. what about the bridge builder who was our diplomat in chief when president obama came in and president obama said, i'm going to restore -- isn't it good to have a president willing to restore diplomacy again? and when he said i'm going to restore diplomacy after eight years, he said i have to pick the one person who can go sbo any room in the world and be a face of american leadership and he asked senator hillary clinton to be secretary of state.
12:49 pm
so i think we all know that when it comes to our leadership in the world, trash talking ain't enough. we need a bridge builder and we've got a bridge builder in hillary clinton. last question. last question. character. do you want a a me first president or a kids and families first president? now, me first, i mean, donald trump. again, trump u. sets up a bogus college named after capital "h" himself. takes people's money making promises to them and they end up with something that's less than the paper it's written on. for him, that's a success. that's great. but what about the people that got hurt along the way?
12:50 pm
he doesn't care about that. me first. every other presidential candidate for decades has given their tax returns. no, but donald trump is different. he's not releasing his tax returns but donald trump is different. he is not releasing his tax returns and he even said why last night. he got asked on an interview. the reason is, it could politically hurt me. you think? you think? when you see that this guy doesn't want to pay the taxes to support the things like northern virginia community colleges or troops he trashes, he doesn't want it pay taxes to support them. when you see he doesn't have a record of supporting charities he promises that he does but he stiffs them, that's why he doesn't produce it. that a me first thing. then some of you a few weeks ago when the brexit vote "the dan patrick show" -- brexit vote passed and he said, great, if the pound gets hit then more people will come to my golf
12:51 pm
course, that's me first. i want a kids and families first president. secretary clintoncome to my gol me first. i want a kids and families first president. secretary clinton -- and i have to admit to partiality here, because i like in you what i like about my wife ann, who is secretary of education in virginia. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. when secretary clinton was growing up in illinois and she got exposed it a methodist youth group and exposed to the big challenges outside in the big outside world like we all do when we're young, you can make a decision about whether you make those problems your own or try to avoid them and she decided at a young age i want to make those challenges my own. as a lawyer, working with the children's legal defense fund, first lady of arkansas doing so much great stuff as secretary of state making the empowerment of women and children a fundamental
12:52 pm
pillar of american foreign policy in every nation of the world. [ cheers and applause ] but also, but also you've seen probably the ads, the talk about her role as first lady and making sure that 8 million kids in this country have health insurance today. an amazing accomplishment. the problem with those ads is that ads are too short. it only tells half the story. it tells getting over the finish line and getting the job done and 8 million kids have health insurance. but remember this, when you ask yourself about the character of someone who should be a leader, she was the leader in a way ahead of its time effort as first lady to try to get comprehensive health insurance done.
12:53 pm
[ cheers and applause ] and she happened to have the fate of working with a pretty tough congress that didn't want to do it. that sounds kind of familiar. and so she -- they worked so hard to do that and they kobt get it over the finish line what the comprehensive health care they wanted to do. did this leader say okay, sorry, let's go to the next issue? did she say well, i like kids and families and there's all these uninsured kids and i guess we can't do anything? no. they went back, dusted off, they had taken a licking. they said maybe we can't get everything but we can make sure that every young kid has health insurance and when their parents good to sleep at night they at least go to sleep with the peace of mind knowing that if something happens to their children there is medical care for them. that the kind of leader, that the kind of character, thaenand that's why we want her as president. [ cheers and applause ]
12:54 pm
and now i'm going to introduce her. this is a tough time. this is a time of a lot anxiety and secretary clinton spoke to that yesterday in springfield. she has been speaking about it during her whole career. and here's the danger. in a time of anxiety and danger that we're seeing. we have seen a lot in virginia, in virginia politics. times of anxiety, people are afraid. people worry about the state of the world. man one political strategy and donald trump is just pulling this play book, dusting it off and he's doing it. trying to divide people against one another. pit people against one another. play on people's fears. and look, we know that too well in virginia. there's been many decades of politics like that in our state. and frankly pretty much all over this country. and it can work at times if we're not diligent. but that not what leaders do. what leaders do when times are tough and there's some fraying and challenges, and there's some
12:55 pm
means of communication that have been cut off and channels that aren't used and dialogue that needs to happen. what leaders do is they don't sugar coat or white wash the challenge but walk out among them. walk out into the challenges and embrace them and bring people together. that's what the best leaders have done in this country since we started. and that's what we need right now. and that's why i'm so glad. to present to you our great friend. and the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> we've been listening to senator tim kaine of virginia. side by side there with hillary clinton. of course if you've been following the veep stakes, he is a candidate. he described himself to chuck todd on "meet the press" as a
12:56 pm
little bit boring but says boring is the fastest growing demographic in this country. you saw him taking a few jabs at drup. meantime, a news poll shows clinton and trump tied at 40% nationally for more i want to bring in helen ageery, director of hispanic outreach for rnc and former adviser to the jeb bush campaign. she is here in cleveland for all of the big festivity. thanks for being with us. let's start there. you didn't hear all of it but quite a few critiques there. going after him on several different issues, and essentially trying out for the vp role. what do you have to say to the fact that donald trump in polling doesn't do so well with latino voters? tim kaine actually speaking spanish earlier to the crowd in virginia. heavily hispanic area. they think they will do much better among hispanic voters, you say what?
12:57 pm
>> no question we have our work cut out for ourselves and there is a lot of work to do. but polls show donald trump at 24, 25% with hispanic voters and hasn't begun to start his campaign. he is really taking out doing that. so starting at a quarter of the vote at this point in time isn't where we want to be but isn't a bad place to start. just look at florida. quinnipiac add poll that came out where you have a large latino population and you have donald trump beating hillary clinton in florida. i think that's tell-tale. >> you look at though another measure of this, a univision poll we had recently. 73% of hispanics said they believe that donald trump is a racist. they were asked that question. 73 % of them said yes he he is a racist. there is that impression in the community. i've talked to people and i'm sure you have too. i've talked to voters who say to me i think he has something against us as a people. >> what donald trump has is something against illegal
12:58 pm
immigration and i can definitely understand because of ways certain things have been expressed that people might have a misconception of what mr. trump has been presenting. but there's no question about it. when you look at his history, look at his companies and who he has employed, he has done well with the hispanic community and with women in particular who have great positions of executive prominence in his companies. so when i look at his actions, i see something very different. >> he said at one point that mexican immigrants were rapist. it got a lot of attention. >> of course i don't agree with that. >> how do you combat that. how do you convince mr. trump who is his own guy to tone down his rhetoric and to appeal to the group that you so desperately need to appeal to? >> i would say that you already see that mr. trump has changed his tone in the last month or so. you see that he has become much more approachable and personable to the different groups in the community. last friday he was going to have
12:59 pm
a meeting in miami with prominent hispanic leaders. nationwide, faith-based leaders, businessmen and women and because of the tragedy in dallas he appropriately postponed it. it is postponed, not cancelled. >> we have four days until the convention opens. what are your expectations? >> this is exciting. it is a different type of convention that will really reflect the nominee and we will see that there are people who are slated to speak who are new on the stage which is going to be very exciting. and i think that's what voters are looking for. they don't want the pandering from hillary clinton and democratic party. they want something new and refreshing and they will find that in the presumptive nominee donald trump. >> helen aguirre-ferre yb thank you for being here p. that does it for me this hour. i will see you back in cleveland tomorrow with complete coverage of the republican national convention. up next, my colleague steve kornacki.
1:00 pm
>> hey, good afternoon, everyone. i'm steve kornacki live in new york. 1177 days to go until the election and also less than 24-hours now until donald trump is due to reveal his choice for a running mate. that is at the very top of our agenda at this hour. all the eyes of the political world at this hour, scarily on the governor of indiana speculation now at a fever pitch that mike pence may repeat, may be trump's choice. >> i truly do believe that donald trump has the right vision for america. i think he will provide the kind of strong leadership at home and abroad. it is going to make america great again. >> all sorts of rumors swirling right now but sources inside the trump campaign insisting to nbc news that a final decision has still not been made. but that final call ofrs


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